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two weeks total of eight. but the agenda north korea's nuclear. and the islamic state. if in dodoubt as old. currently still under his control in syria and iraq will be asking. is the islamic state still unrest .
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that's tonight. mr office hiding out in belgium and now. international arrest warrant pick not independently condos pushed him on. in barcelona his supporters took to the streets tonight declaring that they stand firmly behind their embattled leader. well in madrid. eight members of his former government are in jail. little earlier on this evening i spoke to sarah morris she's our correspondent in madrid. on that decision by spain to issue an international arrest warrant for carla's personal. the first step that will happen is that there will be a european arrest warrant and an international arrest warrant. either didn't did that she's in case he decides to meet belgigium ad go to another countryry hard
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the police in spain will send not so the two. . are dead belgian court lakes and then add to that a b belgian coolol. and. then wee a also put schuman explained t that kind of pushed mom would have to. i can next bats warrant show going t t the couourt himsef and that it could be. a delay said dad reno you approached him on that he could. spanish justice system he doesn't think it is impartial he thinks it's politicized are but the jump shot tonight its hearing that warrent says that. he needs to come to spain to face those charges of sedition of rebellion of
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embezzling public money she said that. he ignored the constitutional court orders that the referendum or photobucket first was illegal and or. did go. and that he couldn't push ahead of with secession she said at that to other worlds a orchestrated plan to use our people on the street to push ahead asia by u. s. presiden over twenty five years. enough time for president donanald t trump to addresse of the thorniest issues of his foreign policy. we stopping in japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines. top of his agenda will be the nuclear standoff with north korea. brussels he
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bowed look to has at the president's week. n't world days to defend american interests abroad. nonstop japapan. with prime minister abe the schedule to play golf. dying and listen to pop music. but dominating the agenda will be north korea. nuclear tests and fiery rhetoric have fled up tensions. are they will be seeking reassurances on america's military commitments in the region. in seoul trump's counterpart moon jm is pushihing f for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. well aware that his citizens would be the first targets in a a conflict. the american president will give a much awaited speech before parliament. but has chosen not to visit the demilitarized border. central to any progress with pyongyang will be beijing trump's next. as north korea's primary trading partner only china can exert meaningful pressure on the kim regime. yet president trump has blown hot and cold when it
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comes to beijing's ability to keep pyongyang and check. so trump com scene he completely nexus the trans pacific partnership since completely mixed signals to different powers one these nice to china out next they he's confronontational towas china. and trump he's free to contributing to tensions in the region rather than contributing to the proper management. of very complex all you know conflicts such as that in the korean peninsula. the american leader will then speak in vietnam at the apec summit. after pulling out of the trans pacific partnership it could be an opportunity to strike bilateral trade deals which the president prefers. cutting the tool will brant pop in the philippines with a meeting of asean countries hosted by controversial president rodrigo duterte. a man who openly advocates muttering drug addicts and has been accused of crimes against him and. kovler. more on trump's travel plans let's talk now to a washington correspondent
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phillip crowther. philip. trump will be spending nearly two weeks are in asia north korea presumably will top the agenda in most countries. yes absolutely it will certainly at the start of this trip per the first stop is j japan t the second stos south korea both of those countries feel threatened and indeed all threatened by pyongyang's nuclear and missile program. you just have to take a look at its polished sentences from u. s. presidentnt donald trump about. korea maybe his rhetoric would be quite as harsh when his actually in a. but he has one that he was willing to completely destroy north korea he has portrayed came yellen the leader of north korea. as the rocket man on a suicide mission and has promised to bring bring the fire and fury to north korea there is a worry that's of the rhetoric will remain the same. and remember the donald trump always does have access to his twitter account indeed he has been tweeting over the last few
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hours while own airforce one on his way to hawaii. that will be his first stop before actually getting to japan as so with japan and south korea clearly the priority will be north korea trade as well of course but. and north korea will then be the overriding theme as well when he arrives in beijing as you just saw in that report sir donald trump really wants. and the chinese regime and president she's in pain to put that economic pressure on north korea which he hasn't necessarily refuse to do out right so far. but he's obviously not willing at to strangle a big trading partner of for china as so north korea very much at the top of the agenda and the white house. and has made that very clear the national security advisor h. on that monster. only yesterday said the
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time was running out for the world to get that nuclear regime off north korea to stop its essentially and to rewind parents in last years election. yes and that's story will not go away. donald trump would be able to escape that's and maybe he would want to again he will be able to comment in real time on whatever robert mueller the special counsel. who's investigating possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia will find outut and that will bea few press conferences. in asia as well andhere is news on that front a. trial dates a and has been offered to buy a the a prosececuting attorney thats anand maybe the seventh that would be full paul manna for the former. head of the trump campaignn and his business associate rick
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gates that will be a very high profile affffair meanig that this invnvestigation wl remain in the headlines of course you also know. best and there is a former campaign adviser george papadopoulos who is working together with the fbi he has a plea bargain that could be more. coming out of that and then i'll colleagues at cnn report the jared cushion of the the president's son in law and one of his most important advisors. has now handed over documents pertaining to the firing of james co me by rob a by donald trump james co me is the former fbi director. who at the time all of days in e might come back to some significant news? on the russian front.
