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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 9, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EST

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cw philly we will continue broadcasting there right now. good morning. it is thursday february 9th 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive winter storm is battering the northeast right now affecting 50 million americans. more than a foot of snow threatens to paralyze travel. we're in hard-hit areas where schools and offices are already closed. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch says it was disheartening and demoralizing. patients were misdyinged
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nosed with alzheimer's and dementia. one patient shares his experience. we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: the snow is really starting to come down now. the conditions are really not great for driving. >> reporter: the worse of it will be during the classic rush hour. >> a major storm warning blankets the northeast. >> it's a fast-moving storm with a heavy snowfall. >> take it easy when you're shovel. if you have a friend with a snow blower, buy him a beer. >> calling president trump's criticism disheartening and demoralizing. >> sounds like judge gorsuch is going to be a good judge. >> jeff sessions is confirmed after a bitter debate. >> when jeff sessions passed it turned my stomach. >> possible deportation of the
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undocumented mother of two. >> the wall's getting designed right now. they say, trump was only kidding. i don't kid. >> five circus performers have fell. >> they fell from a tightrope. >> the show must go on. >> former knick clarls oakley was arrested after an altercation. >> all that -- >> back to the garden we go. deandre gordon flips the ball high in the air. wait a minute. where did it go. >> tom brady's super bowl jersey. turns out it may have been put in the equipment trunk. >> nordstrom dropping ivanka's clothing line. >> pushed to do the right thing. >> why do you need to be pushed to do the right thing. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> sean spicer then defended the tweet in the pressroom not in a
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ill-fitting suit but an ivanka original. it was amazing, amazing. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony mason is with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. more than 50 million people are waking up to a winter snowstorm that is slamming the northeast. the dangerous storm is intensifying as rush hour begins bringing white yout conditions and high inches. in some areas snow will fall each hour. skoogts are closed including those in new york city philadelphia, and boston. >> the powerful system is moving north through new england. a dozen states are under some type of weather advisory.
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some places will get more than a foot of snow. we've got storms all around the country. jersey philadelphia new york and boston too. jericka duncan is in chester county that's in new jersey where the snow is coming down pretty fast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the snow so far is pretty light. it started falling at about 3:00 this morning. let me set the scene. we're in the park where people were jogging, walking, you could see ducks on the pond. totally didn't picture right now. it's not just the snow you have to deal with but the wind that's affecting the visibility. bottom line communities up and down the east coast are bracing for a long snowy day. the plowing started early this morning. truck drivers are working to keep up with the big snow blanketing the roads. >> please stay home if you can. >> reporter: overnight temperatures plunged as the storm moved in and snow began to
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fall. forecasters are predicting more than a foot of snow could fall in some places. the storm is expected to strengthen through the morning commute. >> don't be threatened by the warm weather. >> new york city peeked at a record 62 degrees. but with the conditions turning back to winter the city's emergency management department is experiencing caution. >> we're going to be experiencing a very fast snow fall. it could be up to 3 inches an hour. that could create whiteout conditions. the visibility could be very very poor. >> the national weather service is also warning it could create dangerous driving conditions from philadelphia to boston a more than 300-mile stretch in the northeast. officials are telling people to travel in emergencies only. now last year morris county actually received 30 inches of snow in one single storm. so this community is used to
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dealing with snowstorms. schools have been closed and the new jj governor chris christie said all state offices will be closed for nonessential personnel. and you can guess why. because of the snowstorm. anthony? >> thanks. 18 hours ago it was 60 degrees here. mother nature having a bit of a mood swing. it's creating treacherous driving conditions all along new york. here's a look. philadelphia has issued a snow emergency. tony dokoupil is there where around half a foot is expected. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know go f you can tell where i'm standing. the philadelphia art museum the famous rocky steps. typically you can see the entire building behind me. this just began. it looks as though the school kids of philadelphia might have been paying off the forecasters because just a few hours ago it was all rain class were
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canceled, it looked like a bust. now it's falling as much as 2 inches per hour and major roads are closed already. the majority of flights at philadelphia international airport are canceled and the plowed are trying to keep up. 50,000 tons of salt being spread on the road. but locals here being skreekted to expect a twice as long morning commute. they're communicating a message of stay home if you can. but forecasters are now casting. it is snow guys. >> wow.- it's a beautiful shot tony. thank you so much. the snow is causing chaos on the road. about 2,800 flights, to from, and in the u.s. are already canceled today according to flight kris van cleave is at jfk airport with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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here at jfk over 500 flights have been canceled. at least half of the flights have been canceled. in boston more than 60%. that's expected to climb. the airlines preemptively canceled to get ahead of the storms in the northeast. all have made waivers. the nation's largest carrier american airlines plan to cancel at least 750 flights today. the biggest impact will be felt at many of the american hubs. that includes washington philadelphia, and here in new york. new york city-based jetblue planned to cancel 700 flights. delta put the number around 350. southwest was expecting about 250 to be canceled. now, the hope is that as the storm passes airlines will be able to restart service late today into tomorrow. but as these things can cause a ripple effect across the country. if you're flying today, the best
