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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 20, 2017 7:00am-10:00am EST

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my captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is inauguration day, friday, january 20th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning" from the national mall in washington. this is a historic day for america. the nation makes a peaceful transition of power from barack obama to donald trump, and we'll bring you every moment live. a patriotic display of grandeur kicked off the presidential inaugural last night. hundreds of thousands of people are expected here for this morning's swearing in. >> so what do we expect for the next four years. our guests include kel ya an conway, eric trump, kevin
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mccarthy, chuck super, senators cory booker, lindsey graham, among others. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. you're going to cheer me on, but i'm going to be cheering you on, because what we've done is so special. all over the world they're talking about it. the nation awaits the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states of america. >> the enthusiasm and intensity that donald trump is going to bring to this office is amazing. >> you don't have to like donald trump. there's a peaceful transition. it's what makes the american democracy amazing. >> he works seven days a week, 365 days a year. he's going to put washington back to work. >> he did say he's going to take the weekend off and start on monday. >> is that acceptable, gayle? >> no, listen. >> at the senate confirmation hearing he spent a moment with
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al frankel. >> i hope you have as much fun on that diet as you had on your couch. may i rephrase that? >> oh, lord. >> guzman is now in the hands of u.s. authorities. a desperate search is under way for those buried by an avalanche. a page is turned on a historic chapter in american history. >> the marine one helicopter that's going to carry him off had better have extra juice in it because people are not ready to let go. >> -- and all that matters. >> inauguration day. >> it's real. >> no matter who you voted for, tomorrow is day when every american should stay off facebook. i mean really. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> rain is expected during the inauguration. >> it literally might rain on
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donald trump's parade? >> if it really pours, that's okay because people will realize it's my real hair, and that's okay. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. it's inauguration day. five hours from now donald trump will be sworn in. it will take place before noon eastern of the front at the capitol hill. we have cameras all around the capit capitol. >> and here's what the day will look like. president-elect trump is waking up this morning at blair house. that is, across the street from the white house. he will have breakfast there before leaving for stchlt john's
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ee miss co-poll prayer service at 8:30 eastern time. at 9:00, they will cross to have coffee and tea at the white house. then at 9:30 they will leave the white house, ride together in the motorcade to leave for the capitol. members of congress will be waiting for them. >> the actual ceremony will take place on the west side, vips including supreme court justices and former presidents will be seated. the inaugural program begins at 11:15 and shortly before noon chief justice john roberts will administer the presidential oath to mr. donald trump and then the new president will give his inaugural address. >> the inaugural ceremonies began yesterday after the president-elect and his family flew from new york to washington. we begin our coverage with major garrett. he's outside across from the white house. major, good morning.
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>> good morning. donald trump's packet to the presidency that began so many months ago takes strides this morning. across at the blair house and then here at the white house for coffee with president obama and first lady michelle obama. the first family spent their final night before moving in the white house inside the blair house after taking in a full day of ceremony and celebration. ♪ in classic trump style the inaugural kickoff was big and bold. ♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american >> america's next president soaked it all in with his family by his side before sounding a note of humility. >> i had something to do with it but you had much more to do with
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it than i did. >> mr. trump called himself a mere instrument of the fed up voters. >> i'm the messenger, just the messenger. >> the president-elet absorbed the pageantry and responsibilities to come. mr. trump arrived in washington on a military plane and snapped a salute as the commander in chief to be. then a champagne toast at the hotel that bears his name and at arlington national cemetery mr. trump and the vice president-elect laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. in a solemn tradition of leaders before them. on inauguration eve a trump staffer released a video of the moment mr. trump knew he would be the 45th president of the united states, and he relived that moment last night at a candlelight dinner for donors, members of congress, and cabinet nominees, and he made this
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prediction. >> the next time four years from now, the next time we're going to win the old-fashioned way. >> the president-elect met briefly yesterday afternoon with chief justice john roberts who will deliver the oath of office. there was a mixup that required president obama to re-recite that at the white house the next day. >> i remember that. you have to lay it out exactly as the constitution. last night he paid trib bought to his counselor and former campaign manager kellyanne conway. he brought her up on stage and he said, quote, there's no den she will not go into. kellyanne conway joins us. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> have you seen the inaugural address? >> i have. it's a beautifully elegant address personally written by donald trump. you're going to hear a man of
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action, of resolve. i think that donald trump will lay down an important marker to try to unify the country and challenge all of us to follow his lead. >> will he reach out to others who didn't support him? >> yes, he will. >> how so? >> he did that on the eve. he ad-libbed. maybe there were a few of you. it was very funny in that regard. he means it sincerely. donald trump did not survive the country but he has a great opportunity. >> everybody says it's a critical moment for him and everybody is watching and it's a test and challenge for him to be aspirational and bring the country together. give us a sense of what will do that. >> his words followed by his actions. in his address you'll have an uplifting visionary donald trump calling us to take action fairly quickly. that's what businessmen do.
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at the same time it's undergirded by a real sense of patrioti patriotism, a real sense of america first in the best sense, meaning we need to protect american workers, american security. at the same time he reaches out to the growth. >> how is he feeling, kellyanne? this is a big, big day. it's final here. i know he's department. but, really, how is he feeling? >> i've seen him through many emotions. i find he's so ee buhl yenlt and buoyant. i find donald trump, to really understand the enormity and gravity and responsibility of this moment and of this role and with that, gayle, comes a certain humility. >> humility. >> what will be his first executive action? >> we'll see. he'll take a few of them. they try to secure the enhancement of their family. he will enjoy some but he'll take a couple of executive
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actions. by monday he'll roll back some of the job-killing regulations, some he considers to be unconstitutional. but until then he wants people to soak in the moment. >> environmental regulations and things like that? >> possibly, yes. >> how much have you planned out the first two weeks of his term in office? will it be shock and awe and quick action in delivering on some of his promises in the campaign? >> it will be a shock where washington will see a businessman in new york come through with i think the pen of the executive orders, but also he's somebody who has said what he wants to do. i think you've got a five- or six-point plan in short oert. repealing and replacing obama care, regulatory relief, tax reform. we're looking for cooperation across the aisle to do the same. >> we've tot do. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> it's a big day.
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>> i feel fabulous. >> you look fabulous too. the first stop donald trump will make will be at st. john's episcopal church for a prayer service. every american president has attended one service there since opened in 1818. you can hear the music in the background. they're getting ready for a concert. >> that's not what they're going to hear at church. >> that's right. it has earned the name the church of the president. margaret brennan is outside st. john's. that's why i love live tv. anything can happen. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. president-elect trump is expected to pull up here in front of st. john's church in just over an hour. he and the incoming first lady and vice president-elect and his wife will go inside for an hour-long service. it's an inauguration day tradition. every president has come to pray regardless of their own personal
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religious affiliation. now, mr. trump is presbyterian so the church leadership worked with the inaugural committee to craft a service to suit his family. we do know mr. trump will be front and center in that front church to listen to baptist preach preacher reverend robert jeffries. he leads a church in dallas. he's made controversial remarks about clicks, mormons, and muslims. but today his title will be when god chooses a leader. some will not attend the inauguration. nor nancy cordes is at the capitol. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're testing the microphone. behind me you see the little
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bumpout that they call the west terrace. that's where he'll speak today. the seats around him will be filled by his family, vice president-elect and his family, members of the congression, supreme court. i saw them putting pieces of paper on each seat with a name on it. as you can imagine it's assigned seating. no jockeying for seating. among those who will not be there, 62 house democrats who most of them are forming this as a kind of protest. they say it's a boycott because they're angry about some of the things donald trump has had to say over the course of this election and in the days since. republicans haven't made too big of a deal of it that. i don't want to draw attention to it but they say democrats should have put politics aside on a day like this. it gives you a sense of the clashes yet to come here on capitol hill. >> nancy, thanks. >> cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson joins us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> i have a problem with this.
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i have to take this down. let me ask you this. what do we know about the speech? we know it's going to be aspirational. we know america first will certainly find its way into this speech. >> right. i think what i'm wondering is which of the two donald trumps will show up? will it be the negotiator who loves a strong gambit who really shocks everybody and that's the way we lohe loves to operate or on inauguration night sounding the notes of unity. it's one thing to say we should join together in unity. it's another to show it. there are some for whom this day is a great joy. but there are a lot of people who are nervous. he's got the one camp. can he speak to the other camp. that's one of the big tests for today. >> i see a lot of jolly people today in the hotel walking on the streets in tuxedos and gowns. they're psyched. you're right. there's another side. his team keeps saying he's going
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to be ladder, a unifier. >> he keeps saying we should unify and move on. this is what a president does. he's promising a lot of change, a lot of disruption in america. well, there are some that's waffle thing. for others it's nervous making and the president has to explain, he has to comfort, he has to walk them through what he's doing. if he can do it today, there's a little signal he might be able to do it later. >> as it's described in the "washington post" later, donald trump built a skyscraper of campaign promises. how quickly will they actsome. >> you know, he'll do a few executive orders today that are kind of bookkeeping matters, and then we don't know what's going to happen monday but good things are going to happen. >> i'm told he has something forrer day for the first two weeks, that they're just going to come out of the gate roaring and every day there's some new policy change. >> right. mexico city which has to do with abortion which some might not
7:16 am
know about. others, we're renegotiating nafta. that's big. >> do we know that he and paul ryan are at one on most issues? >> they're one on the big things. there's going to be a lot of conflict because donald trump has promised a lot, cheaper, faster, immediately, repeal and replace. >> like infrastructure. >> they're wanting to get rid of regulations and lower taxes. on big stuff they're really in synch. it's the details. >> while we're having this conversation, "proud to be an american" in the background. thank you, john. more than a million people are planning to descend on the national mall today. law enforcement is working to sweep the area. 20 thousand officers and personnel are being deployed including 10,000 from homeland security. more than 7,500 national gand
7:17 am
and 6,000 police officers are on duty today. security preparations have been under way for weeks and we will be here all morning to bring you coverage of everything happening today. so the sun is beginning to rise on this historic day. stay with "cbs this morning" for the inauguration of donald j. trump today. in other big news mexico's drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman is expected to appear in court in new york today. that's right. cbs obtained this exclusive video. he arrived last night at a new york airport. he faces drug trafficking and other charges. demarco morgan is outside the correctional center in manhattan where guzman is being held now. marco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. the u.s. had long been seeking the extradition of el chapo. nowhe's here, he faces a
7:18 am
17-count indictment. cbs news obtained this exclusive video of a moment american law enforcement officials and the obama administration had been seeking for years, joaquin "el chapo" guzman now on u.s. soil facing multiple drug charges and a possible life sentence. >> there is no coincidence here. el chapo was extradited on the last full day of president obama's tenure in the white house to send a very strong message of thanks to the president of working so hard the past if you'res on this particular issue. >> the government's three-page indictment contains a litany of charges including international distribution of cocaine, con spir toy to launder proceeds, use of firearms and accounts involved heroine and methamphetamine distribution. >> he'll be unable to engage
7:19 am
because he'll be denied to access to cell phones and other means that frankly he was able to obtain with relative ease. >> his departure came as a surprise to his lawyers. mexico had been reluctant to allow his extradition but the country came under pressure to do so after his second escape in 2015 slipping through a hole in a shower stall to a mile-long underground tunnel. >> the president was very much humiliated on a global scale by that escape, so ultimately he decide it was worth sending him to the united states to face justice. >> reporter: now, besides new york, he faces charges in san diego, chicago, and miami. as for his next kourtd appearance, we'll learn that sometime today. gayle? >> got it, demarco. ing that you very much. the trump family is preparing if
7:20 am
a major adjustment. ahead, the president-elect's son eric talks a
7:21 am
key members of president-elect trump's national security team could be confirmed today. ahead, a look at the security challenges the new administration will face, and where russia ranks as a potential threat. >> you're watching "cbs this morning's" coverage of the inauguration. ♪ hi, i'm erica, and i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. i used to run, i loved it but a bad injury led to chronic pain. prescription opioids helped with the pain...
