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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> eagles do suck and they have sucked a long time and their tans are generally, angry, awful people. >> reporter: chris christie coming out swinging again, governor of new jersey, a diehard cowboys fans, co host of the boomer and carton show on our sister radio show wfan this morning. christie calling out eagles and giants fans, for their anger over his allegiance to dallas. >> i understand why people are interested if you are a public figure as to who you root for. >> i know that part of it. >> but hostility, i will tell you, that i take for being a cowboys fan. >> reporter: and that hostility was evident here in philadelphia, back in december of 2014. christie celebrated as cowboys companiesed to a crushing defeat of the eagles at the link. governor sitting right next to cowboys owner jerry jones, christie defended himself to angelo cataldi on sports radio 94 wip. >> governor. >> yes. >> i was going nuts, i wanted
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to take my vote back. >> well, listen, angelo, on your ram, we have talk about the fact that i'm a cowboys fans. they are my team. this is my team. the it is team i root for. >> reporter: that year eagles missed layoffs, cowboys would end up losing to the packers but christie once again in attendance. this year, of course, the packers, again, bouncing the boys from the post season. eagles tans we caught up with today say there is no love for the gov. >> maybe he is describing the job he has done in his own role, for new jersey. leave eagles alone, eagles will do just fine. >> i think that is disgraceful i think that a person in his position, as governor of a state of new jersey, should have more forethought and who are respect. >> reporter: as always reaction from fans, doesn't stop there. it continues on social media. earlier i tweeted governors who live in glass houses
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really shouldn't throw stones. the sonses on twitter classic as always, jim haggard tweeted oh, no he didn't. #don't let the door hit you, of course, you know, christie almost done here. david blakely saying he fridays newark, new jersey, and select the cowboys as his team. that is not loyalty, it is fraud. you can weigh in on christie's comments connect with us on facebook and twitter with the #cbs-3. also we have reached out to mayor jim kenney for his response less than a hour ago and he replied quote it is not fun any more. i feel too bad for the guy. chris christie not only has cowboys thinking on this one so does everybody else. thanks, everybody. we are two days from inauguration day and bakeries are getting calls for people wanting patriotic cake but delaware county bakery is offering to set off a baking controversy. joe holden is live with the
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details, joe. >> reporter: when detroit gate happened it was the bakery that put together and deflated football cake. their designers seek out creative eye tease for their baked goods, the latest project in time for inauguration day, has, tapped into a familiar phrase. well, here's trump's bakery says they have been on the cutting edge of is what hot no matter the controversy. >> it is what is trending. >> this is trending. >> this is trending. >> reporter: brainchild of cake designer, jeanine this is donald trump make america great hat cake and for prospect park bakery the sweet treaties trending. >> taste book is causing a stir. >> reporter: that facebook page you can say is on fire. some love the dessert, others say they have had their last cake, so how did they come up with the hat. >> our baker kept suggest what will we do for inauguration, what will we do for inauguration. i kept thinking bit.
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>> he she approached me and said can i post this on facebook. i said sure, why not. i didn't give it a shot as to what would happen. >> reporter: cake's available in four colors, even pink because somebody having a baby wanted one. they are 4-inch, vanilla on the inside, covered in fundant >> put stitching in using the tool. >> reporter: they have been flying off of the shelves like hot cakes. >> i came this to get cream doughnuts but i knew we had them. >> reporter: as we pointed out not everybody was a fan. >> would not boost a cake. >> bakery isn't sure how long they will be everything the hats or how long the social media dust up, will continue. >> we keep saying it is not a political statement, if hillary won i would have did my little research and came up with something, you know, something creative. >> reporter: so here is the cake, they are selling brim and all, you saw word that they put into this. there are in four colors, white one here, red, blue and the pink. it sells for seven dollars.
