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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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anthony mason, see you later. >> mason: killing the messenger. anthony scaramucci is removed as white house communications director as general john kelly takes over as chief of staff. but the president says no chaos here. >> general kelly i think will bring new structure to the white house and discipline and strength. >> mason: also tonight, the president slaps sanctions on venezuela after an election the u.s. calls a power grab by a dictator. >> they're still in the streets. they're still screaming for what they want, and that's freedom and liberty. >> mason: the medal of honor for a hero who repeatedly risked his life to save a comrade. >> did somebody tell you to go get him? >> no, sir. i saw him go down, and i jumped
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up and went and got him. that's my job. >> mason: and forgiveness for a much vilified chicago cubs' fan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> mason: good evening. i'm anthony mason. general john kelly reported for duty today as new white house chief of staff and left no doubt that he is in command. his first order of bids, giving anthony scaramucci his discharge papers just ten days after he was named communications director and just three days after scaramucci won a power struggle with reince priebus, forcing his ouster as chief of staff. so far in the trump presidency, there have been nearly half as many firings at the white house as in an average season of "the apprentice." here's chip reid. >> i love the president. i love the team. i'm a super optimistic guy. >> reporter: that was anthony scaramucci ten days ago, his first day on the job as white house communications director.
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five days later his tone had changed dramatically. in a profanity-laced interview with "the new yorker," he attacked then-chief of staff reince priebus, using a vulgar word to call him a paranoid schizophrenic. those comments have now come back to haunt him. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. >> look, the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> reporter: today scaramucci was fired by the president at the urging of new chief of staff john kelly, a four-star marine corps general who was brought in to instill discipline to a white house suffering from months of chaos and internal warfare. on twitter this morning the president insisted there was "no white house chaos," but scaramucci becomes the seventh senior white house official to be ousted. >> our president, our commander-in-chief, donald trump. >> reporter: kelly, who served as secretary of homeland security, is a favorite of the president and was effusively
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praised by him in a cabinet meeting today. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> reporter: up to this point there have within -- been at least three competing power centers at the white house, one led by priebus, another by chief strategist steve bannon, and a third that included the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, and his wife, ivanka trump. all reported independently to the president. it's a management style mr. trump has used for decades and long-time aides have insisted he will never change. but at least for now the plan so to try a military-style change of command to bring structure and discipline to a white house that previously had neither. >> general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house, and all staff will report to him. >> reporter: scaramucci was in the oval office this morning for general kelly's swearing in, and late today president trump tweeted, "great day at the white
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house." anthony? >> mason: chip reid at the white house. thank you, chip. the president is urging senate republicans not to give up on repealing and replacing obamacare after their failure last week. many americans who depend on the affordable care act are worried about what happens in the meantime. here's chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> let obamacare implode. >> reporter: president trump went this weekend from saying obamacare should fail to saying he might give it a shove. if a new healthcare bill is not approved quickly, he wrote, bailout for insurance companies will end very soon. he appeared to be referring to a major obamacare provision, allocating federal funds to insurers in order to bring down premiums for lower-income relief, like miami's julie mansfield. >> i have a rare autoimmune disease that attacks my eyes. without the medication and access to quality doctors, i would literally go blind, so
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it's the difference between sight and darkness. >> reporter: about six million americans on the individual market ben it from from the cost-sharing funds issued to insurers. >> it's really not any kind of bailout for insurers. it's just paying them for services that they're required by law to provide. >> reporter: larry levitt is with kaiser family foundation, which determines that insurers would need to hike their average premiums an additional 19% next year to compensate for that lost funding. >> i think insurers will be looking really closely for signs as to whether the administration may continue to undermine the insurance market new york which case they may just grab their marbles and leave. >> reporter: already nearly 20% of enrolllies live in areas with only one provider, up from just 2% in 2016. the president made similar threats earlier this year, only to pull back. >> i think that's incredibly irresponsible, and it's playing politics with people's lives and livelihoods. >> reporter: top aides won't say whether he's serious this
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time. >> he's going to make that decision this week, and that's a decision that only he can make. >> reporter: this is not an abstract debate. insurance companies have just a few more weeks to finalize their coverage plans and their rates for 2018. if the president does yank that $7 billion, they will have to move quickly to raise rates, pull out, or, anthony, sue the administration. >> mason: nancy cordes. thank you, nancy. tropical storm emily made landfall today on the gulf coast of florida south of tampa bay. it was quickly downgraded to a tropical depression as winds dropped from 45mph to 35mph. emily proved eastward across the state, bringing heavy rain and knocking out power to about 18,000 homes and businesses. parts of colorado have also been drenched in recent days. in fremont county, a dry creek bed turn entered a raging river. a rescue team maneuvered a ladder truck so a firefighter could reach enter a stranded
