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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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police are searching for this man, this morning, wanted for questioning in a shooting that left a man dead in, a normally quiet suburbs of philadelphia. we will hear from neighbors about what they saw when the gun shots rang out. rough weather, ruined the start of the weekend at jersey shore when flooding turns streets into rivers. but sunday is day for drying out, much clearer skies are ahead for sunny day to day today is sunday july 30th good morning everyone i'm jan carabao lets get over to meteorologist chelsea ingram with the eyewitness weather
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forecast, good sunday morning, chelsea, what a difference a day makes. >> that is so true, we are going to see plenty of sunshine. yesterday was not most beautiful start to the day but that will be changing, for today. things are looking much better for us. we will see temperatures very, very comfortable, they are going to be making it in the upper 70's and lower 80's out there, lets go to the mountains now temperature around 62 degrees in philadelphia. it is a cooler start. chillier. might need a light jacket heading out to take dog for a walk or morning jog. 59 degrees in wilmington. fifty-seven in millville. we are in the 60's down the shore in wildwood. 64 degrees. right around 57 in atlantic city. we have 59 degrees in trenton. in stone harbor 64. cape may right around 57. and 63 degrees currently in ocean city. we are cooler compared to just 24 hours ago and this shows thaw on the maps and 7 degrees cooler in philadelphia. eleven in wilmington. right around 11 in millville.
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full 14 degrees cooler at this hour in atlantic city compared to this time yesterday. see a clear scan on storm scan three, we are looking at abundance sunshine in the forecast throughout the day-to-day. by 7:00 a.m. look for a temperature of 67. seventy-three by 10:00. seventy-eight as we head in the noon hour. look at the sunshine we're going to be enjoying today. by 3:00 p.m. eighty-one. we will hit a high of 83 degrees. we will have your full forecast in a bit and let you know how long nice weather will stick around, jan, back to you. >> looks good, thank you. new this morning a man is hospitalized after being hit by a car in philadelphia. this happened early this morning near broad and lombard streets in center city. driver left the scene after the crash but the car was found a few blocks away, driver was arrested, the man who was hit was taken to the hospital, no word on his condition this morning. also this morning haverford township police released pictures of the man
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they want to talk to about a deadly shooting that happened yesterday evening. lets take a look at this officers are asking to you help identify this man, and the shooting happened on the 2300 block of haverford road in, delaware county, a man in his 20's was shot and killed around 6:00 o'clock last night neighbors heard two gunshots and people yelling. i kind of had one of those moments do you run toward or away. i have an eight month-old inside, so i went halfway. that is when, you know, i placed the call to 911. >> police have not yet made any arrests in the case and they have not found a weapon yet either, they are still trying to figure out what may have led up to the shooting. meantime one person in custody after a triple shooting in north philadelphia shooting happened near 1900 block of north 21st street right around 7:30. two of the people shot are 24 year-old men, they were both taken to the hospital and were in stable condition at last check, and we're still waiting
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to learn more about the third victim police have not said what may have led up to this shooting, officers were able to find a weapon as part of their investigation. a philadelphia man is dead this morning after being struck by lightening in florida. he's been identified as 35 year-old lemar rayfield, the man was on the shore in satellite beach, florida on friday afternoon, that is southe of orlando when he and another man were hit by lightening. a life guard there gave cpr to rayfield but he died at the hospital. other man was also taken to the hospital, he is now in stable condition. well, flood waters have receded after a day of flood ago long the jersey shore in a few shore resorts, streets looked more like rivers, ocean city was where the hardest hit areas was. neighbors say flooding began friday night on haven avenue there and other streets as well, but some people did not let the flooding ruin their weekend plans, you can see right there they paddled through while others decided to wait it out.
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>> we usually bring it to the beach but we thought it would be nice to travel down the streets of, ocean city, it is really gross. it is all coming up from the sewer system and i just see it as kind of a little bit disgusting. >> okay. >> definitely no fun. >> national weather service reports that the heaviest rainfall was in atlantic city, as shore dried out crew where is checking to see if the beaches there were able to hold the road begins the storm "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan went to ventnor to check it out for himself. >> reporter: windy but dry evening in ventnor just pleasant enough for people to venture outside after what felt like a monsoon passed through the shore. >> we were, stuck inside, most of the day, this is our first time getting out. >> reporter: while many people checked out big surf the storm left behind ventnor commissioner lance lanegraft who oversees public works department was checking out how beaches fair.
