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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 3, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the militant's deadline to break the military deadlocked in egypt approaches. you are watching on jazeera live from doha. the libyan president is allowed to leave austria. his plan was forced to land as part of the hunt for edward snowden. the u.n. humanitarian chief says the refugee crisis in syria is getting much worse. entreating hiv with cancer treatments. new hope for the fight against
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the virus. the time is running out for all sides in egypt's political crisis. a deadline set by the army is set to expire in a matter of hours. there is a crisis meeting being held right now. protesters from both sides of the political divide are still on the street. some of the president's allies are calling on him to back down to avoid more bloodshed. mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood remained defiant. he says he was elected with a mandate to lead. of safeguarding the legitimacy is my blood, then i am prepared to sacrifice my blood for the sake of the stability and security of this homeland. do not fall into the trap. any act against this illegitimacy is a crime and will drive the country into a dark
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tunnel, giving joy to our enemy. >> hours before the military steps in. any word on this crisis meeting underway? that aust heard about few minutes ago. reportedly, the army chief is in a crisis meeting and has been for the past several hours with his top commanders. we are expecting that some sort of statement will come from the military before the deadline, which expires in a few hours. it really is a waiting game. a nervous waiting game. i have seen the crowds go from celebration mood after the minister issued the initialed ultimatum a few days ago to now being tense and angry. we have also been hearing various rumors coming from
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different military sources as to what kind of statement we can expect. some people say the military will come out even more defiant, calling for morsi to step down. others say they will strike a conciliatory tone and give him a bit more time, perhaps initiating some sort of dialogue. right now, it is anyone's guess. >> the political side of this story as far as the military is concerned. considering the potential for violence today, what do you see on the streets as far as security is concerned? to hear you.icult let me tell you what is happening. beenebel campaign has holding a press conference. they are about opposition group that initially called for the june 30 protests. what they have been saying is
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that the military must intervene to save the lives of the egyptian people. clashesiolent scenes, between those against mohamed morsi and those for him. they called for a specific protest to start in three hours to the headquarters of the presidential guard. they called the president's speech made last night a call for civil war. both sides digging their heels in. not much room for maneuvering in the middle. >> we will leave been there. very noisy. we are looking at live pictures rsi and anti-rri morsi camps. aljazn find much more at
5:35 am t or riots after leaving moscow. the incident has caused a serious response. >> he was on his way back home after in a detox in russia. his airplane was forced to land in vienna. speaking from the the at the terminal, he said global aerospace rules should have been respected. other south american leaders are concerned about what happens. >> it is a legal issue about respecting international rules. at international relations with respect to air space. >> the airplane left moscow after heading southwest toward libya. the plane was redirected and
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forced to land in vienna. >> we do not know who invented this line. someone was to hurt our country. need to and france explain to us why we were denied the use of their airspace. >> it seems all raises the such developed countries as speak about democracy and the illusions they make. it is completely reprehensible. >> how can a head of space not be allowed to fly through other countries also airspace? the brazilian president has been elected by the people. he has sovereignty where he is. he should be treated with respect. still believedis to be at the moscow airport. he has approached 21 countries looking for political asylum. the diplomatic doors have been closing. five countries have rejected his request and another seven have
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said they will consider helping him if he is on their soil. brazil and venezuela are thought to be considering his request. the u.s. has warned of serious consequences for anyone offered him asylum. >> many people are saying this is a disrespect the way of treating the president what is reaction to all of this? >> their position is quite confused. it seems to be reflected in the ambiguous statement we are getting from the french foreign ministry during the course of the past few hours. the latest was on the record and on camera from a foreign ministry spokesman. french access to airspace was granted to the bolivian presidential plane. when reporters pressed the spokes man and asked him whether initially permission had been granted, he said he cannot
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confirm that. clearly, there seems to be some kind of question about why exactly the airplane had to change its route and why more morales found himself making an unscheduled stop in vienna. we did see the plane take off a short while ago. >> we have seen other countries have fallout from the spying allegations. tell us about that. >> that has really been the story that has dominated the situation here in france and other european capitals over the past few days. allegations originally from snowden that the u.s. had been spying on these friendly european countries including italy, france, and germany, including european union
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offices, allegations that have caused outrage across europe with chancellor angela merkel. they were seeking clarification from americans as to what exactly was going on. it is ironic that a couple of days ago, for a slot blot was taking a strong stand, demanding hollande was calling on all countries to take a common stand. now the european union is saying it is up to each individual country to decide if it will give access to its airspace. we are not seeing the common european stance. many feel the americans have been putting pressure on european countries because of these suspicions that snowden was on the plane. it looks like these european countries have been yielding to that pressure. >> thank you for that.