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jan carabeo. almost a million people are expected in washington in just a few hours now, for the inauguration of our 45th president, donald trump. supporters of the president's elect from our area head to dc from 30th street station, very early this morning. also, critics of the new president taking buses to the inauguration, to stage demonstrations. folks left from city hall bound for the nation's capitol. protesters say they're keeping an eye on the new administration. >> we have the power. the government doesn't have the power. and that we can hold the government accountable for what they do, especially, in light of the inauguration, the appointments, the cabinet appointments, and just in
7:27 am
general feeling that the country will be run by a group of billionaires who don't really have our best interests at heart. >> there are also demonstrations set for philadelphia, and other cities throughout the day. now, to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, lauren casey. hi, lauren. >> jan, if you're out and about today, bring along the umbrella rain is on the way, developing much across the delaware valley by midday continuing into the afternoon hours. increasing clouds this morning. cool, damp, high of 46. could see lingering shower tonight. otherwise clouds still around. will prevent temperatures from topping down to only falling back to 41 degrees tonight. we do have mild january weekend ahead, mid 50's saturday, driest day of the weekend, dry sunday morning, then rain arrives potent system, working g up the us east coastline could bring us some very windy conditions, and rainy conditions, as we head sunday night, monday, into monday night, as well,
7:28 am
see about one, 2 inches every rainfall, meisha, and strong wind gusts on monday, both commutes that day will be little rough. >> thank you so much, good morning, everyone, happy friday. looking right now an accident, schuylkill eastbound at montgomery pulled all the way almost on the onramp, causing a lot of people to put on their brakes, still moving around 24 minutes into the blue route, vine, heads up on that on the schuylkill and also the vine. we do have this disable vehicle right here pulled off to the right shoulder. taking soot wine, jump on to the schuylkill, tap the brakes little bit driving by. we do have another accident here involving route 55 northbound between 553 and 641, see flashing lights in that area. then i want to pull your attention today, protests starting at noon today, independence hall, city hail, center city, student to march down broad street at 1:00 p.m. rally. cbs this morning, eric trump talks with gale king about his dad's views of twitter.
7:29 am
i'm jan carabeo, have a great day.
7:30 am
president-elect donald trump is wake up this morning in the president's guest residence knowned a blair house. these are live pictures just across pennsylvania avenue from his new home the white house where he will sleep tonight. >> yeah. how about that. and an hour from now the family will go to st. john's episcopal church for prayer service. that's known as the president's church. they'll be joined by vice president-elect mike pence and his familiarity. the inauguration morning worship began in 1933 with president franklin roosevelt. it's a beautiful church. >> it's a beautiful day. look at that. the president's helicopter has landed in front of the capitol.
7:31 am
that's the one that will take the obama family to the airplane that they will leave washington go to california. that's going to be a very busy day for a lot of people today. just landing. and we'll bring you all of today's events live from the swearing in at the capitol to the pomp and ceremony outside the white house. we have to take a second to acknowledge the sunrise coming up behind. i really do. i love a good sunrise. i get to see it. it's a very historic day. they were talking about rain today. i'm hoping it will hold off until later today. >> the capitol bathed in sunlight. >> i love this country. i love this country. >> yes. >> look at that. >> we're going to start this half hour with the president-elect's son eric. he's taking on criticism and appointments and defending of his use of twitter. they're not children now. that's a grown man. the interview took place
7:32 am
yesterday in new york's trump tower. we discussed his family's bond and his new role in helping to run the trump organization. what's your biggest fear for your dad as he's about to take a new chapter in his life, in all your lives really. >> i think having a lot of new people around him and, you know, as a family, we've always been a little bit insular. it's been my father, ivanka and myself. >> he's taken some flak about his cabinet choices. not everybody thinks they're amazing. you understand that as well. >> i do. listen, you're always going to have that but he's picked incredibly, incredibly talented people. my father his entire life i've seen this. he can pick talented people. it's what's attributed to so much of his success. i think he's very much done that here. >> are you feeling pressure about your new role, too, eric because now you are going to be under a microscope that you have never seen before.
7:33 am
are you ready for that? ed worried about that? >> no. we're ready for it. i take our role seriously. >> it was interesting during the press conference he said that the only way he will note that he's not going to be involved in the business whatsoever to which people went, yeah, okay, that the only way he'll know what's going on with the company is if he reads it in the newspaper and sees it on television. people thought, donald trump who's so hands on, his company is his dna, you don't believe he's not going to be involved, how are you doing? >> i do. he has the biggest task in the world ahead of him. he's got the biggest task in the world. there's nothing bigger. >> it's a big job, but the trump organization is his baby, eric. how does he just turn that off? and for you not to be able to pick up the phone and call him about advice. >> sure. well, listen, he turns it off in that he has to have trust in us and we're going to do a great job. >> i know you feel comfortable saying anything to him. have you just said anything
7:34 am
about the tweets? truly there's been times you said, geez, dad, did you have to do that or why didn't you ignore that? >> yeah. i don't think family members always agree with everything. what i can tell you is my father's twitter is an incredible vehicle for him. i have seen first hand how dishonest the media is. i am his biggest proponent of him communicating directly with the people as opposed to third parties. >> no. that's certainly working for him but i'm thinking about tweets where he trashes "saturday night live" or meryl streep or john lewis. >> he's a fighter. >> those kind of things where people would say is petty. >> he's a fighter. you want somebody with that mentality in this country in this role. you want somebody who will push back and fight for themselves but also fight for the interests of this nation. you know, my father is the first person in the office in the
7:35 am
morning, the last to leave. he works seven days a week, 365 days a year. he's going to put washington back to work and our government's going to start working for the people again. >> except they did say he was going to take the weekend off and then start on monday. >> is that acceptable, gayle? >> no, listen. >> you can see more of our interview with eric trump tonight in a cbs news prime-time special. john dickerson and i will bring you "change and challenge" we're calling it at 8:00 p.m. central right here. we did that right before they were leaving to come to washington. he said, really, gayle, we have to go. donald trump's sister was sitting waiting in the lobby too. i said what can you tell us about his childhood. she said he's brilliant. but she said i know where all the bones are buried and i could show you, but i won't. >> the president-elect is up
7:36 am
early and he's still tweeting. >> he will continue do that. >> no doubt he's a hard worker. in fact, moments ago he tweeted this. he posted a new tweet. he said, it all begins today. i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. for swearing in. the movement continues, the work begins. i think we'll actually see him before 11:00. susan page is "usa today's" washington chief. this is her tenth year and sixth one she's covered. you write never has a new president needed a spectacular inaugural address more than donald trump does. why? >> well, he's addressing a very divided nation. you know, traditionally during transitions the nation comes together, there's some good will. you u look at that beautiful cap toll behind us and you think this is a wonderful peaceful transfer of power, but he has in fact lost ground with american people since election day. his approval ratings are lower than the percentage of the vote he got on november 8th, so he
7:37 am
has some ground to make up with this speech today with the biggest audience he's ever had is one way to start. >> you suggested that he ought to listen to the nixon speech in 1969 because nixon in that speech came to a troubled nation and said we can't -- we have to start listening to each other, which we can't do as long as we're shouting at each other. >> people don't remember this because nixon got in so much trouble after his first inaugural address, but that's the time when we had political assassinati assassination, riots in the street, the term of the civil rights movement. he won not with the popular vote. he came in and brought himself some good will with a very graceful inaugural address the first time around where he seemed to be reaching out to the people who had not voted for him. that is something we have not seen from donald trump since the speech he gave on election night. but in the months since it's been continuous campaign rhetoric. >> as a kid, you would say sticks and stones may break my
7:38 am
bones but words will never hurt me. this is why words truly mean everything today. he needs to say the right thing, unify the country. the approval ratings are at an all time low. why does that matter today? >> it maters. that comes after national disasters like 9/11 or the oklahoma city shootings. there are a few chances where people are willing to cut you break. this is one of those moments. >> thank you very much, susan page. >> great to see you. the rest of the world will be watching as donald trump is sworn in this morn. ahead, we're going take you to moscow to find out how the kremlin hopes for a fresh start with this new administration. and we're also keeping an eye on blair house, across the street from the white house, where the president-elect is waking up this morning. we expect to get a first look at
7:39 am
mr. trump and his family on inauguration day in the next hour and, of course, we'll bring that to you live and in color. you're watching a special edition of "cbs this morning" on coverage of the inauguration. first the stroke, now this. so we asked my doctor. he told us about pseudobulbar affect, or pba. it's frequent, uncontrollable crying or laughing that doesn't match how you feel. it can happen with certain neurologic conditions like stroke, dementia, or ms. he prescribed nuedexta, the only fda-approved treatment for pba. tell your doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. life-threatening allergic reactions to quinidine can happen. tell your doctor right away if you have bleeding or bruising. stop nuedexta if muscle twitching, confusion, fever, or shivering occurs with antidepressants. side effects may include diarrhea, dizziness, cough,
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as donald j. trump takes the oath of office today, questions remain how he'll approach foreign policy and russia. this morning officials are offering their hopes for a new administration. elizabeth palmer, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. russia like the rest of the world is watching and waiting to see what a trump administration will actually do when it takes power. ho hour, russia's prime minister made a statement. it had left u.s.\russia relations at its lowest point. it was an angry letter and said u.s. had no right to talk to
7:44 am
russia as if it was a banana republican. by the same token the russian foreign minister said he hopes the u.s. and russia will have a constructive working relationship. but what the kremlin would really like is for a new trump government to forget ever the very divisive issues like the invasion of crimea and offer russia a fresh start. charlie? >> elizabeth. thank you. members of president-elect trump's national security team could be confirmed today. the list including retired john kelly, retired secretary james mattis for defense secretary. it's not clear whether lawmakers will vote on cia director mike pompeii oh. cbs news has learned the new president will visit cia headquarters tomorrow. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> security here. i mean you know something about security.
