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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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imposed.u. has sanctions on the military wing. the opposition becomes increasingly divided. al jazeera talked to one group of about their vision. this is al jazeera live from doha. at least 75 people are killed and hundreds injured in an earthquake in western china. new climate change research suggests many more coastal towns and villages will be engulfed by
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the sea. pope francis is coming to the world's largest catholic country. he will have his work cut out for him to prevent any more of the faithful, abandoning the church. main allies of the syrian government has been blacklisted by the european union. the e.u. has imposed sanctions on the military wing of hezbollah. the syrian government has been seeking economic support from moscow. the deputy prime ministers met the russian foreign minister in an attempt to extend a loan from russia. rebels say they captured one of the last towns in western part o province held by government forces. rebels reportedly suffered a
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major setback. government forces have killed at least 49 rebels in damascus. syria activists report the military showing seriously damaged homs. of aenturies old mausoleum companion of mohammed is said to be destroyed. what impact is the blacklisting of hezbollah going to have? setback a political for hezbollah. it is more pressure on hezbollah. but i do not think it will change the course of things. we spoke to a spokesman for hezbollah. he told us they were not surprised by the move. they expected it for years. it came as a result of american- british efforts to pressure hezbollah, and of course is really pressure. this is the line we hear over and over again from hezbollah officials. all of the measures against hezbollah are due to efforts
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israel and the united states to weaken it because of its position to stand up against israel and fight it. regarding this specific step , , they say it is the military wing that has been labeled as a terrorist organization. hezbollah itself has not been labeled as such. it is part of the lebanese government. it meets on a regular basis with european union officials and other countries. it is a first step toward isolating hezbollah further. they say it is a direct result of a hezbollah's involvement in syria. they're fighting alongside the troops of assad prompted them to take this step. >> it is not clear affiliations between the military and -- we wereing
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talking about this earlier. of general secretary is part the military wing. >> he is the leader of hezbollah. he is responsible for the military and political wing. will the e.u. tried to distinguish between the criteria specifically? we are not sure. definitely your people here who represent hezbollah who are considered political that to maintainads some contact with hezbollah. it is important to maintain rep. relations with hezbollah. it is along the border between lebanon and israel. they working among hezbollah supporters. any move like the one adopted
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today will make the work harder. they are part of the united nations interim forces to maintain the peace between lebanon and israel. that is why they would probably like to keep some kind of contact with hezbollah. maybe that is where the designated the military wing and not all of hezbollah. oppositiond syrian is fragmenting further. different factions are now fighting each other. there were confrontations between brigades affiliated with the syrian free army and al qaeda groups in the rubble-held north. one has managed to stay out of the infighting. but that group says it will have to take sides if the interest of the syrian people are harmed. >> this is one of the strongest groups in the increasingly fragmented armed opposition. it boasts of course of least 23,000 fighters spread across the country. from the beginning, of the
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syrian opposition has seen an ideological clashes and now increasingly armed conflicts. islamicre a syrian groups fighting on syrian land. >> that is one thing upsets them apart from the al qaeda-linked groups. >> day are a group fighting in syria. we are an independent islamic group because we do not have loyalties to foreign powers. >> their vision for the future differs. bases syria as an islamic state with rights for men. -- for minorities, but the state is still syria. it did not join the syrian free army or the ranks of the al qaeda groups. it says it is a syrian nationalist movement that does not accept any group that implements a foreign agenda.
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they say they get their funding from individual donors. what is clear is the rank and file are mainly syrians and it prefers to keep it that way. not classifiedll any group as an enemy, but he did not rule out that happening in the future. >> extremism has no place in syria. we do not impose on people what they cannot tolerate. from the some groups outside. they are not serious. anyone against syria, of the right time, we will take the position we need to take. >> there have been confrontations between the groups over power and ideology. they're now trying to lease -- resolve what they called misunderstandings between individuals. >> we are the majority. both sides have approached us to resolve the issue. shiiaeed to appoint the
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group. >> they insist their legitimacy come from being syrian. he says they are the people of work for the people. they present themselves as part of the solution. toy now need to live up their promises. it is their guns that makes them impossible to ignore. >> in iraq, security forces are combing the area around of the grand operas and four escaped talk alrs including t qaeda fighters. another one was storm on sunday night. we will have more on that in a moment. at least 25 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the city of mosul. it was targeting a military convoy. it was part of a series of attacks that left more than 70
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people dead over the weekend. iraqi fighters apparently storming the prison. what can you tell us? a dramatic raid on the notorious prison as well as another one north of baghdad. most of the violence centered night andstarted last continued into the morning with troops still surrounding the area. they have cordoned off the area and imposed a curfew. they even cut electricity to people in the region. late last night, a group thought to be affiliated with al qaeda launched an attack on the grenades, auding suicide bombers, and mortar attacks in the fighting that followed, at least 26 security is alongre killed that
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with 20 in -- with at least 20 inmates. they are still searching for the escaped inmates. security numbers and told parliament 500 escaped, including where are believed to be four among the top leadership of al qaeda in iraq. qaeda-inkatha -- the al linked groups are also thought to be behind the wave of attacks that happened over the weekend and beyond, including the one you just mentioned on the army convoy, although no one has claimed responsibility for that. can you tell us more about what that attack? how were civilians affected? >> that appears to have been a suicide car bomber next to an army patrol in the city of mosul. look for targets of opportunity. this presented itself in the
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form of an army convoy. when they slowed in the road, the suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives. that would explain the relatively high death toll. bystanders were apparently killed in the blast. al qaeda is believed to be behind a lot of the attacks, the ones that require the organization, manpower, and numbers of people willing to blow themselves up. this is a belief an increasing number of those suicide bombers are foreigners. many have been seen coming across the border with syria. that is creating huge concern. al qaeda is not defeated. it suffered a huge blow with iraqi and u.s. military campaigns against it. iraq continues to capture and kill al qaeda leaders. the prison break that has released at least four of them is an indication they are still very strong.
