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tv   DW News  LINKTV  February 22, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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berlin. tens of thousands of that as well as plotthe event was stage1 million to help people suffering from food shortages. also on the program, pope francis outlines steps to stop the sexual abuse of children in the catholic church. the pontiff's move comes at a summit in rove -- rome.
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powerhouse football club chelsea appeal to -- a peel a band from signing players until 2020. the site has been accused of breaching rules about signing minors. ♪ >> i'm phil gayle. welcome to the program. at least one person is been killed in clashes with the venezuelan army as efforts to bring eight into the country against the orders of president nicolas maduro turned deadly. as the violence played out on the border between brazil and venezuela, the charity concert began near the colombian border. the event organized by richard branson hasas calledd on caracao allow international aid into the country. >>[shouting in spanish] >> the concert may have been held on colombian soil, but it was all about venezuela.
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♪ [singing in spanish] ♪ >> the first to perform was a venezuelan migrant whoho sang hr signature song, spanish for "i left," it has become a song for venezuelans who have left venezuela to flee the crisis. some of those immigrants have attended the concert and the emotions they felt still rolled. the concert is backed by british billionaire, richard branson. he is helping to raise $100 million to aid venezuela. ♪ >> the festival atmosphere belies the tensions building on the colombian border. opposition leader juan guaido is urging venezuelans to make their way here saturday.
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he wants them to pick up aid provided by the u.s. it is stored in a warehouse nearby. a steady stream of venezuelans have been crossing the border on foot in recent days, to collect whatever supplies they can take back. if the vehicles are two, and transpsport large amounts of aid back into venezuela, they will need to cross this bridge. itit is being blocked and guguad by the venezuelalan military. the opposition is helping people power will persuade the military to stop supporting president maduro. his supporters gathered on the venezuelan side of the bridge, ready for a smaller, rival concert be prepared by the president. nicolas maduro is supported by russian and china. both accused the united states of politicizing humanitarian aid. >> if so-calleded aid material s forced into venezuela, and it causes violence and clashes, it will have serious consequences.
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this is not something anyone wants to see. >> those in the opposition feel they have no other choice. so, venezuelans on both sides of the divide wait to see what the weekend will bring. ♪ phil: let's get more from o our venezuelelan correspondedent osr schlenker. welcome. how is this bands -- this batate of the bands been receceived at the border? oscar: here in caracas, peoeople are watctching it through the inteternet. there are some e cable channels that are showing the livive aid from venenezuela cononcert frome lombian n border. not much news coming out of the hands off venezuela concert from the venezuelan border. not even a national or government channels are transmitting this concert. from what we can gather on social media, the concert on the colombian side is massively large. phil: what can you tell us about
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these reports of two people killll in clashehes at the boror with brazil? oscar: let me clarify, these pepeople that were k killed were indigenous people. they have stated d they were in need of the huhumanitarian aid from brazizil. the classess are a a result t oe military attacking t these peop, who were waiting to bring them eight intoto venezuela. the clasashes resulteded from te military tryryingo reach the boborder to block th aid. becacause of this incidenent, ad foforces have retracted. the indigenous people are confidident they will bebe ableo bring the eighght into venezuela and distributed ththrough the southern parofof the couountry o indigegenous tribes anand people displaced by illegal minining. it's an incident that has been reported on as we speaeak. there are people that are severely injured. phil: that's the border with
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brazil. tomorrrrow, juan guaido is talkg about him and h hundreds of thousands of people bringing aid, carrying a across the border with colombia. what is inspected to happen there? ososcar: nobody y wants b bloodn the colombian border. the opposition has stated theyey want to persuadade the militaryo open the border and let the humamanitari aid i in. they said ththis is the berlin wall of venezuela. they stateted that r repeatedly. they sayay they are confidenentt the milititary will change their view and will open n their boror to let the eightht and. ---- aid in. what we will bee looking at is how that able reach the other parts of venezuela. the border mighthte one step,
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but the e rest of the way is pretty tricky. the opposition is confident that they can get thehe aid to caracs in 72 hours. those are 72 hours that we will be attentive to looking at how they will do that. phil: how is the venezuelan army preparing for saturday''s event? oscar: the venezuelan armrmy, we have seeeen how thee president s asked the army to stay within ranks to defend the country against any attack or invasion. howewever, we have seen, yesterday, we sasaw a high-rankg official f from the g government recognize juan guaido o president. that has demoralizeded how the militatary will actt tomorrow, acaccording toto analyststs. wewe have seen the milititary a,
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by not allowining congressmen to reach ththe border. in other times, we havave seen them c completely close off thee ways or roroads. there is some kind off leewayy. the opposition is c confident ty llll change their ews. it is very unpredictable at this point. phil: o oscar schlenker in caracas, thank you. now to some of the other stories around the world. the u.s. energy explanation company, andaco, says a mozambican worker has been killed in a jihadist attacked in the northern part of the country. six other workers were reported injured.
