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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> i am committed to achieving stability in our homeland. we cannot be intimidated. >> the interim president of egypt to his critics. mass protests are scheduled for friday. >> welcome to al jazeera. billions of dollars in debt, detroit becomes the largest city in u.s. history to file for bankruptcy. greece and india -- grief in
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india as parents bury their children killed by a poisoned school lunch. celebrations in south africa and around the world as nelson mandela turns 95. egypt's interim president has promised to protect his country against those who seek chaos and violence. it is the first time he has addressed the nation since the military coup which overthrew his predecessor, mohamed morsi. >> this is an important time in egypt's history. we wanted to lead to a better life. some wanted to leave to chaos, while we want stability. we want it to lead to better human rights. we know all too well that those
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who want bloodshed raise false slogans and claims. they are driving the country to the very edge. in cairo. a scene thousands of pro-morsi supporters refusing to back down. is unlikely to be met. saide interim president reconciliation was a process open for everyone. it was a clear message for unity, but he had a specific message. there will be no going back. it seemed to be directly targeting supporters of mohamed morsi. telling them to move on, he will notbe reinstated, he will be coming back. either be part of the political sidelined risk being
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and alienated. a very specific message coming ahead of the call for widespread protests on friday. they will push for his thestatement and reinstatement of the constitutional framework suspended by the military. fight thentinue to battle for security and he will continue to fight for preserving the revolution. it has become the epicenter of protest against the military. thousands of people gather every day in an area that has become a tent city. the muslim brotherhood will continue to sit in until mohamed morsi is reinstated. nicole johnston reports. >> until a few weeks ago, these men had never met. now they are living together in a tent. they all voted for mohamed morsi. this man has spent three weeks
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here and has no plan to return home. >> i am not worried about the high temperatures. i am not worried about the fasting. to get back the legitimacy or to die for our rights. >> supporters of the deposed president have set up a sprawling tent city. -- those in cairo usually return home for a few hours a day. >> we come here with a certain goal. we will not leave this place until mohamed morsi comes back. >> they say they have the resolve and patience to stay until he is returned to power. >> this is a peaceful resistance. we are continuing the sit in. friday, it there will be a big
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scene. we are in -- doing this to end the bloody military coup. >> hundreds of people keeping this tent city running. .t is hot blocks of ice are delivered to people -- the people will have water. other volunteers are taking care of dinner. tonight, it is chicken. if people break their fast, they will have something to eat. dois what organizers need to if they are planning on staying here for a long time. the message from the muslim brotherhood is consistent, they will stay as long as it takes. they are trying to create a community in the square and make the tent city as comfortable as possible to keep people here as long as they can. to amnestyg
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international, hundreds of supporters arrested in egypt have been beaten in custody. more than 600 supporters have been held in cairo since he was forced out of office. many of them are muslim brotherhood leaders. most supporters were eventually released, but the whereabouts of the deposed president and some of his team is unknown. some say they were blindfolded, beaten, and given electric shocks. many detainees were not given access to a lawyer at the time of their arrest. al jazeera spoke to a detainee. >> we were inside the police station. the police called us over three at a time and they covered her eyes. they blindfolded us and made us get on our knees. that is how we were interrogated. about giving us food. we were not allowed to call
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their families to let them know we were alive. the first monday, we did not have any loggers present. the second day, we were allowed awyer. a lo i was released on bail. there are still charges against me. i was charged with 600 others. the charges are identical. how can that be? date with keep up to the many developments out of egypt on our website. in-depth articles, opinion pieces, and a live blog. the city of detroit has made u.s. history, but not in a good way. it is the largest city in america to file for bankruptcy. detroit is struggling with debt of more than $15 billion.
