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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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plus this. i heard a girl screaming help and i looked over and. >> a horrific tragedy at ohio state fair when a ride falls apart putting passengers flying through the air, see the accident as it happened and hear what officials are saying about what went wrong. justin beiber hits paparazzi with his pickup truck, find out what happened once the police arrived. lots of news, today is thursday, july 27th good morning aim jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. lets get you out the door with katie and pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> roadways heating up, bunch of things to tell but i minute. >> thankfully weather-wise things are looking quiet, i don't think we will have a major impact but you might run into, i have to show that to you, i caught shore camera, setting up a weather hit, it looks so beautiful. sun officially rose in philadelphia at 5:55 and minor two sooner, live look in ocean
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city where sunnies just blaze ago cross that sky line right now. storm scan quiet, and it will stay that way through next couple hours. later this afternoon or evening, a spotty shower or thunderstorm will fire up, here and there on the radar. current temperatures as they stand right now, little bit of the bright pack, low to mid upper 60's and 71 degrees tossed in there in wilmington. as day progresses we will see mixture of sun, cloud and isolated shower or thunderstorm. there could be a locally gusty storm that pops up but where we have bright sky throughout the day and in short if you have more sunshine you'll have more instability that can as a result be created. that is best chance for a shower, locally heavier thunderstorm through here but everyone is fair game throughout the afternoon and evening. in the meantime is there a time frame where you will need to have an umbrella handy. i will let you know when that falls. we are making changes as we move forward in the forecast,
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pat, so stay tune. >> fingers crossed we can get on the beach this weekend. good morning everyone. this is a look at water main break happened frankford avenue at girard avenue, it is closed toward thompson street. right outside here you'll to have walk to get to frankford hall in this area here's a map with more detail. bus routes are a problem here. they are being detoured. routes five and 25. frankford avenue closed between girard and thompson. ninety-five southbound we are seeing delays as we get past betsy ross bridge, brake lights tapped in this area right here. tacony palmyra, beautiful shot this morning, it just went up came back down moments ago. that is complete. you are good to go on the to kobe palmyra. this is cleared out as well, new jersey 295 between 168 and route 42, so it is slowing down right new but this should reopen in a couple minutes. atlantic city rail line suspended between absecon and atlantic city, back over to
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you. thanks, pat. breaking news police are investigating an incident in northeast philadelphia jan carabao is live in rhawnhurst where details are still unfolding but what do we know so far. >> rahel and jim, good morning , this is a very active police investigation in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia, you can see behind me live on the scene right now we are coming to the from strahl and horrocks street, that is where police are having a conference down there this whole area is closed off. they have been looking in the vehicle here on strahl. police are not releasing many details right now but northeast detectives do tell thus started with a stolen car near strahl and boulevard. that search for suspects led police to strahl and horrocks. we understand search focused down in the wood and police emphasize there were no injuries in apprehending the suspect to police or any other suspect. thinks still a developing
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story right now. we are expect to go get more information from police later on in the morning and we will update you both on air and on line at cbs live from rhawn hours, i'm jan carabao now back to you. developing this morning investigators are working to figure out cause of the deadly accident at ohio state fair. >> at least one person dead and several more injured after an amusement park ride malfunctioned, cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has latest. >> reporter: cell phone video shows moment a ride malfunctions at ohio state fair, seemingly crashing into something on the ground and throwing part of the ride and people in it through the air. >> i heard a girl screaming help and looked over and flying out. >> the fare is about the best things in life and then tonight with this accident it becomes a terrible, terrible
