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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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a lot of construction talking about, also clear, roadways looking good. and i know a lot of people are anticipating what's coming tonight? >> so the winter weather advisory we're talking about, really is just northwest half of the area. philly is not included in it. but if you travel even as far south as upper bucks, western montgomery county, 6:00 p.m. tonight, winter weather advisory going to go into effect for you. that's because of some ice potential. there may be a little period of very light snow. guys, i don't think we have to worry about accumulation from that. that's not the concern as much as the ice would be. you know, of course, you don't need much. it could be really light precipitation. but if it is icing it forms a glaze no matter how much there is. that can really slow you down. and obviously, lead to treacherous travel. for now, though, all completely calm, clear, as we showed you in the bethlehem shot a moment ago, it is very, just, quiet. up in the lehigh valley right now, as is everywhere else. there are some clouds though, beginning to bill owe in here from the west. that's a sign of what's yet to come. it is still very cold, as well, currently at 15 at the airport, nine in trenton, nine
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in millville. not as harsh as it was yesterday, but single digits, still, brutal, really, don't have too much wind out there. we take you out to shore point, definitely had some variety going on here, cape may it is seven. stone harbor checks in at 20, as is barnegat light. see how the wind are beginning to turn out of the south. that basically is the story. you have got this warmfront that's lifting in from south, south and west, that's going to help our temperatures climb. but, when the front gets here, it still is cold enough that it could turn icy initially, at the onset. by p p.m., talking 38 degrees it, will likely eventually end up at 39 before the afternoon is said and done, then toward evening, meisha, when we start to see the ice potential really get underway. >> yes, nice that we're getting toward 40. but oh, that ice tonight, you guys. all right, so this morning, it looks okay, our evening commute plan ahead for that, most definitely. looking outside right now, this is 95 moving in the southbound direction, before girard. looking good. going to be bus any this area where yesterday we will see it again today, and already, just
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cracking into the 5:00 hour. you can see how many headlights are out there. clicking in the southbound direction, reminder, indication you want to give yourself couple of extra minute on 99a then look at the vine, closed overnight for the construction between the schuylkill and broad. all open now. westbound, eastbound, you're looking good. looking fairly quiet as well always nice to see into the 5:00 hour. >> this accident, essington avenue, now since cleared. looking okay there. then we have some construction pa turnpike still out there eastbound between street road, delaware river bridge. right lane block everybody we have more construction right around atlantic city, route nine closed at tilt on road until 6:00 a.m. that's for gas line repairs. you will have to use the alternate, shore road will be your best bet. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you, meisha. following a developing story northeast philadelphia, a car full of armed men driving around frankford robbing people. >> police are talking to victims of two separate robberies overnight. we know at least one victim was shot. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at the frankford transportation the scene of one of the crimes. trang, what do we know?
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>> well, rahel, a woman had just gone off septa bus here when she was robbed. fortunately, she and another man who was shot during attempted robbery are expected to be okay. right now, investigators believe the same group of men are responsible for both crimes. but the first report came in just before 1:00 a.m. when police received a call from area frankford hospital. they told him that a 30 year old man had walked into the emergency room with gunshot wounds to the hip. the man told police he was walking along the 5,000 block of griscomb street, three men wearing masks and guns pulled up, announce add robbery. when the man refused to give up his property one of the men shot him twice in the hip. the men also beat him up and then drove off. at the same hospital, staff treated a 18 year old woman for injuries to her face after she says she was robbed at gunpoint, at the frankford transportation center. >> she is described the same three perpetrators, males, wearing dark clothing, masks,
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armed with a gun, and there was a get away driver, fourth individual, in a white vehicle. so, due to the fact that this is the same description, these robberies took place at the same time, only one block apart, we believe that these perpetrators are responsible for these two robberies. >> and the female victim did comply with the robbers and was not shot. meanwhile, police believe they are looking for a 2,004 white chevy impala. but for now, live in frankford, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you so much, trang. >> police investigating series of bomb threats, targeting jewish community centers nationwide, including in wilmington. threat forced ee sags agents of the segal jewish community center, reopened later after the fbi and police found nothing suspicious inside. says some of the threat were pre reported cause. >> president of synogogue in philadelphia's talcony section is calling two act of vandalism hate crimes. police are looking for who
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ever through rocks at temple menorrah just before services last friday. shattered six windows and it is the second time in as many month. another time a rock shattered a window. >> we believe it is a hate crime. it happens right before services begin. we have no idea who is doing this. >> police are now looking for a motive, and he says the and toy defamation league is involved. it believes that they were hate crimes, as well. >> and in south jersey, a driver is in critical condition this morning after a 50-pound dumbbell smashes through the win shield of his suv. >> police are trying to figure out how this incident happened yesterday morning. seventy-five year old jack decarlo traveling south on the new jersey turnpike in salem count when a weight fell from above, striking him in the head. police still don't know where it came f the victim's wife was with him at the time. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from the victim's son. >> new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his state-of-the-state address as he enters his final year in
