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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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coverage of the inauguration event, good afternoon everyone i'm ukee washington. and good evening everyone i'm jessica dean coming to you live from washington d.c., on a inauguration eve, we got here, about noon time today little afternoon time and i'll tell you there are a lot of people all around this area. you see u.s. capitol behind he where main event is tomorrow in front of that and there are all kind of barricade, tour groups lots of activity all around this area as you would imagine. the as for the trump family well, they got the here around noon time today and it has been a very busy day for them as they prepare for tomorrow, lets take a look. president-elect donald trump laid a wreath at tomb of the unknownness arlington national cemetery on the eve of his inauguration the president-elect and his family then headed to the lincoln memorial for a welcome concert to celebrate his that you go racial. earlier, he spoke at a congressional leadership lunch
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attended by many of his administration picks. >> we have, by far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled. >> reporter: aids say mr. trump is still working on his inaugural address but speech will focus on the rolls of government and every day americans. >> it will be a very personal, sincere statement about his vision for the country. >> reporter: according to the inaugural committee tomorrow's events will be public's first glimpse in the president's administration and what the first 100 days will look like. >> what you are seeing in this inauguration is working like inaugural ready to get to work for hearn people honoring traditions of the the past and paying tribute to the peaceful transfer of power. >> reporter: barricade like these are set autopsy long parade route where thousands are expect to welcome the first tamly to their new home inauguration officials say celebration will be subdued. >> we have less balls, we have a shortened air raid, and it just shows, this commitment to get to go work. >> reporter: president-elect trump will will take oath of
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offering using a bible given to him by his hotter and bible president lincoln used at his first inauguration. and, joining me now is republican strategies allison young, allison has been with us throughout this political season. thanks for being with us today >> thanks, jessica. >> we are looking to tomorrow and what to expect from the president-elect there his that you go rally with speech, this has been a loud transition, there has been a lot of activity, lot of tweets. >> that is right. >> some controversy what to you expect to hear there him tomorrow. >> tommy expect and i hope to hear the statesman that we all want our president to be. i hope that tomorrow's speech will take that tone. they have talked bit being more subdued and a more unifying message for all americans, and that is the president's job. tomorrow and job of every address is to speak to everyone and unify them after a tough campaign. >> they are going to start looking at first 100 days what they can get in, they have to get their nominees confirmed. how do you see this processing
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is this taking a little longer then it typically toss. >> i think some of the nominee s, cabinet the nominees came a little late and there have been challenges with the nominees with the the senate saying they have not gotten it the innings paperwork. there could be a few hold ups. it is on pretty much on track. republicans have majority in the senate the to confirm the nominees that the president wants. >> reporter: and you work for george w. bush, you have been inside an administration, and how critical are these next 100 days for them. >> they are extremely chris will california. the president, there is a lot of contempt for this president still out there. so, we have seen it locally in philadelphia with our members of the congress boycotting this election. i think first 100 days are still people unfortunately not rooting for the president. it its time for the president to get some easy, early wins in the first 100 days and prove to america and some of the detractors he can deliver for the entire nation and not just those that voted for him. >> that would be your add rise >> absolutely.
