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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ ♪ --anchor: this is "france 24." the bloated donald trump as his candidate loses to a democrat, civil rights champion doug jones beats republican roy moore, who was brought down by claims of sexual misconduct. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says he's ready to negotiate with north korea, without the precondition for the north to give up its nuclear weapons. that has been a redline for the
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u.s. for talks until now. and turkey calls on the world to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of eventual palestinian state as muslim readers -- leaders gather on a summit to the newest move from the u.s. to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and how facebook is changing its business model to pay more taxes in countries where it makes money from advertising. the details in our business update. and the forces officially with episodee last jedi eight for star wars fans opens around the world. our top story, live from paris. we start with that surprise victory for doug jones in alabama. the democrat beat republican roy
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moore to take the senate by just 1.5% of the vote. his campaign had been front-page news in the states, not just moore was accused of that of feeley assaults, but because donald trump had thrown his support behind him as well. this win narrows the new republican majority in the 40 93 >> once the underground -- the underdog doug jones surged ahead, due to accusations of sexual assault of pedophilia surrounding his rival. >> this campaign has never been about me, it's never been about roy moore, it's not about everyone of you -- it has been about every one of you and your sons and daughters.
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this race is not about dignity and respect. -- has been about dignity and respect. >> it whittles down the republican majority in the senate to just one seat, which will make passing legislation even harder for the u.s. president. congratulatedunk senator elect jones by saying a win is a win. for roy moore, the results are not definitive yet. he says the media that wildly covered the acquisitions of assaulting teenage girls painted him as an unfaithful light. he lost by three times the recount threshold. rather than conceding, he asked his voters to pray for a positive outcome. >> i really want to thank you for coming tonight and realize when the vote is this close, that is not over. and we have still got to go by the rules about this recount provision.
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a candidate, he deeply divided the republican party. trump back 10, despite multiple claims of assault. vowed toongress investigate roy moore. trump is coming under fire for what democrats are calling unsavory insinuations about new york afterr kirsten gillibrand she called for the president to resign over sexual harassment allegations against him. trout tweeted back that she -- trump tweeted back that she was a lightweight senator would come to his office begging for campaign donations and quote woululd do anythining to get th" collects it was a sexist smear attention to silence my voice i want be silent on this issue, neither will the women who stood up to presidents yesterday and neither will the william -- the millions of women who are standing up against policy they don't agree with. offeredex tillerson has
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to begin direct talks with north korea, without any preconditions. this comes two weeks after north korea launched its most successful missile test to date. it backs away from what it was a thehe united states for pyongyang to accept giving up its nuclear weapons or for any talks could begin. u.s. secretary of state's is unrealistic to expect north korea to come to the table ready to give up its arms. rex tillerson: we said from the diplomatic side, we are ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk. we are ready to have the first meeting without preconditions. it's not realistic to say we are only going to talk if you come to the table ready to give up your program. they have too much invested in it. the president israel is to about that as well. genie: u.s. secretary y of state rex tillerson. muslim leaders are meeting in
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turkey for an emergency summit, trying to come up with a coordinator response to the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. the turkish president is hosting that meeting and is hoping to final statement on the move by donald trump that prompted tens of thousands of people to protest in the muslim and arab world. hashe state of palestine been a prerogative of the united nations ever since 1947. this clearly shows that israel is on a mission to become a terrorist state. genie: let's bring in turkey specialist, thank you for coming in to speak to us. what would be the ideal outcome from the summit for the turkish president? >> the summit is an opportunity for erdogan to revise his diplomatic outlook in the region. turkey has been pretty isolated over the last two or three
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years. the unexpected american move on jerusalem is really opportunity for the turks to surge again in defense of the palestinians, which they have been supporting for the last decade quite consistently. remember the incident in strain witharted a israel. it has been very recently only overcome. i think there is a big image stake for turkey these days. because also, you know that the regime has been very criticized for what happened after the failed coup attempt in 2016. the palestinian cause is a very important opportunity for turkey to sort of renew, revamp its
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image as the defender of justice in the region. genie: do you think the president erdogan will be able to get all of these countries, over 20, to agree on one concrete statement today? or other too many deep divisions? isof course, the limit precisely in this very short sighted way of looking at the regional balance. turkey currently holds the presidency of the islamic organization which helps in making it possible to have this emergency meeting. we see that some leaders and heads of state are attending, aresaudi arabia and egypt we represented at level of foreign ministry, which shows in the background all the tensions that a vote to between turkey and different arab states, especially in the wake of the pcc quarrel this summer.
