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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 10, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> getting down to business. the new prime minister moves the government in a bid to unite egypt. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program -- holmes toppled like matchsticks -- heavy rain in china. >> i'm in boston. almost three hours -- three months after the attack on its annual marathon, the city is repairing for the court appearance from the alleged bomber. >> what caused this train
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derailment in canada? police launch a criminal investigation. we begin in egypt where the interim government is taking shape against a backdrop of violence and division. elected-beblawi was tuesday and needs to form a parliament. the muslim brotherhood once the unconditional reinstatement of deposed president mohamed morsi. leaders from the national salvation front say they were not confronted about the timetable for parliamentary elections. of the muslim brotherhood leader was ordered.
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>> the news just dropped a few minutes ago. we understand an arrest warrant thiseen issued for specific individual. nine others are also included in the arrest warrant, including key leaders from the muslim brotherhood and other islamic democracy.uding the the prosecutor general is accusing them of inciting the violence we saw outside of the republican guard were more than 50 supporters of the deposed president lost their lives. the muslim brotherhood has maintained their supporters came under attack i security forces while they were performing prayers. the military staunchly denies that, saying the muslim brotherhood supporters attempted to attack the headquarters of the republican guard because they think that president mohamed morsi is being held there and they used light fire
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and ammunition to target security forces. what exactly went down there is not clear, but rights groups maintain that whichever way the violence started, security forces used excessive use of force in breaking up a gathering. >> what about the practical challenge of arresting that man? for example, if he is among a big crowd of supporters, how would they get to him? >> it is going to be very difficult. it will likely cause anger among the supporters of the deposed president. many of these figures are inieved to be camped out front of the rabaa adaweya mosque. it is not clear why in the first place mohamed elbaradei was not
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apprehended in the first place given that there was a former arrest warrant against him and some of these other leaders were also sought after, perhaps because of the difficult technicality of the carrying out that arrest and to enter the large crowd. >> on the clinical front, the interim president's constitutional declaration is coming under the system. how will that affect the protest? >> nobody was under the illusion the transitional process would be a smooth one. there are many challenges facing the interim president after the national salvation front said they were not consulted before the declaration was written, and as people expressed concerns about the contents of the declaration, the unchecked powers given to the president, the special status given to the military and, more importantly,
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challenges facing the interim prime minister just named by the president, how will he be able to form a cabinet? what sort of consensus he would be able to achieve -- he acknowledged that broad consensus will not be easy and he will probably not be able to satisfy all parties, so certainly challenges, and those challenges are acknowledged by those in charge of the traditional process. in cairo.ageh live storms have triggered widespread flooding across a joint province. -- sichuan province. >> there is something terrifying about the way this house crumbled, disappearing into the torrent. nothing stands in the path of the raging water.
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building after building, collapsed. days of heavy rainfall in southwestern china have caused mudslides and flooding. >> the water level is so high that vehicles, forklifts and excavators have been washed away. >> sichuan province is one of the hardest hit areas, affecting more than 360,000 people. rescuers have tried to take people to safety. many had no choice but to wait on their roof until help arrived. the rescue effort is further compounded by a lack of access. many roads have collapsed. in one town, a landslide is reported to have buried up to 40 people. state media causing -- calling the flooding disaster the worst that has hit in half of a century. >> rescue workers are struggling
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to reach people stranded by floods in northern india. heavy monsoon rains triggered and slides, sweeping away riches and destroying roads. around 800 people died during the flood three weeks ago and thousands remain unaccounted for. north and south korea have held another round of talks aimed at reopening the kaesong industrial complex. south korean leaders across the border to inspect the jointly run zone. -- >>. since early april since early april has there been a line of vehicles like this, waiting to get into the kaesong industrial complex. half of the businesses are represented. the rest will go in thursday. managers want to inspect factories that have been lying idle for the last three months. >> we hope the two careers come to an agreement -- korea's come
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to an agreement so that work can be normalized. >> the first batch of business people have finally been allowed access to the kaesong industrial complex. the biggest question is whether and when they will be able to reopen the factories again. the is in the hands of government negotiators meeting inside of the complex. >> it is raining heavily, so i am very worried about the facilities and raw materials. hopefully we can promptly proceed. >> it is the first step toward trust-building. >> trust has been a scarce commodity with relations it in such a low that is korea was willing to sacrifice a joint ventured that when -- earns them $90 million a year. toth korea wants pyongyang accept responsibility for the zone's suspension and guarantee no repeat, a hard sell one north
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korea has repeatedly blamed the south. >> investigators say the air asiana plane that crashed saturday approached the ground to slow. two people were killed. 305 survived. the u.s. national transportation safety board says to visual pilots were ejected from the -- two pilots were ejected from the plane. both were found injured, but alive. >> when you get down to the sea wall, you can identify when the first strike took place. first the main landing gear impacted the seawall and then the tail. sections of the cabin that are found very early on in the debris field. ,ou can see aircraft parts
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galley materials, newspapers, magazines and flooring. >> police in canada have opened a criminal investigation after an oil train derailed and exploded. this is new footage of the accident from saturday with 15 people died and 30 others are missing. investigators are looking into whether the trains operator followed proper safety procedures. several forced out of their homes because of the explosion are now being able to return. from lac-megantic we report. but the notice on the house just blocks -- >> the notice on the house just blocks away from the explosion says it is safe to return. she is one of 1200 evacuees that will be moving back in the next few days. she and her family will sleep at home tonight, a tiny first that
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in resuming life -- step in resuming life as it should be. >> we were so afraid and worried, but now that i am home and see the house still standing and possessions ok, we did not lose anything, but i feel sorry for others who lost their homes or loved ones. >> this high school has been the center of the community. there is a red cross shelter and other services. mostly people come to see each other's company. many are not allowed to go back to houses still behind police lines, or they have no home to return to. >> i know my house is gone, but it is not out of my head. we just do not think about it. we live today. i cannot do more than that. >> dealing with losses, loved ones missing, homes destroyed and even jobs on hold, some of these factories remain closed.
