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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 15, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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keeps his mouth shut and his jockeys clean, we need that guy. (knocking on door) sir. thank you. oh, hey. hey. i was this close to making a clean getaway. what's in the box? it's a parting gift. you lost that interview partly 'cause of me. i didn't want you to leave town empty-handed. it's me that should have gotten you something. you don't have to open it now. i want to open it right now. okay.
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(sighs) if you're going to carry, you need a proper holster. that piece in the purse thing is for amateurs in old movies. i never thought i would say this about a holster, but it's kind of beautiful. it's french calfskin and conformed to fit your walther perfectly. i know a guy. (chuckles) of course you know a guy. it's made to be worn on the inside of your thigh. thank you. you're welcome. so, you got to go? i've got church and sunday dinner. better go to confession first. where are you headed? anguilla. it's a little island in the british west indies. three days of white sand and blue water.
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the weekend insider. tracking the biggest stories, making news today. >> i went with the positive light hearted comedy. >> paris jackson fires back of joseph fines portrayal of her father. >> that's part of our good week, bad week. >> plus are kelly ripa and megan kelly headed for a daytime show down. >> would you ever consider going back to doing live. >> as regis gets candid on his live fall out. >> well i had to leave the show. >> and then brad and angelina form a united front. >> this joint statement is huge for the kids.
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>> plus -- tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> hello everyone. welcome to the weekend insider. we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood starting with our good week, bad week. >> it was a bad week for paris jackson. >> i'm proud to be a black american, proud of my race. when people make of stories that i don't want to be who i am it hurts me. >> unleashing a stream of tweets she's since deleted she slams the trailer of fiennes poretrayl of her dad makes her want to vom vomit, angers me that they were this insulting not just to my
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father but my godmother liz as well. fiennes was under heavy skrult iny since it was announced last year. he is stead fast that his take was comedic and colorblind. >> i don't think imagination should have rules on it. i go back to the theme if it promotes stereo typing than it's worn and i make the distinction that the jackson project doesn't do that. >> was a good week for jessica beale. >> i remember him crying looking at the director like how can do you this, i'm weeping, it's so intense, i can't even handle this thing. >> she got a tweet seal of approval from her man who scored the premier and also scored the film's soundtrack. ♪ >> very special experience. having justin a part of it is just a cherry on the top and
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very odd. it's just unusual that you get to work with close friends and also close family. >> marry d since 2012 they haven't made any plans for their upcoming five year anniversary in october. >> not really. you know, time flies when you're having fun, know what i'm saying. >> and it was reportedly a bad week for kelly ripa when it comes to potential on-air competition. >> what a way to start the morning. >> my co-host today megan kelly. >> moving from one-time cohost to long-term kpet yiecompetitor versus kelly face-off intensifi intensifies. >> the most wide hour -- >> while a source maintains nothing has been decided yet. our insider and host of sources
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explains how the 9:00 hour is in a state of transition. >> 9:00 has been turbulencent hour at first michael strahan leaving the show. >> we're so, so proud of you, you've achieved so much and look forward to seeing what else you will achieve. >> so both programs in rebuilding mode. >> i leave you for knowing i am better for having been here. i hope you feel the same. thank you for erveg. and aisle thank you for everything. i'll see you again. >> the idea of complicated debate with guests not what viewers are looking for in the morning. this is literally night and day. there's a very different expectation in the morning for viewers. month offing on to brad pitt
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and angelina jolie's agreement, they're not the first hollywood actors putting their kids first. we go inside their united. >> angelina jolie and brad pitt released first joint statement saying they will work together to reunify their family. >> a peaceful resolution in the works from the hollywood couple who have been at odds since their ugly september split their first joint statement begins to show a coming together for the sake of their six children. the parties and council have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights by keeping court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make necessary legal decisions. >> this joint statement means nothing will be filed publically and potentially everything will be kept secret and private so as not to embarrass the kids or have the whole ordeal play out in the media.
