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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 11, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> turkey points the finger at syria as 41 people are killed by two car bombs in a town near the border. more than 100 people were injured. we will bring you all the latest you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, a record turnout in pakistan's election despite violence. bulgarians a prepared to vote.
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investigators find hundreds of thousands of fake ballot papers. two astronauts go on a space walk. our top story, a turkish officials believe the syrian regime may be to blame for twin blast that left more than 40 people dead. the car bombs exploded outside of government offices and the south of the country in the town of reyhanli. the area has spilled over into the syrian border. turkey says it will take all measures against those testing the country's power. >> two cars packed with explosives exploded near the entrance to a government building, killing and wounding dozens of people. some are injured. >> my child was working in a
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photography house and the mayor's office. he is heavily wounded and been treated in intensive care. reyhanli is a border town where thousands of refugees have been living. forces of -- security forces are investigating the bombing. the turkish government is describing it as a politically motivated act of provocation. the borderinces on with syria. these may have been taken to provoke the sensitivities. >> the reyhanli man ray's is bombingcerned about -- raises more concerned about the syrian border. one adult for people in a village inside turkey. four people in a village inside turkey. at least 14 people were killed
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acrossens injured a border crossing. the reyhanli bombing will increase concerns about the violent in serious spreading and a stabilizing neighboring countries. with no political settlement and no end to the fight in syria, turkey might face more challenges on its border in the future. al jazeera, istanbul. counted ine being pakistan's election. two more attacks killed more than one dozen people. final results are not expected until sunday. nawaz sharif has already declared victory. .ike reports from islamabad >> it is the biggest ever turnout in a national election.
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well over half of registered voters cast their ballots. this is despite many challenges, including a bombing attack that killed more than 10 people and injured dozens. there are reports of widespread voting irregularities in the doubt on could cast the veracity of the votes. percentage poll would appear to be an overwhelming public rejection of the pakistani taliban and is demand for a election boycott. a greater victory than any army has been able to achieve. >> it has been a very strong message to the militant that the people of pakistan have rejected the military approach. they are for democracy. a what pakistan to be a normal country. to be a want pakistan
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normal country. >> security responses included fast helicopters. the involvement of many soldiers went beyond maintaining security. of particular significance and a nature that has decades of military rule, the chief of staff and his vote to those cast. not to doubts was the procedural problems. it had to be extended across the country because of various issues ranging from that minister to failures to security concerns. on thisry much alive warm summer night. lear common national commitment to democracy. nationala, -- a clear commitment to democracy. al jazeera. go to the second
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largest city in pakistan. we're getting these reports that former prime minister nawaz sharif is declaring a victory. >> i am going to have you look over my shoulder. you can probably see all loads of people celebrating and cheering. these are supporters of nawaz sharif. java are supporters of the client. they're supporting that their leader has said they have this in the back. -- in the bag. that theyar tuesday may have -- as to say that they have won more seats than any other party and they will not need coalition partners. that maybe political on their part. supporters of the muslim league party is very happy indeed about
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these results, which are still coming in. >> what are you hearing about turnout? you're talking about the second largest city in the country. well. okay. we will leave it there. thank you very much. ubt's go to the financial h in karachi. this area has seen some of the most deadly violence. >> absolutely. around 10:00 local time, there was a tragic suicide bomb that killed 11 people. throughout the day there have number of firing incidents between rival political parties. at least to political candidates
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that we have heard of have been kidnapped. in the last couple of hours a suicide bomber has struck against an army check post, killing at least two soldiers appeared a very violent day in karachi. there are also allegation of a intimidation by the n another one of the political parties here first gave those allegations in the afternoon. they said these elections were corrupt. this could be followed up saying they did not the karachi's elections were free and fair. one of the key seats in this city, that seat has to be re- polled. there is no result. poll because of- out of allegations of
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-- because of allegations of rigging. \ this is a city still on edge. they are still nervous. they did see a record number of voters turn out and cast their ballots. >> thanks so uch uch. streets of karate the prime minister's supporter declared victory in this election. khan seemsre imran to have done very well. he has defeated one of the frompowerful politicians the national party appeared his part also to have said swept the polls -- national party.
