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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 12, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> tens of thousands trying protest in egypt. you are watching al jazeera. also coming up on the program. edward snowden appears in public for the first time in weeks and asks for asylum in russia. ae high-speed train crash in paris suburb killing six people. and from pakistan's swat valley to the inner tidenation. to the united --
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nations. the passionate plea for education for children. tens of thousands of people have come out to protest with the numbers swelling on the first friday of ram again. let's have a look at what is happening in cairo where supporters of mohammed morsi have been camped out for days. roads around the defense ministry have enclosed off in the army deployed to keep marches away. >> the removal of mohammed morsi has done nothing to listen divisions. muslim brotherhood supporters poured onto the streets to show their anger at the military and their support for the deposed president. they rallied despite the fasting in the heat of summer. they want morsi released from
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detention and reinstated. the u.n. -- the united states shares the first of those wishes though it stayed away from criticism. call for ande to for thenue to convey fair treatment and good treatment of those who are detained. and continue to express the a couplehey expect us times. >> they called for their release. .> we do agree >> that he must be released. >> crowds were small on friday. his exit has satisfied the demands of many. for now, at least but there was
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anger at what they see as u.s. meddling. thet is unacceptable that united states wants to control us. the people have the final word. nobody needs to tell us where our interests lie. we were all united. with the army did was on behalf of the people. >> we're happy with the decision to isolate him and his group. religion and politics should not be mixed. the army, popular with anti- morsi protesters will not read ain't so if it is handles power or out stays its welcome. the muslim brotherhood, though one did, is clearly a force to
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so be reckoned with. of the news about sealing off the street. >> there is heavy security across the capital. supporters are coming out in large numbers. not just in the eastern part of the capital where they have been holding a rally since his ouster but also in other parts of the capital. marchers across the capital demanding that he be written -- reinstated. we have seen his opponents gather and outside the presidential palace. at one point supporters of the deposed president got dangerously close to the opponents here in the square but overall, a very calm day. because of the heavy presence of
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security we have seen, security forces not wanting to see a repeat of these ugly scenes that we saw last friday. when the rival camps clashed with each other. while there has been a calmer day on the streets, perhaps it has been heating up diplomatically with calls from germany and the united states on the interim egyptian government to relieve mohammed morsi from wherever it is he has been held. the calls by these governments address one of the biggest questions people have been talking about here in the past few days. where is mohamed morsi? we understand he has been held in a defense ministry facility. it is not clear which one. he has been held for his own safety is what they say here. while he is not facing any charges, he is still being held
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for security reasons. once again there means to be seen how officials will be handling the fate of mohammed orsi in the coming few days. >> thank you very much. insurgents have killed 24 people in obama tack indirect. the attack happened in to cook. dozen others were injured. the international committee of the red cross is calling on rebels and government forces to allow aid to reach the city of homs. focus ofhas been the heavy fighting between rebels and forces loyal to the government for two weeks. food and medical supplies are running out. edward snowden has appeared in public for the first time in
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weeks. the former intelligence analyst met with human rights activists in moscow airport and has asked russia for temporary asylum. >> moscow's invisible man breaks cover. the first sighting of edward snowden since he went on the wrong from hong kong -- on the run from hong kong weeks ago. he had requested a meeting with human rights officials and moscow lawmakers to find an and to the diplomatic impasse that left him stranded at the airport for very nearly three weeks. he revealed he is asking for temporary asylum for the second time and called on those at the meeting to help push his case. this is on the condition that he is not to incur the interest of our partners as president couldn't put it. >> the representative said
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snowden had agreed to that condition. he has done no damage to the united states and he is not planning any damage. [inaudible] rex snowden made it clear he was looking for temporary asylum and still hoped to make his way to pick up -- to take up residence in south america. that decision to tell the public about spying that affects all of us has been costly but it was the right thing to do and i have no regrets. what is it like spending three heks question mark not bad said. he said he is getting used to things, getting used to the noise and conditions.
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that is a question for the authorities. leaders from several countries said they were outraged of reports that the u.s. is targeting e-mails and phone conversations across south america. cristina kirchner accused the u.s. of practicing a new form of colonialism. nearly all of the 100 two guantánamo bay detainees on hunger strike have accepted food. most of the prisoners in cuba have been refusing teed for months. 99 haveman confirmed broken their fast. they have been protesting against their continued attention without trial and conditions at the prison. a high-speed train carrying 385 people crash in paris.
