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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 3, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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♪ it's tuesday, january 3rd, 2017. this is "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, at least five people were killed as violent storms swept across the south, leaving a trail of debris across several states. >> and i came to check on the building, all of a sudden, everywhere. and just hours before lawmakers head back to congress, house republicans voted to eviscerate the ethics office. as a democratic leader put it, as a democratic leader put it, so much for draining the swamp. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning from the cbs 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters. here in new york, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. at least five people died from a fast moving system including damaging winds, damaging rains and floods and tornadoes moved across the south, alabama, georgia and the florida panhandle. one victim died when floodwaters hilt the florida gulf coast. they died when a large tree fell on their mobile home during an apparent tornado. and three others were trapped in the trailer. in the area, trees and power lines are down. and some roads are impassible. area schools are also closed evidence to. the national weather service says there were reports of six tornadoes touching down in alabama and mississippi monday. and nearly 70 million people were at risk in the south. on alabama gulf coast yesterday,
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it leaned through the community of gulf shores. >> all of a sudden it was just on top of us just that fast. the whole building shook. we saw the piece of the roof hit my mother's car. >> recovery efforts are under way at the gulf shore zoo where cages were blown into the water and animal has to be rescued. the 115th congress will be sworn in today, but house republicans have already voted to dramatically overhaul the operation of the previously independent office of congressional ethics. now, despite arguments from speak paul ryan, ethics complaints will now be handled by lawmakers on the house ethics committee, rather than inependent investigators. represent bob goodlatte who pushed the amendment said in a statement it strengthens the office. democrats are outraged. minority leader nancy pelosi says republicans claim they want to drain the swamp, but the house gop has eliminated the only independent ethics
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oversight of their actions. the ethics amendment is part of a rules package the entire house will vote on today. and ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll have more on what the new congress has in store, as it gets back to work. president-elect donald trump continues to push back at u.s. intelligence accusations that russian hackers interfered in the u.s. election. but now, as jeff pegues reports, it appears politicians are not the only target. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that over the last few days u.s. officials have begun investigating new and potentially successful cyberintrusions. raising concerns the russian hacks might have been more extensive than originally thought. and government analysts are still investigating if russian hackers successfully breached vermont's electrical grid. malicious code found on the utility company's laptop. it's been traced to what they call grizzly steppe, a
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widespread espionage linked to russia. >> i just want them to be sure. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continues to discuss doubt about russia's hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking. it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know, so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> reporter: mr. trump promised new information on tuesday or wednesday. but sean spicer, the trump transition spokesman seemed to walk that back. >> it's not a question of just revealing. remember, the president-elect is privy to a lot of classified information and intelligence reports he beat-h gets briefed by a national security team a daily basis. >> reporter: but it's unclear where mr. trump and the national security team are getting their intelligence reports. all agencies are in agreement that the russian government, with the blessing of vladimir putin orchestrated aggressive cyber attacks, prior to and
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during the u.s. election. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. well, turkish authorities say they are close to identifying the gunman who killed 39 people in the istanbul nightclub. they have fingerprints and pictures. hena daniels is here. good morning. >> good morning, turkish media have run a selfie video of the man they say is responsible for the massacre. isis has claimed responsibility but it's still unclear if the man was inspired by the terrorist group or under record. >> reporter: they released this video it shows the alleged gunman recording himself as he walked outside in istanbul. this video from inside the club shows the party just an hour before the gunfire, as revelers celebrate and count down to midnight on new year's eve. >> three, two, one!