7:45 am
>> well, having done security for several presidential inaugurations i will tell you, charlie, this is unprecedent. they're clearly taking additional steps, restricting aerosols, they've got multiple perimeters of security you go through and it's more vigorous. i can tell you just to get here, it took me an hour and a half, a trip that normally take 20s minutes. multiple layers, very carefully screened, turning your devices on and off. people should be prepare and leave lots of time. >> you think this is more about security concern or protests? >> i think it's both. they have the usual sort of terrorist concern, right, and also the domestic protest concerns and they're taking it quite seriously. >> we know the admin straugs has been scram ling to post key posts and yesterday they said they're going the keep on 50 state department and national security officials. does that suggest they're behind schedule? are they ready on day one? >> i'll tell you. the people they're keeping on
7:46 am
have got a lot of experience. i expect the people they're keeping on, every administration keep as small number on. they keep them on ontario temporarily. i don't tech expect we'll see them six months from now. they're keeping them on during the transition. i think it's smart. it gives us comfort that you have people at the helm on this special occasion. >> you're saying it's a common thing that security does. >> that's right. >> what is it to not have a defense secretary and secretary of state this late in the game? >> you've about got them. >> you have to get them confirmed. >> you'll get them today. i think you'll have homeland security and state. i think it's ridiculous they're not voting on mike pompeo. you know he's going to get confirmed. >> what do you think is facing the administration today, day one? is it where to begin? >> it is where to begin. you have isis and the terrorist
7:47 am
address and you had bombing in libya yesterday. that was supposed to be obama's success story in libya and we have an isis concern there. russia and china, so the geopolitical problems. so there's no -- it is a substantial list of very strategic foreign policy problems that this new administration is going to face on day one. >> president obama once said the president's desk is anywhere never cleared. >> that's right. president bush left president obama the financial crisis. everybody comes in with a longer list than they expected when they ran for office. >> thank you very much. the president's first
7:48 am
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7:52 am
it's not the worst weather ever on inauguration day. that belongs to william howard taft. a blizzard covered the capitol with 10 inches of snow back then. yikes. reagan's was the koefdest. first, 55, second dropped to 7. >> we'll talk to house majority leader kevin mccarthy. you could spend the next few days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home.
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goods morning, i'm jim donovan. it is inauguration day, some are planning to protest throughout the city today. others are heading south, to watch our president-elect take the oath of office. trang do live inside 30th street station where hundreds are making their way to dc for the inauguration, good morning, trang. >> good morning, jim, yes, very busy day for amtrak. all morning we've seen sold out trains headed down to dc for the inauguration, take a look here, you can see, police presence here, police dogs, as people line up, get ready to head down to the next train to dc, 8:13. seen a lot of trump supporters who are headed to dc by train. about i got the opportunity to talk to local democratic
7:57 am
official who had her own specific reasons forehead g down to the inauguration. take a listen. >> i am the party, serve as elected official for burlington county. i had the chance to go so i thought why not? time to move on. hopefully everyone just works together. important to come across the aisle like i do. >> now, in addition to people traveling by train, the hundreds of people traveling by train, we also had the opportunity to talk to some of those demonstrators that are also headed down to dc. many of them deciding to go by bus, and in addition, those who were not able to travel down to the nation's capitol, to protest, they're also going to be protesting here in the city, this afternoon, around center city, also temple university. police are asking people to avoid those areas, so, jim, i send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much, trang. send it over to lauren casey for the weather forecast. >> rain in the forecast, starting to make approach to the delaware vale on storm scan3, just couple of hours
7:58 am
outside, continuing to increase across the area, so be sure to pack along the umbrella clouds will continue to increase, rain developing around midday, continuing into the afternoon hours. high temperature topping in the middle 40's, tonight maybe lingering shower otherwise areas of fog, low temperature only at 41. dry saturday. very mild. high temperature in the middle 50's, but second more powerful storm system arrives by late day sunday, bridges us miserable monday, wendy conditions, meisha. periods of heavy rainfall. >> man, that's going to slow us down, all right, lauren, thank you so muchment looking outside, what are we looking at? >> accident 95 south before bridge street. one lane is open. take a look at this, woodhaven road to the vine accident disable truck. it will take but 45 minute on 95, so add in an extra 45 minute, i would even say maybe upward to hour in that area. plus we have disable tractor-trailer 95 south at cottman, and another accident on 55. back over to you, jim. >> slow going, thanks, meisha. next update 8:25. new york senator chuck schumer working with the upcoming trump administration.
7:59 am
i'm jim donovan. make it a great so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:00 am
welcome back on "cbs this morning" on this inauguration day. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. this is the view from the top of the washington monument. we're coming to you from the national mall. we expect to see president-elect donald trump for the first time today in the next couple of minutes. this is the blair house, across from the white house. he spent his first night as a private citizen there. >> mr. trump and his family are getting ready inside now. 30 minutes from now they'll going to st. john's episcopal church for prayer service. mike pence and his family will join them as well.
8:01 am
at 9:30 he and his wife melania will cross pennsylvania avenue to have coffee and tea with president obama and his wife michelle. then the president and donald trump will leave for the capitol where they'll enter on the east side. >> and them vips and supreme court justices and former presidents will all be seated. the inaugural program will begin at 11:15. chief justice john roberts will administer the oath just before noon and then donald trump will driven his inaugural address. major garrett is outside blair house waiting for mr. trump to start his day. major, good morning. >> good morning. your day and your life have begun to merge because on this inauguration day, we have the first tweet from president-elect
8:02 am
donald trump. 7:33 a.m. write it down, ladies and gentlemen. here it reads. it all begins today. ile will see you at 11:00 a.m. the work continues. they spent the night at the blair house part of the 40-year tradition nearest the president's white house is by far the best location for the secret service for obvious reasons. jimmy carter was the first to start this tradition. every president has done so since then. it's only a short distance to st. john's church for the 8:30 a.m. church service but it will be not a walk but a short drive organized by the secret service and a drive to the white house for tea with the first family and off to the capitol for the swearing in. >> all right, major. thank you very much. >> you know, in preparing for today i was reading about the blair house which, of course, hosts foreign dignitaries there.
8:03 am
one of the reasons they created that house. roosevelt convinced the government to pay for it. winston churchill would stay and roosevelt's wife said, we need a guest house. >> we heard another story he was walking around without clothes on. they said, mr. prime minister. he said, i have nothing hide from the president of the united states. >> that's when they said, we need a guesthouse. >> the dignitaries invited to sit in will get a closer view. nancy cordes is there at the west front of the capitol. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for most of this nation's history they held it on the east lawn but since 1981 they have held it here on the west front because it faces the national mall so you can fit in millions of spectators.
8:04 am
but, if you want one of the most coveted seats with a bird's-eye view and you're not a member of congress or dignitary, you have to have one of these, a color coded ticket highly sought off. there's a ticket, this gray one here, for standing room only area on the portion of the mall that's closest to the capitol. in fact, when some democrats decided to boycott the nomination, republicans didn't so much get angry but said if you're not use all of your tickets can i have some of them because they're highly sought after by constituents and donors and family and friends and that kind of thing. so we already see thousands of people who have taken their seats here. nobody wants to get left out. when we got here to the capitol at 5:00 in the morning there were people lined up to go through security and get in. and if you are lucky enough to have one of those seats you get one of these. it's a formal invitation, the honor of your presence requested
8:05 am
at the ceremonies attending the inauguration of the president of the united states and it comes complete, norah, with some items for your scrapbook, a picture of the president-elect and the vice president-elect mike pence. >> all right. nancy. you've about got one of the best seats in the house. thank you so much. republican congressman kevin mccarthy joins us from the capitol rotunda. congressman, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us what is the mood amongst your republican colleagues this morning? >> we're very excited and we've been going through a couple of days of celebration. last night we had a candlelight dinner. i had dinner with president-elect trump and melania. more importantly just as an american, the peaceful transfer of power, we should celebrate the exceptionalism of the american democracy. >> donald trump will enter the white house with one of the
8:06 am
lowest approval ratings in history. what does that mean, congressman, for the republican agenda? does it matter? >> you can read a lot into others but if i read into polls, he wouldn't even be elected into the process. i this i this is a window of opportunity to go forward. i'm fortunate enough to be able to go to the white house this morning and spend time with president obama and president-elect trump and i feel very fortunate that we can have that in america. i look forward to starting this right after the swearing in, working together to move this country forward. >> there's much discussion about regulation, that tax reform, regulations, and certainly health care are the top of the agenda. what do you expect to happen next week? >> well, we've been working on regulations because one thing you want to do, you want to make sure you uncheck what's holding the economy back. just since the election in
8:07 am
november until january 5th, there's been 142 new proposed regulations. 31 of those are what are called major rulings, meaning that they cost more than 100 million to the economy. so more than $16 billion have been posed on this economy. so what we're going to look at inside the house, we want to make sure the people have a say. so we passed what is called the raines act that no major ruler can pass without the ruling of the house and the senate and now we're going to look at a congressional review act that allows us to look at legislative action that passed in the last 60 days. that will start january 30th through february as well. >> what will you have as a replace aspect of the health care bill ready? >> we're working on that right now. you go through energy and commerce. commerce got sworn in at the beginning of january. they just now populated their committee. the first thing i did after the election last year was sent a letter to every governor and
8:08 am
insurance commissioner to bring their ideas to us. this is something we want all ideas across the country. we want a system that's able to work for all. >> and how do you expect -- how long do you expect that to take? you know, president trump said his plan will include insurance for everybody. are the republicans all on the same page about that and how long do you expect it to take? >> i don't want to put a set timeline on it because i want to make sure we get it right, but i think you're going to see it's one of first actions we start working on. that's a focus the committees will do. once we get the president sworn in now, next week we'll open up congress, but we'll go away on retreat. that's for the senate and house. the president will come. that's what we'll do at the retreat, getting a replacement plan to move forward. >> are they working to --
8:09 am
>> he's talking about writing the speech himself and he talks about unity in it and a lot of different elements in the campaign he talked about. one thing you have to understand th in this election, it's much different than what we receive in the past. only two other times since world war 2 have the republicans been entrusted with the house, the senate, and the white house. so we know the responsibility that we have, but this president's a little different as well. he won places like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. so that means he listened to voices that were different than just one party, that this is an opportunity to bring people together and it may be that he's looking at things that are different than normal that just republicans would look at. so i think there is an opportunity to unite people. so i'm not concerned about what the polls say today. i'm concerned about what the results look like and are we moving this economy forward. >> all right. ing that you very much, congressmacongress m congressman mccarthy to take the time to join us. >> thank you.
8:10 am
senate minority leader charles schumer said republicans are lowering ethics in washington. ahead, whether democrats can
8:11 am
. the president-elect elect and his family will be leaving for st. john's church. here's a live look at the church on the edge of lafayette park. we're going to bring it to you when it happens. you're watching "cbs this morning" special coverage of the inauguration. pproach life... by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™ you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project.
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8:15 am
from top to bottom, it's clear. republicans were attempting to orchestrate a coverup of the president-elect's swamp cabinet. if republicans continue down this packet, they're going to dramatically lower the ethical standards in government that we've always had, standards that were upheld by all previous administrations. >> that was senate minority leader chuck schumer slamming the incoming administration for the cabinet pick and their ethics reviews.