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>> you have done inaugural events before in the past how did this measure up in terms of the the crowd size, events what do you think. >> well, i'm very excited about the events that are starting tonight, obviously, you know, we have seen so much activity around town. is there so many people that have come in. i think that we're expecting huge crowd tomorrow, and i think it will be amazing. is there so much excitement from the people we talk to to take some from pennsylvania, from texas, people are here from all over and rooting for america over the next couple of days. >> also too probably protester tomorrow. >> i'm sure we will see protesters. i have been on the other end of this when president bush left office and obama administration was coming in. it is hard. i feel for all of the obama staffers that are leaving, turning overall of their hard work to a new party, but, we will see, i think everybody it is time for everybody to get together and root for one another and do it together. >> thanks for being with us, always good to see you. let's talk about philadelphia, once again, because back in philadelphia today there was a
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march happening in support of the equal rights amendment. i want to show you video from that, chopper three was over it as it was happening. this group gathered near city hall and they marched to eakins oval for the rally. this event was organize by alex holman a junior at friend select school and she called on president-elect trum top make equal rights for woman a priority during his presidency >> dear mr. president: think of your daughters and wife. think of your hotter and sisters. do they deserve equality. are women people? they are considered equal in this country's constitution. dear mr. president, do something for us because we will not wait for change. we have been waiting long enough for equality. >> reporter: alex paul wrote the equal rights amendment in 1923. back here in d.c. the obama's preparing to move out of the white house and into the next phase of their life. to that end first lady michelle obama posted a little
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something on social media today as she took it all in one last time. we want to show you this video she shared on twitter showing her stralling through the halls of the white house with hear dogs beau and sunny and she wrote taking it in one last walk through the peoples house. of course, a lot of transition these inauguration is it the is incredible transfer of power and how it happens both here when they take oath of office but you have to remember they are moving one family out, moving another family this, staffers, assistants, all of the people that make the government go, going through a find transition here in washington tc, and we will be here, taking awe long for all of it. ukee, we will be back at 5:30. >> eyewitness to history, thank you, we will see you then. with the inauguration tomorrow philadelphia police say stay away from center city , city hall and independent mall. police say there are protests planned throughout the day so traffic could be tied up, so avoid the areas or use public transportation. we have invited you to
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stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the inauguration of the president trump, jessica will have more live report from our nation's capitol coming up later on "eyewitness news" and throughout the take, tomorrow. former president george hw bush remains hospitalized in houston in stable condition. a spokesmen says that the former president doctors are evaluating him for possible removal of the breathing tube that was inserted yesterday during a procedure to clear his airway. the forty-first president has been in the hospital intensive care unit since relying on a ventilator to breathe. >> it is a serious situation. he is 92. he has pneumonia. he is in the icu. but you don't bet against george bush. >> former first lady barbara bush who was also hospitalized and says she's feeling better after under going treatment for bronchitis. not a bad day weather-wise we are continuing our stretch of winter warmth, how long will we be feeling this and when he can we expect weather to change. meteorologist kate bilo joins us from the sky deck today was
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a testament to how difficult it is to get a sunny, mid 50's day in january. the cloud, won out this afternoon, more cloud then sunshine but temperatures still above the average, and we're seeing a nice blue sky as skies continue to clear, this evening. but, we have got more rain on the way just in time for inauguration day tomorrow, and bit of the messy friday commute on the way. lets start with right new we will take you out to storm scan three looking good outside right now. beautiful sunset as i stand here on the sky tech seeing blue skies, clouds are thin ning out and we will continue to do so. call it partly to mostly cloudy, see some rain just creeping in there bottom corner of the screen split is over portions of lou san, mississippi anal bam a lifting up through kentucky and that will get here during the day tomorrow. quickly timing it out clear skies through tonight and then cloud reform and even by late morning or early afternoon the first little batch of showers will move through, coming up we will time that out and take you through afternoon commute but in the the meantime this is all going to be plane rain
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because temperatures still well above average in the mid 40's right now all across the region 48 in atlantic city, 46 this lancaster. coming up we will have one day thaw can get outside, maybe not a ton of son but we will tell you what day that is and stronger system with heavier rain to track. we will break it down with the full forecast, ukee. >> thanks, kate. sharon hill man is facing charges for dealing fentanyl laced heroin that lead to a man's overdose. this suspect 26 year-old james collins, police say he dealt heroin to the 28 year-old main from see kaine who overdosed and died in october. collins being held at george w hill correctional facility in glen mills millions. the delaware state fire marshals says arson was to blame last night, two alarm blaze broke out around 11:30 on tuscany court. six people were left homeless but were assisted by red cross officials say someone intentionally started a fire which quickly, spread to multiple units. we believe it started from the exterior and just got in,
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on the first and second floor. so, we secured the fire from the first and second floors and then it started to burn the roof off in some parts. they work from cutting the roof to putting on the ceiling >> reporter: damage from the fire is estimated at $300,000. the state fire investigators are conducting a criminal investigation. search continues for three robbery suspects who terrorized workers at a consignment shop in manayunk. it happened around 5:30 last night at the remix on main street. one gunman tied up two workers and let two more suspects inside the shop. trio got away with about $60,000 worth of clothing, hand bags, jewelry, and wallet s. well, the president gets tens of thousands of letters a day, president obama made sure he responded to some, and how those letters are chosen and the special reason one philadelphia native got some there president obama himself. prices on many products
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well, if you thought things were just a little bit more expensive, then you are right. inflation hit a two and a half year high, three on your side jim donovan explains what this means for you and your wallet. >> reporter: gas prices, rent, flights, car insurance, just some of the many things that have gotten more expensive, according to the consumer ricin decks. the program that the federal government uses to track costs you may have noticed the biggest jump at gas pump last month gas prices went up 3 percent according to triple a this week the the average price of regular unleaded gas is hovering around ten cents more than a month ago but not every sector is seeing a hike.