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bet is to check your flight status. gail gayle? >> if you're expecting to fly, you're not happy right now. meanwhile danielle is tracking the system. what do you see? >> good morning gayle. this is going to be a major impact event. we've got blizzard warnings through long island all the way to massachusetts and cape code. snow fall rates continue to cross southern new england over the next several hours. the most intense bands will create zero visibility across northeastern new england and intensifies. all the way from eastern and southeastern new york stretching back up into eastern maine. i wouldn't be surprised to see 14, 16 18-inch amounts with localized banding and amounts will taper off well north and
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west. it's more like 6 to 12 when you get down across new york and pennsylvania. the wind may cause pockets of outages tonight and the windchill will be subzero. anthony? >> that's frosty. danielle thanks. here's a look at the snow still piling up in new york city. that's right outside the broadcast center. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast this morning. >> president trump faces criticism from an unlikely source his own, supreme court nominee neil gorsuch who called the travel ban demoralizing and disheartening. they were revealed in a closed door meeting on capitol hill. major garrett is at the white house where the president is not letting up. good morning. >> good morning. as you suggested, it's drawn the attention of supreme court nominee neil gorsuch and he was reportedly not impressed. as the federal courts continue
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to review it the president said the time for tighter security is now. #. >> terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand. >> reporter: president trump's startling words about attacks came amid a criticism of the federal court order halting his travel ban. >> courts seem to be so political, and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what's right. >> reporter: the president's legal jousting did not extend to supreme court nominee and federal supreme court justice neil gorsuch. >> i'm very proud to have picked judge gorsuch who i think is going to be an outstanding member of the supreme court, outstanding. >> reporter: on capitol hill gorsuch told senator richard blumenthal, he considered mr. trump's recent comments about
7:12 am
the federal judiciary disheartening and demoralizing. asked about the judge's sentiment, republican senator lindsey graham said i think that was an honest answer so good for the judge. >> as for the restrictions sean spicer said terrorism concerns validate the move. >> there's some criticism that have come over to this country and convicted of charges of terrorism. >> they're representative of people who targeted or intend to target americans either inside or outside of the u.s. many are naturalized citizens who later became radicalized. moments ago president trump tweeted. senator richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had, major
7:13 am
lie, now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him? it just leaves the question hanging out there. >> senate democrats say judge gorsuch gorsuch's criticism of the president may not be enough to get them to vote yes on his nomination. jan crawford looks at the context behind gorsuch's remarks. good morning. >> good morning. in an interview after the meeting, bloom enthaul said gorsuch's concerns weren't going to be enough to sway his votes and he suggested gour such should make his comments publicly and more. it is highly unusual to see a nominee criticize a president who nominated him. what makes this more unusual is it is nothing new to see a president complaining about the judiciary. i mean president obama bee rated
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conservative justices who were sitting right in front of him during the 2010 state of the union address, and president clinton suggested at one point he would ask a lower federal court judge to resign over one of his controversial decisions. in fact, one president, franklin delano roosevelt tried to change the entire composition of the supreme court because he was so unhappy with its rulings. so that's why i think you see some outside groups suggest this issing in more than a ploy for the white house to show gorsuch is an independent. senator jeff sessions will be sworn in as u.s. attorney general. in a few hours. he resigned overnight. alabama's governor is expected to name a replacement later today. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the final hours of a sentence debate. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. and now that sessions has been
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confirmed, that's eight cabinet positions down about a dozen to go. and each fight over confirmation seems to get more bitter than the last. now that sessions is leaving the senate he has some advice for the battle scarred senators he is leaving behind. >> in the future maybe the intensity of the last few weeks would die down. >> in what now passes for bipartisanship, one democrat joined every republican in voting for sessions for attorney general. sessions urged miss ex-colleagues to treat other nominations with less heat than his. >> denigrating people i think is not a healthy trend for our body. >> but the rest of the senate is not in the mood for healthy discourse. >> the democrats are angry and they're out of their minds, foaming at the mouth practically. >> the decision by republicans to bardem carat elizabeth warren
7:16 am
from the debate only drove both sides further into their own camps. democrats say she was silenced. >> leader mcconnell owed warren an apology. >> they say it was longover due. >> the bottom line is it was long overdue. >> i don't understand how he can say that. >> republicans say senator warren broke an obscure rule when she read aloud from a 30-year-old letter. >> mr. sessions has used the power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens. >> the rules are very clear that you don't impugn another senator. >> for warren the drama had some upsides. >> you sent out a fund-raiser letter shortly after all of this happened. how much did you raise off of
7:17 am
this? >> i don't have that number. but i'll tell you this. lots of people have seen coretta scott king's letter. i think it's more a part of our history. >> coming today they're going to debate the issue of tom price to be secretary of health and human services. democrats say he wrote legislation to benefit some of his investments while republicans insist he obeyed the law. norah? >> nancy thank you so much. protesters fighting the deportation of a 36-year-old arizona mom tried to block a van from carrying her away. police arrested seven protesters rallying in mesa arizona, on behalf of the woman. she was reportedly arrested under a 2013 judicial deportation order. the order was not enforced during the obama administration but president obama has set a stricter policy. don dahler is here with what could be the first in a new wave of deportations. good morning. >> good morning.
7:18 am
guadeloupe garcia dede rayos was checked in. she'll be reportedly returned to mention yeo, a country she left as a teenager 21 years oeg. protesters banded together wednesday night to block an immigrations and customs ban near phoenix arizona. locked inside was guadeloupe garcia de rayos, a 36-year-old mother of two who lives in arizona illegally. de rayos was convicted for using a fake social security number. she served six months in an i.c.e. detention facility. in 2013 the judge rule shed had no legal standing to remain in the country. on appeal she was allowed to stay with regular check-ins but when she showed up wednesday, she was taken into custody. minor defenders like de rayos were given a pass.