8:16 am
they're expected to vote on two. james mattis and james kelly. schumer is at the capitol. senator, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> we will see the confirmation today of mattis and also kelly? >> yes. and we'll begin debate on pompeo. it will probably get a vote on monday because people want to speak on that one. >> what about the secretary of state nominee? >> that will take a little longer. there are still a lot of questions about rex tillerson. go ahead, charlie. >> is it in doubt? >> it's possible, yes. we don't know how several -- as you know, we need to win republicans to block any of these, but there are several key republicans who haven't said yet how they vote. if they vote against him, my guess is he'll be defeated. most democrats if not all will vote against him. >> senator, let me ask you. we are in a dangerous world. >> yes. >> is this an unnecessary delay
8:17 am
tactic to delay the confirmation of the new cia director? president-elect trump wanted to go to the cia on saturday and meet with him. why the cia? >> first, no cia director has been confirmed on the first day of any president. the cia runs very, very well. i spoke to vice president-elect presence and suggested that brennan would stay for a few days. it's a serious thing with all the allegations about russian spying. people are entitled to scrutinize him thoroughly. he's going to be in for a long time. a few days won't make a difference. with mattis and kelly, defense and homeland security, there were fewer questions. at the same time we're not going to rush these important appointments through until questions are answered. >> it does seem to be getting off to a rocky start, senator schumer. you know, in the past donald
8:18 am
trump has called you the head clown. are you going to be able to put that kind of name calling aside and work with him? >> of course. >> how do you think you all will be able to work together? >> well, for the first month he was flattering me. he said, we were good friends. we really weren't. i had never gone to dinner or played golf with him. i crossed his path at work. then he started to call names. neither worked. i'm going with internal values. i have an internal gyroscope, what's right, what's wrong. we're not going to oppose him for his own sake. on issues like trade, i'm probably closer to donald trump than i am to probably president obama and bush. when he opposes our values, no amount of name calling is going to get us to back off. he ought to roll up his sleeves and tell us what he wants to dond a we will evaluate it. >> can you tell us whether there will be nominees for the cabinet this will not be confirmed?
8:19 am
>> well, you know, as you know, they can do it with 50 votes. so if every republican votes for every one of them, that's true. but there are several who are tied in a knot already. devos has not submitted her papers on how she's going to remove herself from conflict of interest as required by law and they had the hearing. rushed her through. one round of questioning. some of these nominees can get tied up on their own. mulvaney, it was just revealed he didn't pay taxes for a household employee. the same thing that spreenlted daschle from becoming house secretary. they rushed through, didn't file their ethical reports which are very, very important and done by every administration. that's what slowed it down. they were ill-prepared. >> senator schumer, always good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. enjoy the day.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> hope someone will. >> this is always a big convenient in washington. ahead we'll take you to the krourt. look at the terrace starting to fill up. we're moments away for the first time this morning at the blair house. we will bring it all to you live. you are watching "cbs this morning's" special coverage of the inauguration. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. ykey nutrients from food alone.g let's do more. add one a day women's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets. nuit's earned in every wash... earned overnight. ... and re-earned every day. tide. america's number one detergent. new. don't just eat yogurt... wear it. daily moisturizing body yogurt.
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8:23 am
8:24 am
thousands of people are already gathered outside the capitol for this morning's ceremony. elaine quijano of our network is talking to some of them. good morning. >> good morning. this is front room onw, standinm only. some of these folks have been here since 4:00 a.m. they want to get a good spot and have a great view of the inauguration. some of these folks have come from as far as way as california, hawaii, oregon, michigan. they all wanted to be here to witness this events in michigan. they said it was important for them to be part of this movement, the feeling that donald trump will bring change to america. norah, gayle, and charlie? >> they've got a front row seat. we hope they brond hand and toe warmers. we have just seen
8:25 am
>> hundreds are expected to protest in center city this inauguration day, while many others are on their way right now to dc for the historic event. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at 30th street station, good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, yes, very busy day here at 30th street station, we've seen lots of sold out trains so far this morning. take a look, with the increased volume seeing increased security, police, as well as police dogs here. we will catch up with some people in line earlier today. lots of them trump supporters, excited to celebrate the inauguration, but on the flip side, take a look at this, we also caught up with some demonstrators who were headed down to dc.
8:26 am
these demonstrators outside of 30th street station waiting for the bus, say they're speaking out not only for themselves but for all of the people who could not make the trip. >> in a city like philly so many folks are struggling, seeing the black and brown communities, right, trump represent the 1% that really wants to smash out, you know, any kind of minimum wage laws, any kind of assistance, and really just throw people into poverty. >> and philadelphia also expecting demonstrations of its own today. the biggest ones we're hearing so far, center city around noon, and also, around temple university around 1:00 p.m. police are urging people to kind of stay away from the areas if they can. also, take public transportation. but jan, i send it back to you in the studio. >> trans, thank you. to the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist, lauren casey. >> we need the umbrella today. >> rain will be building in across the area, already starting to see some showers working into our far western counties, rain will be the trends as we head into this
8:27 am
afternoon, increasing clouds, cool, damp, high temperature at 46 degrees. we head into tonight, not falling too far. clouds stick around. 46 degrees. stray shower is possible but the main trends will be for areas of fog that could greatly reduce visibilities, some areas will have that fog start off on saturday morning, clouds still hanging around, but the temperature will feel great. so nice to get out and about. 65 degrees -- 55 degrees, head back indoors late day sunday rain redeveloping, still mild, 52 degrees, dealing with potent storm system headed into monday and the first half of tuesday. periods of rain could be heavy at times, even some thunder possible, windy conditions, particularly along the coast, we head monday into monday night. issues with minor coastal flooding during this event, as well. conditions start to clear out as the system moves away, we head into mid week next week, temperatures running above average, meisha, all the way through next thursday. >> okay, good to know, lauren, thank you so much for that. looking outside right now, roadways, i can tell you, oh, looking slow, we also have
8:28 am
some problems out there. one of them disabling tractor-trailer 95 south at cottman, pulled all the way off to the side. vehicles put on the brakes as they drive by. speed time, 95 between woodhaven and the vine, disable tractor-trailer here, costing you 45 minutes. give yourself maybe an hour. road closed here route 202 closed between 413 mechanicsville road. reports of earlier accident and downed pole. alternate route 313 or route 611 will be your best bet. plus road tests starting at noon today, center city, city hall, independence mall, 1:00 p.m. rally at trump university. those student will march down, probably impact you around lunchtime. 1:00 p.m. go to the wide. sixteen on the schuylkill, seven on 95, push the southbound direction. thirty-nine on the vine, but take a lock at this, blue route 65 miles per hour, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. next update is at 8:55. and ahead on cbs this morning, president trump is headed to this church service before his inauguration. i'm jan carabeo. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
they will take it very slow block and a half drive to st. john's church for a ceremonial and traditional church service before coming to the white house and set all of the inauguration day ceremony pageantry and a bit of civic religion in motion. >> i know you've been talking to a number of trump advisers. just how anxious is he to get to work and have a shortened
8:32 am
initially inaugural parade or luncheon? >> reporter: well, he is eager to get to work. interesting you asked me that, norah. because when he was first presented, president-elect trump, the entire schedule for today, he looked at the congressional lynuncheon and sa do i have to do that? i'd rather go back to the white house straight away and sign executive orders and in two days of negotiations with his staff that it's not only a tradition but it's an act of respect for an incoming president to congress and the centrality of congress to work with the executive issues and executive branch. he was reminded, after all, a congress run by your fellow republicans so you might want to stay, go through the tradition and show and pay your respects. in the end, president-elect trump agreed but his initial inclination come straight back here and start signing executive orders and that will happen sometime today and we see them coming out. >> there he is. >> blair house now.
8:33 am
>> the next president of the united states is walking out of blair house about to get into his car to go to church where his vice president-elect mike pence has already gone into the church. the president is coming down the steps and take a short ride. >> he is, of course, joined by melania trump who is channeling jackie onassis outfit. >> look exactly the same. >> really you could walk to the church. just about a block away but, of course, security might prevent him from doing that so he will ride over there. john dickerson and bob schieffer are with us here as well throughout the morning. john, good morning. >> hey, norah. who among us hasn't been a little late to church? come in during the first him and slide in. >> growing up with four kids in my family we were always late to church. >> they will wait for the sermon. >> this starts a busy day. >> it does. i want to pick up on something major said. now begins the contranstraints
8:34 am
presidency on donald trump who is impatient and wants to do his own things but the ceremonial constraints, the things you got to do as president. one of the things we are going to watch is him balk against the things you don't want to attend. how many he'll be able to get out of and how many he'll have to go through because he is now in that role. >> my guess is that some of the things that barack obama has been talking to him about? how this office will constrain and temper you? >> right. president obama's argument is because of all of those ceremonial parts of the job, you need a staff around you so they can do a lot of the work and present you with clear, sharp decisions. because you're just not going to have the time. and it will be really interesting to see if donald trump puts a system in place that works with that or whether he, like many presidents, says thanks for the advice, pal, but we have got our own way of doing things and presidents do that and they learn, finally, after a year or so -- >> bob schieffer, could he be more traditional than we think he is going to be?
8:35 am
a lot of rumors he may not stay at blair house and stay at the trump hotel and he did not do and not going to miss the lunchon and maybe he could be more presidential than some people are expecting, bob schieffer? >> trump is going to be donald trump. we kept saying during the campaign is he going to change at the republican convention? we came out of there. i remember saying one of the things that actually turned out to be true during this campaign year, at least coming from me, i said he is going to campaign in the general election as donald trump and i think he is going to preside, at least in the first part of this presidency, as donald trump. one point here that is kind of important. this is one church service. when you're president, they won't start until he gets there. most other church services start when the minister starts. but they will give him a little elasticity, as they would any president on this one. >> yeah.
8:36 am
every president since james madison has attended service at st. john's. a special pew, number 54, reserved for the president's family. a very special church. >> absolutely. across the street, a great commute and set up for him. >> bob? >> it's interesting, too, what it says in terms of the president going to church, regardless of the denomination and with great respect for separation between church and state. >> yeah. again, it's a part of he is sliding into the american tradition and people you're talking about this peaceful transfer of power. when the country started, you know, that was not sure it was going to happen each time. and they would always boast, no matter how ugly the campaign was, at least we have done it in this peaceful way better than the europeans who do it through wars and through succession of kings. >> all this day we are looking at what democracy does and we hope achieves, a peaceful transition of power and a respect for the people who lost and appreciation of the people who won. >> that is one of the things i'm
8:37 am
looking for in the speech. it's a renewal of all of these american themes and values and history. a president can access all of that. it's sitting right there ready for him. does he access it? he has not been a big -- he hasn't plugged himself into history through his campaign but, today, this is an act of american renewal that a president can participate in or not. will he? not just physically but in what he says and does. does he grab on to all of that richness sitting there waiting for him to grab it? the reason is that is a way to bring everybody together as s susan page said earlier a unique and thing to grab and does he do it? >> eric trump said yesterday people seem to forget my father wants to do a good job. you know? he wants to get in the office. i know ed i know that there some divisions right now but my father is very good at what he does. and this is a job he is taking very seriously and he wants to do the right thing and do a good
8:38 am
job. >> he certainly wants to be a great president and wants to do the right thing. >> i think people forget that. >> differ with others how best to do that and where you have conflict. >> i would add one thing here. as this limo pulls out here, it's beginning to me one of the most interesting parts of an inauguration day. because he is going to go to church and then from church he and his wife will then go to the white house for coffee. sometimes that turns out to be a very warm kind of meeting. laura bush and george w. bush said their real friendship with the obama's began with that tea. but there have been some cases like back when with eisenhower was president, he wouldn't even go in the white house. he waited for president truman to come out and get into the car so they could -- >> the caravan is pulling out, bob, to the church. >> they are they go and here we begin. >> major garrett is there watching the blair house.
