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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the france 24 newsroom. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. ♪ genie: a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits central italy. at least 38 people have been killed so far with rescue teams racing to dig out survivors. turkish warplanes gourmet syrian border camp trying to clear it of islamic state militants. turkish tanks have crossed into syria for the first time since
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this war began. germany will announce new civil defense plans in the wake of two extremist attacks. tomans will be told stockpile provisions as a preventive measure for the first time since the cold war. theng up in business, flying kangaroo is bouncing back. all about the impressive turnaround of the australian airline. and french children are getting ready to go back to school next week. being putty measures in place to protect them in the press review. first our top story live from paris. ♪ italy rescue workers in
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are desperately trying to find survivors after a powerful earthquake struck the heart of the country early this morning. the 6.2 magnitude quake collapsed homes where people were sleeping. at least 38 are dead. the death toll is expected to rise. here's more from the prime minister. committedernment is to leave no one abandoned. no family, town, community will be left behind. now we must get to work so that in the coming hours we can rescue survivors from the rubble and give hope to these villages that have been so affected by this earthquake. genie: that's the italian prime minister. tremors from the initial quake or felt from 170 kilometers away in rome. that's where josephine mckenna is now. let's talk about the rescue
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efforts the prime minister was talking about. what are the biggest challenges? >> it's a desperate race against the clock. as you can see from the shocking images that are coming in. arelete apartment buildings a pile of rubble. emergency workers are digging as quickly as they can. are a pile ofmany are working with e hands. there were people beneath the rubble screaming for help. these towns have been hard hit. there are incredible stories of survival and people who are so shocked when they were awoken at 3:30 in the morning. hospital in the town that was evacuated very quickly. patients were out in the street. many were trapped inside.
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a family of four was killed beneath the rubble. a baby was recovered today. in theozens missing desperate search to find survivors before it's too late. same: this happened in the region as the 2009 earthquake that left 300 people dead. can we draw any parallels so far? is an earthquake prone country. this area in particular is particularly prone. we are only 60 kilometers from the area that was hardest hit. we are unlikely to see a death toll as high as 300 but there are concerns it will go much higher. many of these towns are small mountain villages. the roads have been blocked by
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the earthquakes. they are having trouble getting through to some of the areas where people have been trapped. it's a bit of a race against time. the red cross is moving into that area to set up a kitchen. at least 2000 people are homeless at this point. tents will be set up for the homeless as well. there is a huge effort being undertaken by the italian authorities and charities to mobilize and set up some operation to help these people. genie: thank you, josephine mckenna reporting from the ro me. and u.s. backed coalition forces have launched an operation to clear a syrian town still held by the islamic state group.
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warplanes are targeting the town from above and turkish tanks several to over the border for the first time since the civil war in syria begin. william hilderbrandt reports. >> these are the first images of turkish tanks in syria on their way to the city. after spending a week along the southern border they are now on syrian soil to liberated from the islamic state group -- liberate the city from the islamic state group. earlier turkish and u.s. warplanes carried out airstrikes. military sources told turkish media that artillery, rockets, and air raids had destroyed more than 80 targets. it's a major offensive with the u.s. coalition to drive out islamic state militants. before it began turkey's foreign minister says he is willing to offer every kind of support to the operation.
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>> this is important for our security. for theportant stability of the region that terror organizations are cleansed from here. >> turkey has vowed to put an end to its border problems. killedek a bomb attack 54 people near the syrian border. ankara has blamed the islamic state. genie: let's bring in tom stevenson covering this story from istanbul. we have heard syrian rebels aligned with turkey have taken a village from the islamic state. what more can you tell us? >> that's right. the tanks have crossed the borders. we had the artillery fired. this 1500 fighter force which has been stationed in turkey with turkish support. syrian fighters have taken a village.
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there are some skirmishes taking place outside the city but they are preparing for the assault itself. we know the village has been taken with relative certainty beense photographs have posted by some of the fighters. there were some suspicions that among the 1500 fighter force were islamist fighters including that force. the identity of some of these fighters is going to draw criticism from those who are uncomfortable working with jihadist fighters. isetheless the turkish force just about on the edges of the city now getting ready for the assault. thinkingrt of turkey's in this assault is that it will keep this region away from the kurds. tell us about that. >> on the northern front of the syrian civil war the recent
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progress has been made by the syrian kurdish forces. they were the ones with the whoan democratic forces took another city over a week ago. they have been doing most of the fighting and winning against i.s. those forces were advancing on this city. from the turkish perspective they are very keen to make sure it islamic state does not have a presence on its border. they are equally keen that the syrian kurdish forces don't take that city. the operation is not just about removing i.s. from the city. it is also about making sure syrian kurdish forces don't get the opportunity to take it and unite the states that they have been forming on turkey's southern border and. .