7:19 am
recent executive orders brown ss broaderned the definition of an illegal alien charged with any crime. the families say her arrest is a direct result of the president's crackdown. her two children including 16-year-old angel are heartbroken. >> nobody should have to be separated from their mother. my mom is my evening. she's always there. no one should have to go through this. >> i.c.e. says de rayos is being deported because of a court order. her e they aerd her arrest was unconstitutional during a raid and she should be allowed to say. circus
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people who say they good morning, snow is quickly accumulate nothing parts of our area. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in allentown. it seems like you have got more snow this morning good morning. >> sure, rahel and jim this snow is not letting up. we have been out here for four and a half hours. it is snowing just as much as hours ago. this is downtown, allentown you than can see people out here early preparing these sidewalks, for people, the people are still leaving to go to work but want to get out of here as soon as possible living in this area, start shoveling, salting because this is freezing, very quickly but that is situation here now back to you guys in the studio >> thanks so much, trang. >> lets get a check of the forecast with meteorologist
7:27 am
lauren casey. >> that snow continues to fall heavy at cross much of the area, in the will allentown area we will taper as far as intensity is concerned in the next hour, hour and a half on storm scan three encompass add cross delaware val which that heavy snow, say for our shore points where we are still dealing with rainfall at this hour but that will soon transition over to sleet where we see area of pink encroaching that will happen within the next hour but snow coming down, and i-95 corridor , very heavy snow right now reducing visibility, greatly so in burlington county so tough commute all together. snowfall totals across the area allentown closing in on 5 inches, toby hanna three and a half, valley forge closing this on 2 inches. the these totals are a half an hour to an hour ago. we have seen rates at inch to 2 inches per hour so these totals will only go up, winter storm warning remains in effect for much of the area including center sit the eye philadelphia, temperatures will continue to tumble so we have already hit our high of 33 degrees. we will be in the 20's heading throughout the afternoon so any snow that has accumulated
7:28 am
will only turn over to snow and ice as we head in the second half of the day and then we will have gusty wind on top of that, meisha, so morning commute tough and afternoon commute tough as well. brutal today. >> maybe tougher freezing over to ice. >> all right thanks very much >> good morning. speaking of, problem spots accident on welsh road at 202 car spun off the road heads up there, very slick conditions. and congestion we are seeing. we are seeing very slick conditions. a lot of accidents. take a look more accidents to talk about, walt whitman bridge eastbound only one lane is opened and 95 south at walt whitman bridge, one lane blocked there. speaking of, accident, these are accidents that are out there and these are just ones on the more main roads. there air lot more on the smaller side streets. i will tweet these out as well jim, over to you. thanks meisha. up next this morning michelle miller shows us client accused of falsely telling dozens of
7:29 am
patients they have alzheimer's disease. >> our storm coverage continues on hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money.
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peco. the future is on. coming down. it's not the trees. it's the snow. yelling timber. here's a look at the snow coming down in columbus cyril right here in manhattan right down the road. the city could up a bit -- you might have a bit but up to a foot. roads are being snarled by this huge storm. we'll continue to track its impact throughout this broad cost. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour donald trump blasts nordstrom for dropping its ivanka line. they say it was a business position. one who says president trump is not conducting himself in a way
7:31 am
consistent with the president's office. >> circle was workers fell 25 feet. we'll look at the dangerous acts. time to show you this morning's headlines. the wall street journal reports on air strikes in syria last week. the militants were gathered in northwest syria. 11 al qaeda fighters were killed in two strikes. among them one who was an ally to osama bin laden. he had been setting up training for decades. a grad found in panama was reportedly strangled. she was found along a wooded trail. eight people have been detained in connection with her death. "usa today" reports that a muslim fencer was recently held atticus toms without
7:32 am
explanation. remember we interviewed her last summer. she was the first person to compete in the olympics wearing a hijab and won a bronze medal in rio. she was held in customs for two hours. she said she was sad and upset. she doesn't know if she was held as a result of president trump's travel ban. this is one of our olympians. >> yes, sir. i remember her. "washington post" quotes bankers will go the way of black smiths. three new bank of america branchs have atms but no workers. video conferences is available to help with complex issues. the number of workers has dropped sharply since 2009. >> i like talking to people. >> apparently the younger people don't. >> so i heard. nordstrom's gained 4% after a brief dip when it dip.
7:33 am
president trump tweeted, my daughter eva can has been treated so unfair by. >> alex wagner is here to look at it. good morning. >> nod strom continues that breaking the ties with ivanka trump's brand has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with business. president trump thinks differently. >> reporter: on wednesday press secretary sean spicer hits back after the president trump blasted on twitter for nordstrom dropping his daughter's clothing line from their stores. >> this is a direct attack on her name. there's clearly an attempt for him to stand up for her because she is being aligned because of
7:34 am
his politics. >> reporter: nordstrom said we made this decision on performance. it didn't make goods by sense to continue with the line. we've had a great relationship with the team. she was personally informed in january. days before nordstrom dropped the 35-year-old's brand the retailer sent this e-mail to their employees offering support to anyone affected by mr. trump's immigration order. >> reporter: but mellody hobson said even if the split was over sagging sales corporate america is worried about being singled out by mr. trump. >> i think it's very clear no one wants to be in the cross hairs of the united states ivanka has no formal role but she remains very close to the white house. here she's seen at a meeting last week with business leaders
7:35 am
in the state dining room and her husband 36-year-old jared kushner is a senior adviser for the president. richard painter said president trump is not conducting himself in way that is consistent with the office. >> we need husband undivided attention of affairs. we cannot have him out there schilling for the family businesses on twitter or anywhere else. >> reporter: in a statement the ivanka trump brand told us they continue to experience year of year revenue growth. meanwhile t.j. maxx and their employees to remove signage from it. >> i don't know of anyone who would discontinue a brand if it's making money for you. >> it's a question. if you get in the hot seat, is it going to help your bottom line? >> did nordstrom's release a statement of all the clothes
7:36 am
they dropped? >> and her clothes and shoes are cute. >> yes, they are. they're undoubtedly cute. five circus performers are in a florida hospital after terrifying fall during rehearsal. three of them are intenseive care. they were practicing a high flying stunt similar to this one. they're part of a troupe. omar villafranca is inside the circus in sayre stow ta where it took a devastating turn. omar, good morning. >> good morning. the accident happened in this tent. let me give you an idea how high up we're talking about. there's a wire that's usually swung across there. that's 25 feet up and the from there the performers start stacking up. at the highest point the woman was at 40 feet when they all fell to the ground.