8:39 am
major? >> i can tell you a couple of things. we have a bit of rain falling now. the weather forecast today said that would not occur until about 11:00 or 12:00 here in washington. it's begun to fall now. very short drive to st. john's church. one thing that john dickerson was talking about in this speech, i've been told they will be shorter than most inaugural addresses and maybe 20 minutes and maybe not even that long and have a note of humility in talking about this president as an instrument of a movement that surprised the country. and to a certain respect, even surprised president trump. because along the campaign, he had a hunch he could win but never was quite sure he could win. harnessing that movement and being a vessel for that movement and describing it to the rest of the country who is skeptical and, in some case, fearful of that movement will be one task for the inaugural address. >> major, you just pointed out that it's about to rain and president-elect trump made jokes about the rain last night. he said i don't care if it rains because it will show people that my hair is real and he said, i don't care about that.
8:40 am
if it rains, nothing is going to bother me. margaret brennan, what can you tell us there at the church? >> we are watching the secret service suburbans pull up and getting into position as donald trump, the president-elect, gets ready to arrive here at st. john's episcopal. this will be the 12th inaugural service that has been held for an incoming president. we know vice president mike pence pulled up just moments earlier and walked in along with family accompanied by his wife and they are going inside to join a number of future cabinet members who have piled in there in the past few. we can see melania trump walking out, smiling to the cameras here dressed all in blue. walking into st. john's where nikki haley, health and human services secretary and tom price and retired general james mattis are gathered. the future of the first couple
8:41 am
walking up the steps here. st. john's has been a place for many presidents to worship. abraham lincoln used to slip in here during the as i recall wci the back pew and reflect. we know the sermon that is delivered by a baptist preacher is focused on he said leadership, as god designates leaders. they are going to be talking about friendship, encouragement. he asked for all of those americans who did not vote for donald trump to say a prayer for him today. >> i think it's noteworthy to see yvonivanka trump and jared kushner there. they have a different faith. >> different presidents have relied on that church thinking about lincoln. he said i confess there are times when the job has driven me to my knees. all presidents, whether they are of strong faith or not, find it in office because they need it. >> and the sermon will be will leadership in a sense and the very thing that donald trump is going to have to show at this
8:42 am
moment. >> leadership not just of his incredibly strong and devoted following but leadership of an entire country. >> a test of leadership to unite a whole nation. >> 320 million people now are on his team by the constitution and the election and we are all now together and his leadership has to be for that new larger group. >> bob schieffer, you have covered a number of these inaugurations. this is setting the tone starting first in prayer? bob? >> yes. >> yes. >> hi, bob. >> hi. >> okay. so, bob, i was just saying, you've covered a number of these inaugurations and this really sets the tone for the rest of the day starting the day in prayer? >> yes. but it's this ride up to the capitol that is going to be interesting. norah, and what will that conversation be? because it's kind of the most unusual carpool in the world when you stop and think about it. here you have mr. trump and you
8:43 am
have the president and the following car you have their wives. so many times truman and, who refused to speak to franklin roosevelt as they were making that trip. a book about this trip from the white house. >> up to the capitol. >> what is interesting, bob, i would have loved to have known all of the details of all the conversations that have taken place between barack obama and president-elect trump. what did they say and what did they talk and what about the president say to the president-elect and what were the president-elect's questions as he assumes the office as his successor? >> you know, ed in the beginning that president obama was very, very helpful to him, gave him some good advice. he sounded like he was a good
8:44 am
listener. we don't really know what questions he asked president obama. >> exactly. >> when they were in there. but, again, those are the things that history books, that's what makes them interesting is because it may be years before we know what they talked about. >> clearly, we know that it must have been working for both of them because my understanding is it continued up until very recently. >> eric trump told me this yesterday. i talked to eric trump and asked him this very question. ed they speak more than people realize and ed i can't tell you the nature of the conversations because he does know. ed but you know what? gayle, they actually like each other and spent a lot of time and he expects the conversations to continue. but you're right, charlie. i never think of a fly as a good thing but i would love to be in that car today. >> be a fly for a moment. >> for a second. >> it is an elite club that donald trump joins today. >> exactly. >> i think they both have very strong feelings today. thank you very much, bob
8:45 am
schieffer. "cbs this morning" special coverage of the presidential inauguration will continue for most of you. the rest of us, the rest of you, rather, will join us after your local news. we will also have coverage throughout the day on our 24 hour streaming network cbsn. this has been a cbs news special report. ♪ president-elect trump tweeted he would bring records to washington. you can see them filling up. kris van cleave is at the national mall. good morning. >> reporter: they expect about 800,000 people to fill this up. what does that look? it will stretch from the capitol all the way down toward the
8:46 am
national monument. as you can see not everybody has gotten here yet but you can see folks walking in in ponchos. some umbrellas have been allowed in places. it is starting to rain here. right now everybody is going through security. if you follow me this way, we'll show you what that process looks like from where we are. there are a number of these tents stationed along the wall where people will go through a magnetometer, bags will be searched, and then they will be allowed in here. this is general admission, so anybody can come in here. the 800 thousand or so expected to come, how does that compare? the record was president obama. 1.8 million people were estimated to attend that one. 800,000 is about as many as attended bill clinton's inauguration in 1993. president bush 43 about 300,000
8:47 am
to 400,000 showed up. the numbers can vary. there's an estimated hundred thousand in dfrmt c. to protest mr. trump's inauguration. it's starting to fill in. expect it to get more crowded as we get closer to the speech itself. guys? >> all right. thank you very much, kris van cleave. the trump administration will face some early challenges starting on day one. andrew carter is a fo tell us anything about how the andy card is a former chief of staff for president bush. can you tell us how he's doing? >> he ee's rallied, doing well, he's out of icu. >> out of intensive care. >> oufrt intensive care. and barbara bush is 1000% better. >> that's good. >> they're celebrating today. >> did he in tend to come?
8:48 am
>> yes. he would like to come. although he was funny in saying the doctors don't like him out in cold weather, otherwise he would be circumstance feet under. >> even now his humor is intact. there are reports reince priebus told people mid level aides do not address donald trump without going through him first. does that make sense to you? >> it does. it should not be that strict. i'd like to know before, during, and after. i used to say to any commissioned officer, if you need to see the president, go see the president. if you want to see the president, you'd better not go. if it's a real need, go see the president. i don't want to get in the way of a real need being addressed. most people tend to exaggerate the need. it's a thin veneer of need covering a giant want. the second most valuable commodity is space in the president's head. you don't want people putting
8:49 am
things in the president's head that will take up space that he doesn't have to give to them. you don't want him wasting time. >> what do you think the most important thing president-elect after becoming president will learn because they talk about the sobering aspect. >> first of all, i suspect that president-elect had a briefing about football. that's a sobering briefing that is done in a miller terris tick way. it's just a fact. >> explain it. >> this is the device that tells the military they can use a nuclear device. >> andy, i'm sorry. we're up against a clock. >> we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
cbs news coverage of the inauguration continues all day. in our next hour we'll talk with
8:53 am
former chief of staff andy card and we'll see president-elect tr
8:54 am
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and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jim donovan. supporters of the president-elect from our area head to dc for the inauguration this morning, but they're not the only ones, also critics of the new president taking buses to the
8:56 am
inauguration to stage demonstrations, bound for the nation's capitol earlier today. protesters say they want to keep an eye on the new administration. while all of those people are headed to the ceremony, local lawmakers are among the dozens boycotting the inauguration. congressman bob brady representing first district will not be there, neither will seconds district representative dwight evans, congressman brendon boyle who reps the 13th district will also skip the inauguration, and new jersey representative, bonnie watkins coleman said she is going to prayer vigil instead. senator bob casey says he will attends trump's inauguration, delaware governor john carney said i'll be there showing spirit of bipartisanship with his guest republican state senator, colin bonnini of delaware, expected to take the oath of office before noon today. now here is lauren with a look at today's wetter. >> pack the umbrella. rain is moving in across the delaware valley. that's what we're contends withing as we head throughout
8:57 am
the afternoon. storm scan3, the area of precipitation continues to fill in off to the west, making move into the delaware valley as we speak. seeing moisture moving into lancaster county. snow returns, but not yet headed to the surface. next couple of hours it will be. so periods of rain expected this afternoon, steady at times, flight moderate in intensity, cloudy conditions, damp, high of 46. for tonight clouds still around, areas of fog, but that will prevent our temperatures from not falling back too far. 41 degrees for our overnight low. as we start off saturday, still foggy conditions, in the morning, clouds around in the afternoon, but dry conditions, so good to get out and about. warm, for january standards, up to 5 degrees, still mild, sunday, 52 degrees. dry during the first half of the day, then late day rain developing with very potent storm system that will be impacting the area, as we head sunday night, monday, into the first half of the day on tuesday. monday is going to be the most brutal of those days, meisha, with periods of heavy rain, and gusty winds.
8:58 am
>> yikes. all right, lauren, thank you so much for. that will looking outside right now, even though it is nice and dry out there, we are still having some problems out there. one of which, we have an accident, ridge pike, linda drive, near chemical road. intersection blocked. it will be busy around the area. use the alternate germantown pike your best alternate. road closure, 202 closed between mechanicsville road, downed pole, wires, route 13 or route 611 your best bet. highly recommend using those, also, protests starting as jim had pointed out 12:00 p.m. today. center city, city hall, independence mall, 1:00 p.m. rally at temple university, student marching down broad street. heads up. this will start to affect you. also we have women march of philadelphia tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. gather at 10:00 a.m. it starts. >> lots going on, thanks, meisha. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us 9:25. cbs this morning, new jersey cory booker on the future of
8:59 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." we are on the national mall in washington awaiting the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. hundreds of thousands of people are making their way here to watch the swearing in and the inaugural address. many already at the united states capitol where the new president and vice president will take the oath of office. >> after all the campaigning, all the debates it all boils down to this day. a short time ago mr. trump and his family left the presidential guest quarters known as blair house. in the past hour the family made the short trip to st. john's episcopal church.
