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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> [ machine gun shots ] get down. get down. >> the shots just kept coming [ sirens ]. >> there's people laying there. >> everybody started running and there was nowhere to run because you could not tell where it was coming from. >> we've spoken with several witness who's heard multiple gun shots. >> and everybody is hiding everywhere. >> and everyone is telling us run, run as fast as you can. >> pure terror from witnesses after gunfire rips through a country music festival in las vegas. there's more than 20 people killed and more than 100 injured. >> let's get to trang doe live in the cvs news center in
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this traj situation. that death toll went from two to 20 when the police gave the latest briefing. >> they just wrappedp a news conference. two injured are las vegas police officers and one in critical condition. officers did eventually kill that shooter according to police. authority have not released the man's name and say he's las vegas residents and fired hundreds of shot from 32 floor of mandalay bay hotel. this happened during a music festival. there were so many people there and videos on social media we want to warn you the video you're about to see may be disturbing to some viewers [ machine gun shots heard ]♪ ♪ ♪ >> you can hear the rapid fire shots throughout this two-minute video posted to twitter during a concert video
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you hear the shots stop and resume and the music stops and when people realize what they're hearing they try to get away. in another cheer to snap shop you can hear shots one woman at the concert shairtd her terrifying account. >> the shots kept going and we were going down and when we got down theres with a man shot right there. they were trying to he take him out. had was bloody and unconscious. one of my friends was helping him out and they got him out. we ran. and everybody is highing everywhere. they're hiding under bleachers and stands and anywhere they could and everybody is saying, run, run as fast as you can. >> it happened after 10 a.m. loov time while jason aldean
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was in the middle of his set at a country music festival. it was happening in the shadow of mandalay bay casino south end of strip. he he was firing from 32nd floor above the crowd of of the hotel. he was eventually killed there by police. >> we initially noticed liquid on the ground a red liquid we stumd was red wine. soon after that 30 seconds we saw people rushing through doors and running like in a big panic running for their lives cane of thing. we simd something was going on and we saw security guards you should stay in this area do not believe there's active shooter situation happening. >> though police sea the raet is over they're searching for a manor ram mate. they're looking for two cars.
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hyundai tucson and chrysler pacifica. still moving parts to this story. 20 dead and more than 100 hur hurt. stay with us for continuous updates throughout the mornin morning. >> trang, so many questions, motive is principle question as police continue their investigation out there. thaxing you for all that new coming up at 7:00, cbs this morning will have the latest out of las vegas. >> back at home a check on weather. >> katie fehlinger with a check of of the forecast. >> today, also looking like much of just a repeat of yesterday, really, really nice conditions high pressure remaining in control. through the mid weekend. we had a trust this far of anesthesia ept we're look going here. in the meantime the new hour
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brought about a new shoe of observations. have not budged much in flt. through go mount pocono. 'tis the season to see cool kndz in the morning an worm write of headed sweat thirty. >>. >> it wilder it become in sos soshia and the wind know in these locations out of north west. it is somewhat happen hazard and light and variable throughout the day everywhere else. as the day progressing you have nothing but sunshine. really, really nice conditions and 7 4 and at the time it's squut that time of traps tion you can get away with tee shirt and jeans or sweatshirt. >> thank you katie. let's look at roadways as we get you started 5:05 this morning we start with ben franklin bridge looking
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beautiful this morning. no traffic headed in our out of city of philadelphia good news there to start off if you get out the door. 95 south cot maybe avenue no delays. as you get towards 6:00 hour this starts to pick up of course on a monday morning. some construction to tell you about throughout the area. pa turnpike has a couple spots turnpike eastbound route 2 the and valley forge and turnpike westbound and as we move further east top turnpike headed to for the washington eastbound passed washington no delays on the turnpike yet. also in new jersey route 7 in mount laurel ram top fellowship road is closed. and it will be closed up until october 15. if you're in that area. if you utilize that road, just make note of that again closed until october 15. also, route 206 in princeton