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>> minimal on our beach, dune system works here this storm wasn't long enough, to eat up the beach as much. if it stayed here two or three days we would have more erosion on our beach. >> reporter: at the beginning of the week heavy rainfall caused another beach problem, too much bacteria high bacteria counts forced atlantic city and all ventnor beach toes close on wednesday. experts say too many animal way and bacterial filled pollutants washed in the shore waterways because of the rain. could this storm cause the same bacteria problem? several local officials i spoke with don't believe it will be an issue. rough surf could move any bacteria filled water tout sea quickly and only a few days passed for waste to collect on land. >> my hope was that last rain on monday flushed out systems pretty well, pipes, bringing water to the ocean, so that we hope has flushed that bacteria out and we won't have that problem again. >> reporter: through the somerdale i bacteria testing is done on beaches all along the coastline. we could get more information
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if there is a bacteria issue by monday n ventnor i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime, the high winds and strong surf also ruined day at beach for vacationers up and down thee coast, red flag warnings were posted to keep people out of the water in mob mouth county, waves are between six and 7 feet and the rip current was high. flash flooding did damage near pittsburgh as well, fast moving water knocked down fences there, and carried away a cow and her two calves. neighbors use a lasso to catch the animals and pull them to safety. and heavy downpours sent water and mud cascade nothing neighborhood in north and west virginia. residents did not see this one coming. the governor haseclared a state of emergency. meantime in washington now president trump has been busy on twitter writing more than a dozen tweet criticizing congress, touting the surging stock market and calling out china brooks silva-braga has more on what thee.
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>> reporter: president trump took aim at china day after north korea tested a miss that will said could reach u.s. i'm very disappointed in china tweeted. our foolish past leaders after loud them to make hundreds of billions of dollars in trade but yet they do nothing with us for north korea just talk. we will no long's how this to continue. china could easily solve this problem. president also called on congress, to get health care reform another try, unless the republican senators are total quitters repeal and replace is not dead, he wrote. demand another vote before voting on any other bill. trump will soon push his agenda with the help of a new chief of staff. >> i think actually going a htia reset button is a good thing. >> reporter: reince priebus is out, home land security secretary general john kelly is in. >> priebus made rookie mistake after rookie mistake. >> reporter: author chris whip le has studied chief of staff and said priebus didn't oe house personnel or tell the
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president heart hard truths but did he have experience with congress on capitol hill. >> kelly doesn't really know the hill. in general, generals have not done well in this position. >> rte thelp kelly with the transition, white house also signalled that the president will sign a new package of russian sanctions congress passed this week. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and new this morning the u.s. is showing its support for south korea in ar soc bomber korean peninsula in the show of force after north korean missle test, this is video from the u.s. air force n a statement u.s. pacific air b1 be escort by south korean fighter jets and they performed a low pass over an air b korea before returning to qualm. earlier u.s. and south conde joint exercise they were fired in territory waters off south cr
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reace working with u.s. to installed a advanced missle defense system. fromare concerned about the north korea. >> our alliance, road iness and ability to fight together when called upon to achieve is achieved through combined training like today's activities. >> on friday north korea test fired its second interest continentaland off the coast of japan. still to come this morning right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", flames break out on the stage and 22,000 pplfrom a concert. coming up what may have started this bs afr a
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look at this incredible video, a big fire broke out on the stage at the tomorrow land music festival in barcelona, spain this happened last night , more than 22,000 people were forced to leave the festival, and crew there is were able to put the fire out and no one was hurt but you can see fire covered almost the entire stage, fire fighters say a fire works show , is to blame. well, a study last week involving more than 100 deceased nfl players show 99 percent of them have degenerative brain disease cte two days after the study was released a player for the baltimore ravens abruptly announced his retirement.
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nfl training has more. camps kicked off this week the player called smartest man in the league decided to hang up s baltimore ravens offensive lineman john hirsch he will tweeted i'm exited to start working on my doctorate in mathematics full-time at mit. >> so what we have here is we ha. didn't say exactly why he is retiring from football but decision comes two days after study found all but o of 111 brains of former nfl players showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy or ct e, disease linked to football players and athletes with repetitive brain damage. before he turned pro he told cbs news he was aware of the potential health hazard. >> i would be lying if i said this isn't something i never thought about because this is something to consider, but really love the sport i'm playing, and i'm adult, and.
