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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 24, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> it is 9:00 p.m. in the french capital, i'm catherine nicholson with your headlines in paris. to recover italy survivors after a powerful earthquake. known to have been killed. a key syrian town repeatedly recaptured from the islamic state group after a joint turkishn by the military, syrian anti-regime forces and american fighter planes. and it's an act of economic war 4. .arfare
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built insubmarine mumbai by a french ship builder. an investigation is underway. catherine: first, in italy, 120 to have died in a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the center of the country overnight. that toll announced by the italian prime minister who is in the region. this is the most powerful earthquake to strike italy since when more than 300 died in same region. world leaders offering assistance. italian prime minister, matteo renzi, is promising a
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rescue effort. hearts fallenith with tears want to remember these are stories of families, human, women, men, beings. therefore, the primary sentiment commotion, pain, and profound emotion. sentiment that can be found across the country from the north to the south political or personal ideas. this is an italy that's in solidarity with the this territory. catherine: hundreds of rescue crews from across italy and the thecan have flocked to towns, a 90 minute drive east of area.n a popular tourist reporter: rescue operations in
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amatrice are well underway as crews search for the rubble.rough it's been slow-going as rescuers appeal for supplies. we need chainsaws, shears to bars and jacks to remove beams. we need everything. the town the center of has been reduced to rubble with entire buildings demolished. big cracks can be seen in the few structures still standing. residents recount their ordeal. fell on mye ceiling head. i just managed to put the pillow hit, head and i wasn't luckily. reporter: the epicenter was 30 kilometers away, sunrise, the 6.2 magnitude earthquake was strong enough to wake people in rome, 170 kilometers away. since then, over a dozen
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felt.hocks have been officials are already comparing earthquake to big strike the country seven years ago. >> this is an earthquake of serious magnitude. canas on the surface and we 2009.e it with the one in reporter: in that earthquake, were killed. the central region of italy is areaost seismically active of europe. key syrian town has reportedly been recaptured from grouplamic state according to syrian opposition members based in turkey. turkish military forces and syrian groups launched an operation to seize back jarablus getting backup from american fighter jets. said itan president has
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is affecting not just the group. to get insights, our stephenson intom istanbul. what's the latest on that recapture jarablus? tom: i think it's fair to say at all the evidence u.s.-backeds turkish operation to seize jarablus has been successful everying to basically measure we have to realize what's going on, it seems as if in full has been taken control by turkish forces so these were directly turkish forces including heavy armor like tanks and artillery 1500 syrianund fighters backed by the turkish government from various, as far islamist groups. as faras far as we can tell thee wasn't a great deal of fighting,
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put it bluntly. it looks as though the islamic fighters had withdrawn from the city previous to the attack. we'll have to see whether or not aat's in preparation for counter attack or if they're ceding the city to turkish backed forces. certain is that this is an historic event. now, the world, and also the united states especially has been calling on turkey to intervene against the state very much like. this it's happened and jarablus has fallen and we'll have to see happens from here. catherine: that is my next question. thatcomes next now jarablus has fallen out of islamic state group hands? tom: the signals that we're getting from the turkish authorities here is very much this force, this turkish backed force, will not stop that therearablus, are plans, in fact, to take control of the major settlement southern turkish syria border. that's obviously a highly
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sensitive border and turkey is keen on making sure the syrian dominant backs are the force in that area. it was to make sure the islamic state? in there. we've seen the islamic state has proven to be a severe threat to turkey. make surents to kurdish forces are not in ortrol of either jarablus any of turkey's southern borders. opposed totrongly the gains syrian kurds have made ensure thed wants to the basharls against al-assad regime but also forces region. sure it doesn't give the wrong ideas for kurds who are looking for autonomy in the long run. turkeyteresting, intervening for the first time in the syrian civil war, a
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event.ble catherine: thanks very much for those updates, tom stephenson istanbul. the vice president of the united a charmas been on offensive in turkey today. joe biden seeking to reassure government there that the u.s. is not helping a man that trying touses of bring down the turkish state. andrew: the visit by joe biden couldn't come at a more crucial moment. as turkish tanks rolled into u.s. vice president touched down in ankara for talks futureuld determine the of one of nato's most important alliance. agenda, the war raging on turkey's southern border. ankara has slammed washington support behinds syrian kurdish fighters in the the islamic state group. but in a change of tone, biden to pull backforces
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across the euphrates. mustpresident biden: they move back across the river. they cannot, will not, and under no circumstances get american keep that they do not commitment, period. talks, also dominating fathullah gulen, living in exile the u.s. turkey's president, recep tayyip erdogan, accuses him of the coup attempt. he wants the u.s. to hand him biden says there needs to be hard evidence of the involvement first. biden: we have no, no, no interest whatever in protecting anyone who has done to an ally, none. to meet the legal standard requirement under our
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law. andrew: earlier, biden was led through the wreckage of part of parliament, bombed during the attempted coup. most senior u.s. figure to visit ankara since that day. u.s.-turkish relations have soured. he's faced with a diplomatic u.s. numberat the two has no choice but to navigate. students --unss of dozens of students have fled in the american university in kabul as gunmen burst in. one student in class reported he heard gunfire and 100 people the in the buildings as attackers entered. here's his account. >> heard a big sound. it was very horrible.