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live from the satellite center joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks. as expected, security will be tight around the inauguration ceremony, and parade in washington d.c. friday. group of the new jersey state troopers will be part of those security plans. troopers loaded on to buses for big event in moorestown this morning. they will join tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from all over the country. the experts predict more than a million people will be in the nation's capitol, more than a third of them, will be protesters. and coverage from the nation's capitol starts tomorrow, i'll have live reports from washington as we prepare for the inauguration of president trump, and it starts tomorrow right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". patco has issued an apology to its riders saying it is sorry for recent rash of service problems on the the high seed line. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is in lindenwald right now with more on what is left train riders frustrated, cleve, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. here at the pennsylvania co
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the problem started about two weeks ago from the weather and it is really hand test -- manifested this week and there are complaints. patco riders say this week was far from smooth sailing. >> it is a 15 minute delay going eastbound. >> reporter: yes. >> day before last they had us waiting i don't know half an hour between stops and which made me late. >> reporter: ryan said his employer did not get upset. >> yes, thank god. >> reporter: patco is hoping their riders will be understanding as they deal with a snow falling effect of maintenance issues. >> i'm very sorry about disruption and inconvenience that people have gone through. >> reporter: patco president john hanson says it is in sugar coating it has been a bad week with numerous delays and negative rider feedback. today they showed us what is going on. they said 50 engines are in need of repair after january 7th snowstorm. >> we had snow every year why was this year any different. >> this year, this white powdery snow, it is unusual.
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>> reporter: patco say it didn't melt for days and kept passing through the train's air filters. >> the motor and water and electricity do not mix. we have failures. >> reporter: engine failures requiring immediate evacuation that is happened over last two weeks. the tuesday morning, they had four in an hour and a half. >> about 7:30 it started and didn't end until nine. >> reporter: worst time possible. >> definitely worst time possible. >> reporter: more bad timing, 20 train cars are out of the rotation right now for refurbishing in upstate new york. so only 72 of the required 78 cars are running at a time, and officials say only way through this helps is keep making repairs. here's what path the co says to expecting forward. they don't see any delays tomorrow morning but they say they cannot guarantee there won't be further engine failure. they say they are halfway through these repairs, we will probably take several more weeks before it is all done. reporting live from lindenwald , cleve bryan, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks. philadelphia fraternal order of police takes to the skies to call for change at top of the district attorney's office. they put out this billboard on i-95 between bridge and cottman, it it says help wanted: new philadelphia district attorney. seth williams is current d.a. the fop has vested frustration with williams in the past mess recently after he failed to charge a teenager involved in an altercation with an officer >> there is a lot of issues that need to be cleaned up over there and we feel there should be somebody in there with restore integrity and to be responsive and make sure that the the job is done. >> we reached out to williams to take for a comment on that billboard, the district attorney's office tells "eyewitness news" that williams has no comment. new task force has been formed in philadelphia to combat human trafficking. home land security and fbi are part of it along with the d.a. 's office, salvation army, u.s. attorney's office and the the police department. >> it is about highlighting
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this horrible crime. i can guarantee you that if you were to pull a number of people around the city many would assume it didn't happen here, and that is what is sad about this. >> the goal of the task force toys identify and prosecute traffickers and row tech and aid survivors. janice human traffic ago wear ness month. the philadelphia anti violence coalition issued a call to action for month of peace from gun violence. the organization says that there have been 17 murders and 58 shootings in the city, so far this year. the month of february the group plans to conduct an outreach in communities affected mow by gun violence. call to action announcement was made at city hall. >> stopping violence in february to start and it is all about the mentality, you know, change your way and moving forward you will be vice had how far we can get as a community, and culture. >> the philadelphia anti violence coalition has been
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comprised of concerned citizens and community based organizations. the largest gathering of the kind here in philadelphia, when we come back tonight the reason more than 4,000 members of the lb gtq community were here and important issues on their agenda. vibrant eruption but we will show you the moment that this volcano started spewing lava and where, kate is this. and the mild weather, continues, it will only get warmer as we head through weekend but i'm tracking several chances of rain in the seven day forecast coming up i'll break down when we will need umbrella and when you can get out identify in the sun when we come right back.
