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is welcome to a line from paris cm fronts twenty four a marker in these other and world news headlines. british lawmakers stop them move to stop a new deal breaks a promise the poorest johnson facing a vote. that could stop his plans even for the general election many things. could happen we'll have the analysis up throughout the evening. it's the set for another coalition led by she said becomes a is five star votes by eighty percent. to team up with the italian democrats luigi my declaring. little crisis that began four weeks ago as over. that's really saying now. france takes
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action to stop mileage against women more places of refuge specialist prosecutors charges brought while in hospital over a hundred french women have been killed domestic violence this year alone . thank you very much we with us lawmakers in london all right now preparing to vote on taking control of the parliament it's the firirst move in a process to try to stop and deal breaks at the prime minister boris johnson. who wants to suspend parliament to affect me choose the time to debate for exit he faces an existential moment that his administration earlier this afternoon the conservative majority was lost when tory mp cross the floor of the house of commons jury prime minister boris johnson speech. lino city with the liberal democrats
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taking way to consent to slim vantage at the same time. let's hear first from johnson speaking and before the match the date and leader. of the opposition jeremy corbyn speaking at the start of it. one sentence. i have since. two commission present. and many other leaders and i was able to make clear to the mall. everyone. in this government once a deal. the card with three talks. so this is. i urge all mps today to do. what they believe to be right for their constituents the jobs the living standards of their communities and support this proposal today the we my debate the bill tomorrow and prevent a no deal brexit with all the
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damage this would do to our community and our society. the manager michael before that boris johnson here to discuss and there are things to discuss that urge for the toll to take his t time and take u us through this because- there are so many different ways this could go first off with seeing this emergency. a debate regarding a bill to stop and no deal breaks it tells weber up to okay so this is an emergency debate that is taking place at this very moment i need you to go on for probably just under another hour before. the end peas in the house of commons. debate and accept will not to take control of the house of commons tomorrow to fall through a motion. to request and force boris johnson to go back to brussels to offer a prolongation of article fifty that means the instead of britain leaving the e. u. on the thirty first of october. it will be extended until the thirty first of january this is exactly what boris johnson
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doesn't want that is what's being discussed tonight it looks pretty much as though that motion the idea of. those in peace taking control of parliament tomorrow and then voting on the motion and getting through will happen because there are many revel in peace within the c conservativee paparty itself the conservative party boris johnson who are very unhappy with the way the government is handling the situation. that i believe the prime minister when he said he's sincere about wanting a deal a a t they say the worst possible scenaririo would be britain leaving the e. u. with no deal on the thirty first of october there is a list of possible. tory mps one actually thought to getting up and crossing the floor of the house of commons changing sites. yes that is correct and he has now joined the. liberal democrats which means that. the. fourteen
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of on that boris johnson had in the house of commons has now disappeared. and he has no majority which means it is. virtually impossible for him to fall through a any legislation and that also means that. but to get anyway he's going to have to call a general election and that means now mall there's something else that we need to talk about and he's- a general election will it happen. or will it not happen and if it does happen when will that be. basically the options that boris johnson is facing. all the fact that he's going to have to go back to brussels to all for an extension of article six fifty eight am until thirty first john which is what we just said. something he always refused to do if that. legislation policies he will be obliged to do that. and he has now probably until monday to do something about it be before they just license costs. now he could call an election. tomorrow or the next day for some time in october. he's not bound by this discussion going on in the house of commons in my because he's not yet little if he does that then all the schools. and he can pull general election in the middle of october and then he can say are decide to change the date i'll call at the building it beginning of november. and that means britain leave without a
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deal. if you wait until next week when this goes through it becomes a little. these motion to take control of parliament and force him to go to brussels to austin extension. fifty then even if he called the general election he cannot know go to brussels to all for an extension. so that is where we basically act tonight's were very complicated very technical. but gore's job as a status. is look except not by the- he'd been imploring to vote in favor of he's- design. get breaks it down by the thirty first of october and it's like he's going to lose. vote tonight and also the motion tomorrow antii british politics never been so exciting and intereresting and never we needed someone explain the as well as you did sir. thank you date for that thank you. don't.
