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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome. you are tuned in to live from paris. these are the top stories. migration top the agenda at an eu-africa summit leaders agreeing to evacuate migrates facing abuse. transfer ofhe final power in the gaza strip by 10 days. focus on terrorism, not army --
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u.s. president donald trump hits back at theresa may after she criticized him for retweeting videos posted by a far-right group. first, to our top story -- 3800 migrants facing abuse in living can't -- libyan camp'sto evacuated -- to be evacuated. it comes after an first, to oura summit that comes a fortnight after the report by the u.s. network cnn showing africans being sold as slaves. the french president, emmanuelle macron given exclusive interview to france 24 after attending the
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meeting and outlined measures to combat modern-day slavery. : what is going on is a crime against humanity. it,ave to not just denounce but acting several ways. the first is by attacking, collectitively, the smuggling networks. we need reinforcrced action from law enforcement to dismsmantle these networks. we're going to do that. what i want us to be able to do, too, is to proceed against -- with sanctions within ae you framework against the smugglers. eu framework against the smugglers. rochelle: for more on the marc is in thet, capital where macron is expected later today. our: it was supposed to be education, but the
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agenda was hijacked on this issue. there was a meeting between several countries, the u.s. secretary general, and the plan described in the interview, and then during a press conference by the french president would seem to entail a kind of intervention in libya, however the details remain very vague -- would it be military, or just a police and intelligence cooperation and under what framework? libya is supposedly a sovereign country. there was a lot of pressure put on libya to allow the creation of places where people were sold as slaves. not only that, but -- slavery is one thing, but the main issue is people going from sub saharan africa to europe, trying to cross the miniaturization --
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mediterranean, and sometimes too endeavor.during the there is a willingness to put an end to the traffic taking place, especially that of human beings. rochelle: we understand that macron is running a little late. he is due in ghana later today. talk about why he has chosen to go t there specifically. marc: to illustrate what he said in his keynote speech during the african tour. he said there isis no such thing as a purely french-african policy. this means that france e should not t only consider the french-speaking countries on the continent -- obviously there are lots of them, and close ties, sometimes controversial ones, but he is coming to ghana -- the 60th anniversary of independence
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of ghana, the first country in sub-saharan africa to become independent. it also has a democratic condition, unlike a number off countries on the continent. the president is h here to celebrate. visit and then go to a place where there is a boxing club, and where they play football. it is interesting to know part of the visit will be together with the dutch prime minister. this is also an illustration of what an manual mccaw would like to see --emmanuelle macron would like to see, relationships between europe and africa, not only between the former colonizers like france and great britain and their previous colonies. this is really an illustration of what the president hopes to do. obviously, this is all talk for now. thisll have to see if becomes a real different french policy on the continent.
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rochelle: in other world news, the u.s. president donald trump has called on britain's prime minister theresa may to focus on terrorism after she criticized them for re-tweeting anti-islam videos posted by british far-right groups. trump top's have urged apologize for the tweet. to bring us the latest, let's cross to duncan woodside in london. the u.k. pretty much united in condemning these tweets by president trump. duncan woodside: absolutely. yes. perhaps it is worth starting with a bit of a background on the organization and person responsible for the original tweets. the tweets were originally made by an individual who is a deputy leader of britain's first, a very much far-right organization here in the u.k.. memberset up by former
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of the british national party, and she herself is facing two separate charges of religiously aggravated harassment, and she is currently on bail for those alleged offenses. as you mentioned, there has been around condemnation of donald trump retweeting these videos which purport to show muslims doing unspeakable things, including attacking a boy on a , and another video where a 17-year-old is prone from the roof of a building in egypt. has said the, group written first is a divisive and hateful group. on the other end of the political spectrum, jeremy corbyn, the socialist leader of the opposition labor party, says the tweets are abhorrent,
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dangerous, and a threat to our society. course,: duncan, of president trump due to visit the u.k. in the coming months. could all of this jeopardize that trip? duncan: there is speculation to that effect here in the u.k. at the moment. late last night, a broadcaster here in the u.k. quoted an official from the government anonymously saying that ship will surely -- trip will surely now be kicked into the long grass and the grass is gotten as long as it could possibly get for donald trump. however, today, there has been a slightly different line from the government and the home secretary, the equivalent of the interior minister here in the u.k., has respondnded to an invitation from the parliament. a lot of people expecting the invitation to be revoked, but
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what she said is the invitation has been made, it has been accepted, and it still stands, and the britain's -- and britain needs to think about deeper relationships with america. i receceive a have a deep inintelligence-shaharing -- obviously they have a deep intelligence-sharing relationship. real from the president. she also said there has been no date set for the visit. originally it was set to take place in the middle of n next year, bubut perhaps now w it mit be more likely to take place in late 2018. duncan woodside reporting for us from london. .
