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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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♪ >> turn it up! it's "e.t." >> "e.t." >> at the golden globes. >> i'm at the globes. >> it's party. we're celebrating with the globe's big winners, ryan versus ryan, sealed with a kiss. >> there was a kiss between ryan and andrew garfield. >> they did? >> happy for them. ♪ >> what you don't know about the show's most memorable moments. >> it's definitely live. >> to brad's big comeback and meryl's moment. >> i love you all. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> spoiler alert -- >> what? >> red carpet run-ins. >> private conversation on "e.t." >> back in confession. >> i'm wearing a little bit of a butt lift. >> and the hot date night couples. >> babies and all. >> you going to have more? >> definitely have more sex. we'll see what happens after that.
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>> now for january 9th, 2017, awards season is officially in full swing as the stars got their party on at the golden globes. >> and we have not onlyythe big moments but the story behind them, a record etting night for "la la land" and its star, ryan gosling, who just happened to beat that other ryan. ♪ >> everybody is making such to do about the ryan against the ryan. they're talking about they're good-looking ryans up against each other. >> i'm a big, huge, ryan gosling fan. >> i'm happy we're both in the same room for once, people can see we're different people and i'll take that as a winn >> i'm a guy -- he is playing piano and beautifully i may add. >> and the golden globe goes to -- ryan gosling. >> this isn't the first time i've been mistaken for ryan reynolds, but it's getting out of hand. >> ryan gosling may have won the
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best actor, musical or comedy globes, but ryan reynolds but got a good consolation prize from emma zach. >> when you won, there was a kiss between ryan and andrew garfield. >> what? >> they kissed each other. >> they did not. >> they kissed each other. >> they did? >> before they wenttup on stage they kissed each other. >> happy for them. >> the golden globe goes to "la la land." >> the musical made history, winning seven golden globes, more than any film ever. >> "la la land"! >> the movie is a modern take on pollywood's golden age of musicals. emma stone plays an aspiring actress, ryan gosling a struggling musician. he dedicated his win to his home with the kids., who was >> while i was singing and dancing, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. it's really nice to have an opportunity to publicly thank
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the people that are really responsible for so much of how you're able to do what you do. >> i have to start by thanking my amazing mom. thank you, mom, for everything. i moved here 13 years ago this week. >> what was it look for you when you first got here? >> i was 15 and i was grateful to be out here. i was so lucky to be doing what i loved to do. >> this is a film for dreamers. i share this with you. >> well, "la la land" owned the night, right from the start. with an opening number that was nothing short of dazzling, but this was a live show and not everything went according o planned. so we have the good and the bad in our top five golden globe moments. ♪ >> jimmy's spectacular five-minute opening number included 17 star cameos and was staged by "la la land's" choreographer. >> we got john travolta to do that. i mean come on. >> it was like wow. >> the ryan gosling piano gang had a little help from brian cranston which jimmy set up.
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♪ >> he said, do you want to play? >> i went, all right. i'll do that. >> when fallon hit the stage, he was hit with an epic fail but handled it like a pro. >> already the teleprompter is down. live tv is fun. i look forward to that fun stuff. >> the company behind the globes broadcast also produced a new year's show with mariah carey's debacle so thus this comment. >> i got off the phone with mariah carey, she thinks the dick clark produccions sabotaged my monologue. she with a laugh at it, too. we'll go have a drink over this. it will be fun. >> and the award recipient, meryl streep had her moment. >> i lost my voice. >> but she found that voice when taking on the president-elect. >> when the powwrful use their position to bully others we all lose. >> twitter lit up with praise but donald trump was less than impressed. this tweet calling meryl overrated came eight hours later. she went from fiery to emotional, ending with a nod to pal carrie fisher.
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>> mike . >> like my dear departed friend said, take your broken heart, make it into art. >> a tribute to carrie fisher and her mom debbie reynolds was a first for the globe doesn't normally do memorial segments. todd tweeted his thanks. also grateful was fisher's half sister, joelie. and her half sister was grateful. >> i'm sad and feeling the same as everybody else is. one of the biggest surprises of the night -- brad pitt. he got big cheers as he introduced his best drama-winning film "moonlight." >> he needs a little love. everrbody does.. >> angelina wasn't at the show or exjennifer aniston. >> i got my girl and some friends in their pajamas who delayed the show an hour so i can get back and watch the end of it with them. >> i love that you called jennifer aniston in her pajamas watching the show.