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>> reporter: turkey's deputy prime minister says investigators are close to identifying the shooter. and have detained eight people. isis claimed responsibility for the attack as revenge for turkey's role in syria's bloody civil war. it's unclear if the gunman was directed or inspired by isis. the terror group claims the group was targeted because it was where christians celebrate their pagan holiday. >> nine team. seven for sure. >> reporter: american jake raak left istanbul for philadelphia on monday after being shot in the leg during the attack. he said he only met good people on his trip to turkey. >> for me, i wake up in the united states, i eat breakfast. you guys wake up and have to think about it, it's so, so sad. >> reporter: outside a makeshift grove of mourners lay flowers. a reminder of the 39 lives lost
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in the massacre. and turkey ordered tanks inside of syria as much as four months ago in away to push back isis from its border. anne-marie. >> hena daniels, thank you so much. back at home, a deadly mix of pesticide and water from a toxic gas that killed four texas children. six other people in the amarillo house became ill. they were discovered early monday morning. someone tried to wash away a pesticide used to kill roadents at the house. >> they thought they were just responding to a call. they got there and saw the number of six people they realized it was something bigger. they called for a hazardous materials response team. >>ed victims ranged in age from just 7 years old to 17. their mother was among those hospitalized. dylann roof convicted in the murder of nine people at the
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charleston church was found competent to represent himself in the penalty phase of his trial. and that begins tomorrow. he faces the death penalty. but roof says he plans on calling no witnesses or evidence. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: dylann roof will continue to represent himself in court after a judge ruled he's competent following a day-long hearing monday. roof was found guilty last month of murdering nine black parishioners at emanuel ame black church in 2017. the same jury that unanimously convicted the 22-year-old in federal court wille now decideful roof should face the death penalty or life in prison. for making opening states on a closing argument but won't call any witnesses or present any evidence. he won't be allowed to approach witnesses or the jury. and will sit in a chair farthest from jurors and the victims' family members.
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when deciding whether to live or die. >> the jurors have to get the information they need to reach the right verdict. and he's not going to give them any reason to spare his life. >> the penalty phase of roof's trial will begin wednesday one day after roof asked for the delay because of the time he spent preparing for the competency hearing. prosecutors say 38 relatives of the victims and three victims of the attack will testify. >> kind of want to ask the question, don't you see the pain that this has caused? >> reporter: roof also faces a trial in state court. another possible death penalty case. marlie hall, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. the customs agency processing system is up and running this morning which is a good thing. the system was down for about four hours late yesterday afternoon, causing big delays at various airports. customs officers continue to
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process international travelers using alternative procedures. coming up on the "morning news," locked in with the luggage. a baggage handler survives being trapped in the cargo area during a flight. and dresser danger. a toddler rescued his twin brother. this is the "cbs morning news." i have chips every day! you can have whatever you want, it's just making smart choices about eating. bring on the food! we're having it all! i feel good about myself. yeah! best decision of my life. it always feels good when somebody says you look good. aren't we glad we did it? yes! we're doing it! {cheering} in the first two months, members have lost 15% more weight than on our prior program. join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us.
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don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. a remarkable rescue story from utah with a life or death message for parents. a security camera in the bedroom of twin boys captured the moment a dresser toppled on top of his twin brother. it took a few minutes. the todd was able to wiggle out. the boys' parents say it's a good reminder that heavy furniture should be bolted to
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the wall. a baggage handler takes a trip in the cargo hold and carrie fisher's daughter breaks her silence. those are some of the headlines on the newsstand. reports 100 pieces of debris. the southern shore of lake erie will resume today. there were six people aboard after taking off from cleveland. the richland times dispatch says a bag letter handler is okay after getting locked in a small airliner. he was freed from the cargo bay sunday after the united jet made a 90-minute flight from north carolina to washington. the carrier is looking into how it happened. variety reports the first public reaction from a young actress who lost her famous mother and grandmother last week. billie lourd shared a photo showing her with fisher and her
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grand mother. lourd said your love and support mean the world to me. "the new york times"ization benjamin netanyahu was questioned at length yesterday by investigators who expect him of corruption. the prime minister says the political probe is politically motivated. times says president obama will visit his farewell address a week from today in his adopted hometown of chicago. it's a return to the place where his journey to the white house began. mr. obama is expected to defend health care reform and his other initiatives that are under attack from republicans. and "washington post" say dems are bracing for the arrival of people who have vowed to get in shape for 2017. newbies often crowd out gym regulars. january is the peak month for gym membership. don't worry. they probably won't be there in
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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spacex says the company is ready to launch rockets again, after figuring out what went wrong the last time. one of their falcon 9 rockets exploded in september at cape canaveral. investigators say a canister of fuel inside the rocket inside the oxygen tank had exploded. a $200,000 spacex satellite was destroyed. elon musk said the next launch will be sunday. next on "cbs moneywatch" oil prices climb. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. the dow lost 69 points in the last seven trading days of the year. the s&p was 18 points lower. the nasdaq lost 52 points. oil prices are higher, a deal between opec and non-opec members to cut production kicked in sunday.