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>> over the pass, and other players and is worth the risk. former san francisco 49ers, chris booland. >> i didn't want to go down for a route where for years i could do something harmful to to my health. >> reporter: this is the university of sports and society program. >> nfl is taking steps time prove safety of its players, is it doing enough. >> the nfl is taking steps to safe guard the health of its players but the multi billion dollar question is how do you get around that this is a collision sport, and hits to the head are a natural part of the game. >> reporter: in an e-mail to cbs news, nfl said we respect any players decision on when to retire, our number one priority is the health and safety of our players. the nfl called findings in this weeks study important and told cbs news it is raise ago wearness about concussions, but it added there are still many unanswered questions about the long term effects of
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head trauma roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. head up to early morning drivers now ben franklin bridge will be close to go traffic at 6:30 this morning, the closure will clear the way for thousands of bikers making their way to atlantic city. this ace live look from ben franklin bridge, 25 hub bicyclist are riding in the 30th annual tour of the shore, fundraiser for families of the fallen first responders and local children's charities, the ride begins at irish pub at 20th and walnut, bridge will be closed to traffic from 6:30 to 8:00 o'clock this morning. chelsea, thank goodness this race or ride wasn't held yesterday because today will be great. >> much better weather. it will feel on the cooler side to start the day out so that would be really comfortable for bikers and then we're talking sunshine, full sunshine all throughout the day-to-day. really nice day on tap. we will go live, right now, this is boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, and, it is looking
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gorgeous, with that sunrise, and you will notice though, as you can see the people far off in the distance, they are wearing long sleeves, and that is a couple people walking around with hoodies on in the boardwalk. it is cool but things will be warming up very quickly as we head in the afternoon. here's a live look at storm scan three, notice philadelphia, there is not a whole lot going on. we have a clear skies across the region abe delaware valley we will have tons of sunshine a bound and sunshine all the way through the afternoon and really some fantastic weather on the way for us. temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's across the delaware valley, 58 degrees in millville. we are in the lower 60's down the shore in wildwood. right around 57 degrees in atlantic city. fifty-six in pemberton and cherry hill. we're checking in with temperatures in the 50's. in the city 62 degrees at this hour. sixty in palmyra. we have 59 in trenton. 57 degrees in mount holly. and then up near, the poconos,
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allentown, temperatures in the 50's, 51 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-five in allentown and quakertown. it is 59 degrees. our wind direction is coming more out of the north so that is helping to pull in cooler air for us, and also some dryer air, so we will not be as breezy as we were yesterday , especially in the city, we will be on the breezy side down the shore but bad wind is going to pull in that dry air for us. look at these dew points in the 40's and 50's across the map. remember, dew points tell you how comfortable it will be feeling throughout the day. and yes, dew point upper 40's, lower 50's it feels spectacular out there and dew points are going to feel great with this dry air that we have in place, and it is brown, beige color on the water vapor map. a nice dip in the jet stream, and cooler air, very comfortable weather for us, not just today but for the next several days. and, this area of high pressure building in. tons of sunshine, as we head in the afternoon, we will see mostly clear skies, moving in
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the overnight hours tonight. here's the theme, more sunshine monday, monday night mostly clear skies, as well and as we head into tuesday we're also talking about nice weather heading our way. it will turn warmer. if you are by the pool side today 83 degrees. high mostly sunny and nice. uv index high, latter up on the sun screen. you have to dot same thing down the shore as well. also swim on guarded beaches because we will have high risk of rip currents throughout the day-to-day. on the sand temperatures anywhere from the upper 70's to lower 80's. winds from the northe at 15 to 20 miles an hour. so, i told you a little bit more breezy down the shore. mostly sun which that low humidity today. 83 degrees. wind out of the north at five to 10. it will feel so, wonderful out there, by the afternoon. mostly clear, school tonight, and 66 degrees for that overnight low temperature, so just slightly warmer then what we dealt with this past night and this morning but still a cool night ahead. 87 degrees on monday with low humidity, sunshine, warmer on
