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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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l.a. on monday. >> have a great weekend, everyone. >> have a great weekend, everyone. miss you, yo. -- captions by vitac --
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now at sticks clock storm watch a snowy saturday all around the region from the shore to the city and down in delaware, no one is spared from this weekend's winter weather. now a live look at storm scan3 at this hour. you can see that system still lingering down the shore and we're not in the clear yet. a winter storm warning is still in that effect for the jersey shore and parts of delaware as well. good evening, i'm natasha brown. we've got team three coverage for you tonight. we're going to check in with reporters david spunt and along hoff ialexandria hoff in t but let's start with lauren casey tracking the snow. >> getting a double dose of snow. we had snow thursday night and i think this definitely the
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bigger dose. check out some of the snow totals ocean view in sussex county delaware southern delaware 13-inches of snowfall so far, estell manor nearly 9-inches of snow south philadelphia picking up close to 4-inches of snowfall. this event is nearing an end but it with out with a bang. we had a heavy band of snowfall cruise along the i-95 corridor across south jersey dumping even more snow on top of already significant accumulations but now the snow is that wrapping up even along the coast but we still do have a few lingering flakes right now in llewes delaware, there's ocean view that picked up that 13-inch total. your snow is just about to wrap up. ocean county still seeing moderate snow coming down from beach haven up into toms river. that will that start to end as we head into the next hour. this event will wrap up. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the coastline
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until 8:00 p.m. but we'll see lingering snow across portions of ocean county. this event will come to an end in the next hour. as we head into tonight the concern will be blowing snow as winds continue to pick up. we have that it will fluffy snow because it was so cold today it easily blows around reducing visibility and hazardous travel conditions with these cold temperatures. current wind gusts elevated a little bit. ocean city gusting up 231 miles per hour, gusting to 22 in toms river and we have a blustery night ahead an blustery day tomorrow. you already probably know the travel conditions just stay at home, it's cold, it's snowy, stay in, watch a movie. overnight tonight snow and ice covered roads. same case tomorrow morning. even into tomorrow evening. we'll likely have very slippery travel as high temperatures are not even going come close to the freezing mark and we'll talk more about the bitter blast we're going to be contending with over the next couple days coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thank you so much. now this winter storm is
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that keeping emergency crews busy. the heavy snow caused several serious accidents on highways all around the region. and made driving to and from places like the jersey shore really a treacherous journey. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live now in sea isle city where there is some concern tonight about the accumulation. david. >> reporter: yeah, hi, natasha. the driver out here was bad on the a.c. expressway. the snow was beautiful today but of course when the cameras turn on, the snow goes away it seems like it's dying off for the night at this point. it may pick up a little bit later as lauren said. we have about 8-inches on the ground right now and folks here in sea isle city and the other parts of cape may county say they are prepared and they were ready for this. white capped waves crashed into the shore in sea isle city. the otherwise popular boardwalk empty. not a surprise as temperatures were in the high teens. the most snow in new jersey to the south and east of the state.
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the wind picked up and never calmed down. >> it's cold . >> [laughter] and it's snowy and it looks like it's not going to stop any time soon. >> reporter: tino ferraro is in town from charlotte north carolina to visit family. even though he could have picked a better weekend his family back at home is also seeing snow. >> you can't escape it. i think it's hitting everybody at some point across the east coast. you can't hide from it. >> reporter: the majority of sea isle city saw about 8-inches of snow. >> other than the snow it's a beautiful day. the mayor says crews started plowing early this morning. but black ice remained major concern. >> the black ice is very, very dangerous and it's something, you know, that causes many, many problems for everybody. >> reporter: yeah and be careful because it's 18 degrees out right now, well below freezing those temperatures just going to fall with in black ice. check with some other jersey shore communities. no major tissues report. most of the roads plowed and
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the snow seems to be tapering off for the rest of the night. reporting live right now in sea isle city cape may county, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." natasha. >> all right, david, thank you so much. appreciate that. now the heavy snow created low visibility in ocean city. "eyewitness news" along west avenue. it's freezing out there but at least this guy just wanted to wear some shorts. private plow trucks were also busy clearing snow from store parking lots as well. now the storm could not keep people though off the roads. >> just came over the ninth street bridge. it's clear. just drive slow. >> she has a dog walking business and she walked out this morning, no problem. what little cold though, windy. snow is not bad. just windy. >> and the snow was the perfect consistency for making a snowman. very nice snowman there. a little further south now to wildwood. the sand covered with snow. this "eyewitness news" video comes to us from ed coleman showing the wintry scene along the boardwalk.