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three executives from a japanese corporation have been found guilty of covering up huge financial losses. the former ... president and two company auditors have been olympusd -- the former president and two on it is have been convicted. and two auditors have been convicted. for the second time since the new prime minister took office, the u.s. drones have attacked targets inside pakistani airspace in the north region. this is the largest attack so far. earlier, the prime minister said these price -- the tax
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should be stopped immediately and that this was a breach of the country's sovereignty. the foreign office was also quick to condemn the attacks saying such a tax would do little to improve ties between washington and islamabad and would have an negative impact. according to reports, the u.s. drones targeted two different targets on the ground. with the least four missiles. the casualties from that particular task are quite high according to local reports -- that particular attack are quite high. according to local reports, other people were wounded. the u.s. drones continue to hover over that area, causing panic among the local residents. forces are pushing back government forces.
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rebels have killed a number of soldiers and hezbollah fighters. there are also reports of the opposition capturing soldiers and damascus. syrians fled to lebanon to escape the violence. 51000 syrian refugees are being hosted in lebanon. that number could rise -- 500,000 syrian refugees are being hosted in lebanon. that number could rise. >> influence on the ground and with the government. they are doing all they can to help with the transition. they need help.
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>> it has come out of the shadows for the first time in a year. we take a close look at egypt's powerful army. pakistan is facing what some are calling an environmental catastrophe. the top stories on algerian -- on al jazeera. tensions are mounting as people try to resolve the political crisis. thousands take to the streets --voice their support for rage for mohamed morsi. the situation with syria refugees is getting worse. u.n. expects 1 million serious to be living in lebanon
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by the end of the year. more now on our top story, the crisis in egypt. the army has imposed a deadline for the two size to come to a solution. what role does the military command have in egyptian politics. caroline alone takes a closer look. alone takes -- malone takes a closer look. the armedhead of forces is the minister of defense. on monday, he said president mohamed morsi had an ultimatum. respond or the military will step in. >> 50 people's demands are not answered within the ultimatum, -- if the people's commands are not answered within the necessary it will be
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to declare a road map plans for the future. >> shortly after the statement, opposition crowd welcome to be visible reminder of the armed forces. d the visible reminder of the armed forces. of military intelligence was promoted by president mohamed morsi a year ago. the chief of staff was forced out at the time. two days later, he was reintroduced as a military adviser. d said he wasan resigning as protest against president mohamed morsi. >> everyone must listen and act. former military council took charge after the fall of former president mubarak in
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2011. egyptme demonstrators in march alongside members of the security forces. they say they have always supported the military and will do so as long as it does not move into politics. of dollars are at stake for afghanistan's developments. the major donor conference has taken place in kabul. pledged16 million was for development in the country. aid organizations are in kabul to decide how the money will be spent. >> on the agenda of that meeting today, democracy, governance, human rights, and banking issues. when that $16 billion was promised to afghanistan a year ago in tokyo, international
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governments put some conditions on it. they wanted to see improvements in the anti-corrosion measures and increased commitment to human rights and women's rights. that is what will be discussed today. they are saying there is a new monitoring commission. this month, the cabinet passed an anti-money laundering laws that they hope will be passed into law in afghanistan later this year. donor countries i have spoken to say they still have concerns about the country's commitment to human rights and women's rights. both sides agree to russia remains a pervasive issue here. the country is facing tough budget cuts as it tries to meet the terms of a hundred million
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dollars bailout funds. in canada, the arrest of two people links to a bomb plot. they are accused of trying to bomb the legislature during the canada day celebrations. they say they were going to use a pressure cooker bomb to set off the explosion. we have the story from toronto. >> the world canadian mounted police held a news conference and said they had arrested two people in a suburb of vancouver on the west coast and charged them with conspiring to mount an attack on the provincial legislature in the province of british columbia on canada's west coast. the two people are arrested are charged with conspiring to commit terrorist acts he and creating explosives. it would have been a major attack causing deaths and injuries on canada day, july 1,
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when celebrations take place that attract tens of thousands. they used the word al qaeda- inspired ideology. but they said this was not connected to any international group and was planned totally within canada. >> these individuals were inspired by al qaeda ideology. there is no evidence indicating these individuals had the support 0 -- or were acting at the direction of a terrorist group. >> it is the second time in just over two months that the police say they have constructed an attempted attack on a target. a couple of months ago of two people were arrested and charged with plotting to bomb a train that ran to the united states. >> firefighters in arizona appeared to be gaining ground. they are putting out a massive wildfire that killed 19 members of an elite fire crew.
