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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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♪ 3 pick 3s, 2 mega millions. ♪ happy holidays, rita! thanks, joe! what a great gift! pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts. like the new merry millions. happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪ on the road to recovery, carson wentz under goes surgery for a torn acl >> preparing for the possibility of a slick commute. the brining trucks are out. a live look from he was there where the snow is falling, a clipper system moving through and expected to likely blanket the region. but the sub freezing temperatures even a little snow can turn treacherous. i mean ukee washington
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>> i'm jessica dean, this is a scene in philadelphia. near the art museum about an hours ago. the snow certainly making pretty picture but it's a double blast of winter. we go to meteorologist lauren casey who has the timing and also lauren as people go to bed what it means for the morning commute >> the snow is coming down pretty steadily most areas. we get a live looking at center city philadelphia, snow falling in the streets are snow covered visibilities reduced with the falling snow. we're in the midst of the main event now. the falling snow likely coming at an end in time for the morning commute. temperature supportive of snow 27. southerly wind at eight miles per hour after the incredibly windy day today. wind speeds have relaxed still impacting the feels like temperature feeling more like 19, stormscan 3 showing us packed in with the snowfall. you see the end of that uniform snowfall is starting to now build up to the north and east.
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snow wrapping up in portions of delaware but the snowfall intensity is about to pick up in center city philadelphia where you see the purple returns snowfall of heavier intensity just west of center city. up into marple, west goshen, norristown phoenixville and as we head to the next couple hours we'll see the uniform area of snowfall clear the delaware valley from west to east then we'll deal with moisture on the back edge that will provide scattered snow showers in rest of the overnight. a winter weather advisory remains in effect for a large portion of the area including philadelphia and surrounding suburbs until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, we'll talk more about the snow threat and accumulations coming up in the full eyewitness forecast in a few. the winter season is kicking in. everybody doing their best to keep warm. natasha brown is in a snow what was center city where she spoke with people about how they're dealing with the bitter blast.
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natasha? >> reporter: we talked to folks long before the first snowflakes fell tonight. you can see right now we're in the thick of it. started to actually fall a little bit leafy and sticking to the road along market street and some of the cars, we were out and about throughout the city talking to folks preparing for the weather long before. >> not many people were out braving the cold weather along kelly drive wednesday evening outside of an occasional jogger or biker, there's little activity outdoor >> i've been to philadelphia girls' rowing club. because we have an indoor rowing class because you can't row in the dark in the winter at night. >> reporter: lots of activity in center city with folks, with a woman who lives in germany at the christmas village in city hall >> i'm missing the christmas market season in germany, i was absolutely thrilled to see this in philly >> it wouldn't be christmas time in philly without the cold weather >> what's happening here >> i'm from north dakota, it's
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not that cold right now. >> reporter: he wasn't afraid to sport his shorts on this night reminding us that philly cold is nothing like far go cold. >> january, february, we get 20 below the wind gets blowing 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: pretty baum me >> the ice rink was bustling with skaters here in drexel hill delaware county this family built a more private ice-skating rink in their own backyard while some are taking this bitter arctic blast inside, danger lurks on the street as advocacy groups look to find shelter for the homeless, jamie black hosted at the convention center with thew s thousands escaping the elements with the homeless outreach
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program they've tropical storm nated 50 people to she woulds continuing to canvas the city at this point looking for anyone who may be in need of shelter as these conditions continue to worsen. live here in center city, natasha brown, be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" this morning getting started at 4:30, they will have the latest on the snow and cold and help you get through the morning rush. a 20-year-old st. joe's university student is in critical condition, a car struck her as she crossed city avenue in wynnfield around 6:30, they arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence, the student suffered head injuries. the road to recovery, tonight we're hearing from injured eagles quarterback carson wentz hours after under going surgery. wentz, of course, tore the ligament doing the game against the rams and as we have been reporting wentz is out for the rest of season, he says he
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appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers. and here's the picture and message he tweeted. surgery, check, the come back officially begins now. the lord truly blessed me with this beautiful akayed ullah to walk by my side and support me through all of this, #come back, #grateful. a memorial now stands at the montgomery county home where two young boys died in an early morning fire. teddy bears sit in front of the house which belongs to sheriff deputy brian like kins and his family, flames broke out 5:30 this morning, his 11 and 6-year-old sons died after being trapped inside. >> we know brian as not only as a loving caring father but as a police officer, did everything he possibly could to get those kids out. >> a gofundme page raised more
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than $125,000 for the family. state and county fire marshalls are still investigating what caused the fire the two cousins charged in the bucks county killings will be in court for the formal rain meant, david spunt is in the satellite center with new developments >> cosmo is in a bucks county right now been there since arrested for killing four men in july. talk of the death penalty was thrown out if he cooperated and pleaded guilty, now the death penalty possibility is back on the table. the brutal shooting deaths of jimmy patrick, thomas mayo, sturgis and dean caused grief anger and confusion. dominating headlines, he said cosmo denardo admitted to killing the men on a bucks county farm, i spoke to him shortly after the confessed.
