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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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wheels up for president-elect donald trump. within the hour the soon to be 45th president of the united states took off from new york bound for washington dc for his inauguration tomorrow. >> on the eve of inauguration day, renewed calls to action for equal rights is underway on the street of philadelphia.
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chopper three live over city hall as student repair to lead the march for equal rights amendment. >> group will march from sit hall to eakin oval. good afternoon, aim jill donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. live where the demonstration is underway. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, of course, this is a highly visible time for mars, protests and demonstrations. at the moment, right now, they are assembled across the street just outside of city hall they specked about 300 to participation according to the organizers of this march. we're also told that there are some fusses en route -- buses en route to add to the crowd that's growing right now. i would estimate about 75 to 100 here on the north side of city hall. now, the march is expected to leave city hall any moment right now. what is going to happen, they'll go up franklin parkway, this is the junior from friends select school. their mission to bring
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awareness to ' qual rights for women and their position is that an equal rights amendment should be passed now it is important to note all of this was planned well in advance of tomorrow's ceremonies, in washington dc. >> we're going to march from city hall down to eakin's oval and at eakin's oval there will be a rally where we have different speakers speaking and to support. >> and you are looking back live now at a picture here on the north side of city hall in center city. in addition to the demonstrators and marchers, the philadelphia police department is also here to make sure that things remain orderly. of course, if you are headed down the parkway, of course, the art museum, expect some traffic tie-ups. that's the story now live. i'm joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good to know, joe, thank you. we are now just day away from the squaring in of the next president of the united states.
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mr. trump invites president-elect mike pence making their john toy washington dc right now. they will attends two inauguration events later today. weijia jiang has details from the white house. >> president-elect donald trump board add plane to washington for his inauguration tomorrow. in a tweet this morning, the next commander in chief wrote: i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the american people. >> it is a momentous day before a historic day. >> vice president elect mike pence, who headed the trump transition team, gave a progress report on the transition. >> all 21 cabinet nominees have been named. >> the president and vice president elect have two events thursday. one, a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the other, a concert at the lincoln memorial kicking off the inaugural festivities. the trump team says the president-elect is still making changes to his inaugural address, which is expected to focus on the challenges america faces. >> i think it will be less
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after agenda, more of philosophical document, vision of where he sees the country. >> the inaugural parade will end here at lafayette park, right outside the white house, about 1 million people are expected to attend inauguration. >> kim, of wisconsin it, not vote for president-elect trump, but still wanted to be a part of history. >> it is just amazing thing to witness. >> cbs news has learned one of the president-elect's first order of business will be to visit cia headquarters on saturday. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and be sure to stay with cbs and "eyewitness news" tore complete coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. our jessica dean will be reporting live from washington dc starting today at 5:00 also throughout the day tomorrow. also, complete coverage on line at >> and with hundreds of thousands of people attending the inch agosto ration in washington tomorrow, the day looks like it will be gray and testimony p -- damp for the
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event planned. >> lauren casey with the nation's capitol forecast and what we can expect. >> yes, those attending the inauguration in d.c. tomorrow will have to pack along the rain gear. unfortunately, some rain will be coming down, especially, as we head into midday and throughout the afternoon hours. even moderate to heavy at times, cloudy conditions, temperatures, though, fairly mild for this time of year. 49 degrees, right around midday tomorrow. and as we look at our weather little closer to home, we saw some nice sunshine breaking out this morning, and haven't seen that in a couple of days, clouds redeveloped in some areas, still sunshine being maintained along the coast, and temperatures are feeling good for a january day. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're in the low 50's, down the shore. and 34 degrees, mild day, in the poconos, certainly by january standards. as we head into the second half of your thursday, kind of mix of sun and clouds, temperatures running well above average on the or of about ten to 15 degrees. sunshine takes us into the
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5:00 hour when the sun will be setting just few minutes after. light winds take us into the evening with mostly clear sky conditions, falling back to mid dollars 40a stick around upcoming weekends, i'll have the answer, several more soggy days, that's coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, see you soon, thank you. in other news this noon, frantic rescue effort underway after an avalanch wipes out luxury mountain hotel in the central region of italy. >> at least 30 people missing and some trapped have sent text messages with desperate pleas for help. tracking developments from rome. >> alarm was raised by two survivors, teams trying to reach the hotel. the massive cascading snow slammed into the three-story row tell in darkness, and all but burried the building. the first reports were many dead. inside the hotel they found a scene of author destruction, the weight of the snow
