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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 2, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news. live from berlin. president nicolas maduro decline victory over and attempted coup. he is urging the army to find out anyone involved with this attempt to oust him. he appeared with his generals at a military parade. the man leading the parade to push about, juan guaido is calling on all work is to go on strike. coming up, a special investigigion into mozambique.
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families forced to search for whatever they can salvage. france and germany joining forces to make their mark on the battery market for electric vehicles. will it work against asian companies? and remembering the archetypal men of the renaissance. italy and france commemorate the artistic genius of leader -- leonardo da vinci. the italian master lived out his final years at a chateau in france. i'm brent goff. to our viewers on pbs and the united states and around about, welcome. brent: we started venezuela where president nicolas maduro
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has called on the military to fight anyone involved in a coup. juan guaido called for a series of strikes hoping to force madero from power. guaido called this the final thing to do before ousting the door. this left four people dead. guaido declared himself venezuela's drum president -- interim president of venezuela. of move supported by united states and germany. oscar, i want to to start with the news of this arrest warrant that has been issued for leopoldo lopez. what do we knonow beyond that?
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oscar: he was surprisisingly fre onon tuesday during this coup attempt. he is now at a spanish -- the spanish embassy as a guest. they want to put them back in jail. this is a bit complex to analyze in a traditional manner because juan guaido is recognized but -- as president by over 15 nations, including spain. spain dodoes not know itit to do with lopez. it has to this complexity. lopez's fatheher is a a spanish cicitizen and was elected to por in the european union. lopez is seekiking asysylum in n because he was staying there as the embassy's guest.
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brent: if we see this being done against lopez, what about juan guaido? if madero says that guaido is part of this attempted coup, what are the chances of him issuing an arrest warrant for guaidodo? oscar: there has always been the threat of juan guaido been arrested. there has been more than one attempt to do so. i think that there is a lot of pressure on the government from the base to arrest juan guaido. there is alsoso a lot of pressue internationally cannot do so. -- to not do so. the security team of juan guaido has increased their operations to manage themselves. brent: they have increased the numbers because -- is it because
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of increased risk k to his safe? oscacar: yes, there i is an increaeased risk to o his safet. we have seen that with his team. there is not more sesecurity but ththey are keeping a low profile for much more of these events we have been seeing. brent: madero is not keeping such a low-profile today as he was the last two days. we saw him at a military parade in caracas. what does that tell us about how he perceives hisis power tonight smart -- tonight? oscar: it is important for madero to show that there is unity within the armeded forces. what we saw with this coup attempt on tuesday is that there are fractures in the armed forces.
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he does not have complete control. there is a breaking in command from what we saw on tuesday. it is important for him to show that there is unity supporting him within the armed forces. that is why we are same and together with military and armed forces today. -- that is why we are seeing him together with military and armed forces today. brent: his russisia lookining le it has the upper hand? oscar: t there are analyststs tt say that the future ofof venezua live -- lieses in the hands of e ties between russia and united states. this has to do with geopolitical strategy more so than any kind of economic interest. there is nothing in venezuela that russia can't get a better price for the rest in the world
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-- four in the rest of the world. but they have borders with colombia and brazil and it is near the united states and other foreign countries of the region. for russia, there is more of a geopolitical reason to be in menace weather. for the united states, -- to be in venezuela. fofor the united states, thehers a reason to keep brurush out off it. our infrastructure is not what it usesed to be. crime e and turmoil makes it an expensive place to set any kind of industry. that is what we have to keep in mind when we seek negotiations playing out between them, russia and the united states. brent: thank you. from south america to africa. sudan has seen another day of protests. people came to the capital to join what was billed as a million person march. has of thousands took part in a
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mass rally. the army ousted president omar al-bashir. protesters fear that the public the desk protesters fear that the soldiers plan to hold onto power. no opposition parties were allowed to run -- protesters fear that the soldiers plan to hold onto power. no opposition parties were allowed to run. people have been killed in the clashes. >> these protesters are for democracy is going up in flames. even as violence fled and authorities sent in the troops, they vowed to not be deterred. >> we will keep going, we are not afraraid of prison.
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democracy is precious to us, that is why we are rising up. >> they transitioned to mark -- dish -- they transitioned to democracy in 1988. after the opposition called for a boycott less than one in four voters turned out. they have turned out in the streets, calling on the president to hold a rerun. >> he can either rerun the election or resign. it is one or the other. you must rerun it with all of the parties. we will see if the people approve of these measures -- methods or not. >> they don't want to return to the authoritarian past. brent: here are the other stories around the web.