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>> for months before the new agreement took place, sources close to brad complain that leaks have been coming from angie's side. our legal insider rachael stockman suggests the leaked information that paints brad as the bad guy could actually continue. >> it might not stop it, if the leaks are coming from her, presumably her pr press people could still give details of what is contained in the divorce. i think by moving it to a private judge the chances of leaks or embarrassing information about children that they don't want out is much lessened. >> the jolie-pitt's could be taking a cue from other high-profile break ups. >> you can be a family even if you're not a couple. >> becoming one of the most hollywood make civil
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ietzed splits made constant coupling a catch phrase. >> at the beginning people were like what the hell is this, these people are crazy. now i hear thank you so much for showing me another way. i didn't come up with the fra . frazier. i didn't come up with the phrase we were following it. >> co-parenting is now listed as top priority. >> we're doing our best and our kids are fabulous. >> jane and ben surprising us all with their unconventional break up. >> we are definitely a modern family. we're doing really well. i want them to see, you know, everything's okay. >> and back to brad, his very surprising golden globes appearance was one of the many highlights of the night. the pre-party already start tedn
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the red carpet. >> it's one big giant party. >> it's a party. ♪ >> can we just take a moment to take this in. >> yeah let's take it in. ♪ >> the golden globes brought the party to the red carpet and the stars came right to the inside zbler th r. >> this is a 24-karat magic night for you. >> we don't know that do we? >> oh, yes we do. >> my golden globes were made. >> you might as well drop the mike and go home. >> all right [ bleep ]. ♪ >> wow. you're great as well. such a show-stopper. >> i love that about. >> the golden globes is the party of the year. i'd like you to give me your best party face on our insider gram.
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>> is that your best party face or your best i got too much collagen in my lips. >> that's my best party face, you don't like that? >> so we just talked to your husband williams recently and he told us that you guys have made a pact to not watch each other's sex scenes? >> was he drunk. he gives away secrets so awful. >> sounds good. while we chill, let's take a spin of the wheel. >> we're calling it the wheel of misfortunate. >> if you could trade places with a celebrity who would it be, who is fabulous? maraiah carry. >> maybe not her on new year's
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eve. >> no but when you see her on yachts, anyway don't care what happens, i love her. >> mandy moore. >> my mind is blown. >> if you could be invisible for a day. >> my god, i would go -- well, got to keep it clean. so locker room. >> yeah that might be fun act l actually. >> oh, who would you rather? >> ryan gossling or ryan randle. >> both? together? >> so good. i think a lot of women agree with you. now there was so much color and style on that red carpet and later we show you how to rock the golden globe looks. >> it's edgy, smokey, sexy. >> then. >> how you like me now. >> ben affleck celebrates "good will hunting" why did his big
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break give him false hope. >> nobody knowing me, walking on the streets, going hey you're that guy. >> plus who does regis should fill the empty seat on live. >> he's a good guy. smart. could do anything he wanted. >> that's all next. >> closed captioning provided by -- you need to eat this special. ♪ i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive.
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ben affleck is getting real honest about little brother's time in the spot slight. >> it was very exciting. i was more nervous for him then ever for myself. >> he got the nerves the best of him when his little brother casey won the golden globe. he wasn't the only one proud. >> my kids stayed up to watch it, i said did you see what happened, he said, the man is ed casey affleck. >> saw their uncle win best actor. i had to ask if actor was in his kid's future. >> i would not let my kids be professional actors. >> why? >> because i did it myself.
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i think kids are better off focused at school living normal lives and socializing with other kids. >> i ran away a soldier, came home an outlaw. >> he wrote, produced, directed and acted in fly by night. we talked about his film "good will hunting". >> it's the 20th anniversary since the movie that launched your career what do you remember. >> it was thrilling, exciting, a big rush from nobody knowing me walking down the streets going hey you're that guy. >> he admitted he may have been naive what happens next. >> we thought oh, you make movies and win oscars. >> that's kind of how it works when you have affleck dna. that's a talented family. all right, coming up, when they
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make your life story who would you like to play you. >> regis reflects on his historic career. would a live return be out of the question. plus how did the stars get a perfect pop of pink inside the new beauty app that gets you carpet ready. >> we got everyone you could imagine using the app. >> who would win in a broadway
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call or go to appointments available now. i feel so honored to get to wear this, it's strategically placed so i'm cautiously walking. but yeah this is a dream. >> lily collins having a true cinderella moment at the globes in that stunning outfit. we will show you how to rock the golden globe glow. >> one of my favorite trends on the red carpet was all of this pretty in pink. we had pink lips. pink eyes. >> i think now people are taking chances and they want color. >> your majesty the queen. >> emma stone and heidi klum had a pop of pink.
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>> it really, really can wake up the skin and face. >> joey and make up artist the creators of the glam app it's in-home service that brings beauty teams to you. >> we have everyone you can imagine using the app. >> i had the honor of doing goldy hawn and we did a bronzy eye. it's edgy, smokey, says i'm powerful. >> like this look. >> want to go a little bit edgier. >> the last trend i saw was the ravishing red lips, it was christie tiegen. and this orange and pinky red. >> can we just take a moment to take this in. >> yeah let's take it in. >> for me we have a secret what the celebrities are doing when they put their lipstick on.


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