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appeared to have collapsed the roof down on to the grounds floor. heavy snow hampered ambulances trying to reach the scene. which deep in the region popular with tourists even plows struggled to get through. a cell phone text exchange believed to be with someone inside the very building a message that saidment. be calm, tomorrow you'll calm down. but another one received by rescue workers simply said: help. we are dying of the cold. >> the area part of the region hit by a series of four strong earthquakes on wednesday, the biggest of which was five-point p on the richter scale. multiple after shocks followed, but it is not clear if they're what triggered the avalanch. major quake last august filled nearby 300 people ruined buildings in historic towns in hamlet. >> this time the weather added to disaster one local resident described as a pock lips. hotel built to be earthquake proof, but no prevention from
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avalanch. >> in other international news, a highrise commercial building collapses in iran after fire engulfs the upper floors. now the billing came crashing down during live coverage of the fire. iranian state television this morning. dozens of firefighters were trapped inside the building as smoke and debris engulfed the surrounding area. most of the workers inside the build hadding been evacuated. the 17 story structure was one of the first highrises in iran's capitol city. >> spokesman for george h.w. bush says the former president resting comfortably in houston hotel. houston hospital, excuse me, 92 year old battling pneumonia. omar villafranca reports his wife, former first lady barbara bush, being treated for bronchitis. >> president bush recovering from what spokesman jim mcgrath describes as accute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia. doctors intubated the 41st president wednesday, for procedure to protect and clear his airway. there is not a lot of money to
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be made betting against george bush. >> mcgrath says the 92 year old is a fighter. >> he's 92. he has new men y he is in the icu. but again, you don't bet against george bush. >> the former president hasn't let his aids slow -- his age slow him down. he jumped out of an airplane for his 90 birthday. but his is the fourth hospital stay in five years. he is suffering from a disease similar to parkinson's that's limited his mobility. president bush sent president-elect trump a note apologizing that neither he nor his wife would be able to attends friday's inauguration. my doctor says if i sit outside in january, it likely will put me 6 feet under. same for barbara, he jokes. we're wishing the president-elect well. on wednesday, mr. trump responded with a tweet of support for the couple and thanked the former president for the wonderful letter. president bill clinton also sent his regards to his predecessor and mrs. bush. signing the post: love 42.
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>> and during his final press conference wednesday, president obama expressed gratitude. >> they have been a constant source of friendship and support. we want to send our prayers and our love to them. >> members of the president's staff and his son, kneel, are by his bedside. another one of his sons, former president george w. bush, still plans to attend the inauguration tomorrow. omar villafranca, cbs news, houston. well, an overnight fire leaves several people burned out of their homes in delaware. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we're learning that the fire that destroyed their house was no accident. what fire officials saying this noon. >> and robbers strike local shopping district at time that seems unlikely for an armed robbery. details on the crime that terrorized a main street shop. when we come
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>> the delaware state marshall fire says arson to blame for fire in new castle last night that left six people homeless, someone intentionally set a fire, at a townhouse on chris tone ya court. it spread to two neighbors homes. red cross assisting the six people displaced. philadelphia police are working on gathering surveillance footage that will help them catch the men behind terrifying robbery in manayunk. authorities say man entered re mix designer consignment, 4300 main street, 6:00 p.m. last night. probably very busy with shoppers, and commuters, the suspects head up the cashier and customer at gunpoint. then tide them up and turned
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off the lights, and that's when two more men walked in and attacked the merchandise. >> the three perpetrators, although wearing gloves, so can't get fingerprints, they were not wearing masks covering their face. northwest detectives is processing the scene, getting copies of any recordings in the area. >> and the suspects got away with $10,000 in items and 200 in cash. police believe they escaped in a silver car going north on main street. >> eleven days after a giant sinkhole opened up on boston street in fishtown, some people still waiting for water service to be restored. >> "eyewitness news" viewer sent us this video crews at work. she said while the lack of water has been an inconvenience, the noise that crews are making late into the night has also been a problem. crews will be back today and tomorrow, a sinkhole on january 8th disrupted service there. peco energy awarded a $10,000 grant. this morning, school president doctor donald general
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discussed the importance of the money to student. >> it is one of those things once they have the necessary training in that particular field, they are able to carry that throughout multiple of industries and businesses in order to be able to to find work and employment. that's ultimately what it is all about. >> grant will be used to purchase state-of-the-art solar energy and now equipment for student in the science, technology, engineering and math fields. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": flood water rescue. >> see how bystander jumped into action to rescue people on board a bus. rising water, lauren? >> and it is thursday. we're so close to the weekend. and conditions are going to be looking good. that is not the right forecast. it won't be quite that warm. but it is going to be pretty warm with high temperatures ten to 15 degrees above average in the poconos, city and down the shore will be in the middle 50's, saturday for the city, south jersey and the shore near 40 agree temperatures in the poconos, and we are watching out for late day rain by sunday.
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more details on the impending rain, full forecast coming up next.
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>> welcome back to "eyewitness news", you are looking live at a shot of our next president, donald trump, landing in washington, looks like he is about to join the motorcade. of course inauguration is tomorrow, but there are several pre inauguration event today. we know that's what he will be taking part in as well as vice president elect mike pence. >> of course our jessica dean will be in washington with report later on today and all day tomorrow here on cbs-3.
