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which tends to lebanon it within the next two days the lebanese prime minister took to twitter to unsuspecting nation he is beining held against his will in saudi
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arabia . we begin this hour in the united states where attorney general jeff. chin's about trump pains alleged ties to russi. testifying before the house judiciary committee session i said he did now recall and meetings with then candidate donald trump and aids webconnections to russia were disgusted kyi previous hearings. sessions said he was unaware of any improper involvement with brushes and today he blames his memory for that. you. i've always told the truth. and i have answered every question as i understood them to the best of my recollection as i will continue today today. i would like to address
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recent news reports regarding meetings during the campaign attended by george papadopoulos. and car page among others frankly i and noel all recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports. twelve more that are washington correspondent joins us now at philip crowd is with this and that i think this is pretty serious stuff isn't it i mean you. you caught imagine at a criminal in coal blaming his memory for not mentioning. important detail. actually out what the talk loya is city in the united states did today. yes an attorney general jeff sessions says that as a defense that's would have been accepted by. any other attorney the black of a recollection. death sessions at the very start solve h his t testimoy said that hee had not live and that any indication that team had. would in fact be a lie in itself and the reasons for this lack of memory he says a festival
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the chaotic trump campaign. that he was a part solve and secondly that the lack of sleep also mentioned by attorney general a jeff sessions in his testimony today. and now here of the differences sir that we found out said today or other over the last few months because we had from jeff sessions in sworn testimony. under oath saying this he had no contact with any russians p. then change that to he had no contacts to any russians. abouts the donald trump campaign. now we know that he was talking to campaign aides though relatively unimportant ones who was trying to establish contact with the russian officials you mentioned the names. carta page he was a of mine a foreign policy adviser who actually travel to moscow. jeff sessions says he does not recall any conversations
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with him then the risk george papadopoulos who has a plea bargain with the f. b.. and had actually lied to the fbi he was the one trying to set up a meeting between but reports about i. session still insisting he did not lie under oath at any moment. alright safety where are we now and the in the widest sense i mean this investigation has been going on for months. is they sat a sign that it. has some real evidence all of the trump campaign having real concrete links to russia and what then all the implications of that. more than anything it's a sign that this investigation will continue for quite awhile longer and that there are always new ingredients. the fact that paul mana forza formerly the head of the donald trump campaign was indicted that will presumably harold more information about any contacts that might have been between the trump campaign. and the russian
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government told russian at intelligence officials then there is george papadopoulos who speaking to the fbi about any contacts he might have had. but this doesn't lead yet at to any real evidence in fact no evidence * at this point. of any attempts to collude with russia on behalf of the donald trump campaign bus that this is a campaign and these are members formerly of the campaign. who have live quite a lot over the last few months or at the very least have forgotten very important parts and all of the contact the walls ha? a with russian official officials all was at the very least at attempted to to have a for example there is the news coming out just yesterday. of donald trump junior the president's al the sun being in touch with wikileaks about the release of documents they had. that
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had been hacked by somebody else possibly russia all of the then chairman of hillary clinton's campaign. now that shows that's a member of the donald trump campaign namely donald trump junior was in touch with the wikileaks we can mix might have been in touch directly with the russian. government officials and the russian into there are no smoking gs but there are a lot of elements that mean that this will have to. keep being investigated and it is not only by the special counsel robert mueller but by other. investigations as well the house intelligence committee the senate intelligence committee the judiciary committee is they are all looking into this right now. philip thank you very much in david crowder there refusing from washington. fallout as that it mentioned that the president sound is himself on the pressure of the role he played during his father's presidential campaign donald trump junior has released a series of private messages. that he exchanged with wikileaks offer they were leaked to the media they've now been turned over. to investigators as you can roy
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riffles. how ironic tweets donald trump gdf accusing a congressional committee a freaking his email exchanges with wikileaks? the u. s. president's eldest son with east what he said was the entire chain of his messages with the group during and after last year's election campaign. the correspondent started in september twenty sixteen that the site warning him of a new anti trump grip investigate in the candidates because that the kremlin. trump junior replied that he wasn't aware of the movemen. around. in early october wikileakaks sent an article about hillaryry clinton criticizing its founder julian the signs. trump junia asked about rumors of hacked emails from clinton's campaign managers account. wikileaks didn't respond but days later it started rolling out the stove in emails country information that u. s. federal investigators believe was ovided by ruruian milititary intelligence. anything the trump campaign began attacking his rival over the city. the hillary clinton documents. releasased today by wikilea.
