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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 28, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> this is endemic in africa. not only for those people that are secular -- in the most unadjusted ways. france and others started to work on this and we want to ramp of the initiative to eradicate this. finally, the threat that could endanger all other progress is climate change. is not just a luxury that only developed countries can worry about. is not just something that some people should work on.
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no, climate change is vital. change entire can regions in africa or the pacific. --m leica -- to the congo chad to the congo, africa is on the front lines of climate change. africa can also be in the vanguard of the fight where france was not able to bring the right answers. my secretary of state is here and she is fighting against this. on the 12th ofit december, we will have concrete projects, african projects, that will be supported by public and private financing to achieve quick results.
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france with its initiatives to be a privileged partner for africa in its adapting to climate change. is --wable energy, this --h the president, i'm very proud to think that france and other european countries in this way will be able to make the contribution alongside the government to change people's lives, to change the daily powder outages, to make things affordable and clean er. fighting global warming has to be with innovation, entrepreneurship, and shared challenge where we must together be successful. there must be new trading and
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new investments. it is not just something that you will be subjected to, like the earth, or rather it is a challenge that we must rise to and be successful of. this is why i want africa to be a place for radical innovation. and financing for radical innovation, to fight climate change, for africa to really play its role, its full role, not only on the 12th of december in pairs, but also with the global pacts that we began and brought forward with the united nations. i am also thinking of sustainable development and cities. 2025lion urban dwellers in . no one has ever risen to such a challenge. this will be a challenge for all of you.
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our challenge. this can be an opportunity, or it could be a catastrophe. isave a firm belief that it in africa that people are inventing tomorrow's sustainable city, this is why the sustainable city will be a major point in the next french africa summit in france in 2020. this will be an opportunity not only to see the state of the government, but broaden the meeting to other players such as mayors of major african french cities, businesses, civil society, here as well, so that we can achieve concrete partnerships that will enable us to be successful in rising to the challenge of a sustainable city, enabling us to events -- an event to -- invent the toy first century for africa.
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ladies and gentlemen, friends, considering these threats you can see that there is an answer, resolute action, clear-sighted and a shared on these challenges i have just diluted to. -- all uded to. i have been frank and told you the importance of scale. telling you what we need to be doing and i'm giving you know listens he -- lessons here. i am telling you what my share will be in your share will be. habits that must be broken. the discourse that we have alluded to. also, there is something new, a road that is so far we have never gone down together. shared emancipation and risk-taking. hidden so have been far that i have alluded to
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earlier bid i am thinking of young people. i am thinking -- earlier. i am to give young people. i am thihinking of risks. so that together there can be two fundamental revolutions of african continent, mobility, this profound revolution. we must rethink this. and the revolution of innovation. revelation of mobility will enable us to rethink our relationships and the way that people move in africa, throughout africa and to europe. i know that your expectations very often france is the number one destination, i want it to be the number one destination, not because it is a habit but because it is people's desire, their chosen destination, not necessarily for just studies, but for exchanges between our
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countries. therefore, i would like france to better host your students, to provide training and positions in sectors that are in line with your needs. this also means providing conditions for movement, long-term movement. before you come i am committing to this today. -- you, i am committing to this today. i want everyone that graduates in france can come when they want to do so, as often as they want to do so, thanks to the leaders of longer duration. [applause] studying in france means a special relationship that must be extended, that must not be subject to one specific deadline. we want to rethink all of the mobility. all too often i see young africans that come, study, who
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might ask for a student visa to remain in france, but that is not the right method. france cannot accommodate all of them long-term. that is how it is. i see students who want to in france and i say that we will better tailor these to meet your needs. i see two mistakes. once people are trained who have studied in france, there has been an investment. they have a deadline and they must return, even if they wanted to continue to study in france. we need to make it easier for people to move more easily and remain more easily, even if there have been improvements in recent years. sometimes people are often afraid to go back home, they are afraid if they go back home they want to be able to return to france. they would lose the advantage they already have been in france -- being in france.
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then their country does not get the benefit of them living or training in france. [applause] this long-term visa for transit would it mean that you could go back and forth, work back and forth, mobility, freedom, as opposed to mobility based on necessity and the terrible types of movement earlier. this is to continue strengthening our own institutions here and in partnerships with you, strengthen your institutions and your universities. increase those partnerships, exchanges, cross training sessions, and dual degrees that would be in line with your expectations and needs, and would make a possible for both of us to learn from each other. for asked my two ministers,
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national education and for higher learning, research and innovation, to work on doubling the university partnerships that we have with africa. [applause] if -- it starts partnerships in the ivory coast, other organizations and universities from france, other universities can also do so. i am glad to see efforts that have been taken. the burkina faso institute and the technical school coming together. [applause] i would say to you, all of our commitment to this project, this partnership will make it possible to strengthen its
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status as a major benchmark engineering school in all of africa in a modern environment. i would: french universities and schools -- i would call on french universities and schools cannot waste time, to meet with you and develop this partnership that both of our youths are looking for. [applause] this great change, which means rethinking and revolutionizing our thought process is indispensable. i would not want a young person from burkina faso to want to always comes day in france, i would -- stay in france, i would like them to come back. i want them to have this desire. creating online training, dual degrees so that here it is possible to get a degree from a
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french university through a partnership. and if people would like or need to go to france, they would be able to do targeted training, because they have chosen to do so, not because they have to. the change is when we must commit to. and we must focus it on the same concept. has a meaning and this is the project, the meaning is to make a possible for all french-speaking students to access the same media to carry forward their projects and their studies, this is why i've asked the university agency to work with my side. i would like for them to become the entrance, providing access, all of you access, to the library of training and knowledge. we will build the access to the library using french-speaking university libraries.
