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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's cbs3 summertime at the devon horse show and country fair. we'll show you the history, horses and the fun. >> also tonight, a tearful yet defiant kathy griffin. what the embattled comedian is saying about the shock photo shoot. an after school brawl lands a local principal in the hospital. the serious injuries he received while trying to protect students. good evening i'm ukee washington. the melee was captured on cell phone video. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is outside school district headquarters with more. alex? >> reporter: ukee, we were told that principal boone was hit so hard he rider eight stitches in his face. he was interviewed by detectives and continues to recover. this is not how school dismissal should sound. clearly not what it should look like. cell phone footage taken around
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2:30 wednesday afternoon shows a fight that police say broke out between students at the edwin academic plus school in germantown and students from nearby by school of the principal attempted to break it up >> what was he supposed to do? leave his children? no principal is going to leave their children in harm's way. you go down with your ship. >> reporter: according to the administrator's president. he was taken down literally >> he was hit in the face with a brick. he was hit in the face with a break. >> reporter: among other injury, boonrequired eight stitch, other videos from event months show how such violent after school melees are becoming more commonplace >> it can't be left up to the principal and staff. >> reporter: aside from increased city assistance, dr. cooper is adamant parents hold the fire >> parents have to tell their children, if they get out at 3:00, you should be home by
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3:15. there should not be a span of time from 3:00 you come in at 5:00. they have to know where the children are. these are our children are doing this. >> reporter: police are still looking for that young assault suspect. reporting live, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. police in chester are investigating four separate shootings all near chester high school including one that claimed the life of a student. he was gunned down while walking to school along 11th street. abdul was 16 and a football student athlete. there were three other shootings nearby within a four-hour period. one involved a chester police officer. the gunfire forced chester high school to remain on lockdown all day. penn state is making changing to greek life following the alcohol fueled death of a fraternity pledged timothy piazza in february. the board of trustees voted to take control of the green system
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and disciplinary actions, members mentioned a 0 tolerance policy for hazing, and stronger criminal punishments. of hard liquor is banned at social events and now fraternities and sororities can have ten parties a semester. that's down from 45. tom klein who represents the family said it's just lip service >> what we don't know and what was not enacted were concrete proposals. that can was kicked down the road. officials say they're confident the proposals will turn into action. three former penn state officials are going to jail for their roles in the sandusky scandal. curly. president graham spannier and gary schultz will spend several months behind bars, the rest will be served under house arrest. they failed to report child abuse allegations after learning
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about them. the trump administration is defending the president's decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. epa instructor scott pruitt said the decision puts america's interest first with respect to environmental agreements and international discussions. he added the u.s. is leading the world in routing the world in carbon emissions comedian kathy griffin tear fully apologized for the video that depicted her holding a like ness of the president's severed bloody head. accused the first family of joining the backlash in trying to ruin her career. >> then i was like, no, this isn't right. this isn't right. and i apologized because that was the right thing to do and i meant it. then i saw the tied turning and i saw what they were doing, they're trying to spin this and making it about >> griffin called the president a fool an bully. she has lost endorsement deals and performances since the incident. now in other news, cbs3 is
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celebrating the summer, we're back on the road highlighting another great community and event in our region. the devon horse show and country fair is underway as the name says, it's located in the small chester county town of devon. jessica dean has been taking in festivities and live with what a makes it one of a kind. >> reporter: good evening to you, ukee. we spent all afternoon and evening here. let me tell you we've gotten a great feel for what makes this so special, and so steeped in tradition. the tradition goes back to 1896. they've been at this for 121 years now. in 1896, the devon horse show started as a one-day show. but now, it's become the oldest and largest multi-breed competition in the united states and many different equestrian disciplines are competing that attracts horse lovers from
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around the world some of the best of the best. we saw a lot of unfolding in the oval here with the giant crowd taking it all in. we saw people of all ages. doing all different sorts of competition and these are some of the finest equestrians in the country and the world. some will go on to be olympics. get this, those who score well here at devon take home some amazing prices, including trophies, valued at thousand you say of dollars, and some of the trophies date back to the start of the horse show itself. proudly displayed at the entrance to the show grounds >> we have the largest trophy exhibit of any horse show in the united states and i believe of the world. our trophies go back to the late 1800s. and some of them are valued at over $100,000 each. >> reporter: and some of the
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more recognizable names in the trophy case include the trophy that dates back to 1902 and a trophy named for john wanamaker valued at more than $70,000. the clydesdale. we'll have more and what it takes to get the horses ready. it's not just the horses here. there's other things had the county fare that attracted people and vittoria and lauren casey went you out to explore some of that and i heard you had a very good time. >> a blast >> it was amazing. >> wasn't it >> i'm going to write about it in my journal >> if you're going to do that that means it's got to be good. good stories in there >> it had everything when you come here to devon you're going to see horses and you'll see this in the piece but the fun to be had. there's so mean things to do,
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food everywhere. they have different shops. there's activities, games, >> games. >> games. take a look at the country fare. >> if you have a love of horses, you'll get that, of course, but if you have a love for fun, that comes with a fare, you'll get that too, at the devon horse show and country fair >> this is where the magic happens. it's not just by the track. >> will you win me a horse, please >> i'll see >> first is stop cotton candy. >> can i have a in all cotton candy? wait, share with me. i have to get my change. >> before we broke into the beautiful pink and blue sugar, we met up with lucy and ken see who really love the devon horse show and know exactly what to do. >> ferris wheel first >> and you pick the bows why >> because they're amazing.