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make more clear than ever. just how much is at stake. in this election but i saw over the last few days coming out what i've seen in the wikileaks stuff coming out it hasn't been a fair fight. i see positions. i see what hillary tells people i in some spepeechesi see what she says in heher ememails resistetedrom junir already f face the media stm after it came to light. that he had met with the russian government lawyer during the twenty sixteen campaign. the latest revelations don't show trump junior was actively involved in the bleak of clinton emails. but this still to increase colson congrgrs to have him testify publicly as part of the ongoing investigations. deceive other trump's campaign committed in any way the moscow government. or staying in the united states for a moment there have been a series of shootings in northern california at least five people including the shoote. are now confirmed dead at least two children have been wounded including one he was shocked at the elementary
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school police say the shooter was. randomly picking targets that were seven shooting scenes. they say that that may be more victims. it's i tensed time in zimbabwe off to army tanks was posted outside the capital hariri today this is a day off to the head of the armed forces threatened to step in. to calm political tensions over the president's decision to fire his deputy. and they say this is the first time this been an open rift between the military and the ninety three year old president robert mugabe. i surmise balcony story. nonna. did mugabe's allies rally round. on mondays zimbabwe's minute tree chief announced that the armyy was prepared to intervene to put an end to a series of purges. within mugabe's ruling zanu-pf policy. by tuesday the parties you sleep was telling general chit wanga to stay in his barracks.
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we is that if you can make. yeah a our. which is our weekend found its voice therefore we will not sit idly in full daylight. chief what shorts and could i make that in this be legitimate and four bloody elected new. welfare reform is not a partisan p. against in bob. the standoff between mugabe's party and thehe minutete treat comes one wek after the president fired his deputy and longtime ally and the sentiment i'm gaga. mugabe accused his number two of plotting to overthrow him. the very same accusations he used to get rid of man and god was predecessor joyce maduro. yeah going papau. he started of consulting which doctors. to find out when i was going to die. you know land gaggle of to and with strong ties to the military. had been seen
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as a likely successor to mugabe. his departure has left a void that many and the ruling party hoped will be filled by grace mugabe the president's wife. a move that would ensure she was next in line for the top job. now katty streams of independence arafat will just a few weeks a ago peope in iraqi kurdistan voted overwhelmingly to sprint split from iraq. now they the latest say they will respect the ruling by iraq supreme court which prevents any province from leaving. baghdad alongng with iran te techie and even the united ststates wilill face the hit the kurdish independence referendum. not a massive has the e story. because this flag still flies over the city of appeal but the dream of an independent kurdistan has taken a significant step back. on monday the government an ideal said it would abandon the region'n's plans the succesession. and what to restart
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negotiations with baghdad. we believe that this decision must become a basis the starting an inclusive national dialogue between the kurdish authorities in appeal. and baghdad to resolve all disputes. that's an admission of defeat by kurdish leaders an admission that that independence referendum proudly held on september the twenty fifth has backfired. and spectacularly so. the kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence. but baghdad said the vote was illegal. and responded by sending in the troops. less than two months later the cuts of lost twenty percent of that territory. the biggest blow cut cook and nearby lucrative oil fifields and n now back in baghdad's hands. it cuts helped lead the fight against the islamic state group in iraq and they had hoped international partners might repay the favor. by supporting the independence bid. but that support never came.