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tragedy. >> it happened aboard a ride called fireball, on opening day, of the fare. >> this was a great force and a great mechanism consistent with a high speed motor vehicle crash with an ejection something more of those lines. >> reporter: inspectors from the ohio department of agriculture said the ride was thoroughly looked over three or four times before being opened even once by a third party. they are still trying to figure out what may have been missed. >> there is no guarantee. obviously mechanical or structural damage could be done where you cannot see it, metal fatigue, sometimes. there is different things that are not visual to the human eye. >> governor john kasich has ordered a full investigation and called for all ride to close, until a new round can be completed. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning justin beiber is involved in an accident with the paparazzi. video shows him hitting man
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with the hick pickup truck. it happened last night as singer was leaving church event in beverly hills. bean der stay with the photographer until paramedics and police arrive. victim suffered a leg injury and expected to be okay. he was in the site by police but music star last made headlines this week after canceling rest of his worldwide tour due to unforeseen circumstances. a shooting end with two men in handcuffs and one of them was the shooting victim. office's arrived on the 2,000 block of dennie street shortly before midnight, that is where they found two men with two guns, one of which was a military style weapon. while one of the men was shot in the back and hospitalized in stable condition, both victim and his friend were arrested on gun charges. man captured on this video earlier this week attacking a septa transit police sergeant is now in custody. he turned himself in last night. body cam shows him confronting suspect near 58th and baltimore on monday for reportedly trespassing on
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train tracks. he could be seen shoving her to the ground and the sergeant suffered a back injury, she's at home recovering. good to hear. this morning scandal rocks two pennsylvania cities, mayor of allentown ed pawlowski and former mayor of reading vaughn spencer have been both indicted on federal corruption charges. pawlowski and spencer are charged with bribery and fraud and other crimes. both accused of dulling out city contracts to those willing to support their campaigns. >> pawlowski and spencer essentially put a for sale sign up in front of the city hall, in reading and in allentown to sell their office and their services, to the highest bidder. >> i have done nothing wrong nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. i have never accepted anything but legal campaign contributions. >> officials say indictments follow a four year investigation, others with ties to the two men were also indicted. man is behind bars this morning after police say he
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delivered a deadly dose of a illegal drugs to a hospital patient in montgomery county. travis suita was told he could face up to 40 years in prison yesterday, authorities ine norriton said drug dealer made five trips to the hospital in five days to sell drugs to sierra hadrick. hadrick was receiving none in life threatening treatment. officials say the drugs suita gave the patient ended up killing her. >> suita delivered what we later learn was pure fentanyl, 40 to 50 times more deadly then the deadly drug heroin. by delivering this poison, travis suita killed sierra. >> suita was charged with drug delivery resulting in death and he is fourth person this year in montgomery county to face this charge. to the nation's capitol republican senate leaders are trying to pass a so-called skinny repeal of obama care. they have failed to repeal affordable care act twice since tuesday their skinny
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bill would remove the individual mandates and would get rid of the employer mandates and medical device tax. group of governors immediately responding, responded by asking the senate not to let the skinny repeal pass. meanwhile president trump says electronic giant foxconn will build a 10 billion-dollar factory in wisconsin. pennsylvania was vying for the plan, factory will make flat screen displays for televisions, and computer screens and it is expected to bring 3,000 jobs for next four years. wisconsin was a key state for president trump's election win in november. a deadly fire in montgomery county keeps fire fighters busy overnight we are live with new information. also ahead the california teenager accused of live streaming her instagram after a car crash appears in court. hear what she told the judge about the charges she faces. look at this guy's arm, something bit him 10 days ago, left him in pain and covered in bruces, why it is so hard to figure out what bit him
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coming up next. ♪ >> never been so exited to hear the word thunder, but i'm feeling it this morning. we can use some thunder later on tonight. plus katie tracking chance of heavier rain all in her forecast. >> heavy rain. >> and thunder. >> what the heck is going on. >> coming up next.
