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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 18, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom for 60 minutes around the world. these are the headlines this monday. missouri governor sends in the national guard to ferguson just hours after police fired tear gas on protesters there. its second now under nighttime curfew as anger builds over last week's police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, michael brown. the iraqi army says it has taken back control of the country's largest dam. airstrikes help kurdish fighters chase out the extremists who took over the mosul dam two weeks ago.
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opposition parties in pakistan condemn a call from imran khan for civil disobedience to unseat the government. talks are underway to try to begin to end the five-day political standoff. also coming up for you this what crisis?-- the economic outlook in france might be glum, but for these agencies, business is booming. of a jewish bride and a muslim man turns violent in israel. sorry about that picture mess-up there. that happens sometimes in live television. first, we will start with the
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latest fighting in eastern ukraine. a convoy of buses carrying refugees from an eastern city has reportedly been hit by rebel missile fire. the exact amount of casualties is still unknown. kiev says the rebels were firing on fleeing civilians, leaving many dead, but a senior, pro-russia, rebel leader has theyd the strikes, saying don't have the capability to carry out that kind of attack. this comes as peace talks in berlin seem to have come up empty. the russian foreign minister says there were no positive results on either a cease-fire or resolving the political situation in eastern ukraine. he did say that all issues related to rush up's sending -- to russia's sending of that humanitarian convoy to you for -- to ukraine have been resolved. they were being used to smuggle in arms to the
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pro russia insurgence. no word on what exactly was resolved there. consensused a regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population of eastern ukraine. of whichssues, many were artificially imposed regarding the russian initiative to send 300 trucks with were resolved.d, the agreement has been reached with ukrainian side. as well as with the international committee of the red cross. and we expect this aid to be delivered to those who need it. next, now to ferguson, missouri, where governor jay nixon has sent in the national guard. that order came just hours after police fired tear gas to try to break up the protests. anger has been on the rise there since the police shooting last week of a black, unarmed teenager, michael brown. and broke out sunday before a
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second night -- new violence broke out sunday before second night of curfew. protesters were demonstrating peacefully when they came under attack. the police captain, ron johnson, says authorities up there were -- upped their response only after some protesters hit the police with molotov cocktails. >> police were shot at. makeshift barricades were set up to block police. bottles and rockets were thrown at police. based on these conditions, i had no alternative but to elevate the level of our response. sunday inlence ferguson broke out after a largely peaceful protest that was called by michael brown's family. >> police used tear gas in an attempt to disperse protesters ahead of a curfew in place between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
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anger continues in ferguson, missouri, following the killing by police of unarmed teenager michael brown on the ninth of august. his family hosted a rally in a local church on sunday. in attendance was ron johnson, now overseeing the policing effort, who offered his apologies. >> i want to start off by talking to mike brown's family. and i want you to know my heart goes out to you, and i said i'm sorry. that i'm sorry. i wear this uniform and i should say that i'm sorry. civil rights leader al sharpton also addressed the crowd. he said the killing and the reaction to it would be a pivotal moment in american society. he urged people not to sully the protests with violence. >> don't loot in michael's name. we are not looters. we are liberators. we are not burners. we are builders. >> according to a preliminary, private autopsy form --
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performed on sunday at the request of the family, michael was shot at least six times, including twice in the head. general said the justice department would conduct its own autopsy in the wake of the extraordinary circumstances involved in the case. >> now in iraq, kurdish forces say they have taken back most of the country's biggest dam. mosul dam was captured by the extremist group, the islamic state, less than two weeks ago. the kurdish peshmerga forces were helped by airstrikes from both the iraqis and the united states over the past two days. our correspondent joins us now with more. what more can you tell us? >> local media and state media are now saying that the dam has been completely retaken by peshmerga forces. bywere told earlier on today a high-ranking peshmerga officer who was at the that -- at the dam that, at that time, they