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thank you so much for that picture. and check out the snowy scene in washington township gloucester county. several inches of snow being pushed off of this suv as people finally start to clean off their vehicles. now the shore isn't the only part of the new jersey area feeling the effects of this snowstorm. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in pennsauken where several inches fell in that area as well. alex. >> reporter: well, natasha, we are here on route 38 also overlooking route 70 where we have seen the roadway conditions change rather significantly over the past two hours as the eyewitness weather team has been pointing out over the past couple days there was a chance for the storms to overperform and in many regions it did just that for the residents in this area, being hit from between four to 8-inches of accumulation. as the snow tapered off here in camden county around 4:00 a heavy slush became what is now just a wet coating on the major roads. some of that is due to pretreatment and some due to heat generated by cars. but that is good and bad.
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temperatures are not likely to break out of the 20's at all this weekend so that will lead to some refreezing and some added caution on the roads as the evening presses on. >> i just keep eight little slow and watch the cars in front of me so i don't run into 'em. >> yeah. [laughter] >> reporter: seems pretty basic but i don't think it can be said any better. i was speaking with a local officer who told me they have been dealing with a plethora of crashes in this area mainly people exiting off of main roads onto lesser plowed side roads and spinning out so extra caution should be taken if you must be out on the roads. reporting live in pennsauken alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> alex good advice. thank you so much. now in delaware firefighters had to battle snow and ice see conditions while fighting an apartment fire in newark. meanwhile over in wilmington, delaware, the rock ford park dog august popular place, the little dog park there. we found lots of dogs and their owners enjoying the
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snow. the snow and ice is causing delays at philadelphia international airport. several flights are canceled on the departures board. "eyewitness news" spotted some stranded passengers checking out the septa regional rail schedule trying to plot a plan b probably. the faa says the snow and ice is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of three hours 37 minutes. now fishtown this afternoon. some kids were certainly enjoying the freshly fallen snow. "eyewitness news" caught these guys running around shreds in hand of course. very handy today. stay with "eyewitness news" for the very latest on this snowstorm. we'll have updates for you here on television and online on our web site also tonight, we are working now confirm published reports in south jersey that one of the five people killed in the fort lauderdale airport shooting is a millville new jersey native. this as authorities continue to search for a motive.
