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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 20, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and and defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. congratulations, mr. president. >> history is made. donald j trump takes the oath of office becoming the 45th president of the united states, all eyes are on the new president, as he delivers his inaugural address. >> the time for empty talk is over. now, arrives the hour of action. >> president trump is now gearing up for a whirlwinds of events today including the presidential procession and inaugural parade down pennsylvania avenue. "eyewitness news", has you covered for all of the inauguration day activities,
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good afternoon, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm jim donovan. live in washington, d.c., joining us liver from the capitol building, jessica dean? >> reporter: good afternoon, to both of you guys, where everything just wrapped up not too long ago, what was full of just a few minute ago, now emptying out very, very quickly. of course the crowd here very excited to see president donald trump, but they also heckled and booed senate minority chuck chummier. interesting mood here. it began to rain as president trump gave his inaugural address, a lot of the themes we had heard help him talk about, about putting america first. take a listen. >> we assemble here today, are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capitol, and in every hall of power. from this day forward a new vision will govern our land.
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from this day forward it is going to be only america first. >> the president also called americans to aoun if i. he asked them to open their hearts to patriotism so there would be no room for prejudice. now, let's back up little earlier in the day. because this was following several events that had happened throughout the morning. up first, the prayer service that president trump and his family attended at saint john church here in washington, vice president mike pence and his wife, karen, were there as well. here is a interesting fact about that. every president has attends add church service at that church since it opened back in 1816. so certainly a tradition there. another tradition that they undertook today was after the church service president trump and his wife melania went to the white house where they were greeted by michelle anbar ac obama, they had morning coffee and tea, little chat time, altogether, and were able to have that moment
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before then making their move. now, when it came to coming over here to getting from the white house to getting to the capitol, trump and obama wrote in the mode or kade together, we saw it come down constitution avenue, when the crowd got very excited they new exactly who was in the car, who was coming. also hereof course as is tradition, former presidents were in attendance, former president carter, former president george w. bush, president clinton and their wives and of course hillary clinton here with her husband, former president bill clinton, former president george h.w. bush, missing because he has been very ill and hospitalized. now, from here, they all went back inside and then the obama's got into a chopper. now it is no longer marine one because he's now former president, and instead he boarded marine executive, which was bound for joint base andrews, former first couple now head today california to palm springs to rest and relax after eight years in the white
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house. and to that end, former president obama was tweeting out some things throughout the day. one of his final tweets we wanted to show it to you it said quote it's been the honor of my life to serve you. you made me a better leader and a better man. so things continue to go on here, jan, jim, there is congressional lunch inside for president trump and vice president pence, and of course the inaugural parade. we will be bringing it it to you live here on cbs36789 i will check back in with you with a little more before the end of the show. see you then. >> thanks, jessica. well, donald trump now officially the 45th president and so far, though, none of his cabinet nominees are confirmed. >> democrats say they've issues with several nominees qualifications and paperwork. but senate democrats will allow today to james mattis as defense secretary and general john kelly as homeland security secretary. democrats say they want to have a full rigorous debate on the president's remaining
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nominees. republicans have accused the democrats of grand standing. anti-trump protests were expected to be underway in center city right now. police issued warning to stay away from certain areas that may be disrupted by demonstrators. david spunt outside city hall with what we're seeing so far. good afternoon, david. >> reporter: jim, jan, good afternoon. i expect the rain has something to do with no protesters out here. it is quiet. we expect today see group called the brandywine anti-war demonstrations, they were expected to come out about noon, when president trump took the oath of office. they wanted to protest the president trump war policies, what towed say about war on the campaign trail. but that didn't happen. i spoke with some police authorities, they told me in town they are going to be here the rest of the day, they are expect to go see some groups possibly later today on independence hall around 4:00. but right now things are quiet in center city, and that is most likely because of the rain, authorities also are warning people to pay attention to travel later this
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evening, for that rush hour, but tomorrow, jim, jan, it will be big woman's march in philadelphia, the ben franklin parkway, that's going to be closed from eakin's oval to city hall because of the demonstrations tomorrow. jim, jan, back to you. >> all right, david, we will keep an eye on it, thank you. with expected demonstrations here and in afternoon parade coming up in washington, d.c., as part of the inauguration festivities, keeping an eye on the weather in both places. lauren casey is tracking rain in the cbs-3 weather center. what's the latest? >> we will be dealing with similar weather situations in both washington dc and here in the delaware valley. dealing with the same system. we have dreary conditions, into the afternoon for both low cases this afternoon, in washington dc for the parade event, temperatures cool in the 40's, fairly seasonable, temperatures could be much worse. we do have light shower activity that will continue to persist off and on over the next several hours, periods of drizzle, cloudy conditions as well. so everyone down there in d.c. for the inauguration