9:01 am
people are saying melania looks very jackie o. in that powder blue from head to toe. the trumps are inside the church for a prayer service. vice president elect mike pence and his family with them as well. mr. and mrs. trump will cross pennsylvania avenue at 9:30 eastern time to have coffee and tea with barack and michelle obama at the white house. president-elect trump and president obama will then leave the white house at 10:30, they will ride in a motorcade to the capitol and enter on the east side and no one is in that car but the two of them. >> that's right. interesting conversation. >> at 10:45 vips including the former presidents and supreme court justices will be seated. the inaugural program officially begins at 11:15 and just before noon as the constitution calls for chief justice john roberts will administer the presidential oath to mr. trump and then the new president will address the nation for the first time as commander in chief.
9:02 am
>> the president elect is taking office before any of his cabinet choices have been confirmed by the senate. the senate will meet, though, later today about that. nancy cordes is at the west front of the u.s. capitol where they are getting ready for the swearing in ceremony. >> reporter: one of the biggest mysteries around here, gayle, is how much of mr. trump's cabinet will be in place within the first week. if you are a president elect and you are about to be sworn in you like to know that a good portion of your cabinet is going to be able to hit the ground running the same day that you do. back in 2009, for instance, when president obama was sworn in, nine or -- seven, rather, members of his cabinet were confirmed on that day. so far democrats have only agreed to allow two confirmation votes today for the secretary of defense and secretary of homeland security. these are two of the least controversial nominees. their confirmation hearings were probably the least contentious
9:03 am
of the 15 confirmation hearings that have taken place so far. a short time ago on "cbs this morning" the senate's minority leader chuck schumer said after a few more hours of debate there will probably be another vote for mike pompeo the pick for cia director on monday. republicans say this is unacceptable. this is delay for delay's sake and democrats are trying to gum up the works for the president elect because they don't have the votes to stop any of these nominees on their own. democrats argue that they have deep reservations about at least eight of these nominees, their experience, their views, what democrats see as their conflicts of interest and frankly what they are hoping, gayle, norah, and charlie, is if they can leave some nominees in limbo for long enough the concerns they raise will take hold among at least a few republicans, enough to sink some of these nominations. >> nancy, thank you. for more on what to expect on day one we're again joined again
9:04 am
by andrew card, he is a former white house chief of staff to president bush. andy, you have been inside the white house. if this plays to form, what's taking place when donald trump and -- arrives there? >> first of all, president obama has probably done his last good-byes to the staff, the close staff, a lot of the staff has already departed the white house and the cleaning up of the white house and the painting and the changing of the rugs and the changing of the pictures is in progress and president obama probably will go to the oval office for the last time but it won't look the same because they will have taken down everything and it is getting painted for the new president. he will do his good-byes to a phenomenal office. then he will walk over and get ready to greet the president elect when he comes to the portico of the white house and he will go into -- i think they will probably go into the blue room and have tea and coffee and it will be a wonderful conversation because the two families will be there and the senior staff of the incoming
9:05 am
team and the outgoing team will be there to congratulate each other. then you will watch the president and the president elect -- >> in one car. >> -- walk out the door, get into the same car, it will probably be the only private conversation they've ever had. >> it has to be an emotional time for both sides, don't you think, this morning at the white house. you know that feeling. >> it's unbelievably emotional to say good-bye and it's emotional to say hello. >> what about the letter that president obama is expected to leave for president-elect trump. >> i hope president obama does leave a letter, it's my understanding he will. it's a great tradition. and it does demonstrate the empathy for the responsibilities it will have and it says i'm supporting you. i'm carrying your burden because i've carried it before. i understand it. and anything i can do to help i will try to do to help. it's a wonderful soothing way to welcome in president into a job that is indescribably challenging. >> not only the job but the things that come with the white
9:06 am
house. describe that awesome responsibility and how a new president feels about that. >> as he explained earlier he has first been given instructions on the football. >> this morning the president elect probably had a briefing from a military officer about the suitcase that carries the nuclear codes and that is a sobering briefing because the military does it in a very cold way. it's not about the emotion, it's about if you need to use this i will make sure you know what you're doing and once you say what you want done we will do it. >> very matter of fact. >> very matter of fact and it is quite sobering. for the first time i think the president elect will come to realize that there are literally tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who will follow on their oath to follow the commander in chief when i give the order. and that is a burden, it's not a privilege, it's a burden.
9:07 am
and most presidents come to recognize that as the greatest burden they carry. >> what do you think will be the biggest learning curve for this particular president? >> i think this president is going to have a hard time understanding the time management and not allowing emotions to dictate decisions. you have to have the ability to talk with lots of different advisors because there are frequently unintended consequences to any decision you make and it's best to know as much about those consequences as you can so fewer of them are unintended. >> he has a lot of close advisors. he has reince priebus the chief of staff, steve bannon, kellyanne conway, jared kushner, ivanka trump, his children. how will he manage the advice from all of these close advisors? >> i'm hoping that there will be a funnel that runs through the chief of staff. the chief of staff should be all knowing. the truth is the chief of staff will end up knowing more than the president because the chief of staff's job is to decide what the president needs to know. >> how does a daughter or
9:08 am
son-in-law, how do you end a relationship when you have a familial relationship? >> they will have a close relationship with the president but i hope that they will respect the burden that the chief of staff carries to make sure that which needs to be done can be accomplished. i like to see people having lines of authority at the white house. if you have no authority then you can be involved in everything and that's dangerous. >> they put out that steve bannon and reince priebus were almost at the same level. >> you can have people at the same level but reince priebus is responsible for the management of the white house and the management of the president's time. >> different titles. >> it's very important that there be a chief of staff that keeps the trains running on time, makes sure the president understands what the deadline is for making a tough decision because if you make a decision too late sometimes it's irrelevant. >> and were there times that president obama would call former president george w. bush and ask him for advice? how does that relationship work? >> it varies from president to president, personality by
9:09 am
personality but i hope president trump will have the courage to pick up the phone and talk to people who have been there before and help wrestle with some of these very difficult issues. >> all right. andy card, what a pleasure. >> you know a lot of stuff. >> been there, done that. >> thank you. >> thank you. we also want to introduce everybody to the rest of our cbs news team, they are overlooking a different side of the capitol there at jones day law firm. cbs evening news anchor scott pelley is there with bob schieffer and "cbs this morning saturday" co-hosts anthony mason and alex wagner. good to see all of you. scott, good morning. >> good morning, norah. great to be joining the coverage at this point. we're waiting about 20 minutes from now, the president elect will be leaving st. john's church and heading over to the white house for his private coffee with mr. and mrs. obama. bob schieffer, it strikes me as we watch all of this planning and all of the pomp and
9:10 am
circumstance that we're going to see today that we are watching washington's greatest ceremony for a candidate who campaigned against washington. >> and, you know, i think it's fair to say it's going to take donald trump a little time to get used to washington and i mean no disrespect by saying this, but it's also going to take washington a little time to get used to donald trump because he does things in a different way. but i thought andy card made such a good point there on getting advice and not making decisions on the basis of emotion, but after you've understanding that there are always unintended consequences. sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not so good. you know, he started out this morning we understand that trump was saying why do i have to go to this luncheon at the capitol? because that's part of what we do here in washington. it's not -- it's not part of what -- you know, some protocol
9:11 am
expert says, but because it underlines this tradition of the transfer of power. when barack obama's term is up he says good-bye, folks, and he goes home and the new president comes in. that ceremony is the envy of the world. we're one of the few countries that are able to do that and so it's going to take him a little while to get used to this. i suspect that he will, but he's going to have to learn how to do that. >> and, in fact, all of what we're seeing today is traditional except for one thing, an article 2 of the constitution the oath that the president takes is prescribed under law, but nothing else that we're seeing today is a matter of law it has just grown-up over the years as the tradition. >> it's what we do. >> it is what we do. >> how we do. >> and now donald trump is learning that as well. anthony mason, donald trump was
9:12 am
elected by people who were largely concerned about the economy. the obama years were remarkable at least in one respect, the unemployment rate went from 10% to almost 4.5%, but wages really never took off. >> wages and growth has been -- has just never really taken off, either. i mean, relatively speaking donald trump inherits a pretty good economy, unemployment at 4.7%, but you're looking at gdp growth, real economic growth that's been struggling for a long time. every recovery after remission has been weaker than the last. gdp growth to 4%. we haven't seen that in over a decade. he's talking about infrastructure spending and corporate personal tax cuts. there is a belief the world bank said, look, if -- tax cuts alone could add .3% to the economy this year, almost a point next year but if we end up in a trade war then all of that could go
9:13 am
away. so they've set a very high bar for themselves here with talk of 3.5%, 4% growth. the committee hasn't had the muscle to do that in quite some time. if he going to be able to live up to that promise, that's the question. >> alex wagner, quoting churchill, donald trump has prescribed action this day. he said that there will be executive orders that he signs after 12:01 this afternoon. what are you expecting in the first week and 100 days? >> we will hear the sound of a pen scraping across the paper a lot, scott. we know from the administration we've heard early word that the president may be announcing different actions, different pieces of legislation every day for the next two weeks. they have an ambitious 100 day agenda. the question is congress, scott. the question is who are donald trump's allies in congress, what will he do above and beyond what his own pa ert would like him to do and can he find a bridge with democrats? the question i think in the long-term is what is that
9:14 am
working relationship going to be like? given the fact there are ambitious plans under way for repealing the aca with no clear plan as to a replacement, ambitious plans in terms of building a wall and then an infrastructure bill but could end up going against the grain of his own party. it's going to be an interesting relationship to watch. >> you look at his budget director nominee mick mulvaney who is an avowed deficit hawk, we're talking about a massive infrastructure spending bill and corporate and personal tax cuts, there are divisions even within his own party. >> i was speaking with the speaker of the house about the idea of a force to deport a large number of illegal immigrants and he simply said, yeah, we are not going to do that. >> there are questions to what happens to the so-called dreamers, there is talk that donald trump may repeal the provision or unwind, if you will, the executive action the
9:15 am
president took to allow them to stay here in the country. >> bob schieffer, not to reach back too far, but andrew johnson, president andrew johnson, who succeeded on the assassination of abraham lincoln was not invited by u.s. grant to take the procession up to the capitol. since then the presidents have ridden together and that will happen today at about 10:30 with president obama and president-elect trump riding to the capitol together. would you reflect for us a little bit on the meaning of the obama years as we see the last hours of his administration. >> i think president obama's legacy was set in the first minutes of his administration. when you had the largest group ever to descend on washington and some people say as many as 3 million people came to see the inauguration of the first african-american president. to me that is his legacy because
9:16 am
black people could then say to their children what my grandma said to me, some day you can be president of the united states, too. see, he was able to do that. i think it's also important for the country that he was -- he was reelected. now, what kind of a president, what were his accomplishments? you really can't make a judgment on any administration until about five years have passed because you have to see whether the policies they put in place worked. for example, if the arms control agreement that the president worked out with iran, if that works as he says it will, that will be a remarkable achievement, but we don't know yet. you know, i wrote a book about ronald reagan in 1988, it came out just as bush came to power, everything in the book was accurate but in a couple years it wasn't necessarily true because i didn't know then that the soviet union was going to