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gay-rights activists and ken yazidi are disappointed after the high court delayed a ruling on decriminalizing gay sex. sexual acts between gate -- a same-sex couples in kenya can be punished by up to 14 years in printers -- prison. russian authorities have extended the detention of former u.s. rand paul whelen, who is being charged with espionage. a court denied his request to be released from house arrest and will be held until late may. russia's security service took him into custody in late december. today is day two of the vatican's four-day summit aimed at tackling sexual abuse within the church. bishops, vatican officials, experts and cardinals have heard testimony from survivors about the devastating affects the abuse has had on their lives. many of them suffered in silence, while otherers watcheds the church they loved covered up reports of sexual abuse. as you will hear from a survivor in our next report, that culture could be changing. >> this man was 10 years old
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when his mother died of cancer. it was 1986.6. the boy y was sent t to a relat, a catholic priest in a village in hessen, the clergyman became his foster father. >> he tried to create a couple atmosphere, sitting on the sofa, watching tv in the evenings. then there were caresses, leaning on each other and things. at some point, the next step. a case. -- a kiss. he said he loved me a lot and so on. >> he was sexually abuse for years. the flat immediately after finishing school and went to university in munich. he began to suffer from flashbacks of the trauma. he confided in a friend of the family. she confronted the priest and force him to admit his crimes to the diocese. the prieststs'supervisor spoke o the man and his friend, he offered there be and put him under pressure.
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>> after he informed me that this conversation was never to have taken place, , he warned me not to take legal steps. he said in his experience, when a person, a pedophile goes to jail, he will still be a pedophile when he gets out. if it were just a matter of changing a p person, this woulde an appropriate step. because he would be stigmatized if you got to jail, i did d not want to ruin this person's life. >> the could n not forgeget abot whwhat happened. about 10 years later, he confronted the church again with the crimes. again, the priest kept his job. he spoke with his supervisor, without success. last decemember, he turned t tte church once a again, butut this time, methining changed. the diocese filed a complaint against the priest. >> what changed was the perception and the listening. now they are really listetening. not just halfheartedly, claiming they don't have time for
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example, those doing listening changed to. the bishop of lindbergh really spent two hours with me and i noticed he seemed affected by the discussion. >> the judiciary also hopes to hold someone accountable, not just the perpetrator, but also his supervisor. there mayy have bebeen an obstruction of justice. the e statute of limitations h s passed, bubut the chchurch is investigating g the case, raisig his house for the abuse summit in rome. >> i expect this summit to be the beginning of an ongoing process, and forgot to be like, now that we have talked about it, everything is ok. >> he will continue to fight by telling his story again and again. phil: on the italian island of sardinia, they go to the polls on sunday in a closely watched regional election. commentators believe it will serve as an indicator of the great popularity of italy's far
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right league party. the party's leader, matteo salvini, has been campaigning on the island. >> they celebrate him like a rockstar. matteo salvini, italy's far right interior minister, is cranking up the volume. here in the small town square in sardinia. >> there is only one flag, one language, one identity, history, culture, and tradition. that must survive. >> sharp rhetoric against migrants and praise of the homeland. matteo salvini is not holding back. the election in sardinia is only a regional one, but italy's far right is flying high nationwide. a situation that's how we need now wants to exploit, even if he is keeping a low profile in front of our camera. >> no, prime minister of the
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interior, and it is not my aim to become prime minister. my business righght now is publc safety the moitt, a and drugs.. i'm hononored to have ththis jo, and d i want t to keep doing it. >> only a few m months into ann uneasy goverernment coalition between his league and the five-star movement of the wiki bio, italy's far right senses a chance to govern alone. the league has already overtaken its previously stronger coalition partner, the polls. the setting for this political battle is now the holiday island of sardinia. here, both camps are pitted against each other in the regional vote. >> for an entire week, interior minister matteo salvini has been traveling around the island to campaign. it shows how important this region has become. it is a test of strength for the parties and an indicator for the entire country, that it is moving further to the right.
