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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 29, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. north korea launches its most powerful missile yet saying it could hit all of the united states. french president emmanuel macron in ivory coast today for the europe africa summit. he will be giving a live interview tonight on france 24. media reports in the u.k. has released the details of aa possible deal on brexit with
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britain paying up to 55 billion euros to leave the eu. coming up, the digital currency bitcoin smashes through a record value of $10,000. but could the boom turned to turn to bust? and could you imagine jumping off the top of a mountain and into a flying plane? these french wing suit flyers t? did just that. the details on the incredible stunt on the way. now our top story live from paris. ♪ north korea says it has successfully launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach all of the united states. the new test broke two and a half months of relative calm in the region. donald trump after
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put north korea back on a list of countries it says support terrorism. let's go live to bruce harrison in seoul. tell us what we know about the new launch from the north. do believe it is the most powerful missile they have ever tested. that's based off the initial data. the u.s. south korea and other countries were able to gather about the trajectory of the missile. just to give you a bit of an idea. the missile apparently flew 10 times the height of the space station in outer space. it was well beyond our own atmosphere before returning to earth. the longestit was they have ever shot a missile. one of the big queststions that people in security fields and other defense areas are asking themselves was if the missile had a certain payload on it and
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perhaps it had a mock payload that was significantly lighter than what would be a real warhead which would allow the missile to fly further and give -- ththeea the view outside e world can see that it appears to have the technology it wants but maybe not quite there yet because it doesn't have the payload strength capabilities of the missile that would be necessary. there's questions to be answered. it does appear north korea is on ththe right track as far as kim jong-un's goals and the nuclear deterrent that he wants. genie: what kind of reaction has there been in south korea both from the government and the people themselves? arare they scared?d? i can take you ououtside my office this afternoon in seoul. it's the evening here now. it was business as usual. people don't seem to flinch in these situations.. there w were life musicians performing just up the road d fm wherere i do my reporting.
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don't noticent you much different. i heard from several people near the border that they were a bit nervous. they say every timimnorth korera tests a missile it makes us more nervous that the u.s. may retaliate with force against the north. reaeal war. spark a we heard somome strong language from the south korean president which we have heard since he took office. he alslso spoke with shinzo abe and they agreed d to not tololee this anymore. said thisis is alrerey unacceptptable. hohow much stronger at those wos perhaps with a country like japan which has had icy relations with south korea. as far as policy towards north korea nothing has really changed at this point. we will have to watch in the days to come to see if they try and pressure the north somehow now that it has the most powerful missile to date. genie: thank you, bruce harrison reporting from seoul.
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emmanuel macron will be in ivory coast today for an eu-africa summit. he is promoting jobs and stability for africa's exploding population. recent revelations of human trafficking and migrants being sold into slavery in libya will also be high on the agenda. journey won't be a bit of roses but many of these migrants are eager t tleave. around 140 nigerians were jetted out of tripoli on tuesday. i'm happy that i'm going back to my country. libya's international government says it is stepping up efforts to repatriate stranded refugees after a recent revelation about smugglers auctioning off migrants as slaves has sparked international outrage. president emmanuel macron will
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propose an initiative to crack down on international human trafficking networks as leaders of more than 80 countries gather for r the eu-africa summit in ivory coast. >> i suggest that africa and europe come together to help the people trapped in libya and collectively support the evacuation of those who are in danger. u.n. held an urgent security council meeting on tuesday to respond to the plight of modern-day slaves. its migration agency called on tripoli to shut down dozens of detention centers. >> this is an enormousus humanan tragedy and we can stop it and we can do it if we talk in practical terms and put into place the program. >> vowing to punish smugglers, tripoli's ambassador called on other african nations as well as the eu to do more to avoid migrants being stuck in transit countries like libya. emmanuel macron will be
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speaking live to france 24 tonight. you can tune into thatat special presidential interview starting at 7:30 p.m. paris time. your reports in the u.k. have released the details of a possible deal on brexit. it could pay up to 55 billion euros toto leave the european union. mcmahon tolold us more about reaction from the eu. >> there has been a rather emotionless cautious response coming from eu officials in the european commission this afternoon. that the u.k. will be willing to pay up to 55 billion euros. we don't comment on gossip. that's what one official said. another said we don't comment on newspapers, we only comment on official papers. i spoke to the spokesperson for the well-known negotiator on behalf of the eu for the brakes
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of talks and he had nothing more to add but that this week ongoing talks were very much underway via telephone between london and brussels on all three sticking points. their focus was very much that monday lunchtime. he said the eu negotiators are not so much focused on the figure but on the methodology of the whole financial bill. they have said that it's not a ransom bill, exit fee or punishment. it's really just a matter of trust and fairness. was u.k.eron when he prime minister sat down in a room with his 27 counterparts and signed off on a long-term eu budget. promising to pay up. and he needs to pay the pensions of the numerous eu officials who
