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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 8, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> right now at 11:00 cleaning up after the storm. a snowy saturday, all across the region, comes to end now. but leaves behind quite a mess. >> snow shovels are also out. the rest of the weekends will be about digging out in washington township here. where several inches of snow fell, covering driveways, roadways, and every car on the block, as well. now to montgomery county norristown, didn't see much accumulation, but enough to keep roads very slick and traffic moving very slowly. >> very different story in bucks county where krause are already out plowing, in bensalem, drivers taking it slow, as plows cleared streets and parking lot in that area. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us, while the entire region touched by the storm in some way, it was the shore certainly hit the hard else. to cape may county now, the wildwood beach was hidden beneath inches of snow, that disappeared into the ocean. and ocean city blustery and trecherous drive for those braving the roads.
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meteorologist, lauren casey, has been keeping track of the snow all night long. came in early today. i know you it, lauren. now looks like things are getting little more quiet, right? >> things are quieting down. what a doozy after storm the the snow machine has finally turned offment check out totals. the shore, southern southern delaware picking up highest totals, ocean view sussex county delaware, 13 inches of snow. port norris, cumberland county, new jersey, 10 inches of snow, atlantic county estell manor picking up close to 9 inches. mt. laurel, new jersey, 6.7 inches of snow at mom's how the, philadelphia international airport coming in with 3 inches of snow. storm scan3, showing us, the snow has moved on out. even skies clearing on out now. but temperatures, they are cold. and as we look at the road situation, throughout the overnight period, of course, we had the accumulating snow with the cold temperatures, icy patches, as well. that will persist into tomorrow morning, and really through much of the day, as high temperatures will not even get close to the freezing
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mark for our sunday, so even into sunday evening, expect slippery travel, temperatures right now they are quite chilly. 21 degrees in philadelphia. we have the northwesterly wind up around 16 miles per hour, so feeling more like 8 degrees. eighteen right now down the shore, feeling like four, it is 11 in the poconos. already, feeling like five below, and we are going to have some sunday shivers in philadelphia, our season's coldest high temperature expected tomorrow on top that far wind gust 35 miles per hour, single digit windchills throughout the day, we won't get that thawing until midday tuesday. we will talk more about this extended bitter blast, coming up. >> oh, boy, thanks so much, lauren, see you soon. now, snow shovels social got work out around the region today, heavy snow made driving to and from places like the jersey shore, a treacherous journey. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt in sea isle city where there is some concern tonight. >> white capped waves crashed
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into the shore in sea isle city. the otherwise popular boardwalk, empty. not a surprise as temperatures were in the high teens. the most snow in new jersey, to the south and east of the state. the wind pick up, and never calmed down. >> it is cold. and it is snowy. and it looks like it is not going to stop any time soon. >> in town from charlotte, north carolina to visit family, even though he could have pick a better weekend, his family back at home is also seeing snow. >> oh, you can't escape it, i think it is hitting everybody at some point across the east coast, you won't get away from it, you can't hide from it. >> the majority of sea isle city saw about 8 inches of snow. >> other than the snow, beautiful day. >> mayor linda says crews started plowing early this morning, but black ice remained major concern. >> the black ice is very, very dangerous, and it is something, you know, that causes many, many problems for
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everybody. >> the snow and in sea isle city other part of cape may county ended about 6:30 at night. i spoke with other officials on the shore, they say no major problems to report on the roads. reporting from sea isle city in cape may county, i'm david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well the heavy snow created low visibility in ocean city. "eyewitness news" here along west ave., it is freezing out there, but take a look there is one guy just wanted to wear some shorts. private plow trucks meantime were also busy clearing snow, from store parking lots. the storm could not keep people off the roads. and, in gloucester county, people had several inches of snow to clear off of their cars, washington township, looking like a winter wonderland late this afternoon. after the snow fell. >> and now, when winter weather does hit stay to up date with cbs philly weather app. get the very latest right on your smart phone, tablet, download the a.m. now in the a.m. store or google play. >> the investigation meantime into yesterday's deadly airport shooting in fort
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lauderdale, florida continues. and tonight, "eyewitness news" has confirmed one of the airport shooting victims has connection toss our area. terry andreas, grew up in millville, new jersey, and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff talk exclusively tonight with his family. >> his family spoke with us from their millville home because they did not want the story of terri's tragic death to over shadow his tremendous life. >> actually, personally -- >> it has taken richard a day and a half to talk about his nephew terry without breaking down, but he wants to, because he says terry lived the kind of life that should be talked about. >> he is just a wonderful kid. >> richard had been following the incident unfolding at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport when he received a call to his millville home from his neice aunt, terri's bride of 40 years. >> i couldn't believe what she was saying. >> in the phonecall richard