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thank you, tom stevenson reporting from istanbul. hassyrian capital damascus condemned the turkish intervention in syria. the foreign ministry said it is condemning the crossing of turkish tanks into syria, calling it a breach of sovereignty. president joe biden has landed in the turkish capital of ankara. his visit comes more than a month after a failed military coup. his visit will focus on turkey's request for the extradition of a muslim cleric living in america. here are the details. >> turkey has wanted him for years. now the u.s. state department says it has received a formal extraditeom ankara to
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this muslim cleric. >> we can confirm turkey has requested the extradition. you have seen turkish politicians talk about him or make allegations that he was connected. is that this request does not relate to his involvement or allegedly involvement in the coup. >> turkey is still reeling from last month's coup attempt. at least 240 people were killed. the turkish president says the plot was orchestrated by the cleric, who has lived in exile in pennsylvania since 1999. he denies any involvement. around 80,000 people accused of having links to him have been sacked or suspended from the police,, civil service, and judiciary.
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turkey has made his extradition one of the key issues in a relationship with the u.s., warning that a slow response could lead ankara to question its friendship with washington. joe biden is expected to show support for turkey, though privately he is likely to express concern at erdogan's crackdown on dissidents since the coup. rampage by ating mentally unstable teenager last month. the country will announce new civil t defense plans. for the first time since the cold war people will be told to stockpile provision since the in case of attack. >> berlin suffered a days long blackout due to a cyber assault. what if a major terror attack paralyzed main roads?
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all of these are hypothetical situations the government wants to prepare for. the german interior minister has been making plans to deal with emergency situatations. within the documents is a piece of advice for the population. keep a reserve. germans will be told to stop 10 days worth of food and five days of water. >> i bought it now because if i don't there won't be any left. i bought some for us and some for our neighbors. >> this man is being especially careful but many are not rushing to the shops just yet. >> there is no danger for now. it's all a bit hysterical. >> advice like this existed in germany during the cold war. the government says it is necessary to make sure people are prepared once again for the threats of today. >> this isn't necessarily about terrorism. it's about any threat to german
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society. the interior ministry is also considering bringing back compulsory national service. nscription wasructi suspended but can easily be reintroduced. genie: in france, school starts next week. with the terror threat very prevalent in the country, the government is putting new measures in place to make sure french schoolchildren are safe. the minister of education talked more about those measures today. the aim is not to panic but to anticipate for the worst. those are the words of the french interior minister, who along with the education minister revealed a string of new security measures to try and protect the 64,000 schools and colleges across france.
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measures, more police patrols around schools deploying more than 3000 police officers to try and protect those establishments. some new training centers will also open their doors to train 500 education personnel. alsoasters, teachers will have to try and spot children and teachers who may have become more radical. they are working on ways to try de-radicalize those people. children will be trained to try and obtain a first aid certificate. the security budget will be boosted. it will almost double this year with more than 120 million euros unblocked.
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be able to change their alarm systems. genie: this is france 24. a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central italy. soleast 38 have been killed far with rescue teams racing to dig out survivors in the hardest hit counts. turkish warplanes bomb a syrian border camp trying to clear it islamic state militants. have crossed into syria for the first time since the civil war began. let's take a look at our business news with stephen carroll. starting with fantastic reports from the airline known as the flying kangaroo. >> it at its biggest profits in the last year. that is a massive turnaround for a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy just two years ago. the airline has undergone
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painful restructuring. >> from record losses to record profits in just two years. it was all smiles for the ceo, alan joyce, as he announced the news. >> this is the best result in history and year the best result in australian aviation history. >> under his watch, the company has gone through a painful restructuring, cutting thousands of jobs and freezing wages as well as stopping its dividends. these measures have paid off. taking the company from a 1.9 billion euro loss two years ago to just over a one billion euro profit this year. the company has also been helped by falling oil prices. effective fuel hedging resulted in savings more than 440 million
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euros. the smaller domestic rival virgin australia announced last month its full-year net loss more than doubled. sometimes at odds with the union over cuts, joyce has promised staff will receive a bonus. the airline will also pay shareholders their first dividend in seven years. genie: next, a leak of information from a french submarine maker. >> some 22,000 documents containing information from a french firm were seen by the australian newspaper. they detail some of the capabilities of a range of submarines being supplied to the indian navy. the indian defense minister claims the security breaches the result of hacking. a source close to the investigation says the information contained in those documents was sensitive but not critical or confidential.