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a heads up to air travelers passengers at all u.s. airports will face new measures for screening electronic devices larger than a cell phone. >> travelers will be asked to take all large devices including tablets out of their bags and put them in separate bins similar to the screening of lap tops. tsa says it gives screeners a clearer picture of device. new procedure will start in airports in just a few weeks but if you are under tsa pre check you don't to have do that. >> that is what i do it is worth a few dollars each year. also take a look at this video showing fisherman's wild even counter with a orca off the coast of alaska on sunday. victor littlefield was salmon fishing when it wrapped itself in the anchor lines and off and slapped the boat around with the tail. the orca swam off and little field was not hurt, experts say such attacks are
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very rare. >> you have a machete and cut the line and say bye-bye. >> yes. >> wonder what set him off. >> but you can hear the beeping, cell phone video, i wand fur that was out bleeping out what he was saying. >> yes, choice word there. >> yes. >> yes. >> probably would need to be beeped as well. >> well, no orcas in this shot , definitely have activity i feel like rehoboth fills up very quickly very early on. i love it down here. people are just digging it. it is a cloudy start to the day, boardwalk plaza and many spots we have included cover to start off but we will see some sun throughout the course of the afternoon and good portion of the day but then we have to deal with the isolated shower or thunderstorm here throughout the late day. we will keep an eye out for that and then we have this guy
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menacing looking batch of rain and thunderstorms through the central plains, heading our way and that is making its arrival second half, of tomorrow, period of heavy rain , generally from midday into overnight but very likely lingering, into at lee morning hours of saturday just the way it is panning out, it is slowing down and may linger, longer then what we anticipated, long witt, stronger thunderstorms. flood threat will be enhanced because of this, beyond saturday, here's the thing, i think a piece of this could hang out nearby just off shore and since it spins in that direction it could slow showers back to the shoreline, sunday and possibly even as late as monday. still just a chance i want to make that clear but chance nonetheless that the picture perfect days we had been expecting may get thrown off here. i'm calling for sunshine here further inland sunday, monday pat but we have to keep in that chance of a shower. >> we will deal witt this weekend.
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>> all right. >> sorry, everyone. i feel bad. >> this is about you. >> it always is. >> thinks blue route, right here near route one minor delays, blue route looking golden, if you will, i'll keep moving on then. new jersey 42 looking good here as well, headlights north bound near atlantic city expressway, frankford and girard in the looking so good. water main break on tuesday, road still closed between girard here, going toward thompson street. so it will be a little while before thinks reopen and bus services right here is a problem. routes five and 25 being detoured so again frankford avenue closed between girard and thompson, alternate is front street. also vine looking pretty good this morning except for this, a disabled vehicle off to the right which is blocking ramp to the schuylkill eastbound and then ben franklin bridge not that bad, in delays here, jim. >> thanks, patrick. in other news an 18 year-old is in a california
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jail facing serious charges accuse odd live streaming her own sister's death, during a car crash that she caused. sanchez is being held on $560,000 bail, the crash last friday killed sanchez 14 year-old sister and seriously injured a friend. investigators say sanchez was live streaming, including immediately after the deadly accident. sanchez may have trouble understanding the charges. >> do you understand the charges. >> a little bit. >> it reflect stupidity. >> it is unfortunately that so many people would rush to judge her. >> she faces jail time, and. >> and we all know dangers of drunk driving but researchers find speeding is a big factor in deadly crashes. now ntsb is calling for use of
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speed cameras increase safety. as chris van cleve explains in the all states are on board. >> we are up to, 60 miles an hour now, she's going 11 over. >> reporter: fairfax county police captain michael brennan has spent 24 years on patrol, speeders are a daily part of life. >> any reason you wering ago this fast. >> reporter: what is biggest challenge in trying to stop speeders. >> is there so many of them. it is matter of where do i go. >> reporter: ntsb identified hundred thousand deaths due to speeding between 2005 and 14 and that is nearly as many killed in alcohol involved crashes. >> every mile an hour you increase by you are increasing your likelihood of a crash. >> reporter: robert stonewall is acting ntsb chairman. >> this study showed if we can , improve way we set speed limits and enforce speed limits. >> reporter: safety board is calling for expanding use of speed cameras, and only 14 states in washington d.c. currently use them and only