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learned his 62 year old nephew was one of five victims shot and killed by a gunman in the airport's baggage claim area, was there, but was not harmed. >> i can't imagine her being there, through all this, and the kids, i can't imagine how it is going to happen. >> terry was raise in the millville, had relocated to the virginia beach area before meeting his wife. the couple was in florida en route to caribbean crews, the loving father of two girls and proud grandfather to three, terry was 1972 graduate of millville high school. always made it a point to attend class reunions just as he always made a point to call his uncle to check in. >> just at christmas time, he calls all the time, almost like one of my kids. >> andres worked for the norfolk naval shipyard. back in his teen years, hemmed at his uncle's contracting company. >> i can't say enough. i love the kid. every time we got off the
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phone, uncle dick, i love you. >> he would always say the same thing back, loving family who always felt more like a son. >> terry andres would have turned 63 later this month. reporting in millville new jersey, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, now to the very latest in the investigation, federal authorities have officially charged the suspect in the deadly airport shooting, and he could now face the death penalty in convicted. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has one man's story of survival. >> the first bags arrived at terminal two baggage claim since the deadly shooting inside fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. black curtains blocked arriving passengers from entering restricted areas still being cleaned. >> kind of scary, looking around, the feeling. >> steve came face-to-face with the alleged shooter, 26 year old esteban santiago, he said he felt a pinch in his back but didn't realize until late their a bullet had
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pierced his apple computer. >> it was the laptop, the plastic casing, and the type of back pack that i had, the best thank you gift ever got in my life. >> police say the army veteran used 9-millimeter semiautomatic gun from his check luggage to shoot passengers. charging document show santiago confessed to planning the attack, specifically at this airport, he believes he fired 15 rounds before being arrested. five people were killed, including olga, her family says she was celebrating her husband's 90th birthday, long lines, as airlines cleared the backlog of travelers. >> i'm just want to go home, to canada. >> federal investigators say santiago was not on the no fly list, but they still don't know why he picked this airport to carry out the mass shooting. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well the shooting does have lawmakers now calling on congress to make changes that protect people at the airport.
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congress woman debbie wasserman shultz said she's now committed debating why firearms are allowed in checked luggage. >> we most definitely, and i am going to go back to washington and start work on this, need to review the procedures not only the question of whether or not you should be allow loud to check a firearm when you travel at all, rather than ship it or transport it in some other way, but we need to more minutely examine the question of if you are going to continue to allow that, in what way are we going to reunite with your firearm. >> well keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for the very latest on the deadly area port shooting in fort lauderdale. you can get the latest any time on our website cbs philly. com. stay with us, everyone, straight ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight. the stock market may have welcomed president-elect trump. will the momentum last? how donald trump's promise also fueling wall street. what he'll need to do to keep those gains going. and final farewell. the late president obama and
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the first lady said good-bye to their time in the white house. lauren? >> and the snow has come to an end. but the cold is not going anywhere. i'll let you know when to expect, obviously windchills, what parts of the area will be impacted in your full forecast. >> also, could the flyers finally snap out of their funk? lesley van arsdall has the highlight of the flyers matinee with the lightning, wh
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>> some are crediting president-elect donald trump. invest verse welcomed trump's white house win, with a major market rally, the dow has surged more than 1500 points, in just eight weeks. investors like the president-elect plan to boost infrastructure spending to cut corporate taxes and simplify the tax code and ease regulation. >> a lot of the regulations have been at the stroke after pen by president obama. a lot of these by the stroke of president trump could be taken away. >> well despite the optimism, some are concerned, that trump will start trade war with decline a this could drive up the price of everything from cars, to clothing. now celebrities and friend all partied at the white house friday night to say good-bye to president obama and the first lady. farewell bash brought out stevie wonder, paul mccartney, robert deniro, and meryl