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last month acknowledging the humiliating reversal of fortunes kurdish leader massoud barzani steps down. now iraq's kurds are increasingly isolated the path to statehood seemingly even further away. twelve mona i'm joined now by professor daniel so i hate middle east experts at john hopkins university thank shipping with us on. france24 tonight is this the end of the road for kurdish independence. well it's the end of this road for now. i think guitar byby sunny clearly over reached. and are there's no way to get true independence from here under current circumstances. i won't quite romantic the kurds failed to anticipate that the kind of regional backlash that we sold the threats of retaliation by
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iran. by rocket also by tacky was not the problem. that is part of the problem but i have no idea why they failed t to antnticipate it because they were told by the americans the turks the iranians. that. this move towards indepependence was unacceptable ahead to negotiate the terms. under which they would come indepenendent with baghdad firstt and everybody told them that they simply decided to ignore good advice. paul pointed to the united states a. drop less support for the cut softer old i had done to stop the advance of the islamic state group. then the trap that support for the currency they'd
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never did support. independence independence for kurdistan. raises difficult problems for the united states because it ha. equity swing bank bed and wince. ankara and. because it would help putin to justify some of the stunning crimea in done by us in moldova in georgia. . the currents don't live in a universe by themselves and instead of paying attention to those who. telling them. that this move would not go over well they decided to ignore that. and to proceed anyway and the consequences have been devastating for their prospective. then yes i thank you very much in days. now the lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he intends to return to his country was in two days harry made comments fights which set. speculation mounts that he
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is being held against his will in saudi arabia. it's been ten days since lebanon's prime minister resigned unexpectedly from saudi arabia. and many lebanese still believe he's being held against his will in riyadh's. hoping to dispel the rumors hariri now insists he'll return home. treating. did all i am well and god willing i will return in the next two days. that's relaxing my family remain in that country the good kingdom of saudi arabi. well hariri was squeezing from the saudi capital in paris lebanon's top diplomat sat down with emmanuel mccraw. the foreign minister admitted. i really situation presents a challenge for lebanon for bus but we but we are going through a crisis. a situation that is not normal. we are trying to settle in through bilateral relations. which of v very good between lebanon and saudi arabia we hope to settle this affair by the rapid or even the.
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return. of the prime minister to the country. and home with his people. a message echoed by frances prime minister laws route what's at stake is her really being able to return home free to clarify his situation in line with the lebanese concert usual. cool film on a constitutionally bennett's. much is still unknown about hariri's departure. and many in lebanon like and why phillipe say they will only believe hariri is a free ma. once he returns to beirut. let's get some business days of when i came eighties with us in the studio by the kay laura a list i would venezuela and the financial chaos continues the country has now officially defaulted on some of its debts hasn't. yet that's according to one ratings agency anyway standard and poor's says the caracas is in selective default. for failing to make interest payments worth two hundred million dollars. term selective means that the agency still expects government paid some of its debts in the future.
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it predicts a wanting to chat of another default. three months. meanwhile regulators in new york have for the third time delayed a formal decision on what the state oil giant is already in default. government owes some hundred fifty billion dollars to private bondholders around the world and met with some of them on monday in what appears to have been a failed effort to restructure about a third of that sum. it could fair better on wednesday though when it's expected to fifinalize a del with t the russian bond holders. russian state owned roz strict state owned rosneft has been buying venezuelan crude oil and landing billions of dollars nicholas maduro. arab reports that venezuela at could has see. a restructuring that with russia perhaps that could be announced that later on in in the weekend that's all say. at talk that they will be meeting with the opposition by to try and and puts at some. at detected if that restructuring program in places as well say. that there is a little bit of
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optimism on on the horizon but generally speaking. that the outlook for venezuela looks incredibly bleak. so just what does it mean for a country to default on its debt obligations. plunges his has been finding out. it is a financial term for when a country no longer has money to pay interest on its debt. a default is now staring venezuela in the face. caracas has a complicated relationship with financial markets. it cut ties witith the international monetary fund back in. and since then has been borrowing my. private investors to stay afloat. the cash strapped government now says it plans on refinancing sixty billion dollars in bonds. but despite the pledge it's been declared in selective default by the ratings agency s. and p.. they softer it missed a payment over the weekend following a thirty day grace period. venezuela now reached a wide range of consequences. investors holding venezuelan bonds could demand immediate repayment. they could also