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we know that turkey has a rather difficult relationship with saudi arabia currently. and the islamic corporation organization has its headquarters agenda. supposed to be a saudi patronized organization. it's very difficult for the turks to appear as a potential alternative to a sunni leader in the middle east, which is what they are seeking, currently. talk us through turkey's religion with israel. president erdogan was so against israel when he spoke to today. >> has been a mutual exchange of insults. they called each other terrorists. clear rift inery the reconciliation between turkey and israel that's been going on for one year. what matters more is the relationship between turkey and
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the united states. very clearly how they are moving and thethis american important decision will bring trouble in a rather difficult relation and we know that he is a very important member of nato. it's more straining to the western alliance and considering regional matters in the middle east. genie: thank you for coming in to speak with us. macron isis, emmanuel hosting germany's angela merkel and five african presidents, trying to boost the fledgling g5 militant force that's fighting islamic state in northern africa. it brings together troops from burkina faso, chad, niger in the desert region that is played by extremism. france is currently leading cocounterterrorism o operatitio. james andre is at that meeting and he joins us from there.
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everyone has been in talks for a few hours today. is anything come out of this meeting so far? james: we have no information. we are trying to find funds to finance this g5 operation. there's only been one joint military operation by three three of those armies, where there are three borders. one of the most difficult areas in the sahara, this huge piece of desesert, which is plagued by terrorist groups. and the idea today's try to find this money so the g5 can actually get off the ground. african nations need money to train forces and equip them, they'll also need money for vehicles and to carry out these missions in this very, very vast area. i'm inside his room where the press conference is to be held
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later on. genie: what is president macron's long-term strategy? is it to pull friends out of the region? -- france out of the region? james: that has been ultimately the objective. as the operation delivery northern mali, no one was expecting that one day, the french would be bracing five years of engagement in a very vast region. right now, france has 4500 soldiers securing the area, making sure that these terrorists can't settle down and install bases in these remote parts of the sahara desert. that's going to cost a lot of money. it's an estimated one million euros a day. what emmanuel macron wants to do is hand back the security of this region to the local players, and that is as far as finances goes, the objective is
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to share the burden with other european nations. andla merkel is here today the italian prime minister. there will be a conference later on in brussels to try and find money. we are hearing that african leaders themselves would like to have some u.n. money to pay for this peacekeeping operation, securing operation. at the moment, there's no guarantee. all money that could potentially get here is just one shot, not a regular influx of money in order to finance a long-term operation. there forprobably be years to come in order to make sure these terrorist organizations cannot settle down and create a safe haven in that area. genie: james, thank you for that. "france 24," james andre. the force is officially out as
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the last jedi, episode eight opens around the world. it is excited to grows up to $215 million in ticket sales in north america alone. here in france, the fans are lining up as well. >> the forces back. the eighth installment of "star wars: the last jedi," is hitting theaters across the globe this week. good fighting evil and the new phase in the old. fans are sure to rebel and the return of characters that were introduced in 2015's "the force awakens." stevan ridley says her character is now integral part of the beloved saga. >> it's wonderful that people responded so well to rey. is so touched people, because everyone matters. >> the film, directed by ryan johnson, is expected to surpass the box office records of episode seven, which raked in
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some $2 billion. and that doesn't even touch on merchandising sales. which are now at some $33 billion, since the series began. >> every object that comes out, i try to buy it, , so the collection keeps growing. >> for the london premiere tuesday, casting crew stayed mum about rumors that princes william and harry bridges of it as extras in the filming last year. fans to speculate if there is royalty behind those storm trooper outfits. a royal thumbs-up for star wars that includes a farewell. the eighth installment is carrie fisher's last. chararaer,er princess leia, she passed awaway after the filming. the studios say her story will continue in the ninth episode. joining me on the set is someone it was a huge "star wars," fan -- i could see was kylo ren. stephen carroll with the business news.