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there is one here at the university. and we will also bring online isp's and cell phone providers, so at the campus it is possible to have a better connection to broadband access. [applause] this is to access the same teaching documents, the same cities andafrican elsewhere. mobility does not just mean about students, it means the cross flow of information. and the sharing of talent. this is why i would like for france to host 1000 african talents every year in business, creation, culture, sports. [applause] rest assured it does not mean they must only
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come and succeed in france. to return home and make further efforts at home. the visa and the talent passport, which will make the mobility possible, will make it for all people in this room, the possibility to succeed and have theses, to access successs in france, so they can bring forwarded the african continent. at the same time, i would want more to come here and work in africa. increase thee will number of young french volunteers working in businesses in africa. i will ask our embassies to hire more volunteers, especially focusing on africans who have begun learning an african
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language. [applause] the entry point for this cross mobility will be here. of i have decided to create a place accessible to all at the center of your capital, which will be focusing on this. and i would like to thank -- [applause] i would like to thank the authorities for their support in bringing forward this project. if we are going to step it up, we will do it in the next few months, substantially. will be open before the next
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14th of july 80 will be able to be at the official -- of july and you will be able to be at the official inauguration on that date. [applause] >> it will include campus france -- campus, >> sorry about that. we seem to have lost the speech out of the university, but we did get a good chunk of the very copperheads of speech. we were listening to it for over an hour here at the desk. topics in that speech. i do not know where to begin. perhaps we will start with what we thought he was going to talk about. migration, the situation particularlyly in libya, coming off the back of reports we saw from a u.s. media, cnn, about human trafficking. what struck you the most about
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what he had to say? union, the african france and europe, macron will propose to the african union and european union to bring back migrants from libya, where they are clearly under crime against humanity as he said. like, this is a strong engagement to stop the procedures. at the same time, there is a confirmation of the policy to policy, but also to bring back to their own migrants formic human rights. i think it is not the good solution, the wrong way. you cannot force people back
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peoplend you can force that cannot force people to go to europe. i think it is unrealistic love it is a confirmation of the extent of the migration policy of the e european union and france. host: we will go back just to hear the end of the speech. >> the most promising startups in africa and help spoport their development. alsoso, agriculture. africa needs changes in agricultlture, more than 70% off active workers work in agriculture, so we need to investst in it. our initiative is to invest in smaller companies to helplp increase productivity. we will do this wherever we must, through aid and support. this aims s to increasee productivity and development. , as i am suree
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you have understood, will also aim to help women. supportsll also investment -- support investment in innovatioion in africa. we can find out the bibig infrfrastructure, such as in casablanca, or with public transportation networks. nearly 300 million euro support fund to support projects in africa and the first investments will be rolling out in the coming weeks. the european union and the african union, through operators, will continue to work in the field. we must continue to develop the infrastructure of growth. digital, transport, and energy.
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started by france a number of years ago, must now move into its next phase. not ththe phase of words, but implplementation. stakeholders and banks -- so that wherever it iss necessary, we can deploy infrastructure. priorityrica to b be a for french diplomacy. i want french companies to invest more in africa, not just the big companies you have heard of, but sme's, entrepreneurs. there are a number of them here with my delegation. in fact, they make up my delegation. want them to change the way that they see afrfrica, but also change the way that you see them. i want the europopean and french economic system to deploy in
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africa and to do it in different ways, as we see through a n numr of developopment funds. some stakeholders have already started working in a different way, because the support of the french state, it will of course remain in place. bubut it r requires exchange. because i want french companies to be exemplary in their partnerships. partnerships that refuse e any corruption. that meet cause for tender. that abide by the rules set by the african system, such as thee order it contitinues to perpetre with good governmenent. french companies that develop in africa w with the support of the french state will be exemplary in their behavior, as i will require them to invest in professional training g as well. that will be a condition i will set for the companies. [applause]
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>> to benefit, they need to make a long-lasasting commimitment. they neeeed to fund scholarship, they need to meet training needs, and they need to employ local people. [applause] >> to benefit frorom the support of the french state they need to commit in the long-term, finance scholarships, meet training needs, and above all they must employ local people. wrong, i am saying this to all of the people in africa, do not commit the mistakes that we committed in the past. there is no promised land of growth and development that is
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unilateral. asdoes not work so long investments are being made in the interest of the state. operate in no longer a government to government way, as it does not affect local people. invest in aonger way that facilitates corruption in big companies. [applause] >> so that the young people do not experience a negative fallout of investments, we will no longer invest in a way that does not promote local employment. but alongside you, mr. president, alongside the african youth, we will be vigilant to people,e that other amazingly, make the same
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mistakes we have seen in the past as new investors come in. with companies offering billions, but not african jobs. billions, but making the same mistakes we have seen in the past. these are easy solutions for today, but they simply repeat the errors, and sometimes the crimes, of the past. that is the standard i will hold france to, and the standard i will hold all investors in africa to. [applause] a condition to the innovation is research. metnt the conditions to be to enable french and african sectors to work together on shared projects. the european council on research
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has met success and of the program must be extended to african universities. we must provide the financial means to create networks of european and african researchers. this is one of the topics i will be bringing to the summit where i will be with the president from tomorrow onwards. [applause] ladieses and gentlemen, and gentlemen, i would like to finish here by mentioning what should enable us to create this long-lasting friendship that will survive fear, doubt, and diverging interests. today, we are all orphans. because we do, not have a common ideology.
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are in a universe that isolates us in our past traumas and conflicts. we are prisoners of an ideology that is no longer ours. ideology rebuild this around three main pillars. first of all, culture. is unacceptable that large parts of african heritage be in france. there are historical reasons to this. but there is no unconditional justification for this. just beheritage cannot in european private collections and museums. [applause]
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>> african heritage must be shown in paris, but also in lagos. that will be one of my
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