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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 3, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> a warm welcome coming to you live on dw. i'm brian thomas in berlin. >> the headlines this hour. egypt at the crossroads as the military resumes power and they wait to hear from top generals. >> the bolivian president of peerless -- appeals to the u.n. after his plane was diverted after suspicion nsa leaker edward snowden was on board. >> to save the new lost generation. captioned by the national captioning institute
2:01 pm >> it has been a dramatic last few hours in egypt where tanks around on the streets of cairo after a military ultimatum ran out for president mohamed morsi. security forces put a travel ban on morsi and a number of his top officials in the muslim brotherhood. >> it's a move back in time for egypt, who has seen their first democratically elected president removed by the army. hundreds of thousands of people are out on the streets and are waiting for a statement from the military. >> for the very latest, we are going live to a correspondent standing by and carrie rowe. karima, is there a military coup underway? -- standing by in cairo. >> as we speak, the military is just making an announcement. it looks like a military coup.
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there are tanks out on the street. president morsi was informed that he is no longer president. >> we are getting life pictures from cairo right now, kareem. is the military starting their statement? [beep beep] >> we will try to get him back in cairo lesson as we can. -- as soon as we can. >> tensions reaching a fever pitch. the army has reportedly taken control of the major media outlets including the state broadcaster in cairo. >> in egypt is deeply divided in the military is the one institution that egyptians continue have faith in. >> can the military provides stability that they are yearning for a midst of the uncertainty? we have this report.
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>> mass demonstrations and running street battles. but until this week, the army was noticeably quiet. on monday, that changed. military or is bearing the national flag flew over the crowd in the issued an ultimatum giving the government 48 hours to resolve the crisis or the military would intervene. protesters were delighted. >> we have always trusted our army. >> armed forces are the best people to rule egypt right now because there is a lack of security. >> the confidence his opponents have in the army is perhaps surprising giving the controversial role of the military and the toppling of former president hosni mubarak.
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they helped overthrow him but they were reluctant to let go of power. there is hardly any organization and eat if that is as well- organized as the army. it has half a million soldiers with fixed structures that have been in place for decades. army officers and former members of the military hold many key positions in society, particularly in administration. the army is also a key economic factor in egypt. whether it is tourism, construction, or heavy industry, the army is involved in every level. as the largest employer, that gives the army chiefs huge power. it was president mohamed morsi appointed him to his post. but he has now distanced himself from the president warning that he will not allow egypt to be plunged into what he called "a dark tunnel." >> we are happy to have our
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middle east expert. we have breaking news coming in, miguel, that mohamed morsi can no longer be president according to the military in a state run newspaper. is this unexpected development? >> in a way, it is. they made it very clear that the ultimatum set has run out. four hours after the ultimatum has ended, now there is a real coup d'état in egypt. they are seizing power from the democratically elected president and this is a major landmark in contemporary egyptian history. it is the first democratically elect a president being toppled by the military after just one year and power. >> you would say this marks of their end of their experiments with democracy? >> with the muslim brotherhood. the military is non-intervening because they are worried about the democracy. a are not interested to know who
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rules egypt under their thumbs as long as they can continue to be a state within the state and that is with the egyptian army is, more or less. so many people were opposed to this government in the muslim brotherhood that they thought there was a good chance to really change the political path in egypt's contemporary political history, but to what price? we should not believe they would accept their president being toppled. let's not forget the muslim brotherhood has been an underground organization for more than 80 years a yearning for power. now the army says that it is the end of the story. they will never accept it. >> if it is confirmed that morsi can no longer be president, according to the military, what are his options? will he go to the muslim brotherhood? will he go out on the streets? >> no one knows what's going to happen. of course, the opponents of morsi are very happy in tahrir
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square but there are many supporters of the brotherhood who will now be veryng and nobody knows whether there will be clashes or not tonight. the decisive question is this -- will the military be able to form a transitional government with some muslim brothers being included? or will they refuse in a cooperation? in that case, egypt is really going to embrace quite a few problems because you cannot exclude half of the population from and political participation. >> as you know, the way that egypt goes, the arab world follows. this is the first arab spring country going back to the old ways. what repercussions will this have for the region? >> it's a very divisive question indeed. egypt is the cultural and political center of the arab world. it will have repercussions in other parts of the arab world. should this experiment in democracy fail, should the
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muslim brothers go underground, there will be repercussions in tunisia, algeria. muslim brothers in other countries will also go wild. >> there are certainly a lot at stake. miguel, thank you so much for joining us. bolivia has appealed to the united nations to take action against what they are calling the kidnapping of its president. by european countries test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. of the human rights
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commission. >> bolivian officials say his jet had departed when france, italy, and portugal withdrew permission to enter their airspace. the aircraft diverted to vienna where it remained grounded for 13 hours. the european countries suspected that u.s. intelligence whistleblower edward snowden might he on board, but he said
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he had nothing to do with snowden accusing them of making a historic blunder. france apparently lifted its ban after learning morale us was on the airplane. critics say the incident raises troubling questions about how far the u.s. can go to catch snowden. >> apparently the u.s. has so much influence that no country dares to take him in. it goes beyond that. no country is even willing to let an airplane that might he carrying him enter their airspace. >> is aircraft has since made a reairing stop in the canary islands and is now on the final leg to bolivia. >> germany has rejected a request by snowden for political asylum. while the news of the internet spying activities has caused outrage in berlin, germany is already reviewing the competence
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of their own domestic intelligence services. >> a string of racially motivated murders between 2000 and 2007 raise serious questions about the activities of the german intelligence services. today, the german interior minister revealed details about the agency's informants. >> the office for the protection of the constitution has to change. they are facing stiff criticism, something the interior minister is well aware of. the terror cell killed 10 people without the agency noticing the link and staff destroying indiscriminately -- incriminating files. now the agency intends to reform. >> we now want to focus more than ever to phenomenon related to violence. i think it's a very important point. >> we need extra capacity to combat extremist propaganda on the internet, which is partially from outside germany.