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in a crowd the reporting for us that from washington thanks very much indeed. now at the height of his power is territory spanned a side of iraq and much of eastern syria. today the islamic states caliphate come as little more than two border towns. this friday the syrian government announced that with substantial russian warplanes supportrt. itits fighters had pushed the islamic state from the city of data zour. i was its last remaining stronghold in the country kevin because that hospital. the long process begins to raise the islamic state group smog from the city. as the syrian army declares terrace sort fully armed. troll. white don't matter at the engineering unit his home in the neighborhoods of the city where it's is clearing mines and baby traps. not putting me up the liberation of paris so is considered to be the last phase in terminating the i. s. creep in syria. right you see i'm.
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the destruction here bears witness to weeks of heavy fighting. much of the city had been held under i s. rule since twenty fourteen. during the seas activists reported dire conditions an april twenty sixteen to you and. air drop. nice to see. civilians.&-rthat. government forces and their allies first broke the militant groups seats in septemember in a russian bas offensive. with the islamic state group encircled between the city and the euphrates river. syrian forces began their advance. well u. s. bank kurdish fighters also advanced from the north alongside a simultaneous assault on our kind in western iraq. it brings a huge blow to the groups former heartland straddling the border. leaving al become al on the syrian side the last major town wonderful i s. control. for more analysis on the islamic state's demise in the region we are joined now by johnson paris a senior fellow at the atlantic council. johnson thank sipping on the program at
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festival. the islamic states caliphate its territory doesn't really exist much anymore to been reduced to these two border towns and sways at and t. does as. many of its fighters aren't child all on the run. is the groups that a threat. what personal my? i'm a london based middle east analyst thank you. yes of course are isis remainss a threat throughout syria in varying degrees are but it is clear that the darren zour our collapse i s a majojor event. following the defeat of. isis and laka. a last month by the. by the stf be kurdish suny our allied force that supported by the united states and the coalilition.. but n now we're i in a new e we're in a new phase and it's not altogether. are going to be a happppy one.. no. intel resort self the islamic state may have been pushed out but in the province that house a number
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of keyey oil fields. and is there a fight that potentially shaping up between the russian back syrian forces are between u. s. box cutters forces. well that's what i was saying the the fbi up the kurdish force which took raka. author has themar our o oil fields a and yes t syririan g government vererh wants them back or wants to take them. because they're quite lucrative and the syrian government iss supported by not only r rusa but by iran and iraran's prproxies hezezbollah. and e are the players that are really. how should we say cashing in on the defeat of isis the back in created by that withdrawal by isis? i even from the provinces dimension so if the stf if the kurdish forces. our can remain and if the americans will continue to support them then there's a chance abe could retain. the oilfields at least as a bargaining chip so that are there could be a negotiated
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withdrawal of all foreign forces from syria including the iranians and hezbollah from lebanon. they should go back and allow the syria. rule itself without the intervention of other foreign ports. and what off the islamic state spices themselves out without a territorial base may they now a a damsel reverts to to have more suicide attacks. yeah i think our dutch court home quite right. they're going to continue to harass. this syrian government and be. you know any any stability will be punctured by suicide bombings just as baghdad was punctured by suicide bombings. al after the defeat of saddam a but i think what you are so going to see is. more isis activity in sinai in egypt. and europe unfortunately they'll be more terrorism in europe and even in in new york we just have last week a long wall. inspired by
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isis rko doesn't new yorkers are i'm our people in new york so. it is going to be are very much a problem but the problem of the caliphate is over that is. the idea that they could rule their own territory in syria iraq. is is now are finished. also we have time food jonathan paris a middle east analyst in london thank you very much. thank you. now the brother of a jihadist to killed seven people in the french city of toulouse in two thousand and twelve. it's been sentenced to twenty years in prison. applicative meta was found guilty of being part o of a terrorist conspiracy. but cleared of having a direct hand in his brother's shooting spree. paris prosecutors have now announced plans to appeal the decision. a verdict has been rendered. but not necessarily the one victim's families were hoping for. abdelkader matt faces twenty years in prison for having