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grocery costs have gone down slightly, for the last eight months and cost of clothes, also dropped less than 1 percent, this may be the new normal for a while. federal reserve raised interest rates last month when fed plans to keep raising rates throughout the year which could potentially make inflation and rises go up. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim done ran. kate bilo joins us with our forecast. we might have rain on the inaugural parade. >> it may rain a bit. it will be a close call because there will be showers that move through. there could be a break in the action. hopefully that break is just around the time of the ceremony but if you are heading to d.c. make sure rain is iffy. but if you are it can get messy down there and here in philadelphia as well especially in the afternoon tomorrow. when you leave the house tomorrow it should be dry, may even see a little sunshine in the morning but by the afternoon the rain will return , to the area here's what this evening, it is looking like. it the turns out nice this evening. we have had cloud cover, midday, and did not turnout
5:16 pm
quite as sunny as i hoped but still a mild day above average and dry day as well and more blue skies out there this evening, even though sunnies now going down, bethlehem looking good tonight, you can see streetlights are on and it is pretty quiet tonight. the it will stay quiet overnight. beautiful sunset still in the skies as we look at our live neighborhood network palmyra nature park looking across the river toward the city's sky line where it his three. storm scan three shows is what heading our way. this is showing cloud really starting to increase over portions of the ohio val any to west virginia as this next system approaches, dry for now , but rain will creep in, as we get into the day tomorrow. so you can see this first band here light band have of showers moving through kentucky, heavier rain is to the west and south of that, and that is what will come through in the afternoon rush hour tomorrow, and then things slow down for our friday as if fridays were not bad enough traffic wise the rain may slow you down more tomorrow. temperatures right now again still above average. we didn't get quite as warm as we had helped because of the
5:17 pm
lack of sunshine through the afternoon, warmest part of the day but temperatures in the mid 40's, 48 in atlantic city. forty-six in philadelphia. thirty-four in mount pocono. poconos one spot that may have to watch tomorrow afternoon as rain comes in, a few colder spots and highest elevations could see a little bit of freezing rain but as far as overnight is concerned just a few clouds here and there, but by early tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we are not seeing any wet weather, maybe a few breaks of sun in the morning but by 2:00 when rain comes in so again close call down around d.c. it looks like this will be beginning there probably couple hours earlier then us so right around noon, we will keep an eye to the sky for rain to push through. then it moves outs quickly but still raining, during evening commute, saturday dryer day but we are concern it may turnout to take where it is nice, mild but not a ton of sunshine. cloud really want to hang honest specially saturday morning but saturday does look like a dry day for out door lance you may have. so what to expect for your friday, cloudy start, rain arrives by midday, steady rain
5:18 pm
late afternoon and watch out for that slow afternoon commute. good news we have made it up, rainfall deficits, in october we were 1.12 inches below average. november and december 3 quarters of an inch below average on rain tall. january so far we are right on track, where we should be so that is good news as far as snow is concerned this winter so far we have had 5.2 inches, seasonal average two 2.4, last year 27 and a half and keep in mind this is right through end of winter so the end of february and into how much. overnight mainly cloudy, quiet , 35 degrees your overnight low. for your friday cloudy with rain mainly in the afternoon, high only 44, the rain will keep it cooler throughout the day tomorrow and then notice how much warmer saturday gets, high of 55, again i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a ton of sunshine but toss look dray. sunday morning starts off dry and then another chance for rain, sunday afternoon and that will set stage for a stronger system on monday of next week we will talk about that next half an hour but