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passengers were trapped inside the carriages. six people are dead. express from paris lies broken across the rails. it let thft the capital carrying almost 400 south. witnesses say two of the four carriages came off the rails and the train split into. some of the carriages slammed into the station, dragging parts of the roof down onto the wreckage. >> i was in the coach. all of a sudden things started falling. it started moving like this. suddenly we heard the railing and the top started to collapse. the top row can have. it was absolute horror.
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pre-k's it collapsed to the ground to the right. there were firemen around and police as well. one like it had but there was another at collapsed to the ground. worst rail the disaster for 25 years. shocked by the scale of this catastrophe. the president has launched three separate inquiries to find out what happened here today. >> what i have been told is there was a big shock. we do not know it will kind. the investigation will discover this. we know there has been no work done here recently so that cannot be the cause of this accident. it is important that people do not speculate and prejudge the inquiry. >> the train was packed with parisians leaving for the holiday weekend. one of the busiest travel days of the year. the president indicated a steal bastille day will become
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a day of mourning. .> the victim was a child all three people killed where chinese nationals according to the country's consulate. 180 people were injured when the towing 777 crash landed on sunday. a fire aboard a part dreamliner parked dreamliner.iner crews rushed over to the reminder on friday afternoon. the airport was right to a standstill. airplane was on fire.
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another unwanted airline. >> you tend to be rather touchy about this and you tend to look for signs. there was no passengers on board and i do not yet know what caused the fire, whether it was a real fire or a warning. we do not know. theeginning -- they said thing was hard for more than eight hours before smoke was detected. there were no passengers on board. the runway was closed for an hour while emergency services attended the fire, the cause of which is under investigation. ethiopian airlines was the first to put the dreamliner back in the air in april. 50 of the jets were grounded worldwide in january after two of them malfunctioned and burned. it is not known what caused today's fire. >> what we hope is sorting the batteries out, this is not a recurrence of that rubble. he will start asking questions.
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dreamliner, this one flying from the uk to the u.s., was forced to turn back due to technical problems. .hares had fallen welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. tens of thousands are on the street in egypt. to close to the defense ministry where they were stopped by security forces. six people have been killed a train derailed in the south of paris. more than 20 others have been injured. the french rail company said 385 passengers were on board at the time. many were trapped inside the carriages but since have an free. the u.s. whistleblower edward snowden is appearing and public
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for the first time in weeks. he met with human rights activists at moscow airport. a super typhoon killed one person and injured seven others after making land over taiwan. people were evacuated and the island has been placed under alert. experiencing land slides have taken shelter in government buildings. what more do we know? they were all from taipei, the capital in the north of the country. the person that was killed was a police officer who was on his way home. he was hit in the head i am flying brick. the injured also from taipei. as you mentioned, 7000 have been evacuated. 5000 of those buried
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in the south. the concern down there is many -- much of the mountainous areas have been destabilized by the earthquakes that taipei has been experiencing recently. they want to make sure those mountains do not move and cause damage to the villagers and people living in them which has happened in the past. this is the first typhoon to hit taiwan since august of last year. two ared six people and missing. there was concern that this typhoon packing winds --
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there was plenty of warning as you suggested as the typhoon moved across from the pacific. it was moving relatively moderately at 23 kilometers per hour. there has been about a day and a half for people to prepare for these. taiwan is used to this sort of activity, this sort of natural weather phenomenon so they know what to do. more than 100 soldiers were activated. 102 camps have been set up across the island to serve more -- those who have been removed from their homes. thousands of people have been affected by heavy flooding in china. 20 -- many people had to be rescued and relocated. workers used of makeshift wooden bridge to an people to safety.
