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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  May 11, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome coming to you live from berlin. let's take a look at the top stories. in turkey, and dozens are dead after a double bombing near the syrian border. a tax or in pakistan but not enough to stop millions of people voting in a crucial election. of munich finally get their hands on the trophy. -- munich finally get their hands on the trophy. it was one of the deadliest attacks to hit turkey in recent years. 42 people are dead and 130 wounded after a double car
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bombing in a town near the syrian border. fingers are being pointed at the syrian regime. we will get some insights in just a moment. first, this report. blast,r the first residents scattered in the streets. then another. to car bombsimated 50 minutes apart. outside the town hall in reyhanli. the damage was considerable. some buildings were reduced to rubble. thee were standing at corner and suddenly it happened. there were so many people injured we cannot decide who to help first. >> the town is located in a province near the syrian border. tens of thousands of refugees have streamed across a red the past few months, fling serious civil war. some officials have already
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raised suspicions about assad's regime having orchestrated the attacks. the prime minister was more cautious. >> the provinces on the syrian border. that makes it a sensitive situation. these actions may have been a target it provocation. provocation. >> it was hardly a coincidence as diplomatic efforts have intensified. >> let's cross over to the symbol where we are on the line. we have had a few more officials, all fingers seem to be pointing to syria. >> it does seem to be the turkish deputy prime minister is probably the most outspoken. he pointed out that the town of reyhanli is home to many
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refugees. this bears the hallmark of syrian forces belonging to assad. this is a sentiment that many people in the country feel that it is connected with the syrian conflict. the town is only a few kilometers through the border. many are feeling that the assad intelligence could be behind it. >> should we expect a military response from turkey? forcesey has shelved when syrian artillery cross into the border. other than that it has seen as extremely unlikely that they were going to syria or to launch any major operation. of therwhelming majority country is against any kind of action in syria. there is a growing fear in the country that the conflict could attracted into it.
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i thing the government is aware that this is growing unease among the public even though it is supporting the syrian opposition. >> turkey does seem to be looking to the u.s. they have been calling for a stronger line for the u.s.. he is due in washington. what kind of action do you think he will be pushing for? >> the turkish prime minister has not been pulling his punches. asdescribed president assad a filter and that they have evidence that they are using chemical weapons. he meetsecting when president obama that he expects the u.s. to intervene in some way. this is what turkey has been pushing for. >> many thanks. arepakistan early results showing a strong lead for nawaz sharif after today's election. counting is under way.
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despite attacks, turnout was high in a poll billed as a historic democratic moment. first of this report on voting day. is stoody pakistani in the heat to cast their ballots. he voted for the first time. television threats would not persuade him from filling a check out a dream. notaliban threats would the filling from ki a child to drink. >> i hope things change for the better. >> this is the first time since pakistan declared independence in 1947 that a democratic transfer of power has been achieved. the military has been in control for most of pakistan's history. the current government is extremely unpopular.
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the front-runner suffered serious injuries at a campaign stop and spent the last crucial days before the election in a hospital bed. nawaz sharif is the favorite to form the next government. he has campaigned for sweeping reform. >> the muslim league brought change to this country. there is only one party that can bring it about again. the high voter turnout proves that change is coming. >> the run up to the election was wrought with violence. taliban attacks killed 20 people nationwide. the pakistani is turned up in record numbers despite threats. voter turnout was around 60%, the highest since 1977. as we heard there, early
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indications do seem to be pointing to a good day for nawaz sharif. what are you hearing? >> this is the emerging trend so far. most of the seats have gone to the muslim league. that is very much in line with the earlier expectations. they're already doing a brief speech. sharif. will secure a simple majority and urged his supporters to be grateful to god. the party seems to be heading for a simple majority. star of khan has been a the campaign. he has long been trying to make a political breakthrough. why has he seemed to be doing better this time? off anink he has set
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aggressive agenda up. spoken to the people who have been frustrated in fatigued. he basically addressed all those people, including the youngsters, nearly 40 millions of the 86 million in the telling them to vote for change. particularly these youngsters who are fatigued with the system because of poor service delivery, and unemployment. these are basically the issues on which they ran the campaign. >> another thing that has been striking is just how many people took part, that the turnout was high despite the violence. the house on a message is that to the militant? >> -- how strong a message is that to the militants?