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rarely on freeways where drivers go the fastest. another recommendation encourages installing point to point enforcement used in australia and uk where driver can be ticketed forgetting from point a to point b faster then time would it take by following the speed limit. >> traffic deaths have surged an estimated 13 percent over two years to around 40,000 people killed. ntsb says unintended consequence of breaking speed limit has been additional deaths. chris van cleve, cbs news, washington. >> it is alarming. >> wow. mysterious bug bite has doctors, dumb founded in arizona. >> i'm pretty dumbfounded too look at all this bruising, this is arm of thomas jay, this it what it looked like 10 days after what experts believe was a bite from some sort of insect. he was taking out trash when it happened. he did go to urgent care but his arm continued to get worse >> there is still excruciating pain in the arm and it moves from different places at
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different times. even though they might not be able to figure out what it was they might help other individual as they learn from in situation. >> how about this doctors say so far treatment has been tricky since they don't necessity for sure, what bit him. >> this is freaking me out because with the deer tics i think i got bit by mosquito or something and wasn't sure because it was in the back of my head. >> did you go to the emergency room. >> in, it went away but if i see a rash. >> i'm out of here. >> yes. >> up next in the healthwatch number of people putting smoking rises for first time in 15 years and officials say one thing is being credited for the spike. plus more beaches closed after high levels of bacteria are found in the water, find out where you can't go swimming coming
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welcome back looking ahead to the upcoming weekend it looks like it will be featuring wet weather, into the early hours of saturday
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but here's the thing, showers could linger rest of the saturday, possibility and maybe men to sunday, because one of the storms that might throw us a wild card so stick with us on it. it is definitely cooler then average, guys. all right, katie, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the mercury a pottstown man has been charged after allegedly having sexual conversations on line with two young girls. pennsylvania state police arrested 27 year-old omar sanity teeing owe, after investigation found that he had been communicating via facebook with the nine and 10 years old. santiago moones is accused of communicating with a trooper that he believed, was a young girl. and burlington county times a judge has barred owner of the puppy bar from ever selling pets. the business was closed permanently in february after the k-9 virus parvo was found there. at the time burlington county health department and spca visited the location and
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ordered that tests be performed, site contaminated and dogs quarantined. from the intelligencer 36 people from 29 countries took oath of allegiance during a natural ceremony yesterday, at pennsbury manor in falls. congratulations to our country 's new citizens. >> big, big, congratulations. that is a look at newspaper head lanes from around the delaware valley. it looks like more americans are quitting smoking >> rate of the people that quit has listen for first time in 15 years. >> researchers at university of california san diego found that the rate of people who stopped smoking rose to 5.6 in 2014, and 2015, and that is up from 4.5 percent from the previous year all adding up to 350,000 people who quit, and study suggest that e cigarettes have helped people kick the habit. whatever gets it done, right. >> exactly. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" a look at pros and cons of reverse mortgages. plus president trump announced he with ill ban transgender people from
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serving in the military as a decision prompted quick reaction from both side, trang do? a man is dead after a raging house fire in glenside, i'm trang do and i'll tell but difficult conditions fire fighters dealt with, pat. thanks, trang do. this is vine street expressway slow down here we have got trouble spots to get you caught up on this morning we will come right back here.
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stevfor south jersey.donell you don't believe him. because steve sweeney gets things done for himself, for the special interests who pay for his campaigns, and definitely for chris christie. but steve sweeney doesn't get things done for you. unless you count cutting education funding, raising the gas tax, and sending more of your tax dollars off to trenton instead of south jersey. if you're tired of typical politics, stop electing typical politicians like steve sweeney.
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i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute, july 27th, 2017. >> this is still a very active police investigation in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia. northeast detectives, do tell thus all started with a stolen car near strahl and the
6:31 am
boulevard. house fire in montgomery county quickly burns out of control and turns deadly. man killed in his house fire was 50 or 60's and neighbors say he lived alone in this house. >> according to this it is a hording condition and very difficult to traverse the property. tragedy at ohio state fair >> an amusement park ride turns deadly. and investigators are searching for clues. >> i heard a girl screaming help and looked over and it flies out. >> justin beiber making headlines overnight, video shows him run over a member of the paparazzi with his of course congratulations to team u.s.a. on their big win in the gold cup final. >> so happy we ended that on a positive note. we have tough news.