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there has been a massive fall in its population. a quarter of a million people left between 2000 and 2010. it was once a manufacturing powerhouse. this is what the mayor of detroit had to say. the things i want to say to our citizens, as tough as this is, i really did not want to go in this direction. now that we are here, we have to make the best of it. this is very difficult for all of us, but it is going to make .he citizens better off this is a new start for us. >> according to a recent report, detroit's crime rate is five times the national average. that is in part to a dysfunctional police force. 40% of the city streetlights are not working and the city has
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city has 78,000 abandoned buildings. fewer of half of the ambulances were functioning. only 16 pages, but this is the biggest municipal bankruptcy filing in u.s. history. the city of detroit owes an estimated $20 billion in debt and the filing will allow the city to have some protection from its creditors as it tries to reorganize. that could mean cutting union benefits. it could mean selling assets and it could mean layoffs in the city. the city is likely to stop paying unsecured creditors. it will continue to pay secured editors. -- creditors. those people would be able to seize city assets if they were not paid. there is a lot of anger and resentment from workers in the city who have filed to try to block this bankruptcy. this is a process that could
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take years. this has been a long time coming because of detroit's overdependence on the otto industry. jobs went away. the city population plunged to about 700,000. teleconference, the governor says enough is enough. it is time to file for bankruptcy. has hadg 787 dreamliner to return to boston's airport. this is due to a mechanical safety alert. shares have fallen falling a string of accidents. london'srecent was at heathrow airport last week when a plane caught fire on the tarmac. is awaiting for the results of a forensic investigation into why why 23 school children died after eating wheels provided by their
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school. police are still searching for the principal of the school. the free meals were part of it nationwide government program, they were thought they were laced with insecticide. >> she is inconsolable. she has just buried her young sons. the boys had enough free school lunch of rice and vegetables. in a matter of hours, they were dead, along with any hope the family had for the future. he would not have to work as a laborer. he could get a better job. >> those kids were our lives. i would not have money to eat, but whatever they asked for, i would buy. the children died after
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eating a free school lunch. art of the government mid-day meal scheme designed to fight malnutrition and increase school attendance. it robs impoverished families of their most treasured members. >> if this had happened in some rich man's house or a big police, the head of the local politicians, leaders would have come here. but nobody has come. suspectnment officials the lunch was contaminated with pesticides. they have promised a full investigation. i think the focus should be to see that it does not occur again.
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>> it is too late for many. this small community is still mourning the deaths of so many of its children. the school remains shut and many parents say they are too afraid to send their children back. welcome back. egypt's interim president has given his first public address since being appointed by the army two weeks ago. he called for reconciliation ahead of mass protests scheduled for friday. the u.s. city of detroit has filed for bankruptcy. it was once the cradle of the u.s. automotive industry. have been burying their children in india, 23 children
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died of food poisoning after eating meals provided by a government run program. more than a hundred people have been detained in moscow. they were part of a group of 3000 people protesting against the sentencing of a prominent opposition activist. alexei navalny has been a vocal critic vladimir putin. on thursday, he he was sentenced to five years in jail. stunned alexeie navalny and his supporters. it was the worst outcome for them. he was handcuffed and taken into immediate custody. his political ambitions have received a huge blow. his final tweak to supporters, do not get lazy without me. within hours, thousands turned out on the streets of moscow in support of alexei navalny. police kept them away from red square and the kremlin. the protest went on into the
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night. the protesters behind police lines have been chanting, freedom, freedom. the international condemnation has also been widespread. western leaders say they also believe the trial was politically motivated. it is more than 18 months ago that these anticorruption blogs first brought thousands of supporters out on the street. had become the leader of the opposition movement. he said this trial was an attempt [inaudible] his popularity. >> this is not a trial, this was a mockery of a trial. there was not a single argument made to prove that alexei navalny conducted anything other than usual business deals. there was no proof that he stole 16 million rubles. falsified andas
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fabricated. it is a reprisal, a political reprisal. >> he plans to appeal, but his attempts to become mayor of moscow looks over. his campaign may become one of putin'se described united russia as the party of crooks and thieves. his anticorruption campaign was beginning to move from street movement to a mature political force. the verdict on charges of theft and embezzlement from a state company while working as an advisor may also spoil his ultimate ambitions to perhaps run for the presidency in 2018. people across the world have been taking part in events to celebrate the 95th birthday of nelson mandela.