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emergency energy reopen entered over the weekend between carter and ovz are working to see what caused an over nights house fire in mount holly. they said it was around 1:30 and flames broke out in the bedroom. one victim was type to the hospital for smokeen lallatio lallation. >> he goes to mun and has a fist down, he's got more. he's at the 0, 5, 50, 30, 20, the 15, the 10, the 5. he cannot be stopped. finally at the four a runaway trainment a runaway train! >> the man can't be stopped. a look at eagles as they run the ball and run out that clock in the fourth quarter. >> and also so nice v hear
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voice of merrill reese excite excitesed for the second year in a row. >> doesn't that get you jacked up. >> off the copy. >> berdz were this a position for let down after last week's traumatic last second whip on the gind and bird passed today test. eagles up 0 fr 2. small was takes it in. hunter helpy great one handed dprab chargers down two. agolees running game ran out the clock and eeingings deal is legarrette glount finishing and 26-24 they're looking the eagles running game. >> give credit to the tightened they did outstanding job today up front you know i guess a good defensive line
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and would try to get them all involve. >> so he haim core question has nice runs and wendell stepping up it's good to get the run game going. >> they'll be the talk of sports radio this morning. from our sportstation the running game is a big part of eagles' success yesterday and for the furt tour. >> the play calling i don't think doug pederson will take any heat this week for flight calling because he does what filled loves hand to feet it off as the result. garrett mrupt is perfect pour pour the city. it's hard nose in your face football. i guarantee philadelphia right now is falling in love with the guy. >> daily news had smog to say. pity the fool trying to stop the birds running game and also says charmers were hit with a blupt striment namedly
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legarrette glount who impressed everybody with his you you power and speed. we don't often see that. next sunday the arizona cardinals are in south philsly with a kickoff at 1:00. it is nice to win up to a lipped like that. could have been a let down or -- >> on the brink. >> good to have him home. >> absolutely. >> thaxingz, mott. >> the crisis us in puerto rico. >> as president trump gedz ready to visitit areas of xhup indication. >> and the maition is walking up on the shooting level trips
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>> welcome back. time 5:13 let's get you caught up on breaking news out of las vegas. 20 dead and more than 100 others hurt after a mass shutting on the strip. shots rippinging out during outdoor country music festiva festival. pand moan yam ft. crowd and suspected fupman fired from the 3 noor of the pand lay ba
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bay. it was tam is period for people to get to the way where the concert has taken place. >> police shut down parts ever vegas strip and nearby flight. kouts on eye wes news to follow the story. we'll have all the updates when we get them. >> president trump is telling secretary of state not bomber talking to north korea about nuclear and missile programs. now president trump tweeted this yesterday. he said rex tirl son is is "wasting time" tiller sewn wants the nation to negotiate. the president told tillerson to save his injurying a we'll do what has to be done. >> he his millions are in desperate need of fly. >> post people on the island are still in the dark. >> president trump will visit
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puerto rico to survey the damage him sfraevl hurricane maria. outside the whitehouse he commended workers of first. >> we're fweting things done the a record clip. >> nor fuel is reaching iowa rand and most are out powder. food and water are scarce. theeling is is calling that the one of seen. >> we have been moving and pushing as fast as the situation entails. every take it demake prog fwres and every day we have setbacks. several politicians urging people to stop attack on twitter is are. it read in part such poor leadership ability by the -- san one and others to help. >> shut down the quitter account and onen your heart
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and then them do the job season them resources. >> it's a difficult situation and part of puerto rico today are under a flash flood sfwlarng john shoemo, cbs new news. >> time now 5:16 at home. you're talking about a warming trend this may be night this. >> no, no, this is a gift. this is nice. >> it's a gift. >> it s you know it really feels comfortable. that's the thing. with time rahel the warmth will return for you and make a short appearance here and start to cool back off again. it's all with the mat earn changes. we're in the midst of seasonal transition obviously that sun aping sl high enough that it's going to make it feel nice and warm when you sit out in the bright sunshine. you step to shadows feeling cool. we'll fwet you outside. frank lip not a heck a of a lot. sometimes that's the best kind of day to have right you