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>> reporter: a do you have to say to these families? sympathy >> i'm sorry >> as poverty original agreement, denardo would avoid the death penalty if he admitted guilt. now prosecutors filed this notice of aggravating circumstances which gives them the option to put denardo on death row >> there will be no formal entry >> perry is denardo's attorney and he said prosecutors want to have the ability to give his client the death penalty if he doesn't cooperate >> it would be only something that could be bargained with and taken off the table a in exchange for a guilty plea. we're not at that point yet >> he's working with denardo to reach a plea deal. his cousin is also facing charges not represent by perry but will be in court in the morning >> my client's parents feel terrible about the tragic circumstances involved in this case. >> reporter: notice of mr. perry said the parents not cosmo, i
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asked about the denardo's conversations with perry he said he was not going to get into specifics with his client. of course, we will be there in court in the morning. reporting live tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. tonight, alabama senator elect doug jones is urging his former opponent roy moore to do the right thing and concede. jones upset moore in the election becoming alabama's first democratic senator in 25 years. moore, a republican who once had a big lead in the polls blamed his defeat on allegations of sexual misconduct. he was endorsed by president trump. beginning with this election, we're on the road to having a competitive two-party state without one-party domination, and i think that that helps every state if you look around this country. >> the problem with the campaign is we've been tainted in an
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ununfavorable and unfaithful light >> the gop majority and the senate. moore is deciding whether to seek a recount democrats want jones seated before republicans hold a final vote on president trump's tax reform plan, he urged congress to act >> i'm excited to announce that if congress sends me a bill before christmas, the irs, this is just out, breaking news, has just confirmed that americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in february. >> the final vote is next week, five families also talked about how the tax plan would help them. democrats complain it primarily benefits the rich >> a member of the cbs family is celebrating another addition to his family. james cordon and his wife julia welcomed their third child, a baby girl. couple has a 6-year-old and a
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three-year-old daughter. >> while james is away, some big names are stepping up to fill in. brian cran will guest host the late late show starting at 12:37 but coming up first on colbert >> join me on the late she. i've got nick joan us and we both got puppies >> i want one. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. living on the edge. many people have an venturous side, when does our thirsty for thrills add up? . rocker bon jovi, what front man john bon joseph >> the history behind this property that's about to be auctioned off. take a live look at a snowy center city. lauren casey will have a breakdown of what you can expect
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tomorrow morning when "eyewitness news" continues.
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♪ ♪ . another live look at the snow. a clipper system moving through
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the region coupled with the temperatures, it can be slippery. lauren casey has the full forecast coming up in about four minutes. taking risks is part of life. we tend to associate an adventurous attitude withing younger people >> when does sense ability take over, nicole brewer is here with when our youthful outlook fades away. >> according to the latest research the pinpoint the exact age many of us become considerably less care-free. whether you're one or 100 chances are you've done something a little risky >> rock climbed >> while some live their lives on the edge, others tend to out grow it what age? >> probably 85 >> 82. >> a survey suggests it's much sooner with one in three saying
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they stopped taking risks by age 34. >> should be the reverse, as you get older you should wanted to do more >> half chalked it up to physical limitations >> i could say that >> there's 1/3rd of the population who say despite getting older they're more venturous now than in the past. >> i'm older and i'm not so afraid of things >> i think it's important to >> justin kid a so he isiologist are seeking empowerment which is why it's more common in the younger set. as we age the power and energy shifts towards relationships and responsibilities. >> you have children, and we tend tore more cautious >> you have to pay attention to raising them >> you'll stop wanting to go out and party >> some ways feel much more empowering than jumping out of a plane or driving a race car or
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traveling off to some foreign part of the world. >> the research also suggests men are more daring than women, said because women feel more connected to family at least when it comes to protecting themselves for the sake of others. now, i think the whole, you have children you're more cautious, not surprising but it's interesting professionally. he said that when your stock is in your professional career, that's where you're putting your energy. >> very interesting: there you go. thank you. google has officially released its top searches for 2017 >> the top three of all searchs in the united states were hurricane ir ma, mat lauer and tom petty and these are the three people. matt lauer megan mark kel and harvey weinstein. the rock and roll haul of fame announced its class in
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2018, new jersey of own bon jovi is among thein duck teas and john based on posted this on twitter >> thanks for inducting us. long time coming but it's finally here, we'll see you guys in cleveland thanks for the memories and the history we continue to make together. >> the 2018 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony takes place in cleveland ohio. the others are cars, dire straights moody blues, gospel pioneer rosetta is set to read the award. new jersey's never land will be auctioned off friday. it's located on route 9. the ten,000 square foot house is built in 1970. you'll find life size artwork, a 1 million gallon pool.
