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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> hello and welcome back. i am claire pryde. these are your top stories. the was a gun battle in the afghan capital of kabul. we will have more from kabul in a moment. --ezuela available president venezuela's president held the a good assembly. and flatware putin order at
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hundred 55 u.s. diplomatic staff out of russia as protest against new sanctions. ♪ first to afghanistan and another attack in the capital of kabul. security forces battling gunmen after a suicide bombing at the iraqi embassy. state group has claimed responsibility for the attack. 2 afghan guards were killed. from kabul, our correspondent has more. the interior ministry
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and couple in a statement said at least four attackers targeted the iraqi embassy. the first attacker in the explosions -- it is not clear whether he was on foot. they went into the first floor of the embassy, the interior of the embassy. special forces managed to take iraqi diplomats to a safe location. this is still an ongoing attack. they were four kilometers away. i can't tell you, a number of employees of various offices specialcuated by afghan .orces they were very cautious for a
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few hours, as i said. h has claimed responsibility for this attack. almost two weeks ago the iraqi held a press kabul conference hailing the recapture of mosul. iraqi flags were hanged on the embassy. there was a celebration. but the afghan ministry for an official was telling me that they were doing everything they could to protect diplomats. many embassies were damaged or destroyed. said thate, rouhani these terrorists would not drive the diplomatic community out. major sourceas a of concern for foreign and
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western diplomats who operate in these difficult security conditions i and kabul. that was our correspondent speaking earlier, and we are hearing from the afghan interior ministry about this attack, gunbattle at the embassy in kabul now. let's turn our tentative venezuela where the opposition has encouraged people to take to the streets again after sunday's election for the assembly. they say that is a moved to dictatorship as only two or 3 people all voted -- voted. they have reported the election to the u.n. as "a sham." the midnight rally where there were no signs of the political turmoil -- they were
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painting a picture of the highly controversial election, and hailing it as "the biggest vote ever." >> they were challenging, crossing rivers. moments earlier, venezuela's national election committee announced their turnout. >> there was a total of 8,089,003 and are 20 demonstrators. suggest thaterts the real total is 4 million with strong suspicions that 2 million were government employees and not entirely voluntary.
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was a boycott of the polls seen by is widely international governments as a power play by the government of maduro. >> we will continue to protest until constitutional order and democracy are restored. monday's election marked not only by a boycotting of the polls and international condemnation, but the his whaler's chief prosecutor saying -- venezuela's chief prosecutor saying that there were clashes between police and protesters. claire: for more, i am joined by venezuelanrom a university. thank you for coming in. , they aret heard divided over the turnout, i huge -- a huge division and the
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numbers. if 8 million people did take part, does this give credibility to claims that he has the people? the international commission to say it is totally control -- 21% is still very low for venezuela. normally 70% of the people would go and vote. about two thirds of the people could vote twice. in the end, those numbers are not really serious. true that the polls say 80% of the venezuelan people were against this poll. there's no credibility with what is happening.
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it will polarize even more of the country and we will have violence. claire: as you mention, millions took place -- took part in an unofficial referendum, the country then talked about oler's nation. is it really divided? >> it's really divided. there's an enormous majority that cannot fathom this government. venezuela is in chapter 11. there are kids dying in hospitals because there's no antibiotics. there are kids dying from hunger, which is incredible in a country so rich. we have this huge mass of people who can't find the government anymore and a small percentage who need this government to survive and keep going on. claire: they need the government to survive. you mentioned that the electoral vote is not controlled by the
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government. there are other entities. and that is why this came about. about thesethink elections, these institutions? should there not be more opposition like there has been from the state prosecutor? >> the problem is [indiscernible] not only the constituent assembly, it just draws down the national a sibley. so, this assembly has not sincerely represented the opposition inside. when the opposition says it the beginning of dictatorship, you agree with that? code.s is a it is a -- this is a coup.
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attempt. coup this is a coup d'etat against oneself. claire: what about outside intervention. you have the president of colo mbia saying he would not recognize the vote. eu, the u.s. considering sanctions. what needs to happen? >> argentina and mexico said --t they would not recognize that --ry inside weekll see in about one the ministers of all those
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countries will see what we can do. ,he whole state in venezuela cuba as the key for what to happen in venezuela. but they do not know yet how to , so they are very afraid of what is going to how to use this key, so they are very afraid of what is when to happen there. [indiscernible] going into thel streets. the only way to stop that is a huge massacre. if that happens, we could go into a kind of civil war. there is one hope. the country is dividing itself.