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that is one of the priorities. another is finding out why a fully laden oil train exploded in the center of downtown. the number of oil trains passing through the area has been soaring as oil from north dakota is sent to eastern united states and rail refineries. safety records have had to of been defended. investigators have had full access to the wreckage and have already said technology is not keeping pace with the volume of rail traffic. >> this area is not equipped with systems that would show something was moving on the area that was not authorized. >> police and investigators expect to find dozens more bodies. rebuilding and restoring normalcy will take years for this town. like stick him on this -- >> still to come on this program,
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nigeria's president goes peddling for cash. plus, leading the world from the seat of his wheelchair. newly and covered footage gives -- uncovered footage gives historians a glimpse of the former president's secret life. hast's prosecutor general issued an arrest warrant for muslim motherhood leader mohamed elbaradei. he is accused of inciting violence on monday. 51 people died. severe flooding has destroyed houses and bridges in southwest china. 12 are missing. more than 200 others have had to leave their homes. talks are interviewing the between north and south korea, aimed at reopening the kaesong industrial complex. leaders across the border to inspect the jointly run zone. let's get more on the
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developments in egypt. at theing fellow brookings doha center joins us from our london studio. thank you from being -- for being with us. the political process is one thing, there are deep divisions among ordinary egyptians and the arrest of the muslim brotherhood leader will presumably only add to that. deep divisions over the transitional government, and even the national salvation front has reservations about how this is being done. as long as the divisions remain, what chance does this have of succeeding? >> it is very, there he difficult. on the one hand -- a very, very ethical situation. the one hand, the mohamed morsi camp is very diversified without a similar vision of what they want egypt to be. it includes everybody from pro-
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revolutionary forces who want social justice and freedoms, to hosni mubarak loyalists who want to return back to december 2010 and forget about the revolution. there is an army that wants to maintain privileges and its dominance over the political scene. a security apparatus that feels victimized and is coming back with a vengeance. then, of course, the withogical dimension ultra-conservatives who do not want to see the dominance of the liberals and the liberals who want to push or marginalize the ultra-conservative forces. weis a diversified camp, but are moving far away from the turkey in 1997 scenario with less negative consequence is for a coup, to more of the and algeria 1992 scenario where the coup happened with more exclusion and depression coming
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with it. >> if we look at this from the point of view of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters, they say they want no part of this interim government and the timetable and they will keep taking their case to the streets, demanding mohamed morsi be reinstated as president, that seems increasingly unlikely at this point, and the longer that goes on, do they not risk losing on both fronts, thereby shutting themselves out of the whole process? .> they have a security dilemma on the one hand, they know the only guarantee at the moment is the mobilization on the ground. the constitution does not guarantee anything because it was dismantled. the institutional process is over. the presidency is over. the president had disappeared and nobody knows where he is. there are no institutional
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guarantees and there is no constitution to guarantee them rights. there is also no international brokering that could guarantee them safety and inclusion. all they are hearing his rhetoric and when you hear rhetoric and compare it to the behavior on the ground, they do not coincide, and whoever is giving the rhetoric -- the new premise, for example, hitting inclusion -- giving inclusion rhetoric, it will not coincide with behavior where it seems the ones calling the shots are moreenerals and their leaning toward oppression instead of inclusion. there are other stinking the only hope is to sustain mobilization on the ground, and -- the others are thinking the only hope is to sustain mobilization on the ground, and that comes with a lot of risks as well. >> thank you. the man accused of bombing the boston marathon is due to make
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his first appearance in court. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with killing three people using a weapons of mass destruction. more than 200 others were injured in the attack. >> when the boston marathon came under attack, the cameras were already rolling. closed-circuit television proved to be crucial. smartphones and the media went into overdrive. explosions were just the beginning. the hunt for the suspects unfolded in real time as the world watched on in disbelief. >> all units use extreme caution in approaching any party that matches the description. >> the fbi named tamerlan and jokers as the suspect -- dzhokhar tsarnaev as the suspect. but is there anything you know about the background? >> jokers out of apparently made what he -- dzhokhar tsarnaev
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apparently made what he thought was a deathbed convention -- confession. >> he will have a trial, already having been found guilty by the public. >> this american and reared, muslim terrorists from chechnya learned how to build this bomb. >> boston is relatively small and it is hard to find anyone that was not affected by the attack. it is believed it is possible to put together an impartial jury. >> no matter how often -- awful the crime, you start a presumption of innocence, and that countervailing concern might cause a judge to say it cannot be done right in boston. >> investigators say one of the ankpacks containing explosive was placed outside of this restaurant. the fact that it is close is a reminder of what happened, but the emotional scars will not be
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forgotten. >> boston public radio. >> a radio host to write a column for "the boston herald" dismisses the idea that it should be moved -- the trial should be moved. >> it is the boston marathon. it happened here. the courthouse as a couple of finish linerom the and jurors know they're supposed to be impartial. >> there is no doubt the trial will be how the profile but if the u.s. system works how it should, only the evidence inside the courtroom will decide his fate. >> new figures show that china 's trade declined sharply in june with imports going down .7%. it is a sign the second biggest economy in the world is cooling more than expected an experts blame this on weak global demand.
