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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, behind bars for a deck for a crime he did not commit. the philadelphia man is free. the evidence is proved his innocence. the shocking murder of arising star from our region is back in the headlines, what christina grimmie's family is now doing. there's more buzz about joe biden. will he soon be sitting on chop at the university of pennsylvania. have i been has been talking to universitys about a new gig. a published report said penn is the place cleve bryan is live where the vice president is all the talk. >> reporter: jessica officially the word is no comment on the idea he's coming to philadelphia after he's done in washington, dc. but news spread that he could have some sort of position here or a presence, excitement grew
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>> you don't have to say much more than the name joe biden and faces light up >> i feel like penn students in general really look up to him and see him as a relatable guy. >> and with politico reporting that he may set up shop at penn after leaving the vice president next month >> i think it would be really cool >> he's a nice guy >> definitely a fan >> officially the university has no comment. but is it more than a coincidence, biden's the picture is front and center on the board of trustee >> him choosing us is a grit honor >> late son was a 1991 penn graduate. he's made several stops in recent year, delivered the commencement speech in 13. last year launched the moon shot image. he was always here for his
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granddaughter's congratulations. graduation. >> he's to charismatic. even if you don't agree with him, i believe a lot of people are able to feel a connection with him. >> reporter: people connecting with the vice president at the flyers game this is a picture tweeted out by flyers saying thanks for joining us, joe biden. this cones on us. taking in an ice cream cone and he may have been good luck. i don't want to play spoiler but happy faces for flyers game and happy face here in university city, cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks. an international manhunt is underway for a tunisian man may have driven a truck into a christmas attack in berlin. killed 12 people and injured 48 others. germany authorities say they were concerned the suspect could carry out an attack as recently at last month.
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>> the search is on for ansi amri. a tunisian man with at least six aliases and self nationalities. they found his wallet and identification papers inside the cab of the truck that slammed into the market monday. germany authorities say they had him under surveillance six months beginning in match. after last month, they had reason to believe he was plotting a serious act of violence against the state. but lost track him. he entered in 15 to seek have i lump when nearly a million refugees. his application was rejected. he was linked, wala is accused of openly supporting and recruiting fighters for isis, they're offering a reward.
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they completed their crime scene investigation. ♪ >> they also gathered to sing in solid di for peace and to horn these killed and injured in the attack. follow-ups follow-ups. officials interrogated his family in tunisia sha. his father told a radio station he left about seven years ago and he has a criminal record in tunisia and italy. president-elect trump attributed it to radical islamics. hits plan to rerestrict muslim into the u.s. is the right thing to do. >> what's happening is disgraceful >> he made the comments at his estate in palm beach where he focused on national security. earlier, the president-elect met with the ceo of bowieing.
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after that meeting, bowieing ceo says he will get the cost down, also today, the president-elect named billionaire investor carl i couldn't as a special advisor on regulatory reform, he owns the tropicana casino and the taj mahal in atlantic city about 46 people remain hospitalized. authorities have not yet said what may have caused the explosion at the market north of mexico city. the market was bus lipping with hundreds of shoppers at the time. this is the third incident to raf itch the market since 2005. police have identified and charge manned with murder in connection to the gruesome death with a woman in yeadon, 37-year-old byron alan is charged with murder and robbery in the death of 32-year-old natasha gibson. they say she was a random target as she walked to a friend's home
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from an upper darby bar on september 22. allen allegedly stalked her at least 20 times and cut her throat >> this is probably the most dangerous criminal i've seen in my years here in delaware county as the district attorney. >> allen is linked to four violent sexual assaults in kensington from april to october. a stolen car chase involving pennsylvania state police ends with a crash on interstate 95 in delaware county. "eyewitness news" was at the end of the 20 mile chase near high land avenue in upper chichester. a suspect stole a black suv and tried to out run police >> we're in a pursuit. suspect intentionally began to ram our pspcrudesers. the vehicle became disable and the operator was taken into custody. another person from that suv
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remains at large, none of the troopers were seriously hurt. it did lead to big traffic backups on 95. police ticket a drunk driver for reckless driving in connection with a chain reaction in logan township shutdown route 130 near route 44 several hours this morning, authorities say a tanker carrying waste water failed to stop for a line of traffic in front of him. the truck collided with two other vehicles setting off a chain reaction involving four additional cars. ikea will pay $50 million to the family of three children he don't died when the companies died. one of the children, 2-year-old lived in west chester he died in february, 2014. the death of him and two other children prompted ikea to recall 29 million dresser this past june. as part of the settlement. ikea will make $50000 donations to three children's hospitals in the name of the victims. the family of late singer
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christina grimmie is suing the foundation. the 22-year-old was shot to death last june during a fan meet and greet at the plaza live in orlando. according to the lawsuit, the defendant's failed to take adequate security measures to insure the safety of performs and concert goers. investigators say the man who killeder had was able to get into the show with two handguns bullets and a hunting knife. a north philadelphia man is out of prison as a free man after spending a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit. prosecutors said today they will not charge 29-year-old dante roll lynns: roll lynns was one of three men convicted for a 2006 shooting in strawberry mansion that paralyzed him even though he had an alibi >> my family stuck with me and supported me. >> i'm happy to be out.