7:37 am
a record-breaking stunt on the high-wire quickly went haywire as performers attempted an eight-person pyramid similar to this one. >> there's obviously a lot of momentum involved and if somebody loses a balance, then something can go wrong. i would say basically that's what happened. they lost their balance. >> five were hospitalized and three have undergone surgery. all are expected to survive. >> mostly orthopedic injuries a traumatic brain injury and pelvic injury. >> nik wallenda and his family are known for their high-wire act. he's conquered the niagara falls and the streets of new york. he was there but not among the five that were injured. back in 1962 two were killed in a wallenda family performance after a fall from a similar seven-person pyramid. >> it's always a shock to
7:38 am
everybody. everybody knows the wallendas, and to have a repeated accident like this in their hometown of sarasota is tragic. >> the circus says there ee no sign of an equipment failure as in this one when an apparatus snapped sending them into a 30-foot freefall. they still plan to open friday night. >> the circus is resilient. the circus people are resilient. the show must go on. >> they released a statement saying they feel blessed everyone will survive. anthony? >> thank you very much. a reminder just how dangerous what tay do is. >> they have the attitude the show must go on. dozens of people are suing an ohio clinic saying they were misdiagnosed. ahead. how their lives were devastated
7:39 am
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an ohio woman is accused of falsely diagnosing dozens of people with alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. more than 50 people are suing sherry ann jenkins. they claim she, quote, lacked the training education, licensing and credentials to treat and diagnose patients with cognitive disorders. michelle miller shows us how this devastates family. >> none of us would know how we would react if our memories were fading away. several people sold their belongings and quit their jobs. one family reports a man killed himself. another man told us he was ready to do the same. >> didn't want to put my children through dealing with every single day not knowing
7:44 am
whether dad's going recognize you today. to me at that point it seemed easier to not be around for that. >> reporter: shaun blazik wrote a note instructing him to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills. his wife cried daily. >> oh my god, what am i going to do. when you get married, you think about i'm going have kids and then we're going to have this time that we're going to grow old together and i thought we're not going to have that. >> the 33-year-old who has a history of concussions went to to toledo cognitive center for insomnia. he did not realize the woman who treated him was not a medical doctor. sherry ann jenkins opened the center in 2013 saying quote i use a holistic manner with a scientific approach for my
7:45 am
patients. i use near recognitive treatment. >> i went there for cognitive issues. hayed the test right in front of me. >> but dr. davis agus says medical staff should be licensed to interpret those results. >> this diagnosis is a difficult one to make. it needs to be done with experts with the disease and always you should get a second opinion when you're faced with a second opinion. >> he did get a second opinion months later. turns out his insomnia is not responsible for alzheimer's. he's suing. dr. oliver jen skins was allegedly listed as a physician for many of the patients. although he is a medical doctor he's not qualified to issue such services. he never saw the patients and
7:46 am
did not contribute to their care and treatment. >> our concern is there are lots of people out there with this inadequate misdiagnosed treatment. >> last year a letter was sent to him saying this service is no longer providing services but it did not include a warning about the errors. >> it's definitely malicious and hope people can get a second opinion as soon as possible. >> he said he threw out the bottle of pills. they're suing $1 million for every patient. they're saying greed might have been a motive. cbs news was not able to reach the jenkins. lawyer for the clinic would not comment on the pending case. >> would like to know what they say about that. good advice to get a second opinion. >> i hope every patient knows what's going on. >> the ohio board is looking
7:47 am
into it but right now there are no charges. >> glad we did the story. the csi is searching for ataerks who launched a malware. how they affected traffic and security cameras. and a former
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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well, snow's here and falling fast. >> lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live in montgomery county, joe good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it is a wind swept snow here this blue bell. road conditions are tricky. montgomery county is reporting numerous incidents county wide on the roads best advice, of course, to keep it at home unless you are an essential employee, it has been snowing here for a few hours and there is no sign of the snow letting up. reporting live from blue bell i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get other to "eyewitness news" forecast meteorologist lauren casey for the totals, hi there lauren. >> snow continues to fall at a very heavy intensity across the delaware valley. we will start to see things
7:57 am
tapering up toward poconos and lehigh valley as we head in the next hour but conditions going town hill, down the shore right now we are seeing rain rimly throughout the course of the morning and now that pink will break out seeing transition to sleet and then transition over to snow as well but more pink even in the last couple of frames right thousand indicate ago this cold air penetrating to the south and east of the city and turning that precipitation over to sleet and then eventually snow. snowfall totals are increasing swiftwater up to 6 inches, forks township northampton county 5 inches. lehigh valley closing in on five. valley forge 2 inches. some of these there an hour ago they tall rates at one to 2 inches per hour it is piling up quickly. temperatures are tumbling and they will continue to do so at trees willing mark in philadelphia we are down in the the 30's at shore points, 20 degrees in mount pocono. we saw rain, then we saw sleet new we are seeing snow and with temperatures staying below freezing in the city and suburbs, throughout the day-to-day that accumulated snow meisha will turn icy
7:58 am
which will yield treacherous trying conditions even after the falling snow stops today. >> unfortunately lauren we are seeing so many accidents due to icy road, even right the now so, good morning take a look at this route one southbound is closed near highland avenue and get this, up to 10 accidents involving 10 vehicles around this area. very, very slick conditions. that is why it is closed. police are trekking traffic off neshaminy access road right thousand. stay away there this area if at all cost because you will just be sitting there right the now. also another accident here this delaware county i-95 north at stewart avenue one lane opened there and then we have a jackknife tractor trailer this delaware county, excuse he new jersey turnpike southbound past route 37 that right lane is blocked there jim and rahel. >> next up on cbs this morning controversial history of the hitch gale where mother was forced to give birth on a dirty cell floor.
