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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pennsylvania judge is on the short list. that judge, the judge that is chosen, will fill the spot left by the late antonin scalia. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the white house tonight where that announcement will be made. he has a closer look at the potential nominees, david? jessica his name is judge thomas hardiman, coming from, pittsburgh on the third circuit sort of appeals and sources tell cbs news he is one of the two who will be here at the white house before the announcement the is made, president donald trump when he was a candidate during the campaign put out a list of 21 potential nominees, for the supreme court something you do not see during a presidential campaign. sources tell cbs news natalie president has narrowed the list to three potential can tait, first two judge william pryor a federal why frommal bam, judge neil gorsuch sits on the been inch colorado. many believe he is most likely pick but some believe trump
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hey pick a pennsylvania judge for the supreme court, judge thomas hardiman is known as a solid conservative with quite a personal story. he is first member of his college to go to college, judge hardiman sits on the third circuit court of appeals based in philadelphia but he works from pittsburgh. the his views are unclear. he has this is ruled on an abortion case, hardiman is known to be supporter of the second amendment rights and ruled on the federal case out of new jersey and agreeing with the jail's policy to strip search all detainees, he held in high regard by many in the the law enforcement the community. >> within the just last few minutes cbs news has been reporting that choices going to be between judge gorsuch and judge hardiman. judge hardy hand from pennsylvania is a close confident, of former senator rick santorum and known as a strong conservative also a collogue of the president's older sister, judge marry ann trump barry also of the third circuit court of appeals. that announcement ukee and
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jessica set to take lays tonight at 8:00 o'clock. i will be inside east room for that announcement and have live reports from the white house at ten and 11:00 o'clock on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". reporting live from the white house david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. lets remind everybody in print , cbs news will have live coverage of the president's choice for the supreme court and you can watch it at 8:00 right here on cbs 36789. president trump faces legal action over his travel ban, executive order. today the aclu of pennsylvania , filed a federal lawsuit against the trump administration, on behalf of the families denied entry in philadelphia international airport, on saturday. the president travel plan halted immigration from seven majority muslim countries. relatives of these asali family were sent back to syria even after 13 year rate for visa approval to hear they were sent back, it is un american and unethical, not to give them a phone call or a translator or an attorney to
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give them the option. they send them back, it is just heart breaking. >> lawsuit argues natalie president's executive order is unconstitutional because it violates equal protection based honorary lincoln and national origin. the filing asked court to order government to reinstate plaintiff's visas and to pay for their return back to the united states. a new quinnipiac university poll shows new jersey governor chris christie 's job approval rating falling to a record low. governor has been scared by the george washington bridge scandal and his unsuccessful run for republican presidential nomination last year. 78 percent of new jersey voters disapprove of the governor christie's job performance. 17 percent approve. the governor is now tied with brendan byrne for lowest a rolfe rating on record for think new jersey governor. byrne, a democrat, became unpopular when he created the state income tax in 1977. the search is on tonight
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for four suspects who kicked and punched a man knocking him to the ground on south broad street, and now police released surveillance video of the brutal attack. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in south philadelphia right now to tell you more bit, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, police are asking for help trying to identify the suspects and speaking to people here in this neighborhood they want any violent criminals, out of here. >> it is a little unnerving because it is close to home. >> reporter: an attack around the time some people in this neighborhood are finishing dinner and others putting their little ones to bet. around 8:00 p.m. january 10th a 25 year-old man was income to the ground on the 1200 block of south broad street, by what police believe were four men trying to rob him. they punched and kick him, police say trying to get a phone and they are not getting what they want and they run off. who they are and if they are committing other crimes police released this video to help find answers. >> it is kind of shocking, in this neighborhood. it is not often it happens. >> reporter: ronnie rodgers has lived here at broad and
