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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  January 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: slip sliding away. a deadly ice storm slams the heartland, millions are in the path of dangerous weather. national guard troops are deployed to help stranded drivers. also tonight, six days before his inauguration, president-elect donald trump fires back at the civil rights hero who called him an ill president. a girl stolen at birth is reunited with her family 18 years later. >> i thank god today. i thank god today. >> ninan: and four months after a rocket disaster, today a successful launch for space-x, beginning a mission that could change communication back on earth. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> ninan: good evening, i'm reena ninan. we begin with a deadly ice storm sweeping across the central u.s. at least three people have been killed on slippery roads in missouri and oklahoma. tonight, the severe weather is moving east, with nearly 50 million americans under winter storm watches and warnings. tony dokoupil has the latest. >> there goes another one right there! he's over! he rolled over! he rolled over! oh, my gosh! >> reporter: freezing rain turned interstate 40 into a sheet of ice in oklahoma on friday, sending cars and trucks careening off the road. some drivers opted to way for a thaw. >> better safe than 0. the same way you leave home is the same way, you know, you kind of want to make it back. >> reporter: oklahoma governor mary fallin and missouri governor eric greitens declared states of emergency. across the central u.s., thousands lost power and hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed. road crews rushed to remove a
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glaze of ice that covered cars. >> it looks like i have a window of ice. >> reporter:... toppled trees and hung from road signs. the n.f.l. time-shifted sunday's play-off game in cs, missouri, giving the chiefs and steelers a sunday night kickoff to avoid the storm. in kansas, governor sam brownback warned of a long weekend. >> be sure all your electronic devices are charged. >> reporter: emergency workers responded to a pair of multicar pileups overnight in wichita. >> then car next to me panics. they hit their brakes hard and they sideswiped me and i started spinning. >> reporter: and a reminder to slow down on treacherous roads. this snowploa driver in utah is still recovering after a pazzing tractor trailer forced him down a 300-foot embankment. and here in new york, about an inch of snow could accumulate overnight. and that larger ice storm system could cause problems as far east as the baltimore and philadelphia areas. reena. >> ninan: we see it coming down there, tony. thank you very much. the presidential inauguration is
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just six days away, and president-elect donald trump and incoming first lady melania trump are expected to arrive at friday's ceremony with president obama and first lady michelle obama after coffee and tea at the white house. today, broadway star jennifer holliday backed out as a performer at mr. trump's inauguration concert saying she didn't realize that her participation would be interpreted as a show of support for the president-elect. errol barnett says some in congress will also sit out the ceremonies. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: civil rights icon and atlanta congressman john lewis surprised washington friday, announcing he won't attend president-elect trump's inauguration. at least a dozen other democrats have joined him. >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. >> reporter: saturday morning,
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trump fired back on twitter calling atlanta crime infechted and saying lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district rather than falsely complaining about the election results. he also continued to cast doubt over reports russia has compromising information about him. tweeting, "intelligence insiders now claim the trump dossier is a complete fraud." citing a small conservative cable channel. earlier this week, trump's nominee for c.i.a. director, mike pompeo, defended u.s. intelligence on russia during his confirmation hearing. >> it's pretty clear about what took place here, about russian involvement in efforts to hack information and to have an impact on american democracy. >> reporter: while trump's choice for national security adviser, general mike flynn, attracted lawmakers' attention for his direct contact with russia's u.s. ambassador, raising questions about trump's intent to continue obama sanctions. but just yesterday, the
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president-elect announced he will uphold those sanctions against russia "at least for a period of time." today, inauguration protests have already started. reverend al sharpton's really to protect martin luther king jr.'s dream and president obama's legacy drew a few thousands people. reena, 99 groups, both for and against donald trump, have permits to demonstrate the day he becomes president. >> ninan: errol barnett in washington. thank you for that report, errol. now we turn to london where jonathan vigliotti has an update on the former british spy who had been hired to dig up dirt on trump. >> reporter: everything within christophechristopher steele's a remains unsubstantiated but those who know him say he wouldn't make stories up to satisfy clients. three intelligence officers told the associated press steele was well regarded for his work in russia, so much so he helped with the alexander litvinenko case, the former russian secret
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service officer and kremlin critic who was poisoned in london in 2006. steele's private firm ocial, was hired by a wiewrks company in 2015 to help produce opposition research for the presidential campaign. the resulting unproven report has a number of explosive claims, among them, steele alleged trump's inner circle made contact with russia regarding hacks leading up to the election. according to british newspaper, "the independent" steele was so concerned with what he discovered, he alerted u.s. and british intelligence officials. steele lives it nay home outside london with his wife and four children but has been in hiding since his report was made public earlier this week. reena, president-elect trump has called the allegations phony and the kremlin has called the dos jay false. >> ninan: from london, jonathan vigliotti, thanks, jonathan. this past week, the department of justice released a scathing report on the chicago police department and reached an agreement to reform the