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suffice it to the say good thing it is rain and not snow. >> i hear you, thanks kate, appreciate it. first a perennial batch already who got married and now rumors are hot and we have that i george clooney is about to be a dad. according to in touch weekly amal clooney is pregnant with twins a boy and girl. rumors began when am allah period with the belly at screening for the white helmet in london in early january. as we say in the industry, stay tuned. anchor woody harrelson project lost in london may make movie history. the it will be shot live in one take and 11 camera. he said story is based on one of the worst nights in his life, 15 years ago, movie go ers curious about the film can catch a live screening tonight at participating theaters. sir paul mccartney lost his beetle songs back. legend filed suit against sony ac movie publishing in a bid to owe take other ownership songs that he wrote or co road
5:20 pm
with john lenon. former member was out bid in 1958 by michael jackson who spent 41 million-dollar obtaining the rights to the beatles catalogue. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a philadelphia that it i have gets a special surprise after he writes to the president, the response, and why it is so unique, next. a former olympian and pro wrestler conquers addiction and wants to help other people dot the same. 's has an app for it, don. >> you have heard the term raising the roof, how about raising the cats. see the new craze that has sixers fans taking their game to social media, sports coming up
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make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. these high school students are tasted their share of struggles. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 the way sports helped them through and how the 76ers are honoring them right thousand. don bell joins us now, speaking of the 76ers we are watching this team develop on
5:24 pm
and off the court. >> yes, we are. they are hot, man. >> they are rolling. >> they are talk of the town. >> no question bit. >> for good reason. sixers fans they don't know what to do with themselves after three years of bargain basement basketball they are ready to let loose. sixers beat toronto last night their seventh win in nine games. joel embiid becoming a national star had 26 points. rookie dario saric scoring eight points and electrifying the crowd with his defense, kind of d that you see right there. joel embiid says, their success is no mistake. >> you know, you know, we are competing. we're winning games with good defence. >> meanwhile injured rookie ben simmons has started a trend for sixers fans. he posted a snap chat photo of a cat on top of his head. this has inspired imitation from fans who quote, raised
5:25 pm
the cat, after the sixers win. okay. check this out. so, on twitter, they started raising his cat in november, after, they win. slowly but surely that inspired other sixers fans to do the same. they used the #raise the cat. this is heather, heather brady after last night's win. here's isaac lutes with his rendition of raising the cat. >> any commentary from the cats yet what do they have to say. >> cats have not weighed in yet we will have that exclusive perhaps tonight at 11:00. >> i thought ben would play, he is one cool cat. we will see what happens. coming up next in our next half an her we will go back to the nation's capitol where they are preparing for inauguration and much more, jessica. that is right, ukee we will take you inside the capitol where the confirmation hearings continue for trump's nominee as he prepares to take the oath of office.
5:26 pm
also, a four star resort buried under an avalanche, with people inside, the chaos, and daring rescue when we come
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who's next?