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>> reporter: hello? lauren and i'm tried our hand at the balloon games. >> lauren, let's try this one, one more time. >> go girls. >> yes. how do you feel about this exciting moment? >> i don't know i feel pretty great i think i'm going to ride the ferris wheel >> yes, that's the best. >> reporter: like ken see said the ferris wheel was out of this world, topping off a pretty amazing day at the devon horse show and country fair. >> that was the best. wasn't it? >> i don't want to say good-bye to devon. >> they're going to have to drag me out. lauren. i don't want to leave. i loved the ferris wheel ride >> wasn't it beautiful >> it was magical >> we shared a moment >> it was beautiful. >> i'm going to leave you with that moment and walk away. i want you to keep that >> i'm going to keep it in my heart
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>> when you talk about the weather, make it warm >> it was warm today. it was beautiful today. just like our beautiful ferris wheel ride. as we head to the upcoming weekend. you have a couple of chances of showers but we'll get in nice sunshine. we'll talk buy when to expect that in your full forecast coming up on the other side of the break. >> see i knew just had no fun. tons of fun for all ages, thanks for showing it to us, guys. we've got a lot more to show you from the devon horse show and country fair, coming up, just after the break, we're going to take you inside one of the most decorated boxes at the grandstand be one owner tells us why this place is so very special to her. also, they're a crowd favorite tonight the clydesdale horses performed at the delight of everyone. what make these majestic animals so much fun to watch? i'll take you behind the scenes when summertime continues.
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♪ ♪ unless is the famous mr. ed >> as we sing along, here we are at the devon horse show and country fair and vittoria and lauren showed you the fun that you can find but there's a lot of focus on the horses and the crowd favorite, of course, the clydesdale. everybody wants to see them in action and they performed tonight much to the delight of everyone. we got to go behind the scenes to see what it takes to get them ready. take a look. >> when it comes to drawing a crowd, >> they're really stunning, i guess. i like because they're braids in their hair. >> reporter: the famous budweiser clydesdale are blue ribbon >> they have the individual personalities and they're fun to work with >> he has been a handler for seven years. he took me behind the scenes to see how those horses prepare for
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their performance. >> we have five people braiding the horses to get them ready for the show >> up next, the clydesdale are brushed off and misted in fly spray >> do they enjoy this process >> once we tie them up for braiding they know it's show time. >> 6-year-old ramsey is one of the strongest and one of the first to get harnassed with 130 pounds of leather and brass. >> you can stand here next to him. but you see now when they have their heads up and ready to show. you really see the size of them >> you can feel, they're so powerful. >> yes. >> the horses weigh 2000 pounds, they can pull 4,000 pounds a piece. >> reporter: eight clydesdale are hitched up and before long, they're marching to their big moment. bringing the crowd to its feet. chris told me that they usually get the horses when they're about five years old and then they will work with them until they're about 15 and then they
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go off into horse retirement. a little fact for you about the clydesdale who were a big smashing hit. also a big hit, that would be the weather. it was a gorgeous day then turned into a beautiful evening, let's go to lauren casey. a lot of people looking ahead to what saturday and sunday holds. >> yes, saturday is looking better but today was a beautiful day, we've been exploring the devon horse show all the nooks and crannies and i found out the best seats are in the boxes. the boxes are what it's at the we got a view of the special spots this afternoon, mingling with those who have been coming back to the horse show year after year. deb donaldson been a part of show since a young rider and now owned the box last 20 years. >> gives you an opportunity to have a table to spread your food out and a lot of devon which tori is probably learning, it's
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about the food and it just gets you chance to have a nice scene and an unobstructed view >> people bringing little picnic baskets, great date night weather conditions enjoyable for everyone whether at the horse show or out and about, the phils game, weather was good. i don't know how the team did, i think not too well. checking in on our current conditions at the mobile weather watcher, temperatures are feeling very good. 66, winds calmed down after a breezy day, due points down into the 30's. the anywhere is nice, dry and comfortable. just a beautiful two days of june so far. please, mother nature, don't take us back to may. he were topped the at 80. normal high is 79. right around average for us starting the day off at 59 degrees and we'll fall back into the 50's once again overnight tonight. temperatures right now we've
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cool off efficient the with the dry air in place and the winds relaxing down to 69 in philly. 61 in atlantic city and 50's and millville feeling cool and 40's getting chilly in the poconos overnight. due points, they are tell us about that sticky factor and they're on the very low side, especially by june standards down to the 30's and 40's and we'll hang on as we head into the first day of the weekend at least comfort index for tomorrow as well. the air feeling awesome. dry and comfortable. once again, but temperatures will be on the warm side. we will have to watch out for a chance of an isolated shower tomorrow morning before we clear on out, but stormscan 3 showing us clear conditions today, did have a couple of spotty showers roll through this afternoon but didn't put a damper on plans and dealing with quiet conditions. we do an upper level disturbance that will move through. for tonight, calling it partly cloudy and seasonal, down to 57 degrees, open up those windows,