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car. the driver and his dog were pulled to safety. it wasn't a storm but a power failure that forced tourists off two islands off north carolina's outer banks. repairs could last two weeks. demarco morgan is there. >> reporter: crews have been working around the clock to restore power after a major man-made blackout forced the evacuation of nearly 50,000 tourists from one of north carolina's most popular vacation spots. the state's governor, roy cooper, toured hatteras island today. >> time is money to people on the outer banks. >> reporter: these pictures showed one of the severed transmission cables after construction workers building a new bridge accidentally severed it. business owners like debra scalia along with roughly 6,000 residents left behind are now depending on generators. >> we cannot go without an income down here in our peak months. we live on tour im. >> reporter: tourists who were forced to leave are also concerned, and so is the governor. >> i hope that there is a way
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that people can be reimbursed, and i think that we should work hard to make sure people are made as whole as possible. >> reporter: the construction company has apologized for what happens, but the governor says someone should still be held accountable. anthony, the power should be fully restored to the affected areas within a week or two. >> reporter: demarco morgan on the outer banks. thanks, demarco. >> mason: during his cabinet meeting today, president trump told reporters, "we'll handle north korea." he didn't say how. late friday the north launched its most sophisticated ballistic missile, one capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. in a show of force, the u.s. sent two b-1 bombers over the korean peninsula yesterday. they were joined by japanese and south korean fighter jets. the trump administration slapped economic sanctions on venezuela's president today. treasury secretary steven
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mnuchin says nicholas maduro has become a dictator. manuel bojorquez is there. >> reporter: the clashes in caracas between protesters and police are looking more like all-out war. several officers were hurt in an explosion, and at least ten demonstrators were killed as they tried to disrupt the vote this weekend. >> this is not terrorism. >> reporter: a 22-year-old diana osuna, still decided to march, wearing only an equestrian helmet. >> you can see the people. it's really, really sad, but they're still in the streets. they're still screaming for what they want. that's freedom and liberty. >> reporter: neither has been much in evidence this election. there were no opposition parties listed on the ballot. instead president nicholas maduro wants a new assembly to rewrite the constitution. vends lands weren't asked to vote on the plans, only on who
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will be part of it. maduro's supporters said it was the only way to restore law and order. so you want peace fast, that's what you want? the crisis here is as much an economic one. the country went into a financial nosedive when oil prices fell, leading to skyrocketing inflation and shortages of food and medicine. >> the hierarchy of the dictatorship... >> reporter: lawmaker freddy guevara vows the opposition will go on. >> we have to go forward with the pressure. we have to go forward with international pressure. and we have to go and go and go like a river that goes to the ocean until the venezuelan people gets free. >> reporter: protesters vowed to keep taking to the streets, and more turmoil is likely ahead as the newly elected assembly could meet wednesday the start drafting the new constitution. anthony? >> mason: manuel bojorquez with the trouble in caracas. russia retaliated quickly after congress approved sanctions
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against moscow for meddling in the 2016 election. here's elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: president vladimir putin's main message: don't mess with russia. it came across loud and clear on the country's navy day with its fighting ships on parade and then again only hours later when he announced drastic cuts to america's diplomatic mission here. "we waited for quite some time for u.s.-russia relations to get better," he told the interviewer, "but realized it wasn't going to happen any time soon." so he decided 755 u.s. embassy personnel, about two-thirds of the total, would have to go. about 100 are american diplomats, who will return to the states, but the vast majority are russian support staff who will lose their jobs. putin's also ordered the u.s. barred from its storage facility
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in moscow and its beautiful country house in a leafy suburb. relations with the u.s. have grown worse ever since president trump was elected, something russia never expected. and today vice president mike pence on an official visit to neighboring estonia aimed some of the harshest criticism yet at the kremlin. >> at this very moment russia continues to seek to redraw international borders by force, undermine democracies of sovereign nations, and divide the free nations of europe one against another. >> reporter: in spite of all the aggressive rhetoric and the sanction, russia does want better relations with the united states, and it's still offering to cooperate on say the international fight against terrorism to try and turn things around. anthony? >> mason: liz palmer in moscow. thanks, liz. in phoenix today, a federal judge found former sheriff joe arpaio guilty of criminal contempt of court for refusing
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to stop traffic patrols that targeted immigrants. arpaio was sheriff of maricopa county for 24 years before being voted out in november. now 85, he could face six months in jail. a federal appeals court has ordered the f.a.a. to stop ignoring complaints about cramped conditions on planes. passenger rights group says the average seat which was 18.5 inches wide a decade ago is now just 17 inches. on friday the judges told the f.a.a. to study the issue and report back. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," a medal for a humble hero who says he was just doing his job. and a ring of redemption for a much-vilified baseball fan. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm.
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>> mason: president trump today awarding the nation's highest military honor to now-71-year-old james mccloughan. back in 1969, at the age of 23 and serving in vietnam, mccloughan repeatedly risked his live to save wounded comrades. he told his story to david martin. >> reporter: private first class james mccloughan after 48 hours in battle, holding an ak-47. >> the worst 48 hours of my life and i'm getting an award for it. >> reporter: 48 years later he's receiving the medal of honor from his actions at a place called nui yon hill. >> i knew we were in trouble, we were going to have system casualties. >> reporter: an all-an athlete in college, he was sent to the army as a medic. >> i held 18, 19, 20-year-old men in my arms and heard their last words and saw them take their last breaths.