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festivities, are going to need the rain slickers. we can see storm scan3 over the last few hours, path of showers moving around midday, around noon, now seeing secondary batch of showers, kind of wind trying to fill in there moving in toward dc. they'll likely be dealing with another rounds every light rain fail here in the next 20 minutes or so. storm scan3, things looking little bit more filled in certainly across the delaware valley, dealing with this area, uniform in nature, of precipitation, light to moderate in intensity, will continue to work it way off to the northeast, as we head into the next several hours. soap, for the rest of the day today, umbrellas it is. cloudy areas of fog, steady light rain. we could see some pocket of more moderate rainfall, that is going to create slow commute. the rain will start to taper off as we head into the second haft of the commute and early evening. but again, dealing with slick roadways, possibly some ponding, as well, improved conditions as we head into the upcoming weekends, tomorrow, still the clouds, but very mild, nice to get out and about. 55 degrees. but then secondary even stronger storm system moves
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in, late day, on sunday, and we will talk more about that. dealing with windy conditions, possible minor flooding at the coast, and all of the details on that coming up in a few minute. >> boy, that doesn't sounds that great. thanks, lauren, appreciate it. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it isn't just america that's watching the nation's transfer of power. >> the rest of the worlds is watching too. what the russians are hoping for now that president trump is in the while house. >> even before president trump was born into office, the protests were already beginning blocks from the capitol. inauguration day coverage continues right after the break.
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>> welcome back. the national and then tomorrow, president donald trump's inauguration, by jacky evancho. >> live shot, i do not believe. president obama speaking at joint base andrews, here he is, speaking to his former staff. let's list never for just a minute. >> it wasn't blind optimism that drove you to do all this
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work. it wasn't naivety. it wasn't will full ignorance, all of the challenges that america faces. it was hope in the face of difference. hope in the face of uncertainty. you proof ... >> that was president obama speaking from joint force andrews. >> yes, indeed speaking to the staff. >> now before the inauguration festivities, tens every thousands of anti-trump protesters flooded the nation's capitol, protesters marched down the street screaming no justice, no peace. and shouting on sense tis at the police. then the turbulent group started breaking windows at area businesses and turning over trash cans. police in riot gear tried to diffuse the situation by pepper sprague the crowd. >> now that the inauguration is over, and the us has a new commander in chief, many nations are wondering what type of government president trump will lead.
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>> correspondent police bet palmer in moss coy, waiting to see if the new administration will offer a fresh start. >> like the rest of the world, waiting and watching to see what trump administration will actually do when it takes power. but prime minister took to facebook this morning, a shot at the obama administration saying it policies had left us relations at their lowest point in decades. it was an angry letter, and also somewhat defensive, he says that the united states has had no right to speak to russia as if it were a banana republic. all the same, the russian for minister has also spoke today and said he hopes russia hopes to have constructive working row lakes slip with the united states. what the kremlin would really like is for a trump government to forget about the very devisive issues that have plagued the relationship for example the invasion, or the russian hacking, and offer the
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kremlin a fresh start. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, moscow. >> we want to go back to president obama speaking now to his former staff. let's listen in. >> argue with each other, come together, and knock on doors, make phonecalls and treat people with respect. it doesn't end. this is just -- this is just a little pit stop, this is not a period, this is a comma. in the continuing story of building america. so to all of you that have put your heart and soul not just into our campaigns, but into making schools better, making sure our veterans got the care they need, making sure that we
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left behind a planet that is safe and secure for our kids. making sure that hard-working people had a ladder of opportunity for their families. for all of you who have just done amazing, remarkable work, most of it un heralded, most of it without fanfare, most of it without you getting any word of fame, we could not be prouder. i could not be prouder. this has been the privilege of my life, and i know i speak for michelle, as well. and we look forward to continuing this journey with all of you. and i can't wait to see what you do next. and i promise you, i'll be right there with you.
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all right? god bless you. thank you everybody. yes, we did. yes, we can. god bless. >> and you are listening live thereto president obama at joint base andrews after donald trump's inauguration. now, with the transfer of power complete, vice president joe biden is taking the train home to delaware after attending the presidential inauguration, biden road the rales between delaware and washington almost daily as senator before becoming vice president. today he is taking a final train ride to a welcome home ceremony wilmington. biden and his wife, jill, boarded an amtrak train just moments ago, our natasha brown is on that train with the biden's headed to the joseph r biden junior train station. hi, natasha, how is the train ride so far? >> reporter: hi, good afternoon, to you, this is my first time ever doing a live shot on a train.