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federal for 18 years and says this attack is reminiscent event how the neighborhood used to be and not positive direction it is heading. >> i saw it come from the bottom to where it is now. >> reporter: for the better. >> way better. way better. >> reporter: and neighborhood septa riders frequently walked through to access the broad street line. the attack happened just a half block from the ellsworth federal station. >> just about everybody comes through here, especially the game time. >> very busy. i know down there is very busy because we have welfare office down there and also we have saint rita's church. so they are kind of busy. >> reporter: nancy burger walks her grandchild often, and so now that she has heard about the attack it will make her and her family more aware of the surroundings. >> maybe a little bit more but i know you know i don't walk when it is dark. i know they do. >> reporter: least lie that information. >> i will definitely. >> reporter: if you want to take another look at these
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suspects, and take a closer view, more to zoom in we have more longer video on our web site at cbs fuzz have any information, please call the philadelphia police. live from south philadelphia, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank to you that are. nine two-year old woman is kill in the house fire in bucks county. "eyewitness news" on prize bring road in bensalem. the nine two-year old julia, died at temple university hospital and was trapped in the first floor bedroom. a man who escaped the home is in critical condition. fire fighters say a large amount of the belongings inside of the home complicated the fire tighting effort. the cause of that fire is still being looked into. authorities are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in the six story condo building in olde city. fire fighters were call to the scene at 5:00 o'clock this morning between second and front and market streets. the fire started on fifth floor and reached two alarms, one person suffered minor injuries. we are told fire has difficulties laced four people opioid epidemic continuing to grow in pennsylvania, governor tom wolf today said
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he will ask lawmakers for another ten million-dollar to provide more life saving narcan to first responders and police. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the announce ment to day. >> reporter: this effort is to expand access to narcan which can prevent over dose deaths, drug overdose are leading cause of accidental death in pennsylvania. killing even more people then fatal car crashes. the governor says that needs to change. >> this is a big day, really important day. >> reporter: pennsylvania governor tom wolf is on a mission to save lives. he wants tone sure that police and first responders are equipped with nature larks an which reverses heroin and over overdosees. >> this ten million-dollar will help local responders all across pennsylvania begin, begin process of people suffering from substance abuse disorder. >> reporter: in announcing new budget request, since november 0 overdoses have been reversed,
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by first responders, armed with narcan. >> we have to get over the stigma. we have to recognize it the for serious disease it is. if we do that we know we can solve this problem. >> reporter: pennsylvania ranks among top in the country for drug overdose deaths, the governor's office says that heroin overdoses kill at least seven pennsylvanians a day. >> i was a member of law enforcement, 47 years in law enforcement. >> reporter: former police commissioner charles ramsey is chairman of the pennsylvania commission of crime and delinquency which administers funning for substance abuse programs. >> i have never seen a situation like what we're faced with today not just in pennsylvania but across the country with this opioid abuse. the overdoses that are leading to deaths. >> reporter: governor's request still need to be approved by the legislator. he said expanding access to narcan comes with something that is called a warm hand off policy, those who are saved there overdosing are
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transferred to drug treatment providers. they are saying natalie drug problem here is a now a public health crisis. >> very serious. >> stephanie, thanks you. when we come back a piece of history on display. >> just one of the most frightening remarkable american history objects that is still with us today. >> the spring, you'll be able to see in philadelphia, coming up the history behind this war tent considered by many to be the first oval office. also crafting a path to a fulfilling life bucks county man who is helping adults with special needs and personal inspiration behind it all. kate? we are tracking yet another chance of snow in the forecast, after a little snow this morning for parts of the area with this this system, temperatures going to drop and i'll tell you when another chance for flakes to fly will happen, don. more than just joe joe, how sixers are winning without joel embiid. plus, no reason to be tired? well, flyers are well rested and ready for stretch run that
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is late inner sports.