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it is party is also to a set-tos what the polls. there were acts of violence even in this province. it was one of the hardest hit. people braving the elements are coming out to work in large numbers. tonight you have jubilation because they national party was the former ruling party. it has been defeated. we have not been able to get a single seat in the national assembly. >> what about time out? this was a place where people's lives that come under threat. the pakistani taliban has been issuing threats. that did not seem to affect people's determination to get out and vote. >> absolutely. they have a lot at stake, it must be remembered.
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thousands of people have been killed. this is a bordering province with afghanistan. because of the conflict, the spill over cutbacks plus the fact that this is the closest target that the taliban can hit, and there was a motorcycle bomb outside a polling station. that did not stop the people. for the first time we have seen young people come out and vote in ever larger numbers. in the past, compared to 2000 a, the turnout was just -- 2008, the turnout was just 44%. marketreach up to a 60% could change the destiny of this country. >> thanks so much. egyptian president hosni mubarak has been back in court in the capital of cairo for his
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retrial. he is charged with the killings and more than 800 protested during the 2011 uprising. his original conviction was overturned in january. the former president is being tried on corruption charges alongside his two sons. prosecutors asked to represent new evidence set up by mohammad marcy. egypt's interior members as three members of an al qaeda elite group are in custody after the security forces forced an attack. we have the latest from cairo. >> according to the police, this is made up of three men. two are arrested in alexandria, one in cairo. explosives were found in their possession. they were plotting to carry out attacks in cairo targeting key installations including a foreign embassy. the men are believed to be linked to international al qaeda figures, particularly in western
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asia. the news must be taken with a grain of salt given the fact that the police did not announce what concrete evidence they have linking these men to any terrorist or al qaeda activity. the men also have not been charged with anything and have still not been referred to trial. >> much more to come for you this half hour including iraq's presidential election get under way. political heavyweight enter the race. -- heavyweights enter the race. welcome back. let's read the top stories. people are dead, hundreds wounded after two car bombs exploded. the violence spilling over the
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borders of syriato blame. hosni mubar -- ak is back in court. boats are being counted in pakistan's the general election. the prime minister has already declared victory for his party. joining me from washington is a former pakistani government official. it is good to have you with us. let's get some of your reaction. we know the former prime minister nawaz sharif has declared victory in this election overall. imran khan has done. is this what you were expecting? wereis is close to what we expecting. no party has won even the simple majority. nawaz sharif and his muslim league have received the largest
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set of votes. they have about 110 seats out of 272. this has come out as the largest party. need in punjab. imran khan has done pretty well. i think nationalists are winning. nawaz sharif has earned some support. imran khan, been the leader of a new party, the kind of enthusiasm he has traded -- created it. won 45-50 se
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>> he was hoping to capitalize on the sense of disillusionment in pakistan with the two main parties including nawaz sharif. continuesring if he to emerge with a strong showing, imran khan. thel that nawaz sharif majority needs to rule? >> maybe in some elections. people have voted for the economy and experience. electricity shut downs. nawaz sharif, despite his failures in governance, he is known for giving some boost to the economy. the early assessment is that people have given him a chance again, especially in punch up -- punjab, .
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nawaz sharif was the one that opened up relationships with a peace process with india. people are linking these things. better relations with india means a better economy. very important fact is that nawaz sharif has taken a clear stand against the military's interference in politics. forz sharif had stood judicial independence. it was become of him that the pakistan party people had to bring back the -- because of him that the pakistan party had to bring back the supreme justice of the court. people have given him that. they remembered him for that. these are the factors that have created. createdan has enthusiasm and the good will of the young people. that is just a beginning.
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he will get a chance to run [inaudible] >> the final results are not expected to come in until sunday. thank you very much for giving us your analysis. thoseration has ended for wishing to oppose ahmadinejad. jalili has put his name forward. story nowre on that from pterotehran. >> 500 candidates have put their names down to succeed ahmadinejad. rohani.had hassan there has been much as speculation. term also had a two
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president and one of iran pose of those powerful men. among these 500 candidates there thealso the mayor of tehran, supreme leaders close supporter elarya in about 10 days we should know who is past the veto, who is actually going to be on the final ballot. >> investigators and bulgaria have seized 350,000 fake ballot papers. a socialist party says it is a calculated attempt to rid the contest by the center-right party. that has been denied by the owner of the printing press. to bete is expected
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tight. >> not much has changed since withtreets filled protesters. the sky high electricity prices and claims of corruption have not gone away. the government did resign for failing the people. there's every chance it will be back in an election that offers few real choices. >> people expect the same political parties in the last parliament will get it again. that will not please them. >> step away from the city and bulgaria looks like a downtrodden place in thdeed. past,re relics among the relics of a political past. the faces of politics have hardly changed in 23 years.