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baltimore police department. both investigations were overseen by civil rights chief vanita gupta who sat down for an exclusive interview today with our paula reid. >> the chicago police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force. >> reporter: on friday, civil rights chief vanita gupta, issued a long-awaited report, detailing unconstitutional policing practices in chicago. >> we found the chicago police department shooting at moving vehicles, shooting at people who didn't present an immediate threat, some of whom were fleeing. >> reporter: gupta believes the problems are a result of poor training and lack of accountability. >> and i think, though, what was surprising was just how broken the accountability systems have been, and i think how disserved chicago police officers and community residents alike have been because of these systemic deficiencies. >> reporter: the training video that these officers watched to learn how to use force was 35 years old? that is the training they are
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getting? >> these are the kind of things that don't take robert science to fix or that many resources. >> reporter: she dismisses that federal scrutiny of police discredits local policing. >> i think there just hasn't been data to establish that. and, look, the reality is that today we are in a world where there is a changed sense of technology and public access to the kinds of things that police officers do on the street. >> reporter: reena, gupta says the police department was cooperative, and she believes the city's leadership is committed to serious reform. >> ninan: paula, any way of gauging what happens to the chicago investigation once the new administration takes over? >> reporter: gupta hopes they'll be able to work on a court-enforceable agreement but the presumptive attorney general jeff sessions testified earlier this week he is not a fan of formal agreements and he may try to pursue other ways to fix all of the problems that were laid out in this report. >> ninan: okay, paula reid from washington. thank you, paula. in ner today, thousands
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aattended the funeral for master sergeant debra clayton. police say she was gunned down by a fugitive who had been wanted for the murder of his pregnant exgirlfriend. he is still on the run. clayton was married, had a college-aged son and dedicated her time to youth programs. we're learning more tonight bay girl who was kidnapped just hours after she was born. 18 years later, she's finally meeting her parents and learning the truth about the woman who allegedly stole her at birth and railed her. kenneth craig has this remarkable story. >> reporter: 18 years after this newborn baby was kidnapped from a florida hospital, today the young woman is beginning a new chapter of her life. she's saying gone to the south carolina woman she thought was her mother and hello to her biological family who have been praying for a miracle since she disappeared. >> i thank god today. i thank god today. she sounds so intelligent, so respectable. and she says she'll be here to see us. >> reporter: she was born kamiyah mobley, and was only
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hours old when she was stolen from her mother's arms by a woman posing as a nurse. for years, her birth mother honor her missing daughter'sing about the by placing a slice of cake in the freezer. she went on to have more children, with no idea kamiyah was being raised by this woman, gloria williams, two states away. neighbors in the small town described williams as a good person. she worked for a local v.a. hospital, laid church youth program, and vol teerld for habitat for humanity. but her secret life of lies came to an end yesterday, when williams was arrested and charged with kidnapping. the national center for missing and exploited children received 161 tips on the case, but it was one of them in november and a d.n.a. test that finally cracked the case. for now, kamiyah's future and even her name are uncertain. officials have provided her with counseling. >> she has a lot to process. she has a lot to think about, as you can imagine. i can't even begin to comprehend
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it. >> reporter: the young woman is emotionally overwhelmed but she's already reconnected with her birth family on facetime. reena, we understand an in-person reunion is already in the works. >> ninan: remarkable, 161 tips, and the family never gave up hope. >> reporter: and hard to imagine what this young woman is going through right now. >> ninan: you're absolutely right. thank you, kenneth, for that report. space-x got a big boost of confidence with a successful launch. back in september one of its rockets went up in flames on a florida launchpad. but it was a picture-perfect liftoff today at vandenberg airbase today. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the lawrchg of a falcon 9 today was not just a success for space-x, can which also safely landed the reusable rocket. ( cheers and applause ) it was the beginning of a delicate dance in orbit that could change communications back on earth. >> we need to get these satellite spoz space. >> matt dash:
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>> we operate the world's largest satellite constellation, supply and service to remote locations. >> reporter: the rocket was carrying 10 satellites, each about the size of a small car. >> everybody kind of gets to focus on the excitement of the rocket launch, but to me, it's 60 minutes into the flight when my satellites start coming off of the dispenser. that's when i can breathe easy. >> reporter: the plan went off without a hitch. space-x president gwen shotwell. >> we have six more launches after this with 10 satellites each. so we'll basically be putting those 70 satellite spoz orbit, and that will form a network. >> reporter: overdue replacement satellites that will not only increase phone coverage around the world. they'll also track every airplane in real time anywhere on the planet technology irridium believes would not be feasible without space-x. >> they've made it possible for a lot of satellite operators like us to-- to be able to even
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consider being in space. so it's critical that they be successful, really for the sake of the whole space industry. >> reporter: irridium plans to have all of its new satellites operational some time next year. but, reena, space-x has its sights set much further with plans to put a human on mars sometime in the next 10 years. >> ninan: carter evans, thank you. next, how will president-elect trump's promise to crack down on illegal immigrants play out? we talk to some immigrants who came to america as children.