7:59 am
>> our coverage continues on the cw fill any just a moment. we will be right
8:00 am
good morning. it is thursday february 9th 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including a powerful snowstorm that's 'affected 50 million. we'll take you into the heart of the storm. but first here's todd's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> it's not just the snow. it's the wind. communities up and down the east coast are bracing for a snowy day. >> up until just a few moments ago it was all rain. it look like a bust, but forecasters are now forecasting it is snow. >> the hope is as the storm passes the airlines will be able to reach our service late today into tomorrow. >> it's a foot or more for a lot of spots all the way from
8:01 am
eastern and southeastern new york stretching back up into eastern maine. >> the president's recentsent criticism it's highly unusual. what makes it more unusual is it is nothing new to see a president complaining about the judiciary. >> nordstrom continues to maintain the severed ties with the ivanka trump brand have nothing to do with politics and everything do with business but the president of the united states seems to think differently. >> he's mad at them. they're on the women's board. >> eventually he'll take down every store at the mall if he has to. >> you're next, orange julius. watch out. >> i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. a winter snowstorm is pounding
8:02 am
the northeast right now impacting 50 million people. the powerful storm gained strength just as the morning commute began. thousands of schools are closed today. new york boston and philadelphia are among the cities affected here. noerl 3,000 flights have already been canceled. >> weather warnings and advisories are in effect for a dozen states. some places will get hit with more than a foot of snow. tony dokoupil is in philadelphia where a foot of snow is in effect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing at the top of the steps of the famous philadelphia art museum. this morning you can't see a thing. i can't pick out a single build and this is a major change from just 24 hours ago when it was 60 degrees and sunny where i'm standing. now the city of philadelphia and the region not taking any chances. the majority of flights at nearby philadelphia international airport have been
8:03 am
canceled. there are speed restrictions on the road. schools have been canceled government offices. school commuters can expect double the time to get to where they're going. it should be done around noon however, it's hard to imagine it letting up soon based on the pace of it, 2 inches per hour. >> thanks tony. meanwhile danielle niles of our station in boston wbz, is tracking the storm. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is a nasty one. zero visibility at times in the afternoon as these snowfall bands become really intense across southern new england. the back etch comes by early afternoonful we're talking about thundersnow that's been reported across connecticut and eastern new york. the back edge comes through this evening but not before we get a foot of snow stretching back
8:04 am
into eastern maine. i wouldn't be surprised to see 14 16, 18-inch ats. we're talking deeper blues from philly to vermont. >> thank you, danielle. president trump's supreme court nominee said he's dismayed by the attack on the judiciary. democrat blumenthal said the president's comments of being political are disheartening and demoralizing. on twitter this morning the president asked this question. senator richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said he had major lie now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him. they're expected to decide whether to reinstate the
8:05 am
president's temporary immigration ban. >> i do think it's important to point out that a white house adviser who was working with gorsuch has confirmed that was the comment. while there were no cameras and while blumenthal a democrat was there, a white house adviser has confirmed that happened. hackers targeted traffic and security cameras in the nation's capitol just eight days before president trump was sworn in and the attack happened while federal law enforcement officials were trying to ram up up security. jeff pegues is in washington tracking the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. we know that the secret service was racing, trying to figure out who was behind the cyber attack before the inauguration. this security breach affected traffic and street cameras. security cameras around watch like that one right there. get real officials tell us that the hackers injected malicious
8:06 am
code into the system and crippled about 70% of washington's camera network. the cyber attack that hit washington's cameras targets the system that was in place to monitor several kilo indications including parade route. they quickly found an ip address and located two people in britain who were taken into custody. officials say despite those arrests, the search for suspects is expanding. >> the case isn't closed. at this point in time we're pursuing all available leads. >> reporter: authorities are still trying to determine if the cyber attack was part of a larger plot. secret service agents with the electronics crime task force are now working the case. the secret service is increasingly being called upon to investigate cyber attacks. in watch there is a siper
8:07 am
operations center which could affect coats and power grids and even security. in this case hackers took control of the dc security cameras using code known as ransom ware. in the past they've targeted hospitals, company, by essentially holding data hostage to extort money. >> mesh first. >> for now the secret service would not reveto the motive for the cyber attack before the inauguration. >> did the people behind it make any sort of demand? >> i conditioned speesk specifically. >> if they did, you can't talk about it. >> that's correct that no ransom was paid. now we're told investigators are trying to figure out if other major cities around the country
8:08 am
experienced similar cyber intrusions. gayle? >> thanks am woman gave birth on the floor of a cell after being sentenced. not the first time a jail's been
8:09 am
zwlee of today's hottest songwriters have to channel their deepest emotions for work. ahead they give us a master class on how to create the perfect pop song. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "road to the grammys" is sponsored by one new gmc.
8:10 am
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from than any other in the country. ♪ ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at a michigan sheriff is defending the actions of his jailed staff after an innate gave birth on a dirty cell floor. she went into labor after she was arrested. she said her repeated pleas to be taken to the hospital were
8:14 am
denied. demarco morgan is outside the macomb county jail 25 miles outside of detroit with the details. >> reporter: good morning. he says he stands 100% behind the actions of his guards and his nurses here at the jail but it's not the first time his staff has been accused of ignoring the medical needs of inmates. twice jessica preston told nurses she was going into jail prematurely and need god to the hospital. twice she was sent back to her cell. >> the one deputy said you'd better knock your "s" word off or they're not going to believe you if something does happen very when swhent back a third time she was bleeding. >> they would not take me to the hospital. they said they're not going to take you if you're crowning so just stay there.
8:15 am
>> how did this make you feel? >> i was scared. i could have been bleeding to death on their floor and nothing would have been known. >> reporter: baby elijah weighed less than five pounds when he was born one moth early. now nearly a year old preston is in good health. her footnote an say was angered by the way his son was treated. >> my son was born on a dirty cell room floor and wrapped in a dirty sheet. we're all human beings. >> the sheriff sees nothing wrong with how she was cared for. >> once we knew she was experienced pain she was immediately taken to our infirmary and attended to. >> reporter: he said inmates are usually taken to the hospital to give birth. >> in this situation the baby
8:16 am
came before it happened. >> reporter: in 2014 a man was found dead in his cell. he had been going through a painful withdrawal from a spriebed meth a doan. a year early a woman died. she suffered for days. "cbs this morning" learns ccs, the medical provider at the jail, is in involved in 200 active cases. >> there's no concern. everything is done in the appropriate way? >> we look at it. if they're doing something wrong, they need to be held accountable. i have nothing to hide. the doors are always open. if you want to investigate, please, come on in. we'll given you all the documentation. >> reporter: correct care solutions would not comment on specific case bus they did tell "cbs this morning," and i quote, our practice standard dards of care are held to the highest in
8:17 am
the country and while we fully identify the ideal place for a pregnancy is not a jail cell but we also know a cell delivery might be the only option. norah? >> that's hard to defend. >> i was going to say. you maybe should look at that video again. that's -- pictures tell a very different story than what they're saying. >> presumably you can send a guard -- >> for a speeding ticket. >> yeah. >> suggestion spended license, yeah. childhood comforts can help teenagers cope with the pressures of life. ahead, how old disney moves and cartoons and books can help a stressed out teen. later the founders of pinterest are going to stop by to show us a knew feature. you ta take a photo and pinterest will provide recommendations where you can buy it. >> i like that already. >> you know me.