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almost 80% of five star supporters voted in favor of joining forces with the italian democrats to vote means. prime minister just that become taken now complete work on the administration i'm percent but president. mattarella with the well he's team as it were that's a b bring in n now that e forma. maybe stillll the crent deputyty prime minister alucita mile. no matatter what i i calle g. ththirty me up p arti about that w was that was a record number of cititizens partipated in n is vote. and they v ved for t the new government with your septic kansei and the coalitition. nearly 8 8 voted for yes. on top of chain to aborort out ov the seaa. and i belilieve we mut be proud becauause the whole world was waitining for ese results. from eighty thousand italians who voted on a didigitl plplatform that is uniquque in e world. so when i i get the full
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amount the g. dallek a warning to my mom. luigi my speaking a little of the aero let's get the analysis lorenzo cast a line to join this lecture in. the history of political institutions that louise give a collie in a row. getting to you sir i'd like to get your thoughts first off on what this you coalition could mean that i'm most of all do you think it's going to work. well i think probably it will work at least for a few months we will see you next. hey i you how will be composed basically to separate going there should make stop technocrats and only two shows from the two parties but the two parties as in com on some political issues like environmental lease or social policies. and of course he's even up to stay in power and to avoid election which probably would be what we mean by mattel
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some beanie and the far right. so it's likely that next mom stilill the government will remain in power we will l see afterr two thousand dd twenty two thousand twenty we w will have r regional elections if the government will l survive to regional election uses very likely wilill continuee at least untill t two thousand i'm trying to w win the nextt president of the repupublic will bebe. s seld by the pond. and you said the county out back english michael in the come back kid but maybe the things going on behind the scenes which dictated he would be back anyway i'm sure you know more about this than i popossibly c could butut the qun i've got for you is do you think with this second administration. contains aa chance of makiking a difference ofof changing things. well for sure just goingng to usee puttig
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himself at the center of italiann p political scene and e europeanan one. he's profile that's changing very fast he was a sort of technical prime minister from to all police forces and now he's still learning to a more cruel european leader and of course she's depicting himselflf says the new w leader of the five stops. so i thinknk that you might achieve somethinin more in terms of. social policies and to have a less tied to apprproah on on immigrgration of course it's not easy to say how much she could achieve the goal of coururse there are constraints are ruled by the european union so. we might just by the decepticon there will be. in european commission parts you grow young economical and financial if you shoot and he will propose himself bowl as easy to sean figure and as well as in you a political leader of cocourse there are some reasons. is action my dear mononty which
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was a very similar profilingng two thousasand and eleven. hahaa very cute. thanks. then he lost the support of the pack so this is our. should be driven for clone console he's putting himself in the center of the scene and of course she's risking seemed in political terms there is. a custom ninety thank you very much indeed for joining us we appreciate your time s. next fronts implements new measures to combat violence a against women. launched in paris my promise to end what philippe. you refuse places specialized prosecutors. and the possibility to bring charges while still in hospital. over a hundred french women who have been killed in incidents of domestic violence this year. could you come across the bow of the plot. when a woman is brave enough to file a complaint with that you that the police must receive her complaint with exemplary professionalism. losses the group and this is why the internment is treat it will start an audit of four hundred
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police stations that's what they will evaluate the ways the complaints of five hundred victims were handled if. is it i think and it is with this detailed analysis that we will determine what may have gone wrong or let's face it what may still be going wrong. we will then determine the appropriate measures or training to bebetter respond d to thesese situationsn ththe for much of. both will be live on the cost of things be looking at thatt one c case a woman who was horrificc tate murdered by her husband here in france the circumstances of the murder shocking. the context is old too common captainin restraint and you don't go off of the story of she then boucher. woman killed in her home near paris in twenty seventeen. all of the gains in city in my party sir and i have a contact home. lat floppy emotive postle combine your oven to dissect tom weighed. in
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toto shoot at okay tattoo. this whole country if he is and there is a some to prove the hardiest time many productor hey he is a talent manager did what that was hit by the bush a lot too h he's very. practical o you come to your home console tv full and. on another. and thatat key k kid you idea about issues cannot on the prelim is only can get in and out on some kind of a bottom isn't evil eye at idle because by this you. did the eleven to sit down.