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office. he'll go before state lawmakers at 2:00 this afternoon. christie is delivering the speech as his job approval ratings drop to record lows. and before democratically controlled legislature. >> confirmation hearings begin today for some of president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. among them, alabama senator jeff sessions, who has been tapped to be attorney general. and retired marine corps general john kelly, who mr. trump want as his homeland security secretary. sessions, mr. trump testified, anti-nepotism law by naming his son-in-law jerry kushner as senior white house vest adviser. >> president obama delivers his prime time farewell address from home city every chicago. outgoing president will speak, and is expected to encourage the country not to lose fate in their future. mccormick by the way also where the president gave his 2012 acceptance speech. over the night thousands wait in the line for ticket which were gone in three hours. >> and the president's
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farewell address airs tonight at 9:00. you can see it right here on cbs-3. >> well, senator bernie sanders says he's convinced that russia helped donald trump win the election. former presidential candidate said in a cnn town hall meeting the evidence is overwhelming. >> this was a way for them to help elect the candidate of their choice, mr. trump, and i think it was also an effort to try to undermine in a significant way american democracy. >> sanders there referring to a report from four intelligence agencies that describe the highly orchestrated campaign directed by russian president vladmeere putin. >> manhunt is underway in orlando for the suspect in the murder after police over. $660,000 row ward offered for information leading to arrest. master sergeant debra clayton was on duty yesterday at a wal-mart, when she, police say, she confronted marquis lloyd, he allegedly shot her. now, lloyd is wanted in the murder every his pregnant ex-girlfriend, in mid
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december. orlando's police chief is urging lloyd to surrender to authorities, as swat teams and officers combed through neighborhoods, orange county sheriff deputy norman lewis was killed, when van struck his motorcycle. >> the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport shooting appeared in court yesterday, 26 year old stefan santiago was appointed a public defender, and told he could face the death penalty. he answered mostly yes or no questions. and told the judge he understands the charges against him. santiago has been in custody since friday's shooting in the baggage claim area of the fort lauderdale airport which left five people dead and injured six other. >> well, the clemson tigers waking up college football national champions. >> the alabama princeton tide, beat them, yes, thanks to that, this is clime son's first national title since 1981. as we can see, fans celebrating on campus in south
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carolina. pat will have much more on this coming up later in sport. >> and, for the second time in a matter of days, one of the symbols, one of our symbols, one of the symbols of our nation's freedom goes -- >> easy for to you say. just coming up we will tell you what went wrong at the washington monument. also, this morning, the wild weather in california claims a giant second coy a thousands of years old. we'll tell you what was discovered on -- on the landmark t may look amazing, but authority have warning for people visiting these frozen waterfalls. see for yourself what can go wrong up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, you two fans including rahel are pumped up. the band will be playing this song, and the rest of their joshua tree albumn when they perform at the linc on june 18th. tickets go on sale january 17th. rahel will be sitting by her keyboard, ready to order them.
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we will be right back. >> as will jim donovan. >> i will. i will. >> ♪ >> ♪
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francis of smoke, ash, fiery lava. some of the plumes rose as 13,000 feet above the crater. locals call this the fire volcano, part pacific ring of fire. >> women, looks like one of the nation's most notable monument is having some electrical issues, washington monument lights are back on after going out twice in just one wyche. power went out january third, then again 5:00 last night. power fail included the red aviation light on top of 5550 tall structure, it is believed electrics cents will be back out today. >> beloved giants giant tree latest victim of this week's big storms in northern california. strong winds, and rain pummeled the famous tree in the sierra foot hills. the giant, with a tunnel through the base; known as a pioneer cabin tree. it was a tourist attraction for more than a century. thousands visit the big tree state park to carve their names, some of the carvings
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date back to the 1800s. >> yosemite getting all every these visitors, they want add piece of the action. they decide they made it look like a cabin. >> the tree is estimated to be about 2,000 years old. and even though the tree has come crumbling down, park officials are encouraging people to come see some effort other park attractions. one park near minneapolis is home to waterfalls, that can freeze over, in the winter. >> on sunday, photographer captured video of the ice cracking down. take a look. >> it injuries one woman, you can hear their fright, many others, judy babcock taking pictures of the falls as visitors climbed down into a restricted area. >> people were upgoing behind the fumes, it was they had to go down those nasty icy stairs in all of their gear, which is very heavy and clumsy. >> now the woman is expected to recover from her injuries.