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well, a solute, from the next command inner chief, history is unfolding in our nation's capitol on washington d.c. in a matter of hours donald j trump will be the forty-fifth president of these united states. a moving, moment on inauguration eve president-elect trump and vice-president elect mike pence laid a wreath the at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington that the cemetery. and welcome to the inauguration, right now a concert is underway to kick off all of the public inaugural events, president-elect trump and members of his family are there. lets give you a live look, right now at make america
5:30 pm
great again welcome concert on the steps of the lincoln memorial, you are looking at the united states army band, performing, live, right now. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30, hello i'm ukee washington. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean coming to you live there washington d.c. where as ukee mentioned the president-elect and his family they are here, they are at the concert and there are lots of festivities starting to happen , a lot of parties, dinners, gatherings but among all that in anticipation for tomorrow there is real serious business going on in the capitol behind me as confirmation hearings continues, for trump nominees. some of them face pretty serious questions today. >> you just want to shoot questions at me and not let me explain answers. >> it tense back and forth, between teave mnuchin and democratic senators. they wanted to know why the treasury secretary nominee waited until wednesday to disclose that he was a manager for investment fund located in
5:31 pm
the caribbean. >> did you use the kay men island corporation to avoid paying taxes. >> i did not use a kay men island entity toia void taxes for myself. >> you helped others avoid taxes. >> they didn't avoid, they followed the law. >> reporter: mnuchin says that is a law wow like to see change with the new trump administration. >> also on capitol hill with energy secretary nominee rick perry who says just because he was once governor of texas does not mean he is behold even to big oil. >> i'm commit to all of an above policy. >> reporter: while perry says climate is changing he is cautious how he would address the issue. >> so it is naturally occurring but some of it is caused by manmade activity. the question is, how we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn't compromise economic growth. >> reporter: perry says he regrets once calling for the energy department to be a bol ished. as the transition continues, for the next administration,
5:32 pm
this is president barack obama 's final full day as president of the united states something interesting, about president obama is about 10 million letters, goes to the president at the white house every single year, 10 million letters and a lot of effort goes into making sure that each of those receive some sort of a response. now, the president actually asks for this to happen when he first took office back in 2009, and he read ten new letters every night that are selected for him by his staff and he often respond to them. philadelphia native stephan johnson sent a letter in high school thanking the president for being an inspiration and beyond son says that the president's reply, inspired him even more. >> dear stephan. thank you so much for your letter. we're so proud of you keep up the great work. >> even though the letter was short and a number of words, probably most pro found word that have ever been addressed to me before.
5:33 pm
>> he was really clear about the point that it should be ten letters. >> reporter: so tonight he will read those final ten letters that were select for him, the obama's not going far from washington d.c., they will stay in the city as their youngest daughter finishing up high school here this washington. now coming up tonight at 6:00 there air lot of people here in the nation's capitol will from our area who were here, to watch history happen, and to be present for inauguration. in fact is there a group from bucks county right over here who i will talk to in a second but we will talk to some of those people and hear from them tonight at 6:00 ukee. >> we will return to you shortly. stand by. thanks very much. in other news tonight, rescue crews have recover at least three bodies at a luxury hotel buried under an avalanche in italy. alpine teams on skis were first to reach hotel, two survivors managed to call for help. inside three story building. they found destruction with
5:34 pm