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it has destroyed thousands of acres of land. residents are desperate for relief. >> we are 15 kilometers from where the 19 firefighters died. this is as physically close as we can get. a head, you can see a road block. helicopters are still fighting the fire. there are 400 firefighters still tackling the blaze. at a corner store, local residents are preparing for the worst. this small town could be next to go up in flames. >> calm like it is now in the next minute we get a 40 mile an hour rush. out ofd fly the dickens those guys if they get in the way of it. >> evacuation shelters are taking in those who have been forced to leave their homes behind. >> we hope our home stays in one piece and does not burn up.
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>> there is still a keen sense of loss as arizona morn's of the 19 men who died. urns the 19 men who died. >> they gave their lives up to save other people's property. >> despite the imminent danger, the thoughts of the people are not for what they might lose, but for what they lost. >> hundreds of people have been left homeless in indonesia following a magnitude 6.1 earthquake. at least 21 people are dead and dozens are missing. the earthquake flattened buildings and trigger landslides. several children were killed when a mosque collapsed. has affectedorm thousands. many people have been trapped by rising waters.
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farms have been destroyed. monsoonthan usual rains have caused flooding fears in the area around the river ganges. thousands of people have been left homeless. himalayan gla ciers are melting and are leading to drought in some places. we get a firsthand look at the problem from a remote mountain community. country'sthe farmland is disappearing fast. the glaciers are melting away at the rate of 23% in a decade according to one government figures. disasters like pakistan's devastating floods is moving and the clock is ticking.
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the villages nestled away in the foothills of the mountains are mostly risk. in 1958, this village was swept away by flood. generations later, it is at rest again for glacial meltdown and the intelligence do not know what to do. >> it keeps us up at night. we do not know what to do. there are 600 people in this village. no one has talked to us to tell what if anything can be done. >> despite that, there are measures to protect villages. education and awareness are key. ultimately, this is not a pakistani problem, but an international one. >> the bigger countries can do better. hydropower is the best option. 70,000 60,000 to
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megawatts of power potential. theave to provide energy to committee for lighting, cooking, heating. to thet community -- committee for lighting, cooking, he teamed -- community for lighting, cooking, heating. big,imate change is a global problem that is having an impact here. trying to do something about it if it is one single province, one single country. things are changing slowly. but it might be too late for this village. in the united states say they are encouraged whowo hiv-positive patients
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appeared to have recovered from the virus. they also suffered from cancer and were given bone marrow transplants. it appears the transplants may have killed off the hiv. hiv andhy had both leukemia. he had a bone marrow transplant to treat the cancer. when he recovered, it was discovered the hiv was no longer detectable. scientists were reluctant to call it a cure. but now getting more men have seen similar results. all three were given high doses of chemotherapy and radiation. it killed off their existing bone marrow. healthy stem cells taken from a donor was put into their blood from -- like a blood transfusion. it started to produce healthy blood cells. >> by continuing retro viral therapy at the time of the
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transplant, we could protect the otherwise susceptible cells from becoming h.i.v.-infected. othercells replaced the cells that were infected, eliminating the hiv. now the two man have been off of the drugs. still, there are no signs the virus has returned. it is an encouraging sign and one that gives hope to many. >> it by bit, we are getting more information about different approaches that can be used to be able to eradicate hiv from the body or effectively stop hiv from being passed on. that has to be good news in terms of the global fight against hiv. the techniqueed is not a cure. they want to wait until the men
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have been off of the anti retro viral drugs for at least a year. and it cannot be offered to all hiv suffers. bone marrow transplants are expensive. up to half of those who have them die. >> it carries with it significant risks. it is limited to patients who have cancer and require a transplant to treat their cancer. we can learn from this experience and find ways of applying what we have learned more broadly. >> it signals a possible new approach to tackling hiv. the timor cases can be added to the success story. researchers say they will be one step closer in the search for a cure. more cases can be added to the success story.
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