8:18 am
>> thank you. >> i like my pinterest page a lot. >> we need more shopping. >> that's right. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my d entist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel. ♪ ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. tylenol®
8:19 am
♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ la vie est belle la vie est belle the eau de parfum, lancôme customize your free 7-piece gift available at macy's
8:20 am
8:21 am
the teenage years often go hand in hand with stress. 74% of teens report having more than one symptom of stress by feeling irritable, lying awake at night or getting headaches.
8:22 am
a psychologist takes an in-depth look at teenage stress in her new article when their coping mechanism is sponge bob, a cbs news contributor. you're also good at writing headlines. >> i don't take credit for that. >> but you write, quote, being a teenager isn't easy so it's no surprise adolescents find quirky ways to reset when they feel overwhelmed. so how do they reset? >> often they do things that parents may not recognize as healthy coping, so they'll go back and watch tv shows and read books that they liked when they were really young or do repetitive activities go out and do layup after layup after layup. we need to appreciate. it takes them back to a time when thinks were simpler. it's really stressful. there's a lot of expectations. sometimes kids go back to go forward. >> yeah. i have a teenager who's going
8:23 am
through a lot of this. >> a real teenager? >> a real teenager. a real life one. >> 16. i won't go through the stresses he dealing with but he'll hurt me. and i have a 20-year-old who went through this who would literally go into the room and watch an entire season of "frensd" for the weekend to cope. but at what point should i begin to worry about? >> when the costs outweigh the benefits. if a kid comes home watches two reruns and then does homework they've decompressed. and if they do too much you need to tell them to set that aside. >> a teenager says, quote i want to go back to tades when all i had to worry about is picking out the right crayon color. >> i want to do that too. >> i do. >> but you say all coping strategies are entirely
8:24 am
personal. everybody doesn't cope the same. >> when i ask teenagers how they like to cope the rage is so broad. some like to bake some wrestle with the family dog, some take a long shower some sit at the piano and good around there. i think we can suggest strategies if kidn't don't have them them. >> you're sending a note to parents. >> yeah. i'm saying, what are you doing. what i want to say, this is normal, this is healthy. another way is consider the alternatives. sometimes kids cope by smoking pot. >> how do we know when the stress is actually becoming a problem. >> so one thing we want to start with that sum stress is normal and expected in life and it gives way to growth. we want to make sure their coping strategies are equal to their stress ors. we don't want a kid who stresses
8:25 am
day after day and still snowing here, in the least high school i but as i mentioned, earlier this morning, it is letting up now that we're approaching, six hours of this storm. and, as you can hear, the snow blowing over here, behind me, lots of people are out here,
8:26 am
this downtown allentown. and really taking care of the sidewalks, and streets because as we mentioned things are getting slippery out here. back to you in the studio. >> now lets go over to katie for the weather. >> yeah, of course, as we have continued to track this to know rain/snow line is really shifting further and further south east with every passing run of the radar so we will take you there first and show you just, what is happening with this storm system. storm scan three showing for the most part snow has taken over, we do still have mixture taking place at immediate shoreline but the rain is basically done, and change over has taken place for almost all of you. look what it meant for visibility. it is tough. we have to travel out there with visibility under a hyle, guys so lease be careful. i understand there are essential personnel that has to head out. if you are one, you have to give yourself sometime and expect thaw will be slowed down by this and take it easy.
8:27 am
expecting still several inch toes fall before this is all said and done but we're at this point beginning to see the back edge of the snow, itself back towards harrisburg so a couple more hours and then we are going to be basically, starting to see the clearing edge of this, in the western most suburbs and meantime beyond this point expecting temperatures to rebound nicely in the upcoming weekend, flirt with or just exceed 50-degree mark over weekend and watch for rain on sunday but temperatures well above average. in the meantime, the winter chillies here for a couple days and even though snowplows will have come through we have to worry here about some re freezing later on. p.m. drive meisha, absolutely no picnic either. >> it will not. come on saturday and sunday, just get here already right. good morning everybody. all right. good news in the world of travel is this is what we are looking at right here multiple accidents here, involving 10 vehicles here on route one was closed near highland avenue. police directing traffic. that has been since cleared up take a look no congestion
8:28 am
level issues there at all. we have a jackknife tractor trailer, situation it is dangerous for tractor trailers driver, and truck drivers out there because trucks are so heavy and slick conditions. new jersey turnpike southbound past route 37 that right lane is blocked there, so that is causing you some slow downs. then we have a down pole in mullica, with that heavy snowfall and down pole and wires. route 322 westbound near main street jug handle is closed because of it and another structural we are seeing buses and trucks stuck on the road ridge avenue near hand i young avenue. jim, back to you. up next on cbs this morning pinterest joins hundreds of other company in legal action against president trump's travel ban. co founder explain why. storm coverage continues on the cw fill any just a moment. we will be right
8:29 am
8:30 am
if you're in the northeast, chances are you want to go where, there. it's key west florida this morning where rumor has it it's going hit 80 degrees today. ah, nice. now they're just showing off. it was looking to go to florida but it's hard to get a flight out. >> no. i think you should go to the airport and see what happens. that's always fun. or you can just stay here with us. >> find a nice comfy chair. >> you and mr. tracy can just stay here with us. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour tech company pinterest has launched a new visual way to search. co-foirnlds, there they are. they got the red shoes memo. they're in the toyota green room
8:31 am
to show us how your phone camera can help you discover new ideas. plus you night not know their names but their words get stuck in your head after they're performed by singers like justin bieber and selena gomez. they share their crafty music on the road before the grammys. "the seattle times" rohr reports the makers of the 5 hour energy drink have been hit with huge fines over deceptive advertising. a judge in washington state ordered two companies to pay more than $4 million. they claim their energy shots are superior to coffee and say doctors recommend them. the companies reportedly plan to appeal. the "houston chronicle" reports tom brady's jersey may not have been stolen after all. it disappeared from the locker room. they're hopeful it was packed with other patriots gear and is on a truck headed to boston.