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as her four year-old looks on, at danielle is preparing lunch. the election is not on anyone's lips here. they are among the destitute at a shelter run by the church. her family soon join bulgaria's fastest-growing eu export product, a cheap labor abroad. >> maybe we should stay here and keep trying. one of us will go for sure. probably my husband will go. i have to take care of my kids. >> what you see here in the shelters for mother and children is a picture of desperate poverty that may not be quite so evident in the relative prosperity of the city but is pretty representative of the rest of this country, the poorest member of the european union.
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it seems to be getting poorer. pensions are feeble and prices keep going up. there are no new political ideas, which is why at least half the electorate is not expected to vote. al jazeera. myanmarvillagers in as saying they are in constant a of violence by buddhists. they became the latest target. >> nothing is sacred. everything in this muslim village including the mosque was destroyed. local say the culprits were buddhists from neighboring villages. they are worried they will return. >> we are living in fear. we're constantly worried and thinking about what direction they might come from. >> it was the latest in a series of anti-muslim attacks in
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several areas of myanmar. time they moved quickly. they're struggling to understand why they were attacked. >> we have been living here and i'm never had any problem with arbutus neighbors. i felt quite sad that this happened. i know some people were involved. >> the spark was a harmless incident that and not involve anyone from this incident which is the largest muslim community in the area. in the nearby village, a muslim woman accidentally bumped into a buddhist monk conducting his daily routine of collecting food donations. in the process, the lid of the collection bowl was broken. as a result, the muslim woman was arrested and this bill is completely destroyed. the woman has been charged with [inaudible] some say the government is
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orchestrating the violence and local police helped by looking the other way. >> these are mere allegations. it is not true. the police force has an obligation to protect all citizens. we have to take a daily oath to protect the interests of the public and the state. >> people told us they do not know who was behind the burning of the muslim homes. now peace has returned to this sleepy rural community that muslims believe can be broken again at any time. mene hay, al jazeera, okkan, and mark. >> because the more than 10 years that tens of thousands of zambians had to be relocated. it is when the dam created africa's largest artificial lake. successs are accusing of government as a series of broken promises. >> this is africa's largest man-
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made lake. it was created when the a hydroelectric dam. more than 50,000 villagers were relocated and lived in what is now zimbabwe and zambia. some have prospered. others have not. his father he was a chief at the time was moved 30 kilometers inland. he was promised electricity and hospitals. every government since then has failed. >> they promised me that i will do this. they did not do it. i am not honest. we feel to a certain extent we were betrayed. >> daniel was a baby when his family was moved. his older brother remembers it well. he remembers schools and hospitals. he said electricity cables do not reach thousands of people and the water supply is adequate. this is one of the few bulls
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were there is clean water that services about 300 people. they walk up to 5 kilometers to get here. every day the water flows from a couple of hours. they feel forgotten. the land is not for tile. livestock often dies during the dry season. -- fertile. livestock often dies during the dry season. make sure we work on those projects and see how we can expand on them. there are a lot of people. >> the dam is vital to powering the country. it's burnt a tourism industry. for those to make way, -- spurned a tourism industry. it was for those to make way. >> time does not come back towards.
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you do right today. complaining. >> they hope this time someone is listening so that at least the next generation benefits from old promises that might finally be filled. tania page, al jazeera, kariba.
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>> welcome coming to you live from berlin. let's take a look at the top stories. in turkey, and dozens are dead after a double bombing near the syrian border. a tax or in pakistan but not enough to stop millions of people voting in a crucial election. of munich finally get their hands on the trophy. -- munich finally get their hands on the trophy. it was one of the deadliest attacks to hit turkey in recent years.


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