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at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. and as we continue to follow breaking news tonight within the hour, a jury find all parties liable, in the june 2013 building collapse on market street in philadelphia civil trial against six defendants has been going on for months but it took the jury just a few hours, to come back with a verdict. six people were killed this is collapse, 14 were injured. the jury will now decide how much the defendants owe, the 19 loves. well, watching a child succeed is a rewarding experience for any parent. >> father learned to help his son and others by teaching them how to communicate and work with their hand. mike grant and his wife terry operate crafters for life out
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of that are home. company employs adults with session need to design and hand craft products sold at area craft shows. the project started at council rock high school and lesson plan for students with autism and now, they have about a dozen part-time, paid employees. he says that they started the company for one reason: their son, dylann. >> i want to age out of high school at age 21, you sit at home waiting for funding. that is a big fear that there is not a constructive reason for dylann to leave. the other is a paying job. if we do either of them, we're successful. we do both of them, slam dunk. >> eventually as company continues to grow, grant hopes to take business out of his home and offer more jobs, to people with special need. and iconic artifact, known as the country's original oval office now has a you this home right here in philadelphia. >> george washington's army tent will be on display inside museum of the american revolution when it opens up
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this friday. >> ♪ anthem >> powerful original symbols of the whole ideas and the achievement of the hearn revolution. >> reporter: this tent is one of the most rare artifacts in the the country, it served as george washington's wartime field headquarters. throughout much of the revolutionary war, he spent eight years here. >> under this tent that he made decisions,es wereled with issues that truly change the course of history. >> reporter: help museum of the hearn revolution opens in philadelphia on april 19th, this tent will be the crown jewel of the artifacts that you'll see inside. >> it will be that oh, wow moment you feel like you were sitting just feet away from the tent that washington would have used as fully assembled in the field. >> reporter: 300 square foot tent will be displayed in the climate controlled case in the 100 seat theater, star of the multi media presentation. >> you will be able to experience what it was like to be inside of this tent.
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learn a little bit about people other than washington, that worked and met with washington in there. >> reporter: process to conserve and display tent was one of the most complex, complicated in history involving engineers, historian s, taylors, and curators. this spring, check it out. >> yes. >> that is going to be so great have to have. >> indeed. >> spring's not too far off. >> not too far off. we have one month of winter down, under our belts, january , over, as of it this. >> yes. >> february starts tomorrow. it doesn't look like it will be a really rough start. the it will get colder around here through next few days. it looks like first week or two in february will be mark by some pretty noticeable temperature swings. it is a big warm up next week and temperatures crash again by next week even. but, we are get go ahead of ourselves. let start with what is happening right now. we will go outside to a live look from our roof cam on sky scan three from the cbs broadcast center looking towards center city
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philadelphia all quiet right now. you can see current temperatures 38 degrees, pretty seasonal. lower 40's. forty-two today. normal will high this time of the year 41. today was a seasonal final day of january. wind are southeasterly at the 5 miles an hour. feels like 34 outside. not a bad night to be out and about. storm scan three does show light snow, with clip their has been impacting much of the northeast pretty much all day long. we did get snow this morning in the northern areas, through the poconos, and lehigh valley , and still a to more scattered rain and snow showers out there this evening , and most of us, are going to be precipitation free through tonight the and right the through next several days. your snow totals from this morning mount poke though picked up 2.3 inches. bartonville at 1.3. trace recorded in mount holly and sicklerville a lieutenant of us picked up soft snow bullets grabble that came down through morning hours. temperatures colder to the north. more cloud have been in evidence all day long. where we have seen more snow to take.
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thirty in allentown. only 21 in mount pocono. pretty steep temperature gradient where it is 45 degrees, 40 in wildwood. 42 degrees right the now in atlantic city. future weather handling this well. we have scattered snow, rain showers up through thort and western suburbs. the these will mainly push out of here pretty quickly. by 8:00 tonight skies generally clearing and we will start tomorrow with sunshine. cloud will be in and out throughout the day tomorrow, mostly sunny day but we will call it the a mix of cloud, sun cannot rule out stray syringe will but most of the day dry and more sunshine on the way for thursday, but temperatures begins to head downward as wind pick up. what to expect rest of the week for first to days of february, we are looking at sun each day but it will turn colder, tomorrow warmest day of the week, and then wind pick up on thursday, temperatures begin to tropical and we are looking at generally try conditions, and there will be a need to go from the lighter winter coat tote heavier parka as we see temperatures begin to cool off we will go well below average
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after starting the month above average. overnight partly cloudy, breezy, 33 degrees. for your wednesday a mix of cloud, sun, breezy day, but 48 , above average for this time of the year. thursday groundhog day, it looks like we will see some sun, phil may see his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter but hopefully maybe a cloudy start in punxsutawney could help us out with that one. friday, saturday cold only in the the 30's and then sunday chance for light snow or snow showers, in the afternoon or evening, and as of right now this doesn't look like a big deal don't cancel any plans or football parties you may have on sunday evening. next week it warms up again but i'll keep an eye on the sunday system. >> cool good thanks, kate. >> it the is all about phil, right now. >> oh, what is going on this sports right now. >> we are talking about the ice. thirty-two games left to go, flyers hope this is beginning of the great stretch run. plus raising the cat goes next level, how sixers are embracing this brand new craze , sports up next.
