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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 12, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> the face of pakistan's future. the former prime minister's comeback. election looks likely to hand power back to a man ousted 14 years ago. , calls for international action in syria. forced out by protests a few .onths ago,
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half the worlds of birds and animals are threatened by climate change. the final result of pakistan's historical election not elected -- expected till monday. amram conn's justice party said farewell. the big loser in this election is the president's pakistan people's party. the chief election commissioner has the air of a man whose job was still -- well done. this largest exercise in pakistani democracy. more than 50 million people casting their votes. >> the percentage of voting is
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very high. this is what i call him harm is of the people. a public show of strength -- empowerment of the people. a public show of strength. after being driven from office by the army on two previous occasions, this time he will get to complete his five-year term. it was a satisfying for -- victory over the pakistan's people's party. but emerging in this election, a third force in pakistani politics, imram khan's movement for justice for pti may only have come second in the polls. we have moved forward now. the democratic process is moving forward. most of all, from my point of will play our role as
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an opposition to the center. , imram khanrtantly 's party change the way the political game is played. and touched by the grimy cumulative by long-standing clinical movements, the pti attracted a substantial portion of the younger electorate, including millions of first-time voters. in a campaign that guillen -- began long before the election, the pti set an agenda based on substantive issues, such as the economy and corruption. in so doing, breaking up a system based on clan ideology in which families and interest groups made political choices rather than individuals. sweeping change, one thing stays the same, the ever present specter of political violence that claimed dozens of lives in the election campaign. it is this file is
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predominately based on extreme religious ideology that is the greatest single challenge the new government will face. >> in this moment of reflection between the announcement of results and formation of the new government, one fact has clearly emerged. a two-party system means that the political landscape of pakistan has changed. >> there is no sign of an end to the violence that was a feature of the election campaign. in the latest incident, six people were killed and more than 40 wounded in quetta when a suicide bomber targeted a police building. we will speak about the political developments. you are in the main stronghold in the country. unofficial results show that he is the winner in this election, but not strong enough to rule alone. the political horse trading is
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already underway. what are you hearing about that? >> hi there. i think the p lmn, the party of no was sharif, is keeping a close eye on those exit -- nowaz sharif, is keeping a close eye on those exit holes and hoping that their party will inch past the post. it is not looking quite like they will. there is a reasonable chance they will get quite close. if they do, they only need a handful of extra seats in order to form a government. that is where the independent candidates are going to come into play here. there is a number of people who have been elected as independent candidates in this election. i think they are really to provide that the p lmn -- plmn, it keeps him from having to go into alliances with parties they may not otherwise fit withi thia
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underscores the huge problems facing no was sharif -- nawaz sharif, as he likely will take the role of the next leader of the country. not only are the huge security issues, the economy is a terrible state. there is is a bad energy crisis here as well. a huge number of obstacles for this new leader. >> i was just going to ask you about that, the bomb attack in underlines they security challenges facing the next government. how important are the economic challenges as well, with many people facing blackouts? rhodes is low and unemployment is high. -- growth is low and un employment is high. >> i am obviously here in the stronghold of the sharif family. even now, i can hear people celebrating on the street.
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jubant mood here. a lot of the reason why the plmn has done so well in this election is because many voters seem to want sharif as a man to fix the economy. you only really have to look at the city itself. the city is where mr. sharif hangs his hat. this is a city that has experienced phenomenal growth and development, relatively speaking. it has a mass transit system, flyovers and byways, things that other parts of the country do not have. the reason they have all this is because the pakistan muslim league policy, they control the assembly. seen as theamily is family that can spread that kind of wealth around the country, spread development around the country. that is why he really has this groundswell of support. >> thank you.
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the turkish government says it won't be drawn into the conflict destroying syria. twin blasts kill at least 46 people near the country's shared border. turkey is blaming syria for the attack, but the syrian regime says it won't get involved. the turkish prime minister says it is time for the international community to act. >> we regret that the united nations security council has not done its job. we can see how i tiny spark has turn into a serious fire. the two years of security council has shown it does not care about the syrian people. sokey security, jordan, and on. the international community has not come up with any measures. this is not acceptable. they must take a position now and explain where they stand. >> nine people have been rested in connection with the attack. the bombings have sparked anger in turkey, not just against syria, but against the turkish
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government for not protecting its people. al jazeera's andrew symonds reports. >> wherever you look in this town, there is grief and subdued anger. it is the worst attack on turkish soil since the syrian conflict began. the list of dead, some still identified, has grown in number alongside the depth of the shock. away from the funerals, police investigators mixed with recovery teams in the rubble from two car bombs. shows the second explosion that came only 15 minutes after the first. this restaurant owner was injured in the blast, and says local people should not director anger at the syrians living here. >> none of the people living in the city are guilty. they have only taken refuge here. we can't make them scapegoats. i think it's not right to accuse them wrongly. >> whoever did this, if it was
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the intention to rip the heart of this town out, they succeeded. it has always been known as a little syria, a place where refugees, fighters, politicians, ngo's gather. , said onesuspects minister. arrests of turkish nationals have been made or i. i can clearly say that the attacks were carried out by a group whose name and a committees are known to us and have direct links to syria's intelligence agency. >> syria denied any responsibility and criticize the turkish government. >> the turkish foreign minister said that turkey can defend itself. defends itself against towho? turkey's government should take full responsibility for what happened. >> some here are accusing their
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government of failing to give them adequate security. thehe prime minister says bombings were done by the pro- assad organization. then where are the border security units? where are our soldiers and policemen? >> this'll make turkey's exposure to the conflict deeper and more dangerous. it is also at a time when there is a glimmer of political hope with russia and the u.s. attempting to get some dialogue going. what happens on the ground in syria and now in turkey has its own tragic course, which only delivers more pain, more suffering. andrew symonds, al jazeera, turkey. >> meanwhile, four filipino have beeneace keepers released. the four soldiers who were being held by a serene rebel group -- syrian rebel group.