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as arminius second-largest paper, the elections are front-page news. salvini himself paid a visit to the newsroom. >> i think salvini is waiting for the european elections, and if his party wins, which is likely, then t the time is right for him to pull out of the government. especially since, if the five-star movement loses again, they will be in a serious crisis. >> at a small market in the west of the island, salvini is meeting more supporters. railing against migrants, gays and the left. for this woman, who has been selling fruit and vegetable for 20 years, salvini would be the ideal man for italy's top job. >> i want him as prime minister. he is the only one who delivers.
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all the others have done nothing. he has kept his promises. >> fish -- this fishmonger also liked the speech. >> he is doing so many things right. he loves public order and the public loves him. everything is going smoothly today. >> at the end of the event, as usual, matteo salvini asks the audience to join him on stage. a selfie with italy's most popular politician and, if the wishes of his followers come true, the next prime minister. phil: this is dw news, live from berlin. still to come, pickup bands chelsea from signing players throughout next season. we'll find out why. i had of that, myanmar's leader is calling for investment in the crisis hit western state. they are accusing the international community of focusing too narrowly on what he
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called -- she called negative aspects. this is a reference to the persecution that muslims suffered at the hand of myanmar's military, described by the united nations as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. the prime minister focused on responsible business practices and foreign investment instead. >> a photo with the head of government, something very special for the participants of the investor conference in the kind. she rarely gets lost in this region, now the prime minisister tells of the opportunities western myanmar offers investors. >> myanmar has been that benefited widely from the openening of our economy. much of the economic potential remains intact. for too long, the international opinion has been focus narrowly on negative aspects related d to northern parts of the area,
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rather than on the picture that shows immense potential of this state. >> prosperity, peace and growth. that is what c craftsmen and entrepreneururs want. the north of the region became known above all, for thee expulsion of hundreds of -- hundreds of thousands of the muslim minority. also, for the military's brutal actions against the women and children. this man would like people to forget about pictures like these, and that the people are here in progress. the ethnic conflict in the cocountry has caused serious damage to the economy. >> when the early conflict broke out, the development went down to about 50%0%. now it is getting worse because of the fresh fight between the army and the government army. that is why many t tourists have canceled their visits. the best way to maintain the development is to stop the crisis and solve these problems
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quickly. >> critics complained that the rubbing the -- rohingi still living in the region have not benefited from any development. some of their former dwellings are being destroyed to make housing for other ethnic groups. phil: carmakers bmw and daimler have announced they will invest more than one billion euros in their combined ability services. this is things like car sharing, right hailing and ticketless parking. it shows how the motor industry is moving toward new technologies and business models that don't involve owning a car. >> sharing, rather than owning. it's a conceptit is hitting carm lines. daimler warned of declining profits three times last year. the auto industry's heavyweights need to adjust. >> there is a growing segment,
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which some people see at 20% of total mobility, in some years to come. we cannot just ignore it. >> for decades, daimler and bmw have been bitter rivals. now they are joining forces, at least in some areas. they are doing more than just combining the ride sharing platforms. >> we can't offer cities complete mobility solutions for thth future. infrastructure. we can offer the d digital parkg to make it more efficient. we can offer them other things in terms of mobility concepts. that's where we are different. >> both companies have been around for more than a century. they say that is allowed them to form a stronong bond with customers. something they hope will set them apart from competitors in silicon valley. >> went our customers trust in the safety our cars provide,
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they trust as well in the safety of the data in our hands. i think that is an inherent advantage that we can offer. >> bmw and daimler say they are investing one billion euros on the new joint venture. they don't say what they expect the new entity to be profitable, but they did say they expected to have a serious market impact. phil: the german states has recorded a record annual surplus of 58 billion euros. that is 2018. that is the fifth in a row and despite the slowdown in the last quarter of the year. the treasury benefited from a point job market and l l interest ratates. mass funerals have been held in bangladesh for victims of wewednesday's devastating g firn the capital. 20 one of nearly 70 victims have not been identified. forensic experts are conducting dna tests. u.s. media are reporting that the r and b singer r kelly has
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been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse for nearly two decades. the 52-year-old, whose real name is robert sylvester kelly, has faced accusations of child pornography, operating a sex cold, and -- cult and sexual battery. he denies the charges. english club chelsea have been banned from signing players until 2020. fifa founded from you like -- premier league side guilty of signing players under the age of 18. they will also find the english -- fine the english fa. chelsea plans to appeal the decision. we have more on this from rob harris. he is a football writer with the associated press. he joins us from london. what if chelsesea said to have done wrong echoo-- wrong?