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flyers trying to keep going tonight. >> trying to keep it going. they were hot before the all-star game. lets see if they can rivet backup. >> the r in flyers stance for rest. orange and black have had nearly two weeks of rest since christmas break. tonight they are looking for fourth straight win visiting carolina but with 32 games left, they are on a roll. >> we have to make sure that we play good. no matter how we play we have to find a way to get the two points. that is only thing that matters most. we don't to have play pretty, we just got to win the game, the way, nothing else matters. >> we came off last week, we played well, hopefully we will play the same, you know, coming out of this break. there is no breaks from here on this. >> just win, baby. it takes a village to raise a child and also takes a village to raise a franchise. joel embiid is best player on the sixers.
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he has help, other guys are shocking the league as well. sixers have won 11 out of 15 games, and last night they beat sacramento kings without embiid in the line up. like dario czar wick 17 points , six assists, robert covington with 23 and ten board. it is a team effort. >> you know you know, ill ya had a great game,erson, dario. everybody steps up big. we just to have step up and deliver the same kind of energy and show up. >> next man up. sixers embracing this whole raise the cat thing, guys. super imposing a cat over tans , and showing it on the jumbo tron, as you can see right there #raise the cat. >> sixers opening up four game road trip tomorrow. >> yes. >> jessica dean i'm looking forward to your next trip to the arena. >> raise the cat. yesterday pep rally to day human art, saint phillips
6:25 pm
james school celebrating matt ryan. they honored 1999 graduate, forming his jersey number, two in the parking lot right there ryan and falcons play patriots , on sunday. >> give those students credit because it looks like it is when snow was coming down. >> they pulled it off. >> now, ben start raise the cat. >> not on purpose, you know, ben simmons rook hoy has in the played yet, on instagram, with his the cat on him. >> sign of winning, success then. >> fans take it that way. >> we like to make leaps. >> sure. >> be careful with the cat. >> don't hold it too high. when we come right back, penguins reveal, we will show you which. >> we will show you why they are not only new addition to check out for yourself.
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hey everybody stephen colbert here tune in tonight you will in the want to miss it i have a very special
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surprise guest. >> wow, who will be. >> i don't want to ruin the surprise. >> gary busey, gary busey. >> we cannot afford busey. >> don't miss a big reveal tonight, tune in at 11:35, late the show with stephen colbert, tonight special guest you want to check out these new arrivals adventure aquarium in camden has new earl a trackses. >> four penguin chicks, hatch link and school of piranha all part of the new attraction you will see this year n april guests will be get to see red belly pirana up close, in the new amazon experience. wow. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. don't forget to tune in for cbs news special coverage as president trump announces his supreme court nominee at 8:00 p.m. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here thousand is
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scott pelley, take care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the firing and the firing back. >> the president's decision to fire acting attorney general sally yates is shameful. >> if you have a legally executed order and the attorney general says i'm not going to execute it, that clearly is a betrayal. >> pelley: also tonight, the president will go on prime time television to introduce his first supreme court nominee. >> everything burned down. >> pelley: after fire destroyed a mosque in texas, people of all faiths have opened their hearts. >> it just gives you confirmation of the faith in humanity. >> pelley: and living stronger, how a septuagenarian is winning the race against time. how long do you think you'll keep swimming? >> it will have to be taken away from me.


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