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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> right now at 11:00 turning
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up the heat. temperatures soar into the 90s and even hotter weather is on the way. first tonight, no verdict yet. jurors in the cosby trial in deliberations for the night and this is new video of the comedian leaving montgomery county courthouse as he awaits his fate. deliberations will resume tomorrow morning. good evening i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. eyewitness news reporter greg argos is outside the courthouse in norristown with more on a question the jury had for the judge tonight. greg. >> that's exactly right jessica. the jurors spent four hours deliberating behind doors. they stopped once to ask the judge a question about a 2005 deposition where comedian bill cosby referred to pills he gave andrea constand called his little friend. >> if convicted comedian bill cosby could spend the rest of
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his life in jail and rights now the 79-year-old's state in the hands of twelve jurors seven men and five women from alleghany county they're deliberating whether cosby is guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting constand in his home in 2004. >> we feel the jury has information and facts. >> the jury must unanimously find cosby guilty if he's to face jail time. andrew whyatt says he's confident the jurors will side with defense. >> i feel like we have that one person and more than one person. looking at the evidence and taking everything into account and that reasonable doubt is probably come into play. >> those jurors now sent home and they spent four hours deliberating breaking only for dinner and to ask one question at 7:13 tonight they asked steven o'neal "can we see mr. mr. cosby's testimony the part he calls the pills his friends we need to see the full context" judge replayed part
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of the deposition where he replayed constand coming to his home and complaining of back and neck stiffness "i have three friends to make you relax" the deposition read. he claims they were benadryl. pros kuingts and other alleged victims like victoria valentino said they were given drugs to make women unconscious. >> there was a thread of continuity who have never met each other before and we're saying oh, my god that's a pattern. >> now before heading home for the night the jurors asked the judge to see two additional pieces of evidence from the trial. we're told those were court documents. judge steven t. o'neal says the jurors will be presented with those two pieces of evidence tomorrow, 9 a.m. that's when deliberations continue. we're live in norristown i'm greg argos, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> greg, thank you, eyewitness news will thereby when deliberations resume
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tomorrow morning as soon as there's a verdict we will have it for you here on tv and also at >> and extreme heat made its way into the region and will get even hotter tomorrow. because of this excessive heat the philadelphia school district will close at noon tomorrow. also, all after school activities will be cancelled for the day. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking temperatures and lauren you're track what we can expect. >> yeah, thanks, jess, what we can expect is more least hon the way. just like today. and day number two with high temperatures middle 90s in philadelphia we were one degree shy of record high temperature of 5 setback in 2015 and well far away from the normal high temperature at 2. we starmented day mild 71 degrees again well above average start of 63 high temperatures today soaring across the region. we stopped at 94 degrees in accuweather and that was a record topped into the 90s wildwood. 92 in allentown and 93 high
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temperature earlier today in reading and temperatures are still very warm at this hour. philadelphia, 83 degrees. we're still sitting above our daily average high temperature for the day at this late hour. we've cooled back into the 70s in allentown and still at 80 in trenton. and we have a heat advisory in effect for philadelphia and surrounding counties tomorrow runs from noontime until 7 p.m. as high temperatures will be soaring once again and we'll likely break that record tomorrow. forecasted high temperature 96 would break the record in philadelphia of 95 setback in the 19 50s we'll have slightly more humid conditions as well. so those heat indexes will be pushing up to upper 90s here near 100 we'll talk more about the extreme heat and when it will all come to an end in the full forecast in a few. >> lauren we'll see you again thanks. one year ago city of or land owe experienced horrors of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. and 49 people were killed more than 50 others injured when a
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gunman opened fire inside pulse night club. hundreds gathered in orlando tonight to honor the survivors and the victims. tar after connell's son corys with one of the victims. >> it's togetherness i think and the love and support that will get us through. the one year anniversary and you know years to come. >> doors will never open at pulse again. eventually the site will become a permanent national memorial to honor victims area survivors. akira murray a teenager from philadelphia was one of the victims of the night club shooting and tonight, there was a memorial girls basketball game held in her honor at her alma mater where she was a star player. alexandria hof was there. >> the world as at her fingertips. akira murray just graduated third in her class. she just signed on to play
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basketball for mercyhurst university and was sell brad torey trip to ar lopd owe last year when she went out it friends to pulse night club. >> she was dedicated and hard working trying to get better as a person and player. >> for the past year her name was sporn in past tense. murray and 48 others were shot and killed outside of pulse. >> her story did not end there. much like the 1,000 points she scored at west cath lick her story has become a legacy and this event is here to honor that. >> i think this event in putting a lot of love into it and coordinating has helped me put my remotions somewhere. >> where the help of aykra's coach they very joined with family and community members in the first annual akyra memorial game. at half time they were honored with a signed basketball and 76ers jersey. >> i want people to know her