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he has been in hospital for more than a month fighting a recurring lung infection. >> these children are from the elementary school across the road from the hospital. they have been taught that he helped end apartheid. outside the hospital, the .resident reassuring words the anti-apartheid hero is steadily improving. is doing very well, much better than we expected. he has been sitting up in his chair. he has been watching tv. he smiles more. he responds much quicker. today is his 95th birthday. we are surrounded by love and support. since white changed
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minority rule ended. a lot still needs to be done to see the kind of south africa nelson mandela wanted. , it iseducation system tough. we need to improve on basic necessities. of.e keep the legacy ,hen it comes to his last day when hisng-term, legacy is kept on. >> he was admitted to hospital on june 8 with a recurring infection. people here know it -- no he is
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very frail. even in sickness, nelson mandela has managed to reunite different races. not just here in south africa, but around the world. we met some of those taking part. >> this is one of the biggest event in johannesburg. the idea behind nelson mandela bay -- day. here, 67 families businesses involved, each one of is spending 67 minutes and this huge warehouse. each company will have packed 6700 food parcels. these ladies are packing one for us now. beans.t in dry
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there are smaller events like this one here. volunteers have been here planting a vegetable and herb garden. they are back to paint the outside of all of the buildings. for the pensioners, they will be able to instill a sense of pride and confidence in where they live. people want this idea to be extended beyond 67 minutes, beyond his birthday. they want members of the public and businesses to look for opportunities to do good in their communities every day of the year. >> the commander of syrian rebel fighters is expected to visit the united states next week. he is the head of the supreme may visitouncil washington. the opposition say they are frustrated because the u.s. congress has blocked plans to send them weapons. senior u.s. army officer says he has advised
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president obama for the potential use of force in syria. he spoke to a senate panel about the possibility of america's involvement. as thehave me portrayed one who is holding back from our use of military force. >> i am not saying that, general. >> what your advice is to the president and your views are very important because that is your job. >> i have given those views to the president. members of this committee have been briefed on the options in a classified setting. the decision on whether to use force is the decision of our elected officials. >> of former cia agent convicted of kidnapping a muslim cleric has been arrested. robert seldon lady was convicted in 2009 for the abduction of abu omar. a was kidnapped in italy
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decade ago. he says he was taken to egypt and later tortured. >> robert seldon lady, the former cia chiefs in milan, no longer on the run and definitely under arrest. the former c.i.a. officer was brought into custody by panamanian officials on thursday. an arrest warrant had been issued by a top government minister. he had been wanted by the italian authorities for his role in the extraordinary as the man known as abu omar, a cleric who the u.s. government felt was a security risk. he was handed over to authorities in egypt, where abu omar claimed he had been tortured. already suffered in a way. home was sold.
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it is one of the cases that helps black in the u.s. reputation after the september governmentn the u.s. engaged in a number activities that were thought to be beradition out -- thought to illegal. >> the judge in the bradley manning trial has refused to drop the charge of aiding the enemy. manning made sure the world saw this. the brutal reality of the war in iraq. leads hundreds of thousands of secret cables detailing u.s. diplomats private thoughts. he made sure the world knew who was at guantánamo bay prison in cuba.
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he is facing 21 criminal charges and the judge on thursday ruled he will continue to face the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. the defense says he leaked the information to inform the american public. prosecutors argue that because the information was posted on the internet, manning should have known that al qaeda could read it. out is why they say he was aiding the enemy. documents were found in osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. in this day and age, anything that ends up on a television network will end up on the internet. this could open up the possibility that anyone who leaks information could be charged with aiding the enemy. that is now possible merely leaking information to a news organization, with the possibility that the information be read or seen by the
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"enemy" opens the door to prosecution for aiding the enemy, which is a death penalty eligible offense. >> and this case, they will not seek the death penalty, but if convicted, it is possible that manning will spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> butterflies appear to be making a comeback in britain. it is good news because they are vital for plant pollination. >> britain's sweltering summer is finally in full swing. it is not an annual event, no one knows how long it will last, so office hours tend to become quite flexible. >> this is lovely. last week and was too hot. >> this is the first week of sunshine we have had all year. all year.
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>> you will you're almost as many complaints in the heat wave that you do in the british wet and gloom. as temperatures soar above 30 degrees for another day, it is good news for one particular sunshine lover, the great british butterfly. >> butterflies love the sun. they really cannot function when it is cold or pouring with rain. last year, we had a washout spring and summer and that was really bad news for butterflies. butterflies reach their lowest population levels ever recorded in britain in 2012. >> conservationist are launching a butterfly census with celebrity backing. >> we have cut down so many of our wild meadows. we are losing wildlife. pollinatetterfly
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cut the chain.ot >> this is a large white laying eggs in the shade. the hope is that the summer of 2013 except for the dismal weather of summers past.
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