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an imam in central england said he was shocked by a small explosion in his mosque that is being treated as a terrorist incident. the area was cordoned off by police. nobody was injured but nails were found at the scene. >> there was some sort of explosion and someone who did this looked to cause serious harm or serious injury to people. it leads us to have a working assumption at the moment based on what we know now this is possibly an act of terrorism. >> a u.s. jury has begun deliberating in the trial of george zimmerman who is accused of shooting and killing the unarmed black teenager trayvon martin in florida last year. the six women jurors must reach a unanimous verdict. if the jury becomes deadlocked
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it could mean a mistrial. senators in the u.s. state of texas are debating strict abortion legislation which would ban terminations after 20 weeks. a dozen u.s. states have adopted similar laws and more could soon follow. the steps of the texas legislature, protesters stage a sit in to oppose a controversy all abortion bill. the legislation bans terminations after 20 weeks of priso pregnancy. and imposing standards that would make it difficult for most abortion clinics to comply. texas will become the 13th u.s. state in recent years to adopt strict abortion legislation. former republican presidential candidate rick santorum criticized those opposed to the texas law. >> the truth is the extreme party on this issue are the folks standing up here saying
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women do not deserve basic sanitary standards when it comes to abortion clinics. children who would otherwise be born alive are not entitled to any protection. >> texas is not the only u.s. state where politicians have been working to restrict abortions. despite loud protests in north carolina on thursday, that state also passed a new abortion measure making operating standards for clinics more stringent. the debate has drawn national attention. this abortion rights activists say proponents of the laws are misguided if they think it will reduce abortions in the u.s.. >> all this will do is reduce the number of safe and legal abortions. women will get abortions one way or another. we need to make sure they have medicalo safe and legal care.
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>> opponents he will become more difficult. the governor said with final passage of the legislation he will make it his top priority to sign the bill into law. >> the first round of new u.s. european trade talks starting in washington. both sides say there are challenges ahead. officials aim to reach a deal that will remove tariffs and .ther barriers to brai trade two people have been killed in an attack in somalia. a suicidewas hit by bomber. it is not clear who is responsible for the blast. this followed several other attacks. 30,000 congolese refugees have fled their homes to seek safety in neighboring uganda. many say they ran for their lives after a group of rebels started terrorizing their
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villages. we report from the makeshift refugee camp that has been set up in western uganda. too young to understand what was going on when rebels attacked his village in the dark. his mother grabbed him from his bed and along with her other nine children, they ran for their lives. >> we heard the rebels coming but they -- we did nothing. they caught a person and kill him. we escaped because we ran away. >> this is their new home. this is overrun with congolese who fled the rebels. nearby for this river runs along the border. on the bridge there has been a .onstant stream of refugees
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ugandan soldiers keep watch over the new arrivals. tens of thousands have crossed since thursday. they just keep coming. just a short distance downstream, many more are crossing but there is no official border post. there is not even a bridge so people are waiting through the water to my carrying their possessions in children and their livestock area they are so afraid of the violence there taking the quickest route they can from get to congo to safety here in uganda. most of these people do not know which is packed. [indiscernible] for over ten years. humanitarian agencies were also taken by surprise. registered been every hour. >> people have no food, they have no shelter, people have no [inaudible] [indiscernible] >> it is not clear what exactly
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is going on over the border in parts of congo. for the people who live there have decided that it is not a safe place to be. they will not be going home until they are sure it is. >> 100 prisoners are still on the run and indonesia. died in the violence. protests suppor started when the water supply was cut off. it happened in north symmetry province. -- sumatra province. >> and activist has made a passionate plea at the united nations. the this mark kirk 16th birthday. she called on world leaders to provide free schooling for all children. >> reading the secretary- general, she arrived as tht the
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united nations. was given theai sort of reception normally accorded to a world leader. in some ways, that is what she may now have become. a global advocate for the youth of the world i'm making this remarkable speech. a struggle against illiteracy, poverty, and terrorism. books and our our pens. they are our most powerful weapons. one child, one teacher. one book, one pen. can change the world. education is the only solution. education first. x bold words but also a
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personal message of forgiveness. shot man the left .ide of my four head they shot my friends, too. they thought that the bullet would silence us. but they failed. i want education for the sons and daughters of the taliban and all the terrorists and extremists. i do not even hatett would silence us. but they failed. i want education for the sons and daughters of the taliban and all the terrorists and extremists. i do not even hate the one who shot me. even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me, i would not shoot him. [applause] , dignitaries and world leaders, gave her a standing addition. and then this. you ♪ birthday to >> this was unprecedented at the
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u.n.. advocates hope the passion and eloquence would be a big boost to bring education to every child in the world. al jazeera at the unitedeloquend
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