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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." russia plans retaliation after u.s. sanctions expel dozens of russian spies from american soil. president obama promises more actions to come. the winter's first nor'easter drops more than a foot of snow on millions. we check the hardest hit areas and what to expect on new year's eve. >> plus, retailers find new strategies to make their holiday ads go virle. we will show the videos that caught the most attention. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this is an important first step to saying to the russias we
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are the united states of america and you will not mess around with our election system. >> the obama administration retaliates against russian hacking. >> of course, the president-elect can reverse all of this. >> even on those who are sympathetic to president obama are saying that part of the reason he did this today was to box in president-elect trump. >> sloppy right now, the road are real sloppy. >> on the east coast in the cross hairs of a major nor'easter. >> if you don't have a four-wheel drive i suggest you don't get on the roads, it's that bad. >> u.s. led air strikes help iraqi troops push further into mosul after a two-week lull in the operation. >> nypd is beefing up security ahead of saturday's new year's eve celebrations in times square. >> we will have one of the most well policed and one of the best protects event at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> a helicopter crash landed.
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>> lost altitude and went down. >> passengers fighting and punches others on board a delta flight to los angeles forced the plane to make an unscheduled landing. >> all that. >> dog rescue in michigan. canine fell through an icy lake and rescuers gave him back to his grateful family. >> serena williams announcing her engagement to reddit cofounder alexis ohanian and announced it on reddit. >> and all that matters. >> flynn who hasn't done this challenge, you're done. >> you're done. >> on "cbs this morning." >> oh! yes! you did it! bottle flare! hey now, deb, deb. >> deb! >> debit. boom! yea! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪
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that is tremendous. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm josh elliott alongside reena ninan and vladimir duthiers. >> russia is kicking out american diplomats for new sanctions imposed by president obama to a parting scott at moscow. u.s. intelligence official believe that russia launched cyberattacks to influence the presidential election. in response the state department expelled 35 russian governments and closed two russian compounds and sanctioned two of lurussia' top intelligence agencies. >> it is regrettable that the obama administration which started out by restoring our ties is ending its term in an anti--russia agony. >> some of the russian officials who have been ordered to leave
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the country work in the embassy across the street. on thursday, they were given 72 hours to get out of the country after the obama administration retaliated for what it says was a wave of russian cyber attacks. the clock is ticking for 35 government officials, not only from the russian embassy in washington but also the russian conconsulate in san francisco who have been ordered to leave the country. >> it's outside of the norms of international behavior and the president wanted to make sure they he cut it out. >> reporter: president obama announced a list of sanctions as punishment for what u.s. officials say is russia's attempt to influence the u.s. presidential lex with cyber attacks. two are identified and sanctioned for their role in the hacking along with three companies and four individuals who allegedly assisted. and two russian cyber criminals both on the fbi's most wanted list have also been sanctioned. .
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the ghist say evgeniy bogachev stole more than 100 million dollars from u.s. intets. russian compounds one in new york and maryland will also be evacuated. they will not be announced because they are highly classified. >> they don't represent the totality of our response. >> they say the russians were engaged in an effort to harm hillary clinton's campaign, it will be helping the campaign of president-elect donald trump. investigators say a hacking unit known as apd-28 targeted democratic party official by sending malicious e-mails in the spring of 2016 that tricked recipients into changing their passwords. u.s. intelligence officials believe this hack likely gave russian operatives access to the information of senior democratic party officials which was then leaked to the press and publicly disclosed. >> russia attempts to undermine
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western democracies are going to be a problem for us for a long time. >> long time russian expert clifford kupchan has met putin personally on many occasions and believes these sanctions won't prove effective in stopping russian cyber attacks. >> he has found this war fare it involves false information and hacking and he is very involved in it and he is winning and i don't think it's going to stop. >> reporter: us investigators believe that russian intelligence services have been conducting espionage from think tanks to universities to corporations for about a decade. vlad? >> jeff, thanks. president-elect donald trump moved quickly to put out a statement on the russia sanctions. the statement said it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation. mr. trump has the option of
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lifting the new sanctions when he becomes president three weeks from today. jan crawford has details of the trump team's reaction. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so in the past, mr. trump has questioned allegations accusing russia of hacking to influence the election. while his latest statement doesn't say that, members of the incoming trump administration are raising concerns about the hacking issue. and president obama's response in his last days in office. >> foreign government shouldn't be hacking american institutions, period. >> reporter: incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus condemned any cyberattack against the u.s. but said the trump administration would like to see evidence of the russian hack that prompted the new sanctions against moscow. >> it would be nice if we could get to a place where the intelligence community, in unison, can tell us what it is has that has been going on so we can respond and we are going to get to that. >> reporter: the counselor to the president-elect kellyanne conway expressed concern over
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reports that the sanction may be more of a political power play by the obama administration. >> even "the new york times" characterized is as such to box him in to see what he will do at president and not the was he peaceful transitions of administrations work in our democracy. >> reporter: white house officials insist the measures is to protect core national security interests. >> the next president wants to lift sanctions against senior russian intlelgs unielligence u make it easier to interfere with our lexs and he can do that but we don't think it makes sense. >> mr. trump should be glad he isn't the one to do it himself. >> reporter: michael o'hanlon said it could be beneficiary for the u.s. going forward. >> i'm hopeful that trump, in a wise way, can turn over a new leaf and not be naive about putin doing us any favors, but still try to take some of the venom out of the relationship. >> reporter: now, president-elect trump does choose to overturn the latest sanctions against russia.