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>> it includes this group who sends videos from syria. they will be watching neo-nazis while at the same time cutting back on the observation of less dangerous groups. both frideric and the president say a change in mentality is needed. it previously had been unable to imagine that far right terror was still possible in germany. >> now on to business news where unemployment and portugal has reached record highs. with the recession entering its third year, many are blaming the center-right government or the seemingly hopeless situation. the markets have reacted drastically to the deepening political and economic crisis. the 10 year bond yield soared to more than 8%, the highest level since the end of 2012.
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the political crisis in portugal and uncertainty has people on edge. we have this story from the frankfurt stock exchange. but the news from portugal had a very disturbing effect. not only on portuguese government bonds were rising. also, spain, italy, and greece have to offer higher returns if they want to get investor confidence and money. in frankfurt, stocks were mostly going lower. economic data from china also playing a role here. the services sector in china is not growing so strongly anymore. last but not least, the real estate firm called off their ipo . no wonder that traders in frankfurt were not in a very good mood this wednesday. click says we just heard there
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from conrad, european market slumping today. the dax ended 1.03% lower and the euro stoxx 50 down 1.25%. the dow is currently trading 0.38% of. >> we have a sports item for you in order sports -- motorsports. they have decided not to boycott the german grand prix. there was -- they are satisfied to parolees response over the new tires. >> they will provide new tires after six blowouts are in the british grad prix last weekend. lewis hamilton was among the drivers affected. the tire failure sparking concerns about the safety of drivers, stewards, and spectators. >> we're going to a short break. when we come back,, the latest from egypt including another
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eight on the statement i the military that mohador must the office of president. >> don't go anywhere. >> back to the breaking news story from egypt where president mohamed morsi has been ousted in a military coup. the egyptian army has just delivered a statement in which they announced to have removed morsi from power and suspended the islamist backed constitution. the head of the constitutional court will act as president until new elections are held. >> we will have more from egypt including a conversation with our correspondent there later in the program. in other news -- >> the victims of the european debt crisis set to suffer the longest are today's young people. >> the eu labour ministers have
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been here in berlin to come up with a plan to help them. ask political leaders are sounding the alarm saying that unless more is done to create jobs for them, the faces of the future of social unrest and the departure of the most talented young people are what they face. >> it was a short sightseeing visit to brandenburg gate and then down to work. angela merkel convened a summit to discuss how to find work opportunities for europe's young people. critics say the eu should allocate more funds to job creation measures, but merkel says money alone will not solve the problem. >> money is not the problem. the problem is how we want to earn it in the future. how can we offer young people the chance? how can we provide small and medium companies with money to burn -- to afford the interest payments? how do we kickstart the economy? >> eu leaders wanted to put
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themselves under pressure to act, but the summit was short on specifics. german trade unions and the opposition social democrats organized a protest outside of the jobs summit. they say angela merkel focusing on it makes her partially responsible for youth unemployment in countries like spain. >> no consensus was reached in today's talks. >> the meeting was intended to be an exchange between the leaders on what policies are working best to fight youth unemployment. as the chancellor said, it was a day of rolling up the sleeves in which they did share their best crack this is. she said all of the leaders had a real sense of urgency and they had agreed on several initiatives, among them to make
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labor markets function more flexibly to improve coordination and cooperation between jobs agencies in european countries and between them. and also to make sure that the european investment bank aside t provide most jobs for young people. a host of measures there. there will be further meetings in the fall to pick up on these initiatives and also to decide how a separate part of 8 billion euro will be spent to try and provide more jobs for young people. all of the young -- all of the leaders have said the loss of a young generation is a very grave matter indeed. >> thank you very much. in a bid to combat the relentless climb in the jobless rate, they have been looking to germany's success with the dual track training program for craftsmen. >> a combined schooling with two or three years with training
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with certified masters. let's look at the program one year after its introduction in spain. >> they are learning how to be mechanics. the 220 one-year-olds are part of the first group of dual track trainees in spain. -- the two 21 year olds are among the first. >> the situation is not very rosy. the more advantages you have over the next person, the better. practical experience helps. >> they are almost halfway through the two-your program. the and structure is pleased with their progress. >> we have a lot good experiences. they are more involved in what is being taught, although it is mostly bigger firms. what we need to do now is get the small and medium-sized is mrs. into the program.