6:32 am
glad we can end on a positive note. we will talk about weather, katie, we will keep this trending with some positive news. >> yes. i can do that for part of the forecast. it also depends on how lou at things. glass half full or half empty. >> i like it half full. >> do you. >> yes, do i. >> yes. >> well, i think we will be filling autopsy lieutenant of rain buckets in the next couple of days, for now though things are quiet, i'll give you this much starting to feel steamy outside but we are promising some sunshine, throughout better part of the day we have some cloud that are rolling through and continue to do so. we will call it partly sunny throughout the day but with time that warm front lift nothing here and that will trigger a shower or thunderstorm but all scattered in nature. today is not that bad, but it will hit mid 80's, we are at 68. all and all ever so slightly below average with daytime
6:33 am
highs and it looks like a typical summer day. seventy-one is your current temperature in wilmington. at the shore we will end up in the lower 80's, mainly cloudy there but you too will get in on some sun. watch for a shower or storm there as well, water temperatures creeping up, 75 degrees, give or take depending which beach we will go to. we will hit 85 in the city with scattered showers or thunderstorms, now coming up, much heavier rain and much wider spread rain, is waiting in the wings. so we will let you know when that gets here later. >> i need a good weekend, katie. good morning. here's the vine we are cruising on the vine street expressway this morning just a couple minutes ago there was a disabled vehicle cleared out in front of the ramp to the schuylkill eastbound, that is gone, good news but this is still out there, disabled vehicle at boulevard southbound, right here near entrance to the schuylkill expressway, and it is causing some delays, causing major
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backups beyond this so this is a problem. give yourself a couple extra minutes using this roadway. i-95 south at girard we have got delays in this area as we do right around 6:34 in the morning. over to new jersey 42, building volume, not many delays in this area going toward 295 and philadelphia. it is looking okay, right over here in new jersey but mass transit, we are having some problems throughout the area, patco westbound we have got delays ac rail line has been suspended ape couple things to look at on septa warminster west trenton lansdale doyletown delays there as well , rahel. >> pat, thank you. governor jon kasich has ordered authorities to investigate a deadly incident at ohio state fair. malfunctions park ride killed one man and injured more than six people yesterday, it was opening day in columbus. ride called fireball appeared to have collided with something while swinging back and forth. it threw people 20 feet in the air at high speed. meanwhile similar ride at county fair in california has
6:35 am
also closed, officials at orange county fair say there was in sign of the problem with this ride but they decided to close it after deadly incident in ohio. well, devastating blaze turns deadly in montgomery county as home quickly also up in flames. >> trang do is live at the scene in glenside with more on the deadly fire, trang do, what are you learning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. fire officials are not yet identified man died in the fire but approximately in the 50's and 60's and neighbors say he was living alone in this home. you can see extent of the damage, where fire fighters had to cut a hole in order to get water inside. fire marshall says it was very difficult to fight because it was a hording situation and see how over grown yard is giving a hint to the inside but take a look at video of the scene overnight. neighbor called 911 to report a house fire on the 600 block of bar field avenue in
6:36 am
glenside. fire fighters from four co arrived to find heavy fire from the rear bedroom and through roof of the house. fire fighters then found the man lying on the living room floor. crews placed fire under control in a hour and a half and very challenging morning conditions. >> where there is hording conditions, it is tough to just negotiate if you are just walking through the house but with the gear that the fire fighters to have wear and air packs and dragging hose lines it makes it extremely difficult and it is already a dangerous thing but it makes it that much more dangerous for fire fighters. >> taking a live look again at this home on the 600 block of barfield avenue in glenside. investigators remain on the scene, sorting through is what left here, cause of the fire is still under investigation obviously and fire marshall says this will take sometime because volume of items inside this home. live, in glenside i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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in other news this morning two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after being involved in the crash ine mt. airy. chopper three was over the scene at stenton avenue in east upsall street after 11:00 . officers were responding to a call about a person with the gun when their suv collided with another car. officials say two officers and cruiser and driver in the other vehicle were taken to einstein medical center, all three of them have none in life threatening injuries. authorities in wilmington delaware recovered a body from the brandywine creek. crews pull the body from the water yesterday afternoon amid their search for missing swimmer. miguel devow was last seen going over the dam a few days ago after jumping in the creek at the state park on monday. authorities are working to confirm the identity of the body that was recovered, incident remains under investigation. seemingly abrupt move the trump administration is ban ning transgendered people