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that makes me happy. >> who may have had the most fun that is amy schumer. she's long with her oyfriend posed with nearly everyone before she presented with goldie hahn.& >> so the nominees of the five of theemost tainted men -- >> talented. you were nailing it. >> goldie will play her mom in the upcoming movie "smash." hahn's first film in 15 years. >> how was it shooting with amy? >> it was amazing. she is a great girl. she is funny. i had a ball with her. >> their movie is next to hit theaters in may. goldie and amy didn't bump into each other on the red carpet because amyydidn't walk on it, but there were some spectacular star collisions right on our platform. ♪ ♪ make your hands clap >> you know -- ah! i love you so much. >> this is not news. i didn't see you at the white house the other night. >> hi. you look incredible. is your husband here, too? we're having a private
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conversation on "e.t." >> fellow mom kerry gushed about sjp's hbo show. >> got me through my maternity leave. >> really? >> absolutely. >> i heard about the baby. >> i hope yyu guys are at the same table. >> they'll separate us. you can see why. >> you need to be on each other's shows. >> i would love that so much! >> zach shepherd and kristen bell had their own fan-out moment with the kids from "stranger things." >> how are you doing, zach? nice to meet you. >> hi, i'm kristen. you guys are fantastic. >> thank you. ♪ >> celebs waiting in the wingss made our "e.t." platform star collision central. >> it happened in such an unbelievable -- >> denzel washington is staring at you. >> come on up. you had one of the best award show moments ever.
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>> i have to top that? i lost my mind. >> here is the question -- >> not right now. that would have topped it. right? >> he wanted you to streak. >> i think i got these boys figured. >> go say hi to your co-star over there. you have a massive bromance going on. is that true? >> i think maybe i have a bromance. >> it was fun. i got to introduce him. >> he was feeding me at the chinese theater. jeff was wearing his favorite slippers. >> you have slippers going on right now. >> those are velvet. >> but with travolta on deck, pharrell got super humble. >> the heavyweight is coming. the heavyweight is coming. >> the people versus oj nominee channelling his character robert shapiro. >> i'm really happy that you're here tonight. i really am. you're hitting it. >> i used to make him do it at
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home. >> yes. >> come on. swear to you. do it for a friend of her's. >> our sweetest couple of the night had to be ryan reynolds and blake lively totally into each other even when they were apart. >> yeah, yeah. making her shy now. >> she is turning red. she is blushing. >> i know. >> ryan revealed they brought their kids with them to l.a. so we had to ask -- >> you going to have more. >> definitely going to have more sex. pe'll see what happens after that. >> we're happy to be out. we don't get out much. >> also having a kid-free night, justin timberlake and jessica bea beale. >> do you help each other? what's the process? >> we kind of like to match a little bit sometimes. >> i always say, if my wife is impressed before i walk out of the door, i'm a winner before the night is over. >> john legend and chrissy teigen left their daughter home, too. >> dak shepherd and kristen bell, they didn't hit the party
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after. they had game night instead still dressed in their golden globe duds. >> how long did it take you to get ready combined as a couple?& >> i took almost three hours. >> combined it's 3:15. >> that's so not fair. >> i sat on a bed watching animal planet while this all happened. >> let me just say, it was worth the three hours. she looked amazing. >> amazing, yes, she did. >> ours would be 3:05. coming up next the gossip from inside the golden globe afterparty. boys night for the afflecks. plus, the red carpet fashion. >> you guys, it takes a village. >> the best dressed stars. how does a normal person get into a dress like that? >> you have ten people helping
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. >> he's got it like in his window. relive the fun. ♪ he does. >> he's got it like in his window. some people put christmas lights or manora ben lines up his hardware. >> that's brotherly love right there. casey affleck got a little digging after he won his golden globe. >> they are really close. ben did that fist pump when casey's name was announced. then it's time to party. it was boy's night for the boston bros. casey arrived at the amazon after party clutching his new hardware and hung with ben and matt damon. ben, nailing the finger point pose. meanwhile, at the hbo parry, it was lady's night. reese witherspoon and nicole kidman's new show premiers next month. >> i love you're girlfriends in real life. >> what's funnier is our husbands are off camera holding our purses. >> as for the rumors nicole wants more kids with hubby keith urban. >> was hat a mistake? were you misquoted? >> waat.