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great sleeping weather tonight, and to kick off the weekend, a nice looking day. stray morning shower and we quickly turn over to sunshine 78 degrees. of our high temperature for saturday. little bit breezy with winds picking up to 15 miles per hour. future weather showing us quiet conditions, high pressure in control, the surface but we're going to go see this upper level disturbance sneak in as we head into tomorrow morning, could see a couple of spotty showers most of the moisture and energy is going to be in the upper levels, light in intensity. we quickly turn over to sunshine as we head to midday, beautiful saturday and evening, but as we head to sunday we're going to have to watch out for scattered thunder showers, dry sunday morning but second half, eye to the sky and radar monday 82, with showers and thunderstorms looking likely. cool off a bit as we head into next week and east wind kicks up on wednesday. pulls the high temperature down to 71. back up to 81 degrees by next
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friday. so altogether, pretty quiet looking weather pattern, looking good. sky is beautiful tonight here in devon, i can see the moon, looks lovely. i think great time had by all at the horse show today. and beautiful weather conditions are going to be in store for tomorrow for everyone heading out. so yep, got my, i didn't actually ride a horse but i saw a lot of horses. i think guys, that counts. right? >> no. no, you got to get on one, i'm sorry. no. not even close. >> i didn't have the cute outfit. >> all right, next time. >> we'll get you that cute outfit. thanks, lauren, appreciate it. right on your phillies assumption. wow, you know what? we just got to trust the process because it's frustrating >> oh, no, no, you didn't >> did i go there? how many teams are we going to give that phrase to, trust the process. the phils do something for the first time since the 1930's. and that's not a good thing. the giants and fightin
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. phillies look like a team that believes they're going to lose. they made the giants look like the 1920's yankees, murderer's row gang. no score in the first, brandon belt with a grounder to second. goes under the glove of say saar. giants up 1-0. eduardo thinking outside of the batter's box. phils trail 3-0. eickhoff walked five.
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tie block walked in his first three at bats, it's the first time they've allowed a pitcher to do that since 1936. to the six and inning, nunez left center. 10-0. >> i don't know what to say, i'm at a loose for words, bad way to start the month. three guys had two hits, we got shut out. not a pleasant night >> it's tough, it sucks. i've said that before. but it's, you know, we got to turn the page and you know, we come play tomorrow, that's the only way to look at it. >> moving on. jay mac going to married two weeks ago and andy reid was at the wedding. let's just say the honey moon short lived. they cut him to save more than 7
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million. back in 2015 they signed into a five-year deal with 22 million guaranteed, now he's looking for a new job. if you think he can join the eagles, well, the birds virtual have no cash. kyle busch won the pole at dover international speed way for the race, it's the first of the season for him and 20th of his career, he's gone 28 straight races without a win but if you should second last week at the coca-cola 600. die hard washington fan dale earnhardt junior is off the hook. junior was scheduled to race in an eagles themed car on june 11th at poconos. but it was discovered that using a team's logo in connection with another sport is a violation of nfl rules. so the car, which was to promote all pro teachers program, he will not have that logo. junior can go ahead cheer for his washington team. >> washington
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>> no bird's logo >> that's my
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♪ . check in one more time with the ladies jessica, lauren and
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tori, take it away >> guys i feel like we came, saw, concurred. >> and the competition is not stopped. people are still practicing. they're still taking it in. it's amazing >> we hope you win you're out here at 11:35. summertime rolls on next week, we're headed down to wilmington, delaware. five, six, ten and 11 next friday in wilmington. we'll be telling you what make that is a special place. i love this, shining a light on our all wonderful places, that's where we'll be, keep an eye out. ukee, i feel like we've done it all. >> are you driving back or coming back by horseback? >> well, the horses are waiting for us, i'm trying to take a clydesdale. >> great job, ladies. >> and to the crew, great job to you all. thanks so much. appreciate: morning team back from 5:00 to 7:00, from our entire team, the late show with
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steven colbert is up captioning sponsored by cbs >> and we put the whole-grain mustard. ( cheers and applause ) every sandwich needs a sail of deliciousness. >> stephen: hey, jon, what are you up to? >> uh, sandwiches, stephen. i don't really have time right now. >> stephen: did you carve the radishes into roses? >> it's marigolds. they're marigolds. ( alarm beeping ) god, you made me late! son of a bitch. >> stephen: that's a rose. >> marigold. >> what is taking so long? come on! ( cheers and applause ) >> i'm so sorry, mr. noah. i spent a little extra time with the radishes. >> what are those, begonias? >> actually, marigolds. >> i need a coke. >> stephen: here's your coke, sir. sorry i'm late. i got caught up with him talking about his stupid radish rose. >> ( bleep ) they're marigolds. >> guys, i don't have time for this today, man, i have a show to


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