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so, this assembly is a big fight between moderates and extremists. and they are being kicked out by the more extremist guys. claire: all right, we have run out of time. thank you very much indeed for coming in. news, the u.s. state department has described the russian decision to expel staff an goldcorp. putin called for this after the u.s. approved new sanctions against moscow due to the annexation of romance and interference in the u.s. elections. the annexation of crimea and interference in the u.s. elections. we have more. is going the nation
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deeper into a diplomatic crisis with the united states. on sunday, putin appeared on russian tv to confirm russia u.s. expel 655 at diplomatic staff, in response to sanctions by the u.s. going to show we're not going to leave the situation unanswered. than 1000more employees, technical staff who work in russia. reporter: the diplomats, russian have another task. moscow also close to the him busy compounds on thursday the u.s. senate approved sanctions thenst russia's meddling in american election. -- on at donald trump
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trip to nato ally as stone at, penceice president mike condemned russian expansionism. vice president pence: the president made it very clear that very soon he will sign the sanctions and the congress of the united states will reinforce that. re--- it willill reduce the diplomatic staff to former 55, the same number of russian staff in the u.s. after president barack obama expelled russian staff in december. forre: tell us more reasons russia expelling u.s. diplomatic staff. hey -- putin, when he appeared on russian state tv,
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made it quite clear. he said they have been impatient waiting for an improvement in relations with the new trump administration. -- he said they have been patient waiting for improvement in relations. russia absolutely has to act at this moment and has to act in a tough way. this new u.s. sanctions, merger by the senate, about to arrive on president trump's desk, he does not have much choice but to pass on it. it will hurt russian energy experts. the russian economy is absolutely dependent on energy. it will really solidify those energy exports. it's about timing. it's about functions. arewith the russians, they
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running out of patience with the new trump administration. claire: l putin has given up -- vladimir putin has given up on donald trump? >> it looks like they are getting fairly close to that point. he has been careful about president trump. anger from they kremlin, russian politicians, being directed at u.s. congressman. gressmen.u.s. con russian politicians are beginning to see chuck as a weak leader who cannot push his agenda -- trump as a weak leader who cannot push his agenda. this could be the start of a number of stronger measures
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against trump's america. claire: thank you. our correspondent in moscow for us. and now it is clear, cristiano another footballer having his day in court. defrauding from 2005 through two -- 2014. diedctress jeanne moreau at the age of 89. she was best known for her roles in films such as "jules et jim" black." bride wore her career spent three decades. -- her career spanned three
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decades. ♪ claire: time for business news. starting with the sanctions, the sanction threats from washington. >> indeed, the white house considering sanctions on venezuela's vital oil sector. that is in response to their "sham election." the report that u.s. crude, which venezuela mixes beh heavy crude, could blocked. is trading closer to the $50 mark at $49.52. next, weaker than expected data in china this monday. the index at the 21.4% for the
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month of july down from last month. expectations -- while levels bloke signal a contraction. but see how the markets are doing. we have a mixed picture at this hour. at this hour,ax while paris is completely flat. let's take a look at some of the other stories we are tracking view this hour. [indiscernible] billion, the decline following a diplomatic spat be and the saudis.
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it has cash that can be used to replenish the central bank's funds. says that growth was fueled by strong sales in asia. at 871 million euros. the company has .xpanded he was looking for an alternative on the buses. [indiscernible] he added they weren't interested. tesla has made good on his
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promises and released an affordable car. the first cars released to employees. this is the first time that they would be able to afford a tesla. reporter: elon musk arrived to a rockstar welcome. the model 3 is the carmaker fell cheapest vehicle to date -- the carmaker fell cheapest vehicle today -- the carmaker's cheapest vehicle to date. it starts at $30,000. has been plagued by persistent production delays. the major challenge for us the next six to nine months is how do you go through a production of a huge number of
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cars? it is production hell. is part ofhe model 3 its mission to speed the global transition to energy. it will run for three to 50 kilometers.- 350 3 went to 30 of its customers, most of them employees. selling 500,000 cars per year would see them outperform bmw in the u.s.. they have yet to turn a profit. the model 3 is more expensive leaf andls nissan
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chevy volt. claire: thank you very much. time now for the press review. our guest joins us for headlines across the globe. >> protest rock to venezuela today. the opposition leader has called for a nationwide demonstration to reject the vote on the constitution. has sometimes been called the mouth these of the venezuelan government, lashing out, saying they are actions of thee opposition. there were flashpoints of violence. there was a huge defense of the government. whyre: is an indication of
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this vote would turn venezuela into a dictatorship? it's a rather fatalist opinion piece in which the author said that majuro -- therio has gained control of judiciary and this is the final step in what will essentially become a dictatorship. appointed amduro, but they are saying the new constitution will betray chavez's legacy. claire: he appointed his successor? >> he was tried for corruption allegations. his brother has been named the
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interim leader ahead of a parliamentary vote to determine a new pm. [indiscernible] him crying leaving the house while his brother takes his place. voice of the opposition has been taking advantage of the chaos. they say that he has "a thanksgiving day" in front of thousands of supporters. claire: he is manipulating the situation for gain? to one paper, they are accusing him -- be thankfulh to for. they ousted the prime minister for yes, the paper said he did
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not seem to be a grateful winner. they are looking ahead to next year's general elections, saying a favoriteay be because he's running on this anti-american, anticorruption, populist form. but he is not issue and to become prime minister. he lax political experience -- political experience and has questionable legal issues. claire: and other account issues being discovered? >> that is rights. that discovered on the weekend. the australian reports of the to --d they are planning gasrror group promised a attack on a plane headed to the united states.
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in an opinion piece "the at factors looked that would help for this attack
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