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we, after some seconds, we heard gunshots and then we just was a emergency exit and we tried to escape from the back door. we entered to the compound. two units of the police are they are trying to part with the terrorists. have blocked everywhere and we are waiting here because many of our friends and and we areare inside very worried about them. catherine: reactions from around the world. the white house saying it is deeply concerned and closely situation.the moving on to other top world following atwe're "france 24". missile test by north korea has called for an the u.n.eting of security council. launched about
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500 meters towards japan. hasn's prime minister described the launch as an unforgivable act which poses a japan'sreat to security. in southern thailand, one killed and around 30 wounded in a bomb blast overnight into wednesday. two weeks after a wave of deadly spots. on tourist the government says there's no connection between the new blast previous one and there's no claim of responsibility. government has released updated plans for protecting the public in case of emergency such as attacks or long-term power cuts. the plans have attracted criticism after the leak of a recommendation that germans up with 10 days' worth of groceries. this is the first time that the protection concept has been updated in 21 years. are to berve soldiers
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deployed to protect schools and one of aies in france, series of measures unveiled today by the french interior and education ministers. government is set to spend an extra 50 million euros on helping local councils to set up security at local establishments. they'll be given special training on what to do if their includingattacked, one session with a fake assailant entering the building. among parents have been mixed. >> the front gate is locked. can't just walk into the school and policemen are stationed in france for security measures. >> many parents are already trying to protect their kids from recent attacks but i think having cops posted in front of give kidss could fears they shouldn't be having that age. catherine: more details for us correspondent.
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reporter: the aim is not to anticipate for the worst, those are the words of ministerh interior who, along with the education minister, revealed a string of new security measures to try and protect the 64,000 schools and colleges across france. amongst those measures, more patrols around schools deploying more than 3,000 police and protecttry those establishments. training centers will also open their doors to train as headation personnel masters, teachers, and head to try will also have and spot children and teachers as a matter of fact who might radical andmore they're currently working on ways to try and deradicallize those people. schools will always be forced to carry out three security
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exercises every year. children will be trained, as a first try and obtain aid certificate. in all, the security budget at school will be boosted. it will almost double this year than 120 million euros unblocked in a bid to allow to change their alarm systems, for example, to change to set up codes, and surveillance. catherine: from the french education ministry. staying here in france, a word the frenchfrom interior minister over the controversial burkini bans in place in around 15 towns around the country. speaking after he met with the head of the french muslim council. issuing local bans on the full body swim wear that minority ofby a muslim women. the fresh controversy this
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wednesday after a woman was ordered by four armed policemen long sleeved top, frenchurkini, on a beach. >> the implementation of passing these decrees should not lead to stigmattization or turn french citizens against each other. all this implies a high level of responsibility. we must be firm. we must be fair. true toust also stay our national value of brotherhood. catherine: something a bit different from across the english channel. ever have trouble getting yourself to check if you've put on a few pounds, the keepers at the london zoo are having to use of their expertise to lure
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weighing scales to check up on the health issues neededges that might be on the animal's diet. the biggest are the giraffes and smallest live in the insect houses, weighing under a gram. coming up to 20 past 9:00 in the evens in paris. frantic searches are continuing in central italy to recover survivors after a powerful earthquake has killed at least 120 people. a key syrian town has been recaptured from the islamic a jointoup after operation by the turkish military, syrian anti-regime and american fighter planes. stormed theave american university in kabul. telling "france 24", around 100 students were present time. the head in the afghan capital
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at least one has been killed and 40 students wounded assault. right now it's time for us to withnother business update kate. you've got the case for us, top documents being leaked and they all link to details submarines. kate: the australian newspaper pagestten hold of 22,000 from the french naval contractor, detailing the combat capabilities of vessels being navy.ed to the indian india's french minister says the security breach is the result of but the leak is causing controversy in australia because earlier this year the company contract to build 12 submarines for the australian navy. a different model but the incident is raising security concerns. as the deal ofd the century. dcns won a 30ctor