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sees venezuelan assets overseas like shipments of oil. the country has the world's largest known reserves of oil but its financial standing has taken a beating. with a decline in global crude prices coupled with financial mismanagemen. the imf predicts inflation will hit six hundred and fifty percent this year an eye popping two thousand three hundred percent in twenty eighteen. this combined with a formal default is certain to makeke the situation in a concrete grappling with food and medicine shortages. even worse. venezuela may have the biggestt reserves in the world but the u. s. is likely to become the world's top producer of oil and gas. over the next decade. that's according to the international energy agency which says that output from american shale oil fields will grow faster than any other country. growth predicted of eight million barrels a day by twenty twenty five. young e. a says new technology and fewer restrictions on fracking or
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extracting oil and gas trapped in shale rock. unit that the us will soon export more loyal than imports for the first time since the nineteen fifties. a ban on u. s. oil exports was lifted only two years ago. meanwhile in norway a court has begun hearing a case by environmental activists the country's plans for arctic oil expansion should be stopped. greenpeace and the nature and youth group argue that handing out new licenses in the arctic violates the norwegian constitution. is also had agreed to the paris accords goals to end the fossil fuel era. this century. this again on the day's trading action now wall street is firmly in the red general electric dragging down trade again. its shares have dropped thirteen percent over two days inflows level since twenty twelve that's since it announced a turnover plan. that which will include job cuts and cuttiting in half e company's dividend. major european indices also close down the camp counselors about half a percentage point. mountains of for the one hundred fail to hang on
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to earlier gains. the mining sector held back trade losing about two and a half percent. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. airbus has sold twewenty fie eight three twenty neo claims for two point seven billion dollars took kuwaiti airlineses. the european aviation giant. awfully behind it's p part rival boeing at the. show. one of its most loyal customers and ritz airlines has placed a fifteen billion dollar order from boeing. airbus is now seeking a pledged member it's to pull forward a standing delivery of it's a three eighty super jumbo jets. they have been struggling to attract buyers. i njit bc has agreed to pay the french authorities a three hundred million euros to settle approved into tax evasion. in the so called swiss weeks affair the bank was accused of actively helping wealthy french clients played cash in swiss bank accounts in order to reduce their tax bills. the agreement is a first under the french system introduced in twenty sixtee. to allow companies to settle without planting. airbnb is trying to placate
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french regulators by limiting rentals and select neneighborhoods of central paris. post in the first fourth in the first a three fourth the homeless not will only be able to read their homes on the app. for hundred and twenty days per year. unless they have government authorization. airbnb has imposed a similar limits on its most popular markets including london amsterdam and san francisco. as legislators and locals around the world get to crackdown on the service. number of takeovers of german companies by french firms has tripled over the last three years. french economy is recovering and businesses are looking to expand. small companies to some of the country's best known brands social junk reportrts. it's europope's largest economy germany and its companies are increasingly attracting interest from abroad with french firms setting their sights on buying german brant. the surprise purchased by french carmaker peugeot of germany's opel isn't the
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only one. fell now i'll know and his luxury empire purchase bag maker rimau up. smaller firms are also proving attractive one of audi's contractors jigga traumatic was taken over by a french company last year. since then little's changed in the offices in english done. the language ofof choe is still german but the boss is now french. it suited the mood is kind of cutting edge technology is in large part why we bought jigger tronic you see the city get. the number of german companies that have been purchased by french firms has jumped in three years from thirty six to ninety three last year. in the opposite direction only twenty five french firms were purchased by german ones in two thousand sixtee. pairs out has facilitated dozens of such takeovers he says purchasing a german firm opens doors. he profits not rare for a medium size german company to do fifty to eighty percent of its sales abroad supplying a german company gives you a ticket to the international market.
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but france isn't the only country trying to get a piece of the german pie. according to the business consultancy firm pwc it's in third place still far behind the u. s. and the uk. a massive solar plant has been activated in his atari refugee camp in jordan. forty thousand solar panels were were installed over six months of construction. ideas to bringg free and renewablble energy to the camps eighty thousand residents. project was funded by the german government in cooperation with jordan and the u. and a and a lot of companies on the ground contributed as well as some of the residents laura. a they were learning their new these new skills how to install solar panels how to make the whole thing. kate thanks very much indeed i can't we do that with the business stay with us so we take a short break. before more news and. for you right after. full i'm profit presented by stephen carroll.
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