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he could face oppositions from both sides of the aisle as a number of democrat and republican lawmakers have voiced concerns over russia's alleged actions. josh? >> jan crawford in washington, thank you. john heilemann is the managing editor of bloomberg politics and good enough to join us on this friday. >> happy new year-ish. by the time we see each other again, it will be next year. >> donald trump the last two days has tweeted for people to get on with their lives to move on to bigger and better things, but did yesterday again promise to meet with members of the intelligence community with whom he has been at odd here in recent weeks. what do you make of it at all? >> well, look. this is a rare, one of a couple of rare situations in which trump sees himself, his political interests are not in alignment with the republican party so places on the question of russia and his business conflicts these are places he is starting to get pushed back from republican members of the senate. the democrats are not donald trump's problem in the short run. the problem he has is with
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traditional institutional republicans and a place how far he goes, we don't know. but where he is at least coming to grips with the reality that he at least has to move a little bit towards the more traditional stance as president and say, okay, i have to take this seriously there is bipartisan agreement and this is a big problem and i at least make perfunctory effort to appear i'm taking this seriously as president of the incoming president of the united states. >> the administration's response is being described as the strongest american response ever taken to state sponsored cyber attack. do you think that president obama didn't do enough on this issue and face criticism? >> he is already facing criticism for not acting sooner and always be now, forever, people look back at the election of 2016 and ask the question what would have happened if the united states government did name russia as the perpetrators of cyber war fare in the middle of an election that did it at the time back in october but we didn't take action at that time. the president didn't weigh in in a strong way, in a vocal way at
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the time even though the intelligence community did. the question of what would have played out in october into the election had the administration gone fully there, done something like this at the time, will always be an open question. and for a lot of democrats, particularly royal democrats who think in some way that hillary clinton should be president of the united states, they will always wonder whether barack obama was too restrained in october, trying to stay out of the plxs it bolitics of it whet was a mistake. >> kellyanne conway referenced "the new york times" article saying the president is trying to box in the president-elect. what does that mean for our viewers and do you thatink thats the case? >> we have seen on a bunch of fronts policy in trying to say in other areas we are going to try to lock in the things that president obama achieved the last eight years. this is an area i think there will be -- there is no doubt that the president is doing what he thinks is right and this was
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an unprecedented thing that happened, the attempt of russia to intervene in american election. i think that the sanctions can be overturned. donald trump could walk away from them. but there is no doubt that there is a marker being laid down here that sort of saying, look, if you're going to do this, if you're going to roll these sanctions back, there is going to be a lot of questions and there is going to be potential political costs. in that sense the obama administration is trying to say this is not a partisan issue. this is an issue of national security and mr. trump, if you're going to deviate from these sanctions, you're going to be doing it in a way that is going to look political to people and that is going to have some costs to you as the president. >> quickly, john. we have seen donald trump invoke president obama in glowing tones. >> right. >> but this transition seems to be less smooth and perhaps less peaceful by the day. >> yes. although it is funny to see trump on twitter sort of doing his wayne's world thing yesterday! i thought things were going
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well. not! then coming out in front of reporters and saying we had a great conversation and everything is still going great. there is a little bit of a bipolar trump right now which is the trump on twitter still speaking in kind of loud technical tones to his base and slightly more presidential trump who appears when he does occasionally come out and take some questions from reporters. but there is no question that the rosy glow of that transition from the first few days has gotten a little bit less rosy as with we get closer and closer to the inauguration. >> heilemann's world. party on! thank you, john. >> schwing! >> new york is digging out from a strong storm. the nor'easter dumped many snow on roads leading to dozens of accidents around the region. one traffic death is blamed on the storm. demarco morgan is in henniker,
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new hampshire. >> reporter: a beautiful shot behind me at pat's peak. a lot of beg for snow like this because it's a boom for business. in this area, we have gotten about 8 inches of snow so that is enough to work with here. but to the north of us on the east coast highest peak, mt. washington, officials say there is considerable danger of an avalanche. heavy, fast falling snow blanketed the northeast overnight. at times, dropping 6 inches per hour in the new hampshire border. the slick, slippery roads left drivers stranded, sent cars careening off of highways. >> unless you have four-wheel drive, i suggest not even getting on the roads. it's that bad. >> reporter: emergency crews worked through the night after more than 80 wrecks were reported. >> right wheel got off the edge of the tire and pulled it back on and front came on all right but the back end caught on it, and just brought it right around sideways. >> reporter: through bitter
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winds and piling snow, plow after plow worked to clear roads across new england, as some areas were pummeled with nearly two feet of snow and more than 40,000 people were without power in maine. in new york and vermont, people shoveled sidewalks and store fronts. for others, the work was all downhill! john mcglone took the snowfall in stride. >> we are all dealing with it and kind of enjoying it while we are shoveling. it's been a lot of fun so far. >> reporter: they got to take a chance to enjoy it. already one ski resort in new england says they have gotten more snow this time than they did compared to last season, all last season. the snow is expected to taper off sometime later today, so, vlad, you still got a chance to get out here if you can hop on a plane or get over here for the weekend. >> all right. keep it warm for me. i'll be there. demarco morgan, thank you. danielle niles of wbz is
7:16 am
tracking the snowfall totals and hat forecast for new year's eve. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so the snow is not done yet as the storm pulls into new brunswick and areas of snow batter northern maine and back side lake-effect snow bands 6 to 12 inches dumping lake erie and ontario by the end of the day. totals over two feet in parts of west central maine. sabago two feet and over a foot in wakefield, new hampshire and what about new year's eve? another storm out of the great lakes with snow showers. they should be generally light. we will be milder down to the south and much colder air into the northern plains and rain will be an issue down across the southeast. gulf coast states heavy downpours and thunderstorms oan 2 to 4 inches of flooding rains across south central mississippi and louisiana and southwest alabama. >> danielle, thank you. the cease-fire agreement in syria appears to be mostly holding after it went into effect last night. the deal was brokered by russia
7:17 am
and turkey. two countries on opposite sides of the civil war. if the cease-fire lasts, peace talks are scheduled for january. holly williams is tracking all of the latest developments from istanbul. holly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we have unconfirmed reports of a rocket attack, air strikes, artillery fire and other violent clashes in syria today. but for the most part, this cease-fire does appear to be holding. russia and turkey say it is a nation-wide cease-fire but it does not include isis or a powerful kurdish group that operates in northern syria. some rebel groups have also told us they did not agree to the deal and there is confusion about which rebel groups have or have not signed up. so while this could be a turning point in syria, it certainly is not an end to the country's five-year long civil war. a bloody conflict which is thought to have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
7:18 am
we have seen russia reassert itself as a global player in syria in a way we haven't witnessed since the end of the cold war. moscow's lethal campaign of air strikes has managed to prop up its ally, the syrian regime. and helped it to retake the city of aleppo this month. if this cease-fire holds, it will effectively sideline the u.s. in syria. two previous cease-fires brokered by washington and moscow collapsed. this time around, russia, instead, negotiated with turkey, an american nato ally that is growing ever closer to moscow. vlad? >> holly williams in istanbul, thank you. iraqi troops have resumed their offensive to recapture the country's second largest city from the islamic state after a two-week pause. iraqi forces pushed deeper into mosul with the help of u.s.-led coalition air strikes and that is the last major stronghold for isis in iraq and the largest iraqi military operation since
7:19 am
2003. yesterday us officials say a coalition air strike hit a van and carrying isis fighters but there may have been american casualties. the u.s. is investigating. the us coast guard is looking for a plane that it believes crashed into lake erie. the plane took off from cleveland, ohio, last night and headed to the ohio state university airport in columbus. helicopters searched for the plane but both searches were called off because the water was too rough. they believe six people may have been on board that plane. new tactics to protect massive crowds on new year's eve. that story is ahead on "cbs this morning." first, it's time to check your local weather.