huge piles of tea brings and snow covering the correspondence tors. the roof collapsed, all the way to the ground floor, under the weight of all of that snow here's a look at crews making their way to that hotel in very difficult conditions. avalanche has led to a series of rescues across central italy. dozens of people remain missing. avalanche follows a series of strong earthquakes yesterday. historic high rise building in iran catches fire and collapses killing at least 30 fire fighters this was the scene as building came tumbling down in tehran. cause of the fire is a 17 story building is unclear at the moment, authorities say they had repeatedly warned tenants about blocking stairwells with fabric from cramped garment workshops on this upper floor. welshing drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome but it takes support, hear how a former pro wrestler is hoping to help recovering addict was an app. see how it works this less than ten minutes. m knight shamelen split hits theaters tomorrow see my
5:35 pm
preview of the film and find out a secret about one scene you do not want to miss, may even recognize a familiar face kate? taking another look at your weekend with our weekend watch and temperatures remaining above average but not a ton of sunshine, that said you should get outside at least for most of the day saturday. forty-five in the poconos. fifty's in the city and down the shore. cloud will roll in on sunday. first half looks dry but by afternoon another round of rain will move through and that will set the stage for strong system bringing wind and rain on monday
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
scary moments for south jersey woman who found herself giving birth in an unusual place, this morning. the woman went in the labor on the way to the hospital, a relative pulled into the new
5:39 pm
jersey state police port norris station. the baby was almost here but needed a little help. troopers blair -- troopers were waiting and sprung into action. >> the the detective were able to get the entire baby delivered and then we successfully got the cord, un tangled, and we waited for medical personnel to arrive. >> it was just so funny because they were all just like okay we're about to do this. they were mid wife's or something. >> we're about to do this. freight job, look what they did. both mom and baby are to go well, tonight. well, to you know which president had the coldest and also the warmest inauguration days? our weather team has
5:40 pm
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suspects you are urged to cat police. and new on the healthwatch tonight a new app is about to be available that can help people struggling with dixon. health reporter stephanie stahl has more otto limb pick binner behind this new technology. summer games, in 196 and thrill of the lifetime for curtaining will. >> when you win the gold medal you have an responsibility to be a positive member of society. >> reporter: twenty-seven year-old won the gold medal in free style wrestling, with a broken neck, and then, he went on to professional wrestling become a 13 time world heavyweight champion. five more broken necks led to an addiction to prescription pain pills. >> first one i took i was hooked. i liked it. i liked the dealing. when one didn't work, i went to two to four and just kept doubling to doubling, where nothing was working, and before i knew it, i was up to 65 extra strength vicodin a day. >> reporter: he was chasing
5:44 pm
the highest high he ever felt winning the olympic gold. after his fourth dui in five years, he decided to go to rehab for 30 days. it work. but he wondered about staying clean. >> when you are an addict you are always an addict and if you are ashamed to talk bit the you will not help other people. i felt like it was time for somebody to step forward, and do something about it. >> reporter: now he is leading the angle strong initiative to help others stay sober too angle strong app is made to help people break the addiction strong cycle and stay sober. daily check ins, meeting reminders and care manager, helped with reaching goals and tracking sobriety and guard against relapse, loved ones are notified if someone does not check in. >> we will be there with you the whole way through and that is the thing. i want them to know they have security. >> reporter: app also has a monthly skype call with angle himself. >> i never had the urge to be rich and famous, but i have the urge to survey purpose for
5:45 pm
god what makes me happier is being a family man and helping people with their struggles with addiction. that makes me happier then winning a gold medal. >> reporter: angle strong app is scheduled to be released later this month. we have a link and more information on cbs click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". making a difference, indeed. >> kate bilo joins us with a forecast, i have the umbrella on stand by but we're okay here. >> we're okay rest of the night, okay tomorrow morning as well but tomorrow afternoon things get dicey. we might get our lunch plans in if you have plans to head out on the town, walking to your favorite lunch spot but after 12:30 or 1:00 is when rain moves in a lot of times they like to creep in early. i wouldn't be shock if we saw wet weather before the noon hour. another round of rain on the way and it is not last one we have got in the seven day forecast. we will get right to it the with the a look outside, beautiful city shot. all lit up.
