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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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news". pro tis ers gather at philadelphia international airport and airports all around the country as president trump signs executive order temporarily bar g refugees from entering the country at least two families were turned away today when their plane landed in philadelphia. >> good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. we do have breaking developments at this hour about the ban. short time ago, a federal judge blocked the trump administration from sending back detainees with valid visas, but the president executive order remains intact. inside and outside airports across the country. (protest being). >> large crowds protested president donald trump's executive order on immigration >> american history, american values. >> the order suspends the us refugee admission program for four months, bans citizens from seven predominantly
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countries from entering the us for nine # zero days, people from syria, indefinately there is 17 year old said her aunt traveled from syria with valid visa for a family emergency, but she was denied entry at o'hare international airport. >> i really didn't know what to do. and i was just heart broken. i felt defeated. >> former translator for the us military was temporarily detained at jfk after flying from iraq. >> this is not break the rules or do something wrong. >> crowds grew substantially throughout the day then saturday evening the protesters marched and blocked traffic. >> outrage by the president's actions, and i'm horrified that our country is turning away refugees. >> saturday president trump said the us will have an extreme vetting policy. >> totally prepared to work it out very nicely. >> federal officials say the ban extends to people with green cards, but exemptions can be made.
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while dozens gather for protest inside the international hall at philadelphia's airport tonight, strongly oppose the president trump executive order. mayor jim kenney said two syrian families were denied entry into the us upon their arrival at philadelphia international airport today, and were sent back to syria. we are also told us customs and border patrol detaining several other families at the airport tonight. >> be hearing sometime overnight or in the morning here in philadelphia from the emergency judge the senator and the congressman were not permit today see them. but we are confident that they are at a safe place, and they'll be treated well through the course of the night. >> well mayor kenney was joined by governor tom wolf, senator bob bob case casey, congressman bob brady and helen gyms. executive offered impacting one locally family tonight in particular, waiting for loved ones to arrive from syria. when they got the devastating news that they weren't allowed to stay in america. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alexandria hoff joining me now with that part of our story and this family's reaction. >> again, natasha, the family already in transit when the president made that executive order. only learned about it mid flight to the u.s. now, these are not refugees, but christian syrians who according to family here will paid for and had earned their advice as. >> this was the day that they had been looking forward to since left syria, last saw his parent, siblings, uncle. >> i was excited going to meet my family after three years. really happy moment. now after what happened -- >> bound for allentown, and new life in the u.s., the six arrived at philadelphia international airport from syria by way of karat 7:40 a.m., their family got a call from customs respect officers? my sister said they're not letting them in, there is a misunderstanding, maybe they
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forgot a paper. but not paperwork issue. according to the family in allentown, their christian syrian relatives given choice to be detained for an amount of time or go back. >> no one i can talk to, no one can help me. i can't call donald trump and ask him to let my family in. >> but he remembered he won't school with republican cans em charlie dent's son. >> these are not refugees, visas, they paid thousands of dollars, christians, and i don't think this order was ever intended for people like this out of the country. so that's what i am hoping. so but i need clarification from the administration. >> you have been in contact with the white house? >> i have. twice today. >> congressman dent has been working with the family as they work to obtain a lawyer. >> i can't imagine, but feeling nothing but alone and lonely. >> painful, for the first time in three years, his family was just an hour and a half away
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and sent back. >> they should be here. everything they did, nothing illegal. >> the family had been working since 2003 to escape religious persecution in their war torn country, and home waiting for them in allentown, again, a stay has now been granted for imigrants in transit, but they were sent home, so it is unclear right now how they will be impacted. >> a lot of confusion surrounding today. thank you so much, alex, appreciate that. >> well, still tonight, we can tell you that in other news, the search is on for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run in west philly. a grandmother was killed, as her grandchildren watched in horror. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan talked to the family. >> they seen it. the kids seen what happened. >> a child's recommendation of the hit-and-run crash that killed his grandmother. >> this is a picture of her grandson of the car hitting his grandmom with his little cousin? his hands. >> philadelphia police say
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friday night the driver of this white mini-van ran over 48 year old woman and small child, as they were crossing the street with several other children at 57th and girard. the family have identified the victim as catherine brown of west philadelphia. >> she loved her grandkids. she saved one. she sacrificed her life for her grandson. >> raymond dugan is brown's son-in-law. said just before the accident, they were having family birthday at 54th and master, brown offered to babysit. >> so she decided the party was over, that night, for the night. >> they were walking but they didn't make it to brown's house. >> she smack the grandmom and the kids, yo, stop, stop. you know, yelling out in the middle of the street. but just kept going. by stand ers helped the child who is in stage condition at chop. brown was dragged under the