9:17 am
collapse. we didn't know then that communism was going to collapse. so ronald reagan five years after he was president as far as i'm concerned was a much better president than i thought he was when he left office. so ask me in five years how i would rate barack obama and i will give you an answer. >> there will be another inauguration day in four years so maybe i'll ask you then. >> all right. >> but you said that it was important for the nation that barack obama was reelected. why do you say that? >> well, because he was the first african-american president and i think had he not been reelected it might have been looked on by some people as something of a fluke which it wasn't. you know, he -- barack obama came to the american people and told them we can have hope and we can make progress. he did do some things, there were many things he was unable to do, but the fact that he was reelected i think as far as the history books are concerned
9:18 am
will -- i think it will give him a better review. >> bob, thank you very much. you know, i was looking at the voting data and if you add the three states that put donald trump over the top in the electoral college, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, he won those states by 77,000 votes. >> right. >> 77,000 voters have made this day donald trump's day. >> right. exactly. i mean, it's pretty astounding. you know, it raises all sorts of questions and you ask yourself the question how did donald trump get here? how did he swing those 77,000 votes? because in all the polls initially we thought that wasn't going to happen but here we are today and you see what's happening. >> thank you very much one and all. we will be back with you again shortly and for now it's back to you on the national mall. >> all right. thank you, scott. i love the point that bob schieffer just made about barack obama's legacy because for many young children growing up today
9:19 am
both black and white all they've known is a president of color and i think that sends a powerful message to black and white races today. >> one footnote, he's at the highest rating since 2009 when he took office. >> we are getting word that president-elect trump will be leaving the church any second now. of course we are there. margaret brennan is there to bring it to us as soon as it happening. >> reporter: all the secret service, all the quick reaction teams, the machinery that moves with the president is all getting ready to escort the president elect from the church when he leaves st. john's here along with the first samly and escort them just a block or so away, across the street really to the white house. it appears that this service is going to last less than an hour. i have to tell you, gayle, we don't know exactly what's happening because not a single reporter was allowed inside the church. not a print reporter either which is often what happens to observe and listen into the sermon, but what we know from the baptist preacher who had
9:20 am
spoke and said that he was going to be delivering remarks today is that he says he really wants to encourage the president elect, act as a friend here, he wants to speak about rearleader and inspiration on the divine level to him as a leader. he spoke a lot about that publicly in the past few days. this is an episcopal church but the trump family comes from a number of faiths. ivanka trump and her family is jewish, donald trump is presbyterian. the inaugural committee worked with church leaders to tailor the message of the service to the family itself. inside a number of campaign officials you know well, kellyanne conway, reince priebus who is going to be chief of staff for donald trump inside. also hedge fund managers who have become well known for advising donald trump on his campaign. carl icahn, anthony scare nuchy
9:21 am
all in here. some arriving as early as 7:00 a.m. this morning to listen in and gather for this service. we also know a number of future cabinet officials came in this morning, general mattis who we are hearing to be confirmed as soon as today to be the next secretary of defense among them along with nike haley the possible future u.n. ambassador and the health and human services secretary tom price. this is full of trump family and friends, this church can seat just short of about 800 people and it's been a place of worship for generations of american presidents. as i said earlier, abraham lincoln used to come here and slip in the back, say some prayers and reflect during the civil war but going back to james madison this has been a place of worship in some form or fashion, whether it's inauguration day or whether it was simply to sort of seek refuge from the pressures of the office that's located across the street.
9:22 am
so as we watch the secret service here position to move the president elect we know next he will sit down with current president barack obama and the first lady to talk about this transition of power that's going to be happening in the next few moments, the next few hours i should say. so you can see the cameras, you can see the service and the security getting ready to escort donald trump out. >> is that a break with tradition not to have a reporter inside? >> cameras are often not allowed inside, but print reporters thought -- at least one thought that he would be allowed inside, he told me personally that he had previously arranged to be inside and he just simply wasn't. i don't know why that was. but -- so we don't have the tic toc of the service. we know there were plans to have a choir perform, we know there were plans to have a number of speakers but that baptist preacher i mentioned the
9:23 am
reverend jefress was going to be the centerpiece talking about god choosing leaders. that was going to be the message of his certificate mop. we don't know the full text of his remarks yet because there are no reporters inside. >> understood. margaret brennan, thank you so much outside st. john's church there otherwise known as the president's church colloquially. also we've heard from president obama who this morning is wrapping up his work inside the white house. major garrett is at the white house. what is president obama doing in these finals hours? >> tweeting. >> reporter: -- we will have that video in a couple moments. was there anything you want to say to the country one last time as he exited the oval office. mr. obama simply say thank you. i mentioned earlier in our broadcast that the lives of presidential historians and twitter historians are converging. i didn't realize how prophetic
9:24 am
that turned out to be. we have four tweets of president obama as he nears the end of his presidency. they're kind of a condensed version of his farewell address. the first one reads it's been the honor of my life to serve you. you made me a better leader and a better man. i won't stop, i will be right there with you as a citizen inspired by your voices of truth and justice. good humor and love. as we look forward i want to our first steps to reflect what matters most to you. share your thoughts with me and there's, a place where they can do exactly that. i'm still asking you, the president says on twitter, to believe not in my ability to bring about change but in yours. i believe in change because i believe in you. so you have the president elect starting his day on twitter, 7:33 eastern, the outgoing president communicating also with the country by that social media device and then we will see them actually come together as not social media participants
9:25 am
live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jan carabeo. hundreds are expected to protest in center city this inauguration day along with protests in washington and city's across america. reporters also making their way to the capitol. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at 30th street station this morning, along woman others head today washington, to witness history. trang, good morning. >> well, good morning, jan, yes, very busy morning here at 30th street station, all morning long, we've seen sold out trains, things have quieted down than much earlier this morning. with the increased demands, seeing increased security, more police officers, police dogs milling about here. as you mention, seeing so many different people, for different reasons headed down
9:26 am
for the inauguration, in particular, lots of trump supporters lining up, to take trains down to dc, also, outside of the station, we saw just dozens of demonstrators boarding buses, and in order to speak out against president-elect inauguration, one interesting interview we had with the democratic official, who had her own specific reasons for putting her reasons aside for unity. >> i serve as elect dollars off initial burlington county, and i had the chance to go, and i thought why not? you know it is time to move on and hopefully everyone just works together. that's important coming across the aisle like i do. >> and despite that, still many demonstrations scheduled for later today, in particular, one at noon, in center city, another outside temple university starting at 1:00. avoid the areas, try to take public transportation if possible. jan, i send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, training zero
9:27 am
trang, now to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, lauren casey, hi, lawyer glenn how is it going, jan? period of wet weather moving in across the delaware valley starting to push in on storm scan3, see the it continuing to increase from the southwest to the northeast. that moisture starting to builds in right now souths and western counties, lancaster county, it will be headed into the next several hours so period of rain for this afternoon, and steady at times, 46 degrees, high temperature under cloudy conditions. as we head into tonight, maybe stray shower around, otherwise still cloudy, areas of fog, it will prevent temperatures from falling down, only to 41 degrees, and mild day for our saturday, we will still have the clouds around, but nice to get out and about. 65 degrees, dry for the first half of the day on sunday at 52 degrees. that's still about 10 degrees above average. we will be dealing with strong and dynamic storm system that will be building in for sunday night and monday and into the first half of tuesday, meisha it, will give us periods of rain, windy conditions, so it
9:28 am
will be a tough monday morning and evening commute. as we look toward next week. >> really going to have to enjoy the weekends, lauren. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, so looking at construction, roosevelt boulevard south bound between fox street and 76. right lane blocked between ten a.m. and 11:00 a.m., national guard is there, another place to pull your attention, route one southbound between blue route, right lane also blocked, between ten a.m. and 2:00 p.m. that's also for guardrail repairs. heads up on. that will plus pull your attention to this, dealing with this today, protests, coming out about noon. center city, city hall, independence hall, you will all be affected but 1:00 p.m. rally at temple university. students marching directly down broad street. that will will affect some of you as well. we move into philadelphia, tomorrow, between 7:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., saturday, on the ben franklin parkway. jan, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. our next up update 8:55, ahead, senator lindsey graham and his thoughts on the trump
9:29 am
administration, and the next four years. i'm ja ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer
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for special offers now. >> donald trump and mike pence and their wives are leaving for the service. >> just across pennsylvania avenue for tea and coffee with president and mrs. obama. she could walk we they are going to go in the car. they will leave there to go for the u.s. capitol for the swearing in. let's go to margaret brennan
9:31 am
outside st. john's church near the white house. i understand we might have a sense of what went on inside the church. >> reporter: we don't have any reporters inside the church. they weren't allowed in. it is donald trump and his team. they are tweeting mid-service from inside the church. i'm looking at twitter and seeing the director of social media posting, saying there is donald trump right now. the president-elect along with the first lady to be, melania trump, standing on the steps of st. john's church. we know that the pastor delivering the certainly man, robert jeffress, told mr. trump that he believes he was meant to be the 45th president of the united states long before the first primary vote was cast. he was told this is history in the making. donald trump smiling, waving a little bit here. it is interesting, nora. i don't know that you can hear it or that he is realizing it.
9:32 am
we can hear protesters just about a block away who have been out here through the duration of the service. donald trump waving to the media saying, thank you. we see the extended first family streaming out as well, donald jr. and the others. we know pictures were posted talking about divine inspiration. robert jeffress saying that he believes god has selected donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states. mike pence there, a man who takes his faith very seriously, walking out now hand in hand with his wife. he was actually the first of the two to arrive before 8:30 this morning. kellyanne conway also now walking out wearing that red hat behind them and some of the fop advisers to the trump team. steve ban non, reince priebus also streaming out.
9:33 am
how was the service, mr. president? very moving. i don't know if you could hear that. mike pence just told us he found the service to be very, very moving. the baptist preacher, robert jeffress, delivering that sermon along with some of the other episcopal pastors involved. they are loading into the motorcade to make that movement a block away over to the white house. it seems a very sober moment for the president-elect there. circumspect, waves, no word to the crowd. he is getting ready for this next big step, norah. >> thank you. >> john kicker son, dickerson,
9:34 am
the president-elect leaving and the whole crowd erupted. that's the first pictures they have been able to see of him. tweeting from inside the church. not the president-elect but his team. >> we would slap the kids if they were doing that. a day of breaking of norms. >> we heard the preacher suggesting that he is an instrument of god's will. >> that is not new. we have presidents that believe that. >> but the preacher saying it, himself. >> if you believe that we acted in god's will, acts through us, it is not that outside a thing to believe. >> it quas interestiwas interes. the preacher said, i told you would be the 45th president of the united states long before the primary. >> a preacher and a pundit. >> he has political wisdom.