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you need to tell me first. >> it was. no i would have llved to. i would have had more kids. i think i'm past that point now. ♪ >> winner sara palson hinted drinks were on her future. she it up the fox bash with the people oj simpson co-star cuba gooding jr. who was the life of the party dancing before turning a bucket of kfc into a hat. over at the nbb universal party, sisters kendall and kylie jenner opted for top not and sky high slit. they snagged on pizza, news broke about big sister's kim's robbery case. 17 suspects are in police ced o broke about big sister's kim's robbery case. 17 suspects are in policked on broke about big sister's kim's robbery case. 17 suspects are in police custody in paris. now, investigators are saying that actually dna evidence helped them round up these suspects. this is like a real life episode of "csi." >> it really is. still ahead, golden globe fashion, dress ecrets right from
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the stars. >> i almost slept in it it's almost that comfortable. scretsm the stars. >> i almost slept in it it's almost that comfortable. >> don't forget about the men. the look we saw over and over was the beards. the good, the bad and the really, really bushy. >> it's a bad look. i'm not going to lie. plus, we're back stage with "blackish" star tracee ellis ross after her historic win. >> it's "e.t." at the golden globes. i think we have to go to a commercial break, kevin. kick it. let's earn some money. >> announcer: closed captions provided by --
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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i got to ask you how you found this dress because it's amazing. >> um, well, actually i did my fitting last night. >> this is the first ttme you put on the dress, last night? >> yes, yeah. and many alterations later. >> well, waiting to the last minute worked out pretty well for carry underwood who looked like a gorgeous bundle of roses at the golden globes. there's a story behind very red carpet gown, some of them unbelievable, so i got all the ladies to spill the beans ♪ turn it up >> you put on your dress before you put your makeup on? >> i almost slept in it it's that comfortable. >> i'm wearing a liitle bit of a butt lift. >> can i check it out? >> suree go for it. >> girlfrrend. >> it's nice, isn't it? >> it is paddee back there. it looks good, though ♪ i can make your hands clap >> you're wearing the hell out of that dress. >> it's the second dress i tried on. all night because i always that wanted to wear a cape. i feel like a quasi superhero with this. >> you with your glam squad today. >> it takes a village. you guys, it takes a village.
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nails and hair and makeup and wardrobe and the whole thing. ♪ >> who took longer to get ready tonight? >> iffi admitted the amount of hours i would never be able to look in the mirror tomorrow. >> and the secret behind sjp's dress is actually a vera wang wedding gown and her hair, many thought it was a tribute to princess leia. the knot was not on purpose. it was two fake braided hair extensions that came off at the end of the night. >> that hair, huh? >> it's beautiful. >> mine is like the smaller version, but she like really -- it's beautiful. >> going dangerously low with plunging necklines was definitely in and so was wearing yellow. yeah, we see you, reese. >> it's tough finding a dress when you're pregnant. >> you have to be fit different when you're pregnant. >> tell me a secret about that dress. >> it's very heavy and everything is very strategically placed. >> what is this on your fingernails? >> i'm nominated for acting, but you are only as good as your folks are. i couldn't bring them to the globes, so i brought them to the globe on my nails.