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that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> ninan: president obama's urged president-elect trump tow protect so-called dreamers from deportailings. they're undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children and have assimilated into american culture and schools. craig boswell has more on their
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concerns. >> reporter: amar pinto arrived in virginia when she was 12 after a harrowing journey from bolivia through mexico. her father risked his life to get the family to the u.s. >> we crossed through san ysidro, california, and then we took a five-day journey to virginia to reunite with my dad after two years. >> deport criminal aliens. >> reporter: when president-elect donald trump promises to deport illegal immigrants, jerry pinto takes it personally. >> i am not bad people. i'm-- i'm very good people. >> reporter: amar is temporarily protected under president obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals program or dacca. the order shields undocumented immigrants who arrived in the u.s. as children, known as dreamers. the program allows them to go to college and work legally while they pursue permanent status. president-elect trump has called the deferred action program illegal and unconstitutional, but he's sortenned his threat to
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cancel it altogether, saying he'll try to work something out. tolu olubunmi is also a dreamer. she arrived from nigeria at 14 and says she feels like an american citizen. >> i am an american minus the paperwork. me and several hundred thousandses of others like me that have grown up here. >> reporter: she now fights for immigrant rights, attracting the attention of the white house, where president obama praised her courage. >> until the day that i am told i can no longer be here, then i will continue to fight to remain. >> reporter: amar pinto graduated from community college and works for a nonprofit, but she's ready to take her family off the radar if she has to. >> we should move somewhere where immigration doesn't have our home address. >> reporter: going back into the shadows to stay in america. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> ninan: well, still ahead, for the first time in 50 years, a young boy will soon be living in the white house. we look at what's ahead for
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baron trump.
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. >> ninan: incoming first lady melania trump and 10-year-old barron trump are not moving into the white house right away. they're staying in new york until he finishes out the school year. here again is kenneth craig with a look at what's ahead for barron. >> reporter: barron trump is
6:52 pm
used to standing in his father's shadow, but in his new life, the 10-year-old will have his own spotlight, as well as a new group of companions-- secret service agents who will trail him all the way to his classroom door. i wonder how difficult it is to grow up with all of those agents surrounding you all the time. >> you know, it's really hard to imagine. it can be a little innerving. it can be, perhaps, a little tense. it is difficult, especially for a younger child. >> reporter: author ronald kessler was at donald trump's new year's eve party and considers the president-elect a friend. he's written can extensively about the f.b.i., the secret service, and protecting the first family. when it comes to the children, the job isn't always easy. >> jen and barbara bush would try to evade their agents, give them a hard time. ime was also very difficult with agents. whereas chelsea clinton was a model first child. >> reporter: kessler says
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barron will have three to four agents with him whenever he's in public. that includes two and from his $37,000-a-year new york prep school in new york city, where he plans to finish fourth grade before moving into the white house. anita mcbride was the chief of staff to laura bush, and believes barron will find plenty of perks at his dad's new home. >> there's a small bowling alley, if you like to do that. you know, there's a tennis court, and right now with the obamas, there's a basketball court, and there's a pool there. >> reporter: the trump presidency will bring change to all corners of america, but perhaps nowhere more profoundly than to trump's youngest child. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: and we'll be right back. third time that day. i wasn't even sad. first the stroke, now this. so we asked my doctor. he told us about pseudobulbar affect, or pba. it's frequent, uncontrollable crying or laughing that doesn't match how you feel.
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6:57 pm
lucky encounter with the presidential pooch named lucky. >> she was rambunctious and had a mind of her own. she was even pulling president reagan in the rose garden. >> reporter: mclean was an expert in the breed known as bouvier de flanders. so when the reagans got a puppy in 1985, she was asked to groom it and secretly saved a souvenir. >> i swept up the hair, put it in a brown paper bag, and snuck out of the white house with it. >> reporter: lucky inspired mclean's mother to paint this portrait. yep, that's lucky's hair. then the painting inspired her. mclean started hunting for presidential pet memorabilia. in 1999, she had enough to open a museum in maryland-- statues, books, vintage pictures, even a bell said to belong president william taft's milk cow. >> it changed my life by giving me something to be very passionate about. >> reporter: it's not just the animal she is drawn to. it's their role in u.s. history. >> you can teach children and
6:58 pm
adults about the presidents of the united states and about the history of the country through the pets, easier than you can through anything else. >> reporter: like the country, pets have changed over time. president benjamin harrison's grandchildren had a dpoat named whiskers. teddy roosevelt had all sorts of pets, including exotic birds and a pony for his son, quentin. and who could forget caroline kennedy, on her pony, macaroni. >> first families with pets make people feel like they're just like us. >> reporter: mclean wants to share the memories, but her museum closed six years ago. now she's looking for a new curator, who is as passionate about presidential pets. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> ninan: so the trumps have reportedly been offered a puppy for adoption, put so far, no talkers. and that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. the news continues on our 24-hour streaming channel, cbsn, i'm reena ninan in
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the weekend insider. tracking the biggest stories, making news today. >> i went with the positive light hearted comedy. >> paris jackson fires back of joseph fines portrayal of her father. >> that's part of our good week, bad week. >> plus are kelly ripa and megan kelly headed for a daytime show down. >> would you ever consider going back to doing live. >> as regis gets candid on his live fall out. >> well i had to leave the show. >> and then brad and angelina form a united front. >> this joint statement is huge for the kids.


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