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start of the new year also means new laws. >> ahead, see where the minimum wage is going up and gun laws are getting stronger and where exactly marijuana will be legal. the news is back in the
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a man who crisscrossed a this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. police have a suspect in custody. wanted in a christmas eve murder of south philadelphia corner store owner marie buck. thirty-one year old maurice green arrested yesterday. hundreds attended buck's viewing last night, the beloved community leader will be laid to rest today. >> now, to the eyewitness weather forecast. with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. hi, katie. >> high there, jan, happy friday everyone, looking ahead to a holiday weekends, one that's typically chilly for our area. we are expecting today, really notice the chill when you factor in the wind, also little bit of lake enhanced flurries or even snow shower. you can see for the most part surviving into central pennsylvania but some may continue its trek eastward actually reach us here, don't worry about accumulation, you will see some clouds out there, possibly again few
7:27 am
flakes, weekend looks pretty good other than stray sprinkle saturday night into sunday, and by monday and tuesday we warm up with trade off of another rounds of rain. pat? >> thank you, katie. this camera angle kind of sums up our morning here, as you take a look at the boulevard moving southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. nothing to speak of as far as delays, everyone moving fast this morning on the majors, that's good thing. however, here on 95 in wilmington, the ramp to 202 is closed, two accident, still remain because of some icy conditions there. jan? >> all right, pat, thank you. our next update is at clock 55. and up next on cbs this morning, across the country the new year means new laws. i'm jan carabeo, have a great day.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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♪ well, the organizers of tomorrow night's new year's celebration in new york's times square, they are even testing the confetti! talking about a ton of cut paper that will shower 2 million people expected to shower the square for the big night. >> it is beautiful. >> it is. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, police in new york will use new tactics tomorrow night to keep all those new year's revelers safe. ahead, nypd chief talks about one of the biggest threats to the celebration. president obama spent every vacation of his time in office in hawaii. we look back at eight years of hawaiian holidays and including moments when world events interrupted his time off. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports on the department of veteran affairs now struggling
7:31 am
to help veterans addicted to opioid. the v.a. admits overprescribing the painkiller for ptsd. they treated this year more than 66,000 vets with opioid use disorders. in 2016, the v.a. wrote more than 4 million opioid prescriptions and in 2013, it wrote more than 6 million as troops returned from iraq and afghanistan. the v.a. says veterans are ten times as likely as the average american to abuse opioids. >> "the san francisco chronicle" reports that the lead exposure rate among children in oakland, california, is higher than flint, michigan. reuters looked at data on test of 500 children in a fruitvale neighborhood. in flint the rate was 5% at the height of the city's water kr crisis. some experts blame the elevated paint of lead in homes.
7:32 am
a lawsuit has been accused by dmz accuses walmart and amazon and others of trademark infringement. they say it gives the feeling that they have endorsed the products. ir debbie reynolds may share a memorial service with her daughter carrie fisher. the two died a day apart. fisher's brother said the two entertainers would likely share a joint funeral service that honors their extraordinary bond. fisher said that they are still working on the details. "the new york times" reports that police will use garbage trucks in part to help protect nearly 2 million people planning to ring in the new year in times square. officers and patrol cars are already lining up in the area. police are introducing new security measures following terror attacks overseas. major european cities are also stepping up security after the berlin attack. armed officers are patrolling
7:33 am
some streets in the uk. anna werner is in times square with us for an inside look at new york's massive security operation this weekend. good morning to you, anna. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, you have to imagine this spot hacked with some 2 million people. it's going to be wall-to-wall people here, but police say they will have that all under control with some 7,000 new york police officers, both in uniform and civilian clothes, and a lot of other measures that they are taking this year, even more precautions. >> we have enhanced our security measures. >> reporter: new york city officials are adding a new layer of security this new year's eve. [ screaming ] >> reporter: following terror attacks in europe when trucks were driven into crowds of people. for the first time, the nypd is placing 65 sand trucks weighing 40 tons each in strategic locations around times square. they are also doubling the
7:34 am
number of blocker vehicles. >> every desk will be filled. >> reporter: chief james waters heads up the nypd's counterterrorism bureau. what is the goal of having those heavy sand trucks surrounding times square? >> it creates a hardened perimeter so it won't allow a vehicle to get in there like and replicate the nice attack. >> reporter: the nypd is also increasing its long gun teams at security checkpoints and using helicopters and boats to monitor the area. something the department already does daily. do you want petite people who might be thinking of doing something bad to know, hey, listen, you're going to run into some serious resistance if you even try? >> i want the good people to know and have a level of confidence in the police that we are able to protect them. and i want the bad people to know, beware. new york city is not the place to try to do this. >> reporter: there is no known threat to the city but waters says his biggest concern is what he doesn't know.