6:20 am
tuesday. ninety-one on wednesday. eighty-nine on thursday. as we head in the end of the week, jan and weekend, we are dealing with showers and thunderstorms returning to the forecast. >> what a nice few days, thanks, chelsea. if you feel crowded, cramped when you board a commercial jet you are not alone. a judge is getting involved looking to give back some leg room. victory for flyers, rights and advocacy groups that has pushed for the rules regulating seat sizes. after the group's petition to the faa was turned down in 2015, it went to the court. advocates argued small airline seats can put passenger health at risk for conditions like blood clots and other problems police department in austin texas told everyone of the 400 ford explorer suv's off the road. there are growing concerns not only in austin that exhaust leaking in the vehicles is making people sick. chris van cleve is following the latest developments. >> reporter: sit irv austin
6:21 am
decided to park its fleet of explorers after two more police officers were found with carbon monoxide in their blood bringing the number to 20. >> this is my family. >> reporter: interim police chief brian manly. >> i stand here confident that we are making right decision based on what we know with the carbon monoxide exposure issue we have had and impact it has haddon our work force. >> reporter: just hours earlier federal regulators expanded their investigation into reports of the exhaust, leak go into the passenger cabin of some ford explorers, and estimated 1.3 million of the vehicles, model years 2011 through 2017 could be affected investigators found police cruisers with cracked exhaust manifolds and said testing suggest co levels may be elevated. it is not just police, they announced more than 2700 complaints, many from civilian s leading to reports of at least 41 injuries and three crashes. >> it is incredible. >> reporter: regulators have known about many of the complaints for nearly a year
6:22 am
but didn't release numbers until now. despite that growing list of reports, investigators say that he still cannot find solid evidence that the injuries or accidents were cause by carbon monoxide leaks which doesn't sit well with the captain who says one of his officers passed out behind the wheel and passed out in the ditch. >> when he he he was treated and we had her levels came out , nearly lethal. >> reporter: chris van cleve, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it goes ton say that the national highway traffic safety administration would not agree to an interview on saturday, and neither would ford. the auto maker says it has not found elevated of carbon monoxide in regular explorers, and says it will cover the cost of specific repairs to the police intercept or version of the explorer. well, still ahead next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, a scam is targeting real estate agents and their clients, coming up how hackers are praying on new
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book on "eyewitness news" an alarming new scam is targeting real estate agents. as julie watts explains, hackers are using a realtor's e-mail account to get money from clients. >> like most realtors cristina , e-mails clients all day long. but last year unknown to her criminals hacked her g mail account, monitored correspondence between her and her clients and waited for perfect time to strike.
6:26 am
>> their down payment to go in escrow. >> reporter: using cristina's e-mail act hackers sent a message telling them to wire hundreds of thousands of dollars to an account. >> crazy. i'm being watched and knowing that they have been waiting all along with the e-mails. >> reporter: she's not alone. >> she was crush. this was her life saving. >> reporter: lawyer matt is suing a different company on behalf of his client who loss half million-dollar to a similar fraudulent e-mail from her realtor's account. national association of realtors along with the fbi are issuing warnings about sophisticated e-mail scams targeting the real estate industry. >> nationwide phenomenon unfortunately. >> reporter: matt fuller of the san francisco association of realtors warns realtors aren't only won being hacked. >> agent e-mail, sometimes, title company, a lender, it could somebody one else transaction coordinator.
