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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 6, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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of egypt hangse in the balance, former leader is installedradei as the new prime minister. this is the world news, from al jazeera. the army of nigeria it takes control of the north and 29 children and their teacher are shot at their school. a train carrying petroleum overturns in quebec and the story of one village in pakistan where everybody is illiterate.
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literate -- literate. of an francisco reports airplane on fire at san francisco airport. details are very unclear but i will tell you what we are hearing. an airplane on fire at the airport and there are reports aircraft, and 777 some of the reports -- are still unconfirmed but they are talking of a career in airline -- a korean airline, asiana from seoul. waiting for the first pictures to come through, this is reported by local media in san francisco. we will give you everything we can as soon as we have it. following details in egypt as well, with another day of big
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developments. a former diplomat has been installed as the prime minister. supporters of the deposed president have vowed to continue their protests until he is put back in office. -- we have the people in tahrir square supporting mohamed morsi. this is in nasr city, with the opponents of mohamed morsi. who's talk about elbaradei, has been installed as the prime minister. is aardeadei nobel laureate and a key player
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in the egyptian authorities. he has called on people to demonstrate for president mohamed morsi to step down. >> all of us feel that we are going in the wrong direction and the country is collapsing. not because the president is from the muslim brotherhood, but because of the ruling system has failed completely. that we want to hold elections. >> he enjoys the backing of several opposition groups. two years ago he was giving the job of negotiating with the government of hosni mubarrak. many people expected him to run for president last year, but they were wrong. he eventually fit -- he eventually created a third party. he returned to egypt in 2009
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after an illustrious diplomatic career. he was the director general of the atomic energy agency. this often put him at loggerheads with the united states, especially over the nuclear program in iran. but the credibility earned after being proven right after this ofiming the u.s. claims weapons of mass destruction leading to the 2003 invasion of iraq. he was given the nobel peace prize for his work with nuclear nonproliferation. >> live in cairo for us this evening -- this is starting to come back? he ran for president, then he did not and now he is installed as the prime minister. >> he has now become the prime minister and we are waiting for
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a press conference to answer some of the questions we have. what will be the division of labor between the president and the prime minister? what will be the role of the military going forward? and also more about the transition itself, the has.ities that elabaradei he was very much against the constitution during the referendum, he also spoke about the need for a real constitution before announcing any sort of presidential election. i think that he will be focusing on the committee, setting up a committee to amend the constitution. another big task will be forcing -- forming a government. this looks like this is inclusive but this will exclude at the end of the day, the muslim brotherhood who want no
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part in the government. -- asshould look at him observers looking for -- from the outside in, at his credentials because the west -- he was spending a lot of his career there. his political potential? >> this is interesting because he definitely has credentials, people see him as a moral, principled man, especially among the liberals, but he is not well-liked among the islamists, and the muslim brotherhood has voiced opposition to the appointment, in principle because of the man who was appointed. it is questionable how much support he enjoys in egypt on the streets. he pulled out of the presidential elections.
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we don't know what share of the vote he would receive. before the few days, military coup -- he did not necessarily have a great welcoming. willugh the outside world see him as the key opposition figure, among the liberal intelligentsia, it is questionable how much the streets of port he actually has. >> we will check of the live pictures for the viewers -- on the left hand, the morsi protesters are in harir. you mentioned this earlier, but this is more settled than last night. it is striking, the number of people out there, supporters of morsi, when he is in detention? >> they really are holding the
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face of the city. this is something that was called by the leaders when they stepped on the stage and they called on people to continue the pressure. this is all that they have right now. these are the protests we see otherr city, and the protests going on. we are hearing that tomorrow may be another day of protests for the other protesters who want to have a larger showing -- and this is interesting because they really got what they wanted. there is difference thinking and some people are celebrating out there, others feel like they need to fill this square to keep a promise not to interfere in
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politics because after the ousting of mubarrak, people left the square and the military took over. they want to keep the military from intervening in politics. >> we have plenty more, of course, on the crisis in egypt at egypt speaks, all at in northeastern nigeria have attacked a school, and there are reports that 29 students and their teacher have been killed. correspondent is in the capital with more. >> this latest attack looks like the work of boko haram. they have been guilty of the
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deaths of many people in northern nigeria. they're known for attacking schools, because the schools are teaching western education. it is difficult to determine precisely what happened but what we know is this came in the middle of the night. whereame to dormitories students had been sleeping. some students were burned in their beds while they were still alive and many fled into the night because there was fear and terror about what they were experiencing. those who survived are being treated at a local hospital. what does this mean for nigeria and the fight against boko haram? this is about how effective the military has been -- and thousands of soldiers moved into states like this to protect from attacks like this. the defense headquarters has been releasing information to give the impression that they
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are winning the war against boko of fightersg dozens were killed or wounded. this has also been incredibly difficult to independently verify the situation on the ground in places like this because all telecommunications have been disconnected, and there are restrictions on the media going physically to these places where attacks have taken place. >> the big news this hour is an airplane crash in california in the united states in san francisco. this is absolutely huge -- and the reports are that this was a and according to a.m.,ses -- around 11:20
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the airplane was about to land and the landing gear had come down when the airplane -- the tale of the airplane came off. the airplane turned upside down and came to a stop on the back. that is what witnesses saw of this airplane. a south korean, airline. this has been the end result. the first pictures coming out of california of the airplane crash at san francisco airport. we will speak to our correspondent for the latest. that shot this from just inside the terminal at san francisco airport. turkish police have used tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters in istanbul, as they were trying to enter gezi park.