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craig boswell says more details are emerging about the incident. >> reporter: long lines snaked in and around the for fot lauderdale hollywood international airport as stranded and anxious passengers waited for information on available flights saturday. >> i'm petrified to be here. i don't want to be here in this place. >> reporter: the airport was shut down yesterday after police say 26-year-old esteban santiago used a gun from his checked luggage shoot passengers in the baggage claim area. >> we have a subject. >> reporter: a volunteer firefighter were among the five people killed in the shooting spree. >> this is a tragedy, right. and it's horrible. people lost their lives, lost their loved ones. >> reporter: airport officials have about 20,000 items to return to their owners luggage laptops cell phones dropped by panicked passengers during the chaos. >> i'm just -- i just want to go home to canada. >> we don't know where our luggage is. >> reporter: cbs has learned
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santiago an army veteran walked into an fbi office with a gun and complained about hearing voices last year. the gun was returned after he received a medical evaluation. police are still working on a motive for friday's attack. craig boswell, cbs news fort lauderdale of course keep right here on "eyewitness news" for the very latest on the deadly airport shooting in fort lauderdale. get the latest any time at stay with us everyone. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, this snow causing serious problems in some parts of the country. where this 20 vehicle pileup was snarling traffic this afternoon due to very slippery conditions. lauren. >> the snow is wrapping up across the delaware valley but the cold is not moving out any time soon. talking about the potential of near zero wind chills and i'll have the details on the bitter blast come coming up. >> projections are finally in. we'll show was experts say about the holiday shopping season when we com
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" where it is certainly not just our area dealing with this winter weather. chilly conditions in connecticut likely played a role in this crash involving 20 vehicles. the accident shut down the interstate but there were no serious injuries reported. lots of wreckage there. and the snowblowers and shovels coming in end in north carolina today. crews worked to clear the sidewalks in winston salem this afternoon. parts of north carolina saw as much as 8-inches of snow.
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we're going to check in with lauren casey with more on this winter weather in just a few moments or so. it does look like most retailers did pretty well this holiday shopping season. while official numbers won't be available until friday, early projections show total sales are up about .5 percent. it's not all rosie though for all stores. despite the increase for many retailers macy's and sears are closing more of their stores because their sales were lower than expected. and we were just saying that lauren casey is going to bring us an update and here you are. >> yes, here i am. >> this has been kind of messy all over the place today. >> absolutely messy. the snow coming down heavy at times greatly reducing visibilities. the roads are definitely snow covered so it's a good night, it's saturday night just hang inside have a nice glass of wine, watch a good movie get a good book. conditions are cold. center city philadelphia you can see the snow covered streets. no flakes flying at this hour. snow has come to an end but
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we're at 23 degrees right now, northwest wind around 10 miles per hour making it feel more like 12 degrees and snow totals they have been significant especially along the coast and at the delaware beaches. llewes delaware picking up 10-inches. haddon heights six and a half inches, mullica hill 6-inches, ridley park four and a half inches of snowfall. but storm scan3 showing us it's almost over. the snow signing down but we still have moderate snow coming down ah across portions of ocean county. snow still falling up in toms river where you could see an additional half inch to an inch. storm scan3 showing us this system riding along the coast bringing snow to parts of new england and that is having a big impact on travel of course in philadelphia, some big time delays. boston looking good right now but they were report something delays last hour. newark causing that -- that snow causing problems there as well and as we head out west
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some problems in san francisco right now but yeah, big time delays and a lot of cancellations at philadelphia international airport. future weather showing us as we head into the evening hours things quieting down. skies clearing out pretty quickly and as we head into tomorrow morning we will see some sunshine but some low clouds develop as we head into the afternoon hours and, yes, i know you probably don't want any more snow but we could maybe see a passing snow shower flurry or even a snow squall. it would be stray as far as the coverage is concerned but we could see one sneak on through and then as we head into the evening hours any of that chance will start top wind down but overnight tonight blustery and bitter cold dropping down to 16 degrees. that would tie for our coldest low of the season. and we're going have the winds out of the northwest up around 15 to 20 miles per hour on top of that. really impacting that feels-like temperature and temperatures right now are already cold. we're in the teens in the poconos, low 20's along the i-95 corridor. same case down the shore and
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then we have these winds that are starting to increase especially along the coast up to around 15 to 20 miles per hour. and you can seat wind speeds up to around then philly up into the teens in the lehigh valley and we will have those higher gusts. check out some of our feels-like temperatures. feeling like zero already at this early hour in mount pocono. feels like nine in trenton. feeling like five above in atlantic city and overnight tonight, it is going to feel brutal. overnight our overnight forecast wind chills down to about 10 below in the poconos. potentially five below in the lehigh valley berks county down near zero along the i-95 corridor. that does include center city philadelphia and potentially down in low and single digit wind chills along the coast and in parts of delaware. so, for tomorrow, we're tying the season's cold department we'll have wind gusts to 35 miles per hour. daytime single digit wind chills and we are going stay subfreezing for about the next 60 hours. you can see those high temperatures really struggle all across the area as we head into the day tomorrow and even on monday our high temperatures won't break in freezing mark.