6:27 am
>> reporter: the hacker's goal , he says i am person nate someone involved in the real estate transaction by sending their e-mails from their account instructing buyers to wire money. usually just about the time the buyer is expect to go make the payment. >> bev been watching us all along and waiting all along with correspondence. >> reporter: lucky for cristina's client they requested the fake e-mail, amount was off just a bit. >> i said how did you come up with this amount. >> reporter: realtors are now hoping that warnings about wire fraud don't get who among real estate paperwork and e-mail overload. now the fbi and realtor's association stressed anyone in the housing market should verify instruction that is they received via e-mail, also either on the phone or in person, and never wire money unless they are certain that the instructions came from a reliable source. in san francisco, i'm julie watts. do not be afraid to ask some questions, good advice there. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning local car owners and
6:28 am
car enthusiast get ready to ref your engines we are live to tell you where a big street festival is happening today. we also have this. oh, no. see, i told you. hi, i'm pat gallen at kennett square country club and i'm learning from these guys the junior golf program, say hi, guys. we will learn finer points of golf when we come right back. i will learn how to
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good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. we are starting a very nice stretch of weather here in the delaware veil. here's meteorologist chelsea ingram in the eyewitness weather center in front of the green scene, chelsea a lovely day ahead. >> good morning everyone yes, indeed, nice weather today. it is a cool start with temperatures in the 50's and 60's a across the region. fifty-five in allentown. fifty-two in fill a we are in the 50's down the shore in atlantic city. fifty-seven. sixty's in wildwood right around 64 degrees. definitely a different story compared to just 24 hours ago, we are much cooler then this time yesterday morning, and 7 degrees cooler in philadelphia, is 11 degrees cooler in millville, 11 in wilmington. 10 degrees cooler in dover. dew points are down as well,
6:32 am
this is going to be the reason why it feels so comfortable outside today. we will see dew points in the 40's and lower 50's throughout the day, right now we're checking with a dew point of 50 degrees in philadelphia here's what you can expect as we head throughout the day-to-day, 69 degrees by 9:00 , might prefer a light jacket if you have to step outside earlier i during the day. definitely get outside heading in the afternoon. 78 degrees by noon hour with plenty of sunshine. as we head in the afternoon you can look for high temperatures in the lower 80's that low humidity, jan, will make it feel so fantastic throughout the entire day. i'll let you know how long this nice stretch of weather sticks around in your full forecast, coming up. >> it looks great, thanks, chelsea. police in delaware county are trying to identify a man seen in some surveillance pictures. they want to talk to him about a deadly shooting that happened yesterday evening. so take a look they want your help to figure out who he is, this shooting happened on the 2300 block of haverford road in delaware county.
6:33 am
a man in his 20's was shot and killed right around 6:00 o'clock last night. officers have not made in a rests, just yet but they are trying to figure out what may have led up to the shooting. police say a man was stabbed inside of a home less shelter in philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood, this happened inside of the sunday breakfast mission, on the 300 block of 13th street, just after 9:30 saturday morning. police took one person into custody, authorities also say that detectives recovered a weapon there so far there is no word on what led up to this stabbing. a camden family is heart broken and devastated this morning, a four year-old little girl is dead after a house fire we told but yesterday morning. that little girl was four year-old williams, when the fire broke out in the 1200 block of morton street friday night she never made it out. williams uncle and wife tried to save her and four other children who were inside of that home at the time of the fire. >> they were in the back room
6:34 am
asleep, we brought them to the middle room and dropped them down. just trying to take it all in, it doesn't seem real right now >> neighbors helped catch three girls and one boy from below. fire began in the living room and spread quickly. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fire displaced four families in all but red cross is assisting right now. authorities say that the owners of the three malnourished horses in perkasie bucks county are facing animal cruelty charges. this is one of the horses, bucks county spca removed from a property on the 600 block of sweet briar row friday morning charges are pend ago begins billy penna and michelle hawkins pena. bucks county spca is asking for contributions to help cover food, medical expenses, for those horses. well, ben franklin bridge closed to traffic just moments ago, closure will clear the way for 2500 bicyclists riding all the way to atlantic city.
6:35 am
take a look at this, a live look from the bridge on a beautiful sunday morning, the bicyclists are taking part in the 30th annual irish pub tour of the shore, the ride is a fundraiser for families of fallen first responders, by sickle list will start their ride at 20th and walnut at 7:00 a.m., the bridge, will be closed until 8:00 this morning a nice morning for a ride. more than 100 cars, will be on display to check out today, good day for this too, the 12th annual east passyunk car show festival is taking place. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live, this morning , anita, what will guests to have experience there, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, jan, it is a great day to be out here for this car show, and as you mentioned yes, guests will be able to experience more than 140 muscle and antique vintage classic cars, so much fun going on this morning. actual event kicks off at
6:36 am
11:00 but we have a sneak preview. i'm here with pam, executive director of business improvement district here. pam, thanks for always waking up early with us. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: what can you expect. >> well, you didn't wake me up because i had to get here just to get started. as anita said we will have cars, cars, cars, motorcycles, trucks, we have it all. we are standing in the kid zone, transformed in a few hours, right here we're standing on the spot, well, actually cameraman is standing on the spot where there will be a dj for children. over here will be not a moon bounce a castle bounce i'm in the sure of the difference but it is fun and kid will love it over there we will have arts and craft for children and we will have, coloring, and what are the coloring pages? all about cars. cars, cars, trucks. it will be fun for the children in this area so bring kid down here we will have tables, chairs for them to do their artwork at and way at the other end of the avenue, in between all these cars we like to have other things.