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and norwegian woman at the center of a rape case disputes it. she has been pardoned. she was on a business trip in dubai when she says she was raped which charged with having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and perjury after she reported it to the police in march. at least 75 have been killed after an earthquake struck a rural part of western china. the 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the province. nearly 600 others have been injured. many homes of been severely damaged. we have more from hong kong. >> the first earthquake struck just after 7:00 a.m. local time. there was another earthquake not quite as strong. the first 5.9, the second 6.6. the city was the epicenter.
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most of the damage seems to have occurred to the northwest. 380 homes have collapsed. 13 villages are said to be cut off. they have no power or phones. 1500 soldiers are being sent into these remote areas to help survivors. it is an area prone to earthquakes. it has had many in the past. the most recent was in april with 200 people killed. this is more remote. we are not likely to see casualties at this stage. we will not know until rescuers managed to reach some of the more remote parts. >> violence in egypt as thousands protest on the streets calling for mohamed morsi to be reinstated. that is still to come. belgium and ushers in a new mark. -- builds and ushers in a new monarchs.
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>> a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. has puteuropean union the military wing of hezbollah on its list of terrorist groups. the decision comes months after the group was accused in the attack on israeli tourists in bulgaria. security forces in iraq are combing the area around the prison for escaped prisoners, including four top-level al qaeda fighters. more than 50 people were killed after the facility and another prisoner storm on sunday night. at least 75 have been killed after an earthquake struck western china. more than 580 others have been injured. 14 are still missing. egypt, legislators of the upper house of parliament supporting mohamed morsi and say they will be holding a session in the coming hours. elsewhere, six people have been killed.
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11 more wounded in the wave of attacks in the sinai peninsula. the violence flared in the area after the army ousted president mohamed morsi more than two weeks ago. his supporters have been protesting in cities across egypt. in cairo, they marched to the headquarters of the military intelligence service. thousands gathered to demand the former leader be reinstated. there has been a large demonstration in support of mohamed morsi in the northern city of alexandria. the professor of political science at cairo university, perhaps you can tell us about the press conference that just happened. i understand the deposed president's family has been issuing a statement. the family a sure they have not been in contact with the president and nobody has been
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able to visit him or know exactly where he is. have been saying the family is in touch with him. there is the total negation of the of fact. exactly how he will be treated, whether he will be put to trial or continue to stay. ,> it was a very feisty event an opportunity to criticize the military takeover as well. . they are talking about prosecuting the military over the capture of mohamed morsi. >> the egyptian people are very divided. more than half of the people will say this is not a coup d'etat. the military has intervened according to the wishes of the people so it does not have to be
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treated at all as a coup d'etat. deposed from was the office. but for security reasons, he is presidencyorced until it is clear whether he will be put to trial or not. >> to what extent will there be a rallying point, the conditions under which mohamed morsi is being held for the thousands of people we're seeing in our pictures from demonstrating across the country? >> the demonstration has nothing with the attention to dr. mohamed morsi. it has nothing to do with what generally happens. everyone knows dr. mohamed morsi is in forced custody. he might be put to trial.
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what has been said is the family might proceed with some legal procedures or steps either inside or outside the country. >> how does this fit into the picture of division? it is a very divided country. does this pushed the division even further and drive a wedge into any possibility of working together, with the military government says it wants to do, to work with the opposition? >> the current government has said it is ready to work seriously for reconciliation. but if we look to the statement issued by the muslim brothers, it seems there is a total rejection because the muslim brothers put as condition the reinstatement of mohamed morsi first and then proceed to reconciliation, which is unlikely to happen at all.