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controlled 90% of it. the 10% that remained was checking for ied's. dam has been company retaken. they were assisted by special forces and u.s. airstrikes, conducting some 30 strikes over the last couple of days, taking out an isis checkpoint and isis vehicles. an important strategic victory, but also will restore the confidence of the peshmerga. when thislly expected latest offense started into kurdish-held territory that isis would have been as successful as they were. there is a potential disaster that has been averted, both environmental and humanitarian. dam being blown would have led to severe flooding and loss of electricity. it would have been a desperate measure. dam, it sabotaged the would have been a very desperate
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measure. it would have wreaked havoc in mosul, which they are trying to use as their capital. it was have -- it would have caused flooding and loss of electricity, which would have essentially signed their own death warrant. >> this is truly a victory for iraq and for the kurdish peshmerga fighters who were at the forefront of this retaking of the dam. what are they going to do next? what is their next move? >> they said this won't be an isolated operation. they are going to continue to take the fight isis. that may well be villages east of modal 0-- of mosul. there are a number of minorities, christian and yazidis, who were held. we visited some of those villages in the days following the fall of mosul. they were captured in this second offensive about two weeks ago. to the west, they will try to move on and eventually meet up with pkk fighters with whom they
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are cooperating with, who held sinjar. it will be difficult to move south into the mountain range of mountains and -- of mount sinjar. >> thanks for that, adam. and --srael he soldiers israeli soldiers and tanks have been deployed to the border with gaza as the five-day cease-fire is set to expire tonight at midnight. the clock is ticking. investigators -- negotiators are in cairo to try to come up with some long-term way to end the conflict. five weeks of fighting have left more than 2000 people dead. despite the cease-fire, tensions are still high. on sunday, police had to hold back some 200 far-right israelis who were protesting the wedding of a jewish woman and a muslim man in tel aviv. charlotte hawkins has more on that. >> a heavy police presence
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outside the wedding hall, but this is note elaborate he wedding -- simply and -- this is no celebrity wedding. the jewish bride converted to islam shortly before marrying her muslim husband. he said they would dance until the sun came up. than 200 protesters gathered outside, shouting "death to arabs." this far right group has harassed jewish-arab couples in the past, but they have rarely protested at the site of a sign of how tensions have risen during the war in gaza. >> this is a jewish country. they don't belong here. they don't have to be here. they have 22 countries. they can go anywhere they like. >> countering the protest, a few dozen left-wing israelis held their own demonstration to support the couple. >> this is the country of israel. yes, it is a jewish state, but it is also a democratic state.
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people cannot live their life according to what anybody else tells them. >> police kept protesters away from guests arriving in the evening, arresting four hoodoos -- four who defied them. israeli arabs make up some 20% of the population. many couples marry a broad. -- marry abroad. >> twin protests have paralyzed the capital of pakistan. antigovernment clerics want the current government to step down. for more on this, in islam a bad amabad, you are saying these protests are a bit of a disappointment, especially for imran khan. >> the numbers we are getting -- proteststesters
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over the weekend, we are seeing there aren't many people who have come out rallying behind imran khan. he has been claiming that there will be more than 100,000 people. but at most, there are around 20,000 people. even to the extent of the fact that he has been getting ultimatums to the government yesterday. he said he gives a 48-hour deadline in which the government has to resign or step down, but nobody is taking it seriously in the country. most of the plea -- people, the political observers are saying that his civil disobedience movement does not make sense because it is only for two days, after which, 48 hours, he is expecting the government will step down. from the government's side, there has been the reaction -- the only reaction we have seen is they have offered for negotiations and dialogue. because of the fact that these in a very based
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crucial area, the red zone, which houses the supreme court, the parliament, and the prime minister's house. they have ahat, nuisance value, but no political impact as of yet. nuisancentioned this value. it does seem even though these protests are relatively small, this invasion of these 20,000 people has still caused quite a lot of havoc in islamabad. tell us about that. >> definitely. earlier when imran khan was raining he would bring around 100,000 people or even more -- was ringing -- was bringing around 100,000 people or even more, they were blocking off entry and exit points around islamabad. they remain blocked off. people are having difficulty. there are some ways to get in and out of the city, but big trucks, traders, and is in his cannot-- and business