8:32 am
the truck will be unpacked today. mean kbhooil boston police say 1 million people braved the cold and snow to go to the patriots' victory parade. it was almost 1.5 million or more. everybody turned out for this parade in boston. >> i get it. that would make mr. kraft very happy. it's good to know his jersey might not have been stolen. i'm glad to hear that. "business insider" says we're witnessing the slow motion collapse of the smart watch. smart watch makes are struggling. fitbit is laying off some of its workers after disappointing holiday marek. they have abandoned google software. the smart watches have failed to free users from the smartphone. "the new york times" describes the strangeability of a new species. when grabbed by an attacker it escapes by slipping out of its
8:33 am
scales and skin. one scientist said that makes the lizard look like a maken chicken breast. think about that for a while. >> yes. >> the scales and the skin do grow back. >> enjoy your cher owes. >> it's about evolution and adaptable. >> it's a great defense mechanism. the "washington post" looks ahead to a celestial show. when the moon -- then the moon will pass through the earth's shadow thamd will cause a lunar eclipse that will peek around 7:34. the pinterest calls its the world catalog of ideas. 150 million users have logged on to find places to travel products to buy, and recipes to look. people can pin thinking they find on their personal board. in all they've collected more
8:34 am
than 75 billion bids or more than amyion bill bards. they're calling it pinterest lens. it les you find new ideas or recipes or products by taking a photo. only on "cbs this morning" pinterest co-founders ben zimmerman and sylvan sharp are here. good morning. i really like this new feature. i don't know anything about it but i like it. normally i have to call somebody and say help. you're making it very easy. what are you doing, ben? >> we wanted to make it easier see something you like find out other things that are relate. so many times you see things but you can't come up with the words for it. anything you see can be a jumping off point to find new ideas. >> evan, how can people use it? >> there's a whole bunch of use cases that we're experimenting with. say you go to a friend's house
8:35 am
and they have a really cool dining room table and you want to see other tables like it or how to style it or chairs go with it. you take a camera out, point it to the table and you get all sorts of ideas. you want to cook a recipe and you have an ingredient. >> i use pinterest a lot. i absolutely love it. did you have to create a new search engine to make that happen? how did you do it technologically? >> pinterest is already great at visual discoverry and search. so what we wanted to do is take online what we do well today and make it the same thing offline in a world around you. >> from a business perspective will pinterest get a cut if you find and buy something through pinterest? >> a-ha. >> look at the smiles on both of their faces. >> they're in it to make money. >> nothing wrong with that. >> the answer is actually no. you can buy things on pinterest today, but when you do -- we actually don't take a cut and we don't because to us helping you
8:36 am
buy things is a way of making it more useful for users rather than a revenue source. >> you said you want to be seen more like google than social media app. they have 100 searches and you have two at this point. how do you compete? >> going sl great for facts questions that have a very specific answer and we think of ourselves as a place to go. what am going eat, what am i going to wear what should my house look like. questions that have the right answer for you. >> what's so cool is number one, it's started by guys. i assumed when i learned about it it would be women centric. you say we have to give credit to you because anxious when you were little, you liked to collect things. >> it is women driven. 70% are women. >> but it was men who started it. it started as a little kid you liked collecting things. how does it go from that to
8:37 am
this? >> when i was a kid, i loved collecting things. i loved collecting bugs. and when i met evan in new york we said why isn't there something for collecting. what's cool is a lot of our first users were actually women and a lot of them where i grew up in iowa and the midwest and they were using it for their everyday life like what do i want to eat, what do i want to wear, what do i want my home to look like. it's expanded a lot. there's 150 million folks, a lot of them outside the u.s. they're basics from things to woodworking and tattoos and mod fig motorcycles. >> men like it too. >> well, i pin all the time. >> what does that say about you. >> do you do anything to drive up your mail traffic. what do you think you need to do that?
8:38 am
>> it's a stereotype to say it's only for women. that's not true. i use it a lot and a lot of men do as well. >> what are you most prout of? i think people get granddaughter ideas and they share with other people. >> what makes me prourkd we work in silicon valley. it's about self-driving cars and rockets. i like rockets. but, you know, i this i what really motivates us is taking technology and solve human problems everyday problems. i love that many use it. >> i use it a lot, whether it's kid party ideas and all kinds of things. thanks so much. >> thanks for using it. writing some of the big pop music can be creating by committee. ahead, why three of the industry's most successful
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
larms) where's the car? it'll be here in three...uh, four minutes. are you kidding me? no, looks like he took a wrong turn. don't worry, this guy's got like a four-star rating we're good. his name is randy. that's like one of the most trustworthy names! ordering a getaway car with an app? are you randy? that's me! awesome! surprising. what's not surprising? how much money erin saved by switching to geico. everybody comfortable with the air temp? i could go a little cooler. ok. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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the people who write the song and carve their own industry kahn their way to their own grammys. the song of the year trophy will go to the writers behind one of following songs. beyonce's "formation," adele's
8:43 am
"hello" justin bieber's "love yourself" or lucas graham's song. don dahler took a look into their peculiar brand of poetry. good morning. >> good morning. from nashville to los angeles songwriters are the left publicized counter parts to the high profile artists who soak up the spotlight on grammy night. you may not know their names but their wok work gets stuck in your head like an unforgettable memory and by their own admission, it's an odd way to make a living. equal parts poet math me tishian and therapist. together they're responsible for some of the most popular music in the past decade.
8:44 am
♪ welcome to my house np baby take control now ♪ ♪ we don't have to go out ♪ ♪ ♪ i know you know i made those mistakes maybe once or twice maybe a couple of hundred times ♪ >> reporter: this justin bieber hit dropped right after his much publicized breakup with selena gomez. >> do you feel sometime yos u ooher a relationship counselor at times. >> you're writing and almost writing to each of them. >> viewing what pop culture was viewing him at that moment i knew an apology would be good. >> so there was no awkward moment there with working on both. >> no, not at all. >> because you don't want to get caught in these people's lives. >> their real lives. >> and they tell you things and
8:45 am
of course those are sacred things you would never say no anybody. >> the video is really kind of a confessional. >> it is. ♪ i don't want to be called up at 4:00 in the morning ♪ ♪ i'm the only one in the world you know won't be home ♪ >> reporter: it's not someone else's secrets being exposed but your own demons.- pink was inspired by her own teenage battle with an eating disorder. >> was that scary for you to expose your own experiences and pain that way? >> songwriting is the best therapy never paid for. we trade in a commodity of truth and we have to be really honest with ourselves in order to put that out and have it affect somebody else. when i stopped writing so much and i go to concerts and i look around and these kids will be singing words that i've written and you realize there's a spiritual element to what i do.