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so bear with me, as it is clearly moving here. but it has been, you know, a great day. we saw former now vice president joe biden. ego got on the train about 15 minute or so ago with his wife, doctor jill biden. this is the media car we are standing on on the acela train headed dc to wilmington, where he will have huge welcome home rally at the chase center 2:30 to 3:30. we got a shot of him as he was getting on the train, very upbeat, giving us the thumbs-up, hey, guys, back on amtrak. this is a track he's all too familiar with, 8,000 rounds trips on the train in his career. thirty-six years serving as a senator for the state of delaware, eight years now as vice president under the obama administration. he has had a lovely and very lengthy career in public service. i'm certain that's not going to end as he'll be headed back to his home state of delaware and folks will be welcoming him with open arms. have to wait to see what the next chapter of his life
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bridges. we will be able to go back there and talk to former vice president bid never just a few minutes, they'll take us in, we understand, two, three, media representatives will be able to go back to the car, hopefully we will get to ask him couple of things, most importantly, what's next for him. so we will keep you posted here on the acela train, an as we are just moving forward here toward wilmington, delaware. back to you guys. >> thank you, natasha, please hold on or sit down. >> thank you. we go to live shot here, this is president trump signing some executive orders, already getting down to business, just an hour and a half past his taking the oath of office. you see vice president pence in the background there, first lady melania trump, as well, paul ryan, speaker of the house, to his left, nancy pelosi is there, as well, surrounded by many members of the trump family, also mr. pence wife car send there,
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as well. >> keeping an eye on fashion, still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> the question many people are asking, about our new first lady melania trump. who is she wearing? the answer is next. lauren? >> we will break up all of this political talk with a little bit of weather. almost the weekends, we do have mild january weekend ahead with temperatures about ten to 15 degrees above average. for both saturday, sunday, all across the delaware valley. saturday will be the dry day. still some clouds, and as we head into sunday. we'll maybe have dry portion in the morning, but rain will be redeveloping with potent weather system that will be impacting the delaware valley. i'll have more details on possible heavy rain, minor coastal flooding, and very windy conditions, coming up just after this.
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>> our coverage of inauguration of president trump continues live in washington. hello, jessica. >> reporter: little something for you at the ends of the broadcast, former first lady michelle obama clothing choices often telegraph a message, so people paid very close attention to what she was wearing, first lady melania trump will probably be the same way, everybody will want to know what she is wearing, who made t we want to walk you through it, let you know what she was wearing,
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everyone talking about her outfit this afternoon. she wore tiffany blue inauguration outfit by american designer ralph lauren, consisted of cashmere crop jacket and mock turtleneck dress. suede gloss, all in sky blue, departure from her usual blow out, did go with up do. it is raining, and pretty windy, icy blue rounded out donald trump's patriotic red and whiten some recall. then you probably notice ivanka and tiffany trump in white. a lot of red, white and blue, guys when people ask, you can now tell them you know the whole story on what the first lady wore to the inauguration. guys? >> this is very important stuff. >> important. >> thank you, jessica. >> and talking about important stuff, you know, weather on the horizon. >> absolutely. rain is here, foggy, dreary conditions, you better get used to it, we have several more days in the forecast, getting live look at center city philadelphia, isn't that nice? oh, ya. nice and bright. 40 degrees right now. so it is cool. we have the east wind at
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around 3 miles per hour, wind speeds are, but the rain coming down, drizzle, clouds lingering around. temperatures are on the cool side. really right around average. forty in philly. forty in the lehigh valley. 41 degrees in milville and ac, 44 degrees. you can see the rain on storm scan3, continuing to move across the area. some residual showers behind this main band, as well. future weather will show us as we head into the next several hours widespread rain will come to ends. but still dealing with it for the next couple of hours. and for today, cloudy, periods of rain, 46 degrees. and as we head into tonight, we will see cloudy, and damp conditions with areas of fog, with 41 degrees, and i'll have more on the extende
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to see how much you could save now. >> after mr. trump was sworn in, he was embraced by his family, the president turned to hug and kiss his family, then shook hands with president obama and vice president joe biden. and that is "eyewitness news" for today. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, for lauren all of us here, thanks for watching. >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump continues next. special coverage begins today at 4:00. as always, we are on line at >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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r. i do solemnly swear. l. that i will. >> the office of the president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my abilities. >> preserve, protect. >> and defend. de preserve, protect and defend. it the constitution. te of the united states. >> the constitution. >> of the united states. >> so help me god. >> pelley: the words of the oath of office as enshrined in article 2 of the constitution, headline of the our,


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