6:38 am
from serving in the u.s. military. president trum april announced ban in the series of tweets citing quote tremendous medical costs. his argument however drew criticism. 2016 study fun transgendered troops who may opt for gender reassignment procedures will add one tenth of 1 percent to overall military health care spending. >> we are here to serve our country just like anybody else and we are 100 percent mission ready and capable this was about military readiness, it is about unit cohesion and resources within the military. >> according to a rand corporation study there are between 2,507,000 transgendered service members on active duty, several thousand more are in the reserves, future of those members remain unclear. city of philadelphia office of lbgt affairs is blasting the ban in the statement office says the ban violates the civil rights of thousands of transgendered troops currently serving in the military. in philadelphia we will
6:39 am
continue to fight back to ensure people of trans experience, have every possible right and protection under the law. meantime san francisco shows its support for transgendered members of the military by lining up their city hall in pink and blue colors of the transgendered pride flag. switching gears here as real estate prices rise older americans may be tempt todd tap equity in their homes with a reverse mortgage but these loans which gained popularity through aging celebrity spokes people like robert wagner and others, well, they are complicated. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger explains it all live from new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> let's start with the basic question, you always see commercials but what exactly are reverse mortgages. >> so it is a home loan which allows homeowners who are 62 and older who have either entirely or mostly paid off their mortgage toss convert a portion of the equity of their
6:40 am
homes into cash. a couple caveats we have to make sure that home remains their primary residence and they have to pay real estate taxes and utility bills and insurance premiums. amount that you can access depends on the age of the youngest borrower, the current interest rate and at praised value of the home kind of like and regular mortgage, right? but most are offered through hud, they are guarantied by fh a. >> listen, jill, i have seen these commercials all the time and my head is ready to explode. they listen to these commercials that is for me but they don't understand these things. what are the pros and conns of the loans. >> i really wanted to do a segment on this because i got a couple calls from my radio show which said tom selleck sold me this loan. i said okay lets get back to business here. here's the pro, good parties it does help a retire e turn a news to a liquid asset.
6:41 am
that is helpful to also supplement retirement incomes and ate lust to you stay in your house, but, and here's a big but, like many financial products a reverse mortgage can be useful but those hud counselors they are not permitted nor are they qualified to give you, legal or financial advice and they don't operate under the fiduciary doody that means you are responsible for, determining if a reverse mortgages right for you or maybe if it might financially harm you over the long term. if you're considering a reverse mortgage you absolutely to have incorporate it into a comprehensive, financial plan, consult with an advisor who can determine fit is right for your circumstances, and for more on the pros and cons of reverse mortgages go to jill on money .com, sorry tom selleck but you should not be hawking these things. >> thank you. >> i'm telling you, they call the consumer line and over the years inn i'm like people
6:42 am
don't understand basic finances, adding this thing it is like trouble. >> absolutely. >> those hud counselors don't have a fiduciary duty to you because is there nothing worse then thinking someone is protecting you when they may not be. so you have to do your own due diligence. >> your best bet toys find yourself a certified financial planner, cfp who is a fiduciary who can make an analysis for you great advice. >> thanks, jill. this morning brandywine valley spca is opening animal shelter closed you may recall after a fatal crash this month >> look at these photos non- profit posted to the facebook. the efforts to rebuild lobby and animal clinic, 36 year-old ly tow a cooper was killed in the crash. fire erupted moments after one of the new rooms in the shelter will be named in hen her honor. angelina jolie reveals health scare and talks about a split from brad pitt. prison escape caught on camera, see more recorded by
6:43 am
inmates this cell as they make a break for it. plus this. we're probably going to need a big truck like last year. >> these giving girls have a special reason to collect these pile of toys, their surprise connection in this weeks story of brotherly
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and every where. >> i love scotch. >> i love scotch. scotch, here it goes down, down into my belly. >> yes, ron burgundy, professing his love for scotch it is not scotch day, celebrating the age whiskey distilled from barley. there are five categories of scotch, single malt, grain, blended malt, and blended grain and just scotch.