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theurt ruling has changed plan to redevelop this area, for now. government forces supported by hezbollah attack rebel positions, and they have also attacked positions on the outskirts of damascus. hasmain opposition in syria selected a new leader. he is now the new president of the national coalition. >> it took months of wrangling before the syrian national coalition was able to choose a new leader. the tribal leader from the eastern part of syria belongs to the tribe that has millions of members living in syria and iraq and saudi arabia. they are known to have strong connections with the government.
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more influence for saudi arabia within the syrian opposition. he has multiple challenges ahead of them. he will need to regain the trust of rebels inside the country. activists fighting the regime and injuring a harsh bombing campaign. they have grown weary of the opposition leaders, calling them irrelevant and a failure. control over different level groups -- a rebel groups inside syria. the international groups have grown skeptical of the syrian opposition, who are seen as divided and unable to take control on the ground. his most urgent task will be giving them the access for the
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government census that has allowed the president to regain control of strongholds in the last few months. they will have to come up with a unified solution before talks with the syrian government. >> the first moving pictures from san francisco. fire at san77 on francisco airport. the crash landed after the tale of the airplane detached, and the airplane basically flipped over. it was on route to the united states and there is no word on casualties or injuries at the moment. a large, international passenger airplane on fire on the runway after crash-landing. the latest on that in a moment. stay with us.
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>> a state of emergency is declared for eastern parts of paraguay, heavy rainfall coming through with a lot of clouds in position and we will see some heavy showers as we go through sunday. thetop temperature of 12 -- cool, southerly winds are pushing in. moving up as we go through until monday. intong rather unsettled santiago, temperatures around 60 degrees, celsius. showers further north through ecuador, and some showers into this area as the eastern waves continue to go across the
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caribbean. some really wet weather across southern parts of mexico. shore,ricane is just off with heavy rain coming across the gulf of mexico to southern parts of the united states and around the panhandle. the weather is going up appalachian mountains. it will be dry on the eastern seaboard. 91 york is still hot degrees. in the lastnews half hour, a boeing 777 asiana after a crashire landing in san francisco in california, after the airplane flipped over. 214 crashed at sfo at
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11:36 local time. thatg 777's are big planes can travel nonstop and there were 290 people on board. these are the first pictures we have out of san francisco. we're looking for more pictures as soon as possible. elbaradei is the new prime minister in egypt as supporters of mohamed morsi continued to protest. gunmen in northeastern nigeria have attacked a school with 29 children and their teacher. 60 people reported missing after a train with crude oil derailed and exploded in canada. it came off of the rails in
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quebec. >> flames jumped hundreds of meters in the air. this exploded in eastern canada, near a town in quebec province. this smoke fills the air and the town is home to about 6000 people. fire officials say 30 town -- 30 buildings have been destroyed, some by the initial explosions and some by the subsequent fire. 60 people have been reported missing. the accident happened at 1:00 on saturday morning, when the train came off of the tracks. four of them then exploded. more tankers are at risk of blowing up. fire services in the united states support those fighting
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the blaze. >> let's check in on this developing story, the airplane crash at san francisco airport. tell us everything that you know? >> basically, we understand that the airplane had put down their landing gear, apparently, the tail fell off according to one eyewitness, and then the airplane apparently flipped over. you arean imagine, supposed to have your seat belts buckled when landing -- in case something like this happens. we don't know if anyone was injured or if anyone may have been killed because of this. it was very close to the ground. this looks to have been a clear day -- in the san francisco area. a very busy international air
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of from passengers coming from australia and from east asia. this is also very unusual because there has not been any sort of serious air incident in the united states in the last two years. i am trying to verify that right now. the federal aircraft investigators -- from south korea are going to try to find out if this particular airplane should have been flying, if there were any previous mechanical problems that may have led to this or any design flaws that should have been noted were corrected in the past. i am not aware of any such problems, then again, this incident just happened in the last 45 minutes. the rescue teams are trying to get to those on board and they will start removing people from the airplane.
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the investigation will be getting under way. more, getget anything back to us as soon as you can. these are some of the first moving pictures -- from the terminal. off of that airlines flight, which appears to have crash landed, the tail coming off as the crash landed at san francisco airport. a major story out of california. bolivia is the latest nation to offer asylum to edward snowden. he is responsible for one of the biggest information leaks in american history. he has been trapped in a moscow terminal since last month. said he isvo morales
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offering asylum as a protest against the united states. >> we are going to give him asylum -- so that we can know who controls us in the u.s. government. we will offer him asylum and the whole world should know, those who are politically persecuted by the united states, for humanitarian reasons, we will grant asylum. that is important for them to know this. >> independent filmmakers in hong kong are in hollywood to reveal their film about -- >> just as edward snowden was surfacing last month, a group of film makers in hong kong spread into action. producing a short film on his time in hong kong with a budget
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of $530, this was shot and edited in a few days, this has ecome a viral hit on youtube, on the real-life spy story on their streets. >> the fact that we were able to do this quickly because the story was still unfolding and it would be great to have something like this. >> nearly half of the entire budget was renting a room at this hotel. a 25 year-old american teacher played the role of edward snowden. >> do you agree with this or disagree with that? >> my original feeling was that he was not much of a hero, but for him to kind of laid out there what was happening, this is a courageous thing to do.
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>> many people in hong kong share this view. >> with regards to the hong kong relationship -- people take an interest. >> that is why the filmmakers believe that this is made for the people of this city. >> a majority of film makers we areis calling card -- not full-time filmmakers, but given the popularity of the we are basing this on something that we have. kong feature film industry, the independent film makers in the country where
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snowden will eventually end up. jazeera in hong kong.
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♪ >> welcome to "the journal." i am sarah harman in berlin. supporters of ousted president of egypt protest after mohamed elbaradei has been declared prime minister. the president of bolivia offers edward snowden asylum, and bartoli is the champion in wimbledon after defeating lisicki


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