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y. sorr i got cut off. thosevery strong to all who try to disrupt the process. talibanre many pro- candidates. they voted for a secular landscape. in egypt, at the retrial of mubarak has started and immediately been adjourned. he faces charges of involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in the uprising that swept him from power. he was taken into court in a wheelchair. his interior minister were convicted to life in prison for failing to stop the killings. the retrial was ordered after appeals by prosecution and
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defense. the former iranian president has made a last-minute decision to register for next month's presidential elections. he is seen as a reformer who in the past has called for the release of political prisoners. he is a vocal critic of the current president clinton a shot. up in ahmadinejad's close ally will be in the running. more than 400 candidates have hrown inr names -- t their names. george osborn said g7 members agreed on cutting government deficits and boosting economic growth. they will also discuss the plunging value of the japanese yen which some have seen as risking a currency war.
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tokyo's goal is ending inflation, not in the plating currency. celebrating day for munich. hands onlly got their the trophy five weeks after securing the title. words befored handing over this. after two years, the trophy returns to munich. finished its last home game of the season and the crowd went wild. much of the credit goes to the retiring coach. fans and players gave him a standing ovation. the match itself was almost an
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afterthought. this is just one of the many records that have shattered in an unforgettable season. just one week of the season is remaining. they have been fighting to stay in the fight. there were winds also for nirenberg. let's see how the tables turned with just one match left in this and then fall season. the top three spots have been decided. they are disappointed with the
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two sides going head-to-head. we have to wait until the final round of matches next week to see who goes down. to english football now. a big upset. wigan athletic have won the cup for the first time. they are struggling in premier li but they nudged out manchester city. ben watson when the final four wigan. that was how it -- for wigan. that is how it ended. the a german driver has taken a position in barcelona. perhaps not the one that you are thinking of. time inf the fastest
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the quarterfinal. it is a second of the season and third in the row. louis hamilton was only 0.2 seconds slower. the rest of look at the grit. this is the german you might expect to see up front. he starts with third position. now two astronauts from the international space station. they have successfully repaired an ammonia leak those threatening the power system. the first of the two crew members who ventured out in what was an emergency six hour space walk. they replaced a pump to stop the leak as nasa described as very serious. officials stressed that the iss crew -- all we have time
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you have news for you at the top of the hour in about 45 minutes. >> everyone knows the owner. food.pplies the stable it is a busy place. all is not well at the bakery. she has to run it alone with her workers here have a year ago her husband was adopted out of the shop. she says they took two months to call and demand a ransom. alan approve that my husband was still alive. they wanted half a million pesos.
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at first i had to speak to him. otherwise how can i be sure? crime is flourishing in mexico, not the least in rural areas. criminal games did not hesitate to kidnap or kill people. they abducted her husband in front of dozens of witnesses. they went with them across the markets where even though many people were there. they walked right past me. i thought they were bodyguards. they went into the town hall. my husband was supposed to become mayor some. outside of town, five corpses were found. her husband was not among them. it she is drawn to the place for the killers left the bodies behind. she is not alone. many other families have suffered similar fates.