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streep, just to name a few celebrities. teased ahead telling people magazine just last month that he was planning to host one quote kind of grown up party before he departs office. the last major bash held in the white house was obama's 55th birthday, that was back in august. >> as our area does clean up meantime from our snowy saturday, part of the south are also dealing with some nasty winter wet they are weekends, as well. >> plow trucks were criss-crossing highways in georgia today. officials report more than 200 weather-related incidents involving motorists, since midnight, including one fatality. and take a look here at this video from greensboro, north carolina it was taken by a drone. that city blanketed when snow as you can see. the storm forced officials to shut down roads, and highways, all across the region. i know in virginia, back to my home state, another snowy scene there. just all up and down the east coast. >> absolutely, and they're not
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accustom to deal with it, salt trucks out there, but things very icy, slippery, and cold. it is brutal. yes, brutally cold. >> i could pretend i'm meteorologist, every now and again. >> i appreciate. that will dealing with arctic air mass, will be sticking around for the snow that's fallen, it is going to stay with us, not melt i any time soon. and our cbs-3 weather watcher sandra ann in robinsville, new jersey, smithing this picture earlier in the day. pick up 4 inches at the time of this photo. we saw the snowy scene all across the delaware valley. and also, our weather watchers, mary ann in browns mills, new jersey, she pick up 6.5 inches. she says now crystal clear skies, the stars are beaming, in the dark night sky. we do have clear skies conditions taking over right now, adding to the cold element, temperatures dropping off, and we have the snow on the ground, as well, that is going to be sticking around. selbyville, delaware picking up 13 inches of snow, barnegat
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lighthouse, eight-point an inches. cape may well over a foot, foot in haddon heights, bucks county morrisville one of the higher totals 4.5 inches of fresh snow. but the snow is not falling right now in center city philadelphia. all is quiet. and very cold. 21 degrees, northwesterly winds at around 15 miles per hour. so that windchill temperature is 8 degrees, right now. storm scan3, though, showing us snowflakes flying any more, cloud deck cleared out quickly. dealing with mostly clear skies, storm system exiting rapidly off to the north and east being bringing snowfall to part of new england, and we will have quiet overnight periods in store, future weather is going to confirm that for us, as we wake up tomorrow morning, nice sunshine in store, we will see few low clouds develop as we head into the afternoon hours. maybe passing snow shower sneaking into the poconos, lehigh valley. and maybe one of those snow showers could make their way southeast, into the i-95 corridor. not expecting any accumulation, but don't be too surprised if you see stray flake flying by tomorrow afternoon, then head into the evening hours, going to see
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mostly clear sky conditions overtake the area once again. that's what we will have for tonight. blustery, bitter cold down to 16 degrees, i that would tie the coldest temperature of the season so far in philadelphia. and 25 degrees, would be our coldest high temperature of the season so far. and then we will have the windy conditions on top of that. with northwesterly wind up around 15 to 20 miles per hour, with those higher gusts, so the win chill temperatures are just going to be brutal throughout the day. temperatures right now, down into the teens at most of the report willing site, teens in the lehigh valley, berks county, down to 11 degrees mount pocono. even have some teens in atlantic city. then we of course do have the northwesterly winds up around ten, 15, 18 miles per hour adding to the windchill element. it feels like four right now in wilmington. feeling like seven in wildwood. feels like five below in mount pocono. and as we wake up on a sunday morning, good time to just pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep. windchills potentially down to ten below in the poconos, down to five below in parts of the
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lehigh valley. berks county. along the i95 corridor, including philadelphia, down to near zero. and then low single digit windchills along the coast, parts of delaware as we we wake up sunday morning, it will be cold day. highs only make it to 16 in the poconos with chance of passing snow shower, winnie, frigid down the shore, high temperatures only in the middle 20's. still cold into monday, even colder monday morning, 14 degrees, but less wind, high temperature does not surpass that freezing mark on monday. we have to wade until midday tuesday, before we get that thawing. 38 degrees, with chance of a passing flurry or sprinkle. and then high temperatures take a big leap, into the 50's, by wednesday, nice string of 50's therefore january. so little soggy wednesday. >> no worries, as long as just rain. thanks so much, lauren, appreciate that. the phi beta sigma fraternity, original founders weekend in philadelphia. today, hundreds of members attended a mass to celebrate the life of co-founder charles i brown at the cathedral
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basilica. lost contact with brown in 1924, ten years after the fraternity founding. after completing geneology project, frat turn at this learned brown lived in philadelphia and died here in 1981. >> went on 17 year john fry manhattan, kansas, to pittsburgh, to delaware, and now to philadelphia, to finally find our founder, so on today, you have got almost a thousand men come from across the country and the world to celebrate the fact that our founder's been found. >> well after the mass members of phi beta sigma dedicated the monument to brown's life at holy cross cemetery in yeadon, delaware county. the distinguished men of few bet a sigma. leslie has sport highlights could coming up. >> flyers back in action, big five teams all in action, as well today. so how did villanova respond after their first lost of the season? by setting a record.