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come in and out of the city. there were protests by the traders, saying they are incurring losses on their goods, because they are decaying, like fruits and vegetables. the movement of people is becoming very difficult in the city. >> thank you very much for that, taha siddiqui, reporting from islamabad. wikileaks's founder julian assange says he is going to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london after two years inside. speaking at a press conference not long ago, a son said he will leave "soon," wihtout -- without specifying -- assange said he will leave "soon," without specifying a time or date. heia reports had said that would leave because of health issues. he remained cagey on the suspect -- subject. >> [indiscernible]
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i can confirm that i am leaving the embassy soon. >> [inaudible] >> but perhaps not for the reasons [indiscernible] >> let's take a quick look at our headlines this hour on "france 24." the missouri governor has sent in the national guard to ferguson just hours after police fired tear gas on protesters. the town is under its second nighttime curfew as anger builds over last week's police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. says it has taken back control of the country's largest dam. u.s. and iraqi airstrikes helped kurdish fighters chase out the extremist islamic state
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militants who took over most of two two -- over mosul dam weeks ago. opposition parties in pakistan from imran khan to unseat the government. talks are underway to end the five-day government standoff. let's take a look at what the papers have been saying around the world. we have nicolas rushworth with u s. you're going to start us off with a cartoon. >> about a serious issue. it is from the british paper, "the guardian." the statue of liberty him and not the way we normally see it. liberty, not of the way we usually see it. there is a tear gas canister. pointing to problems in america, and ferguson, missouri, especially to do with democracy, justice, and civil rights, all the things that america is
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associated with. >> the guardian == -- "the guardian," a british paper, but you also took a look at the u.s. papers. >> the international paper says that people are watching the events in ferguson, missouri. the article on the front page of and amnestyquotes international spokeswoman, who says the people of ferguson do not feel they are being heard and they should not have their rights restricted. press, io the local looked to "the st. louis post-dispatch." its editorial not from this monday, but recent days, has a phrase which it says has become ubiquitous in terms of looking at ferguson. that phrase is from martin and itking, no less, says, "i think we have got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard."
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martin luther king saying that in 1966 when race riots swept across the united states. yes, we need investments in the community. we need to listen to the unheard, and we will listen. >> now to africa, where the ebola crisis is becoming of greater and greater concern. >> it is. let's go straight away to this piece, which is not remarkable for the paper in itself but for the headline. it is just staggering. here, there is no ebola in liberia. looters in the capital of monrovia chanted this as they stole infected items from a clinic. young men armed with clubs broke into the clinic. they actually stole items infected with blood, excrement, vomit, clearly infected. unbelievable. a staggering degree of ignorance. say president
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ellen johnson sirleaf wants to raise money because her economy is not going well. a very frightening story. the number of people in the clinic who fled, 20 have fled, and they have the ebola virus. >> let's come back now to france. what are the papers talking about today? stupid inhe economy all the papers as far as the right-wing press are concerned. let's go to the business daily, pointing to the disaster of zero growth for a second quarter in a row and also the budget deficit going well in the wrong direction. there, the messages that there could be tax cuts for french people as early as wednesday tom of the first cabinet meeting. we will have to see -- as wednesday, the first cabinet meeting. we will have to see. i thought this would be kinder. let's look at the front page, the left-wing daily. uplande's head is peeping
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forlornly. the question is what if he was wrong on the economy. this is all about his focus in the last two years he has been in power. has ittion" says he wrong because he is focused on companies and investment but not the other side of the equation, to develop -- there are no companies for consumers to invest in when they do invest, and they are not investing. let's go to a situation. a sporting achievement. the european athletics championship has been a big success for the french. they've got 23 medals, 9 golds. there is this picture of the keeper. he drew controversy by ripping off his shirt in the steeplechase and being disqualified. over the weekend, he did win the 1500 meter race, which is a great achievement for him.
