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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 5, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> you are watching me "journal" coming to live from berlin. >> coming up in the show -- egypt's second resolution -- revolution turns ugly. people are shot dead as islamists protest against the ousting of president morsi. >> and the ee you and china tried to settle a solar panel squabble -- the eu and china tried to settle a solar panel squabble.
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a day of rage -- that is what the muslim brotherhood calls its campaign to reinstate egypt's deposed leader. thousands have flooded the streets of cairo. lex they have clashed with troops, and security forces say a number of demonstrators are dead. the military is trying to keep protesters away from the crowds celebrating the coup. >> a mass rally was held valley morsi's return. >> we are morsi's soldiers and we will defend him with our lives, the leader of the muslim brotherhood declared before tens of thousands in central cairo. it was a high point in a day of rage called by the muslim brotherhood to protest mohamed morsi's removal as egypt's
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president. protests were held across the country. one demonstration turned violent at the republican guard noting where morsi is believed to be under arrest. the army said it only used tear gas and blanks to disperse the crowd, but witnesses tell another story. there are conflicting reports about the number of dead and injured. >> i say to the army chief that he did not betray morsi, but he betrayed the egyptian people and the entire nation. >> earlier, the military said it would permit demonstrations as long as protests remained peaceful, but the situation in egypt remains tense. many leaders of the islamist mother -- muslim brotherhood remain in detention as the organization has vowed to continue protests until morsi is returned to office. in one of his first moves, interim president adly mansour dissolved the shura council.
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in cairo's central tahrir square, opponents of morsi and the muslim brotherhood gathered to celebrate the president's removal. >> with another day of mass rallies under way in cairo and with the future of democracy in egypt at stake, morsi supporters staged a demonstration in the capital. >> a group of berliners gathered to express their unease at the military's intervention and the political changes unfolding in egypt. >> crowds of demonstrators chant "morsi is the democratically elected president." these berliners are demonstrating against the egyptian military's move to depose the president. morsi supporters are calling it a coup. one of those protesting has lived in berlin for the past 18 years and runs an online travel agency. today, it is morsi supporters who are most visible, but opposition supporters are also
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out in about. in a restaurant, heated arguments erupt over which side has more marchers and which side was right or wrong. >> we are not against listening to the opinions of others. we are not against making deals, but we are against those who had deposed and elected president. >> the restaurant owner replies that the military responded to the overwhelming will of the people. he disagrees, and yet, another joins the argument. major disagreements, but these three are friends, and they promise to stay friends. all three are concerned about the safety of loved ones back home. this man welcomes morsi's overthrow. he has lived in berlin for 55 years and is the leader of germany's christian community. he was worried by islamist attacks on christians, but now he is confident that the worst is over.
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>> i'm hopeful that the next few years will be good to egypt, but that will only happen if the right party takes power, and it looks like that will be the case. the people have awakened. >> this christian does not think the muslim brotherhood should be pushed out of politics. he hopes a new government will unite all egyptians. >> we are joined now by a political scientist, an expert in middle eastern culture. welcome, first of all. what can egyptians actually hope for? >> we hope of uniting, not to exploit muslim brothers but to include them. i hope that the new government can realize that. >> morsi supporters say he is a
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freely democratic leader. adly mansour was appointed by the military. is this just a power grab i the old guard? >> yes and no. you have the revolutionary people. i hope now with a new strategy, neil politics, that he will not do the same politics of the old system, but i can understand the point of view from the muslim brothers. >> can you explain exactly why there is so much widespread support for this man? >> it is not a lot of support, as you are seeing.
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when you do not have a president, then this judge can be a president. now you have a new way. >> thank you for the analysis. appreciate it. now we go to our correspondent in cairo. give us details about the latest report of clashes. >> i can tell you what i'm seeing right in front of my office. there are several thousand supporters of the muslim brotherhood 200 meters away. on the other side, about 100 meters away, the opponents of
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morsi coming from terrier square -- tahrir square, throwing firecrackers at each other and firing birdshot. right now as we speak, there is a military helicopter flying over. there's really no police to be seen. the muslim brothers are carrying pmore injured people, but that does not deter more and more people coming to this place. it is like civil war in the middle of downtown right now. >> basically, we have reported there have been a number of death and many injuries. is the unrest spreading? >> i can see from my office this will take hours, and there will be a lot of people injured.
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this is not like a few hundred people fighting each other. this is like several thousand people on each side. now the people from tahrir square are storming throughout the street, playing cat and mouse right now. hundreds and hundreds of people are behind them, trying to storm the muslim brotherhood, shooting against the other side. >> we have to leave it there. thank you very much for the update. >> let's turn to business news now because there's good news from the u.s. labor market -- a government jobs report showed sharp hiring gains last month. but the pace of hiring could not bring the u.s. unemployment rate down. it is stuck at 7.6%. the average unemployment rate in the u.s. is six percent.