6:47 am
organizers say celebrate the day with some scotch, but remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. so. >> do i like ron burgundy but i'm not a scotch drinker. >> yes. >> so, what i want to say is a lot of people, we have this famous, you know, hot pepper. so anyway i was at a family function last week, and, best i ever had. i said what is in this. whiskey. >> really. >> so any now i have never been a whiskey lover. >> solomon family is happy over there. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. seriously. >> we will to have start doing tests on beverages to see rahel walking around. >> yes. >> i will say that i'm glad we played that clip because i didn't want to have to make you endure my own ron burgundy impression, it is not that good but i love that movie. lets look at eyewitness
6:48 am
weather watchers who have checked in with consistent temperatures as a whole. we will take you the to the western suburbs at 66 degrees at ed heaton's house. so welcome back the two program here. he does have just a lot of clouds, overhead, and take you further off to the side though into southern new jersey, at 67 degrees from jamie in dividing creek one of the very remote towns. she did have a comment that is just another cloudy day and calm before the storm, which we will get to. we will see nothing but spotty showers and storms but there is heavier rain on the way. sixty-nine in jason's house in middletown delaware. just cloud. he is a fan. he will take this any day. i have to say i'm with you on that. granted we have cloud but we will see some along the way too. eighty-five for a high. here's beginning of the storm this we were talking about ride ago long a warm front lifting true as we speak. once that gets here we will get soak. placement and timing on this could continue, to shift a
6:49 am
little bit but general thinking is that we will see bulk of the heaviest thunderstorms firing up through southern half of the del marva peninsula and points southwest of that. it doesn't look like philadelphia will bear brunt but we sit in the marginal risk for severe storms tomorrow and rain and storms will arrive second half of the day in the p.m. and overnight and very likely linger at lee through morning of the saturday, probably later and because this storm could get hung up, it might throw showers back to the shoreline sunday or monday as well. this is one to watch, it looks like it is trying to throw us a curve ball so stay tuned. >> beach day in is all i care about. >> you are trying hard. >> got to get my tan on. >> i>>ou know they make bronzer. >> yes, they do. good morning, here's frankford avenue at girard in fishtown outside johnny brenda s, there was a water main break. frankford avenue remains closed between girard and thompson. a couple of bus routes are being detoured because of that
6:50 am
, routes five and 25, so frankford avenue closed between girard and testimony son use front street. this is a look at schuylkill at montgomery eastbound slow go here as we go toward city of philadelphia but that is normal for 10 of 7:00. ninety-five southbound looking good in this area, in the too bad on i-95. >> take a look at this video three inmates broke out of the southern california jail recorded their escape. this newly released video shows men escaping through plumbing tunnels, trio gets to the roof of the jail, but it is still in clear how they got down from there. their escape prompted a week long manhunt and they were recaptured by police, cell phone video was taken by one of the inmates, but officials are not sure how they got the phone in the first place. angelina jolie is opening up but her divorce and recent health scare. actress has revealed she developed high blood pressure, and bells palsy. bells palsy, caused by nerve damage caused one side of the
6:51 am
stars face to droop last year. jolie told vanity fair that acupuncture helped her to make a full recovery from the parallel zest. star talks about how things are with pitt, she said they care for each other and for their family adding that they are working toward the same goal. >> but glad she recovered there. we have an update on the new jersey beaches closed or put on notice because of elevated bacteria levels in the ocean. some beaches are in atlantic county including atlantic city , somers point and ventnor they put warning signs on life guard stand and told people to stay out of the ocean, too much bacteria can cause stomach sickness and rashes, health officials say rain this week caused bacteria and pollution to run off and into the ocean. >> they just told to us get out of the water because it was dirty. i'm like that is nice. i can't believe i was in it. i'm like worried. let's get take a shower. >> probably good idea. >> evaluate water on a daily