5:46 pm
not a lot of cloud cover, out there, we have cleared out the sky, tonight after cloudy, midday time frame that is inhibited temperatures from climbing quite as high as we hoped they might the but still a nice day with temperatures above average and no rain, and just a beautiful night, even still some light in the sky, and now that we have started to see the cloud break up a bit. our weather watchers, loved this day, temperatures above average, we did have a few shots from the weather watchers, i will show you a few pictures here, looking beautiful this morning, look at this shot of the moon from phil. nothing but blue skies, this was at 8:30 beautiful sunny start to the day. cloud rolled in but the geese didn't mind this one from phil you can see canadian geese in the field is here. mild park, showing the sunset, so sunrise was beautiful. sunset was beautiful. middle of the day though we didn't see too much sunshine out there. golden sunset from christopher , who says a nice end to a beautiful day, and this one, turkey vultures resting in the field from wayne hunter, the animals enjoying this weather as well. felt more like march is
5:47 pm
supposed to feel rather than january. temperatures are mainly in the lower 40's. we will have a cool night with skies starting to clear. forty-four in medford, new jersey as we check with andrew republicanleno and down in delaware we will go at 45, home owner of sandor, in newark, 45, little sun, just a tease as cloud rolled in but still above average temperatures. we have got more above average temperatures, before we cool down again. i will show you when in just a moment. first looking outside still light in the sky on this camera from palmyra cove, beautiful sunset shot there storm scan three showing the cloud, just starting to break up a bit and it will clear out for next couple of hours before another round of clouds , creeps back in overnight as we herald the arrival have the of the next system. you can see moisture lifting from the south. there is not a lot of cold but rain will get in, first batch of showers, gets in tomorrow and by midday here it comes so again see warm front that little band of showers could
5:48 pm
impact us by about the noon time hour and then steady rain here at 12:00, just in time for inauguration it looks like showers at least around d.c., steady rain around 4:00 here in philadelphia and we will clear it the out saturday, doesn't look like a ton of sun but dry with high pressure overhead for one day before our next system brings threat for rain late sunday into hon. rain chances friday, something east afternoon, sunday rain returns, and then period have of rain and gusty wind, on monday, tomorrow's system not a lot of moisture. we have less than a quarter inch for most of us, just a quick hitting batch of showers that moves through. polar air staying to the north for now but watch what happens by next weekend little piece breaks off and that is when temperatures could start to head to normal. for tonight 35 degrees, mainly cloudy, quiet night, tomorrow cloudy again with rain mainly through afternoon, should be out by later tomorrow night if you have friday night plans on the town. try clouds a few breaks of sun , 55. sunday another round of rain
5:49 pm
and that will continue into monday. we will stay above average through thursday, but like i said it does get dicey next weekend and temperatures will cool down, quite a bit. the inauguration is an outdoor event and that means weather is a factor, in today 's einstein health care network science center report meteorologist lauren casey has tomorrow's forecast for nation 's capitol as well as memorable events from maying inaugurations past. >> reporter: those attending inauguration tomorrow will need wet weather gear with rain arriving in the washington d.c. area, right around noon time. the temperature they will be mild near 50 degrees. of course, weather has always played an important role in presidential inaugurations ever since they were first moved outside. president james monroe haddon or of the first outdoor ceremony in 1817, and since then many extreme weather event affect inaugurations day activities. william henry harrison is remembered as president with the shortest tenure in history he didn't wear a coat on his
5:50 pm
cold, windy inauguration day in march 1841. the he then caught a cold and died of pneumonia, just one month later. most snowy weather occurred march 1st 1909 during inauguration for william taft. ceremony had to be moved indoors, as 10 inches of snow fell in washington and wind toppled trees and down pull phone poles. presidential inauguration where is held in early march until 1937, when they were moved to january 20th. this didn't bode well for president franklin dell in other roosevelt during his second inauguration in 1937, 1.77 inches of rainfall, still record for january 20th in washington d.c. and wetest inauguration ever. president ronald reagan had both warmest and coldest january inaugurations. reagan took his first oath outside in a mild 55 degrees. where as his second swearing in 1985 had to be moved in doors with the temperature of only 7 degrees and wind chill as low as 20 below.