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eighty let participantnts. just to get it done and i enjoy that and have it put on a schedule dsme i mean money's all trees into my please try to contact you through the email to o kim's heineken because. she wasn't me and new family plush and rapids. kathleen norris trance into the home don't go off without that very disturbing. a report of the french woman killed by her husband. o of back in twenty seseventeen. over hundred french and killed domestic violence incidents in france this year alone. next harken dorian still ovover the bahamas at leastst fe people that have been killed so far winds of two hundred and fifty columbus but our constant heavy rain. caused
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unprecedenented damage as well s widespread flooding the main apple reported now on the six feet of water. and it continues with you more of course as we get. trying to business came to join this is political turmomoil continues in london the warnings about the cost of the new deal brexit at getting increasingly diet cake with latest sixteen billion dollars mark is the latest figure. at this morning to come out from a group of you an economist they say that is the number of lost exports to the european union. in the event of a note deal brag that they say the number is a conservative estimate which accounts for at least 7% of the uk's total exports to the block. the auto industry would be the most affected according to this new report along. with the farming and fashion sectors take a listen. there will be a drop in the- indirect support to the u. but there will be also decreasing their export to the old two
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older. countries which currently grant preferential access to the euroropean uniono. inin both the us are not carried over by y d. u. k. the school also affect. exports and therefore the competitiveness of the uk exporters and. this could have important consequences in terms of employment as well. meanwhile here in france a business leaders have been seeking more clarity about their future relations with the u. k. at a meeting in paris government ministers said they weren't sure deal would be reached before october thirty first. but they insisted that trade would continue across the channel our poor captain cliffoford was there and s sent isis report. as confusion continues to rain across the channel here in paris at the finance ministry officials are hoping to get some clarity to french businesses on how they can prepare for a new deal. brexit scenario now the focus has been on measures being. boston in calais a sort of dress rehearsal if you will for measures. which have been
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planned f for a no deal brexit scenario for example some seven hundred staff extra staff being hired there are also. new online system which is designed to fast track the administrative process i'm companies being urged to o do what they can in advance for example using this online system to register the matriculation numbers. of the vehicles and avoid the kind of backups and chaos that could come with a no deal breaks it with no transition periods. cities to share donna many treated that affect his apple told these are topics which though they arere extremely complex within a single c cpany can be fairly simple to handle to figure out straight off. where do your parts come from if your production site what are the services which you export and import. the someone in your client or supplier books have contact with the u. k. could this have an impact on your activity. if you export you must work on customs formalities as quickly as possible. kinda usually from
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and you could win yeah french government officials are urging businesses to really use the online platforms and- regional meetings which have been pleasant place. but the government says that on these on my platform save only receive some four hundred enquiries from french businesses. while they estimate some. one hundred thousand french companies trade with the u. k. think of it reporting from the french finance ministry there. let's check in on the day's trading action i was right across the board for the major europeaean indices. al of which are watching these breads itelt it's very closely shares of the french telecoms company yeaeah down 6 % not drag down the calculus here inin paris a little bit. wall strereet turned sharply downwars the dow jones shedding as m much as t three hundred and fifty points earlier on down. back some of those losses a little bit. by the closing bell i it is the first day of trade in the us since washington imposed stilill higher tariffs on c chie goods over the weekend. companies are clearly c concernd about having to passss on those costs to their clients. stocks
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rose also weighed down by data showing that manufacturing in the united states contracted in august. for the first time since twenty sixteen. just one more concrete indication of the fact that the trade war is having on businesses. and increasingly on consumers mark and this is only gonna raise more alarm bells about the state of. the american economy. and by extension of course the global economy are we heading for recession it's a big topic of conversation. among the will be doing in people profit this week i look forward to that to write him a dari case thank you very much indeed cake with a business that's cross. the studio. and the james is awaiting us good evening. one lie in london i allies that houses the- rebel mps thoughts from the conservative party. try to prevent the country the e. u. without a deal this is all the moves to stop and no deal breaks it. yes absolutely boris johnson of course tried to take full control by. saying he was suspend parliaments now the mps are trying to wrestle the reins back. i'm saying that
