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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 17, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> well part of area are under a freezing rain add voosry, including here in the lehigh valley. but, indicatesy is here to tell us when the mild temperatures run. that would be nice. good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan and katie and meeshia will be here in a minute. here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> a bar manager is dead after a security guard pulls a gun on boss in east germantown. >> 4-year-old bar manager was conscious and talk when police arrived and later died at the hospital. investigators are questioning the security guard. the wife of orlando night club shooter is appearing in court today. she was arrested yesterday in san francisco and accused of aiding and abetting terrorism. >> and the number of lawmakers planning to boycott don bell's presidential inauguration is now 42 including four from our
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region. >> and i think it's a great thing. >> new laws giving more options to beer drinkers in pennsylvania starting today. beer disstrushtors can sell any capacity. >> i thought it was huge. i probably should have been a little more afraid that i was. i was just so inspired by seeing this amazing creature. >> well, that video lit up social media yesterday. >> yeah, people who visited wild life reserve at lakeland florida call him mr. hump back. >> like the size of a horse. >> he's huge yes that is a gator. no question about that. >> uh-huh. >> hi, katie. >> does look prehistoric to me it looks like a dinosaur. >> like a steinga sauer us. >> it doesn't occur to you to be scared. >> or hungry licking his chop chops. >> jim and i would be going the opposite direction nrailing arms and streaking. >> and i would be in front of you gone katie. >> we would be in her dust
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eating it i think. what we will find here today as we turn our focus to weather, guys is a little wet weather rolling on through here and what we can end up with across the far north and west suburbs especially a little icing which we'll get to you and we'll take you to storm scan and tri-state sweep now and snapshot view of radar. locally it's southern new jersey and delaware at the moment getting hit with the most in terms of wet weather. it's light showers right now as you look off north and west that little batch woreing its way right over 81 right now and 78 and moving into the lehigh valley. that is what will likely produce our best chance for some freezing rain in the next couple hours. so freezing rain advisory berk berks, lehigh, north am top country across the river there into northwest new jersey and the poconos that is where you find the best chance for freezing rain. certainly temperatures tell that story. 3 mount pocono for example and higher elevations look like best chance to see any freezing rain and regardless, i would rather you play it safe than
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sorry keep an eye on car thermometer and expect that if it's close to freezing it could be slick if country raining, 42 lunchtime for the kids and still jacket weather for shore and 45 we top off and that's typically five degrees above average for our area. even though that's mott rad we're expecting very significant warming trend in days ahead meisha which we'll outline for you later. >> that sound good not only to pack umbrella but patience we'll absolutely neat to do that with rain coming down. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. looking outside right now. you can see a lot of headlights 95 south girard heating up today with school buses hitting roadways and cars not on roadways yesterday will jump back on today. it will be slow and then you add rain and in some parts freezing rain in there. it's really going to be difficult. so i would say leave homes early and give yourself extra time and drive carefully and see how today pans out. delaware county 9 a5 north 45
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you go to the airport not bad. i will tell you delaware country especially this camera shot 5:30 in the morning this is heavier than what we typically see again another indicator and house fire in con hocken all occupants are out and no injuries reported elm between popular and cherry and heads up on this for those in the neck of the woods you will see flashing light and burlington bristol bridge is now up and construction up there we're talk about in the next 10, 15 minutes. >> meisha, thank you. when don bell takes home making him 45 president a happened full of local members of coming gress will be at the capitol owe see it. >> there's a growing list of congress members boycotting the (inaudible). good morning, jan. >> jim, rahel solomon, good morning, more than 40 members of congress say they'll stipulate mr. trump's inauguration friday that includes four lawmakers from the delaware valley some saying
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the decision was made out of respect for democratic congres congressman john lewis. as the (inaudible) preps continue in the nation's capitol president-elect don bell with democratic congressman john lewis is far from revolved. >> why use order ill legitimate. >> tensions after he called mr. trump presidency ill legitimate and he traded bashes saying all talk and no action. hey makers have made plans to boycott the up august ration. >> i think trump is a job but suck it up. >> congressman bob brady that represents the first district does not attend. >> he did it out of respect for lewis. >> you picked a fight with a
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icon. >> twiingt evans tells eyewitness news he won't support it evenlyer he sites russian healthcare and boil who represents 1 district says he accepts position of people and will not celebrate it and new jersey representative bonnie watson coleman said she will opt for prayer vigil instead. >> meantime bob casey says he will attend tlulp's inauguration friday. a spokesperson for casey released this statement saying in part senator casey has deep respect for representative lewis someone whose actions over many years have moovld our nation forward. but the statement went on to read it is the right of any member of coming gress to choose not to attend. now, at this time, no use norzs is noupsed they will boycott the inauguration. back to you. >> and stay with eyewitness news as we cover the (inaudible) of don bell,