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we talk with airbus and the future of its chief executive. stephen: he hasn't decided whether he wants a third term as ceo of the european aerospace giant, that's after french media reports suggested tuesday would be stepping down in may of 2019. inaking at an airbus event toulouse, he says the rumors of his demise were premature and exaggerated. facebook, which announced big changes to the way it pays taxes. isphen: the social network stopping booking its international revenue through eyelid and will begin reporting and paying tax on advertising revenue on more than 20 countries. it could see meeting more -- pay morere in f france, where it's n criticized by the way organizes its finances. these peoeople make the changes next yeaear but warned it will e 2019.ted until the company's chief financial officer said the move would
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provide more transparency to governments and policymakers around the world. they called for r greater visibility over the revenues. we talk a bit more about the markets. stephen: investors focused on what's going to be happening with central banks. the federal reserve wrapping up a meeting and we expect them to raise interest rates in the united states this evening. that's a big subject of preoccupation for investors who are also looking ahead to a meeting of the european central bank tomorrow. , small ballng flat in paris and and frank for it. genie: employers and workers unions have become -- begun talks of employment benefits. stephen: president macron promised to extend the and employment benefit to the self-employed and to those who resign from their jobs. allow workers more flexibility when it comes to changing jobs, but also to include independent workers in the social safety net.
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workers and employers are worried they will have to pay for the changes. it was one of emmanuel macron ski campaign promises. >> every five years, what workers to be able to access unemployment benefits. even those who voluntarily leave their jobs. >> unemployment benefits in france are based on previous salaries and claimants can receive a maximum of 7000 euros per month. french employer and workers unions one that emmanuel macron's proposed changes would be too costly. roughly one million people quit their jobs last year. under his proposed change, extending payments could cost billions of euros more. how will it be paid for? >> the money to pay a new beneficiaries will have to come from somewhere. the system which is already quite genenerous and is now sustaining further offenses. >> france would have to increase
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social insurance payments or cut the amount of existing benefits. solutions that are unacceptable to one of the country's biggest labor unions. >> if you're going to improve social security, we have to be able to do it without taking benefits away from those who already have them. alsod annual macron promised to extend past the self employed workers were no more convinced of the measures viability. >> we didn't ask for this. we don't want as our social security contributions to increase. they are ready to high. >> the government could reduce the number of new beneficiaries by setting stricter conditions. france already has one of the most costly unemployment insurance systems in europe. up, some twitter users aren't too happy about netflix making fun of their viewing habits. stephen: a tweet goes wrong. on monday, netflix posted a tweet saying to the 53 people who watched "a christmas prince"
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every day for the past 18 days, who hurt you? sharex dodoesn't often viewing data and people were surprised and not very pleased about the company poking fun at them in this way. the replies were many and varied to that. it's been used by spotify in its advertising campaigns, focusing on exactly what was people were listening to in their music. perhaps the company may need to rethink doing it again. if you register, "a christmas for netflix,ade rated six out of 10 on imdb i haven't watched it yet. maybe this is a ploy from netflix to get people to watch it. thank you for that. now time for the press review. alison sargent takes a look at the international papers. allison: lots of focus on the shocking win by doug jones who
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repeated republican -- who defeated republican roy moore. let's start with the front page about it was biggest paper. a triumphant doug jones on their front page along with the headline alabama rejects moore. the paper calls a stunning victory aided by scandal. jones is the state's first democrat senator and 25 years on the paper declares that deep red alabama is now leaning blue. this ends weeks of suspense, alabama kind of knew that all eyes were on them for the senate john archibald says this result is first and foremost a message from alabama to women. he said all are listed for women and victims and compassion. is a lot of pride in the alabama press today. this cartoon from the same paper which did ultimately endorsed doug jones.