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detained 21hich peacekeepers in march, said it was holding the men for their own safety. voting has ended in parliamentary elections in bulgaria, marred by allegations of fraud and illegal riot scandal. if correct, borisov returns to power three months after being ousted by mass protests. jonah hull is in the capital. take us what the exit polls are indicating at this point. >> in essence, it is a predictable result. the polls prior to the selection and boyko borisov narrowly ahead of the socialists. polls areat the suggesting, 31.1% when for -- win for gerb.
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it's not particularly good news. it is an inconclusive result. it is not a guarantee of getting into government. some sort have to be of workable coalition that is not going to come between the two main parties, only two additional parties, according to the exit polls have crossed the 4% threshold to get into parliament here. one of those two parties is already ruled out the possibility of any sort of coalition. -- coalition with gerb. his party that had to resign government after protests on the streets of the capital's and centers of this country against high prices, low wages, and official corruption, may well have won this election. but it does not guarantee power. the prospect looms of a hung parliament, the prospect of perhaps another election in a , the possibility of
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prolonged instability and personality -- uncertainty. >> the country is the poorest in the you already -- eu lreadalre. >> absolutely. grappling with a dire economic crisis and political problems to boot. an electorate here which appears to have entirely lost faith and belief in politics and the political system. this election has been marred and riddled with claims and allegations of fraud on a potentially epic scale, hundreds of thousands of additional ballot papers, the printer and discovered on saturday, some discovered allegedly on sunday already marked in favor of one of the parties. and more than 200 individual claims of vote fraud reported by election observers. i'm told by observers at nothing like this has ever been seen in an election. there have been eight now since the collapse of communism in 1989.
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deep apathy and his taste among the electorate. among thetate electorate. 48% showed up to vote. very few predicted benefit or hope from this election. >> jonah hull, thank you. lots more still to come, including, when saints go marching in. pope francis canonize his hundreds of martyrs who died 600 years ago. , whyarrot, not the stick communist cuba is experimenting with capitalist style incentives for farmers. >> hello there and welcome to international weather. let's start with the americas.
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very heavy showers in evidence across the northwestern areas, particularly in parts of peru. thcenter across extending down towards uruguay. towards the south and the west, it is looking to write. a bit breezy for san diego -- dry. a bit breezy for santiago. seeing bigeas of thunderstorms. for the caribbean, showers few and far between. a lovely day in havana. temperature is shy of 30 degrees. somewhere in the gulf of mexico, mexico city itself might see one or two of those showers pushing inland. as we move towards north america, we have lost the frontal system effecting the eastern seaboard. the front curves right back into parts of canada. that will give some snow at times. quite warm in the south here.