7:35 am
>> that lone actor who flies under the radar but has decided on his own self-radicalized perhaps in his mother's basement, in his pajamas and he decides tonight is the night. >> reporter: now, if you show up here for new year's eve, keep in mind, if you come here, no backpacks, no umbrellas. don't be carrying anything with you. some people are expected to show up to go into the pens as early as 8:00 on saturday morning! if you can imagine. even the mayor says he doesn't know why anybody would want to show up at 8:00. right, yeah. they are going to wait all day inside the pens. there is another thing. they are closing more streets north of here this year and primary for security but keep in mind too that trump tower is north of here and they don't expect any special difficulties affecting trump tower. >> thank you, anna. >> there will be people that will show up at that time. >> i bet. i've done that before. >> you have? >> i've had to cover it before and bring a catheter! >> i have one!
7:36 am
president obama and his family will return to washington on monday after their final hawaiian vacation of his presidency. most of his activities are hidden from cameras but the obama's were seen at a honolulu restaurant last night. the president spent more than a hundred days in office vacationing on oahu, the island he grew up. but it wasn't fun all of the time. chip reid is traveling with the president. >> reporter: like many people on vacation, president obama is a creature of habit, engaging in the same activities year after year, but, of course, as president, he also has to respond to an unpredictable world because the job never ends. on his final christmas vacation in hawaii as president, mr. obama made history, meeting with the prime minister of japan at pearl harbor. >> i hope that, together, we send a message to the world that there is more to be won in peace
7:37 am
than in war. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time president obama has taken time out of his vacation for official business. >> we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable. >> reporter: in 2009, the president addressed the nation after abdulmutallab tried to detonate a plane on board on christmas day. president obama turned to washington five days after arriving in washington to deal with a congressional stalemate over the budget and known as the fiscal cliff. >> democrats and republicans in congress have to get this done but they are not there yet. >> reporter: a week later, an agreement was reached and he rejoined his family. his trips to hawaii have included a number of constants. >> merry christmas mele kalikimaka! >> reporter: the first to a marine base to visit with
7:38 am
military families. >> this is one of our favorite things to do. >> reporter: another constant is golf. the president has had some hits. >> yea! >> reporter: and some misses. >> woo! >> reporter: in all he has played 50 rounds of golf in hawaii and all with his best friends in high school. off the link the president spends most of his time with his family. in 2016, they visited the zoo and appeared to be fascinated by the lemurs. one thing the president never misses. >> happy new year! >> reporter: a trip to island snow. when president obama orders one, you do that? >> yeah. >> reporter: brockton's father founded the shop. now he's in charge, despite the security nightmare. >> you get the whole deal shutting down the roads and shutting down the stores and everybody in pat-down. >> reporter: the president's visits are great for business. they even named a shaved ice cone after the president. the snow boma.
7:39 am
>> what we have to do is get the flavors on there. and i had to try one. wow. that is explosive! >> reporter: there is always a lot of talk about the cost of these trips which reportedly over eight years have cost more than $10 million for travel and security. but the president pays out of his own pocket for his rental home, meals at his favorite restaurants, and even his snow boma shaved ice cones. >> thank you, chip reid. hundreds of new laws will take effect around states. ahead, we are going to tell you which state will train hairdressers to spot abuse and where brewers will be allowed to make stronger beer. yeah. we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you will get the news of the day and extended interviews and podcasts original and find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back.
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♪ so hundreds of new state laws will take effect on new year's day. some of them are raising eyebrows. in california, you'll be allowed to break into a hot or cold car
7:44 am
to save an animal as long as you call authorities first. in oregon, don't think about using sky lanterns. they wents be allowed. yeah. . they won't be allowed. if you want a strong beer, go to tennessee because brewers are able to make beer with an alcohol content of more than 10%. you know where we are all going, right, after the show? tony dokoupil is here to break down what is legal and what is not. >> reporter: good morning. america is known as the land of the free. but residents of illinois may need a reminder on new year's day they will wake up with almost 200 must laws to follow. on the other hand, they may consider themselves lucky. california passed nearly 4900 nw laws and much of which go effect into the new year. fans of brooklyn lawinger and other beers made here at brooklyn brue brewery will have something extra to celebrate
7:45 am
this yu nenew year's eve. every beer you drink in 2017 means a benefit for your brewer. balloon brewer owner. >> pennies are falling into the bank. >> reporter: thanks to a new law that gives brewers a kick-back of about a penny a bottle. >> save us about 225,000 this year. >> the more we drink the more you make? >> it would be great if you drink more. >> reporter: the governor doesn't hope it creates new drinkers but rather new jobs. across the country, new laws could change everything from the way you drive to the way you get your hair cut. with more, here are my colleagues john blackstone in california, and dean reynolds in illinois. >> here in san francisco and across california on january 1st, it will be illegal for drivers to hold or use electronic devices while driving. smartphones and other gadgets will have to be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield while driving. and drivers must use hands-free technology. >> reporter: here in illinois, a
7:46 am
new law requires hairdressers and nag techniciil text initiat undergo training so they can report any signs of abuse. they won't be able to report any abuse but cosmetologists wents be able to renew their licenses without the training. >> reporter: meanwhile millions of workers will see a raise on january 1st as 18 states bump up their minimum wage. in nevada the first day of legal recreational marijuana in the state and one of four that decided to end prohibition. in california six new controversial gun control measures will take effect, including an expanded ban on assault weapons. californians who don't like that law can, of course, vote in someone to change it. as of new year's day they can take a selfie in the ballot booth too. as you can see, most of these laws take on national issues and then there are laws like senate bill 2342 in illinois where it
7:47 am
will soon be legal to use a pitch pork, spear gun, or bow and arrow to hunt catfish. >> i'm going with the pitchfork. >> good choice. >> i need david begnaud to lend me his waders! >> that is terrific. tony, have a great week. >> thank you. astronauts defy waitless conditions to take the mannequin challenge. ahead, how it has gone -- >> wow, this is cool -- really viral and how they remain perfectly
7:48 am
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7:52 am
220 miles above the surface of the earth and post yesterday and take on board the international space station. freezing in mid air as you can see there. a snapshot of their daily life in space and apparently as bored as the rest of us and remained perfectly still despite the absence of gravity. >> really cool. >> well, yeah. among other things. advertisers some had a monster sale season. you're watching "cbs this morning." they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends. only new alka-seltzer plus justfree of artificial dyes
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jim donovan, beginning monday philadelphia tightens its rules on selling tobacco in the city. new regular laying cents include tobacco free school zones, so tobacco licenses on their way up, also regulating how many businesses per neighborhood can sell tobacco products. >> we send it right over to katie for a look at today's wetter. >> the forecast jim looking relatively tame, all things considered, but i want to start things off with a view of the live neighborhood network for couple of reasons. bright sun glare could be a concern if you are or headed out this morning, this is outside pleasant valley middle and high school. notice sheen on the road surface in the for grounds, that's very likely ice at this point. if there was puddle up behind, even damp conditions and it looks just wet this morning,
7:57 am
expect that it could be slick, i know, pat's got a couple every incidents bus of that, the winds the other story, then over the course of the weaken we start to rebound on the thermometer, maybe even snow shower out there today, pat? >> things have cleared out of the way. see brought sunshine day, the sunshine prefer hasn't, 42 freeway headed toward 295 looking a-okay, this is not. fire department activity, waverly road near # six, not on it, it will block you on your way to river road. >> thanks, pat. next update coming up on 8:25, the year's molk sus zest full holiday ads. make it a great day.