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today kick off largest gathering of the lb gtq activist in the country the. with the annual conference in philadelphia many are concerned about health care issues with the affordable care act now on the chopping block. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there opening day and she joins us with more. >> reporter: lots of folks in town for this one. affordable care act has specific health protections for lbg thetq community, incoming trump administration vowed to repeal act so many attending this conference are especially upset and worried about a variety of health issues. >> here's what my face looked like. >> reporter: camden hardgrove looks different now having completed his gender transition. >> some of the pictures, right after, surgery. >> reporter: among estimated 4,000 people attending the creating change conference, the largest lbgtq gathering in the nation, top on the agenda
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health care issues and discrimination. >> over a third of trans people have had negative experiencing with health care, and a quarter have postpone getting health care when they need it out of fear of being mistreated being abused. >> reporter: camden says his insurance company tried to deny coverage for hormones that he depend on. >> it is really scary. >> i'm afraid for my trans brothers and sisters, especially the people that i necessity that have not had surgery just yet or have not started hormones. >> reporter: concerns that the conference are centered on the second loss of protection from obama care for people who are lesbian, gay, by sexual, or queer. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: this is a transgender female fighting insurance to cover reassignment surgery. >> approve me for depression medication up to 30 years but you won't approve me for surgery that will keep me there being derested. >> reporter: now activist say there is a lot of uncertainty
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now not knowing what is going to replace the affordable care act. they are hoping that more states will cover lb gtq health issues going forward. this conference by the way 4,000 people here expected to generate 6.8 million-dollar, for the city of philadelphia. >> welcome. >> thanks, stephanie. philadelphia's topo lease officers are getting a big pat on the back. >> department hosted merit accommodation ceremony in northeast philadelphia. commissioner ross honored 80 officers they were recognized for making outstanding arrests on the job. family, friend were in the audience to applaud their many achievements. congratulations. meteorologist kate bilo joining us now and people starting to wonder, is this a trick or just going to be mild for a while? it is not exactly sunny but it is not treeing. >> right, i just talk to someone who moved here from the south. they were like everybody telling me how awful winter will be. this isn't too bad. >> this is right time. >> this is not how it normally
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is because this is not a traditional janitor us. this mid-january is early february is usually the coldest part of the the year for us here in philadelphia when average high temperatures barely even hit 40-degree mark but we have been above that and we will continue to be above that for the foreseeable future. i january warm up underway until february, comes around and hit us hard on the back end of winter. lets look at what is going on, we will go outside to the roof cam looking better then it to at this time yesterday, foggy, glummy, soggy, to take, you can see tops of the buildings, nice and clear, clouds in place but dry, and it should stay that way overnight as high pressure builds in and included thin. storm scan three showing to problems outside we have got clearing skies overnight partly to mostly cloudy still tonight you can see how clouds are diminishing to the thort and west as that high pressure system gains a foot hold, and will keep us quiet right through tomorrow and even in the first part of the the friday, at least until this next little system over
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louisiana will start to lift from the south and west. it could put a damper on inauguration day in d.c. and eventually will put a damper on your friday afternoon commute in philadelphia. temperatures right now 35 in mount pocono. pretty seasonal. above average for them. forty-seven in philadelphia. fifty's still this dover. forty-seven in wilmington. heading out and about this evening you don't need heavy coat, and one of those lighter winter coats will do the trick future wet ther showing clearing sky overnight 8:00 a.m. we will have sunshine and continues through the day. north and west from the lehigh valley to the poconos we may see a few more clouds but on balance day is sunny and beautiful. great day to get outside take a nice long walk enjoy these above average temperatures. by 9:00 friday morning cloud build in and here comes that wall of rain hitting d.c. in time for inauguration and then we have showers into philadelphia, possibly as early as 1:00 but steady rain between three and 6:00 p.m., just narrow band of rain in time to spoil your friday