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>> colder coaster for the flyers. today they took on tampa. michael got the start. second periods, flyers down a goal. bore check, next, one timer, finds the back of the net. offer ankle and black tie up the game. later in the period, ivan, with the shot. sean right there, rebound, seventh goal of the season w that the flyers take the lead. later in the second, goodas, wrap around shot. so the flyers are able to snap the five game losing streak, four-two, the final. it is nice to win a hockey game. you know, it has been a while since we've been able to have
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that feel. doesn't matter how well you have played in a couple of games along the way. so it is important to get the two points. it is important to do it the right way. and this was the first of two real competitive games that we have this weekend. >> to college hoops, villanova playing down at the center against marquette. the caps first contest after having that 20 game winning streak snap wednesday against butler. >> this one, was all november a second half, up by 11. chris jenkins in trouble. brunson, three pointer. it was good. with that nova up by 14. next position, returns the favor to jenkins, wide open in the corner for the three. he led nova with 23-point. cats shot 65% from the field. as at the wells fargo center record, beat marquette 93 to 81. over to the liacouras center, fran dunphy temple owls looking for first conference wins against east carolina daniel, with the ball. makes the basket and fouled. nine # point lead. he loud the owls with
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19-point. second half, temple still with the lead. slamming home two of 13-point along with ten rebounds, the owls earn that first conference win, 81-62, the final. st. joe's and the bronx taking on florida, hawks, eighth win of the season, first half, st. joseph, knock down the three, gives st. joes a lead. led st. joe's with 25-point, campbell chipped in with ten-point, nine boards, six assists so fill martelly win his atlantic ken conference game. they beat the rams. ivy league action, penn taking on archrival princeton, game tied up in the second. pass to devon kennedy, nails the jumper. beat the quakers for the sixth straight time. sixty-one to 52 the final of that. over the tom gola arena. lasalle explorers, atlantic ten action against duquesne, second half, lasalle up.
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price hits the three. scoring 18 points. he scores, improve to eight and an on the season with 88 to 81 victory. >> it is wild-card weekends nfl4 playoff games. this afternoon we had the raiders facing texans down in houston, first carter, cook, screen pass, but clowny, hit the ball, makes the interception, and the texas, 10-yard line. then the hand off. to lamar miller. goes around the left side in for the touchdown. texans bead raiders in the fc. seahawks, 26 to six. >> playoff season, yep. thank you very much, leslie. well, you know, driving the turnpike, never cheap. ahead on "eyewitness news", why you will be paying more to drive in pennsylvania in 2017. and how much you'll be
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>> breaking news, live look from camden county, crews battle three alarm fire at apartment complex, flames broke out at the lakeview apartment on the 500 block of lower landing road, in gloucester township. just before 10:00 tonight. so far, no word on any injuries or a cause. but again, that battle is still underway, trying to get that fire under control in this brutally cold night out there. >> back now on "eyewitness news" again little reminder for you as well starting tomorrow if you are traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike you will be paying a little bit more. 6% increase will go into effect for both cash and
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e-zpass payments. the hike was approved last july to pay for rebuilding and widening of the turnpike. so you will have to dish out little more cash eve
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>> well it is that time again, to reclaim your living room space, but don't put that christmas tree on the curb. tree cycle, everyone. trees were recycled all day today in northern liberties. recycle tree chips will be used at mulch. don't worry if you missed your opportunity to bring the trees to the chipper today it, will continue through sunday january 15th at orianna hills dog park. still got time, ladies? needles everywhere. >> get them out there. >> drag the needles with you. that's "eyewitness news" tonight, i'm natasha brown for leslie, lauren, a all of us here, thank for joining us. up morning join our morning team. remember we're always on at
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