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rob: it all relates to the prohibition o on signing international plplayers under te age of 18. what t they are accused of doing is h having players s under thae of 18 at t their academy, when they shouldndn't be. in some cases, , it seems thatt some players m might have bebeen trialsls and not necessarily permanenently, but enough to cae concern at fifa. the need to actually impose a ban, as they have done. phil: chelsea have said that they will appeal. if t the band stands, , how bady wowould affect them? rob: as it stands now, it covers toto transfer windows, which is the summer for nexext season as well as the january transfer windowow as well. they will be able to sign any players until after next season. the summer of 2020. that would be prohibited toward their ambitions. they knew this was coming.
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the case is been in the works for some time. that's why we saw them sign christian postage of the e russn dodortmund in january. they loaned him backck -- pulisc tfrom borusussia dortmund. they loveded him right back. the e way these appeals were, it could be that the band is delayed. they might have the summer to sign players. phil: what does fifa think that chelsea did? are they looking at it as a delibeberate act o or an administstrative oveversight? rob: there is a small amouount f detail so far. wewe often get m more detail w n the appepeals are finalilid. wewe hear a lot of politics from fifafa. there about protecting the wealth of their players. they don't wawant players being moved around internationally under the age of 1 18, unless ty
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meet partiticular cririteria. your family has been moving anyway for non-footbtballing reasasons. or, you arare from a countntry t has a border closese by. or there is an excxction in europe, if you are betetween the ages o 16-18, yoyou can move aroundnd the european union. thatat is something that will be affected by brexit. clubs can now sign 16-17 euros across europe. they will be able to after brexit. we don't know the extent of the breaches. fifa think i it is seriousus enh to find -- fine 600,000 euros. what they're saying is chelsea isn't taking close enough attention to the youth going in and out of their academies. phil:the fa has been sanctioned because they haven't been doing their job properly. roro yeah. the fa are g going to challenge
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like chelsea are in terms of i s peeling ththe sananction -- appealing t t section.. it might come down to, how long is a player at a club for a trial and how permananent is th? in some cases, we arere lookingt players who played for chelsea's yoyouth teams while they shoul't have been signed to the club.. there was a case of f three yeas ago where thahat emerged thahata player who was under the age o f 18, had already played for the club in n youth games. and yet, he had bebeen signed. they are n not the firstst club. atatletico madrid, barcelona and real madririd have receiveved transfsfer bands -- bans. it's something p5 is taking seriously. --fifa is taking seriously. phil: thank you for joining us. rob harris from the associated press.
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israel is on its way to o becomg the fourth patient to land a spacecraft on the e moon. the craraft was launched into orbit by a rocket at cape canaveral in florida on t thursy night. the israeli robotic latter -- later was araround earthth and n land on the lunar surface. you're watching dw news from berlin. i'm phil gayle. the day is up next. don't forget, you can get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at have a good night. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ ull.
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welcome back to live from paris i'm send i'm shanty here the main headlines this evening. at least two people are killed in clashes with security forces in on venezuela's border with brazil there is. on the line eight sell concert is being staged by richard branson and the of getting humanitarian assistance. into the country. hundreds of friends students on the streets of the capital this friday as seen in these images to demand action on climate change. one day off to us someone not running in brussels. and on their slogans one two three degrees it's a crime against humanity


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