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apriln euro contract in to build australia's next generation of submarines but the agreement could be compromised sensitive documents on the submarine were leaked to .he public on wednesday the submarine has been sold to countries such as spain and brazil as well as india which signed a 3.1 billion euro contract with the company in 2005. indian authorities say the leak could pose a security threat and make the submarines unsafe to use. >> you have instructed the chief entire to analyze the matter including what has been leaked and what the documents say about us. reporter: australian authorities meanwhile have sought to downplay the incident and said the revelations wouldn't jeopardize the deal with the french constructor. buildingbmarine we're
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with the french is called the barracuda. it's a completely different submarine to the scorpine built theindia and we have highest protections on our information. leakter: the origin of the remains unclair and the dcns is process ofe authenticating the documents but beensay it could have hacked in a war waged with competitors. kate: wall street trending downwards, the nasdaq down half waiting toinvestors hear from janet yellen on friday indications about when she'll decide raise interest rates. 2% wednesday.n a mixed close on the european ftse below the flat line. higher.cac
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meanwhile,nce, confirmation that the labor market is improving. national, the statistics body said unemployment dropped to just time 10% for the first since 2012, hit 9.9% in the second quarter from april to june. this wednesday, the government agency that registers said thatnt claims trend continued in july, .5% for joblessts requests registered but there was a slight increase in the people with only part-time jobs who are seeking more work, a sign that the remainsobs market unstable. moving on to other business headlines. the south african rand has theled more than 3% against dollar after police summoned the rumors he'dster on been arrested. authorities looking into a rogue spy unit in the tax service
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he ran for a decade. he was appointed finance anister in december in stunning shuffle that saw three different men hold the job within a week. european union has authorized the bailout of portugal's by assets.k the finance ministry said in a it would inject 2.7 convertingos while government health bonds and transferring other shares to up the lender. it has been under stress since country'sse of the in 2014.der, qatar's sovereign wealth fund piece of the empire state building. the qatar investment authority 9.9% stake in the $622c skyscraper for million, part of doha's border
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to increase international investments and cope with the plunge in oil prices. qantas airlines earned its biggest ever profit over the last year. 1.5 billion australian dollars in underlying profits, a billion the australian airline has undergone a painful restructuring. reporter: from record losses to record profits in just two years. all smiles for quantas as he alan joyce announced the news. best result in qantas' 95-year history and the in australian aviation history. reporter: under joyce's watch, company has gone through a painful restructuring, cutting and freezingjobs wages, as well as stopping its dividends. paid off,ures have taking the company from a 1.9 two years agooss
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to just over a billion euro profit this year. company's also been helped by falling oil prices, saying effective fuel hedging resulted 440avings of more than million euros. in comparison, quantas' smaller domestic rival, virgin australia, announced last month loss more thanet doubled. sometimes at odds with the unions over cuts, joyce has staff will receive a bonus of just over 2,000 euros. also payne will shareholders their first dividend in seven years. kate: tim cook is marking five years at the helm of apple. was appointed chief executive officer august 24, 2011, replacing steve jobs. revenue and profits have nearly doubled since then. over 100% overup his tenure. nearly a billion iphones have
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been sold and the apple watch was introduced to the market since tim cook took over. tech analysts say cook doesn't have the same reputation for thatation as jobs did and his legacy will likely depend on the direction he steers the in next. areas like self driving cars, artificial intelligence and entertainment are thought to be ripe for development. we understand that cook has become eligible to unlock previously unordered stock bonuses worth over $100 million. five-year anniversary. catherine: when was i eligible that? i imagine i will be asking. thanks very much, kate moody. we are going to take a short break on live from paris. when we come back, we'll speak to a seismologist about the nowhquake in italy that has killed at least 120 people. rescue operations continuing into the night.
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that coming up. x]ñ]ñ]ñíñíñíñéñ
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08/24/16 08/24/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! pres. obama: as i think anybody can see, the streets, much less the inside of the homes, people's lives have been offended by this blood. amy: as president obama tours the flood devastation in baton rouge, we will look at why climate activists are protesting plans by the interior department to lease off as much as 24 million acres in the gulf of mexico for oil and gas leasing. the lease sale is taking place


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