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dochbt to think too hard. you work out with shade and extra layer you're golden rest of day and sun will be us with all day long. very, very crystal view here of center city and off in distance liberty place let up in pink in celebration of breast cancer month. we're proud partners with the foptd daition. >> it's clear and quiet too. the biggest reason i want to sew you that is temperature. i mean done into the 0s and starting to feel chilly under clear sky. any heat you build up goes back to the atmosphere. high pressure is on the side and keeping eastern third united states. we won't have to deal with wet weather the next three days. high pressure locked in place hooking us up with gorgeous conditions and warming trends offer the passage of time to the point we end up upper 70s
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and day that hit low 80s into future as well. midweek, is unsheen an lou humidity are tlaem and morning lows in city bottom out to typical 50s. heres a look at due point. remember the difference between dewpoint and air pressure. it measures moisture content the lower it gets the drier it is. ergo the better the hair day. >> yes yours always looks amazing. i don't have to tell you. >> but that wind is nice and light now. 50s, 40s, 30s. take your pick depends where you're waking up how cool it will be. it's cool enough that i would do so with extra layer. how heavy will that police go. high of 74. drop down mid to lower 50s. cooler in the outline as typical and nice clear sun going down and gets warmer and
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warmer. >> thursday i don't want to rule out a shower or guarantee it either. it's a chance right now. it's also the apartmentest day of the pack. 81 come thursday afternoon. >> take a look -- >> sorry. >> checking out your hair. >> i appreciate that thank you katie. >> a lack at the vine looking beautiful as you head from broad street to schuylkill expressway at 5:19 in the morningp as we get closer t to:00 hour you know how to goes it ramps up in the air same for 42 freeway in new jersey are headed to city of philadelphia and 295. all clear looking beautiful so far so good. but construction thought the area. here in pennsylvania it starts 422 fist avenue ramp going eastbound on 422. it's closing 6:30 a.m. and will be closed until next monday. you'll want to use alternative route 23 ramp here and also we go over to new jersey now and
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in nming until as well they are in millville air. route 206 princeton this road reopen entered between carter and elm. back to you, guys. all right, pat, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines across the roojon. >> in this week's reading eagle they're helping children of drug addicted parents it's part of the program at lalen town. most went into withdrawal shortly after being born to those that thoong. >> intelligenceer more local police and bep stale empolice used theirs to help find missing interprets and lodge officer's safety in certain situations.
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cost 12,000 and they're certified by faa to fly the unit. >> and burlington county sometimes reporting first time in 2e7b years burlington county getting increase in amount of funding it receives from fema. now the county was awarded 27 271,000 for 2017 that's and a look at the head lines from around the dunkin' donuts delaware valley. we'll tell you where he is
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>> back now.
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o.j. simpson is a free man he will settle down near las vegas. >> he was released on parole after midnight and officials say he will continue to live in the state. simpson served nine years for kid paping and armed robbery of two sports memoriabilia dealers. one time nfl great was famou famously acquitted for the 1994 murders of ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. >> the trial is set to begin today for amad rahami accused of detonating several bombs across new york and new jersey last year. one exploded in a trash can at a charity race in sea side heights. nobody was hurt on the same day a pressure cooker exploded in manhattan. 31-year-old there. officers took the man into custody two days later after shootout. he is pleading not guilty to any charges which do not include terrorism.
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>> a fundraiser in the name of philadelphia police officer suspended for deadly shooting draws protesters. >> that was scene outside fraternal order of police headquarters yesterday afternoon. inside union members were hos hosting a private benefit for ryan pamao. >> he is currently us is spended with intense to have gas. it happens to everyone you have 300 cops protecting party from protesters for killers. >> we're told this is same am of demonstrators outside of the home. he asked me to stop the soo sooting of mrivrz and. >> coming up after the break a cbs news special report. a very tragic breaking news
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story this morning out of las vegas. [ machine gun shots ]. >> get down. get down. >> let's go. >> we hear the sound there. active shooter on killing rampage at country music festival and this morning there's dozen
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>> sfw morning i'm rahel solomon. >> and katie and pat along in a momentment first here's what you need start your day in the morning minute monday october 2nd. >> mass chaos after gunman opens fire at packed musikfest snral las vegas. >> protesters square off against police outside a fundraiser for officer suspended for a deadly shooting. >> and every second. >> puerto rico is slowly getting help it needs but millions are still without basic necessities.


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