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>> he says one of the first things he hopes to do is taste his mother's home cooking. chris christie leads a candlelight vigil. dozens gathered on the steps in trenton. he called the associated with drug addiction. it's a disease and it's a disease that can be treated. easier on i95. construction ends on a major stretch of the highway in northeast philadelphia. tonight penndot opened i95 to four lanes in each direction between cottman and bridge. this marks the end of a project to widen and reconstruct nearly two miles of i95. the project cost $212 million. the countdown to christmas is on and that means it's a race to the finish for last minute shoppers >> that stress can affect your body. straight ahead at 11:00.
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nicole brewer looks at the physical impact shopping can have and what people say is the most annoying part of hitting the mall. plus this. ♪ >> in the spotlight, how a local girl's encounter with singing legend patty labelle led to this moment of a lifetime. we started winter today on a pretty nice note. here's a look how the day started out in kutztown. clouds rolled in temperature-wise, we went upwards and those will keep climbing i'll tell you when rain could impact your holiday weekend coming up in weather. a doctor saved her life when she was just a newborn. ten years later, a girl meets the surgeon who performed the miracle. curiosity made her wish come true.
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three shopping days left stress shopping has on your body is comparable to running a marathon. nicole brewer has more. >> i get energized. everything else stresses me out. as an experience shopper i can tell you it does take preparation not to mention endurance focus and resilience. the same qualities you'll find in an athlete crossing the finish line. with the holidays approaching it's a race to the finish, shoppers shoppers search for the perfect present. a recent study found christmas
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shopping can be as stressful as running a marathon. >> christmas is the deadline, that's the end >> i'd rather run a marathon. shoppers heart rate increase 33% while hunting for holiday gifts the same search for athletes running 26 miles. 88% experience tacky card. most shoppers experience fatigue in 32 minutes. >> 15 minutes >> even the shop till you drop in the cherry hill mall admits two uphill moment? traffic. >> it gets under my skin when people want me to hold their spot. >> reporter: can we talk about the slow walkers. >> why are you covering your face? are you a slow walker, ma'am >> no but i know people that are. i don't want them to know how i feel about it >> ukee said name names.
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call them out. to make it a little easier on yourself the study recommends practice high inintensety. short bursts that allow you to be more thoughtful about your gift buying. and like marathon running, rest and recovery, very important >> me and most guys there's a sprint. get in, out, nobody gets hurt. >> i'm jumping over. they often come in group, like four, five of them lined up. you can't get through. >> nicole, thank you >> we have a potato chip recall to tell about tonight. here's herrs is recalling smoked kettle cooked chips. an ingredient used to flavor the ship may be the culprit. for more information, check out a special holiday gift for a prominent philadelphia brain
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surgeon. robert rosen, a doctor at jefferson hospital reunited with lesi, ten years ago he saved her life with emergency brain surgery a few days after she was born with abnormal blood alcohols blood vessels. lexi wanted to meet him and today it happened. >> you're a big girl foul. you feel pretty good really made difference in someone's life and you know to see her ten years later picture beautiful young lady. i felt pretty good. >> smart. >> it's pretty amazing. she says when she grows up, she wants to be a teacher. it is a chance of a lifetime. a philadelphia girl gets an on the spot audition for legendry singer patty labelle on christmas so shopping.