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rival -- thank you. rival palestinian factions have agreed to delay the power transfer in the gaza strip by 10 days. it was part of a reconciliation deal signed last month. hamas agreed to hand over initiative control of gaza on december 1, a decade after seizing it in civil war. tensions rose one hamas refused to allow palestinian authorities to return to jobs. to bring us more, we are in gaza. what is the reaction on the ground to this delay in handing over the gaza strip? sharif: there appears to be growing disillusionment. when you speak to people on the ground, there is a sense of the solution. the delay in the handover came late last night in a 45-second statement that really included no explanations or context.
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one resident joke it was the shortest presser in gaza's history. the people desperately want some kind of deal to go through to ease hardsdship. many see both sides as self-serving, corrupt, and unable to complete the deal. commands are simple. they want electricity, the right to travel, the right to work. they only get four hours of power. water only comes a few hours every few days. there is a lack of functioning sanitation. all of this is due to the ongoing blockade by israel as well as egypt over the past decade. this year, the palestinian authority and -- leader compounded the hardship by reducing funding and electric supplies to gaza. ordinary palestinians are the ones bearing the brunt of this, and they are suffering as these rival factions quarrel with each
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other and israel maintains this choking siege. rochelle: tensions rose between two rival factions on wednesday. talk us through the main sticking point in all of this. sharif: well, two of the main sticking points are over security and the issue of civil servants. there is a strange quirk in gaza where there are two civil services. 2007,amas took over in the majority of the palestinian authority employees were told to start working, yet have continued to receive a salary over this past 10 years. during that time, thomas hired --r 50,000 civil servants to hamas hired over 50,000 civil servants to replace them. on tuesday we saw the prime minister f for palestinian authority call on employees for the palestinian authority to return to their jobs.
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the next day, hamas refused to allow them into their jobs when they showed up. stipulatesnt itself a have until february to find a solution. on the other side, the big issue is security. both israel and the palestinian authority are demanding that med wing, a powerful militia, disarm. while this agreement has been signed, while they say they have agreed on the broad strokes of it, the details of how these processes will go through has not been agreed upon at all, and they are key point. so, there has been a lot of worry that this deal will falter, and people here as well will come during a unity deal. there is a lot of desire and pressure from countries like
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egypt to get this done. there is a -- large differences between the two sides. rochelle: thank you. reporting to us from the gaza strip. argentina has sentenced tworoch. former navy pilots for crimes committed between 1976 and 1983 under military rule. for roles intenced the killing and torture of political opponents. in total, 54 people are accused of human rights abuses carried out at the navy's highest court in one as harris. we have more in this report -- void of sadness. we have more in this report. signs asking where are the 30,000 missing. victims of argentina's dirty war set outstside of this courthouse to hear the verdict of 800
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people accused of counts of murder during the bloody dictatorship. judgesjudges sentenced. >> giving sedatives to our loved ones and then referring them to their death -- it is unbelievable. it is ghastly. prison creates a mix of emotions that are interwoven. i don't know if ththe word is happiness,s, but yes, we are celebrating this is happening. >> of the 54th use, almost all our former milititary -- our former military is now, including -- who at the timime s called the angel of death -- and death. 42 hoursct took nearlrly
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to read. this was the third and final trial for crimes committed here in the naval mechanics school. it was turned into a prison and torture center. some 5000 people were brought here, but only 200 are thought to have survived. rochelle: time now for business. will joins us in the studio. we are starting with one of our top stories - -- the u.s. callig on china to use leverage when it comes to reining in north korea. will: that is right. there is a lot of leverage. a lot can be done. u.s. ambassador nikki haley issued the warning speaking in new york saying that president donald trump called chinese pink sayingizing ingping. have -- xi j haley: we believe yes the
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opportunity to do the right thing. china must show leadership p and follow-through. china can do this on its own, or we can take the situation into our own hands. will: previously, china has refused to completely cut off exports to north korea. currently, the u.s. estimates china sense 5.5 million barrels of crude every year. of course,a role in the military. not like investors do all these jewel political tensions, and it is having its effect on the markets. will: that is right -- inside north korea and in the market, we saw petrol prices rise about 20%. on the international market, crude prices are in the green. there is optimism heading into the opec meeting in vienna later today. both opec and russia seem ready to prolong their oil supply cuts until the end of next you.