6:37 am
here's kids zone. other end are the 1500 block our famous singing fun tane which i know you have been to, that will be the area for bang , boom, craft, it is a craft show all around there will be crafts and some cars. so that would be fun too. in each location up and down the the avenue in different locations we will have music. so cars, music, kids, crafts, we're having it all here today and food. >> of course. >> reporter: of course, good food. thanks very much, pam. we are excited to be here this morning. if you would like to be here you can start coming down at 11:00 this morning, the event end at 4:00. it is free for everyone and if you want to buy food along the way that is all pay as you go, for now live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looks like fun, thanks, anita. still to come on "eyewitness news" fighting fires is dangerous work, now is there an added risk, one
6:38 am
that can cause cancer, how the furniture, in your home, could be harmful to a fire fighter's health. i'm pat gallen getting some help from my friends. we will take part in the junior golf program because i'm a kid, i'm a junior, learn more when we come back. and what a difference a day makes, right? chelsea ingram back with the big improvement in our weather , the forecast is up
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6:41 am
back on "eyewitness news" and in the healthwatch fire fighters have an increased cancer risk mainly from breathing toxic air from burning buildings. experts say that part of the problem is modern materials, health reporter stephanie stahl has details on where this threat is hiding. >> reporter: abington township fire department out overnight battling a house fire in glenside, even with all of the protective equipment, fire fighters face an increased risk of cancer, accord together stud from it national cancer institute in 2015, that covered 30,000 fire fighters from philadelphia, chicago, and san francisco. here's part of the problem: modern rooms and over stuffed couches, fire fighters demonstrate the issue with test fires in two rooms. one contains solid wood chairs and coverings made from natural fibers. next to it a more modern room with over stuffed furniture,
6:42 am
computer chairs and luminant desk. first room with the natural fibers. chairs catch fire and heavy smoke seeps from the room. >> it is mainly containing itself to more area or room. >> reporter: at its hottest temperature reaches 1,000 degrees, but the fire out 30 minutes later, toxins carbon monoxide is detect. with the modern room set on fire flames quickly spread devouring the couch. >> see how that fire is coming across the top of the couch. >> reporter: this fire produces distinctive fumes. >> it will smell like trash or plastic burning. >> reporter: within seven minutes roomies engulfed reaching temperatures as high as 3500 degrees. test for toxins show carbon monoxide levels almost double what was in the other room and also, hydrogen cyanide a known carcinogen. >> we have learn the hard way, we're killing our fire fighters, and we are causing heart/lung issues, liver issues all because we ingest, inhale and absorb into our
6:43 am
bodies. >> reporter: cdc also found that fire fight hours were exposed to more fires then their peers had more instances of lung cancer and leukemia i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in other news this morning the colon zoo in germany is high lysing importance of water preservation. check this video out zoo keepers attached cam yacht to the bottom of the funnel and filled witt water. you can see all sorts of the animals, coming to have a drink from bison to geese to lions. the idea is to show how important water toys all kind of life not just to people. very cool video. chelsea, we have our fair share of water yesterday to day we will dry out. >> that is exactly right, tons of sunshine, in fact, jan, this is a forecast everybody can smile about, fantastic weather heading our way, this afternoon, and for the next couple of days, actually. here's a live look at storm scan 3a clear scan, we have wall to wall sunshine out there from the poconos, to the
6:44 am