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ellis, 30 degrees. los angeles looking -- dulles, 30 degrees. sensual is looking pretty warm -- los angeles looking pretty warm. >> welcome back. let's remind you of our top stories. nawaz sharif celebrating his victory. twin blasts killed at least 46 people near the country's shared border. nine people have been arrested. bulgariaoll in suggests that boyko borisov could be heading back into power just three months after he
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was ousted by mass protests. i want to get more on our top story now, the event in pakistan. richard howitt, a british member of the european parliament, also an eu election observer in pakistan, monitoring this weekend's historic vote. thank you for joining us. give us your assessment of the election. was it free and fair? >> it's always going to be markup located than that. this is an election that in many ways has been marred by ,iolence with the pakistan taliban threat against three parties, really limiting, stopping them from campaigning at all. we saw 54 deaths yesterday simply that were on election nearly election related, 200 as a whole. and what is only the first time in this country, one civilian government is headed to another, 'smocracy ti
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irregularities. the other side of the equation is often not fully understood by the international community. we have seen an election that has been largely one that has taken place in a friendly, competitive, but peaceful atmosphere in terms of rival parties. has been huge progress by the election commission of pakistan, 95% of polling stations with full materials. less than 1% where there has been any complaints. on the one side, syria's concerns about the election, but i hope the european union will be in the position to report that the result is not missed -- distorted. >> you don't think the violence we saw on election day or the run-up to the election and allegations of vote rigging are enough to really have skewed or distorted the political playing field i very much hope that we have
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, thetoday from imram khan electoral commission here in pakistan has accepted that there were not free and fair elections perhaps at around 48 polling stations. we expect them to reorder. i don't underestimate how difficult some of those problems were. when i make my own observations and hear those from other europeans, what we find is that although there were many irregularities, there were different ones in different places. this was not organized manipulation or intention for the vast part. tomorrow in karachi, we don't see cause for a general strike. in the losing cities, clearly there's going to be hot opposition to what has hap overall that the judgment that can be made will
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be one that this is an election which is a step forward for pakistan. >> richard howitt, british member of the european parliament and eu elections observer in pakistan. thank you. pope francis has canonized more than 800 saints in a ceremony at the vatican. the majority of them were 15th century martyrs killed for refusing to convert to islam. it has been a controversy look move -- move. >> a record-breaking celebration, but not everyone is impressed. on sunday, pope francis canonized more than 800 catholics, the highest number of saints made it once in the history of the catholic church. two of them were women known for their charitable work. the rest were hundreds of lehman from the southern from theown -- laymen southern italian town after
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they refused to convert to islam. only their leader, antonio primaldo, was her member by name. his fellow -- was remembered by name. his fellow martyrs remain anymous. martyrs,venerate the let us ask god to sustain those many christians who in these times and in many parts of the world right now still suffer violence, and give them the courage and fidelity to respond to evil with good. >> since his election, pope francis has called for greater dialogue between christianity and the muslim world. but highlighting the sacrifice of hundreds of christians who died at the hands of muslims may put a strain on already fragile silence between the west and islam. >> today the event has not been conceived by the new pope. he is following a procedure started by his predecessors. i hope in the future, pope francis will act in a different way, because it is kind thing
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could jeopardize the dialogue between faiths. >> the decision to canonize hundreds of martyrs was not pope francis's idea. it was his predecessor, benedict, who announced the canonize nation on february 11, the same day he announced his resignation -- canonization unsavory 11, the same day he announced his resignation. e same day he, th s announced his resignation. >> al jazeera, rome. >> the world health organization is warning a new strain of the coronavirus could be passed on between people in close contact. it has killed the two more people in saudi arabia, making 18 deaths in total so far in the middle east and europe. the latest case in france is a patient who shared a hospital room with the only other confined to suffer in the whole. scientists say we should not be too alarmed -- sufferer in teh
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whole. rightists say we should not be too alarmed. cientists are made -- s say we should not be too alarmed. >> it has remained small. >> the government has started to liberalize the economy, introducing private enterprise in limited areas. , that hasom havana been welcomed by farmers who can now choose where to sell their produce. >> take a look at how capitalism is taking root in cuba. this is the first to market that does not belong to the state since the dell castro's revolution. people gather here to buy and sell food -- fidel castro's revolution. people gather here to buy and sell food. now he can set his own prices and sell directly to customers.
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>> we come here to sell the extra production that we do not sell to the state. before we could only sell to the government. resources are difficult. we grow what we are given. it's a little bit better than before. >> there are about 80 trucks that come from all around cuba every day. this food vendor is among those who come to shop. >> i buy vegetables here and sell them to other places. i think this is making things a bit better in the economy. >> this market is an example of everything that has changed in cuba in the last year since the government implemented a series of economic reforms and legalized a broad range of small businesses. cuba spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in food imports, and that is why the government has declared the increase in production a top priority. the government has given some farmers extra land, seeds and fertilizers to boost local food
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production. despite of these efforts, cuba is still producing less food than it did five years ago. part of the problem is getting food from farm to market. oft roads here are in need repair, and most of the trucks are from the 1950's. >> the price of gasoline is very high. i don't own a truck, why have to get one. it is difficult. >> -- i have to get one. it is difficult. >> cuba must also deal with a 50-year-old trade embargo. some here remain optimistic. >> the government's challenge will be to boost production to work on cooperatives to continue sponsoring the agricultural sector so that eventually we can cut back on food imports. this is what needs to happen so the economy can grow. >> in spite of the complications, those who come ihere everyday claim this is a real chance for those waiting to work hard during the objective
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is no longer just serve, but satisfy individual needs for a better life.
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x welcome to the journal, live from berlin. nine arrests. accra and damascus trade accusations. elections in bulgaria, exit polls suggesting. tonando alonso is thrilled win the spanish grand prix. >> turkey has rounded up nine people over saturday's bombings near t


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