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they want to block a new deal. this is the work of cac a french cartoonist it which is in capital pignon yes cap or other forces maybe he'll english but anyway. and i'm not i just love the details in this because he he is of course dressed as a sex pistol. wearing a tee shirt saying on a key in the u. k. a lot of people wondering what is going on in the u. k. right now. and but the details as i said you go about saying i'm a mess one thing the heart of the bass or to talk about the type of brexit. and the little skunk across ins has p. you written on it so i which is clearly what he hopes to happen to you the e. u. i. or least that's what he says for the moment. and if we are talking about punk cavities though i think somebody else stole his thunder today phillip lee. has rocks the establishment. a conservative and he he's been a memember of the party to twenty so. i'm in this in fact. it
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looked fairly state should we say what. todd or something no they just sort of wandered across and cited the difference and in a different seat so it's what it is hugely important and has a big impact on politics it took away the majority at for boris johnsons government and it does look fairly polite and it does but the significance is massive business absolutely what i love is the street hey contacts with non british follows. this is basically the u. k. equivalent of a punch up in the italian parliament that may have been tossing invoke. because it t is a terribly polie but it means an awful lot and the repercussions are going to be continuingg from not one. what is interesting though is when you look at the reactions online and it does kind of fool almost very simplistically into two categories this one at the moment an anti democrat spot in the faces of the british people clearly somebody who believes
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press it needs to happen happen now. i'm dead on the other side of the spectrum we cook delicious one of those moments where you will always remember what you were doing when this happened and it's almost like people don't really care why he's done it as long as he's on that side of the fence. no philip b. has gone into some detail about why he did what he did as the liberal democrats saying welcome on board they of course the other opposition team at the small opposition party in the united kingdom. i'm on that website he has you some very strong language to describe his reasons for this he said this conservative government is aggressively pursuing a damaging brexit unprincipled ways they're putting lives and livelihoods at risk unnecessarily so very very. strong reasons for him to do what he did interestingly the other opposition party the labor party jeremy corbett at clearly delighting in n the events even though finitely tries not to join labor he supports j johnson's government has no mandate no morals and as of tododay the majoritity of f y
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he enjoyed typing those words. indeed he did there are plenty of others planning to take at their own stance. of course maybe not as dramatically as for that needed it. at veryy much wedded to being in politics. and this cartoonist anti davy house boris johnson will trade asik football is taking his bowling going home and behind you can see various high profile defectors. from the conservative policy you'll notice he's heading towards the polling station but also changing rooms i'm not sure if it davies trying to say that perhaps we'll see. yet more changes of. direction from mister johnson in the future. but of course that is the possibility that we will not be heading for another that general election which i'm sure the british people. who really don't have the stomach for but that we get i i am.m. one of the people who has said he will not
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be facing with the government is this gentleman nicholas items he is the mp for mid sussex and has been for many a yet many a decade even. and he is the grandson of winston churchill. and what is interesting and many people pointing out is that abortions in is a huge fan of winston churchill. and this gentleman he right from the monarchy magazine says. up very sarcastically it'll be a great look for boris johnson to expel the grounds on as the winston churchill from thehe conservrvae party. what is the eigightieth anniversary of the outbreak of world war two. and because he is a huge at torrey grandi a very important. symbolic figure out really fool the tory policy. and his only response to the threat that he'll be deselected. at full going against boris johnson is hash tag. oceans help and try to do your job properly he's rather well known for these very lengthy hashtagags he doesn't ue capitals off that could be quite difficult to work out what he's talking about. and interestingly though according.
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to this political journalist the chief whip is. with during the wet from those who have already said. they will be at at beijing against the government what that means in a- in a sense in in in essence is that. they will be thrown out of the policy that would not be able to represent the conservative party in the next election. so it is going to be a featurere of organization aftr boris johnson because he has these. long standing and peas who many of them are extremely popular. in their constituencies and h he's going to try t to find a way to oust them because they arere. bound o run on his independent source liberal democrats. i will have to wait and see how this all shakes down. it is real brinkmanship here we're not quite sure how this is all going to turn out for everyone. i think what it is fast and say that is that there is a great not a great deal of respect to. politics in britain. right now. as was demonstrated channel five. bubuses are they put out
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this program last night why all politicians so crap. fronted by jeremy paxman probably one of the biggest names in broadcasting. certainly is that a political journalist. a what he said about boris johnson how did a man who you wouldn't even trust alone with your own sister. come to be trusted. with the entire country. why are a politician so crap it with his say crap and i but we just did and i think it susums p with oreos m many people to say. that in their own homes their own book places in the u. k. and beyond and to thank for much the end with the media watch. thanks to the cake the business on the soon to be people profit as well as you know it's coming up with a great report.
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