7:58 am
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♪ it is friday, december 30th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a surprising russian response to new u.s. sanctions. we look at the impact of president obama's punishments with david sanger of "the new york times." first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. russian officials ordered to leave the country after the obama administration retaliated for russian cyber attacks. >> members of the incoming trump administration are raising concerns about the hacking issue. and president obama's response. >> kellyanne conway saying that the obama administration is trying to box in the president-elect. >> there is no doubt that there is a marker being laid down that is sort of saying if you're going to roll these sanctions back there is going to be a lot of questions and potential political costs.
8:01 am
to the north of us on the east coast highest peak mt. washington danger of an avalanche. >> areas of snow batter northern maine and on the back side of it lake-effect snow bands dumping 6 to 12 inches. >> if the cease-fire holds it will effective sideline the u.s. and syria, two previous cease-fires collapse. >> it's going to be wall-to-wall people here. but police say they will have that under control. >> walker, long three. kemba, don't start dancing. no, no, baby! i'm ninan and vladimir
8:02 am
russia's foreign ministry wanted to kick out 35 americans, but putin said he would not stoop to the level of, quote, cooking diplomacy. he also said he'll consider the next administration's actions before deciding any further response. >> under the u.s. sanctions, 35 officials from the russian embassy in washington and the russian consulate in san francisco have 72 hours to leave the united states and by noon today, russian access will be denied to two moscow-owned compounds one in maryland and one in new york. president obama's executive action also identifies sanctions. two russian intelligence services for their role in hacking attacks, four individual officers and three companies are also named. the two russians are being identified as cyber criminals. >> president obama order onned the sanctions in retall statiiar cyber attacks for the 2016 election. they say the president wanted to send a message. >> the president is mindful of retaliation measures when he
8:03 am
makes these actions, but the president wanted today is to make sure that russia knew we weren't going to accept their interfering in our elections, that for too long, russia has engaged in cyberactivity and that is unacceptable. >> the white house says additional covert actions against the russians will not be announced because they are % highly classified. in statement, prck president-elect trump said it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless i will meet with lers of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. house speaker paul ryan said the new sanctions were overdue. >> republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham said the sanctions were small price for russia to pay. the senators say that they intend to lead the effort in the new congress to impose stronger sanctions on russia and incoming senate democratic leader chuck
8:04 am
schumer tweeted, strongly support the obama administration's work to fight back against russia's intravenous in our election. we need to punch back and punch back hard. >> "the new york times" national security correspondent david sanger has written extensively about russia's effort to influence the 2016 election. in hi article today he called the actions, quote, the strongest american response yet to a state sponsored cyberattack and he is good enough to join us this morning from washington. good morning. >> great to be with you, josh. >> what do these actions -- i know, again, they were called -- you called them the strongest american response yet to a cyberattack but what do they really mean for loourussia. >> >> they are the strongest to a cyberattack but we don't have a lot history there. the strongest until now had been some fairly modest sanctions against north korea for its attack on sony two years ago. i think the big question here are these strong enough to
8:05 am
create a deterrent, not only to the russians, not only for the next american election, but for the elections that are coming up in germany and in france, and to other countries that might take a look at the techniques that the russians used here, this combination of new cybertechniques and sort of old-styled information war fare, and figure out a way to make use of it themselves. and i'm not persuaded that what the administration is working its way toward here yet is effective cyberdeterrence and certainly quite late as many of president obama's own aides concede. >> david, you're talking about those sanctions that have been made public. the obama administration has said they will take covert actions. will that be effect and what people want to see if it might not deter russia either if it's not public? >> very good point. the whole key to the deterrence here is that the price you pay is pretty obvious. otherwise, you're not deterring
8:06 am
other actors who would go on. there are a number of things in the cyber realm that the united states could do to russia. it could expose many of the financial dealings of the oligarch and expose putin's own fortune and hoe the oligarchs helped him get that and knock holes in the censorship system that the russians have developed around the internet. it could do any of those things. my guess is the u.s. action will be pretty cautious because throughout this from the first, the white house got a whiff of this in the summer of -- in last summer was that they have been concerned about escalation, cyberescalation from the russians. you don't want to get on an escalation ladder you can't get off. >> a short time ago, russian president vladimir putin said he would not expel any u.s. diplomats.
8:07 am
what do you make of this decision? >> boy did he play this well. he has theirs foreign minister saying i recommend it. it was made to be turned down so putin can step in and say, you know, i'm ignoring this and moving on to donald trump. if you read the rest of the statement, it's i don't want to interrupt the vacations of these american diplomats. then he invites the american kids of the diplomats to come to the kremlin around new year's and enjoy the christmas trees. so he is doing everything he can possibly do to say, i'm forgetting about barack obama, i'm moving on to the next guy. >> to that point, david, you also wrote that there is a belief that perhaps these actions were intended to box in donald trump who has now said while saying for the last couple of days that people should move on, that he will meet with members of the intelligence community next week. what do you make thus far of president-elect trump's response?