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jessica deep will be reporting from washington and when we're not on tv go to and the local app. >> and business news 0 stars under 0 years of age. >> and skom nation made just for easter basket. money jill joins us from the stock market. >> markets reopened after king king jr. holiday. the dow is still close to but not hitting the 20,000 mark. dow fell five point friday and nasdaq rose 6 futures are point toying a lower on. >> frayeders will be playing close attention to theresa may. she'll outline more details about the uk strategies to leave eu. she's expected to say britain will mack a clean break and not to remain half in and half out. "forbes" is named adele as one of the magazine's 30 under 30 in europe and other musicians made the cut including james
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bay and toe blow and sovy turner from "game of thrones" and much hyped accident hybrid certainly coming to u.s. cadbury launched addition to oreo. this is available overseas and they test betser than ordinary cream eggs but they're rich. apparently one is enough. that that that ever stopped me. >> yeah, i'm with you, joy. makes you wonder is that too much of a good thing you know chocolate and/orios. >> i like chocolate but not a fan of filleded. >> jelly and cream? >> no, no. >> i'll try it i'm not not going to try it but i'm not a fan. we'll check in with you tomorrow. in other news today, defiant wall sitters plan to claim space in rittenhouse square today. they're planning a sit on during lunch. protesting a new rule to keep people from sitting on walls
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that surround the group. they worked to create the van because of vandalism and marijuana smoking. now following the ban philadelphia mayor jim kenny sweet tweeted sit where you want. >>. >> summer will get here in 153 days and when it does beach tags will cost more at shore towns. beach tags in avalon are going up by $1. for whole season tags go up from $2 to $3. stone harbor reportedly praising its beach tags by $1 as well. >> mayor of paris wants to sprees up the eiffel tower and it's a pricey project. it could cost up wartd of 300 million and they want to make the khaichs to the tower to better their khans of getting 024 olympic games. upgrades could take up to 15
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years to complete. >> and check out the new robot treating people at a hotel in japan. hospi is a hospitality restaurant tested a & a plaza in nevada. the robot model is being used in hospitals to deliver medications and supplies. it will be tested in tokyo airports next week. >> and a pendant uncovered may be connect todd frank. this ben dant belonged to caroline comb as i 14-year-old jewish girl that died and only similar pendant known to exist that lead researchers to show they knew each other or formed a family connection. incredible. >> how one minnesota man is dealing with harsh winter and it started out with this tweet. a student wanting school to be can told for snow and it ended however with a school district
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employee out of a job. here hear from her coming up next. >> and a certain type of wallpaper. >> purple rain, purple rain♪ purple rain, purple rain♪ >> and time is running out for prince's estate. the to meet an important deadline what needs to be done deadline what needs to be done by saturday when we come back.
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snv >> the drama over prince's estate continues. they have until saturday to file tax payment it's going swallow nearly half the estate $2 million value. after taxes says six siblings will equally split whatever is left. >> and johnny depp and amber heard timely finish the breaku breakup. they split the asset. dep will ultimately pay herd.
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sound like nasty divorce. >> $million donated to charity. >> have a prenup. >> marriage insurance. >> for the consumer guy. >> you're always think that the way. >> i'm romantic person but prenups are good thing. >> what do romances have to do with finances. >> it's marriage. >> what's love got to do with it. >> oh. i cannot top that. i just like huge gators in florida i can't top that. >> i had may wheaty this morning. >> you're sharp today. >> as opposed to normally. >> no, all right, i'm switching gears, rahel solomon, outside we go to actually one of the field cameras on very on rooftop overlooking spring garden street here all is calm an quiet and cloudy overhead here and it's not the case everywhere. we have wet weather rolling now through southern delaware and
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nnl until and one other batch which will get to rolling into our far northwest suburbs as we speak. but with that said we like to check income with the eyewitness warm watchers this particular time of day and we have temperatures right now let's see here taking you outside of the city where it's 39 from phil and he's chestnut hill section with clouds at the moment and he said humidity is climbing here and certainly not rain far away and no rain yet in most of the city and actually entire city of philadelphia and just norm of that we go where it's 3 many the morning and barbara lane reporting that with lots of clouds and mentioned dew point is 9. that needs to be close to the actual air temperature for full saturation and that's what's happening. we'll good to one more. ed connor. checks in virtually every single morning we appreciate that lots of clouds. he said it's dry and warmer and no ice yet. not year here. we don't expect that in chesterfield. but you go far north north and west there's a freezing rain
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advisory. back to the maps and storm three says this is pocket of rain. you see that there's pink starting to show up there with temperatures just marginal enough to support freezing on contact. this is all part of much larger system same one that brought ice to the central mraipz and we're expecting minor concerns out of the icing situation here and locally mainly a rain even event. say for freezing rain concern even though minor off to norm west i want you to be careful mainly rain owe vent for the rest of us. this is not going to be soakin soaking, nodding rain but nuisance certainly. so umbrella is a decent idea as you walk out the for. take a look once we get past tomorrow that warm front does its job and we're in the low 50s at least for majority of forecast. normal high meisha 40