shore, as things are feeling so good. on the cool side to start ought the day with temperatures in the 250's, it is 58 degrees in cherry hill. fifty-eight in millville. lower 60's down the shore in wildwood. we have 55 degrees in toms river. fifty-seven in atlantic city. fifty-six in pemberton. 59 degrees right now in newark in the city, temperatures in the lower 60's in philadelphia , 62 degrees, we have 60 in palmyra, 59 in trenton. 57 degrees in mount holly. we will look up to the north and west in allentown where we have 55, and 51 degrees in mount pocono at this hour. so cooler air is all thanks to the wind direction coming more out of the north, and this wind direction is also pulling in, that lower humidity, for us and those lower dew points, dew points right now are checking in the 40's and 50's, cross the delaware valley. so 46 in mount pocono. fifty in philadelphia. 54 degrees, in millville, so with these dew points in the
6:45 am
lower 50's that just makes things feel very comfortable out there and it will feel awesome as we head into the afternoon. now by monday dew points creep up just a little bit but still feeling very pleasant and even by tuesday, not too bad, thone he we will see dew points on the rise. it is not until wednesday when we will note that is humidity a whole lot more and perhaps feeling a little bit more on the steamy side of things, out there high pressure continues to push in, from our west, and , it is going to bring as you bound ant sunshine as we head in the afternoon, mostly clear skies, on sunday night, and then into monday morning, starting out the day with plenty of sunshine once again that is the theme, sunshine for next few days, i need something to smile b so beautiful monday afternoon on tap, and then even tuesday is looking fantastic as well, and our next chance for rain isn't arriving until end of the week and weekend. 83 degrees at the park today on the playground abundant sunshine low humidity, great day to spend as much time as possible, outside. mostly sunny skies, down the
6:46 am
shore, on the sand temperatures from 77 to 81 degrees. we will have a high risk of rip currents so swim on those guarded beaches. here's what you can expect in the citied for today 83, mostly sunny, low humidity, wind from the north at five to 10. in the overnight hours mostly clear another cool night, 66 for that overnight low temperature. you're witness weather seven day forecast 87 degrees starting out the workweek with low humidity. sunshine and warmer on tuesday storms return to the forecast, jan as we head in the workweek and weekend. >> i will enjoy next few days, chelsea. >> sound good, thank you. 6:46. time to check the road. lets go over to amanda muhler in the cbs traffic center, hi there, a manned. we have two big things to watch out for this morning, first for drivers on the schuylkill construction we have seen in the past few weekend is back. we are looking at 76 eastbound approaching gladwynn where the left lane is closed for construction project. it is still early. but expect that to change as
6:47 am
volume, picks up. secondly we are taking a live look at ben franklin bridge, that is now close forward this morning's tour of the shore, that will stay closed until 8:00 to allow for those bike tours get over the bridge. we will keep an eye on it to keep you up to date, we may even catch some of those bikers on their way to atlantic city. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. well, cb3's summer if he puts a spotlight on kennett square last week and our very own pat gallen hit the greens at kennett square golf and country club to show us next generation of the great golf eringers. >> reporter: here at kennett square country club kid between age seven and 17 in the junior golf program are learning finer point of golf including the rules. >> we have generally eight to 100 kid coming every year. rules test makes them understand rules of the game. they understand what to do, in certain situations. >> a lot will happen.
6:48 am
>> reporter: between 20 and 30 parent volunteers are on hand to make sure that the kid are progressing. >> kid should just learn basics just like anything when you are starting, simple etiquette of not walking in front of somebody. you know, the safety parts of it. >> i can help them with the basics. aiming, thousand avoid the water, help them out of the sand. just keep encouraging them to try their best and they will get better stroke after stroke after stroke. >> that is what moms are for, keep you in line but also encourage. >> we try. >> reporter: kid range from one hole to 18 hole based on their skill level but they don't care how many holes they are playing, they are just having a good time. >> yeah. >> i just started this year. >> reporter: do you like it. >> yes. >> reporter: have you always wanted to learn. >> yes. >> reporter: four years do you feel like you can combo on the professional tour. >> maybe. >> reporter: maybe right away, right. >> no. >> reporter: maybe a little while. >> yeah. >> reporter: for some a family affair. who are you here with.