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vehicle, for a block, pronounced dead at the hospital. family say they are having hard time excepting that loving grandmom was left for dead. >> i would like them to catch the person that did this. >> anyone with information about the minute n van or the driver should contact the philadelphia police. if you would like to help with funeral costs, information on our website in west philadelphia, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> bensalem, memorial is growing at the scene of all terrain vehicle crash that left one teenager dead and another critically injured. thirteen year old was driving the atv north on bensalem boulevard when it broadsided a car that was making a left turn on jason drive last night. police say forte was not wearing a helmet at the time. but his passenger, another 13 year old, was. >> like a brother to me. last night was a hard night. didn't get much sleep. we love him. >> my suggestion to the
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parent, don't let your kids ride on the street, make sure they have a helmet,. >> so police say a preliminary investigation indicate that the atv did not have its light on at the time. the driver of the car did suffer minor injuries. >> also, tonight, burlington police officers rescue a five year old girl after police say a woman through her on to the railroad tracks, as a new jersey transit train was approaching. prosecutors have now charged 20 year old autumn with attempted mumped err. investigators say officers approached the suspect at the burlington town station when she suddenly grabbed the girl and through her on to the tracks. officers jumped in in front of the train to signal it to stop. while the child was removed from the crash by the mother's boyfriends. >> search is on for two mask gunman who shot man during home invasion in philadelphia's talcony neighborhood. >> this happened inside an apartment on the 4800 block of longshore avenue, about 2:30 this afternoon. police say the suspect stopped the 33 year old victim in the
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shoulder. he is currently critical at aria-torresdale hospital. police say the suspect did not take anything from the apartment. >> and some teachers in the philadelphia school district are wrapping up their participation in the black lives matter week of "action cam" pain. this week the teachers dedicated more instructional time to teaching about diversity and social justice. today at temple university, eagles safety malcolm jenkins took part in panel discussion about what's next for the campaign. >> this is a topic that i have talked about a lot over the last year, and plan on doing more, as we move forward, and so i want to be able to get general perspective of some other opinion, other than myself. >> black lives matter week of action was sponsored by the office of working educators and activist group within the philadelphia federation of teachers union. >> stay with us everyone. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness "eyewitness news", car lovers of all ands are coming to
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philly. >> the 2017 philly auto show is here. i'm anita oh. next how many people are expected to attend, what you can find here. >> we will be kicking off the work week with light snow. i'll break down the time willing for you, let you know who has the best chance for accumulation in your forecast. >> and helpless hippo is getting stronger by the day. why this little girl is getting around the clock care. plus, coming up in sport, record setting win for serena williams at the australian open. lesley van arsdall has all of the highlight for you. you're watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00, right here with us.
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>> thirty-one years ago the space shuttle challenger exploded shortly after blastoff from kennedy space center. all seven crew members on board were killed including christa cull off who would have been the first teacher in space. it ignited challenger's steel tank. >> the coast guard comes to the rescue after small plane catches fire in georgetown, delaware. the crew was taking part in reaching helicopter training this afternoon when they heard the airplane pilots distress call, diverted to delaware coastal airport, rescue swimmer and flit mechanic helped the pilot until ambulance arrived. no word on the cause of the
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fire just yet. >> one of the big et cetera event of the year, philadelphia auto show is in town opening today at the pennsylvania convention center. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, takes us for little spin. >> who doesn't have that child like wonder when surrounded by all of this? >> we have little bit of everything, classic, movie cars feature cars, cars that you will be able to buy in the next 12 month, and it is something for everybody. >> for kevin, executive director of the philly auto show, the wheels of the event planning begins ten months ago. >> while people can expect to find what moves them, 700,000 square feet, all under one roof. >> you won't be able to buy a car from the floor of the auto show, but organizers estimate that half of the people who attend will end up buying a car elsewhere. that's about three and a half billion dollars in sales. about 250,000 people are expected to crews through the pennsylvania convention center for the nine day event which kick off saturday. >> i like cars. i mean, this is a great place to be able to get a chance,
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like i say, get up choice, get inside. >> no shortage of site from the kid friendly camp, the exotic luxury, or antiques, even see models not available yet. >> an example that far is hine me with the kia singer, one of the reproductions, one of eight of them, that no juan has seen in our area. >> the magic of models, keeps them every year. >> we've been coming every year, for five, six years. >> colin has already pick the one he wants. >> like another fords raptor, buy my dream truck. real expensive. if i could buy it, i would. >> i hear you, colin, at the philly auto show, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, lauren, saw some flurries earlier when i was out and about, cold weather, not a lot of sun. >> not a lot of sun. typical january weather. , do have sunshine in store, do you have wait until next thursday to see it.
