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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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off the way we wanted it to. but we've hit our start at the right time. everything is in front of us. >> allie: think a year ago, you were throwing passes at a high school practice. when you think about it, what's motions come to you? >> well, man, it's been a long ride. i remember watching this game, in houston, texas on a couch last year, not playing at all. now, to win the iron bowl, knock off two number one teams in three weeks, it's surreal. i just got to thank god. this is truly, truly unbelievable. >> congratulations, enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> brad: so, auburn upsets the number one team in the country, the second time this month. 26-14, the final. they go to 10-2, and they go to atlanta to play georgia. we will wrap it up when we come back.
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will not get a shoe contract. no autographs. no private jets. no fan clubs. no hall of fame inductions. instead, they will walk away with something much more valuable. >> brad: next week, we're going to be at mercedes benz stadium, s.e.c. championship game presented by dr pepper. georgia bulldogs, auburn tigers, rematch of what we saw earlier this year, here at jerden-hare. all starts with "the drive to atlanta," presented by mercedes benz, state farm college football today, half an hour
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before we kick it off in atlanta. kennedy brown, jeremy stidham's girlfriend, i think elite eight in soccer, they're pretty happy how it's going in their athletic careers. time for the play of game presented by napa auto parts. gary called this beautifully, he said i saw this in practice, kerryon johnson can throw a jump pass from here, bang, there it was. and here's my old friend from the auburn radio. >> third down and two. in motion. kerryon, will keep it. jump pass, end zone, oh, my goodness! oh, my goodness! touchdown, auburn, jump pass, a la tim tee poe and bow and the tigers lead 6-0. >> brad: there was our man, who did it all today. kerryon johnson, the only problem, gary, he was sensational but he went down with a neck.
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>> gary: that's the big take-away, number 1, kerryon johnson, may not play next week. and, two, alabama self 'strukting with the two snaps. when the game was in doubt, i've never seen anything like that. >> brad: well, we're going to have a lot of work done for the committee, when they start panning things out here. alabama, number 1, has lost for the first time this year. 26-14, auburn is heading to atlanta to play the georgia bulldogs next saturday. that wraps us up from quite a party here. about 87,000 really enjoying themselves. for gary danielson and allie laforce, brad nessler saying so long from the iron bowl. post-game show powered by ram coming up next. i still hear america singing, though the verse and voices change. the song of the carpenters,
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>> the college football post-game show powered by ram. >> adam: a scene that reminds you of the 2013 iron bowl, auburn in a winner take all defeats alabama. and goes to the s.e.c. championship and they will face georgia next week on cbs. having now defeated two number one teams. we welcome you to the college
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football show, i'm adam zucker tonight on krs, celebrate with robby the reindeer and story of santa claus, followed by a new edition of 48 hours, tonight, only cbs. it's going to be a long few hours for alabama fans, auburn gets it done. rick neuheisel and brian jones. you called auburn to win, they dominated on third down. >> brian: they dominated on third down, they dom napt for the most part. what is the recurring theme, how you defeat alabama. you have to play a clean game. alabama did not play a clean game, they didn't win in terms of penalties, they had eight, auburn four. they had miscue after miscue. alabama got some of the own medicine, usually go out to the opponents. >> chip lindsey kept the hot hand, second half, they were terrific on third down all night long, 9 of 18. he was brilliant in terms of picking spots for stidham, had the throwback stuff going on, kerryon johnson, put it on his
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back. 30 carries, it was a complete performance by the auburn offense. >> adam: kerryon johnson able to give him a hug, we wondered how he his arm was doing, he had his arms around a family friend, or family member. >> brian: one like this, what a thrilling victory, entire football program. you're right about kerryon johnson, we were talking about prior to the game, i thought he had to have one of those games, derrick henry, 40 carries, over 200 yards rushing for alabama a couple of years ago. kerryon johnson carried the load like he did with georgia a couple of weeks ago. get closer to it. but still make it to the offense. >> rick: don't forget kevin steel, what a great job he's done with the auburn defense holding alabama to 14 points. the same number for auburn. in a losing effort -- clemson
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earlier in the year, this is a terrific defense, they find ways to keep you from going first third, six third down. >> 3 for 11 on the game. and the difference for this auburn offense, this year, versus the last two, with jarrett stidham. auburn offense outside the top 100 in passing yards per game. jarrett stidham, 21 of 28, hardly a mistake, except for the one botched snap where they cooperate take advantage. . >> brian: i thought alabama o. -- auburn had a fighting chance because of jarrett stidham. we had a small time at bay dor, didn't play a season ago, but i thought they would have a signal caller that can spin it. that came to true is versus georgia and also in this ball game. when you give him time to throw he's as good as there is. >> rick: add ryan dave toits
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list of heros, 11 catches, 130-some-odd yards. stidham came in with three starts under his belt at baylor, three starts. big-time player and art briles offense. everyone wondered could he fit in. he fit in unbelievably well. he's gone from having been sacked 11 times against clemson to playing neglect week for 191th win. >> adam: auburn beats alabama by double dimg its. tiger fans celebrating not just here but around the state. auburn fan is a round the country. first time alabama has lost by double digits since the sugar bowl loss to oklahoma in 2013. the situation as it pertains to the playoffs. five years ago, number one and number two lost in mid-november, oregon and kansas state. miami lose last night. alabama falling here doane have gej. you know what holds next week with auburn and javment miami-clemson. alabama fans are going to be left to hope that the committee would take them over an ohio
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state team that beat wisconsin or perhaps a tcu upsetting oklahoma. >> brian: ohio state could get some of their own immediate sip. last year they went with one loss to penn state, eventual champion, in the big 10. and now they could possibly be that champion. they could be on the outside looking in. if the committee sides with alabama. because they're still one of the best in the nation. we'll see what transpired tonight, with south carolina and clemson. but we could have a two-loss champion out of the acc as well. >> rick: the arguments, s.e.c. champion in, acc champion i'm predicting even if south carolina were to up end clemson, i think the acc champion will be in. tcu winning the big 12 would be a great chance for alabama to be ahead of the horn frogs. the question is ohio state, if they up-end wisconsin next week, would they go past ohio state with one loss? the question is, because you mention ohio state a year ago, they had those nonconference wins at oklahoma. alabama doesn't have that win. they had the big win over florida state but didn't turn out to be e a great year.