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ties to a terrorist enterprise. but he was found not guilty of complicity in his brother's attacks. a more serious charge for which he would have faced life in prison. the prosecutor is now appealing the verdict a welcome to. conjunto do so someone had. as of this morris still hope by countless hope. it's important for children for all the victims. mymy children my son and my two grown children they h he their lifestyle saysys. so up delicate america should have his to. i'm friday morning abdel cut america's lawyers said that they were ready and willing to defend him again. discontent a man at the scene of the very condition of evil sentetence despite about will thee new benefits the only question worth asking in of course. there's a second trial was it will ask the samame question it shows. the accused's older brother is convinced that abdel qader mera is still dangerous in hopes other witnesses will come forward.
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she e spent could occur thas it that big hope thanks to this second trial yet other people especially in salaries will break the silence from of that they will no longer be afraid about al qaeda and iraq. to other terrorists. repeal the terrorists. sentenced to fourteen years in prison for ties to a terraced association. the co defendant feta malki also plans to appeal the verdict. if you're just joining us a reminder of our headlines. spain issues an international arrest warrant for carles puigdemont this because eight of his former colleagues remain behind bars accused of rebellion and sedition. leaving behind swelling draw. edition. trump about two week tour of asia. but his agenda north korea's nuclear ambitions. demi islamic state defeated in data zour. little territory still under its control in syryria andnd ire are asking is thth islamic state still arrest.
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time for the business news now i'm joined on set by anchor left. lying half an idea unity starting us off with venezuela this evening whether government how such a meeting with its criticis. as our president nicolas maduro has invited the country's bondholders to meet in ten days on november thirteenth. this comes after he announced he wanted to refinance and restructure his government's foreign debt. caracas and state well company pdvsa currently over tens of billions of dodollas to f foreign creditors. mate did not clelearly declare default on the debt. most of which is held by china and russia to be paid off in oi. in venezuela does default they could face lawsuits and have their assets seized including oil refineries in the u. s.. assistant medora speaking earlier today. when i can legally with balance with the responsibility. with maturity and with legitimac. lady i tell the investors of the world. the holders of in
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as well as that. i have the moral authority to summoned them on november thirteenth to kara because the house and begin a process of refinancing. in renegotiating the external debts. and all of in as well as commitment they're innocent. moving on to apple which released the deluxe version of its iphone today the iphone tanna. and we saw the return of long lines outside apple stores from shanghai to new york. a big relief for the company after an underwhelming release of the iphone eight in september. successful debut plus thursday solid earnings report sent apple shares to. stock rose nearly two percent this trading session its market value reaching nearly nine hundred billion dollar. right all the excitement here in france reception to the news martin was mixed. dennis as demonstrators in paris and the southern city of example ross accused the company of tax evasion. catherine yet reports. iphone fans in paris have been lining up to get their hands on the latest model. the iphone ten carries a hefty price tag. eleven hundred and fifty nine your rose. but that has done
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little to dampen their enthusiasm. see how more now let's the rules royce of phones right now. civil and that we're getting to the peak of technology don't know that i think you know it's very beautiful you travel. apple has just released its latest results and they're better than expected. net profit rose by nineteen percent to ten point seven billion dollars in the fiscal fourth quarter. right yeah not go. out. but the company has been accused of tax evasion in europe. with the e. u. demanding thirteen billion euros in back taxes that it says were not paid in ireland. protests were held outside several apple stores across france by those who say apple has not been paying its fair share. lovell apple has a where minutes at the whim of tax evasion america police robertson said we don't to engine thirty kilos of apples to symbolize the hidden treasures in tax havens. an estimated two