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those athletes getting lots of attention in the french press. >> just to wrap up, one final story that i know peaks my interest -- piqued my interest about chocolate. >> it's about a dr. of chocolate. applying to cambridge university to take a phd in how to make sure that chocolate does not melt in the sun. "the daily mail" is covering this, as are loads of paper. we can certainly eat plenty of it. you need a lot of math and chemical engineering background, how solids work. interesting in terms of science. we are going to go have a bar of chocolate afterwards. >> it sounds like something out of willy wonka. you were mentioning sports. if you are a sports fan, stay tuned. sports starts right now with football. >> monaco suffered another setback after a heavy defeat. st. germain went to the top of
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the early tables. ille failed to win their first home match of the season by losing to montpellier. we are not very happy, of course, but the coach still tried to encourage us. it is the start of the season. i think he will be better and better as time goes on. >> we expected a lot from ourselves because we were note -- we know we were disappointing last season. we are motivated. it is true that it is not a good start. we've had a bit of bad luck. we've made a lot of effort. if we continue with this mindset, we will have some nice surprises in. league champions started off their campaign with a clinical win at newcastle. two goals. liverpool edged southampton 2-1
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in an exciting encounter. here is manuel pellegrini. >> i'm very happy. i think it is always important to start a season with winning. i think we played very well. because 7 of our 10 players were not able to play 90 minutes at the same pace, but we were very concentrated, very well organized, and efficient. finally, we decided the game with the second goal. >> france have qualified for the semifinals for the women's world cup after beating south korea. nigeria join the french in the after two players scored twice to send the team through at the expense of new zealand in a 4-1 win.
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hisade up for disqualification in the 3000 meter steeplechase by winning the men's 1500 meter final. the frenchman removed his shirt toward the end of the steeplechase and subsequently lost his gold medal, but remained fully clothed in the 1500. meters -- had eight 8.29 meters. out tsatoumas. gomis picked up the bronze. gold.n had the he pulled away from germany. britain surpassed their previous best of nine gold medals at the event. bronze went to france. 4x400 won the women's
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meter final in a thrilling finish. it was a sensational ankle leg the catalyst for the victory. ukraine held on for the silver, beating the british by 0.02 seconds. goldomen also one -- won for britain. nelson and williams home in 42.24 seconds. france finished a close second. russia, bronze. the women'swon world rugby cup for the first time in 20 years. they took the early lead when danielle crossed the finish off an excellent try. they traded a succession of penalties, leaving them with a five-point advantage in the last 10 minutes.
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the canadian defense -- they charged through the canadian defense to round off the win. a thrilling 25-18 win over ireland. the french gave their home support something to cheer about with a hard-fought win. briggs gave them the lead. the french hit back with their strongest weapon, the driving liner. on a high.ed to dennis. roger federer has won his sixth -- to tennis. roger federer has won his sixth open.n & southern title, whichh atp puts him third in the all-time list. serena williams has won her first cincinnati title in her
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sixth attempt, beatin giv -- who could notic, continue her final run, having beaten maria sharapova in the semis. cycling now. -- wrapped up the victory. an attack from a group of around 20 writers with just over 30 k over 30ders with just k remaining. he finished clear of the survivors from the rake away group to wrap up a comprehensive win. group tohe breakaway wrap up a comprehensive win. starting andage, finishing in --
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there were six riders, reeled in just 20k later. he came within 50 meters of the stage wingg99ññwçç
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>> this is a production of china central television america. >> poverty. most of us think of it as a problem that needs to be fixed. but do stereotypes about individuals and communities struggling with poverty blind us to the real solutions to eradicating poverty once and for all? i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it "full frame." 2014 marks the 50-year


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