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it is causing controversy in australia because earlier this year the company won a contract to build submarines for the australian navy. it is a completely different submarine from the one they are building for india. we have the highest security protections on all of our defense information. what is been happening on the markets? >> shares in the french defense group are down over 1% in paris. picturee it is a mixed in the european markets. gains in paris and frankfort. one of the companies having a good day on the market is the advertising firm wpp. it reported strong growth in the first half of the year. it shrugged off concerns over brexit, saying the fall in
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sterling may have helped a recovery in the advertising market. the chief executive said companies were being cautious with their money because of the uncertainty over the u.k.'s future trade relationship with europe and the outcome of the u.s. presidential election. mining company glencore will cut its massive debt after it reported a 13% drop in underlying profits in the first halflf of the yeaear. it has been working to reduce its debt as it struggles with lower prices for commodities. has unveiled a new battery that it says will make its new car the fastest mainstream model on the market. it will go from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds and be able to travel over 300 miles. of clothing wece have been talking -- one piece of clothing we have been talking about in france is the infamous burkini. who created the
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garment had her sales boosted by the controversy in france. >> she created the design more than 10 years ago and has trademarked the name. she says she has seen a jump in order since several beaches in france banned them. she received six times more than usual orders from non-muslim women. any controversy is probably good for business. genie: no such thing as bad news. thank you, stephen carroll. time for the press review. we are taking a look at what papers have been saying today. you will start with the papers in turkey focusing on the meeting between joe biden and turkish authorities today in the capital. >> he is the highest-ranking u.s. official to visit turkey since last month? 's attempted coup.
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let's take a look at an article. it is looking at what's going to happen and what they are going to talk about. a lot will be about terrorism, fighting terrorism. other subjects are expected to come up during this conversation including ankara's request for the u.s. to extradite the cleric who according to turkish , is at the head of a terrorist organization. genie: many u.s. papers have a very different opinion about his role. >> it's really interesting to see how u.s. papers describe him. this editorial in the washington post says he has inspired a large civil society and educational movement in turkey but there is no evidence he was involved in last month's coup. erdogan's assault on him is
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described as a witch hunt. this editorial says joe biden needs to reassure turkish authorities but also deliver some tough advice. the article says that erodgan's sweeping purges have seriously undermined democracy and the rule of law. genie:the article says school sn france next week. the ministers of interior and education have announced a new series of measures to make sure schoolchildren are safe. >> that's right. it is quite a particular year given the terrorist threats we are seeing in the country. everyone is talking about how school is starting in the face of this terrorist threat. this graphic shows what some of the measures are going to be. part of it is equipping schools with better entrance gates. also training students to be able to carry out first day. schools will also carry out
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drills throughout the years. you will have traditional fire drills. to getne will be students prepared for a terrorist attack on the school. there will also be a special alarm bell in schools to indicate that a school is being attacked. it is pretty scary stuff. authorities say students and teachers suspected of radicalism will be increasingly monitored. genie: other papers are reporting about how teachers are in fact very concerned about the level of security in their schools saying it is not enough. >> that is right. a school psychologist says currently teachers are not trained sufficiently for crisis management. something needs to be done here. this is an interview with the head of a teachers union who says one of the big problems is schools do not have security personnel like in shopping malls
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or hospitals. this is a very difficult and expensive thing to put in place. a lot of papers are saying this is quite a depressing situation for schools. they remind readers that the best arm to fight terrorism is education. genie: many papers in the u.s. focusing on democratic candidate hillary clinton facing growing rumors about her health. >> she released some medical records. "truthers" are saying hillary clinton is unwell and unfit to be president. to essentially prove them wrong, she went on a comedy show to defend her health. she successfully opened a jar of pickles. jimmy kimmel took her pulse. apparently she is a live. she is on the cover of a french left-wing paper today. yesterday it was saying that
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nicolas sarkozy is saying he wants to run for president. the worst is he might win. here is hillary clinton. the worst is she might lose. genie: papers are reporting on the gender pay gap. >> the results of the research are pretty depressing if you are a woman. take a look at the guardian. on average women earn 18% less than men. that widens significantly after maternity leave. they are talking about the mother of all barriers is maternity leave. in the 12 years after the birth pf the first child, the ga grew 33%. stateside, check out these reassuring results. sexism is over in the united states, according to men. 56% of men say women no longer face significant obstacles in the workplace and beyond.
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unsurprisingly, if you ask when women, 63% say discrimination makes their lives harder. genie:
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[bell ringing] >> the nation's last sardine cannery closed yesterday,


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