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>> brian: now a win over a top 15 team which is mississippi state, they will be out of that spot after losing the egg bowl to ole miss. >> adam: a lot of teams have slipped down. ohio state last year, would one-loss nonconference champion and three top ten wins if you look at it. there's a lot of arguments to be made. that equipment i room, that job just got a lot harder should one of those nons win. >> rick: saving grace for alabama, look at iowa again. iowa state-iowa. >> brian: look at oklahoma. >> adam: a couple of blowouts. but that, of course, is the scenario that only matters if ohio state were to beat wisconsin next week and wisconsin showing no signs of slowing down either. a lot of thinking, a lot of worrying ahead here. for alabama fans. so meanwhile, auburn, you haven't had a game to worry -- you have a game next week, against georgia. and, look, oh, they took care of the dogs no problem two weeks ago.
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and the dogs, they avoided it against georgia tech as we've seen two of the last three years, 247 rushing yards on the day. tony michelle going in there, 38-7 win on the road. our s.e.c. championship game coverage kicks off saturday at 3:00 eastern with "the drive to atlanta" presented by mercedes benz, followed by state farm college football today. and then, it's georgia and auburn, in the s.e.c. championship game, presented by dr pepper. what are we going to see, that's different from what we just saw two weeks ago, auburn dominated? >> brian: on the defensive line for georgia they said we were pushed around, outphysicaled. they come out, a little bit more steam coming out of that defensive front for georgia. go up against i don't know who at running back for auburn at this point. maybe get back in the tent and sprinkle magic dust on the running backs and they'll be at full strength. you see a much more, a more well-rounded effort out of the
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georgia bulldogs. any time you get a chance for revenge you can't wait to take on that opponent. >> rick: jim chaney will say i have to get jake fromm, get the ball out of his hands earlier than i did in this last ball game. i can't let it impact us. i have to have quick throws. i have to incorporate quicks and i can't put it all on my running back, i'm only throwing on third down. bnl and i didn't see the same type of production out of this auburn front that i did versus georgia. maybe 'bama's front is that much better than is the bulldogs' up front. we went into that ball game, georgia arming over 200, almost 2. 0 yards versus auburn and they left with 46 on the ground. >> rick: alabama ran for over 200 yards. georgia will look at that and say there's opportunity for play action. i think that chaney will lick his chops and say can i do better. >> rick: fromm isn't built like jalen hurts. >> adam: sid ham is far more
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>> adam: we're going to have fun tuesday at 7:00 eastern. cbs sports network, join us and the rest of the crew for "inside college football" as we look back on the day and brace for what the college football playoff selection deals us. when the new rankings come out. auburn defeats alabama. let's show you what else is going on. other national title contenders trying not to stub their toe like miami did. baker mayfield didn't start, captain's duties, after his gesture against kansas last week.
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>> brian: entered the game on the second drive, found cd lamb for the score. baker going to get hit in the head. oh, that's just wrong. you aren't allowed to do that. preston, with the penalties. he didn't retaliate, maybe saved something from last week. here he goes. mark andrew, he has to be on that mackey award list, best tight end. >> adam: baker mayfield just watching, tyler murphy, tearing it up. rodney anderson, with four touchdowns. oklahoma 59-31. baker mayfield all electric. what impact do you think these antics might have on the heisman vote? >> a clean day today, i think it's gone. we have focused on the absolute beautiful play at quarterback. one of the great arm talents i remember watching at the collegiate level. i think he will have a marvelous career at the next level and we should enjoy it while we can.