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the division will continue. the demonstration will continue. to ae this will not lead major confrontation in the streets. >> thank you very much. >> the philippine president has delivered his annual state of the nation address. he says he needs more time to implement his promises to tackle poverty and corruption. we have this report from manila. >> in his state of the nation speech today, the president talked about a highlights of the first half of his presidency. in his first three years in office, he says he was able to modernize the philippine military. he talked about his projects on agriculture, tourism, and education. he started his speech in a more defensive tone. he admits six years may not be enough to solve the deeply rooted problems. he says this is not enough excuse to be more complacent. he says after three years, the economy of the philippines is
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one of the most robust in southeast asia. as he spoke today, thousands gathered outside congress marching and protesting. they say what they want to see is the economic expansion to be more inclusion. they want more jobs for filipinos. they want the fight against corruption and into-poverty measures increased. they worry the president may not be able to live up to their expectations. >> the first latin american pope is on his way to brazil. it is pope francis' first international trip since becoming the head of the catholic church. what does this is sickening to the shrinking brazilian catholic community? 20 years later, the number dropped to 83%. they10, just 60% say follow the catholic faith. we have more from rio de janeiro. they come from all over the
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roman catholic world to meet their new pope. like this one from chile where the sexual scandals have severely damaged the institution. >> we have to rebuild our church. this is the moment to do it. if all the young people unite, we can share our faith. >> almost everywhere, you hear the roman catholic church has to be rebuilt. that is in trouble, even here in the world's largest catholic country, brazil. slum, the only church is located next to where people throw their rubbish. the residents walked past all day long. but the church is closed except on sundays. old,olics like this 16-year- an unwed mother, feel cheated.
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>> i would like the church to stay open every day. when we want to go to church, the church is not open. >> the need to bring the church to the people and not the people to the church is one of the key messages of pope francis, who is order increases to -- priests to renounce luxury and live among the people, and especially the poor. slum armed drug dealers have a stronger presence than the capital. catholic church. in anpe is coming here open. the first -- european pope is expected to. the emphasis on tending to flock rather than church dogma. this is a major shift according to a former priest and a prominent liberation ideologists who was silenced by the vatican years ago. >> the pope has already begun
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making reforms, starting with the papacy itself. he refuses to recall your holiness, but rather a brother amongst brothers. he has renounced the papal palace and all symbols of it. >> at a time when the flock is imbedded in catholicism by the millions, the argentine pontiff will use this city, where roughly half of the people live in poverty, to preach the catholic church must be a partner and not an obstacle to social change. al jazeera, rio de janeiro. >> of portugal president has accepted a compromise that will allow the current government to stay in power. the coalition has been on the verge of collapse after the foreign minister threatened to resign earlier in the month. the instability put at risk in $102 million bail out. out early elections calling for more talks between parties. belgium has welcomed a new
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monarch, king philip, following the abdication of his father. thousands lined the streets of brussels for the celebration. people for theis first time asking, this air force pilot assumes the throne, becoming the seventh mark of belgium. >> i swear i will respect the constitution and law of the belgian people, to maintain the independence of the country and maintain the belgian territory intact. >> he receives the crown from his father who abdicated after 20 years on the throne. messageear old's final was a tribute to his family. >> to the queen who has supported me throughout my rain, i would like to say thank you. all the emotional and intellectual qualities needed to
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serve our country in your new role. you and your dear spouse have all of our trust. taking to the palace balcony, king philip and his wife, nell gwyn, addressed thousands of well-wishers. this is still a nation divided by language and culture. many dutch speakers want greater independence. those in the north are wary of a monarch -- in the south. >> we think we have no problem with the king. there is only one place he belongs. that is in a fairy tale. >> we're belgians. we came to show our support and enthusiasm for the new king. -- thepped in ceremony military parade is a reminder to king philip of the serious task ahead. the role of king has become increasingly political in recent years.
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nhe historic day ending with a impressive display in the capital before the reality kicks in for the people and their new king. >> the east antarctic ice sheet is the size of australia. new research appears to show is much more sensitive to climate change than previously thought. the ice sheet covers a large part of the continent. it holds about 60% of the earth's fresh water. by drilling deep down, researchers have discovered global warming up to 5 million years ago caused parts of it to melt. at the time, carbon dioxide concentrations were similar to now. temperatures were comparable to those predicted by the end of this century. the most troubling finding was during this time of melting, sea levels rose by around 20 meters, much higher than most scientists have been predicting.
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this is one of the scientists examining the ice cores. >> the rates of change were very different in the past than they are today. sea levels have risen by a lot over the last 150 years due to the industrial revolution and our doing. in the past, rises happened over longer time scales, like millions of years. the climate shift may reach a point we do not even know yet about. there may be a tipping point where a catastrophic collapse of ice sheets have been. we're putting all of that risk by not doing something about it.
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