6:52 am
basis and reopen when bacteria counts are back to normal levels. >> not a good thing. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us life from insuring with the preview , good morning, charlie >> good morning. we are in columbus with the latest details the ride malfunction that killed one person at the ohio state fair. plus we will talk to john dickerson about investigation into white house leaks and meet the man behind tsa's popular instagram account, and gained a following by showing what people tried to bring on planes. everything from a shrunk even voodoo head to throwing stars, all that plus the eye opener, your world, in 90 seconds. >> i usually carry my shrunk voodoo head in my carry on bag , it is safer that way. >> perfect place for it exactly. >> thanks, charlie. well, in today's story of brotherly love very generous girls. >> last summer we have introduced to you two girls whose lives were saved at chop as jessica dean shows they did
6:53 am
a big project, just like them. >> they were both patients at chop but they met when their moms who went to the same high school reconnected on facebook their chance meeting led to a non-profit that helps every chop patient play. ronwin hanson and sophia know what it is like to be a kid stuck in the hospital in, 2014 sophia had a dangerous bought with the flu. >> hade to get surgery and they put a tube in my back through my lungs. >> year laider, brownwin had brain surgery to repair a malformation in the blood vessels. >> it was tiring, and painful. >> reporter: what kept them going, toys. so-so fee a and brownwin started chop drop and donated hundreds of toys. >> it felt awesome. it felt so good to give back. >> this summer they are back at it and officially a non- profit. >> we turned the chop drop into brownwin and sophia chop
6:54 am
drop inc. we want to collect tons of toys, gift card, machine try donations. >> their sisters georgia hanson and charlie have been their biggest supporters. >> we decided that we wanted to help them. >> i'm hoping that the kid still have toys from last year and have even more fun with these. >> chop drop will be collecting until mid-august, they have organize through social media and as you can see the basement looks like a kids playroom dream. >> we have a bunch of games and like learning items, baby toys. >> i'm going to let chop have them because they did their donate them. >> they will drop them off this summer and another summer of giving. >> we're probably going to need a big truck like last year. >> big truck for a big gift. you can get in touch with chop drop through their facebook page and we have information on our web site at cbs philly .com/brotherly. jessica dean for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cute kid, good for them.
6:55 am
>> we will be right back. >> with three took.
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here's three to go. >> allentown married he had pawlowski is facing charges of bribery, fraud and other things he has denied wrongdoing. safety inspectors are trying to figure out what
6:59 am
caused a deadly ride accident at ohio state fair, one person was kill, seven others were hurt when the ride appeared to break apart. and philadelphia area running clubs are gathering at fairmount water work for pep rally with toy promote philadelphia marathon. >> that is three to go. last check of weather and traffic. >> very nice, we will see a couple isolated showers or storms toward afternoon and evening but for now things are off to a nice start, cloudy at the shore at margate beach patrol but you'll see mixture of sun and cloud for the majority of the day but pretty soaking rain through at lee saturday morning. >> we have two problems walt whitman bridge two lanes opened, going eastbound, slow go there and then 309 southbound a serious accident is blocking left lane right at station road. >> and cbs this morning is next. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 dark and early 4:30 a.m., have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, july 27th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a crowded ride at ohio fair breaks apart. one is dead, seven are hurt. investigators want to know how the ride passed multiple safety inspections. thousands of transgender military members wonder what's next after president trump's sweeping ban of their service. detail on what led to the sudden reversal of military policy. and north korea may carry out a new missile test today. we go inside cold war-era


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