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>> oh, just five days. >> just short time from now. but it is a quiet evening in center city philadelphia, we get live look on "skycam 3", 34 degrees your temperature, chilly but seasonably so. winds have lightened up, though, out of the southwest 7 miles per hour, making it feel like 28 degrees. temperatures are chilly across the region, 34 in allentown, down in the 20's in the poconos, 34 degrees right now in atlantic city, but finally, after several blustery days, we have gotten rid of those whipping winds, and winds are come to light at most the reporting sites we take it in, calm winds right now in medford. yep, it is going to be a week of winter, near average, high temperatures, as the jet stream stays to the south, allowing cold canadian air mass to stay in place across the delaware valley. it will continue into the upcoming week. have several fast moving weak systems will move through, give us chance of few flakes on several occasions tomorrow, again, we could see scattered flurries, best chance of snow
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will come late tomorrow night, early monday morning, areas of lie ♪. or could see some minor accumulation then on tuesday. light rain or snow shower is possible, and storm scan3, showing us, we did have break in the cloud deck across part of south jersey, clouds starting to return a bit. still clouds over lehigh valley, still lake effect snow going as it has over the last several days, gave us flakes today, tomorrow, some of the flights could drive into our backyard, give us few flurries, overnight tonight, partly cloudy, less wind, down to 30 degrees, and for the day tomorrow, high temperatures, right around average, once again, 42 degrees, low clouds lingering around. brisk conditions, but winds not as gusty as we have experienced over the last couple of days. future weather going to start you off tomorrow evening. that's when things will start to get little bit active mainly into the overnight period. start to see this area of light snow developing after midnight. area of light snow, best chance philadelphia, and point to the south. and we could see some of the heavier snowfall, as we head into your monday morning commute across portions of
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south jersey and down the shore as well. so this could really slow things down as far as the time willing with falling snow, as we head into the second half of the morning, again, heavier snowfall across parts of south jersey, short interior southern new jersey, parts of delaware, as well, we head into midday moisture will start to exit, and we might see a little period of sunshine, something to look forward to monday afternoon. but we could see some accumulation, best chance is going to be across portions of jersey where we could see upward after inch, maybe inch and a half at some of the shore points, along the coast, picking up just about dusting along the i95 corridor. here are models, for philadelphia, showing you our biggest model gives us only about 2 inches at the most. but really likely to just see dusting as we head into midday monday. pretty quiet ends to the weekends, chilly, 29 degrees, chance of few flurries, some sunshine down the shore, brisk with high temperature at 46. light snow to kick off the work week, slow commute, and cold afternoon even as the sunshine does break out,
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36 degrees, the high temperature. february, begins on wednesday, we are getting closer to spring. and then there is that sunny day on thursday. groundhog peaking his little sunshine, he want to see some sunshine, cold with a high of 39. >> little punxsutawney phil there. >> leslie has sports highlights. >> we have a young star born at the. in hl all-star game, real young, and serena williams making highlight down under.
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>> a big deal whether two big five team meet. you can throw out the record books, the case tonight as lasalle, hawk hill, to take on st. joe's, price has been
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lasalle's best scorer. check it out. three here to get the explorers 58-53 lead. he had 21-point. but the game will come right down to the end. lamar campbell, gets the jumper here. now to the hawks, 73 lead. we have 142nd left in the game. lasalle comes back down jordan price takes the last shot. no good, the hawks win 73-72 the final. >> college of charleston visiting drexel this afternoon. nailing the three. he led drexel with 17-point, but charleston's grant wheeler just had a big day the three right there, he had 30-point, charleston will win this one. villanova big match up tomorrow afternoon, 12th ranked virginia visit wells fargo center, last time nova took the course, lost 74-72, so jay wright talks about how his team has handling adversity this season.