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brother and development would be on basketball. she succeeded in the classroom and suck seed in emotional and spiritual and mental development and i want kids to know basketball is not one dimensional. >> alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> and a preliminary hearing is underway for 18 penn state fraternity brothers charged in death of 19-year-old pledge. some defendants face charges of aggravated assault and involve tarry manslaughter. and other as caused of less serious crimes. 19-year-old timothy piazza died in february after falling down the steps at beta theta pi house. video showed piazza being directed to drink and falling several times. >> now we know the identity of a philadelphia police officer involved in deadly shooting of an armed dirt bike ridener north philadelphia. on thursday, police say officer ryan panel a 12 year veteran of the force shot and
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killed 30-year-old david jones own whitaker avenue. officer panel shot jones as he was running away. police say jones was armed and that he pulled out a gun on the officer after that officer began questioning him. officer panel is on administrative duty pending results of internal investigation. >> and police charge ryan patrick mchugh with homicide and dui after the car he was driving hit and killed a mother and injured her young son. mccue was under the influence when his car jump aid curb killing rosea lydia rohas it happened saturday night as she and her children were walking aramingo avenue. rohas 9-year-old son jadeen is recovering from hip and leg injuries and her daughters was not hurt. attorney general jeff sessions will testify publicly tomorrow before the senate intelligence committee which is investigating russian meta metaling in the 2016 election. sessions was scheduled to
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about the budget and asked to testify for the intelligence committee after realizing most questions would be about firing of fbi director jim comey and russia. sessions recuseed himself in the russia investigation in march after admitting he did not score two meeting in the russian am bar door into 2016. >> again, what role did he very in the comey firing because at that points he what supposed to be recuseed from this investigation and had nothing do with it. >> also today the ninth circumstance the court aof appeals upheld the decision blocking president trump travel plan. it will take the issue to the supreme court. >> reminder for you cbs news will carry the testimony of attorney general jeff sessions tomorrow live tomorrow afternoon. that coverage is set to begin 2:30 and you can watch it here on cbs3. in the meantime attorney general of maryland and washington d.c. have filed a
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fwral lawsuit against president trump. >> never in the history of this country have we had a president with these kinds of extensive businessen tappin tappinglements or president who refused to adequately distance themselves from the holdings. >> suit alleges president violated constitution by retaining ties to business empire. much this case is focused on little known emolument clause of the constitution. shawn spicer called it a partisan witch hunt. >> the lawyers driving are advocacy group with partisan ties and started with a press conference as opposed to filing it when is interesting. president's lawyers maintain market rate payment for goods and services at the president owe tells, golf courses and other businesses are not emalument s as defined by the constitution.
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>> "forbes" released its list of highest paid entertainers in the world. who landed the top stop? the answer ahead. also tonight at 11 philadelphia plan to curb pan handling. why city leaders want to you stop handing out money and accepted a text message instead. plus, sweltering heat gripping our region and could be wreaking havoc on your wealth and well-being why it can trigger serious headaches and what you can do to prevent the pain. >> live look now at logan square center city philadelphia and a very hot night across the region. meteorologist lauren casey will tell us when the intense heat breaks. that's when eyewitness news heat breaks. that's when eyewitness news continues
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>> pan handling is an issue in all cities.
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now the city has a new plan to cut done on you practice. city officials are asking public to pick up cell phones. and text share to 80077 and that makes a $5 donation to out reach organizations city leaders say many time money handed on the street is not being used for good. >> evident that we see is that money is quite likely going to be used for drugs. >> we won't criminalize behavior and won't arrest yourselves out of panp handling problem and it benefits existing social service agencies in place to help the homeless. mcdonald's is using social immediate what to get the word out it's hiring. it will put 250,000 jobs on snap chat this summer. mcdonald's will use series of
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10 second snap chat ads. people ready interested will be directed to a hub to download and fill out an job application. >> "forbes" magazine named highest paid entertainers in the world topping that list shawn didy combs. and thanks to his tour and selling part of kloming line. and he edged out beyonce "harry potter" j.k. rowling. drake and christian owe ronaldo round out the top fiv five. >> and old needers that belonged no michael jordan he wore them during the gold medal game at the 84 olympics they are signed and include his or thatic inserts. >> the world's weight problem
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is growing. obesity is skyrocketing in countries rich and poor and affecting both adults and children. researchers estimate 2.2 billion people are overweight or obese. 30% of population is affected by weight uponlations with 10% listed as obese. new study by new england journal of medicine looked at 25 countries over 25 years and highest percentage of obese children in the world. >> and cbs3 health watch tonight excessive heat can trigger migraines in some people. doctors say people who spend a lot of time outside in the heat can get dehydrated and that can cause headaches. experts say changes in barometric pressure can trigger migraines because there's a difference between surrounding atmosphere and sinus. >> in general it's usually fallen barometric pressure and for many people it doesn't matter it could be a quick