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>> our best dressed goes to blake lively, three months after baby. it took 300 hours to make that versace. the pockets, they are everything. best gun show is jessica biel in that gown straight off the runway. and best twinning moment goes to sofia vergara both in golden gowns. >> how long did it take you to get ready today? >> an hour and half. >> how many dresses did you go through? >> 15. >> favorite accessory? >> my diamonds. >> what are you going to do? >> take my heels off and order a burger. >> something to do, burger and i did exactly the same thing. as for the men the standout accessory was definitely scruff. i mean, there were so many beards on this year's golden globe's red carpet that actor john hamm invented a name for it. >> i'm really looking forward to the documentary they're going to make about this year's golden globes called beard parade, 2017. >> yes. ♪ >> the good, theereal good, and the bad. >> it's a bad look. >> i'm in the middle of doing a
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movie and a guy is living out in the woods. >> chris pines salt and pepper. chris hemsworth with short and neat. jaime jillen hall ja and aaron taylor johnson trimmed down the bushy look that his director helped groom for the and aaron taylor johnson trimmed down the bushy look that his director helped groom for the film. >> funny thing is tom shaped it& he shaved the mutton chops in for the character. >> simon is almost unrecognizable. brine cranston upped his factor. >> i like the beard action going on. >> i stuck this on earlier this morning. let me know if it starts to curl away. >> feels a little itchy. >> it's like velcro down there. >> i want to point out when brian won a globe three years ago for "breaaing bad" you notice there was no beard. last night, tracee ellis ross won for "blackish." the first african-american woman to win in that category since
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debby allen all the way back in 1983. she could barically contain herself when i caught up with her back stage. >> tracee ellis ross. ♪ >> the golden globes. i won a golden globes. cameefor the first time, won one. >> first time ever here. . came for the first time, won one. >> first time ever here. >> first time here, won one. set the bar high for next year. >> she ditched her high heels for our interview and she tried to call her mom diana ross to o celebrate. >> have you talked to your family yet? >> no, because my phone is at the table and none of my family will answer a number they don't know. >> on "blackish" she is dr. rainbow johnson who balances her career with marriage and four kids with one on the way. in reality, she is single and in her 40s. >> i'm not a mother, i'm not a doctor and i'm not married. it's nice at 44. i like it here. >> and you said a beautiful thing, you said -- 44 feels really good. >> it does. it does.
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-pyou know, i probably won't hi me and i probably will cry when i get in bed tonight. >> and look at that, true to her word, she went to bed with her golden globe,,not sure if she cried or not, but i know they slept together. another tv show, "this is up" is up for three globes. it didn't win but the nbc hit returns tomorrow night after their big winner cliffhanger and the cast telling us why it is not to be missed. >> is colby aaive or dead. are you alive? >> i'm here right now.. >> could "this is us" be losing a cast member? tomorrow on "e.t." >> here is more exciting tv news,,congratulations to cbs "this morning" celebrating their fifth anniversary. >> yeah. you guys are the best. cheers. we even have our own ""cbs this morning."""o cf1 o "cheers for five years" is what it says. when we come back, we'll pick our two favorite interviews of the night.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. for more money. trauma consideration provided by -- before we go, who is your favorite interview of the night? >> ryan, both of them. >> of course. gosling because his gal eva mendes was home with their two daughters. i broke the news that he was sitting next to justin timberlake and his reaccion, just made me love him even more. >> you're not so excited about it? >> not really. >> sorry, justin. >> lovely to see him, certainly no comparison.
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he'll understand. >> i think he will or sure. >> he is right about that. that was the perfect answer of my favorite interview with little 8-year-old sonny. from "lion." he gave us a shout out. >> "e.t.." >> awesome. awesome. >> i promise you, i wanted to scoop that child up and take him home with me. i swear. >> adorable. just like i want to take home the national championship just like i want to take home the national championship college football trophy, go i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ all right, golden globes, let the games begin. ♪ may bruno mars bless this moment. ♪
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>> we're with the night's first timers. >> her majesty the queen. >> you might as well drop the mike and go home. and breaking down the moment everyone is talking about. >> take your broken heart, make it into art. >> you can hear a pin drop in that room. ♪ >> oh, who would you rather? >> ryan gosling or ryan reynolds. >> and all bets are off as hollywood takes a spin on. >> on our wheel of misfortune. >> if you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? >> well, you've got to keep it clean. >> plus our style guide -- >> we have the red carpet's hottest fashion. >> this is 24 karat magic. >> it is my dream come true. >> you guys are fun. we'll just hang out here. >> it's "the insider." >> at the golden globes. >> now "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. hollywood feeling the effects of one major golden globes hangover


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