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angela merkel has arrived as part of a three nation tour in west africa. she is visiting german troops stationed there any peacekeeping mission. it was established in 2013 to protect civilians. 24 men accused in being -- of being involved in the murder of these tourists. the victims had this bodies were found. this was after propaganda videos featuring the main suspects were featured online. wikileaks founder julian assange has appeared in a london court for the first hearing after an exhibition request. washington wants him to face trial for trying to have a pentagon computer. assange skipped bail in 2012.
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indian authorities are moving thousands of people to safety after a cyclonone hit the east coast. winds are up to 200 kilometers per hour. it is expected to land near the seaside resort. mozambique's government has reported over a dozen cases of cholera. this comes at week after cyclone kenneth tore through the country. the death toll is at 141 but that toll is expected to rise. particularly hard-hit was the island of cuba. -- iba. >> we are on board a flight headed for the vacation island.
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flights have hardly been possible due to the strong rain. >> i've never seen anything like this, there are villages that are entirely destroyed. trees fell down my toothpicks. >> the first eight packages have arrived. this is not enonough to help out thth6000 peoplple living here. the islsland has been a almost completely destroyed. all of the houses have been torn down. they have been trying to bring order to the caves. -- capes. >> our beds, our clothes, we have lost everything. we a are doing ourur best to put things in order again, at least the sun is shining to dry the clothes that we managed to
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salvage. >> it has been raining nonstop for the entire week since this. she shows us the house or what is left of it. this is where she and her children lived. >> the wind was s so incredibly strong. it ripped away nearly everything. we lost everything, now we don't have anything. i don't know if we will receive any kind of aid. nothing is left. our field was destroyed. i am a single mother, i have to take care of my children and i have to take care of my parents. my mother is sick, we have to do our best to make ends meet. >> nearly e everyone whwho lives here has found their way of life ripped away from them. dudust of them a are fishermene. those that remained have to be
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prepared.. the mangngo groveses were destrd as well, the fish had disappeared and have not returned since the cyclone. the few hotels s on the islsland were a also hard-hitit. it might be a while before the tourists return. mostst parts of this island are completely destroyed. itit looks like a bulldozer rold over the c city. many say they don't know how life will contininue. they don't have mice building houses. -- they don't have what they need to build d new houses. >> they y have to take the only remaining bed and all eight of them are sleeping under an improvised roof. food is running out.
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they still have some food and vegetables but it is only enough for one per day. she tries to stay optimistic nonetheless. she wants her children to know that one way or another, she will make things work. brent: if we are all going to drive electric cars in the future, we will need batteries. france and germany are some starting a joint project to produce that are his lecture vehicles. they are asking the european commission to start the project. the aim is to reduce europe's dependency on >> batteries from asian suppliers. electric cars and charging stations. these are -- on batteries from asian suppliers. >> electric cars and charging stations are being b built. building electric models requires batteries.
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battery cell production is dominated by asian companies. those produced for tesla are made by panasonic. now, europe wants to get i in on the gagame. germany and france have launched a project worth over 5 billion euros to develop batteries up production. among the aims are stay competitive against ththe united states and china. -- staying competitive against the united states and china. we don't just want to meet the demand of the euroropean car industry, we want to export globally. we want it knownwn t that battes made in europe are a quality standard. around a billion euros comprised eu subsidies involving this french carmaker and its sister cocompany opel in germany.
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4 billion is expected to come from private companies, including energy firms. not everyone believes the project is a good i idea. i production costs means that europeans won't be able to compete with asian rivals. brent: i'm joined by my colleague. she is from our business desk. janel, why is it so hard for europe to get into this business? janel: it is all about europe. reducing dependency on asian suppliers is part of it. arguing that the reasons are purely economic and that it wouldn't be right -- they have likened this project to making an airbus for batteries. this is about politics, france
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and germany want to get their brand out there at a time where global industry is a race between the u.s., china and europe. france's finance minister made a point of saying that other european countries are interested. dalton, poland, austria -- belgium, poland, austria. brent: there are critics that say this is a waste of money. are they right? janelle: it is not about money, we are talking upward of 4 billion euros with an additional 1.2 billion euros if those subsidies are approved. we are talking about a drop in the bucket here. that money could be spent somewhere else. critics are saying why aren't they investing this money in car sharing and logo -- mobility
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concepts? they're not arguing that this would be bad for europe but that the gains might be bigger elsewhere. brent: that is a good point but when can we expect to see this franco german consortium get charged up? janelle: those subsidies are expected to be green that in october. a factory with 200 employees is meant to be built soon. they're looking to get them out by 2023. brent: thank you. the president to france and italy has begun formal commemorations to mark five years since -- 500 years since the death of leonardo da vinci.