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that's rachel, belting out opera. ran into patty labelle at suburban square. she told rachel she was blessed with a lovely voice and never stop doing what she loves >> what a special day. >> isn't that something >> that's wonderful. patty, nicely done. >> shopping, singing. >> that time of year. and not bad to be out in inter >> not bad at all. hats and coats on you do still need that. it's warming up a little bit as we head to next week, we're talking 50's in the forecast. pretty nice as we head towards christmas weekend. nothing beats last year if you're fan of warm weather we had the warmest on record. three records broken, christmas eve and christmas day tied a record with temperatures around 70. don't get excited we're not
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heading back there this year but it will be above average, at least we got that to look forward to. look outside right now, take you up to our northwest suburbs in bethlehem where still a lot of traffic out there. main street, lots of the cars, people out doing last the minute should know getting ready for the big holiday weekend and defendant going to be busy next few days on the road, lots of travel, hanukkah, christmas, kwansaa, roads not too busy but they will be. what's the weather have in store. clipper system which is heading our way overnight into tomorrow morning, does not have much with it. you could see right now producing snow in portions of new york state. notice how quickly this is moving. clipper systems main characteristics tend to be fast moving and moisture staffed they won't tend to produce snowfall. our area not much getting in. we had snow showers trying to
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impact the poconos, few flurries and a chance of a snow shower. temperatures not as bad, sea breeze sub freezing. last december we only dropped below freezing twice. 29 in wilmington, 24 in millville and 31 in allentown, mount pocono a chilly 27 but not as cold. we see rain and snow showers come through quick hitting here tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 we clear it out. couple of spots pick up a stray sprinkle north and west around 7:00, tomorrow the sun returns by lunch time, the eagles games looks good 39 at kickoff. friday clouds start to roll back in. i want to show you a storm that's going to impact your christmas eve. saturday. 10:00 a.m. snow showers to the north, rain showers to the
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southerly and it could intensify briefly around the noon hours saturday before quickly moving offshore by about 3:00, 4:00, we'll see these showers move out. in time for santa slay right across the sky saturday in sunday the showers move out t tomorrow's dry sun clouds turning breezy, christmas eve watch for the midday rain, 48 the high again, christmas day sun returns and it's a beautiful sunday with a high around 50 and lots of sunshine. travel weather tomorrow perfect. friday is perfect. saturday morning until about 1 or 2:00 you can expect rain, you'll need the windshield wipers, showers will be around saturday night is fine, sunday find, monday is fine, temperatures back to the 50's. one little stumbling block saturday. >> hopefully people will get where they need to go. >> promising.
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>> you like hey >> on top villanova turns it up. villanova getting ready to host a bad house guest. flyers skating in overtime
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. april 24th, not because the flyers ready to go home the washington capitols send them packing. south philadelphia, the rivalry continues second period, we're tied at one, lars -- later in the second, claude giroux. flyers tied up at 2.
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after overtime, we to a shoot-out. wayne simmons, back of the net. justin tries to answer and the flyers with a 3-2 win that is massive. college hoops. villanova hosting american picking up. bridges finds josh hart wide open. you better put a hand in his face. we jump to the second. mark gesperini hook shot. still up by 40 to 31 later on in the second, nova opens a wide leave, kris jenkins. nova rules 90-48. the dude that beat you for that promotion, it's like having him
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waltz in your home. thursday night football. big blue clenches. any added motivation for the eagles >> i know what the giants have at stake. they obviously want to do the same thing, they want to win a game. for their own reasons but you know, for us, it's just a matter of going out and executing and playing our style and playing physical. >> cards and offense will get a crack at one of the stingiest defense. giants are for the good with keeping the yards down, they only allowed 17 per game that's the fourth best in the league. carson wentz has done his homework >> they're good. they're good, they like to heat you up. to mix it up quite a bit. they like to do. so we got to be ready for that. we got to be ready for a lot of
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different blitz. he's all over the field. he flies around. we got to be aware and be ready for that >> he's a baller. sixers big man joel embiid taking his game to modell's in cherry hill. jo jo gave 25 kids from the boys and girls kids of camden county a chance to shop for new swag. they received a $100 gift card jo jo for the win. >> love when they go out and do that. nicely done. thank you. >> santa claus is busy getting ready he took a quick
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few showers mainly in the morning christmas eve saturday possibly a snow shower to the north and west the rest of the day is dry. looks like it should clear out. we got sunshine in the forecast and it will
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coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, morning team is back from 4:30 to 7. >> we're always on for you at have a good night and sleep well.
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>> stephen: ♪ now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, ♪ now, now, now, now christmas now. oh, hi! i'm just roasting some marshmallows over the fire. takes a lot longer than you think. tonight, i'm pleased to present some great moments from over the last year here on "the late show." see if you can spot the moment in the calendar where i say "screw it! i will eat anything in front of my face hole!" these are some of my favorite interviews, folks. we've got robert deniro, amy schumer, john krasinski, and millie bobby brown from "stranger things." in millie's honor, i've even got special christmas lights on display. >> ho ho ho. >> stephen: oh, no! santa's trapped in the upside down! my presents! santa, you gotta get out of there before december 25th!


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