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armed men of company a group. it is safer that way. they are the militia. they, not the police, are the ones that found the bodies. " he says i am sick of having to keep digging up bodies of my friends. we have police and authorities that earn money and enjoy the privileges but they do not protect us from the killers. defend ourselves. we set up a vigilante group. these are springing up all across the area. police cannot come to grips with the country's prime -- crime problem. many thousands have responded. these people know too well how dangerous the gangs are in
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preferred to remain anonymous. most of them here are farmers who until recently paid the gangs protection money. whoever refuses to pay risks being killed. raymonda works and a cooperative but only part-time. he is also a militia member. he tells us that last night they broke in again and made off with 30 sacks of hibiscus flowers and cash. i cannot take it anymore. we suffer so much from this constant peril. i am not talking about wonder to incidents. crimes are committed every day. incidents.two
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crimes are committed every day. it is a business, and industry. who knows where it will lead to? >> after work farmers turn into a small army. a trade in tolls for shotguns. a thousand men strong. since it took over from the police, there have been no signs of the criminals. they show their presence by patrolling through town in trying to collect information about crimes from the other local. the farmer is now a commander. the market traders are just as terrified as the gangs as the farmers. the militia tries to help it some do not trust them. others object to having more mexicans carrying guns and fighting violence with violence.
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suddenly no one here knows a gangs.about any change a woman at the market complains. she says militiamen detained her husband because he did not pay his debts and imprisoned him without evidence. of course there are objections. the real problem is that the police will not go after the criminals. we do. as the militia we have to depend on our neighbors. people say it has calmed down. many support them. then move on to places where they do not face any militias, or the police are there only opponents.
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mexico'sact is that justice system only solve 2% of the country's violent crimes. three days after we lot of these pictures were broadcast. they show hundreds of other militiamen arresting 12 police officers and their former chief who had allegedly worked together with criminals. it is another new high point in a war in which is every man for himself. mexico's government gives the militias a free rein and special right to possess firearms and detain suspects. politicians are so afraid of the crime syndicate that none are willing to speak to us. one city councilman tries to explain anonymously. at the politicians federal level all know very well what is going on here.
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for them the problems are very complex. the problems are too big. there are not enough opportunities. there are not enough people. there's no intelligence either. we have some possibilities. they are not enough. the great beauty of this country stands in almost perverse contrast to the crimes committed here and the fear that people harbor. mexico has more than half a million police officers. the vigilante leaders say they have achieved more with just a few thousand members. even they cannot permanently roll back personalize crime -- organized crime. we entered this restaurant, we wonder why it and many others are totally deserted at lunchtime.
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the owners tells us her story. she's afraid of being recognized. >> it is hard to believe, but the gangs that the entire town in their grip. they do not come here anymore out of fear. i know that sometimes they will show up and demand protection money if i want to stay. she refers to a friend of hers, an architect feared he was building a housing complex when they asked him to contact certain people. they ask for a 10% of the revenue. 10% was also the level of his own profit. he does not know what to do next. >> there's not much left to do. we would be finished soon.
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have secure work but i do not think it is acceptable. we cannot do that. in the end we would only be silent accomplices and they would do with us what ever they want. the self defense initiative have two sides. cars with tours were shot dead because they did not stop. we had to stop at dozens of such barriers. many of the farmers defending their barriers concealed their faces for fear of the killer gangs. they feel they're doing the right thing because the state is failing to protect them. we are simple people, he says, to just one piece and our villages and homes. we are no longer going to allow certain people to show up in disturbed that peace.
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demand protection money and treat us like slaves. the police come here to take people out of our midst and abuse them. we do not dare go to the authorities any more because you cannot be sure that afterwards it will not be your turn. once they know who you are, they wait until they catch you alone. this woman says we made a decision to protect ourselves even if it costs us our lives. we decided for the sake of our families. the murderous gangs are destroying the fabric of a whole country. mexico's victims are the witnesses to a process of failing statehood. she's not always sit together with a neighbor so often. today she says they all share the same memories and hopes. all those at this table have lost partners, sons, or daughters. like her 15 year-old daughter
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who one day did not come home from school. she says it is totally devastating. you never find out what they have done to our loved ones, whether they are still alive or dead. idea whatle have no to our families. the peace and calm we will never get back. wherever you go in mexico, it is always the same. the only differences are the names of kidnappers all over the country. wheat fir -- we thirst for justice. waiting for the government to deliver is not going to help us.
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perhaps the militias would have protected their families, perhaps. by encouraging vigilante militias, the mexican
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