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30 degrees but we will have less wind, mostly sunny skies. then we jump up to 38 degrees on tuesday and then a big jump up into the low 50's by wednesday but of course it's going to come with some rain on wednesday and maybe an isolated shower on thursday. >> that's okay. >> yeah, i know, i'll take a shower any day. this is easily our break time when we go to the grocery store. >> yeah, no worries. >> thanks lauren. lesley what's going none sports. >> weather stop people from seeing the flyers today. after going on a 10 game winning streak the flyers struggled losing five in a row seven out of eight but look to break out of that funk this afternoon against tampa. michal neuvirth got the start in goal for the flyers his first game since november 12th. second period the flyers down a goal. two on one break. voracek to travis konecny t
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provorov with the shot. flyers take the lead. still in the second period the flyers on the attack. this time michael raffl lights the lamp. that's his eighth goal of the year. flyers with a flee to one lead. less than a minute after the lightning cut that lead to one gudas scores on the wrap around. flyers scored four time in the second period ending their five game losing streak four-two the final. changing the ice service to a basketball court. villanova hosting marquette at 7:30. wildcats looking to rebound after losing to butler to end their 20 game winning streak. over at the liacouras center fran dunphy and the the owls looking for their first conference win against north carolina. daniel led the team with 19 points. seconds half temple still with the lead. the owls earn their first conference win 81-62 the
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final. saint joe's and in the bronx playing fordham. the pass to james did he mean bree knocking down the three. did he mean bree led saint joe's with 25 points. kimball chipping in with 10 points nine boards and six assists. phil martelli won his 200th atlantic conference game. the hawks beat the rams 70-55. officer at the palestra penn state playing a home conference game against michigan state. the nittany lions with six players from philadelphia. stevens scoring 20 points carr had 14. nittany lions roar to a 72-63 win over the spartans. >> very nice. all right lesley. thank you so much. we appreciate that. we've got the snow but in one spot overseas they've got the ice swimming. hm? where these swimmers braving frigid temperatur
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>> welcome back. many of us dread the winter months. that would be me. weary of the snow after the first snow. not some folks in bavaria. they're taking a polar plunge for the ice swimming championship. swimmers wade through 36-degree water for a series of relay races. the air outside wasn't much warmer either at minus 8 degrees, lauren casey. no wet suits or other special swim wear was even allowed. very brave. i'm just cold thinking about it:
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>> snow does seem to be tapering off. >> yes, snow is wrapping up coming to an end and get ready for the cold tonight. cloud deck will be clearing out breezy conditions we drop down to 16 degrees, windy tomorrow, only 26. wind chills will likely be in the single digits all throughout our sunday. not until midday tuesday do temperatures warm past the freezing mark. and then we get a big warmup by wednesday, though, 53 degrees why wednesday afternoon. >> what a change by midweek. >> i can't wait. >> i can't wait either. thanks for joining us. i'm natasha brown. for lesley lauren all of us here we appreciate you being
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with us and we're always
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: what triggered the deadly airport attack? officials say army veteran esteban santiago came to fort lauderdale specifically to carry out the shootings, but why? the shootings could reopen the debate on flying with firearms. also tonight, new details about the victims and harrowing stories of survival. this man was saved by his laptop. it's a weekend of winter storms from coast to coast, cars slide off the road, and planes are grounded in the south. the northeast gets buried. the west braces for floods and mudslides. >> there you go! >> ninan: and the death of tilikum the killer whale just as sea changes come to seaworld. >> the things you'll see the whales doing, that's all changing.


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