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-- the nigerian president will secure infrastructure loans from china. we report on the growing relationship between the economies. >> a chinese company is building a light railway in the heart of nigeria's biggest city, trying to make getting around easier. havinghowing how nigeria a relationship with china can change their whole -- their everyday lives. the nigerian president wants to see more infrastructure projects like this and he is in china to secure loans for similar ventures. >> it is in the national interest to continue a relationship with china. china is emerging to be very strong. it is the second largest economy in the world. it is the largest importer and
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exporter of goods. in encouraging china to invest more in nigeria, it will be consistent with the transformation agenda. >> the nigerian government will get more than $1 billion in loans the money will be used to build roads, bridges, power plants and airports. it is the first installment of a loan worth $3 billion. but it is not just loans to -- it is not just loans to build infrastructure, but they want chinese companies to invest as well. companies are already here, employing over 1000 people, taking advantage of the huge mobile telecommunications market. it encourages other chinese companies to do the same. >> nigeria is one of the most it isant countries and
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important for nigeria because they have a big population. it is still lower than the average of african countries. click some analysts -- >> some analysts think china has more to gain from a close relationship with nigeria. >> the chinese are coming in 1.4 billion we have people in china and they will never create enough jobs for those people. the next place to be is africa. >> it will be up to the nigerian government to make sure they secure the best deal for its people. >> canyon police have seized one of them biggest ever hauls of ivory. the container worth more than $700,000 had been declared as
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240 bags of ground nuts. the shipment was bound for malaysia. one of the two radio djs that made a prank call to the london hospital where the duchess of cambridge was being treated is suing their employers. the stationusing failing to provide a safe work place. they went into hiding after the nurse who took the prank call was found hanged three days later. the u.s. is considering rolling all troops from afghanistan next year and the white house has all options are on the table. the afghan president has been on the table to allow residual forces to remain in afghanistan past 2014, but the talks were put on hold in may when the u.s. began negotiating with the taliban. the lives of afghan women have steadily improved since the u.s. led invasion.
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women have access to education and have gained a political voice in a country once dominated by the taliban, there are fears any of these games are under threat -- gains are under threat. crocs she has come a long way, but she is scared -- >> she has come a long way, but she is scared again. >> they tortured me when i was a trial -- child. why did they let them go? they should be punished. >> when she came to the world's attention, she was battered and bruised, having spent months locked in a room. the family that bought her for $5,000 pulled out her hair, ripped off her nails and burned her with hot wires because she refused to become a prostitute. women's rights activists held the sentencing of the abusers is
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a step forward. show that reversals women's rights are under attack, they say. conservative elements -- pilot numbers criticized a law that protects women. parliament might also scrap a law that promises 20% of local counsel fees. rights campaigners say afghans are more conservative in the run-up to the nato troops withdraw. >> people do not know what will happen past 2014. they think the u.s. is trying to negotiate with the taliban, and they will bring the taliban back, so even if people are not conservative, they are acting more conservative because they want to be on the good side of the taliban. for now, she continues to do what girls could not do wonder the taliban, go to school. she hopes someday to get a job
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that will defend the rights of afghan women. let's rare footage -- >> rare footage of franklin d. roosevelt in a wheelchair has emerged. this video shows the former president being wheeled down a in 1944.e visiting his disability was never seen in public. the wheelchair is not clearly visible, but the white hat can be seen gliding past the men. had he been walking, he would have been taller than many of the sailors in the shot.
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