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>> i've been very impressed with how they handled the transition from, you know, winning a national championship, to starting a new season, to being number one, to losing number one, taking number one back, losing it again. i love the resiliency. really our three captain. we got three very mature seniors. >> sixers with the night off. will be right back at it tomorrow not. embiid did make it, continues to recover from knee injury. the. in. in l all-star weekends underway, and what better, than snoop dog out in l.a. leading the flyers, 21 goals, the star of the night there is little guy right here, seven year old kessler. manheim ducks star, shoot-out, he goes, great night for the. in hl, and rickert, good for him out in los angeles, to the farmers insurance open, great spot right here. he holds out the eagle. then check out, the 17th hole,
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a great shot from grant. he would bird think hole. he tied at nine under, patrick rogers for the lead. final rounds can be seen tomorrow right here on cbs-3. >> big moment in the australian open. picking up her 23rd major title. that is the most ever in the open, she only needs one more major title, report with the most in tennis history for the seventh open title. she is just dominating. >> amazing. i love to see them play each other. >> little sisterly love there. thank you: adorable baby pictures on the way, this baby hippo may look -- she was towelly born prematurely. how zoo officials are helping
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>> facebook is making little tougher for unauthorized users to gain access to your account. you can lockdown your log in with an actual security key, plugs into the usb drive on your computer. register the device. the tech company says the security key is a new layer to make accounts nor secure. >> hundreds gather for the annual fire and ice sculpture festival in mt. holly, new jersey, lauren casey's favorite thing. more than dozen professional
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ice carvers turn blocks of ice into work of art. while it may have been chilly out there today, plenty of activities to keep you warm including food boots to sample shopping, music, all for saturday filled with some family friendly fun. i think lauren could probably do that. >> i started that. >> he is just finishing. >> we need evidence. >> back
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>> prom season around the corner, young girls went shopping for deals today, and lots of good stuff out there. prom closet of new jersey thirds annual prom fashion shopping experience in voorhees, camden county, local high school students? need purchased gently used designer prom dresses and accessories at a fraction of the cost. eastern high school hosed the
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big event. and take a look, baby hippo here, born prematurely at the cincinnati zoo making strides tonight. you can almost stands on her own. she is getting there. the calf was born tuesday, almost six weeks early, she already gained almost 4 pounds, since then, but still under wait. the calf receives 24 hour day care, and including -- so cute. >> adorable. lauren, what's going on with our forecast? >> actually used to be hippo trainer. baby hippo trainer. >> ice sculpture, now the hippo day care going. >> and lion tame err. for tomorrow, 42 degrees, morning light snow to look for specially in the morning, 36 degrees, then february begins wednesday, still chilly all week long, high temperature of 39 for the groundhog, finally sunny day by thursday. >> are you aground hog trainer, too? >> yes, she does it all.
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>> unbelievable. >> see, all of the things you didn't know about lauren. that's "eyewitness news" for tonight. thanks for joining us. >> we will see you tomorrow. here on cbs-3, have a great night. be like, you know. front of the line. >> supermarket, ten items or less, pull up with 40 items, gold medal. >> that is right. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i'm going to try it. >> byron allen, coming to you from this is "the american athlete". get ready to hang out with some of the world's greatest superstars. george foreman. >> feel that. >> whew, look at that. see, that's nothing, man. feel mine. feel mine. >> ooh, this man really has a muscle here. >> olympic superstar mia hamm.
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>> this team never give up, perservered, what an incredible performance by every person. >> gary sheffield. >> you mean to tell me you hit your face on the wall, six stitches, you went back out there? >> yeah. >> ahh. we're hanging with george foreman, how you doing, man? >> good to see you. >> how old were you when you started boxing? >> 1976, 16 years old. >> that right. >> i didn't like it, the idea somebody could hit me with jabs and hooks and couldn't grab them. the referee wouldn't allow me to wrestle. i quit. went back. got to like it, lost weight and next thing you know, i'm a olympic gold pedalist. >> what year? >> 1968. >> you won the gold. when you quit what did you do? >> i became heavyweight champ of the world in


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