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is an image of doug jones on the message we are not roy moore. lots of pride for alabama. genie: this is being talked about all across the country. papers many left-wing are really rubbing this loss in the face of roy moore. not the most mature front page, but it is kind of funny. the new york daily news today say screw you and the horse you rode in on. ,nd roy moore rode his horse sassy come into the polling station yesterday. josesw york times calls when a triumph for decency and common sense in the state that seemed at risk of abandoning both very. the paper says they see this win is a message of rebuke to president trump, and many left-wing papers saying it bodes well for next years midterm election and democrats could win full control the senate. "wall street journal," says the opposite, voters were rejecting roy moore, not the gop agenda and that the loss is actually
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very good for the republican party, because now they won't have to deal with deciding whether or not to work with him in the senate, where he would have become a national symbol associating republicans with sexual harassment. defeat is being heralded as a victory in the fight against sexual assault and it caps off what has been a truly big year for women's rights. alison: a bad year in many ways, but women's rights have been in much so that, so merriam-webster has named feminism their word of the here this year. -- of the year this year. thanksachieved in part to kellyanne conway, because she declared at one point last year that she rejected the term feminism because she sees it as antimale. this is a good time to rosa just remind yourself that it is the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. long, we do still have a long way to go. in portugal, you found a story about how a woman's independence
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was used to argue against her in a domestic violencnce case. alison: it's a crazy story. a court in portugal recently acquitted a manager missing violence charges because it decided that a woman who is not reliant on her husband can't be a victim of directing violence. judges in this court said if she was so strong, she should have just left the house. an extreme case of victim blaming. they report that news outlets in portugal were furious over this and they pointed out that the judge's ideas in this case were riddled with stereotypes and in egypt, another interesting story having to do with women. a female pop singer has been given two years in prison for a racy music video. it shows her in a classroom of men suggestively eating an apple and a banana. it is sexual, but nothing that would be shocking for most other pop stars. thathave been ruled incited debauchery. she is a little-known singer, 21
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years old and she apologized on facebook and said she never expected to get such a backlash. genie: let's come back to france, where the president of the national assembly is set to unveil reforms for french mps. aimed athey were making the national assembly more efficient and transparent. life as an mp is not all it's cracked up to be for many of the new government members from macron's party. they are quite unhappy with their salaries, many of them came from the private sector, where they have been making quite a bit more money. mpscan see in this cartoon, are looking at warnings about sexual harassment cyber security and reminders they have to handed reports about expenses and one is saying to the other, something tells me we missed the golden age. ok raise won't be on the agenda for this reform, but maybe they can come to peace with their new lower salaries. this is meditation sessions to help them come to
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peace. i got my favorite reporting that mps had a meditation session yesterday led by a psychiatrist. apparently, according to the paper, this is going to become a weekly practice. they say they are very much in favor of these meditation sessions, working on our inner selves could help gain perspective and better deal with tense situations. genie: you've probably heard that the newest "star wars," film is reduced -- is released today. you have a possible alternative. alison: tonight, you could look at the actual stars. they're going to be giving quite a show, because the "star wars," release coincides with the gym and did meteor shower. meteor shower. shooting stars will be visible in many places around the world, overnight between wednesday and thursday. it's the best meteor shower since the moon is a crescent, it's not going to be spoiling the show with too much light pollution. it's a good time to bundle up, go outside, and what the universal your mind. laura: --genie: alison sargent
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with that press review. check it out at
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narrator: 20 million people live here at the mouth of the yangtze river, in shanghai, the city that is the pulse of china's economy. ♪ music david sutton: this is the most dynamic place i've ever lived. and it could be the model for the world or it could be a disaster. narrator: shanghghai is to china whwhat new york is to america.aa symbol of success and a warning about the price that may have to be paid. profofessor geoffrey heal: china isn't just an economic super power these days, it's a green house gas super power too. china has now overtaken the u.s. as the principle producer


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