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producers hope that will help lower the worldwide oil glut. the u.s. benchmark of texas for crude was up 32 cents to $53.03 a barrel. steady income growth is expected to boost the housing market this year, but economists warn that rising interest rates will cancel the game. the association of real stors say existing home sales will go up 2%. finland is the first european country to pay unemployed citizens a basic monthly income. 2,000 randomly picked citizens get the payment of $587. they'll continue to get the payment even they get a job. the unemployment rate in finland is just over 8%. and britain's largest supermarket chain is now charging the same price for
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men's and women's razors. tesco had been charging twice as much for men's razors. today, they lowers the price of the female model to $1.25 for a two-pack. they found that women were charged 37% more for clothes in the uk. >> it's amazing how much it costs to turn something pink instead of blue. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, a last-second thriller. the trojans fight until the very end against penn state for the rose bowl championship. ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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>> it's good. usc wins it. >> drama in the final seconds in the rose bowl beats penn state. trojans came back for a 52-49 win in pasadena. it's the highest scoring game in rose bowl history dating back to 1982. staying he's no longer up to the stress of nfl life denver's head coach retired. 55-year-old gary kubiak suffered migraines and other issues in the two seasons with the broncos. he had a 24-11 record and he won the super bowl last february. ahead on "cbs this morning," oprah winfrey joins us in the studio with her first cookbook. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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here's another look at this morning's top story. at least five people were killed after a powerful storm system blew through the south. four died in alabama when a suspected tornado blew a tree on to their trailer. three others were trapped inside. overnight, there was heavy rain in georgia. and house republicans voted to dramatically change the office of congressional ethics. that's the independent office created to investigate allegations of lawmaker misconduct. the office will now be controlled by lawmakers on the house ethics committee. democrats are outraged. the full house votes today after the 115th congress is sworn in. some medical students are receiving training not only in the classroom but in the
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kitchen, too. it's part of a new curriculum to promote healthy eating. chip reid has more. >> i can't cook. >> you can't cook? >> no. >> reporter: this is the required course for first year students in tulane medical school in new orleans. >> this is no fun, bio chemistry. >> reporter: tulane is leading the way in the blooming field of culinary medicine. >> you have an idea of overall health. i think that's important. >> salt, pepper. >> reporter: leah ferris is the first chef in the nation on the medical school. >> i think this is part of it. it's a revolution in the way physicians are talking vocation. and including food in that conversation. some of those start here at tulane with culinary medicine courses. well, now about 15% of medicine
4:27 am
students in the u.s. have licensed curriculum. >> reporter: the secret is convincing students that food that's good for you is also good. >> i think we pleasantly surprise people. >> reporter: have you tasted it? >> yes. >> reporter: are you pretty proud of yourselves. >> pretty proud of ourselves. >> reporter: is this what your patients are going to be eating some day? >> they better. >> reporter: in the evening, a medical student becomes teacher, helping community members like susan and cynthia edwards learn the secrets of healthy cooking. so your whole family is healthier now. >> yeah, they eat tofu, they eat quinoa, they eat whole oats. they don't know. >> reporter: do they like it? >> they love it. >> my cholesterol dropped by 20 points.
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my glis rides dropped by like 20 points. >> reporter: lentils and vegetables. chip reid, cbs news, new york. >> now if only hospital food looked that good. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at how the legalization of marijuana in several states is changing teenagers' attitudes about the drug. plus, the mass dot craze in japan, how it's turned into a billionaire business. and oprah winfrey joins us in the studio with her first cookbook, food and happiness. that's it for the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. developing right now, two men force their way into a local home. but did not expect the homeowner to be ready for them. what happened next that left one suspect dead and the second on a run. destruction in the south. severe weather causes flooding and power outages across several states. that storm left four people dead. >> and the stubborn fire crews spent almost eight hours on the scene after warehouse fire that sparked power outages. we'll tell you about the number of customers affected. today is tuesday, january 3rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. the airport glitch that caused chaos on one of the busiest travel days of the year. first, we check with your travel forecast with katie fehlinger. >> a lot of clouds and s


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