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rise in temperature as well and thunderstorms. >> doctors say increasing magnesium intake prior to weather change may help limit or prevent migraine and staying hydrated is especially important and lauren casey is joining us now staying hydrat hydrated is important whether you suffer from migraines or not. >> and high to mid 90s sunday again today and tomorrow and temperatures other night only dropping0s. your body doesn't get a chance to cool offment spend plenty of time indoors in the air conditioning and stay well hydrate as we have a heat wave into tomorrow and three days of consecutive i've 90 degree high temperatures and still warm at this point and center city philadelphia winds 10 miles a norm and and muggines
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mugginess. and impressive. 08 in wilmington and trenton an 79 record high in hall ep town cool spot 66 mount pocono and trying to find cool spots in neighborhood network 75 in accuweather and 73 princeton and 71 pottstown and 72 one of the cooler sports in milford and we're dealing with warm temperatures and still steamy conditions. dew point generally now in middle 60s. we have steam factor that stays us with through the day tomorrow as temperatures soar once again overnight tonight not best sleeping weather ac kicks on warm and muggy fal falling back to 72 and once again tomorrow up to 6 record high in philadelphia and chance of isolated late day thunderstorm and most of us will not. don't forget the pet on 90 degree day temperature of the
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asphalt as you hit the streets can reach 145 degrees. comfort test. press back of your hand to asphalt for 7 seconds. if it's too hot for you, it is too hot for pup friends. keep that in mind as you head sdlout the day tomorrow. storm can showing us quiet conditions. high pressure in control and stabilizes atmosphere and one good thing with that will be likely mostly clear sky conditions for the rocket launch. nasa rocket lifting offer from the facility in virginia. this is viewing zone. visibility shaded in orange. we could see aroras looking scene with num necessary enter clouds due to vapor released by that rock tote help scientists study eye onsphere and clouds form one, two, three, minutes after liftoff and be sure to look south and watch set 9:09 to 9:19 tomorrow evening now it's been
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sgrubd and hopefully tomorrow we can see that cool sight. >> future weather showing us quiet as we head out the day tomorrow and few isolated showers or thunderstorms develop during the evening hours. otherwise quiet conditions and sweltering again with high temperatures soaring into the 90s with many spots. 88 degrees. forecasted high temperature in wildwood and then we get some relief as we head into wednesday. 84. by wednesday, evening, that lutety will start to drop down pretty quickly. feeling much better by thursday, sunshine. lower humidity. 70 degrees. ahhh. >> after sglom that's nice. >> it will be okay. >> more stable. >> thanks so much lauren. >> lesley is up next with sports. >> well you know people were hoping to see jeremy mack flynn eagles green. there will not be one in philadelphia. where he's headed and phillies do something in the draft they have not done in 17 years. meanwhile phillys are in fen
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>> phillies started four game steeryes against the red sox. fightin's come into a losing streak they've been out score scored. jared ikoff on the mound for the phils. tommy joseph grounder up the middle for a hit. howie kendrick score and with that phillies 2-0 lead and blanco hits a fly ball that goes off the green monster tommy joseph scores from first opt double wane that phillies had 3-0 lead. eighth, phillies up 5-4 until ramirez takes him up and over and the game was tied and right now in 11th phillies and
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red sox still tide at 5. >> making or league baseball draft tonight. phillies had pl overall. last two years they picked kids right out of high school. here's commissioner. >> with the eighth selection of the 2017 mlb draft philadelphia phillies select adam hazily outfielder from the university of virginia. >> haze sli left handed hitter who is a pitcher for the cavaliers. this past season he hit 390 with 14 homers and this is first time phillies use number one pick on college position player since chase utley in 2007. >> it doesn't feel real at all. i feel grateful and policed. i know phillys are amazing organization. i'm super excited to gets things started. >> and he's the one player at this point and that we target aend were fortunate enough to get him. he was pretty much desirable
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by everyone b everybody in the room. >> and off season workouts start tomorrow three day mandatory mini camp at the novacare complex and johnny jones are expectsed to be there and they miss voluntary results and jeremy maclin signed a two year contract with the ravens. he picked baltimore over eagles and bills. maclin was cut earlier this month and birds were a long shot to sign him. a lot of people were hopeful. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> maybe it would with come together. >> no. >> no. >> thanks lesley. with tempur-pedic.t our proprietary material
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>> it was a hot day on the links for ukee washington and you know ukee washington he loves the game of golf. it was 23 annual ukee washington golf outing. here are photo from today. they teed it up in west chester. the event raises money for the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. at least it was sunny, lauren. >> it was. >> we're coming off a warm and sunny weekend and eyes focused on the weekend ahead and model projections at this point showing unfortunately not much sunshine for saturday and sunday and pretty good shot at showers and storms on saturday and then possibly again on sunday as well. high temperatures will be
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seasonable. middle 80s looks like on saturday possibly pushing upper 80s by surprised. we'll be right back
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>> coming up next the late show with stephen colbert and followed bit late late show with james corden and our late team is back from 4:30 to 7. for lauren, lesley, i'm jessica dean we're always on at for the entire team. thanks for watching have a good night and see you
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