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evening drive. rain chance over next few days wet evening commute try and then sun take rain returns by the evening hours, and then we could see another round of rain possible, possibly lingering in to tuesday but temperatures on their way up, and we will stay there, sustain warm up as jet stream stays well off to the north and that will continue into next week. tonight's low above average 37 , mainly cloudy, tomorrow, beautiful day, lots of sun, feels like hid march, high of 54 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast we had a stumble on try, with more clouds and then saturday 55, sunday 51 and even through middle of next week we are in the mid 50 's and it could get colder next weekend but for now we are simply good. >> early taste of spring. >> yes. >> all right. don's up next, you're back more sports. >> you mentioned syringe and we are talking about baseball. formula for winning season. we will hear from phillies manager pete mackanin plus sixers take a crack at one of
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the best in the east. what the guys are saying about taking on toronto raptors tonight in
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sixers in action tonight and, people kind of wondering about one player. >> one guy, in particular. >> may or may not be showing up. >> we like it. >> sixers fans are you ready to see ben simmons. >> yes. >> too bad, ain't happening anytime soon. >> about an hour ago brett brown says there is to chance that simmons makes his debut next try against houston on that the television. sixers host raptors in 35 minutes, toronto has won four straight, sixers looking to win seven out of their last nine. they can learn from toronto's all-star back court which features philadelphia native kyle lowery. >> we trying to learn a lot from everyone but if you leave lowery opened for a split second he will be 46 percent from the three-point line and he gets to the rim in so many
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ways and his yum seven shot in so many ways. you cannot help but learn stuff there that and defensive ly it makes you a better player. >> sixers/raptors at 11:00. every year nfl clubs can carry over unused cap dollars in the following year what does that mean? it means that the eagles will have an additional 7.9 million to spend this off season, not the a ton when you consider cleveland browns carry over 50 million. that is five-zero. then again they almost went winless this year. watch the championship game right here on cbs-3, nfl today at 6:00 p.m. and steelers and patriots at 6:40 on sunday. the announce. was made just a to moments ago three new members of the the baseball hall of fame have been elect. tim raines, pudge rodriguez and jeff bagwell, former philly curt schilling will to have wait yet another year. feast your eyes on this, oh, yeah, beautiful. clearwater florida. in 27 taste phillies will open up spring training.
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here's what manager pete mackanin is hoping for. >> i feel like if we can play 500 and bring tonight to the the first part of august where guys start really gelling and believing in themselves inn get those competitive juices flowing and i think we can be in the hunt if we get to that point. >> while we wait the for spring training big guy is always in mid season form. fanatic stopping by to surprise the students at george cherswood school in south philadelphia. they were top readers in the phillies fanatic about reading program. >> way to go, guys. >> by the waste our producer any likes to get in those shots of the unis, palm trees. >> yes. >> warm, yes. >> we can show something else but he is like why don't we slip this in the the show. >> torture people. >> lenny an "s" restaurant. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight, count down to the
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inauguration, today's cbs news poll shows historically low support for incoming administration, we will ask the vice-president elect about that. a former president has been rushed into intensive care, today, and senator john mccain raises a moral objection to trump's secretary of state nominee. we have advanced word on what mr. trump will tell the nation in his first speech as president. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news", from sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun?
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mother nature's fury on display in mexico. >> this explosive eruption at the volcano caught on camera today. it spewed lava and created a large plume of ash rising 6,000 feet in the air. experts say activity has increased at volcano since october, and due to a new lava dome. well thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and pack here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight the a progress report on the incoming administration, vote hours cast their ballot for donald trump share their thoughts. from washington tc here is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: two days to trump. negative polls, but positive thoughts. >> the president-elect and our whole team are ready to go to work. >> i'm not a betting man, but i guess i'm a betting man on this one. >> at my core, i think we're going to be okay. >> pelley: also tonight, trump nominees under fire. >> did you propose to cut $1 trillion from medicaid? >> do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> pelley: it sounds like you just raised a moral objection to rex tillerson, who has been nominated for secretary of state. a former president in intensive care. and she forgives the woman who kidnapped her because she's the only mom she ever knew. >>


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