8:08 am
>> well, i thought it was interesting that he said he would meet the intelligence representatives next week. it's not as if he hasn't already been receiving intelligence reports and presumably those have included some about the russian hacking. in fact, last summer when he became the nominee. he has consistently wanted to dismiss the thought that russia could be involved. but i detected in that latest statement a sort of willingness to be open at least to the evidence, which i think is a helpful thing. president obama's actions, though, i think, were definitely intended as -- primarily at the russians but, secondarily trying to box in mr. trump. what he has to do after january 20th is basically lift these sanctions and reallow diplomats who are suspected of really being spies into the country. it's pretty clear that president-elect trump's own party would be pretty upset about that. >> to be continued. david sanger of "the new york
8:09 am
times," thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> great to be with you. the strongest snowstorm to hit new england in two years is making travel dangerous this morning. a powerful nor'easter brought blizzard-like conditions and emergency crews worked through the night as slippery roads left drivers stranded and sent cars sliding off highways. >> snowplows had a hard time keeping up with the storm. areas of western maine were pummeled with nearly two feet of snow. more than 40,000 people in that state lost power and parts of new york and vermont and new hampshire are expected to end up with a foot or more of snow. social media is changing the way retailers reach out to consumers. ahead, a look at some of the most successful holiday ads and the new tactics companies are employing to get your attention. first, it's time to check your local weather.
8:10 am
at 101 years old, cuban born artist carmen herrera is finally getting requisition with a solo
8:11 am
exhibition in new york. how she burst on the scene decades largely unnoticed. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ companies right-handers the world reportedly spent nearly 500 billion dollars on advertising this year. u.s. retailers alone spent more than a billion dollars in the period leading up to the holiday shopping season. estimates show holiday sales in 2016 could top $1 trillion and that kind of money at stake, advertisers face pressure to create commercials that resonate, especially online. ♪ for example, this h&m ad was directed by wes anderson and stars adrien brody. it has been viewed more than 9 million times on youtube.
8:16 am
jeannine poggi is a reporting at advertising age and joins us now. good to see you. >> great to be here. good morning. >> these ads are using hollywood fire power what is the ultimate goal? is it to get more people into the stores, obviously, or to go viral. >> whenever you're creating some big marketing campaign, it's important that you drive traffic and drive people online into stores. but really what these type of campaigns, they are looking to build awareness for the brand. they want to tell a story and the product sitz in the back seat and it's really about telling that story and getting people to understand the brand and the total voice of the brand. >> for every ad that we see with adrien brody we see many with celebrities like a super bowl sunday, for instance. what goes into that decision, i suppose? >> it's really about what the message is that they want to come across. is it about star power and really coming out there with glitter and glamour? or is it telling a more subdued story, a message?
8:17 am
we are seeing longer ads that are going online that are 60 seconds to three minutes that are short movies, if you look at them. and it's really about what the story they want to tell is and how they want to connect with the consumer. >> does going viral translate to better sales? >> not necessarily. it surely is something that it's helpful and helps build awareness for a brand but one doesn't equate to the other. it's really about getting that message out there and, you know, going, driving even across borders. you're seeing a lot of ads this holiday season from outside the u.s. that were extremely popular and they are all on youtube. so consumers with catcan watch >> you say there is a theme this year. amazon has an ad out where an e-mom and another buy each other gifts. is that a trend we see going forward and how effective is it? >> i think so. i think after a year we saw our country so divided that retailers really saw the need for an extra boost of humanity. and i think we are going to see
8:18 am
that going through 2017, especially coming into the super bowl, i'd expect some more lighter toned ads and happier ads versus the more somber ads that sometimes we see during the super bowl season. >> this is the ongoing mountain decline it seems for advertisers how to harness the digital age and see them spentiding almost % more on ad. is this suggesting this is money well spent? >> a great opportunity for them to just advertise their own ads. you see a lot of advertisers creating these teasers for their spots and you saw john lewis, uk department store creating three teasers build up to their holiday ad. it's an opportunity to really make the ad a piece of content. it's more than just here is a 30-second commercial. it's here is our story and here is a little movie and piece of content for you. >> how does a store like john stewart decide what to create? >> john stewart had very somber
8:19 am
ads and this year they took a more human humorous tone. it's getting people excited and happy and i think we are going to see more of that in 2017. >> jeannine poggi, thank you for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> happy new year. >> thank you. a texas police officer takes a new approach to enforcing the law. ahead, why he gave a teenager caught smoking marijuana the option to do push-ups instead of jail time. there he is doing those push-ups. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed.
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♪ i'd rather be doing push-ups than going to jail. >> okay. so this is a texas teenager who probably has sore arms today but he is a free man. a police officer saw this teen smoking marijuana outside a movie theater. gave him two options for punishment. go to jail or two 200 push-ups. the teen opted for option b. >> one thing that my department pushes is us to have compassion and, you know, kind of, you know, think outside the box. >> well done.
8:24 am
once the teen finished, the officer talked to him about the dangers of drug and said the boy was respectful and realized he made a mistake and the police department says it stands by its officer's decision and has received positive feedback. well done. >> do you think he was able to do 200 push-ups? >> eventually! eventually! >> if it was me i would have asked if planking was an option. >> like two minutes? >> two minutes planking. >> the year we had in terms of community relations with the police, that was great. great work there. outside the box. >> speaking of new year's. are you ready to make a new year's resolution and stick to it? ahead, journalist jennifer wallace explains the science behind achieving your goals in 2017. you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is next.
8:25 am
good morning, i'm jan carabeo. ring in the new year with spectacular sites of the evening, bringing in the new year, one at 6:00 the other at midnight. of course the mummers parade on sunday morning, right down south broad street. and now to the eyewitness weather forecast, with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. how is it looking for them, katy? >> not looking all that bad out there, in fact, i'll have the fireworks forecast for now second here, jan, what we're finding at the moment more sun than anything, if you look off to the west, do have lake effect snowing falling in western pennsylvania even some of it surviving in central pa.