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hundred and thirty billion your*. on a plate for the collective organizing these protests will in mocking the ten years of tax evasion and impunity by apple. well both ireland and the apple have appealed the decision demanding repayments. the case has now been referred to the european council of justice. the apple surge helped boost u. s. markets for the last day of the trading week. we saw record closes from the nasdaq and the s. and p. five hundred. nasdaq up seven tenths of a percent in the snp up about three times with information technology leading the advancers. apple led in the dow jones which closed up twenty two points. in europe the markets also closed we got higher. london's footsie one hundred was up nearly one tenth of a percent paris's cac yards up with one four percent. and frankfurt dax nearly three times of a percent. well prices also happening today hit it to your high on concerns of output slowdown. both benchmark indexes brent crude and the wto and the
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united states were up. more than two percent. moving on to some other business headlines around the world. french banks a citizen and reported a fifteen percent drop in net income during the three months before the end of september. its shares dropped four percent this session after the news. bank said that ultra low interest rates and falling market activity were to blame for the results. job growth in the united states picked up in october after a slowdown brought on by hurricanes last month. economy added two hundred and sixty one thousand new jobs that average hourly earnings. and that the unemployment rate fell to four point one percent. it was due to a shrinking labor. fifty thousand people. shares in europe can i just airport slumped over concerns about. target. third quarter profits there friends caleb shares gave up more than six percent in europe trading. but their main about a hundred fifty percent above where this started in twenty seventeen.
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bmw announced its recalling more than a million cars and suvs in the united states over the rest. fires under the hood. the company cited two seseparate problems for the recalls. one a faulty heater any other a wiring issue. the german automaker recommended thahat owners parked oututdoors until repairs can. in the united states republicans unveiled details for their tax reform bill on thursday. there were no major surprises the plan is good for corporation's with the proposal to slash the corporate tax rate. some middle class families will benefit from the doubling of the standard tax deduction. and the wealthy would benefit from the proposal to slash the e wealth tax. but the bill will hurt the sick eliminates the deduction for medical expenses. democrats in congress were not happy about this let's assume to house minority leader nancy pelosi. who had some pretty strong words? do i colleagues. get real don't tell the middle class this is for them. you've said a banquet for the wealthy in corporate
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america gets on the few crumbs. it's really making suckers. of of the american people on we havave to speak in some bold language about this. because misrepresentations are so outrageous. and finally for me serious six year war has left a bitter taste in the mouths of candy producers in the country. but as the syrian backs i as the russian backed syrian regime rather recovers territory. supply an expert routes are being restored and their business swinging up again julie can has the story. once a leading exports on a popular stephen f. a foreign visitors. . the fortutunes f seririous arabibic suites he solid s since war erupted in two thousand and eleven. fighting around the country has because hope supplyly routes making local ingredients pods accum by. the sweetest. from severeral different syrian regions of pistachios come from how markets and the butter comes straight arrows or and wreck.
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and the flowers from her and region. sometimes we have to get alteternatives site butut it's not ththe s. close borders have closer interrupted exports the shot one c cents up to forty tons of candy a month. mostly to canada thehe unitd states europe on the gululf. but with the recent escalation and fight saying that some c conviction is sy they've recovered fifteen percent of their activity. i do are of high dog one of damascus is most famous sweet shops didn't sugar coats why it'ss focususg its efforts a the seeds. were has of it in about you have to start relying on exports because the localals say pal anand i am. one d delegate i five hundred syrian pounds a more so biased and get a kilo of sweets for about twenty dollars. basically nothing. it's a bit his sweet opportunity for the store which has opened clive crunches a forward. one in jordan and full in germany where tens of thousands of syrians. found asylum.
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as often on idea that of the back more business news shortly and let thank you very much indeed that was i could a with. a small business updates gonna take a very short break now but
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