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well, good news from the u.s. jobs front went down badly in europe, causing a selloff. this report on why the markets reaction was so negative. >> the situation on the labor market in the united dates is getting better. this piece of news caused a wave of sales on the stock market here in frankfurt. the better the situation on the u.s. labor market, the earlier the federal reserve will and its generous supply of money or generous monetary policy. this means the speculation with cheap reserve bank money and german stocks cannot go on forever. besides this, the recovery of the u.s. labor market also makes clear how significant the differences are between america and europe in terms of economic dynamics. one more reason for investors to sell german stocks this friday. >> let's take a look at the numbers now, and european stocks
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slumped today. in frankfurt, the dax was down two point 36%. euro stoxx's almost an event, losing almost two percent. -- euro stoxx also in the red, losing almost 2%. the europe pn union and china -- the european union and china may be reaching a resolution to the conflict. >> europe's solar industry has been grappling with fierce competition from asia. hamburg company announced friday that it is filing for bankruptcy. >> this german solar company has become the latest casualty in a global solar price war. they blame delayed payments from a large project. but like many solar companies in germany, they could not compete with cheap imports from asia. after it filed for insolvency
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last year, the german solar panel maker q-cells was acquired by a korean conglomerate. other companies have suspended their solar divisions, and germay's largest roller company relies on its largest creditor to stay afloat. the european union accuses china of selling solar panels in europe the low costs. brussels introduced duties on chinese imports last month. those fees will help level the playing field for struggling german companies. but for many businesses, the move comes too late. >> lithuania is one of the eu's smallest and newest members. but it will be setting the agenda in brussels for the next few months. >> the country has just taken over the eu presidency and has been hosting senior european officials. >> the church bells ring a total of 28 times in lithuania's
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capital -- once for every country in the european union. for the next six months, lithuania will hold the eu council presidency. the eu president described it as an historic moment for europe. >> this shows how far we have come since the iron curtain went down and europe was unified. your inspiration for freedom and independence is now linked to the european project. >> the maximus freedom and peace, and that is the maxim for lithuania as well, located on europe's eastern frontier. once to use its presidency to improve relations between the eu and other eastern european countries. >> the partners are so important for europe because they are our neighbors, and we would like to see democracy develop here, security, and human rights
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protection. >> an ambitious agenda for a small country, but lithuania is a trailblazer, the first baltic country to hold the eu presidency. >> to sports news now. in tennis, the world number one has scraped into wimbledon men's final after the longest simmie internal meant history. -- the longest emsemi in tournament history. >> a 205-colombo and -- 205- kilometer leg, he triumphed in a sprint finish. >> the german rider finished just behind him, and an italian writer came in third.
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>> stay tuned to dw. we have more news coming your way. >> welcome back. the late pope john paul ii is to be declared a saint by the vatican. pope francis signed the decree friday morning. >> this one is special because it is the first in history that was cowritten. >> the beatification process often takes decades, even centuries, but the late pontiff 's overwhelming popularity among the faithful surely played a role in his canonization just eight years after his death.
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the announcement was historic nonetheless. vatican spokesman announced that pope francis recognized a second narrative attributed to john paul ii. that clears him for sainthood. and the late pope john xx three was also canonized. though his papacy was short- lived, he is recognized as the pontiff who brought the church into the modern age through the second vatican council of 1963, which instituted wide-ranging reforms. it was widely expected that pope francis would grant sainthood to two of his recent predecessors. official ceremonies will likely take place before the end of this year. john paul ii's canonization is based on the testimony of this costa rica woman who was miraculously cured of a brain aneurysm after her family paid to the late haunted. pope francis also took the extraordinary step of declaring
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sainthood for paul xxiii even though only one miracle has been attributed to him. >> we are joined now by our religious affairs expert. tell us first of all what sort of a signal this is that is being sent to the faithful. >> what is remarkable in this is, of course, that pope john always an extremely charismatic leader, very well-known but actually quite conservative. the lesser-known john xxiii, which if you follow vatican history, you know quite well was the architect of progressivism on the vatican council. second, this is clearly a conciliatory message coming out of the vatican, these two being -- these two people being pushed for canonization at the same time. >> what were the main points? >> it was essentially a philosophical essay, a theological essay with a very strong philosophical component. it's very clear that the person
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who stands behind the writing, the author is someone with great academic training. we know that francis put his name on it, but most likely this is a benedict document. it mainly deals with faith, not just as a religious element but as an element for political participation. >> that said, with benedict having had so much input here, how much input is francis having so far in his papacy? >> the very fact that we find the willingness of the current hope to share authorship and the fact that we have such a strong commitment to the idea of trade clearly shows there is a franciscan behind this at the helm, but it remains to be seen how far and how much power he will actually wield. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> a pleasure. >> in a moment, we will look at the problems are many faces in getting rid of its nuclear