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it was previously listed for more than $3 million. >> look at that place. >> quite large. >> quite large. never land. all of it. there it is. never land. sure back in the day. we're talking snowflakes outside. >> snowflakes coming down and pouring down, getting a live look at the schuylkill expressway near the blue route, conshohocken. look at that snow. things are moving slow. dicey as we continue to contend with the snow and cold temperatures. it is sticking to the surface particularly on those untreated roadways. stormscan 3 showing us packed in with the snowfall right now across much of the delaware valley and the heaviest is coming down in the heart of center city philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. but the back edge of the uniformed snowfall is about to swing on through, the steady
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easiest snow will wrap up for most of us in the next one to two hours, it's not wrapping up now seeing the is that he coming down in and around airport. upper chichester, parts of south jersey, evesham, coming down at a pretty good clip. same for portions of interior new jersey, the shore seeing it coming down, atlantic city you're snowfall intensity about to pick up a tick as we head to the next 15 minutes, the snow cleared out of delaware with a back edge of that uniform snowfall we'll steel deal with scattered snow showers once it comes to an end on the back edge of the system. it could give us a little bit in the way of additional accumulations but we do have a coating on the boards, giving a live look at rehoboth beach. in last hour the flakes flying but the snow wrapped up for the delaware beaches and future precipitation will show us as we
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head to the next couple hours, the main snow swarth will lift off to the north, mainly quiet most of us, we will see scattered snow showers 5:00, 6:00, maybe 7:00, much more scattered in nature, by 7:00, 8:00, all the moisture off to the east, the energy. the skies will clear out as we head to thursday morning, quiet conditions for thursday afternoon. snowfall forecast much of our accumulation is occurring as we speak, picking up about a coating to two inches across much of the area further could pick up as much as four inches, we'll see more in the way of the scattered snow showers, we got the cold enough air, high temperature 31 degrees, the coldest day of the season so far, we started off at 21 and temperatures right now also freezing teens in the poconos, feels like temperatures in the single digits and the poconos teens for most of us low 20's at
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the shore, at least the winds have finally let up. we had brutal windchill temperature this morning, mount pocono felt like ten below, felt like seven this morning because of these winds in combination with the cold arctic air, wind gusts to 50 miles per hour today down the shore. but overnight, much more relaxed. periods of light snow 25 for the day tomorrow. quicking turning sunny and blustery, few more snow showers in the forecast late in the day as we head to friday, not expecting much in the way of accumulation, 34, we're still in the 30's on saturday. much quieter weekend and getting downright baum me and sauna like on sunday at 45. >> if you have to go out slow your roll >> joe is in with sports next >> big five battle on north broad as villanova visits temple and everyone wants to know how did carson's surgery go after this hit on sunday.
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we have that answer coming up in sports. flush fl
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just you a few days ago carson wentz injured his knee. wentz had his surgery, jeffrey lurie said the surgery went well. as we showed you earlier. wentz confirmed that. wentz, according to a report on the team's website saw dr. james bradley a surgeon in the upmc hospital system in pittsburgh. he injured his knee on a scramble for a touchdown. that was called back due to a pelt. no word yet on just when wentz will be ready to return to football activities. more positive injury news
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zach ertz is in the clear. he did not play this weekend after suffering a concussion against the seahawks in seattle. he's been cleared and appears to be on track to play this weekend against the giants, which is good news for the eagles. meanwhile, the rest of the team back to work today. nick foles took the first team as they get ready for the giants on sunday. the eagles playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs on a first round buy against the struggling giants, they were asked about nick foles and everyone is confident that he can do the job. >> nick's proven he can play if the pieces are around him, if everything is set up to put him in a successful. we have good pieces on the offense, really good players. >> you know foles can do it. he's proven it. we're not -- had the opportunity to play at a high level. you know, looking at a guy like this. >> it was a big five battle on
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north broad as the temple owls hosted villanova. the owls trying to stop a big streak for nova. nova won tonight that would mean five straight sweeps of the big five opponents. to the game, the sixers ben simmons taking in the game. sixers coming off a win in minnesota. first half, villanova on the move, jalen brunson pops the three here putting villanova up 13, brunson with 31 points on the night but temple putting up a fight. quinton rose hits the three. to cut the nova leads 17. he had 27. but it was a career night for villanova's spellman dropping the three bucket he had a career high 27 points. villanova going on to win 87-67. stay where you are.
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