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>> reporter: 13 americans lost their lives at nui yon hill, but mccloughan saved ten men. it began with a dash to a soldier who had just went down. >> i went to the cross fire, slid in next to him like i'm sliding into second base, and i said, "are you hit?" >> did somebody tell you to go get him? >> no, sir. i saw him go down and i jumped up and got him. that's my job. >> reporter: but you were running out into a crier. >> that's secondary. primary is getting him safely back into the perimeter. >> reporter: by the end of the first day, mccloughan was hit himself by shrapnel. his commander told him to get on a medivac helicopter with the rest of the wound. >> i said, "i'm not going." he said, "why not?" i looked him dead in the face and said, "you're going to need me." >> reporter: awarded the bronze star, he came home to south haven, michigan, a local hero, leading the memorial day parade each year, but he almost never talked about the battle. >> i told my father, who was also my best friend, and i told my uncle jack what had happened.
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and then i put it aside, done with. >> reporter: but the soldiers who had fought with him weren't done. they submitted affidavits describing mccloughan's actions trying to get that bronze star upgraded to a distinguished service cross. last year they reached the desk of then-defense secretary ashton carter. >> he said the distinguished service cross was not enough and he looked at the case and said it deserves the congressional medal of honor. >> reporter: 89 soldiers fought for nui yon hill. only 32 were still standing at the end. >> it's going to feel good that the 89 men that were sent into that slaughter are finally going to be recognized. >> reporter: mccloughan says he's just going to be the caretaker of the medal, which, of course, is exactly what he was for his fellow soldiers when they needed him most. david martin, cbs news, south
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haven, michigan. >> mason: our thanks to james mccloughan. when we come back, the views are stunning, but only for the brave. the ford summer sales event isshovel.l swing. mulch. brick pavers. fence posts. concrete. we're good. and wood for my castle. we got it. and a slide, and a drawbridge. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer on ford f150. get zero percent for sixty months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade in. that's the built ford tough f150 with zero percent for sixty months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade in. offer ends soon during the ford summer sales event.
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>> mason: the summer olympics are returning the los angeles under a deal worked out today, paris gets the games in 204, l.a. in 2028. unlike some host cities, los angeles won't have to build many new venues. it can reuse facilities from the last two times it hosted the games in 1932 and '84. some brand-new construction in the swiss alps offers breathtaking views. the world's longest suspension footbridge opened over the weekend, connecting two trails 278 feet above a ravine. the steel bridge is one-third of a mile long but less than 267 -- 26 inches wide. it is for hikers with no fear of heights, in other words, it's not for me.
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words were sam shepard's life. he wrote 44 plays and many short stories, often exploring the darker side of american life. he won the pulitzer prize for drama in 1979 for "buried child." shepard also acted on stage and screen. he was nominated for an oscar in 1983 for his portrayal of chuck yeager in "the right stuff." sam shepard died last week of complications from a.l.s. he was 73. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dean reynolds in chicago. >> it's a grand slam! >> reporter: it was back in 2003 and the stage was set. the cubs for five outs from a trip to the world series. it would have been their first since 1945. then this happened. though a clutch of fans went for the ball, the luckless steve bartman came closest and was blamed for interfering with cubs' outfielder moises alou, who appeared to feel rather strongly that he could have caught it. everyone in wrigley field agrees. bartman, a lifelong cubs supporter had to be supported from the game and amid threats against him went into hiding for his safety and sanity. the ball he bobbled was blown up, and then last year, what do you know, pigs flew and the cubs won the world series. now replacing the bartman ball is the bartman ring, a bit of
6:58 pm
jewelry valued at between $30,000 and $40,000. we're honored to present a 2016 world series championship ring to mr. steve bartman, the cubs announced today. the team said, "we hope this provides closure on an unfortunate chapter to which bartman responded that he does not consider himself worthy of such an honor but welcomed the start of an important healing and reconciliation process for all involved." whether he'll be attending a cubs game any time soon is unclear. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> mason: forgiveness is a powerful thing. that's the "cbs evening news." later tonight, foreign carmakers giving substies to create american jobs are hiring european workers. the premier of cbsn on assignment at 10:00, 9:00 central. i'm anthony mason. thanks for watching. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tonight, angelina jolie accused of taunting orphans. new backlash. now she is firing back. what she just told us as "e.t." investigates the beauty scam ripping off tvs a biggest starts and their fans. >> we're not going to stop until we find them. >> who is selling phony face creams to get your mown? >> i have nothing to do with this. nothing. >> plus -- >> shut the door! shut the door! >> plus halle berry's real life kidnap scare, and the exclusive dishing on dad life. >> which sounds great. >> j. lo reveals her nickname for a-rod. >> then -- how channing tatum freaked out his fans. [ screams ] now for july 31, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."


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