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are coming from the united kingdom over the next couple of years. point it has been a massive bone of contention. already six rounds of negotiations in brussels between david davis and they have never managed to agree on the financial settlement it mostly because the u.k. didn't really want to create they wanted to make sure they had some clarity on the trade talks beforore beig sucked into any sort of financial settlement which of course is not going down well with the british public. after months of uncertainty the eu has confirmed that a delegation representing the syrian government will be attending the eighth round of peace talks in geneva today. bush are al-assad -- bush are al-assad -- russian led parallel talks have now been postponed. simon harding reports. after months of speculation the syrian government will join
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the official peace talks in geneva. assad's regime will be present for peace talks. the syrian opposition is also in town as all parties gear up for negotiations. the key issue surrounds the departure of assad.. >> he should step down during the transitionon period. it turned out to be our most worried about situation. damascus,ch ally of russia is taking a parallel track in peace talks. setting up discussions beyond the united nations stalled and somewhat unsuccessful effort. damascus has said it will not negotiate with the departure of president assad as a precondition for talks. it is something the opposition may be willing to concede. forof the main issues up didiscussion this week along wih finding a path towards a new
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constitution and you and let elections. the clearer map of cease-fire arrangement has emerged largely enabled by him on.. -- oman. must begin to stitch the process into concrete results enabling citizens to determine their own future freely. --while the u.s. and france the only legitimate forum for a resolution in syria, russia's next set of parallel talks are going to move ahead early next year. genie: pope francis has given a historic open-air mass to thousands of worshipers in myanmar. the country has been clouded by controversy over what critics say is the popes sidestepping of the persecution of rohingya
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muslims. 600,000 of them have been forced to leave. francis called for all ethnic groups to be respected but failed to refer to the muslim rohingya community by name. the pope had been urged by rights groups to say the word to asya but was urged not the burmese government refuses to even acknowledge them as an ethnic group at all. our regional correspondent told us more. today again he decided not to use the word rohingya in public. some 100 50,000 people attended this open-air mass, a historic event in vermont. pope francis made it very clear with a preach for forgiveness. he told the crowd do not seek revenge, embrace healing and reconciliation he also said the church in the country is helping great numbers of people orardless of their religion
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ethnic background. a clear reference possibly also to the rohingya muslims. only 700,000 or so catholics in the country and many came from traveling for days to attend this historic event. 700,000 or so catholics in the country and a key moment in the pope's visit is this meeting with the buddhist leadership. it's important because some buddhist extremists have been preaching hatred and have an accused of encouraging the violence, forcing hundreds of tousands of rohingya muslims flee to neighboring bangladesh. trip: the popes trick -- continues in bangladesh. tell us about what's on the plan for that day.
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koke francis tomorrow will be celebrating a mass with young catholics in the cathedral and then he will head to bangladesh and to the capital. there are several events planned. he will be meeting off course with representatives from the catholic church and presumably ,lso with rohingya refugees representatives from the rohingya community who fled from might be and that chance for pope francicis to explain a bit more p publicly hs position on the rohihingya cris. he will be hearing whahat they have to say and he will possibly use this time. the word rohingya. he has in the past spoken out in favor of the muslim minority condemning the persecution of what he called his rohingya brothers and sisters.
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something on the lighter side. this is going to be one incredible flight. just take a look at these pictures. you are about to see two french wing suit flyers pulled off this breathtaking stunt over the alps. landed on b board an airplane in midair. the j jumpers took more t than 0 practice flights too perfect the hazardous stunt. the wing suit flyers did thankfkfully manageded to comple that successfully. they landed a little bit awkwardly but safe and sound. we are thinking of the first to enter a plane. we wanted to do it differently, entering from a mountain. it was a huge mission. genie: let's take a look at today's top stories. north korea launches its most powerful missile yet saying it
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could hit all of the note states. president in ivory coast today for the europe africa summit. he will begetting giving a live interview tonight on france 24. he reports in the u.k. release the details of a possible deal on brexit with britain paying up to 55 billion euros to leave the eu. business news with stephen carroll. you are going to start with the digital currency bitcoin which has reached a new record value. hasor the first time it been valued at more than $10,000. just a year ago it was worth only $740. bitcoin is a completely digital currency. it is not backed or regulated by any central authority and it has no intrinsic value. short time ago bitcoin was
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worth over $10,800. there's still skepticism about bitcoin with the boss of credit squeeze saying it was the very definition of a bubble. alison sargent has more. >> some say they are worth nothing. for those who buy and sell the bitcoin each one could be worth over $10,000. bitcoins can be thought of as digital tokens. they can be used to make payments internationally without fees and are even accepted by some retailers. but they have no intrinsic value and are bitcoin not act or reguy any central authority. valued at just a few cents when , 2017 hasated in 2009 been a big year for bitcoin which has seen its price rise by over 900% since january. the most recent chrysler it was sparked in part by an announcement that u.s. exchange operator cme group will be creating bitcoin futures 11 wall
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st to speculate on the online currency the same way they do on commodities like gold. are split over whether bitcoins rapid rise is the start of a gold rush or a bubble waiting to pop. no clear criteria for bitcoins valuation. we can't easily decide if the bubble will really end or if what we e are seeing is even a bubble. bitcoin has seen major price swings before but of skyrocketing value raises the stakes and signals that the currency was largely the domain of computer developers and libertarians is climbing into the mainstream. a mixed picture in europe this lunchtime. we've got some gains in paris and frankfort as investors digest positive data showing economic confidence in the euro zone was at its highest level in 17 years. the biggest increase in confidence was in france.