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>> but many smaller companies fear the cost involved in training employees. the transit company is already seeing the advantages of their involvement in the training program. >> what sticks out is how involved the trainees are. they have to work even harder because, in addition to their jobs, they also have a study for school during their time off. >> despite the praise, it is unlikely they will wind up with permanent job offers here. the financial crisis in spain means the transit company has a hiring freeze in place. there is also criticism of the sherman-inspired dual track program. -- the german-inspired program. >> the relationship needs improvement with varied things. it cannot be done at the expense of the existing training programs. >> in the madrid region, nearly
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40,000 young people are in classic spanish training programs will on commercial or trade schools. many fear that the dual track students will get the upper hand. madrid's deputy education minister wants to expand the program, despite the criticism. >> it is clear they will not be able to hire all of the trainees right now. but at least we know what we have to teach them. >> for these young people, it's not enough. they are learning german because they will soon begin programs in frankfurt. i consciously chose to go to germany where they expect to find more opportunity. right now, the future in their home country is anything but optimistic. >> let's turn now to climate change. extreme weather conditions have become the norm around the world
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from hot and dry conditions fueling wildfires in arizona to a record cold temperatures in canada. >> today's weather is far more unpredictably and the consequences for humans are often catastrophic. a new human report says radical swings will remain with us for years to come. -- a new you and report. >> in germany and around the world, flooding was the most common phenomenon. they cost countless lives, especially in the americas. that is what data from one 130 nine country showed between 2001-2010. the world meteorological organization has analyzed the data. it is the hottest temperatures since records began. >> the last decade, 2001-2010, is the warmest. >> the average temperature
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increased .2 degree causing the sea levels to rise three millimeters, almost double the rate. there was an increase of 20% in weather-related deaths and the trend is likely to continue. >> what was exceptional made by the end of the century become much less so. >> despite flood protection and emergency plans, they will have to learn to live with catastrophic weather. >> glamour for everyone and a healthy dose of retro fever. those are two directions crystallizing at the berlin fashion week. fashionistas from all over the world are storming the german capital. >> here's a look at some of the newest creations out on the catwalk. >> good news for fashionistas tired of sore feet. this latest collection carries a reflect the in dash a great
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message -- trainers are no longer a faux pas. sales of his label balooned from 300,000 euro to 5 millino euro. the idea came to him in a flash and he knew what to do when inspiration struck. >> i was buzzing with ideas and they started running up and down through the house. before i knew it, it was 4 a.m. and i had 50 designs. >> opting for floral patterns in a throwback to 50s style pinup looks in her latest collection. >> let's return to our breaking news story from egypt where president mohamed morsi has been ousted in a military coup. >> the egyptian army has delivered a statement to the nation announcing they had removed morsi from power and
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suspended egypt's islamist backed constitution. the constitutional court will act as president until new elections are held. the national unity government will lead the country in the interim. >> this all follows the ultimatum that passed for mohamed morsi to meet the demand the protesters or face military intervention. military chiefs have been holding crisis talks with the opposition and religious leaders, including members of the coptic church and the various clerics the muslim religion. tens of thousands of protesters have been gathering out in tahrir square and other cities as well, like alexandria, waiting to see what will happen next. morsi has been refusing to step down but has offered the option of a coalition government under his leadership. that, according to the military, is no longer germane to current conversations.
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morsi's supporters are also out on the streets in massive numbers as well. in the last few hours, the army has been moving to tighten its control on key institutions, like state media. >> tahrir square has been packed with opponents and supporters of president morsi. there is so much uncertainty. we don't know how it will solve itself. >> we will try to get to our correspondent kareem during the next "journal." please join us then.
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a process against new restrictions on abortion in texas. has the republican controlled state house gone too far? plus, the rising cost of u.s. higher education, as tuition costs rise and loan rates double. we asked, is a college degree worth it? "inside story"g from washington. hello, i am


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