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>> brian: i echo that. we have a rematch in the big 12, tcu, lost 38-20 in norman, didn't didn't give up a drop of points in the second half. they lost boson, 5 1/2 sacks against baylor yesterday. i think that's going to be a wild one. >> adam: tcu has kenny hill back, clinch the second spot in the big 12 title game. you knew wisconsin was in the big 10 title game, going on the road to minnesota, stumbling down the stretch. jonathan taylor dus. stumble. >> rick: the freshman, 53 yards to pay dirt, a monster for this year for the moungster. the defense we've been talking about all year. i think it's paul bunyan in the house. the axe is back. actually it's been there for a while. they're swinging in victory. >> adam: 14 straight, actually, over minnesota. and here's what you need to look at. all-time freshman season, jonathan taylor, joins the wisconsin legend and otherwise,
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only behind adrian peterson for the most rushing yards ever by a freshman, cracking the 1800 mark today. getting past demario thomas. >> brian: will it count in the big 10 championship game? >> adam: that includes all of the games. the opponent in the conference championship game, quarterback injury to talk about here. barrett, rallying him from 14-0. >> brian: he was fine will, here comes michigan, the extra point would be blocked. you missed on the injury, barrett, run about 10 yards. comes up, a little limpy. something is wrong there. he's going to tell us what happened after the ball game. apparently had an even cowerter with a camera guy. here's dobbins, one-yard run, osu wins. 13 out 164 versus michigan. >> adam: they've been dominating. jim harbaugh, 1-8 against top ten teams. michigan, 1-5 against the rivals being michigan state and ohio state.
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what j.t. barrett said after going 3 for 8 and leaving in the game, while on the sideline, he was bumped into, near the bench by some one holding a camera. we don't know who the still photographer, video camera. >> brian: putting out an apb. >> rick: duane haskins did a good job off the bench. >> adam: 17-0 with duane haskins in the game. they had to use more than two quarterbacks on that run. bnl and worked out well for them. we'll see if the defense can hold up well. should be a good one. >> rick: the fans are feeling better tonight than yesterday. >> adam: got it out of way, a big one next week. we'll wrap it up when the college football post-game show powered by ram returns. nobody does it better. [crowd cheering] but when it comes to mortgages, they're less confident. fortunately there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans.
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♪ state farm knows it's more than a truck. so why not give it the protection it deserves. i am so sorry. (dog growls) talk to a state farm agent today. >> adam: all right, back for more, florida state and florida. both 4-6, and microcosm of the florida season, rick. >> rick: gator fans are glad it's behind them. who's the new coach at florida state? still alive for the 36th bowl game, as they hold the gator. >> adam: won't be chip kelley, going to ucla. lamar jackson, lost to kentucky. >> brian: i this he was supposed to be composed, what's up with that? a scrum with jordan jones, kentucky and lamar jackson, gets the last laugh. what's up with this, 29 yard score, they were romped. >> adam: something had to give
7:26 pm
here. vandy-tennessee, both 0-7, in the s.e.c. coming in, kyle stermer. >> rick: he finds lipscomb. >> adam: derek mason saying we're back in the house. here's what happened as time expired for kansas state. >> brian: this is crazy! extends the play somehow, finds zoomer in the back of the end zone. they win the game. >> rick: you can't get that entertainment anywhere else. college football. >> adam: pretty crazy. >> rick: bittersweet, almost to the end. >> adam: going to finish strong next week. >> brian: puch the brakes. >> adam: already a rough day for alabama fans, mostly because of the iron bowl. but their basketball team, against minnesota, due to a smooth ejection, followed by injuries, they had to play most of the second half with just three players on the court. >> brian: huh? 3-on-5?
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[laughing] >> adam: remember with auburn with 12 men on the field? holy cow. >> brian: they deserved it. >> rick: deserved it? better days ahead. >> adam: better days ahead, right. that will do it for this week. thank you for watching the college football post-game show powered by ram. what's coming up tonight on cbs. reminder, nfl coverage on cbs kicks off tomorrow at noon eastern with the "nfl today" in its 50th season. dolphins and patriots, saints and rams. for all of us, have a great for all of us, have a great evening. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division 's the li--"♪ nailed it! ehhh, we'll work on it. take notes, son. number one: t-mobile gives you two iphone 8s for the price of one. one person gets an awesome gift, and so does the next guy.
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>> ♪ >> we're following breaking news at this hour. lanes are closed on eastbound woodhaven road to i-95 north as police investigate a shooting near the park and ride in bensalem township. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. at least two people are dead tonight. alycia nieves is live in bensalem bucks county. she's got the very latest for us. >> reporter: alycia. >> reporter: natasha, state police have been out here for about two hours as you mentioned investigating two people found dead here near the cornwell heights park and ride. there's about a dozen state police officers and other emergency responders that seem to be focused on the ramp that goes onto i-95 north near the woodhaven exit.


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