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lse is down 1.6% after it ceo was stepping down with immediate effect. we are also keeping an eye on the currency market because the value of the pound has risen since the news emerged of a potential deal ovever a brexit divorce bill. fore: you have a setback uber in its legal value -- battle with google. >> it has been accused of operating a specific team dedicated to stealing trade secrets. after sections of the letter were read in court the judge delayed the start of hearings over claims that uber stole information about its driverless car technology. uber denies both accusations. says it is working to close a security flaw in the latest version of its mac operating system.
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a turkish developer first discovered that by simply entering the username root several times a user could bypass password protection on mac computers running the latest version of high sierra. he published his findings on twitter. apple has responded with a way to block this access and says it is working on a software update. the united states has begun an investigation into subsidies for aluminum production in china. with the first time since 1985 that the u.s. government has initiated an antidumping case without a complaint from a private company. sweeping tax cuts are one step closer to being passed. the senate budget committee voted in favor of the tax plan. it will now go to the full senate. if passed it could be the biggest overhaul of the u.s. tax system in 30 years. someone has come up with
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a very creative way to make you remember those ideas that always pop up when you are in the shower. >> they have installed a wired shower door which means that you can record any notes that you make i in the condensation of yr great ideas so when the door is hopped up it acts like a tablet and anything you write in it will get noted and emailed to you afterwards. the technology is called splash of brilliance. i don't spend long enough in the shshower to write e anything do. genie: i don't think i could read my own handwriting in the fog. the look atr today's business news. thank you for watching france 24. it's now time for the press review.
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start with this missile launch from north korea. >> it is drawing a lot of reactions from the international press. north korea said it could reach the vicinity of washington, d.c. let's start with an article from abc. their asian correspondent: this latest missile launch a punch in the mouth from kim jong-un. he says whatever plan the u.s. had is working because clearly talks haven't been effective in deterring the north koreans. the u.s. conservative paper calls it a provocation. they called for more aggression from donald trump saying now the public needs to see evidence that we are not on the precipice of destruction and this could begin with courting the chinese -- she's inn thing paying -- lesion paying xi
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jinping. the pope was being criticized for refusing to mention the rohingya people by name. post called it the pope's sad silence on ethnic cleansing. to moveim lesson on how him away from his much vaunted willingness to speak truth to power. one guardian writer has left to his defense saying this has been in the works for several months way before the vatican knew the real scale of the persecution the rohingya people are facing and she brings to light the issue or the complexities of a papal visit because is he representing political interests or religious interests? in this case he's representing
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the catholics and his reason for excluding the word rohingya was to protect the catholic minority who could then become a target. genie: you have been focusing on emmanuel macron's maiden trip to africa as president. what has the french and the press in burkina faso had to say? >> we have had some mixed reaction. the french paper calls him a skillful orator. the left-leaning paper in france calls it the macron show and says it is pretty much one where he did succeed in that speech to university students in the capital yesterday. says itina faso paper in the courage and determination of emmanuel macron however his speech was not a rupture from the predecessors as he has claimed but a continuation of france's political strategy in africa. a communist paper in france is really scathing. they call his speech nothing but
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a new mask on franco african time. the grammy nominations have come out and for once they are completely race inclusive. might say.ah youu they have never been so dominated by cover and diversity -- coloror and diversity. an artist of color will definitely win record of the year because all of the nominees are of color. this year's nominations honor artists like jay-z, kendrick lamar, bruno mars in what is really a big focus on hip-hop and urban music but also latino music because the los angeles espacito could make music history by becoming the first non-english language tuned to win a grammy for some of the year. the last time this happened, dwight eisenhower was president and it was in 1959 with the italian hit volare.
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genie: the indian government has been known for doling out swift punishment in its campaign to clean up the country. it looks like they're going a bit too far. >> eight donkeys have been jailed for four days. they ate some expensive saplings worth up to $1000. the police complained that the donkeys had made a mess. they even did a classic perp walk with the donkeys walking in single file with their heads down. the owner of the animals pleaded for their release but was refused until he found a local politician to plead his case and help shawshank the donkeys out of prison. genie: thank you for that look at today's press review. you can get a closer look on our website. the addresses france coming up, bad news for rent control in paris. it is set to be a thing of the past.
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details on the way.
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narrator: 2008, discontent turns into confrontation. around the world peoeople take o the streets. ♪ music momar: they use tear gas, electric batons, plastic bullets. it was a very, very hard day. narrator: protests like these in dakar and senegal spread to many other cities. there were similar riots in egypt and in india. in haiti the president was overthrown. the reason? high food prices. one of the major causes: climate change. villagers are leaving their homes simply to survive.


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