6:49 am
>> just with my dad. >> reporter: so you guys are brothers who is better golfer here. >> probably me. >> reporter: is that right. >> no, it is me. >> reporter: a little smack talk early in the morning. they let me get out on the course for them to show me what they have learned. >> how many practice swings do you take, two? always keep your head down. okay. here goes nothing. my god you are the best coaches ever. there were some good swings. some learning moments. and some great shots. >> yeah, a little bit right. that was you guys. you are like my pros here. i love it. pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sports is next here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, plus, hospitals all across chicago are seeing a surge in births why baseball may be the reason behind the baby
6:50 am
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the risk of serious side effects. for a limited time, you can qualify for two treatments at no cost. stand up to chronic migraine. talk to a headache specialist today. we will get a first up close lot 2017 eagles when they hold a open practice this morning at the link. yesterday eagles owner jeffery laurie watching alongside head coach doug pederson at novacare complex. laurie got to see the team in pad for first time in camas he saw carson wentz light up practice field. eagles owe even if shined against defense, and frank rei ch liked what he saw. >> today was a very good day for the whole owe even if. we had a few snafu is here and there but it was a good day.
6:53 am
i thought in the pasting game we really executed well, probably, you know, only one practice i'm not getting too excite budd that is as well as we have executed in the past since i have been here. >> we have done great. we as a receiver did a great job, our line did a great job protecting and we had some good runs as well. >> phillies continue their series with the braves this afternoon at the bank. vince velasquez on the mound for fightins last night phillies had late inning magic begins atlanta. fourth inning phillies down two to nothing, odubel herrera with the base hit up the middle, aaron altherr scores and phillies trail by a one. phillies down three-one, aaron altherr singles and sees an hernandez scores from third and phillies cut the lead to one, bottom of the ninth, odubel comes up clutch, just all over this first pitch sending it over the wall in right his second of the night as we are's tied. bottom of the 11th, bases loaded for todd kelly line
6:54 am
drive-in left field, tommy joseph scores and the phillies win their third straight, four -three the final. well, road has not been kind to the union just one win from chester, and last night they went for their second win against new england. thirty-eighth minute union set to clear ball and new england making them pay. camera jumps up and gets his complete on the ball in the met. first of his two goals of the match. the red blank union 3nil. to arena football soul on the road facing baltimore only team to beat them this season. dan raudabaugh connect was ryan mcdaniel makes the catch in traffic. soul get their revenge beating brigade 70-21. just one regular season game left for the soul who the bows record in the league at 12-one now to golf on the european tour third round of the porsche opening in germany par three, 17. the t shot goes straight in the cup for hole in one and for the ace, he wins a porsche
6:55 am
that porsche is worth $150,000 and he will drive home in style. and congratulations to the upper providence, 12 and under little league team they won state championship beating north allegheny 18-five and advance to the mid-atlantic finals in bristol connecticut. congratulations. good luck in the regionals e-mails all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. nearly nine months after the cubs clinched world series some of the teams biggest fans have a new reason to celebrate hospitals in chicago are recording a surge in the number of births, adrian a diaz shows us where it is the chicago world series of babies all born about nine months after the team's historic world series win. >> you do the math. >> reason we got pregnant was cubs. >> reporter: natalie and joe welcomed their baby boy addison last week named for the street outside wrigley
6:56 am
field. >> literally found out the day after the cubs won the world series we were pregnant. we had two things to celebrate >> reporter: these babies were born at the medical center in illinois less than a mile from the baseball team's legendary home. cubs mascot clark, visited the new born, with the commissioner's trophy, and the world series ring. >> it is his first cubs jersey >> no. >> he is a cubs baby. >> okay. >> baby was born monday, and rita arrived on tuesday and theo named after cubs executive theo epstein came into dave and erin's world over a week ago. when do we think theo was conceived. >> i don't know the scientific proof but we're pretty convinced. >> yes. >> just the right amount of champagne and the cubs win. >> ob-gyn doctor medical lays dennis says deliveries doubled around when babies conceived around world series would have
6:57 am
come to term. >> it was all hands on deck. it was a very busy time. babies tend to come either all at won or, you know, the worst time. >> we cannot know for sure if the cubs brought on this babe boom for these new parents at least, the timing is a home run. adrian a diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, cute. well, keeping on the topic of babies now, a 40 day old tiger cub made its public debut at a safari park in china take a look at this, this is only the second of its kind to be born there since 2015. south china tigers are actually rarer then giant pandas, the tigers, extinct in the wild and only 130 left in captivity, breeders are keeping a close eye on this little cutie, oh, my goodness, it is just too much. feeding the animal and trying to imitate the mother's movements. that video did not disappoint i have been waiting an hour to see it.
6:58 am
thanks for producer amy for knowing what i like to see in the morning. oh, my goodness. news and weather after the break.
6:59 am
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