9:35 am
>> that's right. everybody, that's a lot of inspiration there. as if donald trump didn't have enough on his plate now, now he has got to be the inspiration. >> talk about the significance of this prayer service. it is a long standing tradition. what should the leaders get out of this church service starting the day this way. >> if they are people of faith and the presidents so far have been. this is at the core of what gets you through the day. you will be, we're talking about what he wants to do in his first 100 days, the defining thing will be the thing we don't know about, the unexpected surprise, the crisis. donald trump not only got the nuclear football but will also be in charge of the kill list, which means he will be able to choose which terrorists get struck by drones. he has extraordinary powers now. most presidents have said in those moments of trial that it is religion that gives them their stability. if you are a person of faith, this is the kind of balist you
9:36 am
need for a job that's going to test you in ways you have never been tested before. >> we are now learning that the pastor who spoke inside there was reverend robert jeffress, a southern baptist, who has a long history of inflammatory remarks about muslims, mormons, catholics. he is the one that said, i told you would be president even from day one. it is the prerogative of the incoming president to choose who does the service. what does this say about his selection? >> he has a supporter that has been with him for a while. if this is where you get your balance, then you want somebody there who has been there with you all along. >> that was fascinating thing, because a lot of evangelical
9:37 am
that is we all talked to during the campaign had real disagreements with donald trump specifically on the core values and culture. >> he had jerry falwell and his son and others. >> others were very much split with him on the moral question. there are a lot of people who believe that his choices, specifically on these moral questions, were not ones that they agreed with. >> there we see former vice-president, dan quayle. >> it is former vice-president, dan quayle. we are live on the set. there is the former vice-president there greeting members. >> you will see the hat has a 45 on the side. >> the traditional "make america great" hats and now the new "usa" hat. >> dan quayle, former indiana sen store became vice-president, lives in arizona. >> as the president-elect heads over to the white house to meet
9:38 am
with president obama and first lady, michelle obama, jody cantor is here, who wrote about the outgoing president in her best selling 2012 book, the obamas. she is also a cbs news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. this is an interesting moment we are about to see the outgoing and incoming president standing there together. >> this is an specially dramatic one. the obamas are handing the keys of the white house essentially over to a man who spread lies about them, who rose to power in part that way. we are used to seeing transfer of power from democrats and republicans, back again. this one is particularly unusual. it is also mirrored in what's happened in the streets of washington and on the mall. washington is filled with trump supporters and trump protesters. it is filled with people wearing red "make america great again" hats and people for the march.
9:39 am
how are those going to release to one another today? >> this is not enter first meeting. they met two days after the election. both sides reported that the meetings went very well, very cordial, very civil. >> this is where the traditions of washington really take over. there is a really beautiful sense of ceremony inside the white house today. there is a private ritual that the public doesn't see where the white house residence staff says good-bye to the outgoing presidential family just before they leave. this is the group of people that have served the president and first lady day in and day out. >> now, we see p vice-president biden and jill biden welcoming the incoming vice-president, mike pence, and his wife, karen, to the white house. no doubt they have been there before but not in this capacity. >> they are all gathering at the white house, including staff will be there from both the new staff of soon to be president trump and others there.
9:40 am
>> they are invited for the tea as well. >> for the meeting that will take place there. i was struck by the fact that last night donald trump said, i'm simply the messenger. it was you. president obama is saying in tweets the same thing. i'm not the agent of change. you're the agent of change. >> they are both speaking to the idea of empowering the people. >> what does the american public want to? it is almost 10:00 here in washington. will we look back and say, this was a day in american history, when after an incredibly bitter and polarizing campaign, the entire country, leader and people set aside the politics and welcome the new president and hand over power. are we going to see fights in the streets, features that are more angry and less inclusive than usual? >> we have heard from both sides
9:41 am
that say they want a smooth transition, because this is how american democracy works. both sides want it to go well and get along well today. >> gayle, in speaking to donald trump's son, he has confirmed the fact that there were lots of phone conversations between president obama and president-elect trump. >> i think it is to president obama's advantage to maintain cordial relationships. if he does want to be consulted, if he does want there to be a phone relationship, even an intermittent one, to be able to exercise influence, it is very helpful to have -- >> we have to in go to michelle and president barack obama have just come out. she is brushing off his jacket. you can see donald trump's limousine pulling right up to the white house. >> how often does the president come out and meet somebody? >> only when heads of state usually. you see him on the north portico
9:42 am
when heads of state enter that way. you can see the heads of state enter that way to get this iconic shot of not only them welcome t welcoming to the white house but standing right in front of the white house, all four of them together. >> we do have audio. as you can see, the microphones or the george w. bush used to call them the caterpillars. the suv carrying the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> a lot of security and family. this looks like it might be. here we go. let's listen.
9:43 am
>> how are how are
9:44 am
>> i can't help but read the body language. >> i think the body language looked very friendly. i can't get over about the box from tiffanys, considering that the tiffany store is right next to trump tower and the tiffany people complaining enter business has been hurting because of all the security that they would come and bring a gift from tiffanys. >> your point being it is very smart. >> very smart. tiffanys has very nice things. that is a very nice gift. >> the box is very pretty. >> it is a blue box, we know. >> there is something good in there. for most of morning" special report will coveveveci cover.
9:45 am
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robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning" special coverage of the inauguration. moments ago president-elect trump arrived at the white house for coffee and tea with the obamas and melania trump brought a present from tiffany's. so they will have some coffee and tea and maybe some yummees before they head up to capitol hill. that's in about less than an hour. when they leave the white house we will bring that to you live as well. >> what was interesting it seemed like the first lady was trying to figure out what should i do with this box right now. >> did someone come and grab it? >> normally if you bring a gift
9:50 am
to the white house you can't give it to them directly. >> republican senator lindsey graham from south carolina. he has been a vocal critic of the president elect's comments on the campaign trail. good morning. >> good morning. i lost, he won. >> yes, indeed. >> you've seen the results of it. quickly, what do you hope the president elect will do and say in his speech and secondly talk about some other issues. >> number one make a speech that acknowledges that he's the president of all of us and those who are out there protesting he's their president, too. if i were him i'd put some points up on the board. reverend jesse jackson came by my office, he encouraged me to try to create an infrastructure bill with president trump. he's very interested in working with the new president on infrastructure. that would be a pretty good place to start. >> don't you think democrats on
9:51 am
board are about that? >> yeah, i think all of us, our bridges and roads are falling apart, we have to figure out how to pay for it. if i were president trump i'd put some points up on the board, keep your campaign promises but try to bring us together pretty early on. >> senator graham, you have been very outspoken critic of the president elect during the campaign and certainly during the transition, too. are you feeling a little more optimistic today? >> sure. i don't know if i'm on the kill list or not, that would be good to know, but, no, i'm very optimistic. it's a rebirth. >> i think you're safe. >> i think i am, too. you know, what i would do if i were president trump, he is a very engaging, charming fellow, i wish he would bring people down to the white house, bring their kids, grandkids, show them around, try to get a relationship with the congress. i'm hopeful we can repeal and replace obamacare, we have could tomorr -- to come up with a substitute. >> you've been tough with regard
9:52 am
to the president elect on his attitude towards russia and senator mckaine having hearings on cyber espionage and hacking and all that. >> yes, absolutely. >> are you coming to your point of view or is he coming dose clo he isser to a point of view you accept. >> there's no doubt in my mind russia tried to undermine the election. they didn't change the outcome. i have a sanctions bill where russia should pay a heavy price. the worst thing president trump could do in my view is forgive and forget about russia's officer feerns in our election. that screams weakness. so what i'm going to do in the first 100 days is try to get a vote on a bipartisan bill to sanction russia for their interference in our election and i hope the president will embrace it. >> thank you, senator. all right. we are beginning to see a lot of vips arrive at the u.s. capitol. we saw former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush. special coverage of the inauguration continues here on "cbs this morning." we will be right back. and laura
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
good morning every would be i'm jim donovan. donald trump will take the oath of office as nation's forty-fifth president in just a few hours. our jessica dean is live at the capitol with that historic moment just on the horizon, good morning, jessica. good morning, jim. good morning to everyone back in philadelphia. we are coming to you live just steps from the capitol here. you can see inaugural platform behind me where it will all happen and donald trump will take oath of office and become forty-fifth president for the united states. right now crowd is building, we still have a little bit to go before everyone gets here. you can imagine it is about everybody getting this place and see all of the media lined up here, covering it there all around the world all eyes will be on president-elect trump, he is what he says to the american people to bring together a divided nation.
9:56 am
our look at this video we have coming in from the white house where trump's met with the obama's for coffee and tea. traditional meeting that the outing president has with the incoming president, and his family, and that is happening right now. all of the tradition traditions leading up to the big home, the oath of office when donald trump will become the court fifth president of the united states. we're of course, going to be here throughout all of that and we will bring it the to you live right here on cbs and throughout the day. as you heard there us yesterday there are a lot of people who traveled from our area to be here to witness history. we will talk to more of them and also some of the protesters who showed up. we will talk to you throughout the day. jim? >> thanks, jessica. as jessica just mentioned she will have live report from the nation's capitol throughout the day as our coverage of the presidential inauguration, continues. president-elect trump is expect to take the oath of obvious before noon today. new lets turn to lauren casey for a look at today's weather
9:57 am
forecast. >> we will contend with rain in the did tc area and rain that is starting to build in across the delaware veil. in the reaching surface on the leading edge of this but you can see more yellowness our reflectivity indicating he yes , intensivety of the rain will pick up and we will see that rain headache its way down on the ground as we head in the lunch hour. future weather showing us we are in for an afternoon of wet one, soggy one but that rain will start to clear out the as we head in the evening commute but we will be dealing with slick roadways, and likely some ponding on the roadways as well, to keep that in mind could slow down our evening commute, as we head into our friday. for to take we have period of rain foggy conditions, cloudy high temperature topping off at 46 degrees. tonight cloudy, damp with areas of fog locally dense in spots 41 degrees loath in temperature. not falling off too rapidly. for our saturday very mild day in store 55 degrees, included still around, cloud sunday with rain redeveloping still mild at 52 degrees but monday appears like it will be quite the miserable take rain looking likely, heavier at times windy conditions and
9:58 am
that will persist in the first half of the day on tuesday, meisha. >> all right, lauren, thank you very much for. that we are looking at our roadways still this morning you can see we have a an accident in trenton 295 northbound at route one that has been just moved off to the shoulder. that should not cause you too many slow downs especially at the this hour. also protest at 12:00 noon, city hall independent mall will be all affected by protests and 1:00 p.m. rally at temple university students will be marching directly down broad street. that will affect you as well. then tomorrow with men's march on philadelphia between 7:00 a.m. and that is when everyone will gather 10:00 a.m. how much begins. it will go to 1:00 p.m. on the ben franklin parkway. red closures through 4:00 p.m. , bus detours through 6:00 p.m. look at these routes. this is had is affected right you this but check your schedules on line, and then again, also we will have parking restrictionness place are as well. those will be out there between 5:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. plus we have construction still lingering out there on the boulevard, jim, back over to you. >> lots going on, thanks, meisha. well, i'm jim donovan, meisha. well, i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
9:59 am
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to see how much you could save now. ♪ >> i do solemnly swear. >> thatly faithfully execute. >> the office of the president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. what you just saw will be repeated today. you're looking at a live picture of the united states capitol.


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