8:26 am
we will actually see the possibility of stray snow shower here. talk about fireworks, not only is the 6:00 p.m. show time good for the kids, but good for people that work our schedule, 419 expectation for that display to kick off. only dropping 39 come midnight. could be a sprinkle, i don't want you to plan around any wet weather. it is more worth a mention. i certainly don't think there will be any delay on the fireworks because of. that will weak front crossing through, what it comes, from then more rain on the way the next couple every days beyond as we your nerve 2017 sunday, pat? >> thank you, katiement some sun glare out there. it is a bright, beautiful day, but as we look at doylestown, road, which is business 202 up in lansdale, they have the right lane block here, because of tractor-trailer accident. so, it is slow go here, one lane, just getting by up here, again, in lansdale-doylestown road at county line. also, there is an accident on the boulevard, it is southbound, in the outer lane past fifth street. not really slowing anything down here, and really overall the wide looking great throughout the area on all of the major roadways, jan?
8:27 am
>> pat, thank you, next update is at 8: 55. ahead on cbs this morning, why new years resolutions fail, and what you can do to make them work. i'm jan carabeo. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ don't let me down welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the new year is a time for many people to start off on a clean slate. i need to start off on a clean slate, especially this belly. jennifer wallace is in our green room and explain the science behind new year's resolutions and how to avoid breaking them. >> the art work of carmen herrera's new york exhibit tries to achieve order in a chaotic world. how the 101-year-old paintings and sculptures inspired a fashion line. >> don't want to miss that. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's "guardian" reports 2016 is going to last one extra
8:31 am
second. slow down in the earth's rotation will mean we have a leap second tomorrow night. extra second on occasionally added because of unpredictable changes in the speed at which the earth turns on its axis. "usa today" reports on twitter considering adding an edit button. the ceo jack dorsey agreed to allow editors to fix their mistakes. a small window of time to fix a pipe too typo but not change what they initially report. twitter was not available for comment. coming in at number one, bruce springsteen and the e street band. they pulled in more than $268 million. number two was beyonce with her formation world tour. followed by coldplay and guns 'n
8:32 am
roses. >> serena williams is off the market and engaged to reddit cofounder alexis ohanian. there is how they introduced it. the pair had been dating under the radar for ruffle a year. he did it in rome. a good call. >> cool. britain's "independent" reports on the death of the world's oldest male giant panda. the preserve in china, pan pan was 31 years old and compared to a hundred human years. he was known as the panda grandpa because he had more than a 130 descendents. that reportedly accounts for one-fourth of the world's captive bred panda population. pan pan was very busy! >> incredibly. "the new york times" takes a closer look at our gut micro bio. trill i don't know those of
8:33 am
microbiome in our body. if it doesn't work properly it on could lead to diabetes or mental health. it can be gradually improved. doctors advise eat are more fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains. if you're planning a gut makeover in the new year and you know i am! >> something for you to obsess with there. time to pop the champagne and think about goals for the new year. weight loss and exercise are the most popular new year's resolution but this year 44% of americans make yearly promises and only a fraction generally keep them. jennifer wallace is here to explain the science why so few people succeed. good morning. why do we feel so compelled to make these resolutions? >> i think something in human nature causes us to want to improve ourselves and the new year researchers say is actually the ideal time or one of the most ideal times.
8:34 am
something about january 1st that in our mind mentally separates us from our old imperfect selves to our new improved and wiser selves. so it propels this motivation to change. and it could be january 1st, it could be the start of a season, it could be the start of a new week. there is something about that that propels the newness propels us to change. >> it's interesting. various religions have periods of time where we abstain from certain things. are we -- is 365 and a quarter days just too long? >> well, i think -- i think one of the major things we do is we don't quite understand what wellpawwell wellpowwel well. will power is. the smarter resolutions, the people who are more successful work around their will power and don't rely on it so much.
8:35 am
>> i'm looking in the graphic back there lose wait and exercise and drink more and i think it's meant to say drink more water. right? i wonder if it's because some of these are just too ambitious and also kind of vague? lose weight. how much weight? >> too vague. we take on too much at once. the best resolutions are ones that are very attainable and they are meshlable a they are measurable. take them one at a time, vlad. the willpower can't take it. >> i think we want to be better people so we list all of these things and say this will make us a better person but you probably on could go with just one. >> that's right. i think about that. it is great and noble but you need to get specific. if you want to make this a reality in the next year, you need to go to a cafe, you need to take a couple of hours out and define what being a better person is to you. is that a better person to yourself?
8:36 am
feeding yourself better? being kinder to yourself? is it volunteering more? is it giving more money? >> doesn't keeping it vague give you a better shot? >> no! it gives you an out! you want the best goals are what people refer to as smart goals. so you don't want to be vague. you want to be specific. you want it to be measurable. you want it to be attainable. you want it to be realistic. and you want it to be time se e sensitive there is some sense you have to make this resolution now. >> i've already failed. >> no, still time. >> you say antifailucipate fail. you need to ask yourself what happened and recommit every time you have a failure. recommit to your goal. >> getting out of jail free card for good. >> we will keep ourselves honest on twitter. jennifer, thank you. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> you too.