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waste. >> we will take a look at that in a moment, but first, more news from around the world. >> russian prosecutors are seeking a six-year prison sentence for the opposition leader on charges of embezzlement. a vocal critic of resident vladimir putin, he's accused of defrauding a state-owned timber company. he denies the charges and says the trial is politically motivated. >> thousands of syrians are trapped in their homes as fierce fighting continues in homes -- homs. opposition leaders say the offensive threatens to derail peace talks set for later this year. >> officials in peru say property developers have destroyed a pyramid build at least 4000 years ago. the country's cultural agency is filing criminal complaint against two companies. the pyramid was located at peru's oldest archaeological
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site. as germany phases out nuclear power, nuclear waste remains a controversial topic and where to store it. >> you have to factor in that radiation needs to be contained properly for up to one million years. no one wants a radioactive dump site in their backyard. >> that is why the government and opposition recently agreed on expanding the search for a suitable location to the whole of germany. >> the german upper house has now approved that decision. >> anti-nuclear activists gathered outside the bundesrat. they are concerned herman officials will never agree on where to permanently store nuclear waste and it will permanently be shipped abroad, but others are optimistic a solution will be found now that a commission has been tasked with finding a site. >> this truly marks a credible new beginning and the endless
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search for a permanent nuclear waste dump in germany. we have substantially improved the law in recent months. >> many politicians long favored an abandoned salt mine in lower saxony is the best site for storing nuclear waste, but critics argued that it is not safe. now, it is listed as one of numerous options. the search for a final nuclear waste repository is set to continue for years to come. the deadline is 2031. >> i've got this name wrong enough times before. that's why i'm going to hand this story over to you. >> the scene of a tradition that draws millions of tourists from all over the world. residents of this little german village have been staging the last days of jesus christ since 1634. >> but the passion plays only take place once a decade, so organizers decided to put on yet another new production to help span that period, which also
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happens to cover three religions all at once. >> it may look like a sleepy village, but it has a surprise waiting for theater fans. local residents are once again bringing the bible to life on stage with the play about the old testament prophet moses. the piece was written by a german citizen with turkish roots. a local author embraced the challenge of telling the story of a jewish prophet on a catholic stage. >> moses is a special figure in all three monotheistic religions . he is a great profit -- prophet or a lawgiver or one of god's chosen emissaries. >> the play tells the story of
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moses freeing the israelites from egyptian captivity and leading his people to the promised land. but this moses is not a classic hero -- he is a leader plagued by doubt. around 400 amateur actors from the local community are taking part in the production. doctors and carpenters transformed into kings and warriors. >> theatre brings us together. it is in our blood. >> i use my vacation days for rehearsals. i love it. >> it is a lot of work. your voice gets deep and scratchy. >> the director also directs the famous passion plays and is leading the production. >> in the last years, we have turned to pieces that look at biblical stories from a critical angle because we have so many
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young participants, and i think it is important to keep the plays from getting stale. >> high drama with a higher message. the latest religious play focuses on the values and history shared by christians, muslims, and jews. >> it's fashion week here in berlin, and last night, the hottest ticket was a catwalk of the difference. >> a runway on a subway train with plenty of attitude on board. here's more. >> never mind the passengers -- this show upon, latex, and urban style on a regular subway train is truly grand, and it's not just the venue that is out of the ordinary. the looks are also a departure. designers are free to make any kind of statement. >> my collection has a message.
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i want it to show my rage about what is going on in russia and turkey and the world. we need to show our anger and express our deepest thoughts, even if we break taboos. >> is it fashion or just fetish? either way, the racy subterranean runway has become a firm fixture of her lynn fashion week. -- berlin fashion week. >> thick cloud of ash from a volcano has punted several airlines to suspend service to and from mexico city. >> these night vision shots show the kind of activity that has grounded flights by american airlines, us airways, delta, and alaska airlines. >> the peak is just 60 from the mexican capital. turning back now to our top
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story of the hour, there were reports of fighting in downtown cairo. these are live teachers as supporters of the ousted president stage protests. >> supporters say the military's decision to remove the diplomatically elected president is nothing less than a coup. we will bring you more on that in later editions. make sure to stay with dw. >> thank you very much for joining us. a lot more news coming throughout the night. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> protester in the u.s. demand restoration of their constitutional -- protesters in the u.s. demand a restoration of their constitutional rights of privacy. "inside storyng of americas" from washington. the disclosures by former u.s. government contractor edward snowden have given the world a glimpse into the far reaching


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