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flowing water and shifting ice is what makes it so dangerous, officials hope it will serve as a warning to other visitors. >> yes, called restricted for a reason. >> yes. >> so pretty but, ya, i mean, just follow the rules, guys. >> look at that! >> i mean, they're lucky someone wasn't killed by that. >> that's really true. >> well, we may see flurry or two today, katy? >> or even our own little batch of ice, guys. yes, so some slick travel, very possible for the evening rush, which we are going to get to. but with that said, you know, we are expecting a nice warm up to go along with this trade-off that comes with it, so, let's get you out the door. show you why we're actually going to expect to see some icing and for the most part all you are finding at the moment is some snow back through western pennsylvania, one zoom out will show you that there is a little bit, little hint, anyway, of some icing across the western portion of the buckeye state. that is what's going to be eventually rolling through our area, more than anything. though you could end up
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finding maybe a little bit of snow that comes along with that. let's take a look at the future ice amount, take you all the way out to 6:00 p.m. tonight. that's when winter weather advisory goes into effect. i will say that i think this is little too far west, 6:00, i have a feeling our future ice and the, future radar in general will all catch up to this. but, i expect that by that time, we will have the precipitation moving in to our far north and west suburbs. that's when the winter weather advisory goes into effect. still good guide, though, that's why i wanted to show it to you, possibility that few hundreds of inch of ice doesn't sounds like much it, will create very fine glaze, could build in, over not even just northampton, but look at this, portions of western montgomery upper bucks. so many, a quakertown, pottstown, and then up toward allentown, you have to worry about that possibility for the evening return. okay? so, let's keep that in mind. meantime here is a live look for you here, one of the pocono cameras, up at blue mountain, obviously the slopes are quiet, but certainly cold enough for them to be making their own snow. up from get little icing up
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that way. that will create some very slick, very fast conditions on the slopes. here is quick ski report for you. love our snow border guy, 28 different trails open at blue mountain, we showed, really decent several foot deep base going on right there, as well as many of the other major ski resorts. getting the wraps. i want to shove i you right to the seven day. show you here, very warm conditions building in the next few days, guys, just the initial potential for some icing this evening, later tonight just rain in the city, and then look at that warm up. flirting with 60 by thursday, still, meisha. >> that makes me so happy. all right, katie, thank you. talking about january, 60s, that's craziness. schuylkill, okay, our floor director loved it when i write eastbound and westbound, so, deb, this is for you. this is moving in the eastbound direction right here. and this is westbound over here. schuylkill at city avenue. looking good. but i will say, on the schuylkill right now, you are actually starting to heat up little bit. you can see plenty of headlight specially moving in
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the westbound direction. so when you come off of the boulevard moving in the southbound direct, basically what you are dealing with. so let's take a look at. that will this is the boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. actually looking okay, for some unknown reason, once you jump on the schuylkill, start to go heat up little bit. certainly are going to coming up pushing into the 5:00 into the 6:00 hour. blue route headlight moving in the northbound direction. approaching route one. you can see both moving in the northbound and southbound direction again. a lot of headlight starting to hit the roadwaysment probably going to be fairly busy tuesday morning, good warning to leave your homes little early today. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> and now for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> on the cover of the delaware county daily times, he is being called one man crime machine. twenty-five year old fran cho robinson the third reportedly admitted to theft from ten unlocked vehicles in upper darby in late december and early this morning. also suspect in the similar incidents in haverford. lock your car doors, people. >> you heard it first, jim
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donovan, from the burlington county times we go new jersey governor chris christie signed a bill yesterday, to add 20 judges to courthouses across the state. $.3 million in additional funding also being provided to number of state judges will be at historic high of 463. >> in the mercury, if you purchased a lottery ticket within the last few days, you may want to check it again. that's after a pottstown business just sold a $1 million winning ticket. about pat's beverages sold one of the $4 million tickets, with pennsylvania lottery new years millionaire ravel. the drawing was held on january 7th. too bad for us. we will have to try again. that's look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. and, up next: pat's here with sports. >> good morning, guys. yep, we will have more on the while finishsh between clemson and alabama for the national championship, plus, see what local sports ledge sends saying that has some fans up in arms. that's on the other side in sport.