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"eyewitness news". >> well, terrifying moments for a pass inning near driver on commuter bus in houston, texas, the bus stalled out in flood waters, but good samaritan quickly jumped into action. he walks through the water and helps the driver as she climbed out the window, then went back to the bus, to help a passenger climb out. several other vehicles also stalled out in the rising water. texas has been dealing with severe storms and flooding making for dangerous conditions over the past few days. that's just really good guy. jim donovan, would you do that for lauren and me. >> i would, as long as i didn't see snakes in the water? >> and gators. >> yes. >> so we're good to go as long as no reptiles floating, swimming around in the water? >> exactly, you're covered. >> last been pretty wet month so far here in the delaware valley. several more soggy days in the forecast, but not today. sunshine, although clouds starting to filter back in, some clouds this morning, then sunshine broke out, main theme along the coastline, some low to mid level clouds, a lot of
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blue in the scene there. after we had couple of dreary days, wet day on tuesday. little rain yesterday, definitely socked in with the cloud cover. seeing breaks of sunshine across the area, confirmed on storm scan3. see the cloud cover starting to return to the i-95 corridor, still nice sunshine in place along the coast, conditions right now pretty quiet, all be it cloud any washington dc but weather system off winds to the south and west is moving its way to the northeast. you can see a a lot of moisture in association with the area of low pressure that will be bringing the rainy conditions to inauguration day tomorrow. but it won't be in the wetters inauguration day ever, that goes to franklin d. roosevelt back in 1937. nearly 2 inches of rainfall fell during that day. the snowiest was in 1909 for william taft, blizzard dumped 10 inches of snow. the colds he is and both the warmest, ronald reagan, both of them, 198 a with the coldest, 7 degrees, actually had to move the ceremony indoors because it was so
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cold, the windchill down at 20 below. also had nice outdoor one in 1981 previous to that, 55 degrees, and mostly cloudy conditions, certainly, mild day. it will be mild tomorrow close to the record. for us definately mild. 48 degrees, some clouds, fill erring back into the scene now live look at center city philadelphia. and temperatures certainly mild south of the city across portions of south jersey, down the shore, delaware, at 49 degrees already in dover. little cooler toward the lehigh valley with temperatures in the low four's right now. we will top off well above average. should be in the low 40's, we will be middle 50's today, feeling night, mix of sun and clouds, northwest winds stay pretty at five to 10 miles per hour. for tonight, mostly quiet, falling to 36 degrees. sunset today 5:05, has been rainy month so far. monthly precipitation, nearing in on 2 inches, you can see, these are all the days with either measurable rainfall or measurable snowfall. so that monthly total if we had snow, take the water equivalent after this wet month, certainly after very
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dry fall, and start to winter, rainfall deficits for each month, you can see, well in the deficit over an inch for october. but for this month so far, only one, 100 of a month of deficit. future weather showing us likely eat away at the deficit as we head into the day tomorrow. tonight, is quiet, but then going to see rain returning as we head into midday tomorrow. and soggy afternoon, and early evening, is in store, could impact our friday evening commute. rainfall should be light in intensity, could see more pockets working through late in the day. dry day for saturday. mild once again, up to 55 degreesment look at the string of 50's in january. can't complain too much about. that will we do have couple of more rain chances late day sunday, sunday night into monday, and tuesday, as well. i think even late day sunday, sunday night, maybe hear some thunder? stay tuned for that i'll have your forecast. >> thank you very much, lauren. and jim donovan, lauren, that time of year again. no, not talking about --
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>> it is girl scout cookie season is here. the local champ is her celebrating two incredible milestones. today marks the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania's 100 birthday, and the 100 anniversary of actual cookie sales for all of the girl scouts. few of the girl scouts met them this morning, they introduced us to new smors cook toy celebrate the two sweet milestones. don't worry the other traditional favorites are still available. >> the smores was pretty good. >> awesome. thin mints any day. >> i had about five thin mints so far today. >> well, first lady michelle obama takes a walk down memory lane as her days in the white house comes to an end. >> see the video she just
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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calling 844-844-2424. or visit >> michelle obama strolling through pennsylvania avenue with the first dogs. taking it in, one last walk through the people's house. >> that's what everybody does when they leave their homes, memories. >> that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for lawyer, a all every us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at of course the young and the restless is next. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> devon: i'm gonna tell you the same thing that i told hilary. i don't want to dwell on new year's eve and what happened with the wreck that night and everything else. it's over. it doesn't matter. and we're moving on, okay? >> mariah: i know, i know. hilary told me. but i really, really need you to listen to me. >> devon: go for it. >> mariah: ever since the accident, i have been blaming myself over choosing a terrible time to try and get revenge on hilary. it was stupid. i am embarrassed for how i acted. look, i didn't think that the whole teleprompter thing would be -- >> devon: teleprompter thing? >> mariah: yeah, the one that hilary was using at the gala. look, i-i know that there are some things that you don't remember from that night, but now that hilary's filled you in, i really, really would like to apologize.


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