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in the european market, stocks up in the green as well. rochelle: coming up, my favorite time of year -- holiday season. everyone is expecting madness at the airport, but one might have it -- one airline might have it worse than others. will: that is right. first there was a computer glitch, then the company told they may have to cancel 15,000 flights because the glitch allows pilots to simultaneously schedule their vacation. to put this into context, thanksgiving hit a five-year high, the trelel forhat t period , and similarly the travel for this christmas was expected to be a banner year as well.. the companany is offering premim pay to work on holidays, but there is no happy ending, either the passengers lose or the lose, and one union
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spokesman said he feels like he is already watching how the grinch stole christmas. rochelle: wednesday was the annual lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree in new york. you have been breaking down the cost. it is all a bit pricey. will: i have been trying to. it is a true bottom line worthy of the name rockefeller. there are energy efficient lights on the tree that cost about $13,500. solar panels will help offset the upkeep. on top of the key there is a star that is estimated at $35,000. meanwhile, for the average joe or jane, we are having to buy trees that are far less expensive than this one. was23 million meter tree donated. reported, consumers might see prices up slightly higher this year. home inits traditional
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germany, to capitol hill in washington, christmas trees are going up around the world, and so, in some parts, our prices. u.s. shoppers in particular will be forking out 5% to 10% more. supply rooted in the financial crisis 10 years ago, the time it takes to grow. the lack of demand a at the time anant fewer trtrees were planted and fresh tree lovers are just now seeing the effect. in the u k, imports are more expensive. thels hope it will push cultivation of british trees. >> you cannot member what you had last christmas, but you always member getting your christmas tree. >> competition does not just come from imports, however. another serious rebel -- rival , sales that have
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risen steadily over the last 25 years. other factors come in. drought or rain can affect supply. koreae people in south have some extra money, if you will, for the holiday season. will: it is called the national happiness fund. it was designed to help people with low incomes. debt is a significant problem in south korea, but there are signs the economy is growing stronger. this year, the fund is to write off the debt of 1.6 million people, and that could mean clearing up to $5.7 billioion of theieir debt. there are stipulations -- they have to be low-income earners and apply. still, that government mechanism winning over a lot of people in south korea. you can imagine, the national happiness fund -- others may follow suit. thank you for the business
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roundup. review. for our press let's take a look at what is making headlines around the world. alison sargent joins. we are starting with the bosnian croat general who killed himself with poison after his sentence was upheld. rochelle: -- alison: images are on many newspapers today. there is an almost celebratory quality to some of the coverage in the croatian papers. he is treated as somewhat of a martyr for what he did yesterday. one writeron piece, has strong words, saying slobodan praljak spit on the face of the tribunal -- of the tribunal. the croatian government is also defending the idea that slobodan praljak was sending a message
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with his suicide. the croatian prime minister, as you can see, called the convictions a moral injustice and denies that croatia played a role in the bosnian war. bosnian insight shows that croatia's role in the war was complicated. this politician also says the tribunal puts an end to a dark part of history. rochelle: that is a heated reaction. that part of history is not actually behind us. alison: there are fears this verdict could bring the history back. there is an inch to an article in the croatian macwhinnie -- magazine "for him," this is this verdict is in danger of increasing tension. a french paper has a report from the city where -- that was the main site. describes a city that is quite divided still
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, anden croats and bosniaks the reporter met one serbian croat woman who said peaceful or not, she will never be able to live with bosniak muslims. rochelle: moving to the ivory coast, where that eu-african summit is continuing. alison: the front page talks about the three major challenges for africa with opportunities for youth, climate change, and security. those are the topics ivory coast hopes to tackle at this summit. the major challenge your post to tackle is migration. less that, the french president announced an emergency evacuation plan for migrants in libya. this comes after the release -- you might rememberer the footage that shows migrants being sold as slaves. the huffington post reports that emmanuel macron is now making libya a priority, and he hopes to tackle migration there, as well as security. rochelle: french papers are also expressing anxiety over the latest missile test by north
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korea. alison: north korea claims it has entered the nuclear club with this latest missile launch. page -- "north escalation."es its the paper wonders, at this point, should we let kim jong-un have his palm. they say military invention -- intervention would be hazardous. the figure is also pointed -- finger is also pointed at the u.s.. we see donald trump seemingly reacting to the missile launch yesterday in a cartoon from "the times." he says i'm going to do something about explosive material that can reach millions in the west -- and he read tweets it. you can see the explosive material is not the missiles, but a series of videos tweeted by britain first that showed
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muslims carrying out violence. many news organizations have shown they are fake or misrepresentations. rochelle: it was trump's retweets that sent shockwaves through the british press. alison: right, the twitter tyrants are nothing new, but these baffled and angered many in the u.k.. it was called a new low by the american president. you by the standards of the most it left fighting for words. debts ate sovereign the southern poverty law center breed -- could rochelle: all right, british prime minister theresa may condemning the tweets from trump, but it seems when he tried to respond he missed the mark. tweak ate tried to
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theresa may, but did not double check her twitter handle. instead he tweeted to this woman who you can see is not the british prime minister. luckily for her, her twitter account is
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