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>> back your patience. whatever it is for you pack today and take it easy. whenever we have rain slow down a little bit. look at the blue route macdade headlights in the southbound direction. overall does it look like what it normally does. yes, it does. looking okay on the blue route. divine was not good for overnight construction. lock of great light. this usually happens when we don't have over fight construction because people when i out of there. when he comes in we'll slow it more. we have a house fire in con hocken all occupants are out and no injuries reported take a look at this, elm between popular and cherry in that neck of the woods splashing lights you will see. slow it down. >> when it comes to style and
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de core what is sold new again. presidential a look at the latest friends of wallpaper. >> when you think about wall paper you don't think fine art arts. but walt her kenby does he and a handful of others across the country create screen printed wallpaper cavd to dip in popularity three years ago but now on the up swiping. >> there's a resurgence and resurgence is very exciting because it's neat to see some of the young are people embrac embracing it. and a lot of them have fine art background like i did. >> ken by says this type of paper should not being lited to the walls. many people are papering their ceilings to give unusual access to space something highly popular in the victorian era. >> now it's a great way to mack a statement without doing walls. >> this kind of wall paper is not cheap. unless you're experienced you may not want to hang it you yourself. >> wall paper is getting fancier these days it can be up to 100 a roll if you sends that
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much on materials you may make sure it's hung well by hiring a pro. >> it's uniquely crafted wallpaper is out of your price range don't rule out paper altogether many companies are producing styles more economical. for more information from angry on wallpaper visit cbsphill angie's list. >> and a tweet asked if schools for closed for bad warm the student tweeted close schools tomorrow please and apparently misspelled tomorrow. katie nash jokingly replied but then how would you learn how to spell tomorrow with a smiling face. school officials said they did not like her tone and fired he her. >> i think i was in a state of sort of like shock and not able to process it all right away. i know my intentions and i've been overwhelmed by the community and their support and their belief in me that my
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intentions were good. >> and the student later tweetsed he thought it was funny. nash says she has received a lot of support from the community. as we heard hearsay. >> i think they went overboard on that one. >> yeah i mean i had grade school teachers throw erasers at me when i got math questions wrong. that seems harmless. >> good old days. >> yeah. >> up next, something catchy. >> check it out we'll show you a special little bird about to make a big debut in new zealan zealand. >> ohh. >> ohh. >> we'll be right back
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>> keepers in new zealand are tickled pink about their chick and now it's in incubator and will be a while before zoo keepers know gender and three years before the new chick develops distinctive pink fathers the color is due to shellfish do iet. >> i didn't know this. >> this is look a science class here. >> new york city woman is filing with health city department. >> the main issue christie matt a owe's pet is pig. they called it harboring wild animal and she says willburg is emotional support animal for her father battling cancer. >> it keeps my father's stress
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levels down he's taking less anxiety medication because of helping him through those tres full times. >> i have until the ends ever the month. they pigs will be classified for pets if under 200 pounds. >> wasn't charlotte web's pig. >> a man near minneapolis decided to put to creative use. mark wail yumz but himself an ice castle that became yearly tradition when temperatures dropped in january. he fills plastic containers in with theer and food coloring and leaves it to freeze. this is after the froze and a lot of time they pop right now. >> you have a lot of free time there. this year he wanted to make more walls and pillar and add
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christmas light but temperatures rising into the 40s and soon so that may not happen if his creation melts away his wife says he'll go bigger next year. >> that's so cool. >> i give him credit that is patience. >> what do you do when it's that cold out. use math nation you're stuck in freezing colds for so long. >> you go inside. >> now have to be like an nal willerness and get outside and do something with the creative energy. >> and food coloring. >> when we have minnesota story i get scared thats with a fw one i liked that one. >> she's coming after the pig. >> coming up in the next hour before you clean your ears this morning we have important advice. >> okay too late for me but the wrong and right way to do it so you don't harm hearing. it so you don't harm hearing. yes, we'll be right back.
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>> this morning tracking rain on storm scan and could be freezing at times. catty times it out for us and fwawkz a warm-up. >> and new this morning, one person is killed when gun fire
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erupts inside a philadelphia bar live with the surprising suspect in custody. >> and in inauguration boycott growing number of lawmakers who will not be there to witness don bell sfwhorn as 45 president of the united states. >> study tuesday, january 17, good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. >> hello jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon and katie and meeshia joining us keeping an eye on things. >> good morning. >> the roads so far looking okay. we have a house fire in con hocken and we'll look at that. a lot of construction out there as well. i think the overall real story is freezing rain. we're going going to see it. >> it's a minor problem and localized problem but it's a problem. it's something we have to talk about. let's back it up and talk stat ikdz really quickly. and you know, after seeing somewhat of a drought in recent months here it's interesting to report that we've actually had measurable rain and nine out of the last 17 days. so, through the month entirely of january so far more than half the time we had rain to


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