5:51 pm
arguablably worst weather was in 1929 when heavy rain began just before the oath of office was administered to herbert hoover. by the time he completed his that you go rally with agrees president hoover's face was beaded with the water and suit was ringing wet. in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. back to the future order of the day tomorrow is. >> it is not warmest or coldest or wetest but it will be a little wet. we expect a little rain, included cover not the best day but temperature wise better than reagan had. >> do you get frighten easily. >> no. >> here's why. >> yes, i do. >> m knight shamelen movie, split hits theaters in our area. >> i have been to the rodan gallery and i have been to federal doughnuts which i love >> that he does. i sit down with the stars, about this wild film and about a special cameo appearance you don't want to miss it we will
5:52 pm
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after films like sixth sense, signs, unbreakable and more, m knight shamelen is ready to reveal his latest, split, starring james mc invoice. sheds light on a actual but very rare psychological disorder but takes to it a whole you this level. don't be scared. >> action. >> you might want to take six, friends with you to see his newest. >> and, action. >> hey, pardon me sir i think you have the wrong car. >> the most incredible psychological disorder that exists is the id. >> kevin played by james mca
5:56 pm
thevoy, that stand for disassociated identity disorder a condition characterized by presence of two or more distinct personalities in a human being in the film three young girls get kidnaped by a patient under psychological care and for reasons to be revealed, casey need to take charge. >> and she has come out, stronger, but very reserved, and what i liked about the film is that you start off with someone very hard, she has been very hard end by the world and now as she goes along she sees that may be her ticket out. >> who is that. >> maybe she could help us. >> we're here. >> don't worry. he is not allowed to touch you >> i'm biased but she gave one of the great performances ever >> my name is headwick. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> i worked as a psychologist to prepare. >> i have never seen a case like this before, 23 identit ies live in kevin's
5:57 pm
body. >> reporter: many times his efforts did not go you been noticed. >> i was watching off camera just like oh, my god and when he finished that the whole place just burst into the hugo vation. >> when you do get the a response out of the crew it feels amazing. you look up to them more. >> reporter: a film with the script that early on even made him peak his curiosity. >> went through first ten pages and then next ten pages it is like what is that. then next ten pages it was completely different. oh, it is this. >> that is joy of what night the night does so well, he keeps an audience on their toes and i try to figure out what kind of tim are we watching. >> reporter: make sure you watch for a really scary moment. >> there is a scene you should look too which i think it is heart of the movie. is there an unnaturally sexy, tv anchor. >> yeah, okay. >> kevin's the guy you need to pay attention to, someone is
5:58 pm
coming for you. >> the beast. >> and big thanks again to m night the night and casting for asking cbs-3 to get involved. knight stopped by and collaborated with monica avery to help turn his film writing into news writing. clip was directed by our 5:00 p.m. news director paul suinger for this particular scene. cbs-3 flavor of the film continues former reporter robin rieger has a project as well. the split opens up tomorrow. don't be scared. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00 now at 6:00 preparing for a new president in washington d.c. jessica? that is right, ukee, all things are happening right now , in anticipation of inauguration day tomorrow, we will take you inside the preparations and also, introduce to you some people from our area in our nation's cap to to watch it all unfold. >> reporter: allegations of phony doctor, was examining
5:59 pm
students at a philadelphia high school and i'm joe holden , we did some digging of our own wait until you see red flags we have uncovered. and two girls with quite a story to tell how sports help the philadelphia high school students, overcome the odds, and way the 76ers, are honoring them. kate. not a lot of cold this week, in january in philadelphia but we are tracking chance for more rain. i'll tell you when to expect it, couple chances heading through tomorrow and weekend. right now at 6:00 o'clock. and now at 6:00 in the footsteps of an icon, and on the eve of history, donald trump at lincoln memorial tonight his wife melania by his side n just 18 hours he will take oath of office to be the next president, of the united states. celebrations are already underway in the nation's capitol tonight as we prepare
6:00 pm
for a new president. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. and good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from washington d.c., you can see capitol right behind me, that is where the big moment will happen, tomorrow, the oath of office when donald trump will be the forty-fifth president of the united states. trump and his family arrived here in the nation's capitol around noon time today and there has been a lot going on here. we want to fill you in on that and also too some of the people from our area we talk to who made the trip to watch history in person. a somber moment to mark beginning of the trump presidency, president-elect donald trump laid a wreath at tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, on the eve of his inauguration earl willer he spoke at congressional leadership lunch attended by many administration picks. >> we have by far the highest iq of any cabinet ever assembled.


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