8:37 am
artist carmen herrera didn't sell her first painting until she was 89 years old. ahead, how growing popularity helped her actually achieve a solo exhibit at the age of 101. stick around for
8:38 am
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carmen herrera's art career began in the 1940s. since then, the cuban native that ha worked in paris and new york largely unnoticed but her geo m geo metric paintings are getting new attention and she is receiving recognition many believe is long overdue. she has a solo exhibit at whitney museum of the american arts. >> here is to the beginning. >> reporter: at 101 years old, carmen herrera has a lot to celebrate. >> be very careful with handling. >> look how clean it is and how nice it is. >> reporter: for seven decade, herrera has flown under the radar in the art world. it's hard to believe she didn't sell her first painting until age 89. herrera's critically claim museum at whitney museum describe the straight lines that got her her. >> when i heard that she was
8:42 am
going to be given a retrospective at the whitney i thought this was poetic justice. >> reporter: sullivan is a professor at new york university and followed carmen's work for many years. >> a little late but she has been hiding in plain sight. >> when i was younger, nobody knew i was a painter. now they are beginning to know i'm a painter. i waited a long time. there is a saying, if you wait for the past, the past will come. i say, yeah, i wait until a century for the past to come and it came! >> reporter: born in havana, cuba, in 1915, herrera came to the u.s. with her late husband jesse loewenthal in 1939. about a decade later they moved to paris and there herrera found her artistic voice. >> pair race was an important and wonderful period of her life
8:43 am
and i think that is probably where she really blossomed. >> she was doing things in the early '50s and in the late '40s, which were way before they really became popular. >> reporter: fellow artist tony bechara has been carmen's neighbor for over 35 years. >> if i learned anything from my friend carmen is that whether it is in daily life or in my own painting, he always remember her and keep it simple. ♪ >> reporter: simplicity is the focal point of her paintings as in "100 years now." >> angles. straight lines. i like older. in what we live in, i like to put some older so that is why i guess i'm a heritage paint ir. >> reporter: during the 2015 whitney museum inaugural ceremony, michelle obama -- >> maybe you can consider the
8:44 am
next carmen herrera or the next loewenthal or maybe the next barack obama. >> little girls can come to the whitney and dream about being the next carmen herrera and it really got to me. >> reporter: this exhibition helped spark great interest from art critics and collectors and inspired a fashion line based on her work. >> by saying loyal to her vision, despite the fact that she was not getting recognition, she set some example and i think that a lot of the positive reaction that she is getting now at the age of 101 has a lot to do with that. >> reporter: the recent fame hasn't changed herrera. she wakes up every morning and draws in the new york studio she has lived in for 50 years. >> there is a feeding frenzy. not like you can buy a carmen herrera painting. at this point you have to get on a wait list. >> so long i didn't sell anything and suddenly, i selling
8:45 am
and prices going up. what? >> i would call her the star of manhattan at the moment because she has really burst on to the scene for many people in a very unexpected way. a lot of audiences who visit the whitney probably have never heard of her. >> she says her bus has come. and i think she kind of knew it always would. >> last month, herrera's painting sold at an auction for $970,000 to a telephone bidder. it will be at the whitney exhibit until january 9th and i cone ur encourage you to see it. we have art here in the studio and it is amazing. >> she seems like such a great lady. i love the idea she just kept going and knew it was coming. next, we take a look at all that mattered this week. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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8:49 am
♪ tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday" the man with one of the most familiar faces on the big and small screens. actor martin freeman take ha taken audiences from the office he talk with him as he gets ready for his role in "sherlock." >> that does it for us. great week. >> happy new year to you. tune into the "cbs evening news." let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. ♪ i got to have faith >> such a great song. >> love it. >> brilliant artist. >> brilliant artist. we grew up on that music. ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> there was a side to him that rarely made headlines. his philanthropy.
8:50 am
>> fierce feisty and funny. she used her star power to clear away some of the shame and fear around mental health issues. >> i'm proud i got through this stuff. i'm not afraid of anything. ♪ good morning good morning >> all i do is dream of you. the whole night through. >> debbie reynolds son todd said her last words to him was she really missed her daughter and wanted to be with her. >> the only reason i get emotional, it's so wonderful, i can't believe i have this life. >> look like we are in for a pretty hard winter. >> talk about intense snowfall paired with intense wind. not a good combination for travel. >> oh, you ain't going to get through that. >> i don't know what is going on. >> never seen so much snow in my life. >> very crazy out here. >> if i had run again and arc c articulated it, i think i could
8:51 am
have mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> the president and his success sores publicly veered between playing nice and throwing punches. >> trump on twitter doing his world thing yesterday. thought it was going well. not! >> party on. >> schwing! >> we cannot choose the history we inherit but we can choose what lessons to draw from and from those lessons to charter own future. >> netanyahu said israeli cannot and will not accept the security council's decision. >> as i told john kerry, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> police made a number of arrests across the country because of the fight. >> running, screaming. i seen a girl get trampled. >> how easy to hack a twitter account? >> apparently, very easy. ♪ because i'm already gone
8:52 am
>> hotel california is a classic. i have no clue what it means but i like it. >> well, me neither. ♪ feeling strong >> everybody knows that i'm a huge monarchy lover fan. when we have time, i'll explain how elizabeth is related to william the conqueror. >> who knew? >> more to come. >> look at this. he is going to throw. touchdown! oh, my. >> we are going to see that over and over again, dontari poe! >> i still get to use the gym on base. >> president joking about hitting the gym. every time you go with him on the road, first thing he does in the morning it shames the rest of us! >> ruby's dad only meant to invite friends and neighbors to her 15th birthday party, but it went viral. a whole lot more people showed up! >> nothing about this story that is not just -- awesome! ♪ i'm feeling strong
8:53 am
and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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8:55 am
>> here is kate way look at the forecast. >> good morning to you, jim, as we watch up our week here, looking ahead to the holiday weekends, a chill is this place. no major weather hiccups in the forecast for now, what you are finding though across central pennsylvania, western pa, lake effect snow.
8:56 am
some of which could survive as it rolls our way. for the most part, we have nice clear sky, again, may be few clouds with time, the winds is helping to dry that snow, and even though it is very light, and only again couple every flakes along the way, you will notice the winds. that's for sure. this is leading us to the feels-like temperatures. real now better than the 20's, factor in the winds. in most instances here today. so at least for now, i weigh, make sure to bundle up adequately. rebounding to about 40 degrees, and as we look ahead to the weekends, maybe spotty sprinkles saturday night leading into early sunday morning, we ring in the new year, but i don't think do you have plan for rain. also see nice rebounds on the they thermometer, 06 -- 06 come tuesday. >> need the scarf and the ray bans, look at this, sun glare here. schuylkill going east at city avenue, oh, put them on. you will need them this morning. it is bright outside. it is a little chilly, though, as katie mentioned, lets guess to an accident, lansdale, excuse me, in colmar, route 309 bethlehem pike, which is at walnut st.
8:57 am
this is blocking a lane, so, it will cause some slow downs in this area, then a look at the live map, none of the majors having any major slow downs this morning, looking good on 95 on the schuylkill and vine st. down in jersey, as well, jim? >> moving along, that's what i like to hear thanks pat that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us
8:58 am
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