8:46 am
>> reporter: what they do rarely gets recorded the way it was originally intended. when ross first wrote the flo rida hit "my house" it was about the joys of domestic bliss. >> my wife and i don't go out. we haven't been to a club in years. i was at the rose bowl and they sing the "national anthem" and a huge flyover and "my house" comes on, and i said, this is so surreal because this is how my wife and i don't go out and there's 140,000 people there. >> it's the exact opposite. >> to flo rida's credit he wrote the bridge the rap, which has nothing to do with the song but he just turns to me and goes "trust me."
8:47 am
>> he's right. >> bus is it poetry by committee? >> sometimes. >> can be. >> you have to check your ego at the door. so if you walk in and you think that you're the best writer in the room, first of all, you're probably not. >> reporter: for these songwriters it's less about inspiration and more about hard work and perseverance sitting in a room last year alone they had eight top 20 hits five that went to number one. >> and then i was thinking like maybe is it -- but on the day we sat in the room it was he who brought in the seed that grew a melody. >> that's cool. >> you've got to fall. stand up, standto stand up to stand
8:48 am
up to stand up. >> it very easily could become the next pop song at the grammys. >> you've got to fall to stand up, to standing up you've got to fall to break up to break up to break up. >> a lot of tapping feet all over the studio. >> there seems to be an unwritten rule. they say their discussions stay there, they're not shared with friends or the public except of course, when they're used to create hit lyrics. >> that was a great piece, don. i love how you did it too. i love how you put it together. and the three of them don't normally work together. >> they don't, but this song that's really coming together was so catchy and they said oh you know -- they were doing it for our benefit. >> i love her voice. >> me too. >> we should do a podcast on this actually. >> okay. >> good. grammy host james corden is feeling pressure tomorrow. he shares what he wants to
8:49 am
achieve on sunday night. >> i haven't gone to bed for like a month now where i've about not been thinking about the grammy awards because it mean as lot to me to host it and i don't want to let anybody down. i want the show to be a true celebration of everybody in that room. >> and you can watch the grammy awards this sunday night live at 8:00 eastern on cbs and we'll be right back. >> he's the perfect host for it. >> announcer: this morning's "roa
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and here's an idea for the snow dpa. hundreds of college students staged a huge snowball fight in vancouver, canada. they faced on the main hall. rare snowstorm hit the coastal city. >> that does look like fun. brings you back to when you're
8:53 am
10. that does what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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"eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in allentown and we have been seeing snow start to accumulate and also some ice. >> oh, yeah rahel the snow here is starting to lighten up a lot but it is definite the liz turning to ice here. take a look, on this pole here i mean definitely turning to ice at this point. we have been out here for about six hours now and temperatures have been just gradually getting colder and colder. lots of folks out here really taking care of these sidewalks , as well as these roadways. that is what they recommend out here because things are icing so quickly to get out and shovel your sidewalks and
8:56 am
salt them as soon as possible. that is what this fellow is doing over here. definitely before things get touchy out here but i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks, trang. lets get over to "eyewitness news" katie fehlinger because this is exactly what was predict. snow ace accumulating and roads getting icy. >> we are finding at this point the back edge of the precipitation, rahel. looking at storm scan three back toward central pennsylvania, the back edge of this is becoming a lot more visible. so final snowflakes will be flying, probably over the next hour and a half or so for these western most counties, but everyone at this point has seen change overtake place you will many in 11:00 a.m. we will be watching that snow taper off further east you travel right around lunchtime slightly before or after depending on your location but i think we're ton here in philadelphia in later than noon. after 1:00 p.m. wind picking up but it will continue with blowing snow, despite sheer
8:57 am
weight of the snowfall it will be a blowing snow out there. we have had really poor visibility. that will continue. winter storm warning until 4:00 p.m. and in addition to that, wind advisory for southern half of the area at noon time. retreesing as trang the just showed us starting to happen but refreezing will be a major concern for slick travel, slick on sidewalks, and slick you know, no matter how you slice it. so be careful out there this will be a problem that even lingers into tomorrow morning 306789 degrees at best for a high tomorrow, even despite the sun's return, meisha. we will have our handful with this aftermath later on today and even into tomorrow. >> this is day katie every one wishes they had all wheel drive. they wish they would have heated my warning and gotten winter tires. this is the day. we are looking at schuylkill at boulevard keeping pushing this is eastbound treks toward center city. my produce are kim says it is like driving this is cloud of the abyss. visibility is, all awful.
8:58 am
that being said look at how many vehicles on the roadways. the just not the that many. i am very happy to see that for those venturing out you have to take it slow. good news for the most part you have some more opened roadways to travel on. it toss than the mean we are not the without problems. we have a crack knife tractor trailer here new jersey turnpike southbound route 73 that right lane still block. we have a down pole talking about that heavy snow coming town knocking some stuff down. we have a down pole route 322 westbound at main street that jug handle closed. heads up on that. buses and trucks stuck on the road in roxborough, ridge avenue near manayunk avenue. this is a very slippery area. speed restrictions are in place. plus accident here route 295 southbound route 129, two lanes blocked there. rahel, back to you. heads up we are not finish yet with our storm coverage. >> head over to cbs-3 with your our storm coverage continues after this break.
8:59 am
apparently people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. well, winter storm is still slamming the region, what started out as rain is now a steady snow in many areas, live look now from allentown where you can see the snow has certainly piled up. >> yeah, it is same story in montgomery county as we look live, as we look now there blue bell covered in white. >> storm is starting to push away but we're not done just yet good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we have reporters spread across the area we will check with them in a moment. >> but first a check of the latest track of the storm and road conditions with katie meisha, lets start with katie in the weather event certificate. >> nice round of applause to our field crews because they are hooking it up this morning giving us a sense of what is really a storm s


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