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this is the french chateau where he spent his final years. theyey played up the bonds betwn their two nations. >> the model lisa helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest dangers of all time. the leonardo da vinci applied his and his capabilities to a staggering range of endeavors including the arts and science. he embodied the idea of the renaissance, the rebirth of learning and knowledge that markeded the transition from the middle ages into modernity. >> leonardo da vinci w was a question of a board and italy. he is from florerence but he lea career at t the service of f sel powerful men. his career and life here in france and today, he is indisputably a universal figure. beauty must bring together as many people as possible.
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>> it was in that spirit that the president's of italy and france gathered at da vinci's to. ---- tomb. >> this renaissance. -- renaissance period was an importanununion betweweenermany and d france. ---- italy and frarance. >> da vinci spent the last three years of his life at this shutout and -- french chateau. his legacy in contemporary europe has few equals. brent: south africa's olympic running champion is being urged by supporters not to quit her sport. this is after she posted a cryptic tweet hinting that she might just do that. on wednesday, she lost her appeal of an international track and field row that will force
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certain women to lower their testosterone levels with drugs. >> this tweet has left many wondering about her future. she posted this after her appeal to the court of arbitration of sport. >> being able to walk away with your head held high is dignity. fans were quick to react, encouraging her to not give up. at least one other is telling her to not allow herself to be genetically modified like an animal. she is set to compete in 800 meters at a diamond league stop in qatar on friday. that is before the international association of athletics federations's rules about liliting testosterone in female athletes comes into effect.
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>> it has age, it has g gender,e arare fiercely p protective abot both and i a am really gratefull ththat the court of arbitration has upheld that. >> the new rules only apply y in women's events in the 400 meters and mile run. she may consider a switch to the 5000 meters as she did last week at the south african athletics champion says -- championships. she has to compete the natural way, without taking drugs to lower her testosterone. >> two of -- to a roller derby in thailand. this one has gained popularity in parts of asia. there is an inter-asian league. we called up with one team from bangkok. they set their eyes on the big goal. competing at the next world cup. >> it is fast, frantic and full
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contact. welcome to roller derby. >> this is a game of about balance and good for us. this player has to push past me to score. i meant to stop them by staying on my feet. what is next? >> this is no place for beginners. these guys are on a mission to set up thailand's first team. the roller derbyby world cup. >> every roller derby player i know has a dream of competing in the world cup. it would be great to take a team of people from thailand. >> with the world cup expected to take place in a few years time, they have already qualified. they had the skills and training from a true roller derby legend.
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the x korean international shortstop. to become team thailand, they have to recruit more type players. -- thai players. >> i think that people want it. they wanted o outlet. ---- once an outlet. this has the potential to become the next big thing. >> t they are alalready playinga new inter-asian league. tonight is their victim against rivals hong kong. the number of asian teams competing jumped from one to three. thailand should be right alongside them next time arounu. >> there were not many asian teams in the last world cup but everybody really enjoyed watching team japan and team korea and team p philippines.. i think team thailand will be
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very exciting to watch in the next world cup. >> if tonight is anything to go by, these guys are ready to turn their injuries and success international. -- inter-asian success international. that will be at the next world cup. brent: that was charlotte reporting. she is dangerous on four wheels. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has urged the army to fight off coup plots following this week's demonstration. juan guaido has called for several strikes to push maduro out of power. the death toll following cyclone kenneth has reached 41. some parts of the country are still in accessible one week after it hit and waiting for aid
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. you are watching dw news. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. tonight, and exclusive interview with juan guaido. i will ask him if there is still hope for democracy in venezuela. we will be right back.
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twenty four cocorrespondentsroround the wor. welcomee back to francece twenty four on the lawn didiss and we live from paris to headlines this hour. nicolas maduro calalls for mililitary unity this two days after opppposition leader one gradoo cool f for mas defections after appearing in a v video wih some and natnanal guardsdsmen. negotiations between the military council and civilian leaders stole in sit down protestt leaders expect a millin people to tatake to the stree in defiancece of the armymy. and france and italyly putut thr differences aside and mark i five hundred years since the death of leoeonardo d da vinci. many of mimiael adding the bond between rome and pararis is in destructible


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