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>> one heck of a game. >> i'm sure everyone stayed up and watched the ends, right? >> part of it thinning more i watched the back end. >> over the last year, basically, every sport in the college football title follows through last night with number two clemson, number one alabama. what a finish it was, clemson goes up late in the fourth, on this touchdown run by wayne, but we are far from done. over two minute left. let's lay, jaylen heards, he scampers for 30 yards to the score, crimson tide retakes the lead. desean watson hits hunter, with one second left. for the game winner. tigers, title with alabama, 35-31, and clemson was not scared to play alabama.
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>> absolutely, we expect, and one of the questions right before the game was how are you going to block these guys? like we're chopped liver. i get so tired of that stuff. i really do. so, yes, we absolutely expect to win the game. >> chicken or the egg, which is the issue, wide receivers or wide receivers coach? no matter, the eagles decided to make a make a change after terrible sees front their play makers the theme fired fired greg lewis, former eagle, one year work with a crew un achieved from the start. gordon matthews with their leading receiver, only 804 yards on the year, no word yet on replacement. >> hole in the wall at lambeau field. reports say giants receiver, odel beckham junior put it there with his fist. nfl security is investigating the damage to the visitors lockerroom. and the new york post is reporting the giants also trashed their plane on the flight back newark airport,
5:25 am
damage so bad it, delayed the following flight by three hours. giants deny the report. pittsburgh steel verse place add cyst at any time coach joey porter on leave following his arrest after their win over the dolphins on sunday. porter was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest, after he had an altercation with a dorman and a police officer outside a miami bar. pittsburgh moves onto kansas city on sunday, in the divisional round of the playoffs. it's been a while since we've said this, but villanova is no longer number one. the wildcats dropped two spots, to number three, in the top 25 pole after a lost to butler last week, their first of the year. baylor is the new number one in the country with kansas, ranked second. now, we all know allen iverson owns philly's heart, overnight the sixers hall of famer reminded everyone his heart is in dallas. at least when it comes to football. the answer went on instagram
5:26 am
rant, reaffirming his love for the cowboys, here is a pick right here with him in cowboys gear with the caption america's team. not sure what prompted this display of cowboy love. i mean, look at this, what is this? here it is, ai with cowboy owner jerry jones, see if we can get this up here. says we them boys. philly fans, they let him have it. i don't think we can share those comments this morning, because it is live television. >> i mean, come on, ai, what are you doing to us here? it is bad enough that the cowboys are in the playoffs, eagles did not have very good year. but this legendary figure in our town, just will be g it in our face. >> and he had to have known posting that on instagram. >> maybe he was taken houseage. >> i don't think so. >> could happen. could happen. >> i would hope but i don't think so. >> thank you, patrick, appreciate it. coming up until the next half hour of "eyewitness news", important information for mothers who breast feed. >> coming up in the health watch, why your child could have higher risk of vitamin
5:27 am
deficiency. jan? >> reporter: a 57 year old driver is recovering in the hospital today after a dumbbell smashes through his windshield. was it a freak accident or something more? i'm jan carabeo, reporting live, the latest on the investigation, straight ahead. >> and new this morning, authorities are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a local fast-food restaurant. we will tell you where it happened. katie? >> well, rahel, already looking ahead to the weekend. as this -- at this point, better likelihood that we end up with a wintery mix. that would be specifically on saturday right now. with our temperatures getting held back to where they should be, lower 40's, definately possibility. but, regardless, more clouds are scheduled to roll on in by that point. we've got a lot of ups and downs on the thermometer, meantime, to tell you about, right after the break.
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>> bundle up, it is another blustery morning out there, in parts of the area will even be under a winter weather advisory, later today. >> good morning, here's what you need to know to start your morning minute. >> developing right now, a car full of violent suspect, robbing people, in philadelphia's frankford


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